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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  July 9, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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and most of them because of the background breach. it is higher than the 14 million figure that investigators gave the associated press last month. two bodies have been recovered. peggy fox joins us live where they organized that search. >> reporter: both bodies were spotted on the river by the boaters who then called authority as it is not what loved ones and friends of charles vitner and mealies suarez had wanted to hear, but their boat was found this morning anchored with no one in it. late this afternoon the second body of a woman was found just a few hours after the body of the man. they are believed to be 58-year- old charles and 55-year-old
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melissa smarz. >> they get in the water, you know, it doesn't take much to be pulled away from the boat and that you're too far from the boat and you're in trouble. where the friend reported that they had not returned from vote -- boating. the male's body was found floating, maryland search crews were using sonar to locate the body. >> it uses a pulse to take a picture of the under the water floor and trying to identify anything. >> reporter: when their boat was locate this morning by the coast guard, the music was on and food had been prepared. clear indication that there were people on board and most likely obviously they weren't on board anymore and most likely fell overboard. >> reporter: the stafford county couple has lived together for more than 18 years
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where neighbors were stunned. and that the experience boaters had run in to some kind of trouble. >> wow. yes, charles and melissa. >> i feel like i'm dreaming. >> reporter: charles graduated from virginia tech in 1981. with a degree in mechanical engineering. his ex-wife susan tells me that he was a wonderful guy and that everybody liked him. reporting live in charles county i'm peggy fox, back to you. >> thank you, peggy. those bodies are being taken to a medical examiner where they may reveal more about what happened to them. the billionaire and gop presidential candidate donald trump is not backing down from his controversial comments about mexican immigrants. regular citizens turned out in force to protest and call for a
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worldwide boycott of trump properties and tv shows. andrea mccarren is at that rally joining us live. andrea? >> reporter: lesli, even the head of the republican national committee has asked donald trump to tone down the rhetoric. and today it became clear that he has outraged way more than just immigrants. >> they're bringing drugs, crime, they're rapist, some i assume are good people. >> reporter: republican candidate donald trump didn't mince his words. and neither did demonstrators that were outside his proposed luxury hotel site. it is truly disgusting, disrespectful for the latino community. >> and i'm not, you know, a multipowerful billionaire, but i know a lot of what this guy says is true and it offends me and we shouldn't have a guy
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like this running around our country. >> reporter: the union members say that he has taken away the benefits from some of his workers. demonstrators are calling for a worldwide boycott of all things trump. >> and we are a big part of this identity in the united states. and that we would count and matter and we want to be respected. >> reporter: he's dismissing a washington post report that several undocumented immigrants are working construction at his dc hotel sites. >> i have many legal immigrants coming from mexico. they love me, i love them. i'll tell you something, if i get the nomination, i'll win the latino vote. >> reporter: trump is winning in some of the early primary states. this weekend he plans to campaign in arizona and nevada
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with large latino population. reporting live from northwest washington andrea mccarren wusa9. >> thanks, andrea. several companies have severed their ties including chef jose andreas who pulled his plans to open a restaurant in trump's new dc hotel. his son responded -- by threatening legal action. trump again is one of the front runners. and again plans to campaign in arizona and nevada and states with large latino populations. a maryland state trooper's condition has improved tonight to serious after being hit by a car during a traffic stop last night on i-95. the good news, doctors expect the trooper first class will pull through. and that sort of a crash is common. bruce is live at i-95 on the beltway tonight with what you can do to avoid increasing that deadly national toll.
