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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  July 10, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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two celebrations happening today that couldn't be more different. after more than 50 years, the confederate flag comes down at the south carolina state capitol. while in new york city right now, you're looking at a live
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ticker tape parade being held for the world cup champion u.s. women's soccer team. good afternoon and thank you for joining us for the news at noon. i'm mike hydeck, we will get to the live look at the u.s. women's soccer ticker tape parade ahead but first the exercise flag -- exercise flag was was low -- confederate flag was lowered this morning. and marking a stunning political reversal in a state where many thought that rebel banner would fly indevaluate. dan com -- indefinitely. don champion reports from columbia. >> reporter: crowds cheered and chanted as the confederate battle flag was lowered at the south carolina state capitol. [ chanting ] >> it is a relief. >> reporter: 57-year-old columbia native frances parker a descendant of slaved was among the thousand -- slaves was among the thousand who is watched the power -- thousands who watched the powerful moment in person. >> the flag is just a imboll that other -- symbol that others use and it perpetuates the hate. >> reporter: it ends years of controversy in the state over
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the divisive flag. >> it's one thing to read about you know history and current events that happened but it's another thing to live in the moment. >> reporter: the flag now heads to a museum. the flag pole will also be eventually removed but there's no timeline on when that will happen. debate over the flag kicked into high gear last month when a gunman seen posing with a confederate flag killed nine black parishioners at a church in charleston. [ applause ] south carolina governor haley used nine pens when signing the bill ordering the removal of the flag. >> nine amazing people that forever changed south carolina east history. >> reporter: many in carolina hope the removal friday will be a unifying moment for the state that will bring people of all races closer together. don champion, cbs news, columbia, south carolina. now to new york city. a great day for a parade and --
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also here in the capital. this is video of the parade of the u.s. women's soccer team. here now is meteorologist erica grow with your first alert weather. erica? yeah mike it's a beautiful day out there. i just got out off of the weather terrace lots of sunshine. and low humidity. that is so key this time of year and it's really a welcomed treat and a rare one at that. on 9 futurecast you can see the rain starting to move toward us as we head into the evening. but this is not even going to reach the ground. even in the lower shenandoah valley. you're not going is see any of this -- to see any of that but into the overnight hours that's a different story. here comes the rain on 9 futurecast and you can see it moving in before dawn in some spots. on saturday morning. and it could be heavy at times. as we get toward the noontime hour things are going to start to push away. but 9:00 a.m. it's still raining in southern maryland and that all will descend to the south. this is a small system it's a quick mover and that means that we won't have to deal with it for very long.
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but if you are heading down to the delmarva beaches, we could have a rumble of thunder. especially on sunday. but today is beautiful with a high of 85 and lots of sun and still mostly dry on sunday. bethany beach still a little bit further to the north you don't have as much of a threat for rain. we will return to that sunshine in the afternoon and high temperatures will be in the low 80s. if you are heading up to baltimore for the battle of the beltways, first pitch is at 7:05. it's going to be great baseball weather. short sleeve weather for sure. 84 degrees the breezes that we have out there right now are going to relax a little bit as we head into the evening. coming up we have heat and humidity returning and we'll talk about it in the first alert seven day forecast, mike back to you. we have a developing story out of anne arundel county. above winier road and bruce avenue where a body was found in the roadway. the male victim was pronounced dead at the scene and police say the person had obvious signs of trauma to his body. if you saw anything in this area at about 4:00 this morning, you're asked to call
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police. the montgomery county mother whose two children disappeared last september is still not competent to stand trial. the court hearing this morning a doctor said that he believes katherine hog ill's mental health -- hoggle's mental health could improve but he's not giving a timetable. police say they believe the children are dead. outside the courtroom, katherine hoggle's mother talked about her daughter. >> she was -- in our opinion was not psychotic at the time. and so we have to believe what she continues to say is that someone has them. and that there was some arrangement made. >> the judge set a hearing for september to check back on katherine hoggle's condition. police are investigating a shooting outside a takoma park hotel that left one man injured. nikki burdine has the latest from the scene. >> reporter: quell, people staying at the econolodge in takoma park woke up to the sound of gunshots and crime scene tape early this morning
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after one man was shot. it happened at about 1:30 this morning at the hotel on new hampshire avenue. when the police got hymens later there was no victim. just a lodge group of people. later police got a call about a victim at inertial hospital. police tell us the man in his 20s was shot in the torso. he has non-life-threatening injuries. the shooter nowhere to be found but police believe it stemmed from an argument between a group from d.c. and a group from prince george's county. >> there was a large party here at the hotel. and what happened, individuals got -- from d.c. and prince george's county got into an argument. and at some point, gun was displayed and shot was fired staking the victim -- striking the victim. >> reporter: police believe the shooting could be gang related although they do respond to this hotel for parties quite often. in takoma park, i'm nikki burdine, wusa9. the man is fighting for his life after being shot in southeast d.c. this morning.
