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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  July 6, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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we're talking -- we're tracking showers and storms headed this way this afternoon. it's an investment this our future. post cal work -- postal workers under attack and now a new panic button to keep them face. it's about time we made it. would a better weekend to do it. good monday morning. welcome to wusa9 at 6:00 a.m. it's july 6. i'm andrea roane. will you need the umbrella today. your commute could be impacted by showers and possible storms. >> what a welcome back from the holiday weekend. it's back to business monday in the words of larry miller on deck with your timesaver traffic. first up is allyson rae with your forecast. good morning. >> good morning. we're looking at a muggy start with drizzle this morning and
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light rain and then we're not done with the rain just yet. we are going to see showers and thunderstorms develop later on this afternoon as early as lunch time. take a look outside from your michael complain son camera. not the best looking start. hopefully you enjoyed your holiday weekend. 77 degrees. it is quite muggy out there for sure. a wide view of doppler 9000. just light drizzle for areas around the district and off through 66 near warrenton and heavier stuff for areas in calvert county stretching all the way down pushing out of calvert county near annapolis and anne arundel county. showers and thunderstorms will redevelop this afternoon, as early as lunch time. then they'll carry on for your drive home so we'll go through the rest of the futurecast coming up in just a bit. highs today only in the low to mid-80s. clouds and rain around. larry miller, over to you. thank you so much. your time 6:02. hope you had a good weekend. metro riders, trains still running on schedule and buses as well. looks like our monday morning off to a good start. around the beltway we're issue and problem free, especially
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along 395, 295, suitland parkway. again we had earlier issues both out in college park and bethesda. they've been resolved so no issues getting to your destination on time. here's a live look showing you how things are shaping up on i- 270. all lanes are open. you are good to go there. your next update coming up in roughly ten minutes. >> reporter: a man is stabbed to death over the weekend in the middle of the day on board a metro red line train. now police need your help finding the killer. this is the man police are looking for. he is 18-year-old jasper spires. police say spires stabbed 24- year-old kevin cutterland to -- sutherland to death on board the train on the 4th of july as it was approaching noma- gallaudet station. sutherland was a recent graduate who moved here from connecticut. he seived as the secretary for the -- served as the secretary for the student government association for two terms. his friends say he was incredibly kind and they called him the best.
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police say this was all part of a robbery and in in fact they know the suspect jasper spires. he was in their custody just a few days ago on assault charges but he was released after his arraignment on friday which means police say he was out on the streets just for 24 hours before this murder was committed. if you have any information about where jasper spires may be, you're asked to call police immediately. if you see him, do not approach him because he is considered to be dangerous. there's a $125,000 reward -- there is a $25,000 reward offered for information leading to an arrest in this case. live in d.c., i'm nikki burdine, wusa9. police are also searching for for people in connection with the -- searching for two people in connection with a cab driver shooting. the driver was taken to the hospital. it comes a week after another driver was shot in the leg in
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northeast d.c. >> reporter: alexandria police are still looking for the person who shot and killed a man in this courtyard of this housing complex. it was the city's first murder and you can see police still here guarding the area to ease residents' concerns and no doubt to prevent any future violence or retaliation. police received several 911 calls about shots fired in the 700 block of north fayette street 11:30 thursday night. we are right off wide street in alexandria. they arrived to find 22-year- old shakkan elliot-tibbs of woodbridge suffering from a single gunshot wound. detectives rushed him to the hospital where he later died. police are looking into why he was here, who he was with at the time and will update residents regarding their investigation at a community meeting tonight. on friday i spoke to a tearful aunt of the victim who believes her never few was here because he had acquaintances in the complex. his cousin once lived here.
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she lived nearby and had a whole lot more to say including an emotional plea to the public. we'll have more coming up in the next half-hour. we're live in alexandria, delia goncalves, wusa9. in the news right now, world markets are down this morning. >> bond markets are up, though, as investors anxiously watch how europe will respond to the debt crisis in greece. ryan webb has the latest. >> reporter: small groups of protesters clashed with police in athens overnight after voters rejected the terms of a debt bailout deal world billions. >> we don't want to be slaves. >> reporter: this morning greece's finance minister resigned as germany and france plan a meeting in paris to discuss the crisis. >> there are a lot of europeans who said if the greeks voted no, that that was really a vote to leave the euro zone. they they may not have seen it that way, europeans are sort of saying we're sick of this, too.