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and a warning for you that some of his video is a bit disturbing, bruce? >> reporter: move over. that is what you can do, derek. it's not in dc. pull over, at least move over, one lane. if you can't, slow way down. the drivers killed some 390 police, firefighters, tow truck drivers and a highway worker in a single year. this maryland state trooper survived, calling it a horrifying crash, just before crashing on i-70. >> on a single day this past march, drivers hit three different virginia state troopers. >> and all of a sudden i felt an explosion, like an
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explosion. and that i remember being pushed forward. >> reporter: it was not answering the door at her poolesville home. and that she is 65-year-old marine walter, a civilian employee of the maryland state police. and they say that she plowed in to tfc's cruiser and the car that he had stopped. critically wounding the trooper. >> one of the most dangerous things we do every day is when we get out of the vehicle to conduct the traffic stops. they are stillic vest gaiting wednesday's crash -- still investigating wednesday's crash. reporting live at i-95 in the beltway bruce leshan wusa9. >> thank you, bruce. as you mentioned that they don't have the law that you talked about in dc, but the leader of the dc police union says such a law in the city is not a big priority. what little interstates we have in dc are usually so jammed.
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he can't remember the last time a cruiser was hit. prince william county police say that david davis used a cell phone application called tango me to communicate with a 16-year-old girl in philadelphia. investigators say he sent naked images of the girl and asked her to do the same. well cops arrested davis at his woodbridge home, suspended without pay. well the district man accused of gunning down his friend and lighting him on fire was in court for the first time. the remains were found in a trash can in a trinidad neighborhood last month. 19-year-old landings is charged with second-degree murder while armed in this case. police say that landing admitted to shooting him while playing with his .22 caliber gun and it went off accidentally. new information tonight on the crackdown of synthetic
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drugs in dc. tomorrow they will sign an emergency bill. giving law enforcement more power to shut down the sale of the drugs, blamed for the spikes of the murder and the violence in the district.
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yeah, it is like 1980s when we would have the epidemic in the city and people were basically g goincrazy. >> reporter: a common side effect of k2 was increased strength and a tendency towards violence by some users. they blamed the hallucinogenic drug on the spike on homicide, that it altered the behavior of the 18-year-old jasper spires charged of murder. accused of killing the political consultant kevin sutherland at a metro stop saturday, stabbing him more than 30 times. the drug produces a zombie-like effect. in the days. it is designed to give them more authority to take swift action against businesses that will sell the drug and for businesses caught selling a second time, steep penalties,
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allowing the police chief to shut down the business for the 30 days and slap a $10,000 fine. in the newsroom surae chinn wusa9. >> this problem is ravaging families across the city. surae, thank you. mayor bowser is expected to sign that emergency amendment tomorrow. the government will make federal marriage benefits available to same-sex couples including programs for veterans, the elderly, and the disabled. supreme court ruled last month that the constitution provides the right to same-sex marriage. lynch says the government will strive to, "fulfill our commitment to equal treatment for all americans." we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. we'll take you underneath the streets in one of dc's trendiest neighborhoods for an eyesore turned art gallery. and plus topper is back with more on those heavy storms moving through parts of our area. history in south carolina, the governor signs a bill to
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remove the confederate flag from the capitol grounds. i'm in columbia, south carolina with the latest coming
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the confederate flag is coming off the ground of the south carolina state house. >> reporter: with the stroke of the pen, she made history. >> these nine pins are going to each of the emanuel nine. >> reporter: haley signed a
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bill ordering the flag to be removed from columbia as they would receive the bipart stan support during the house session just after 1:00 a.m. on thursday morning. for many, the flag is devicive. >> i came down, soundly on the side and that the flag needs to come down that we're one nation. >> reporter: the flag will be moved here at 10:00 on saturday night. and that came off the roof. but it will be by a confederate memorial and that is where it belongs. and that they would gain momentum, following the deaths of nine black parishioners at the emanuel church in charleston. and some in the crowd would see this as a new day for the state still healing from tragedy, but ready to leave their history behind and embrace the future.
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meanwhile people are dealing with their own controversy on history and race and that a monument puts colored soldiers on the bottom of the list. scott broom will report on the vision of what to do with that. >> reporter: the u.s. house of representative is scrapping the legislation that would allow the confederate flag to be displayed at cemeteries run by the park service. and the student dresses up as the civil war soldier and fires up the crowd. they had a school meeting last night where parents and students would rally to retire the image. >> there is no question in my mind that the confederate soldier and the plantation owner would symbolize it as that all. >>
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the direct ties to racism, taking it down will be drawing a line, but when you're starting to bicker over a character, you're not drawing lines anymore, you're splitting the heritage. >> the man was inspired by the old colonel. in 2010 they would replace them with a black bear. and now it will be octavia hill's time to make their decision. are we still looking at half of the tornado watch, sir? >> yes, the danger is really north of town. i would even say frederick north and the real highist risk of pennsylvania and north and just over the border. but with that said, we are still looking at the possibility of some flooding with all the rain yesterday. they cover frederick county pointing north and west, friends of the panhandle in morgan town until 9:00.
