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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  July 6, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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right now at 5:00, tracking he storms on doppler making their way into the dc area. good evening everyone i'm lesli foster. >> and i'm derek mcginty. they actually used the phrase tropical downpour in the
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weather center, how bad is it now? >> the storms will have heavy downpours and maybe some flash flooding, no hail or winds, so that's the silver lining, but this is the last hour, south to almost due north through the district, this is the heaviest one, and one just leaving the northwest part of town. zoom in a little more, and you can see this storm is heavy around bethesda, and out 97. zoom in a little more, rain fall rate on this was about an inch per hour, now it's moving north, so it's going to slow you down a little going home. little further north, this is pretty heavy too. earlier the heaviest rain shifted east and new york city, but at one -- north, but at one
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time rates at an inch and a third per hour. more storms out to the west, this will eventually head north into claysville about 5:05, and big storms near brunswick. when we come back we'll tell you when the storms die out, and the possibility of another yellow alert later this week. and frightening moments at a medical center after a report of a shooter, but after several hours they were given the all clear. we've been outside walter reed all day long. >> reporter: a gentleman that worked inside just walked by, he said i was inside, it was so scary, but there was no shooter, there were no injury,
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and in the end this proved to be an ex-record their multi- allege silent sam emergency drill. -- extraordinary multi-agency emergency drill. >> attention, attention. >> reporter: 10:40 a.m. employees across the sprawling walter reed campus received a code white alert, and are told to remain inside. 10:48. montgomery county police receive a -- county police receive a call from building one for the report after a single shot fired. it's one of the most intensely protected places in washington, and prompted a widespread immediate response from local, state, and federal enforcement. >> it's unusual. it's crazy. never seen anything like this. >> reporter: the pike is closed, every building on the campus is on lock down.
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me theythey search the -- they search the floors level by level. >> hope they found out what's going on. >> reporter: 12:56, sources tell me they've been told to stand down, there's no indication of a shooter, and no more resources are needed, but the lock down remains. at 2:04, the lock down is given. at 2:30. the all clear is formally announced. again, no evidence of an actual shooter at walter reed, but an impressive drill for multiple law ennorthsment agencies -- enforcement agencies, especially when tensions are already high about a terror
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attack on the its. >> we are happy it was simply a drill. thank you. and so are the thousands of employees and patients and visitors to the hospital because today's incident put just about everything on hold. >> the lock down stretched on for hours. we're outside the north gate with girl, and he talk -- garrett, and he talked to people who work there. >> reporter: we talked to people all over this sprawling campus. they basically all said the same thing, they heard the code, found shelter, locked door, and settled in for a very long wait. denise moore sat behind a sub sandwich could wanter waiting -- counter waiting on the all clear. >> you have to have faith and patience.
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many people get stressed. >> reporter: she and others in the restaurant turned cell phones on silent and waited out the search. some people were irritated by wait, but she kept a different perspective. >> as long as i got out with my life, i would have stayed all day. >> reporter: this man, retired army, had three puppies to keep him company. >> the alarm went off, and i was in the middle of service dog training, and we got locked down into the office. >> reporter: the code white protocol calls for calm and eye yet. >> just -- quiet. >> just sat down with them, gave them treats. >> reporter: employees here are trained for these situation, but others swept up in the lock down were caught off guard by the intensity. this woman just started her summer internship. >> they just locked the door,
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kept quiet, turned off the lights. quite an internship experience. >> reporter: i was surprised how little frustration or anger we heard from people who spent their monday in the dark sitting around and waiting for news, but most said they were happy to be going on safe and sound. >> they are indeed grateful. thank you so much. and by the we, walter reed national military medical center has nearly 8500 employees. new information tonight in the case of that nine-year-old boy that was allegedly beaten over a piece of birthday cake. he died yesterday. hank, it sounds like the man accused of beating him will face more charges. >> that's right, the 30-year- old robert wilson, the boyfriend of the boy's mother has been charged with first degree assault and child abuse, but the child's death now takes
