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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  July 9, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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seriously? you're not at all concerned? about what now? oh, i don't know. the apocalypse? we're fine. i bundled renter's with my car insurance through progressive for just six bucks more a month. word. there's looters running wild out there. covered for theft. okay. that's a tidal wave of fire. covered for fire. what, what? all right. fine. i'm gonna get something to eat. the boy's kind of a drama queen. just wait. where's my burrito? [ chuckles ] worst apocalypse ever. protecting you till the end. now, that's progressive. . you are looking live from sky 9 as search teams continue to look for to missing boaters at -- for two missing boaters at this hour.
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the boat was found running unattended. we'll have reports from the scene momentarily. we start with weather. we're tracking potential storms with possibly damaging winds for later today. here is meteorologist erica grow. a yell loy alert -- yellow alert day. it is a yellow alert day for the thunderstorms to develop in time for the evening commute but they will be a little later than they were yesterday. this is the focus as we head into the later afternoon hours. the orange area is where the storm prediction center thinks there is the greatest potential for severe weather today. and the main threats would be damaging wind gusts and heavy downpours. but we're not expecting that flooding potential like we had yesterday. also notice that it's not really from the the beltway and points south. instead it's north of the betway that we have some of those stronger wind and also stronger rain potentials. you'll see that here on 9 futurecast as well. the focus of the energy is further to the north. we're still dry at 3:00 whereas it was pouring rain at that point in much of the metro area
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at 3:00 yesterday. it makes its way down the appalachians over the blue ridge as we head into the evening and just in time for dinner or maybe you want to head out the door at 6:00 along the i-95 corridor heavy rain potential and some strong winds. so it's best to actually try to leave work a little bit early today if you can. coming up later weather report, i'll give you full detail on what you can expect as far at thunderstorms are concerned and a cooler and drier friday. that's in the first alert seven- day forecast. back to you, mike. >> thank you, erica. we're following developing news out of stafford, virginia. search crews are looking for a missing couple after their boat was found abandoned on the potomac river. the alarm was sounded last night after personnel from landmark yacht club reported that couple as overdue when it came to getting back. delia goncalves was first on the scene this morning. she now has the latest. >> reporter: the couple was reported missing from the yacht club at 11:00 last night. that's when the coast guard conducted a sonar search of the
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waters. but four hours went by until charles county dive teams were called, went into the water to conduct an indepth search. how deep is it right around there? >> this is a gigantic area. probably 35, 40 feet. >> reporter: friends headed out on the potomac saying the stretch of river where they were last seen can be dicey. >> a barge went past or one of the big cruisers, they can throw a good sizable wake. if they weren't expecting it and were hit, they would go over. >> reporter: 58-year-old charles vin -- zinter and melissa smarr left tuesday but never returned wednesday evening as expected. their 19-foot boat found anchored with the engine running about a mile out in mallows bay. it didn't look good. >> there were no weather conditions that we knew of at the particular time. it is certainly not too good we
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found life preservers and no individuals on the boat. >> reporter: a radio was on. salad that was still fresh all on board and a purse. >> we can a complete grid of the entire potomac river. we found no one in the vicinity. >> reporter: as these competitive fishermen head out on the day on the potomac, the search was heavy on their minds. in charles county, delia goncalves, wusa9. >> anyone who may have last seen the couple or their vessel should contact the coast guard's baltimore office. he pled guilty to stealing heroin that was originally collected as evidence. now an f.b.i. agent is going to be sentenced today. 33-year-old matthew lowery from upper marlboro pleaded guilty to 64 criminal charge, including obstruction of justice, tampering with evidence and possession of hair win. he could spend -- heroin. key spend seven or more years behind bars. the police chief in edmonston, maryland will go before a judge today. steven e. walker accused of making a traffic ticket and a
