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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  July 7, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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lights air conditioning, or working elevators. some residents decided it would be better to be outside. others optd to stay inside their-- opted to stay inside but that may change. >> the fire pump which allows us to pump water and provides water to the building for the fire protection system and alarm system. if they can't get resolution of that if they can't get that back on, not safe to occupy, we will evacuate the building. >> i can't be angry, opportunity to exercise patience. >> reporter: the rich people live on the penthouse on the 15th floor one said, but today everybody is equal. the fire department tells me if they can't get the recktricity working so the alarm system and fire-- electricity working so the alarm system and fire. >> hot and bothered. thank you. big storms could make a return to the region. when are they coming?
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how hot is it now? i think we are okay the rest of the evening. tomorrow afternoon and evening kind of a different story. this time tomorrow we will be tracking showers and storms, and speaking of hot it is pretty toasty. in fact, today the first day we hit 90 in the last 13. little stat surprised me, actually. it is still 90 at national but mainly upper 80s 88 in manassas and into frederick and gaithersburg. 91 in fredericksburg. we factor in humidity and notice the numbers values don't change much really, because it is not that humid out. 3:00 i tweeted something out and some heat index were upper 90s. 93 downtown. straight temp 90 and factor in humidity only to 93. that is not crazy hot actually. 93 in manassas, feels like 90 in martinsburg. hot but not crazy.
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on the fuch fuf tomorrow morning-- futurecast, tomorrow morning, most the showers back in the mountains 6:30. by 9:00 most the showers west of town. i think most of of us have a dry commute to work. little shower activity, culpeper to luray. light activity. showers perhaps as far east as leesburg almost manassas and culpeper and into luray. temperatures despite clouds 84 downtown and 80 gaithersburg and mitchellville. 81 in looezburg. we will come-- leesburg, we will come back and talk more. getting more action on capitol hill. our reporter russ ptacek is here with me to talk about the increasing pressure on the tsa to answer for the findings of the investigation. >> these claims are ones that tsa paid while there was trouble while the baggage was in the
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hands of tsa officers. stations across the country and dc have been picking up our story since we revealed those numbers and today the third member of congress to react in our investigation comes out with a letter to the administrator of homeland security. >> i had all my stuff stolen. >> reporter: when we met billy wagler at bault nor internation-- baltimore international, he had no idea he and his bag empty of $2,000 missing would be a national symbol of trouble. >> light and airy. >> reporter: tsa officers from 2010-2014, more claims at dols international beating out orlando by a percentage point. more than any other major american airport. >> we were very concerned when
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we saw this came in last. >> reporter: virginia congress woman sent out this calling on tsa and homeland security for answers. >> really describing what you all found in the report and describing my concern about that for my kin stituents for the traveling public-- constituents for the traveling public. >> we asked why and how it could rank so low on this very important security issue. we are still pushing but so far, no answers. >> i know you will keep on pushing. >> you are right. >> thank you. we should note dollis 3 times the numbers at reagan national. 30-40 that is how many times court documents say the recent university graduate kevin sutherland was stabbed july 4. the judge arraigned jasper spires we learned the suspect went back to stomp the victim and robbed 2 other people on the very same train. one friend came out to support the victim. he says it was just too
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difficult for sutherland's closest friends to attend. >> the friends are all together remembering him in a positive way and rerping the life he lived and we want to focus-- remembering the life he lived and we want to focus on the positive as we let the justice process play out. >> spires is charged with first degree murder felony while armed and due back in court july 17th. congressman elijah comings is asking for lower prices of heroin over dose ant idote-- an antidote. he thinks the raising prices makes it hard toor get the drug. the administration will talk to the makers of narcan to see if something can be done about the rising prices. see how realtors are using a hot gadget to show off homes
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on the market. see what happens to a state trooper investigating a accident with a terrible thunderstorm going topper is tracking potentially