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the investigation in a different direction. >> reporter: they said he was hand cuffed and punished for stealing a piece of cake without permission, and he hit the boy after the cuffs were taken off. emergency crews were called into help them, but police say they were turned away by the boys mother. >> mom showed up at home before the ambulance crew showed up, and when they came she said the child was just having a minor issue and turned them away. they never actually saw the child. >> reporter: when the medical team called back later the boy was unconscious, he was rushed to the hospital where he died sunday. >> everyone involved in this child's life and living in the residence is being looked at for additional issues from charges down the road, so the investigation is long from over. >> reporter: jack had turned nine just three days before he was beaten last wednesday. >> it could take a few more
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days or even weeks before charge upgrades, but they'll probably come. the suspect accused of fatally stabbing a passenger on a train is locked down. he's charged with first-degree murder. police say he killed a university american grad on a red line train saturday afternoon. so far the attack appears to be random. one officer spotted and arrested the suspect near decatur street this morning. we're still trying to figure out why he was out on the streets at all. the post reported he was arrested last thursday, but then released again friday. tonight we're hearing the 911 call from a woman who spotted a baby abandoned on the side of a road in pasadena. >> it's a baby on our street,
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and no one's around, and the baby is crying. >> there's no one no one at all. she's in a stroller. >> reporter: a woman is held on a half million dollar bond testimony baby was discovered just before midnight saturday. it may be connected to a domestic dispute. the baby is in good condition. the mother faces neglect and reckless endangerment charges, and she's also charged in the hold up of a liquor store last year. a maryland state trooper is charged with a sex offense and gun charge. tucker was arrested early this morning by a prince george county police officer who spotted tucker and a woman outside an suv parked near hazelwood drive. according to police he pulled a gun on her when she refused to
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engage in an additional sex act. police looking for a gunman that held up a check cashing store this morning at express check cashing at flower hill way. a female employee says she was just opening up the business for the day when a man walked up, threatened her, and forced her into a bathroom. the gunman got away with nearly 10,000 bucks. luckily the employee was not hurt. we're just getting started here at 5:00. greece residents reject a bail out. which this means for the country's financial future coming up. and more on the heavy storms moving through parts of our area. >> plus, heritage or hate? the debate over the confederate flag heats up.
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while the state senate has approved the removal of the confederate flag in south carolina, it has to be approved by the state house and the governor. now this effort that gained new momentum last month is not a new debate. it's been hotly debated in the south carolina state house, really around the state for years, but today the state
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senate overwhelming passed the measure. earlier in the day they voted down a decision to leave it up to a popular vote. the bill calls for the removal of the confederate flag and it's placement in a museum down the street from the capitol in columbia, but it seems the issue is still not settled by the citizens of south carolina. the idea of what the flag stand for. some say heritage, others stay hate. >> they fought for their home, family, and safe, because the south was invaded. >> you're ignorant to the fact that history, you just don't want to know the truth. >> again the bill has to pass the south carolina state house, signed by the governor who along with many leaders are among those that oppose flying any flag that flew over the
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confederacy. >> there's been progress and challenges. >> that's how the president categorizes the fight against isis. he met with officials today. he touched on the need for continued support for iraq ground troops, stopping the spread of isis if north africa, and curbing their recruitment effort, and he says it will go on for awhile. lawyers for the boston bomber are asking for a brand new trial. a judge sentenced him to death last month in the bomb, but the motion filed today in boston is preliminary, the full motion needs to be in by august 17th. this is a yell he alert day -- yellow alert day, here's first alert weather. so the potential for some tropical downpours? >> yeah, it's like a tropical air moss. >> it's pretty -- mass. >> >. it's pretty thick out
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there. >> the good news is no hail or big winds, but the bad news it's a commute home with heavy rain, but we also have a silver lining or a multicolored lining. >> pretty. >> that's right over walter reed. >> wow it's some bollic in some ways -- symbolic in some ways. >> they deserve a rainbow after their day. >> so that means the sun is behind you and it's raining in front of you. all right a live look outside. 88 right now, dewpoints in the 70, that's uncomfortable, and it's been like that all day. some dewpoints as high as 73 or 74 earlier. here's the radar over the last hour, reds, that's big time rain, and that's the major threat with that storm.
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montgomery county, prince william county will eventually produce some storms, so the good news is they'll die out as the storm goes down, so 8:00 or 9:00 o'clock, it will die down. another heavy storm just south of silver spring, and on the west size of 270 around german town. the said big time rain, and ex- -- the red is big time rain, so once you pass german town you'll have big time rains. the good news is, as long as your gutters are clear you'll be fine with these storms. this has become a really heavy and bigger storm just in the last half hour. this thing is pretty big.