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>> reporter: the terms of the deal would have included steep tax hikes, slashing pensions and public spending cuts. many greeks believe the no vote puts them in a stronger position to negotiate a better deal with international creditors. >> we have to understand that right now they can't take it anymore. >> reporter: others believe this will only plunge the country into an even deeper financial crisis. >> my worst fears are that we're going to go back like 60 years. >> reporter: as the uncertainty unfolds, euro zone leaders have scheduled an emergency meeting tuesday to try to reach a compromise. brian webb for cbs news. >> greece has been bailed out twice in the past five years with more than $250 billion in loans. back state side dale jr. took the checkered flag at the coke zero 400 but it's a huge crash making headlines this morning. in the final lap, austin dillon got caught in traffic. his car goes flying upside down
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into the fence. it tore down a section of the fencing as dillon sailed back on to the tracks. his mangled car landed on its roof. three spectators were hurt by flying debris but dillon climbed out from the car, raised his arms in the air signaling he is okay. the women of the u.s. are on top of the world. they defeated japan 5-2. carli lloyd scored the first hat trick ever. she was awarded the golden ball given to the flair of the game. they -- player of the game. they were fierce. a july 4 friends and family photo op goes terribly wrong. >> a deck collapses. some people injured are from northern virginia. >> more on that coming up but first allyson with a look at our yellow alert forecast. >> we'll see showers and
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thunderstorms again this afternoon. it's cloudy and muggy. you needs the umbrella for this afternoon and the roads are still wet a. couple of lingering showers along 50 through bowie and annapolis. 81 to # 6 today. we'll -- 86 today. we'll track the
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welcome back. i'm meteorologist allyson rae. we're off to a muggy start. drizzle and light rain. we're not done with the rain yet. it's going to linger till the afternoon. here's doppler 9000. we have some of those light showers and even some heavier rain getting out of anne arundel and calvert counties. temperatures are in the 70s. we're headed to the 80s today.
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keep the umbrella with you. we'll have showers and storms develop this afternoon once again. larry, over to you. still trying to work on getting more information for you right now but we do have a major development on metro where we have single tracking going on through the west falls church metro station because a person was struck by a train outside of the west falls church metro station. so you can expect delays in both directions at this point. still working to get more information about the victim. of course once we learn that, we'll be sure to pass it along you to. over to you. a celebrated dancer is preparing to make her debut on broadway. >> for the 28th year in a row, it is shark week although the last couple of weeks have felt like shark week. we're
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weather trending right now, rizzle, rain and drizzle. >> the latest allyson rae-ism. >> monday morning, the holiday weekend, a little bit of rain and drizzle out there. we'll look at thunderstorms this afternoon as well. that's why we have the yellow alert. this morning the roads are wet. we still have light rain and driz the out there but this
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afternoon -- drizzle out there but this afternoon we could see some thunderstorms. let's take a look at doppler 9000. we have drizzle along 66, 95 and along 50 from bowie to annapolis. the heavier stuff is getting out of calvert county, out of anne arundel county. we'll stay mainly dry with the drizzle continuing till about 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning. light rain down 301 as well but most of it is headed out of our way. we'll see the thunderstorms reappear as early as lunch time and carry on for your drive home. some fog as well to contend with through the shenandoah valley and most areas of visibility is okay but we are going to be dealing with that muggy condition. so muggy when you step outside today. it feels into the 80s even though we're still into the 70s. not getting out of the 80s temperature wise this afternoon. scattered showers continue. by 10:00 we're generally dry with more lingering showers off to the far north and west of the maryland panhandle. as early as lunch time here they come. they reappear. showers and thunderstorms. looks like we'll stay away from any severe weather with the clouds in place.