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the shooting happened about 2:00 a.m. in the 2600 block of stanton road. at this point, the victim is listed in critical condition. police are still searching for the shooter. a federal appeals panel has affirmed the public corruption convictions against bob mcdonnell. our media partners at the "washington post" report that the panel of the fourth u.s. district court of appeals unanimously upheld the convictions during a hearing this morning. flush flush mcdonnell and his wife maureen were both found guilty back in september of taking more than $165,000 in gifts and loans from former star scientific ceo johnnie williams. happening right now, mayor muriel bowser is signing a bill aimed at tackling the synthetic drug problem in the district. the legislation would allow authorities to shut down a business for up to four days if they are caught selling these synthetic drugs. in addition to the new law will also allow law enforcement to take stronger action against the parties involved. authorities in the district have seen a recent spike in
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synthetic drug overdoses and they believe possibly some crimes linked to the usage of these drugs. attorneys for the accused colorado movie theater shooter james holmes will wrap up their case today. after two weeks of trying to convince jurors that holmes was insane and should be committed to a state mental hospital. the defense is expected to rest. prosecutors argued that holmes should be executed. the jurors could start deliberating as soon as next week. 12 people were killed and 70 more were injured in the attack back in july 2012. we are expecting some new information today on the two boaters found in the potomac yesterday. we could learn for certain their identities if they are the bodies of charles zintner and melissa smarr of stafford county. the massive search began for them after a friend reported the couple didn't come back from a boating trip wednesday night. their boat was found with music playing d anfood prepared but no one on board.
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should terminally ill patients have the right to end their lives? the debate over the issue comes to the d.c. council today as advocates testify at a hearing. under a new measure an adult with terminal illness could get medication to end their life. the husband of the 29-year-old woman who became a national advocate for right to die legislation is expected to testify. brittany maynard was diagnosed with blaine cancer. still to come on the news at noon, more about decorating small spaces. >> plus monkey business, this primate escapes from a zoo. we'll sell you about the search to get zimm back in her enclosure. >> but next, we're learning more about a fourth of july terror threat and how authorities say they were able to get ahead of the terrorism.
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welcome back. to the news at noon, caught on camera, a freight train smashes into a truck derails and spills gallons of fuel unbelievably no
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one was injured in the fiery crash on long island. the fbi says it thwarted potential isis inspired terror attacks leading up to independence day this year. sources tell cbs news that there was no specific plot, targettings july 4th but authorities arrested people who raised some red flags. the fbi says they arrested at least ten people since late may that they believe had been recruited online by isis. despite the recent arrests, former cia deputy director says the threat is not over. >> we are still on heightened threat because of that general radicalization that's taking place. >> recent arrests include cases in boston, rhode island and new york. one person was also taken off the streets for attempting to buy some bomb making materials. some new calls today to fire the head of the office of personnel management. this follows a report revealing the recent hack of government computers that is much worse than first thought. personal information of 22 million people maybe in the
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hands of hackers. major garrett is at the white house. >> reporter: the social security numbers of 19.7 million americans, subjected to federal background checks as a condition of employment, are now in the hands of hackers. another 1.8 million americans had their social security numbers stolen simply because they were listed as family members or friends of those applicants. chinese hackers are the chief suspects, the obama administration is not blaming china or anyone else. >> there's a huge couldn't intelligence -- counterintelligence risk. the chinese will use this to spy on us, this gives them an immense intelligence advantage. >> reporter: also yielded home addressessings education and employment -- addresses, exand employment history and investigators said hackers stole more than one million fingerprints! they'll find a million ways to cruise this. >> and none of them will be good for the u.s.. >> reporter: colorado republican senator corey
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gardener is tired of waiting for the administration to name names. >> the administration knows who did this. if they're certain then they ought to talk about it. are you certain? >> we have been told with some level of understanding from the white house. >> reporter: in the meantime, millions of americans have received letters like this. notifying them their data are at risk and referring them to a government contracted credit monitoring agency. there's no evidence the government says, hackers have exploited the data for identity theft or other financial crimes. >> that was major garrett reporting. still to come on the news at noon, do you drive an suv made by gm? if so, your wheels may be under recall. we'll give you a list. >> plus, the popular ers could come with a new warning. our health alert coming up next. what a beautiful day erica. >> it sure is. i can't remember the last time i was out here and squinting but hey, it's okay. we have that sunshine with us. however, clouds are going to be on the increase tonight. and i'm tracking some showers for you.