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out in utah highway patrol trooper nearly killed during a traffic stop, his gash board cam-- dash board camera got this when the driver of another car
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hydroplanes and goes into it. he is expected to survive. police have not filed charges against the driver. brits pause to remember the dozens of people killed in london bombing 10 years ago today. >> british prime minister and london's mayor placed wreath at a permanent memorial. 4 british men inspired by al qaeda blew themselves up on tubes killing 52 commuters. a suicide car bomber slammed into nato convoy in afghan capital two were hurt, insurgents attacked a building used by after gan stn's intelligence agencyf attacks on afghan have increase after most coalition troops left the country last year. negotiations with iran over the nuclear program are extended another days. john kerry looking to finalize a
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deal if reached before midnight thursday congress has 30 days to review it. if it is reached after the deadline lawmakers have 60 days to review meaning the white house cannot offer speedy economic as part of the compromise. big storms
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tonight a community is trying to make sense out of a brazen gun battle with children caught in the crossfire. >> this running gun battle happened in the gerard street park in columbia heights where mola lenghi is now. >> reporter: a shoot out went down at the scariest of places, the last place you want it to happen a playground full of dozens and dozens of children playing today. witnesses describe what they thought were fireworks going off with it so close to the 4th of july. 2-3 men were running through the park shooting at one another. it was packed today 60 children as well as their parents. a mother says when the shots rang out parents were grabbing any child running for cover behind trees bushes, sheds anywhere. we spoke with a mother who didn't want to be identified but
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was with her children. >> we don't live in a war zone, running, collecting children is not something you expect to be doing on a day at the park because you are running from gonetiates. i never-- gun shots. i never want to run away from gun shots with kids. there were babies all over the place. >> reporter: somehow no one was injured. police are looking for 2 possibly 3 young men. no ares have been made. -- arrests have been made. some witnesses describe a less than stellar police response and say that police present is somewhat questionable in this neighborhood. we will have more on that tonight at 11:00. in columbia heights i am mola lenghi for wusa 9. >> that park and the reck center were closed immediately and the shut-down after the shoot out i should say, and it remained close. the lake is a major source of water and power for those out west. >> the on going drought have
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raced record-low levels, white rings mark how low it used to be. it is 60% empty lowest on record. authorities decided to build a 3-mile long tunnel below lake mead. >> the construction of this third intake and eventually a new pumping station will help secure southern nevada's access to water resources in lake mead. >> lake mead is a primary source of water for arizona california and nevada. las vegas draws 90% of its water from the lake. lake mead has dropped about 130 feet over the past 15 years. there is plenty of water in british columbia's fraser river plenty of fish too and 9-year-old keegen raufman hooked a big one white sturgeon 10 feet long. keegen ways 80 pounds.
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the fish was 600 pounds. the fishing guide figures that fish is 75 years old. real estate agents swear by 3 word s location, location, and location. ma could add 3 more, presentation presentation, presentation. more real estate agents are using drones to sep properties. noel garcia says a bird's eye view of the home of the surrounding neighborhood can attract buyers. faa warns using drone for commercial purposes by a licensed pilot. garcia spent years as an airforce pilot but says it is not a cake walk. >> it is not typical to fly. it is one of the things you really have to pay attention to, because you want to put the unit in a certain spot and of course you have your camera. >> you don't want it to hit somebody in another spot. right? according to the national association of real estate, 86%
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of perspective buyers will go online to look for videos on homes they are looking to purchase. i guess a birds eye view can't hurt. house buying and selling a drone, changes it all. >> to become a whole new specter, whole new section of law. >> drone law . >> okay. >> will it make your job easier? >> i don't know. we already have satellite. >> good thought. drones. >> weather drones. >> 3-gear guarantee. >> i been called worse. >> lets talk. we thought we went high enough, 92 for a high. we find out what happens 9:00 when the final numbers are in. good news is, right now it is 90. looking good. >> unless 96-- >> right. >> we are in good shape. >> good shape. we need to be in good shape we are 3 and 3 for the month.