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it takes away a lot of the instability. can't rule out gusty winds here or there. as we fast forward to 6:30, the showers and thunderstorms continue for your drive home. it's going to be a little wet at times with heavier pockets of rainfall. looks like most of it should start to fade away in time for the nats game. as we head through 9:30, things are drying out. we'll stay generally dry for your tuesday. boy, is it going to be hot. low to mid-90s. we start in the 90s tomorrow and it stays in the 90s. 85 today. 94 for tomorrow. a stray shower or thunderstorm. and some scattered showers expected on wednesday. we'll stay into the lower 90s for thursday and friday and getting pretty hot again by the end of the weekend. larry, over to you. we're expecting delays on the yellow line in both directions because of a person being struck at the west falls church metro station. so we have single tracking going on through west falls church. commuters will be need to be mindful of that. no issues on buses this morning. if you're traveling southbound
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on 270 down toward the beltway, a 26-minute commute. no issues on i-66. just volume mainly in areas like centreville and fairfax but from prince william parkway to 27th street northwest, a 44- minute commute this morning. starting to see a slowdown mainly in dale city on 95 on the northbound side but from dumfries road to the beltway, a 19-minute commute. westbound on 50 from crain highway to 20th street northwest a29-minute commute. here's a live look on 95. you can see that all lanes are open as you make your way up toward newington, springfield up to i-395. over to you. at 6:17 here's what's in the news right now. a family picture over the holiday weekend took a terrifying turn when the deck after beach house gave way injuring 24 people. it happened saturday night in the stown town of especial rald -- in the town of emerald isle, north carolina. deteriorating nails are being blamed for the crash. one witness describes the
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moment he stepped in to help. >> a bone sticking out of one elderly woman's elbow and another bone somewhere else. had a guy that had a fracture on his ankle. his bone was out. >> multiple sources say the family at the rental home was from northern virginia. five people remain in the hospital this morning. the victims range in age from 5 to 94 years old. meanwhile investigators are trying to figure out how four people were shot and killed in a south carolina home. police were called sunday evening to the home in york county. the coroner says four people died of gunshot wounds and authorities are not looking of july weekend was a violent one in chicago. a 7-year-old boy was shot and killed saturday at a holiday party. investigators believe the boy's father was the intended target. they say that father is rank gang member. 7-year-old amari brown died early sunday morning at the hospital. fireworks may be to blame for this wildfire in california. it's now burned more than 320
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acres. fortunately it's 100% contained at this point. it started saturday night and embers were quickly spread by high winds. somehow no home were lost in this. the man who cofounded the natural comes nettics company -- cosmetics company burt's bees died. he turned the passion of making honey into a bees wax company which was eventually purchased by clorox for $900 million in 2007. burt chavitz was 80 years old. this morning a dancer has a milestone under her belt. misty pecoland will make her debut in owe revival on the town." it requires acting, singing as well as a 15-minute ballet.
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surprise. billy joel says i do. >> the newest member of britain's royal family, 9 week old charlotte is baptized. >> here is arienne thompson in the building with us for the buzz. up close and personal. let's start with the royal family. yet again showing they're one with the people. >> i feel like i force you to talk about them all the time but i kind of love them. they're so cute. princess charlotte was baptized over the weekend. it was such a great photo op because it was the first time we've seen all four together, all four being prince william, kate middleton, prince george and pris says char -- princess charlotte in that pram. he has his little wave. very cute. a typical royal outing. she's in designer clothing. what's cute is prince george is wearing an outfit that looks exactly identical to the one
6:21 am
prince william wore when prince regardy was born and went to the hospital to see them. >> that could be a hand me down. >> it could be. they do love recycling. >> we were talking about that. who is coming up with that, though? someone tapping back into the archives? >> they're very conservative. that's not necessarily a modern outfit that prince george had okay the knee socks and christopher robin shoes. they like to keep it very royal. >> i like it. i like starting with that. >> and we talk about i dos. >> billy joel invited friends over for a 4th of july party and said good guess what, this is also my wedding. he married alexis roderick. she's 33. he's 66. >> they're expecting, right? >> they're expecting a little girl. this is not the first time he's married a much younger woman. his ex-wife is about my age i think. >> this is after setting a record at madison square garden? >> he'd been on tour all summer and he's just a machine. i love him. people love to see: he still