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sunshine, 97 and 650 meet, and big time rains down to ashton where 108 and 650 meet as well, so the main threat heavy rain, main threat downpours. fewer storms tomorrow. more sunshine, but hot. we're talking low 90s, and we'll monitor the possibility of a yellow alert on wednesday with that cold front approaching producing showers and storms late in the day, so by 10:00 o'clock on futurecast, big stuff is gone. couple of light showers possible here and there, temperatures in the 70, but we're in pretty good shape. tomorrow skies return to partly sunny, 6:00 a.m., 69, and low 70s downtown, and 9:00 o'clock, sunshine. and you could probably take lunch outside tomorrow.
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winchester and points west you have some showers, and even there they're few and far between, and by 5:00 o'clock, couple of showers, maybe a thunderstorm at winchester, but around the immediate metro area, it will be hot, but not that stormy. most showers stay out toward winchester and the i-81 corridor. day planner, plenty of sunshine, 79 at 7:00 o'clock, 84 at 11:00, and 88 or 89 later in the day. monitor wednesday for big storm, 90. a few storms on thursday, also around 90. better chance south of town. section seven day, friday isolated storm, saturday more storm, mid-80s, near 90 as you understand, isolated -- sunday, isolated storm, and big time heat approaching monday. 95 with isolated storms. in tonight's health alert, anybody on a diet knows eating
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lots of carbohydrate, don't do it, but certain ones can slim you down, the skinny carbohydrate or resistant starch, it's being hailed as a fat-burned break through. >> after decades in the dog house, potatoes are back on the menu. >> it's good for those who have unfairly avoided them. >> and corn and rice, which have also received a bad wrap in recent years. >> when hear starch, you think weight gain, bad avoid, but this is really exciting, hearing starch in a positive life. >> bananas yams, and others are now seen to help aid in weight loss because they have a
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unique kind of fiber called resistant starch. >> it's a form of carbohydrate that goes undie jested in the some -- digested in the -- undigested in the stomach. >> reporter: means the body absorbs less calories. >> what is the resistant starch diet and does it actually work? >> this lifely really changed my life. it's unbelievable. >> this tough is amazing. it's called resistant starch. >> a growing number of food manufacturers are making breads, bagels, even pastas with it but still portions are
5:22 pm
key. >> can you at least put butter on the potatoes? they also say it's important to keep your resistant starch foods cool after you cook them, that helps them maintain the benefit, and it's best not to reheat them. >> you put butter on it and make it fattier. >> what's the point of a baked potato with no butter? >> i have, it's called not good. also several fans recovering of a violent crash in daytona. >> and why you can pick up black friday deals this month why are we watching this again? i pay for all these channels, so i make myself watch them all.
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customers. amazon celebrates it's 20- year anniversary next week, and commemorate the milestone, the online retailer offers black friday deals in july. the company will roll out what they're calling prime day deals every ten minute, but here's the catch. the bargain discounts will only be open if you have prime. and bacon and pork chops aren't the only things getting cheaper. ribs and sausages are cheaper too. record pork production has created a glut of the white meat and pushed the cost down, so the next time you go to a summer barbecue, you can literally pig out. all right, straight ahead, ex--disney ceo's comment on the women in show business got a lot of you fired up. >> and the deadly fireworks stunt one man tried to pull off
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this is a yellow alert day. here's wusa 9's first alert weather. >> tracking storm, no hail or wind, buttons of rain and moisture -- but tons of rain and moisture moving south to
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north. heavy rain toward chantilly, and you see the red, that means heavy rain fall. one to two inches per hour actually. zooming in more to the storm to the north of manasses, that will cross over 29 shortly. they will haven an impact on the commute. this storm crosses the river into montgomery county about 6:01. when we come back we'll talk about the storms subsiding, and another yellow alert later in the week. thank you, european union members say it's up to greece to come up with a plan to deal with their debt crisis. they're massively in debt, and will literally run out of money soon. here's the latest. >> reporter: greece has ordered