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and now we also have a flash flood watch, right in our bread basket sort to speak around the beltway and back down in to frederick county. with all the rain yesterday, remember that some of these areas from fairfax to dc and southern sections of prince george's county would have three inches of rain yesterday. by the way we retweeted this out as we've had more rain in the last six months than l.a. has had in the last 30 months. so that is almost unfair, isn't it? a live look outside, 9 degree -- 89 degrees. that just makes it feel like a tropical air mass. here are the showers and storms getting close to frederick, jumping on the east side of i- 81, moving northeast of about 38 miles per hour now and to zoom in as these are heavy storms, and a severe thunderstorm warning for franklin county where you can
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see the storms from hagerstown, charlestown, all the way back to winchester that the heaviest of the red, that is the heaviest activity from hagerstown across 70 and 270 just north of frederick as we will zoom in a little bit more. rainfall rates are impressive. they are now over three and a half inches per hour and with that storm right now. it is through smithsburg, dealing with smithsburg with a little bit of rain here today and that the whole line is moving north, northeast, get ready for them hitting somewhere around 5:29 or so and not too long. the line is going to move on through as you have another 30 minutes or so in town to put your umbrellas down and secure loose objects. but the tornado watch is until 9:00. highest risk, again, frederick north and west. and seasonable finish to the week. tomorrow will be pretty nice and a hot, but mainly dry weekend. here is the future cast. 8:00 heaviest activity is now
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south in to southern maryland and also the lower bay in delmarva. still some stragglers. look at temps, still in the low 80s. now by 10:00, we're 82. 77 in gaithersburg, 80 in manassas with breaks in the clouds and midnight maybe a leftover shower. i don't really buy in to that shower, but down towards fredericksburg and temperatures still in the lower 80s and the upper 70s at midnight. so the day planner, 77 at 9:00. 80 at 11:00. 83 at 1:00. and not quite as hot tomorrow i should say and a little bit less humid. some good news for you there. very warm on saturday. we do have a shower in south of town tomorrow and some showers overnight for you on friday and ending saturday morning. still nice on saturday, 88. and remember that friday is game and sunday's game up with the nats up with the o's. monday 91, isolated storms. a hot day the next seven will be tuesday 94. and then 90 on wednesday and back to the upper 80s on
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thursday. >> that's hot. all right straight ahead some good news for job seekers and a fast food company that will be offering a vegetarian health line? i want to know about this coming up in tonight's consumer alert. plus, telling us about a new way that residence
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of a gaithersburg home depot fell on top of a truck below it as they were called in to the store on shady grove road to survey the damage fortunately where no one was hurt. and the former prince george's county bureau, a new tool to help police and people living in their pacific communities better communicate with each other, called next door, the private social media network and that you can sign up for. and 45% of the neighborhoods in
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the county have launched their own next door pages. it's free if you want to sign up. in tonight's consumer alert, a smooth day on the trading on wall street. nasdaq rose 12. the mid-year jobs forecast is looking brighter according to a new career builder survey as they report that they find nearly half of the employers would plan to hire full-time permanent staff over the next six months. one-third said they would bring on testify rare or contract employees. and that they will increase their starting salaries for workers. >> and that they would like toswaddle with a swivelling baby seat to give them better access to their precious cargo. but here is the thing. and that may not be legal in the united states. and many states require that children will be sitting in the backseat including dc, maryland, and virginia.