6:22 am
has so much energy. >> what's going on? >> we're talking about real drama. shark week. >> it's shark week. >> they're keeping it real this time. >> they are. they're saying it's all about the science this year, they being discovery channel because they had done a few of those specials and people thought that was real. >> i'm not going to lie. i was kind of terrifed. >> you have the real sharks out there. >> discovery said we understand this might not be the most ideal time for shark week but it kind of is because we want to educate people and let them know that sharks, this is their ecosystem and we're the ones invading it so be smart. shark week is just a huge draw for viewers. it's a huge ratings draw so it's always exciting to see them learn a little bit more about the ocean. >> good to see you again. thank you. coming up, the search is on for the suspect wanted in this
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es. at 6:26 here are some things you may have missed. a string of suicide bombings in nye jeer ya. many have been -- nigeria. many have been claimed by the extremist group boak boca haram. one bomb exploded at a mosque with a crowd of worshipers. another went off at a predominantly muslim restaurant. jos has been targeted in the past. tomorrow is the deadline for nuclear negotiations with iran. secretary of state john kerry says the agreement, quote, could go marked nine days of marathon talks. the goal being to get tehran to curb its nuclear program in exchange for lifting international sanctions. >> if there's absolute
6:27 am
intransigence, if there's an unwillingness to move on the things that are important, president obama has always said we'd be prepared to walk away. >> if a deal is reached congress is set to begin reviewing it come thursday. postal workers deliver our mail through bad weather and other dangers. >> but assaults against mail carriers are up. >> reporter: in broad daylight in washington, d.c. last year, two armed men attacked a u.s. letter carrier. he was beaten, bound and robbed. it was one of more than 400 assaults on postal workers nationwide in 2014, up 9% in the past five years. that same year dogs attacked carriers more than 5700 times. virginia carrier nelo was one of them. >> the dog bit me right here. >> reporter: the postal service had given him no way to call
6:28 am
for help until now. >> if you were attacked again, now how would you call for help? >> using this device. >> reporter: the postal service is shipping all 230,000 carriers new mobile devices with a soon to be activated panic button. gps transmits their location to their supervisor every minute. >> the orange is where he is now. >> reporter: jeff with himson is the chief of human resources for the -- williamson is the chief of human resources for the post a.m. service and gave -- postal services and gave us a look. >> when you think about the power of this, the safety element of what this allows us to do from a carrier standpoint is just incredible. >> reporter: the devices also allow virtually real time notification to customers when their package has arrived and more efficient routes to save time and fuel. dave williams is the coo. >> you're spending about $200
6:29 am
million on this device. that's a lot of money. especially for an organization that lost $5 billion last year, that wants the option to cut saturday delivery. can you afford it? >> it's an investment in our future is what it is. it's an investment in the growth of our organization. good morning and welcome to wusa9 at 6:00 a.m. it's monday, july 6. i'm andrea roane. some showers and storms could impact your day later today. here to walk us through the day ahead w very larry miller and allyson rae. allyson, you were mentioning drizzle to start the day and storms to end it? >> we are going to see a little bit of a wet start. it's muggy and drizzly. this afternoon showers and even a few thunderstorms to end the day. let's take a look how we're starting off. doppler 9000. a couple of light showers pushing out of anne arundel
6:30 am
county, out of calvert county over to the eastern shore. the drizzle continues along 66 and even north and west of the district and that drizzle will continue. taking a closer view of some of the heavier amounts of rain along 301 stretching all the way just south of bowie through queen anne, upper marlboro. a couple of pockets of heavier rainfall n. will once again -- rainfall. this will once again head out to indianapolis and we'll dry out for mid-morning. heavier rain expected again by lunch time and carrying on through the afternoon. also we're dealing with very low visibility. luray visibility is at zero. the fog will continue. temperatures today low to mid- 80s, well below average for another day but not for long. let's talk about heat. very, very hot temperatures coming up. looks like we have a few delays going on this morning because of an issue outside of the west falls church metro station. looks like we have single tracking going on that could impact the silver line as well as the orange line. we're seeing delays in both
6:31 am