5:30 pm
all of its banks to remain closed. >> greeks are withdrawing 300 million euros a day, and the banks will be out of cash entirely in a matter of days. >> reporter: they rejected a proposed bail out saturday, and they would have received $8 billion, but creditors wanted steep tax hikes. the prime minister hopes the vote gives him more leverage to negotiate a better deal to keep the country in the euro zone. the two sides have to work out a deal. >> it will require a package of financing and reform, and debt sustainability, but also a path to economic growth. >> reporter: an economist says the crisis could have a spillover effect. >> the risk of a financial crisis in europe is effecting financial markets now, and
5:31 pm
could effect them in the future if things get worse, including in the united states. >> reporter: markets around the world fell monday. >> and the head of the international monetary fund says the imf is monitoring the situation in greece, and stands ready to help if need. tonight alexandria police hold a meeting after last week's homicide, the first of 2015. they responded near the corner of white street. the victim, a 22-year-old, died from a gunshot wounds. his aunt says he was shot by someone accusing him of robbery. tonight's meeting is at the charles houston rec center. the holiday weekend proved to be a violent one in the district. investigators say a man was
5:32 pm
killed and rethe other men were wounded. well a main man is dead after he tried to launch a firework off the top of his head. he put the mortar tube on his head and yelled he was going to light it. his friends said don't do that, but he did it anyway, and the explosion killed him instantly. it's the first fireworks related fatality in maine since they were legalized in 2012. and maryland teen is recovering after an explosion with illegal fireworks. he was watching fireworks, and the teen has serious burns on legs and fingers. the man that lit the firework, purchased in pennsylvania was issued $500 in citations. well, there are a ton of people who work behind the scenes here in the tv news business, and a lot of them are more wise and creative than those of us here in front of
5:33 pm
the camera. >> albert was one of them, and we just lost him. father of two teens died suddenly this weekend on vacation in ohio with his family, and bruce is here with some memory, and there are so many. >> so many, you guys know albert was a quiet force here. a father, a man of faith, and mentor to a lot of us. >> reporter: a colleague left a white rose on the keyboard when al married words to picture, magically. he cut those show opens you see every night, and edited so many emmy-award winning stories we have lost count. >> al did the editing. >> reporter: al came here as an
5:34 pm
intern in 1978, and he just never left. >> i didn't i think of that? >> reporter: he started as a sports producer and editor with glen bernner -- brenner and helped james brown get his start. >> >. it's a whole new dimension and ideas. >> reporter: al was talking about james brown, but the same could be said about him. >> i can think of every story that's been excellent for me, and he's been a part of it in some way. >> he could tell a story with pictures before than anyone i know. >> reporter: on september 11th al brought his young son into the news room, he was calm amid the chaos. >> he could stand back and look at a situation and say this is what needs to be done. >> reporter: al cared about people, especially his broadcast students at the
5:35 pm
university of maryland. >> he helped find a role for me in this family. >> reporter: al loved his family and his faith even more than the news. his wife, val, his daughter kate, she posted we'll never know what god has planned or why, but thank you for the things you taught me and laughs we shared. rest easy dad, i love you. >> i always called him al, turns out he hated that, wanted to be called albert, but that was him, he would just sit and listen when you were feeling your worst. we will miss him. >> yes, and we started the 7:00 p.m. show here a dozen years ago, al was the creditor that created the -- editor that created our
5:36 pm
fancy opening. >> we honor him with our commitment to excellence, and honor him by being good to each other because he was good to aus. >> and prayers to his family. >> yes, thank you so much bruce. be back in a minute.