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blue bell ice cream will start a trial run at their alabama production plant. do you remember the company when they would shut down on a series of illnesses including three deaths that were linked to listeria? well their frozen dessert will not be sold to the public just yet, but again that they will be testing it out to see when it will be ready. and they swear that you will not be able to resist their new tempered bacon for any meatless eater that might be tempted to cave in and take a bite and just a word, meatless people, they are not tempted to cave in and to take a bite. >> how do you know? >> i'm one of them. if you're one of them. all right, now the phone number to call if you happen to have a weak moment is 1-855-meet. they will tell you to go and make a salad. >> you smell that thing, you don't know. >> are they spending money on this? >> probably. and it is not even real. straight ahead, a look at plans for a brand new art
5:27 pm
gallery underneath the streets of washington. yeah. >> a damaged world war i statue in a small maryland town sparks a debate about segregation history and setting the record straight. i'm scott broom in maryland. coming up what the town has to decide. and right after the break, topper is back with the latest on the heavy storms coming through our area. do you want to know how hard it can be to breathe with copd? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema.
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all right that storm for hagerstown has intensified with the severe thunderstorm warning until 6:15 for frederick county as you can see a lot of lightning with this storm as they have increased and the intensity that has increased as well, down 15 south. and toward frederick, very, very heavy rain. and also that we've done some investigating on this storm. we don't see any hail, but some sheer, a possibility of 54 miles per hour share right to the southwest of louistown just to the northeast of meyersville where they will move essentially to the east. if you are anywhere in this area around 94 or 75 and up towards liberty town, get ready, put your umbrellas down with big winds on the way. but the entire area is under a flash flood watch until midnight and frederick north, still under the tornado watch until 9:00 p.m. the confederate flag issue has opened up debates all over
5:31 pm
the country about history and race and now the small town of maryland is joining the fray. >> yeah, the issue there is a world war i statue that was recently damaged. scott broom tells us what to do about the black soldiers listed on the monument, which that is the question. >> the dough boy statue lies broken after being hit by a car the same night they attacked the mother emanuel church in charleston, south carolina. the light comes on. >> reporter: for robert, a sign, that this town's segregated past needs to be taken down. 135 men that served in europe during world war ii a century ago called dough boys wore the distinctive helmet. three names the colored
5:32 pm
soldiers. when the monument is repaid, why not get a new black. >> to see colored soldier in highlighted bigger print with three names underneath it, that looks offensive. why not change that to a degree where it is simply saying that they served their country just like everybody else? >> absolutely. >> reporter: history is a big deal just ten miles south of gettiesburg that the confederate flag remains on the home of eric sloan. >> you can't change history by cleaning it up. otherwise we never learn from it. >> reporter: he runs emmettsburg's historical society. that they were both wrong, but erasing them by removing the flag or changing the plaque at the world war ii monument is a big mistake. it's the work of the people in 1927. >> reporter: they want to take a look at this and also the
5:33 pm
insurance settlement that isn't complete. so the issue of paying for this is still not resolved. before the mayor and the town council take up this very contentious issue. in emmettsburg scott broom wusa9. >> very interesting there as the historical society has been unable to trace what they think about this. after the confederate leaders will not be renamed, at least not any time soon. that according to cnn there, are no current discussions about updating those bases. currently that there are ten facilities in this country that have those names, including three in virginia. the pentagon says it will be up to the individual basis to decide on any possible name changes. a federal grand jury has indict add former loudoun county sheriff's deputy, accusing him of embezzling more than $200,000 from the department. investigators say that the 44- year-old frank michael pearson stole the money as the head of the county sheriff's office,
5:34 pm
and if convicted, he faces up to ten years in prison on each of those four counts. >> tracking the latest developments today with the metro of the committee, voting to get some feedback from the public on the proposal for the blue line. and that plan, they would shorten the waiting times for the riders on the line. well, increasing the time between frames on some of the other routes. if riders approve it, the full metro board will hold public hearing on the plan. commuters in northern virginia are excited. a ribbon cutting ceremony today at the new interchange on route 29 and linton hall road in gainesville. the $230 million project includes other safety improvements, where it is the latest in the series of the major road projects in the gainesville area. and now where the new reform proposals have been
5:35 pm
received. that they will stay closed in that withdrawal limit that will stay in place. they're not interested in some of the debt. killed in afghanistan as they would report that it happened yesterday in the u.s. drone strike. where that leader was among two dozen militants killed in eastern afghanistan. that they are declining to comment on this report. >> the bridges, train tracks, even tunnels are all being reimagined in the cities across the country and here in dc. chris takes us underground in one of the trendiest neighborhoods. >> reporter: among the most traveled part of washington, d.c. z that they have a secret hiding just below the surface. and out of site of all those passing by. >> yeah, we are, and that like what they did in 1962. >> reporter: they say that they