directions so you want to add anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes to your travel time to get to your destination on time. another delay going on on vre. the fredericks line 304 delayed. marc running on schedule. around the beltway issue free. no major issues on 395 or 295. if you're getting ready to head out the door, you should be good to go. your next roughly in ten minutes. we continue to follow breaking news out of ohio. at least ten fire departments are fighting a massive blaze at a manufacturing plant in brooklyn heights. that's roughly eight miles south of cleveland. the fire began just about 3:30 this morning. the cause of the fire is unknown at this time. >> reporter: d.c. police are searching for a killer a man they say is responsible for a brazen and horrific crime that happened on the red training on saturday. jasper spires stabbed another man to death on board the train on july 4 in the middle of the
6:32 am
day. police say it was motivated by a robbery and the suspect ran off. if you see this man, you're asked to call police immediately. the victim 24-year-old kevin sutherland was a recent graduate of american university who moved here from connecticut. his friends tell us he was the best. he was incredibly kind and involved on campus. they say he served two terms as secretary for student government and he also interned for congressman jim heinz who tweeted saying supterland was -- sutherland was kind, selfless and decent. the crime appears to be random and the suspect stabbed supterland and a -- sutherland and ran off. sutherland was a talented photographer and he may have been targeted because he had camera equipment only at the time. the suspect jasper spires was in custody just last week on assault charges but he was released to await his trial. police say less than 24 hours later this murder was
6:33 am
committed. if you recognize that man, jasper spires or know where he is, you're asked to call police immediately. live in d.c., i'm nikki burdine, wusa9. further proof the holiday weekend proved to abviolent one in the district. four -- to be a violent one in the district. four people were shot in southeast. one was killed. it happened at douglas place. the man killed has been identified at 23-year-old dwayne g. dillard. montgomery county police are asking for your help this morning. they're trying to find anyone who may have witnessed a deadly crash in damascus over the weekend. 19-year-old jeffrey thornton was killed when his car hit a utility pole on damascus road around 5:00 in the morning sunday. if you saw the crash, police ask that you give them a call. fireworks are determined to be the cause of a townhouse fire in loudoun county. it happened in the stoneridge neighborhood on the 4th. investigators say the fireworks were not properly extinguished when they were thrown away in the garage.
6:34 am
there's about $700,000 worth of damage but fortunately no one was hurt. >> reporter: happening today police continuing their investigation into the murder of a 22-year-old man from woodbridge. it was the city's first murder that happened right here in this courtyard housing complex. you can see police still here keeping guard, easing the concerns of residents and trying to prevent any future retaliation or violence. police on thursday night received several 911 calls about shots fired. it happened around 11:30 in the 700 block of north fayette street. they arrived to find 22-year- old that can elliot--- shakkan elliot-tibbs suffering from a gunshot wound. they rushed him to the hospital where he later died. i spoke to his aunt. she tells me her nephew was shot in the chest after someone accused him of robbery. >> give the police the answers
6:35 am
they need. please, whoever seen it please just call. just tell them. you ain't got to say your name, anything. please, anyone, please. >> reporter: her emotional plea from that aunt who says that 22- year-old shakkan tibbs was her sister's only son. they received the news and rushed here to the scene. she lives nearby. police will update residents on an investigation at a community meeting just about four blocks away here at the charles houston recreation center on y street 7:00 tonight. i'm delia goncalves, wusa9. later today indianapolis colds and former university of maryland linebacker dequell jackson is scheduled to go on trial in d.c. superior court. he's accused of soughting a pizza delivery man back in february in northwest. police say the 31-year-old punched the driver near 12th and u streets after getting angry over where he parked.
6:36 am
it's called the game of heroes and tens of thousands of first responders spent last week competing in sporting events at the world police and fire games held in fairfax county. the games wrapped up yesterday with a half marathon in reston town center. >> saying that i competed against people from other countries is something i've never done before. so i'm thankful to be here. >> the world games were overshadowed by tragedy. inspector carlos silla from brazil died in a chain-reaction crash during a cyclist race. the next games will take place in 2017 in montreal. it's only monday but never too early to start talking about next weekend. how about two free tickets to dierks bentley. he will be performing at jiffy lube live coming up on july 10. >> if you want to be there, just enter wusa9's text to win drawing. text the key words "dierks bentley" to 25543 for your chance to win. allyson? >> it is so muggy out here but
6:37 am
eight not raining in the district. but grab the umbrella. you'll need it later this afternoon. showers and storms continue to develop after lunch time. what's left over? well, just at bit of drizzle from leesburg stretching all the way down from manassas and just north of dunkirk. we have the rest of your
6:38 am
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we'll be in the 80s. -- [ stand by for captions ] want to take you to 50 right now for those of you traveling inbound toward the beltway going through bowie and mitchellville into town.