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trending now, former disney ceo michael eisner is catching an earful for comments he made about women in hollywood. >> he said the hardest artist to find is a beautiful funny woman. it's usually boy am i going to get in trouble, i know this goes online, but usually unbelievably woman, you being the exception, are not funny. >> well, that's when goldie hawn spanned, the gift -- responded, the gift of humor has never been predicated on physical beauty. long live the women who bring laughter into the hearts people everywhere. >> trying to figure out he he
5:40 pm
forgot lucille ball. >> we have a lot of the comments about this. >> valerie said he was being hops, and this -- hops, and this person -- honest, and this person writes who cares, handsome and brains is unusual as well. well the espn body issue featuring bryce harper is now available online. >> here is a photo of the harper has they're calling him, leaving not much to the imagine in addition. he's -- imagine in addition. he's 8 percent body fat, and can squat about 405 pounds. the espn body issues hits newsstand soon. also trending, a new slimmer oreo. oreo thins will hit shelves
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next week. four cookie, only 140-calorie, but you'll eat 400 of them. they're not meant to be dunked or twisted, so some say what's the point? all right, it was hard not to feel patriotic after yesterday's world cup victory. my goodness, they were outstanding. find out which one of team usa stars were born in our area. plus, rain is back moving through the
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breaking news about bill cosby. bobbing in 05 -- back in 05 he said he got queludes to use on young woman, but his lawyers fought to keep that sealed. many women have accused him of drugging them. right now investigators say an intruder shot during an attempted break in at a home this morning was involved in a once-romantic relationship with the man who killed him. the 30-year-old of baltimore was killed by the homeowner
5:45 pm
after he apparently tried to break in through a window. it happened on blue sage lane inside the metal gate gated community around 2:40 this morning. at 6:00 o'clock we'll have a live update from the scene. this is a yellow alert day, here's wusa 9's first alert weather. dc's most accurate. you know, i noticed just before we came in to go on the air that outside, it was almost 5:00 o'clock, and it was dark and spooky. >> yes, and good news, nothing severe, no hail or strong winds, but heavy rain, not good trying to get home from work. live look outside, we'll continue to yellow aalert until about 9:00 o'clock tonight. 88, been sitting there for awhile. dewpoints in the low 70s, not very comfortable. winds out of the south southwest at 11. the radar over the last hour,
5:46 pm
everything moving essentially from south to north, plenty of reds, heavy rain fall. we'll zoom in on the storm, big storms in sterling total chantilly. another one in southeast, german town, and poolsville, so dale city, heavy rain moving north to fairfax, and more storms down 15. i mean, all the way down over southwest of culpepper. the storm we're tracking now, big storm in dc, big storm just south of 7, and this is going to move to the north and east, so montgomery mall about 6:12. heavy rain the main threat. it's going to slow you down. this storm toward reston and the access road, right about
5:47 pm
now, and over toward barnsville crossing the river about 6:19. pretty big rains in it. the only storm with lightning is north of us near baltimore, so that's good. yellow alert tonight. at least early tonight for a thunderstorm. main threat heavy downpours, fewer storms tomorrow, and more sunshine and hot. much hotter tomorrow. yellow alert possible on wednesday as a cold front approaches, and that could produce not only heavy storm, but perhaps severe storms late in the day. we'll monitor that carefully so. 10:00 o'clock on futurecast, not a lot going on. still showers, maybe over toward baltimore and southern maryland, but all shades of green which is light. then by morning, plenty of sunshine, temperatures upper 60s, to mid-70, still a muggy start, yes. my 9:00 p.m., 76 in leesburg, and by 1:00 o'clock, a few showers possible in the
5:48 pm
mountains, west of i-81, but in town take lunch outside. heating up no doubt with temporarilies in the upper -- temperatures in the upper 80, and perhaps a couple of thunderstorms along the i-81 corridor. temperatures in the upper 80, and by 8:30, partly cloudy skies in the metro, showers on the wane in the mountains. on the day planner like this, 70s across the board in the morning, 70s by 9:00 o'clock, and then 80s at 11:00 and 87 at 1:00 o'clock with partly cloudy skies. maybe big storms wednesday, we're monitoring that for a possible yellow alert. the front sags down to the south, so a few storms possible thursday with highs near 90. next seven day, fridayisolated storm, 90, little break temperature-wise over the weekend, 80s saturday, near 90
5:49 pm
sunday. well summer break sure is a fun time for kids, but it can also be a time for learning loss. that would be the summer slide, and experts say a few simple times can help -- tips can help keep kids on track. >> reporter: summer means a break from a busy school routine, but not a total break >> get them reading or going to museums or studying for a trip we might go on. >> reporter: experts say keeping school skills sharp is vital over the summer to prevent regression. math and reading skills can decline significantly in summer months if the work isn't kept up at home. >> a little bit of reading a couple times a week is all it really takes. >> reporter: this doctor says it's especially important for younger students to keep the momentum going. >> you don't really push it and have tried to learn how to read and then do nothing for two and a half months because they really do fall behind. >> reporter: along with reading