5:36 pm
will need a private effort for the transportation pass and to make it a key piece of the city's future. that they are actually an old streetcar situation. >> reporter: partially because that it will be the good news for the space itself. and that the space is designed to hold the large groups for the time and given the raw concrete nature aspect of it that we think that it will be much better served as a space to observe and experience the art and performance. >> and they will let you know where you are and that is the
5:37 pm
part that i find most appealing. >> reporter: they'll open the east platform first and hope to raise about $2 million more to redo the west platform that briefly saw life as a failed food court in the 90s. >> that's one of our objectives, to develop an identity for the city that will be separate from the federal image. to emerge with an identity of their own. >> and that is chris van cleat reporting. the same thing that used to push them out of the older buildings are the same selling points that are bringing them back. if you are like most americans, you'll be worried about your financial privacy online, but you're not doing anything to protect it. how you could be doing it to move it up. and how a selfie
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5:40 pm
canceling their scheduled appearance for the major league baseball all-star conference coming this saturday, but that's not the odd thing. >> we're scratching our heads about this as the move comes after the video surface shows her sitting on licking donuts in a southern california shop. you can also hear her saying
5:41 pm
that i hate americans, i hate america. she later apologized, telling the associated press that she is proud to be an american, no mention of her doughnutliking behavior. >> that is really strange here. she likes glazes a lot, i gu ess. be e yoncd aned sheeran will headline a free concert in central park. they will happen on september 26, just one weekafter the united nations signs off on their new global goal. and according to the post, that the concert goers would commit to taking action to making the world a better place. and the selfie stick, it turns in to a rescue tool off the coast of nantucket. >> she held her camera on with that gopro, which always gets me, gopro rolling, as a rip current caught her. you can see her father's hand reaching to help, derek john's grabbed on to the stick and pulled his daughter to safety. but that rip current
5:42 pm
intensified, sweeping derek and his wife farther out in to the ocean. >> and that there is more time and that they never had that level of fatigue. >> and they pulled that contract off the table as a result. tampa bay buccaneers lost two fingers after the fireworks exploded and a canister that he was holding where it is unclear how that would affect his career. >> you wonder if they would put something in it, telling them
5:43 pm
that you cannot mess with fireworks. it will be dangerous. a year after making news on the baseball diamond, they are making news for what they're doing off the field. coming up, we'll explain in today's inside pitch. topper is still tracking storm doppler 9000 right after the sfx: music throughout ♪ sfx: crowd cheering sfx: crowd booing
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okay, we are still tracking the big thunderstorms, and north of town, now here is the tornado watch. and it is for frederick county northward, including hagerstown back in to the panhandle of west virginia. you folks back here, moving eastward as you can see the yellow, a severe thunderstorm warning for frederick county and carol county. we talked about that earlier as we also tweeted about it. and so the red here, that's the tornado watch until 9:00. now if that weren't enough, we have a flash flood watch covering the metro area until midnight. again primarily because of all the heavy rain from yesterday, that it won't take much to cause the flooding through fairfax county, the district and prince george's county, i'm not as concerned about this
5:47 pm
because the heaviest rain will be north of town. in terms of severe weather that the heaviest weather will be north of i-70. so far so good. >> and it is so humid, 89. you can see the reds that will indicate the heaviest activity, frederick northward, okay, there's a little bit of yellow showing up in leesburg and kind of moderate rain, yeah, it'll be inconvenient if you do not put the kids up there, but still in terms of the severe weather, that we're looking at frederick northward. now, we'll zoom in a little bit as we don't see any hail with this storm, but that we did see a possibility of a little bit of the wind sheer, maybe 35, 4 miles an hour around liberty town and just to the south of johnsville. and so it is on through walkersville, frederick now and all the winds are east of
5:48 pm
frederick heading in to carol county. a good rainfall rate. and it will be through the eastern sections of frederick county. and a little further north on the west side, which is heavy, pushing across 270 in the next 30 minutes. we're not done with things yet, but the threat of the severe weather it is to the north of town. highest risk will be frederick north and west of town. and a seasonable finish to the week, a pretty good day tomorrow. something to look forward to. and then a hot, but mainly dry weekend. so along the day planner, we've got it dry tomorrow morning, 75 to start. 80 by 11:00 and 83 with partly cloudy skies by 1:00 p.m. we're going to keep a chance for the showers south of town and culpeper and fredericksburg and generally a nice finish to the week. the upper 80s to the 90s.