6:41 am
you'll have no issues. all lanes are open. good news there. for those of you in potomac, you're also good to go at falls road at river road and along i- 66 east of 234, all lanes are open. just volume mainly in centreville as you approach the capital beltway. we'll have your drive times coming up after the seven-day forecast. over to you. at 6:41, a teenage basketball player is inspiring your team -- is inspiring her teammates. >> and us for that matter after seeing some of the obstacles she's overcome. her story
6:42 am
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welcome back to wusa9. our time right now 16:44. >> i want to -- is 6:44. >> we want to take you now to montana where one girl is inspiring people one at a time paying with a pair of prosthetic legs. >> reporter: this is a basketball crazy 13-year-old whose smile has more watts than a light bulb.
6:45 am
>> they're all so friendly to me and i make a lot of friendships with all the girls out here. get to interact a lot. >> reporter: her story is a powerful one, simply because n't defined by her most obvious of obstacles twork prosthetic -- two prosthetic legs. >> i don't notice them but i've had them since i was 2. i just put them into my lifestyle with everything that i do. that's how i live. >> reporter: despite her legs which were deformed at birth, she runs the floor with reckless abandon. when she shoots it's with the confidence of a varsity -- [indiscernible] and she never pulls herself out of a drill even with the tricky box jumps her team does. >> it gives them a reason to go harder. they look over and she's working harder than they are and makes them step up their game. >> reporter: not only can she move side to side, she'll leave you in the zest. >> the blade is kind -- in the dust. >> the blade is kind of like a
6:46 am
running blade. the foot is kind of hollow so the end ever the blade can go -- of the blade can go in the foot. >> reporter: a metal blade and a plastic base, that's what gets people's attention. >> most of the time it's like hero inspiring stuff and i always smile and say thank you because it does make my day when i hear that. >> reporter: but it's her smile, not the legs that makes her a hero. cbs news, butte, montana. >> absolutely incredible. not even phased. >> a true hero. a true hero. 6:46. time to sow what our part -- to see what our partners over at cbs this morning are covering. >> anthony mason has a preview. >> ahead on cbs this morning, we'll talk with carli lloyd by the team's huge world cup win over japan, including her historic hat trick and presidential candidate chris christie is here. the news is back in the morning. see you at 7:00. >> back with allyson rae now talking about really an appetizer this morning on the
6:47 am
rain front and then the main course coming right on in for the afternoon commute. >> yeah, there you go. that's exactly t. we're kind of getting a taste. lingering showers and drizzle. it's so muggy out there. when you step outside, your hair, forget it. >> the frizz factor is back. >> it is. some people their hair goes flat. for others it continues to curl. whatever it s it's going to happen because it's so -- it is, it's going to happen because it's so muggy out there. let's take a look at michael & son camera. a little foggy out there. through the seen dough ya valley -- shenandoah valley the fog continues to develop and visibility is low. feels about 78. we'll head to the low to mid- 80s again this afternoon. but the clouds and the rain around. it's just not going to warm up much. taking a look at doppler 9000, a little bit of drizzle through 66 stretching all the way up through leesburg and quantico along 95 and also off to the east. let's take a closer look at
6:48 am
these showers. some of them have a pocket of heavier rainfall from bowie to annapolis down 301 through upper marlboro. we'll look at some of the heavier rain that will push out of here before you know it. we'll dry out in the mid- morning and as early as lunch time another round of showers and thunderstorms will develop. here's the dense fog. your visibility is at zero so give yourself extra time and space this morning. as we go through the mid- morning, we'll start to dry out but areas off to the west, a couple of lingering showers will hold on. here we are at 2:00. the showers and thunderstorms reappear already. with the clouds in place that would take away a lot of the instability and the threat for severe weather but a strong gusty wind would be possible as well. getting ready for the nats game. i think everything will begin to be winding down by then so that's good. by 10:00 we're looking at drier conditions but still pretty muggy overnight. it's going to be hot and humid starting tomorrow and it's going to hold for the rest of the workweek. 85 today. 94 for tomorrow. a stray shower or thunderstorm.