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dew points back in the 60s humidity comfortable under 60%, and the winds are southwest at 14. so that is really not a bad evening, all things considered shths not changing big storms and humidity, you could take a jog this afternoon or evening. quiet but hot this yng. cold front will bring thunderstorms tomorrow. now, yes a couple showers are possible in the morning but primarily afternoon showers and thunderstorms. some could be heavy some could be big. right now we are just going to monitor tomorrow afternoon and evening for a yellow alert. we will keep you posted on that. 10:00 tonight still muggy 83 downtown 78, leesburg, 78 manassas. 77 in booy muggy might. this is 6:00 in the morning on futurecast providing pushing clouds in quickly and couple
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showers close to us, i think most will be hagerstown, winchester, but the main event is in the afternoon and evening. 9:00 82, mostly showers winchester down toward culpeper on the east side, actually on both sides of i-81 but nothing heavy, all shades of green. 1:00 showers becoming a little more prevalent. frederick to martinsburg and down i-81, leesburg and stray shower in fair fax county. 1:00 begin to blossom red orange yellow, more intense as the cold front gets closer. temperatures 83 downtown. it will feel like a tropical rain forest about this time tomorrow evening. by 9:30, most the showers gone. temperatures aren't falling though 79 downtown, breaks in the clouds toward manassas and leesburg and even there 76 at
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9:30 at night. 75 redric. we could-- frederick. we could see a stray shower but should be done 8:00 or 9:00. tonight, partly cloudy, muggy winds southwest 10-15 good news. by morning partly sunny very warm yes we keep an isolated shower in, 70s and 80s most will have a dry commute to work and camps will be fine with showers in the morning. i think most showers are after 3:00 p.m. by afternoon partly sunny, breezy, 85-90 winds southwest 10-15. on the day planner we have temperatures already 82 by 9:00, 86 by 11:00 and then 87 by 1:00. we will keep it dry at least through 1:00 in the immediate metro. behind the front never a good sign when it gets hotter behind the front. 92 thursday. isolated storms, 90 friday. also isolated storm. by friday the nats are in baltimore. you can watch that game right here on 9:00. saturday, hot. low 90s took the shower and
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storm out. 94 sunday. isolated storms and bit of heat wave sunday, monday, tuesday back in mid 90s with only isolated afternoon storms. they call the best pitcher mad max. he is so low key, doesn't seem to fit. >> he never gets mad. you can poke him, poke the bear and he never gets mad. incredible how focused he stays on the field. you know topper is talking how he was 3 for 3 the nats are 3 for 3 so far in july. little theme going on. max scherzer is back on had mound tonight. we see if he can stay calm and focused for the nats all stars looks to continue his hot stretch. plus hearing from austin
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much made of max scherzer's $210 million deal to come to the washington nationals we can all agree he is earning his keep. the fans voted him to all star squad, first in the national league that came as a surprise to well, no one. 15 games 9 and 2 1.82 e.r.a another chance to at to his-- add to his impressive start taking the mound against the reds. scherzer says it is fun and enjoying the ride. >> pretty cool. another good month. dooo gd things in june, and overall, won ball games, always a good feeling. >> winning is always a good feeling. the final series before the all star break is a beltway series
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against the orioles friday on wusa 9 at 7:00. the wizards began preps with summer league squad a chance for newly drafted kelly and erin to acclimate to the system but also provides a chance for former maryland dez wells to live out his dream of playing pro. wasn't selected draft night but has a chance to make the wizard's roster. there have been many knocks, not tall enough, not the best ball lanler and perhaps-- handler and perhaps too old at 23. he says his athleticism would make him a good addition. >> me, myself, i bring a lot of energy very versatile player, can play a lot of positions defend a lot of positions and a good play maker and good scorer. somebody that can come off the bench and provide all of those things. >> in 2001, final lap of daytona 500 dale earnhardt driving number 3 car lost control and hit the car it was earnhardt's
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death that led to this. austin dillon now driving the number 3 car went air born on the final lap of the coke zero 400, flew into the safety fence and miraculously walked away with minor injuries. today, dillon spoke about that terrifying moment. >> i kind of was talking to myself the whole time, actually, just hold on, you are almost through it, and different impacts throughout the wreck. you are just waiting for the last one. and then when it really quiets up and it quieted up for a second another big one from brad at the end. >> he got spun around at the end. glad he is okay. a celebration in la this morning as fans celebrated alongside the newly world cup champions, u.s. women had medals and t shirts with "world
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champion" on them. they are enjoying it. that is the most for any country in the women's world cup. >> do they get a parade, perhaps? >> kind of what they had. outside staples center, fans lined up early this morning. they didn't get the parade like the super bowl champs. >> invite to the white house too? >> i would see that in the future absolutely. >> they have inspired legions of young girls. cool tomorrow, upper 80s perhaps big storms in the evening. >> we will keep an eye on that. >> we will be back
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>> pelley: death in the sky. an f-16 slams into a private plane. we'll have the latest. also tonight the doctor specialized in fraud. he turned hundreds of patients into victims with cancer treatments they did not need. >> i cannot believe any doctor would betray so many people. >> pelley: it's a dangerous sport... for fans. new calls for nascar to do more to protect spectators. and a brand-new beatles record, a record for longevity. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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