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fine for a city councilmember disappear. and then when reporters started asking questions about that ticket for a registration problem, he magically arranged to have it paid. that councilmember tracy farrish gant is now the town's mayor. he's accused of killing a census bureau security guard. today he goes on trial if another case. ronald anderson is facing sexual assault and drug charges stemming from an incident with his ex-girlfriend. police say that is the same woman anderson kidnapped and drove to the bureau the day he shot that guard. a maryland state trooper is in serious condition this afternoon after a serious crash on i-95 in laurel. trooper wing tong was doing a traffic stop between route 175 and route 32 in howard county on wednesday when a car slammed into him and the stopped vehicle. tong and the drivers of both vehicles were taken to the hospital. police say the woman who hit them is 65-year-old maureen walter, a civilian state police
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employee. a burglar caught on camera robbing a georgia avenue shop not once but twice in the same night. d.c. police would like to question this man for that monday night break-in. surveillance video shows he entered the closed shop at 8:00 and then again at 11:00 p.m. if you recognize him, please call d.c. police. at least eight people were sent to the hospital after several fights broke out at a southwest, virginia prison. the riot broke out last night at the u.s. penitentiary in lee county. injuries range from stab wounds, broken teeth and a variety of lacerations. the high security facility houses nearly 1700 inmates. well, a smoother day on wall street now. the dow is trading up, upwards of 140 points. stocks rebounded following that technical glitch yesterday. that caused the new york stock exhange to close for three and a half hours. about 700,000 orders had to be canceled because of that problem with the system. >> it decided the best thing to
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do to protect people is to shut the market down. >> troubles at the stock exchange surfaced just hours after united airlines experienced what they called network connectivity issues. the computer issue forced the airline to ground all of its flights. as the republican party tells donald trump to tone it down when it comes to his opinions on immigration from south -- immigrants from south america, ed fup members from -- fed up members from d.c.'s latino community plan a protest in response to his june 16 comments during his presidential announcement speech which he paid incendiary comments about latin america immigrants. just yesterday spanish immigrant chef jose andres pulled out of a planned restaurant in trump's new hotel. how hidden fees can make an impact on your retirement savings. >> plus, check this out. in a state already dealing with major water shortages, a truck
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smashes into a fire hydrant. >> but next, south carolina lawmakers make history overnight. details on the vote that will relegate this
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welcome back. taking a look at the white house this noon. that's where a conference on aging is taking place today. the white house has held this event each decade since 1960 to identify and advance actions to improve the quality of life of older americans. the confederate flag is coming down on the south carolina state capitol. lawmakers approved a bill early this morning that will remove the controversial flag from capitol grounds and the governor is scheduled to sign it later today. don champion has the latest from columbia, south carolina. people are stopping by the south carolina state capitol to get one last look at the confederate flag. john terry was a long-time supporter of the flag flying at the capitol. >> but i'm happy to say like
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the state have changed my views and i'm very glad that it's coming down. >> reporter: after more than 13 hours of debate, the south carolina house made history early this morning approving a bill that will remove the confederate flag and the pole from capitol grounds. >> i was very glad to hear it, very glad to see it. proud day for south carolina. >> reporter: once the flag is taken down, it's expected to be moved to a nearby civil war museum. the decision follows three weeks of protests and debate all sparked when nine churchgoers were massacred by a gunman who was seen posing with the confederate flag. the governor issued a statement saying, it's a new day in south carolina. she said a day that truly brings us together as we continue to heal. governor haley is scheduled to sign the bill this afternoon. the flag will be taken down friday morning. don champion, cbs news,
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columbia, south carolina. >> and some opponents of the flag being removed say racist hijacked, an important symbol of their heritage. loretta lynch, the attorney general, says benefits will be available to same-sex couples following the decision by the supreme court. the justice department will make sure all benefits will be available equally. metro is taking resumes once again for a new general manager and chief executive officer. richard sarles as you remember retired in january. three finalists for the job abruptly withdrew their names from consideration the next month. a final selection from the latest search is expected coming up this fall. still ahead at noon, a road rage incident handled only the way a canadian cop can do it. wait till you see this.