5:49 pm
and primarily overnight showers. early saturday morning, then hot and dry with them around 90. the next seven days, isolated storms. you can watch the game on friday and sunday right here. they will end that 15-year banned, following the decision to remove the confederate flag as we told you earlier that the governor haley signed that legislation a short time ago. today's news of 21 million social security numbers were stolen in the latest hack, just the latest data breach. but as they report a new survey finds that most of us, they just don't do what we need to do to protect ourselves. >> reporter: he says that he is
5:50 pm
constantly concerned about his personal data, being stolen online. >> you don't know how much you can trust and how much that, you know, how vulnerable you really are. >> reporter: a new survey from mastercard, they found 77% of americans, they are worried that their financial info and social security number could be stolen. >> and someone hacked in to my account, what am i suppose to do? >> reporter: they found more people, concerned about having their financial information stolen. than they are having their housebroken in to or even nude pictures of them leaked online. but the people are doing little to protect themselves. and of those polled close to half admitted that they rarely changed their online banking passwords, and 44% said that they would use the same password for multiple accounts, putting them at greater risk.
5:51 pm
>> i don't want there to be any risk at all. >> kenneth craig cbs news, new york. prison riots put eight inmates in a hospital in virginia. and they treated prisoners with the stab wounds, broken teeth and other traumatic injuries. and that is near the tennessee border. a big energy alternative in virginia. the largest rooftop solar system is out there and the executives, they gave wusa a tour of the energy generating site today. 3,000 solar panels are sitting on top of the two adjacent buildings, originated about 750 kilowatts of power, enough for about 185 homes. >> it is what we like about this set up, the fact that we are utilizing on the rooftop system like this, utilizing buildings that will be in place, utilizing the space and that it with a was not causing
5:52 pm
us to build those new buildings, repurposing the rooftop that was already here. >> reporter: and the sterling project were the dominion power leases for the installation of the powers. they flow in to the computer's overall electric grid. we all first learned of monet davis last year when she made history at the little league world series. but now she and a group of kids are getting a very important education on a tour. we have more on this story in tonight's inside pitch. >> reporter: monet davis along with coaches and 13 other members of her youth sports club from philadelphia are on a three-week barnstorming tour that intergrates baseball with the civil rights movement as
5:53 pm
they began right here in washington, d.c. >> reporter: every friday for the last six months, the head coach gathered the anderson monarchs together to learn about the civil rights movement. >> we've been reading books, assessing it. and you know, i just thought that we could teach them about this and let them touch that history. >> he lead monet davis obvious a tribute to a jackie -- on a tribute to the jackie robinson tour as they began their civil rights tour at nats park in 1600 pennsylvania avenue. and among the highlights, meeting a congressman who is one of the big six leaders of the civil rights movement. >> we did a tour of the white house. we got to meet the congressman, while we're here at the nats game. >> reporter: they also lead them to selma, alabama where 50 years ago martin luther king began his march to the steps at the capitol of montgomery, alabama. >> all the places will be good. i know selma will be good from watching the movie, just the fact it is a pretty cool place
5:54 pm
to be. >> reporter: the big picture believes that this trip for the civil rights historical sites would put a pair of recent incidents in context. as the tour continues in new york city. and that is your inside pitch for wusa9 sports. >> a pretty cool idea for your teammates that you're close with on something that will be so important. >> what they're learning now will put them ahead. and the amount of the civil rights movement. >> to get your hands-on look on everything. >> they made history as they get to see the connection to history, so yeah a great story. by the way happy birthday to you. >> happy birthday. thank you very much had. >> thank you. >> 25 and holding. >> that's all right, girl. >> should we sing? >> no, please. please. >> we'll get them out of here. serena williams is on to the wimbeldon finals as she chases a historic grand slam. talking about the tennis star as the season is right around the corner. okay, now coming up next, a new wrinkle to the already heated immigration debate as