5:50 pm
about 30 minutes a day, experts say parents should encourage children to write often over the summer, keeping a journal or writing letter, and take time to review school assignments from the previous year, but it's important to find a balance. >> it's really fun when it's not always one thing. >> reporter: mixing in that critical learning with a healthy dose of summer fun. >> experts also say check out museums and community centers for free fun learning programs scheduled over the break. 45 people killed after a massive air strike near a marketplace in yemen. they were targeting military, but they hit civilians. and check out this massive fire outside cleveland. you could see it burning for
5:51 pm
miles. this building that makes packaging equipment and materials is a total loss, but no injuries. >> >. coroded nails to blame for a deck collapse at a beach house in north carolina that happened just as the family was preparing to take a family picture. 24 people were hurt, including children. the victims range in age from 5 to 94. >> bones sticking out of one ladies elbow, and another bone sticking out somewhere else. had a guy that had a fracture on his ankle, his bone was out. >> that sounds awful. multiple sources say the family was from northern virginia. five people still in the hospital. wow airlines is now selling tickets to ireland for $99 from bwi. they'll leave every week all
5:52 pm
yearlong. now wusa 9 game on sports with kristen berset. the excitement, they scored quick and they scored often, the us women's soccer captured their third wormed cup title -- world cup title, the first since 1999. it was a rematch of the 2011 world cup where japan beat them on penalty kick, so sweet reserve for the us. lloyd scored a hat trick, but this was a complete team effort, and one of the team members is from our area. here's more on the home grown star. >> reporter: the shot, make that shots, heard around the country. prior to yesterday's game, this
5:53 pm
restaurant transformed into an impromptu world cup viewing party. fans gathered to support a defender on the national team. who could forget, four years ago she helped boot the them with this stirring penalty kick. this year she's been an integral part of the team's success, and was smack dab in the middle of the euphoria last night. she'll soon return to the washington spirit. prior to leaving for the world cup she talked about being the hometown girl on the hometown team. >> you have the support of the fans, teammate, and coach, but also my family and friends. >> reporter: quite a moment for the team and the young lady who's career was nearly derailed when doctors found blood clots in her lungs shortly after graduating high school, but look at her now.
5:54 pm
well done ali. well done usa. dave owens. >> that was a fun game to watch, especially with it being a rematch, and they haven't won in so long, and it was a great send off for the two long team players. >> they scored so fast, it's only fun if your team is winning. >> it was one of the fastest goal ever, and then they kept scoring. >> and ali's history, her injury, and how she fault back, and finally got the world cup. >> she's been such a vital part of the team, so big congratulations. all right, still to come, more information from the scene another lock down at wall -- of the lock down at alter reed. >> but next we go to a store whitere 's never too early
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the hazy rainy days of summer are upon us, and only the most organized among us probably knows this little known fact, but there are now 171 days left until christmas. >> >. oh, okay then. >> and you want to know this because every year people complain the holiday shopping displays pop up earlier and earlier. >> well, they do, but one of the worlds most famous toy stores already has their holiday display up and running. here's more.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: christmas customers are out in london going to the world's oldest toy shop. families in london already named the top 10 toys for 2015. >> i think people are trying to plan in advance and make money work harder for them. >> reporter: this 7-year-old knows what she wants already. >> shopkins, and dolls. >> reporter: this 6-year-old hopes to find elsa under her tree. many of the most wanted toys are high tech like the iq robot, and this toy maker, so kinetic sand will be useful from the batteries run out, but some say thinking about christmas in the summer is plain wrong. >> i think it spoils the magic. >> reporter: but not for this children sending wishes to the
5:59 pm
north pole now. >> like a sewing kit. >> reporter: let's just hope santa has a good memory. >> and they did have some high tech gear, toys, in the story, but one of the biggest sellers is still the story book favorite thomas the tank engine. good evening i'm lesli foster. >> and i'm derek mcginty. three and a half hours of tense anxiety at a center charged with caring for america's wounded warriors. >> there were unconfirmed reports of a single gunshot at the walter reed national military medical center, but thankfully it turned out to be a false alarm, but officers swarmed the campus, instructing flows to shelter in place -- employees to shelter in place. >> you can see, they've got their hands up when they
6:00 pm
evacuated. >> we have two live reports that we'll get to in just a moment, but first let's get you up to speed on some stormy weather. >> it's a yellow alert day, and topper shutt has more. >> yes, the threat heavy rain and tropical moisture, big thunderstorms now, and fairfax, big storms in culpepper, even charles county. rain fall rates over an inch an hour, this is a pretty big storm southwest of midland and rain fall rates about three quarters of an inch per hour, and this is a big storm around chantilly. no lightning or hail, but there's rain fall over


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