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>> million dollar n.f.l. contracts now at risk as two players mishandle fireworks. erica? >> it's breezy and it's turning hot out here and that is in advance of an approaching cold front. that front will bring us some thunderstorms. i'm show you exactly where we can expect take and what lies behind this
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>> reporter: a medical directive is not what most of us think about shirley rooker says you should have one in place. great to see you again. >> thank you. >> reporter: how important is a subject like this? >> very important because as you said, we really do not like to think about end of life decisions and even when we're young, we should have a living will and a medical power of attorney. the reason for take, a living
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will, not to be confused with your last will and testament which has to do with your worldly goods. your living will has to do with how you are treated if you're unable to make medical decisions for yourself. so you lay out whether or not you want heroic efforts or what kind of treatment you want to have if you can't make the input to those decisions. a medical power of attorney gives someone the ability, the power to make those decisions for you. >> reporter: to put that in place, do you need legal counsel? >> yes. consequently you have to be sure that the person who has your medical power of attorney is comfortable with the decisions that you've made about the way you enter life. so you have to have a discussion about it. families should have discussions. it's not easy, but it's something we need to do. >> reporter: no doubt. cannot argue with that. great information as always. appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> reporter: don't forget, we have pore on our wusa9 call for action page. if you want to volunteer or file a complaint, go to our website just click on the call for
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action link. well, check this out. thousands of gallons of water gushing into the air after a truck hit a fire hydrant in drought-stricken california. at about 6:00 a.m. crews got to the scene to find that hydrant sheered off. the person was trapped in a nearby business because of all of the flooding but was rescued by firefighter as short time later. it appears two n.f.l. players did not get the message when it comes to not playing with fireworks and it could cost them millions. josh giant jason pierre paul is recovering after having his right index finger ever at a timed. tampa bay -- finger amputated. tampa bay player also suffered
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injuries [ inaudible ] check this out. during a cbc division interview with a local policeman, the camera person spotted a road rage incident off camera. so the to men seen arguing waving hands at each other, threatening gestures as well. the policeman yells at them to get back in their cars and grow up. >> both of you. >> just grow up, will you please. avoid road rage. just stay on your couch. taco bell wants to make that happen. they started testing delivery service in 200 outlets in texas and california. >> i can feel myself getting fatter. weather time now, some serious issues coming up later today. you're thinking evening commute or later than that? >> starting with the evening commute instead of starting in the mid-afternoon like it did yesterday. and the placement of the storms is different today as well whereas yesterday we were seeing tweets from people in northern montgomery county
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saying hey, nothing is going on here. today that will be a different story for you. you will see those thunderstorms in places like rockville and damascus and hagerstown. you're going to get in on that action later today. so we'll time it out for you here with the michael & son weather cam and the day planner. going to be a hot afternoon. already feeling on the r hot out there. currently -- feeling hot out there. currently in the 80s. going to get into the 90s. by 6:00 the storms will get into the beltway but not hang around long. 84 at 9:00 and maybe a lingering shower but that's t. most of us will be done with the rain already by that point. it's 86 right now in manassas. 86 in culpeper. 81 in hagerstown. we'll start to see the clouds on the approach cooling things down eventually but until then, man, it is feeling miserable out there. feels like 97 in downtown washington. it feels like 93 in manassas. 92 in waldorf and at andrews. on satellite and radar, you can see our approaching frontal system. we have the sunshine right now but here comes the cold front as it makes its approach, we'll
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see those thunderstorms get triggered here. 09 futurecast, i'm -- on 9 futurecast, you'll see exactly when they river. we have the heat and -- river. we have the heat and humidity. the focus of the energy is going to be mason-dixon line and points north. so we won't see that really strong thunderstorm activity down in the immediate metro area. but as that system passes, the cooler and drier air will start to move in. friday is going to feel like a refreshing change. we're going to see that area of high pressure try to sneak down from canada providing some relief. it's temporary, though. it's only on friday we'll get the cooldown. then on saturday looks like things are going to heat up again. down at the beach the weather is going to be really nice for the next few days. great weather to get into the water. near 90 degrees today. then in the mid-80s a ocean city on both friday and saturday. if you are heading to the beach this weekend, it looks great. we're not going to see any rain until at least monday. but for today, we do have rain in the forecast for the immediate metro as we head into
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that evening commute. also toward dinner time. 90 degrees for your high today in leesburg. # 9 in fred -- 89 in frederick. 93 in downtown washington and 94 in fredricksburg. overnight we won't cool down too much in the beltway an points south but 60s return to the forecast for your overnight lows as we head north and west of the beltway because the cold front is going to advance. that will bring us a little bit of a drier air mass as well. we'll all feel the difference on friday. a high of 88 degrees. lots of sunshine with that dew point dipping though, it's going to feel like a refreshing change. plus, there's going to abnice breeze on friday. -- to be a nice breeze on friday. saturday the heat comes back. 91 degrees. a chance of a shower. most of us stay dry during the day on saturday. in the first alert seven-day forecast, back in the mid-90s by monday. that threat for thunderstorms comes back as well. at least the weekend will be mostly dry. that's a welcome change from the terrible weather we've had the past couple of weekends. we'll stay dry and look for temperatures in the low 90s.