5:55 pm
they are taking aim at so- called sanctuary cities. coming up new at 6:00. >> reporter: more than a year after the horrific car crash took the life of two young women that the driver is sentenced to 12 years behind (9]é why are we watching this again? i pay for all these channels, so i make myself watch them all. joey, i'll watch anything except this. except this. go back, go back, go back, go back, go back, go back. fios custom tv lets you pay for the types of channels you want, not the ones you don't. 100% fiber optics is here. get out of the past. get fios. now for $79.99 a month. go online or call. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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if you want to run a business, not just a meeting. own the room, not just be in it. if "never settle" is your mantra, you're our kind of different. at keller graduate school of management. our professors bring real business challenges into the classroom so what you learn today can unlock the leader inside you tomorrow. it's what makes us different. on purpose. devry university's keller graduate school of management. learn more at the topic of immigration has become more complicated and emotional. in the recent days after a fatal shooting in san francisco. this case has ignited that debate over what are called sanctuary cities.
5:58 pm
>> yeah, it's a city or a local government that has limited their cooperation with federal immigration authorities. and as craig boswell tells us that lawmakers on the hill are stepping up the battle to block money to those towns. >> fatal shootings in san francisco, they have placed sanctuary cities on the map. there are at least 200 of them including san francisco where the laws, they do not require the corporation with immigration officials. >> and now what happens in these cities, as they would choose to work around to circumventor not abide by the federal law. >> reporter: the issue is high- profile now as the suspect in their murder is a mexican immigrant who entered the u.s. illegally. the sheriff's department, they would release them from custody in april without telling the federal authorities. >> and does that make any sense to you? because i'll tell you that it does to the make sense to the american public. >> reporter: lawmakers are taking aim. that they would propose blocking the federal funding to the cities, not cooperating with the federal immigration
5:59 pm
policies. >> and the sanctuary cities, they are also getting attention on the campaign trail. >> reporter: this man had been deported five times, where he should have been deported at the request of the federal government. >> reporter: and while some lawmakers would debate cutting tax dollars to the sanctuary cities that supporters say they would make areas with the large immigrant population safer. craig boswell cbs news. they are being remembered at the memorial service here tonight. thanks for joining us, i'm derek mcginty. >> i'm lesli foster. some of the heavier storms could hit north of dc, so top, what is doppler 9000 showing you now? >> reporter: exactly that. we're seeing the storms north of frederick and points in to pennsylvania. that will cover frederick county up in to washington
6:00 pm
county, allegheny county and the friends of the panhandle of west virginia. and the yellow that you see there is the severe thunderstorm warning. the tornado watch goes until 9:00. now in addition to that, we also have a flash flood watch around that metro area, getting less and less concerned about this because most of the heavier rain is pull pulling north. even that is not producing anything copious. with that said we'll keep you posted unless they cancel it with a look at radar over the past hour as you can see the reds are north of i-270 and just some greens coming down i- 270, which is why we're thinking that the flash flood watch is not a real threat. yeah, you'll have a wet ride home if you're going up 270 and out route 70. and still that heavier activity is here. with heavy rains and winds up to 50 miles an hour. frederick used to have light showers, but again when you go up 270


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