6:49 am
scattered showers again on wednesday with a approaching cold front. we'll stay into the 90s for the rest of the week and mid-90s by sunday. good morning. >> good morning. we still have delays on the orange line as a result of a person being struck by a train. metro transit police tells us it appears to be an apparent suicide at this point. the 200 people that were on the train that struck the individual we're told were offloaded. so now we're seeing major delays not only on the orange line but the silver line as well because we have single tracking going on through west falls church. add anywhere from 15 to now 20 minutes to your commute time to account for the delays. also have delays going on on vre right now where fredricksburg line 304 is delayed. marc is running on schedule. certainly some good news there so commuters will need to be mindful of that. traveling southbound on i-270 from frederick towards the beltway if you're headed out the door, be mindful of wet roads this morning but from
6:50 am
buckeystown pike to the beltway, we're looking at a 31- minute commute. eastbound on 66 we have volume in areas like centreville and fairfax primarily. again typical for your monday morning but from james madison highway to 27th street northwest, a 43-minute commute. if you're going to be traveling northbound on 95 again delays mainly in dale city, areas in newington as you make your way up to springfield should ease up ever so slightly but from joplin road toward the beltway a 21-minute commute and westbound on 50 from mlk highway to 22nd avenue -- 22nd street northwest rather, you're looking at a 26-minute commute. want to give you a live look and show you how things are shaping upside. this is 395 at 14th street bridge. for those of you heading from areas like seminary road, sing street going northbound toward the 14th street bridge into town, you'll see no major issues this morning. we do have some delays going on on the suit lid parkway as well as parts -- suitland parkway as well as the southwest---
6:51 am
southeast-southwest freeway. traffic seems to be rocking and rolling. the dinosaurs aren't letting go the top of the food chain in movie theaters. >> drastic action north carolina may take to reassure tourists worried about
6:52 am
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>> reporter: the horrific and brazen crime over july 4th. a man was stabbed to death on board the red line train as it was approaching the noma- gallaudet station. police need your help finding the killer. this is 18 yearldz jasper spires ---year-old jasper spires. police say he stabbed a man to death over the weekend. that victim's name is 24-year- old kevin sutherland. he attended american university. he was a recent graduate who moved to d.c. from connecticut. police say if you have any information about this suspect, you're asked to call them immediately. do not approach him as he is considered dangerous. back to you in the studio. north carolina's governor is trying to keep the state's water safe from shark attacks. he said safety officials should consider restrictions on fishermen throwing chum in the water to lure them to the fishing hooks around areas where people are swimming
6:55 am
especially during the summer tourist season. according to the economic development partnership of north carolina, tourists spent $23 billion last year in the tar heels state. pope francis continues his homecoming tour of south america. today he'll travel to eke door's coast. later this week he will -- ecuador's coast. later this week he will visit paraguay. lenot visit argentina -- he will not visit argentina. he will be there next year. leaders are meeting today in paris to discuss the financial crisis in greece. on sunday voters of the country disifgly rejected terms -- decisively rejected materials after bailout deal putting emin jeopardy with the countries of the your row zone and has -- euro zone and has world markets on edge. team u.s.a. is bringing home the world cup. a rematch of the 2011 world cup final, the u.s. beat japan. it was all about carli lloyd who scored three goals within the first 16 minutes of the
6:56 am
match for the first hat trick in the history of the women's world cup final earning her the golden ball. dine stores -- dinosaurs still reign supreme at the box office. jar ris sick world -- jurassic world strayed number one for the fourth straight weekend bringing in $41 million in north american theaters. the disney pixar film "inside out" was a close second with slightly more than $30 million. "terminator" debuted in third and "magic mike xxl" came in third. we still have some drizzle out there this morning. it is extremely muggy. we're going to stay into the low to mid-80s this afternoon. showers and thunderstorms once again as early as lunch time for your drive home as well. we still got delays going on on metro this morning on the orange line where we have single tracking going on through west falls church as a result after situation that
6:57 am
happened on the orange line. qee also see delays on the silver line as well so add additional time to your commute this morning. cbs this morning is next. presidential election a year and a half away but over the holiday weekend, candidates were out in force. >> dead heads say good buy. dean reynolds reports on what could be the final performance of the grateful dead. talk about longevity. >> we'll be back in minutes with larry and traffic and weather. >> have a good one.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. it is monday july 6, 1520. welcome to "cbs this morning." a history-making win for team usa. >> game over. >> the u.s. women's team dominates japan to bring home the world cup. mvp carli lloyd joins us. >> plus governor chris christie joins us. we'll ask how he can break through a crowded presidential field. and ballerina misty copeland makes history at the met. only on


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