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welcome back. some hidden fees could be eroding your savings for retirement and that can have a dramatic impact on your retirement. first and foremost, we were talking at the break, we do so many stories on banks and hidden fees and they get caught and they have to pay fines. these fees are obscure to find when you read your balance sheet. how can you find them in your retirement account? >> those are hard but they're very, very common and the easiest thing is really just to switch to low cost index funds why to go. >> for a lot of us, it's financial jargon that we can't
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decipher. which means it's obscure on purpose and the fees could be hidden within that jargon it seems. am i correct a that? and what do we do? >> you're absolutely correct. there's an initiative right now with the department of labor to make retirement investing safe foreall americans and eliminate these conflicts of interest which lead to the hidden fees but what consumers can do is migrate to low-cost index funds. >> how can you choose? you go online to any financial site and there may be a thousand funds to choose from. how do you know which would be a low load fee schedule or how do you find it? >> one of the safest names is vanguard. they are a nonprofit. they invented the low cost index fund and pretty much all of their products are low cost and very well run. they have a balance family of in-- whole family of index funds. >> you have some tips. you said take the emotion out of it. here's a full screen of it. keep the fees low. vanguard is one of the choices you can try to investigate to learn more.
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what are some of the others? >> keep it simple, mike. it's -- for a good retirement investing, all a person needs are for funds, a low-cost stock fund, a low-cost bond fund. we've all been suggest to commission-based financial salesmen trying to push this and that. keep it simple. >> what is the likelihood of the legislation moving forward in congress to make it simpler and a little more clear for investors and retirees? >> the people who i trust who know these things a lot better than i do say it's highly likely to get passed and implemented by year's end. >> that could mean a substantial savings when it comes to fees over time. >> a lot more transparency and if not elimination, dramatic reduction in the conflicts of interest in financial services. >> some reports that i've read said you can lose up to 1% of your retirement nest egg about not being careful about fees? >> it's much higher than that. hidden fees can eat up to one- third of your investment
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benefit over 20 years. >> keep it simple. look for the no load fund. we appreciate your time. that will do it for the news at noon. we're back on tv at 5:00 and 24/7 on
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>> chelsea: you did it, abby. you closed the deal with mr. rittinsky. >> abby: we did it. hooray for us. >> chelsea: us? oh, no. oh, no. false modesty does not suit you, abby. you deserve at least 90% of the credit. >> abby: well, if you insist. >> chelsea: i do. i insist. >> abby: it's my first signed contract since gabe made me c.o.o. >> chelsea: thank you. >> abby: thank you. >> chelsea: i think this requires a toast. >> abby: to us and to gabe. >> chelsea: and to the big rittinsky. >> abby: [ laughs ] yes. newman-abbott is in good hands. >> kyle: hey, this looks fun. hey, why don't you raise a glass to victor while you're at it? toast him from getting jack out of the way so we could all rise up through the ranks. >> abby: kyle, i would never -- >> kyle: hmm, no, abby, it's okay. you don't need to explain. it is very obvious which side of the family's more important to you. >> nick: vick and i clashing over business -- it won't be the first time, i can tell you that.


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