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you saw them at the beginning of the newscast.
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welcome back, in the health alert this noon some popular pain relievers are getting some new warning labels. advil, motrin, aleve, and celebrex are among the brands that are going to get this new label. federal health regulators ordered the changes do warn about the risk of heart attack and stroke even after short term use. that use is characterized as ten days or less. current labels warn these can occur only after long-term use. general moe fors is recalling -- motors is recalling nearly 780,000 crossover suvs because the rear power lift gate can suddenly fall and hit people. the recall covers the buick
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enclave, the chevy traverse, the gmc acadia and southern outlook. they have reports so injuries by the company. we were in the panda section and they said -- quick, get indoors, there's a monkey on the loose. >> yes, the monokine the loose. this is -- monkey on the loose, this is the daring escape from the memphis zoo. the whole thing was caught on camera. today zoo keepers are getting a close eye on the sleeping monkey calmed zimm now inside a storm drain. zoo keepers think zimm will come out of the storm drain as soon as she wakes up. you can feel an amazing change in the humidity level from yesterday alone. it's warm. >> yeah we talked about it all morning. that that was going to be the big difference that you notice right off the bat right? it is going to be pleasant all afternoon. we're keeping the rain out of the forecast. >> excellent. >> today. but unfortunately, i can't do the same thing for you tomorrow. let's take a look outside with the michael & son weather cam. beautiful sunshine. a blue sky. and we're going to hold on to that sunshine for most of the
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day. 88 degrees by 3:00. that's also your afternoon high. we'll be down to 85 at 6:00 but still mostly sunny. a few clouds approaching as we head towards the 9:00 hour. but westerly still dry -- we are still dry at that point with the temperature of 80 degrees. right now it's 84 and partly cloudy. the dew point down to 64. so when you compare it to the indicts in the 70s -- dew points in the 70s that we had the entire week, this is a refreshing change and due to the winds out of the north- northwest at 8 miles per hour. earlier they were gusting higher than that. up in the 15-mile an hour range. now they're starting to settle counsel. it's going to be a great night to be outdoors and for a picnic and go to the ballpark if you're going to the orioles game. 77 in front royal and tonight is comfortable through the area. the dew points are still a little bit high. places like fredericksburg where it's currently 85 and it feels like it's about 90. on satellite and radar, you can see our next approaching system. not at loot of action here but you can see that yellow box?
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that's the severe thunderstorm watch. i think we're going to keep the severe weather out of the forecast for us but we will see that potential for some rumbles of thunder and maybe even some downpours. look at all the rain that arrives early saturday morning on 9 futurecast. in fact before sunrise, south and west of the beltway, we could have some steady or even heavy rainfall. everything starts to slide to the south though as we head toward noon. and may believe just a lingering shower, that's it. and sunshine returns to the entire dmv as we head toward the dinner time hour. then on sunday, we'll have a good amount of sun but it's going to be a hot one. temperatures heading back into the 90s. not too terribly humid yet. monday though you'll really notice the heat and humidity once again. forecast for today looking great. we'll get up to 83 in frederick and 83 in manassas as well. 86 fredericksburg and 83 winchester and all the way up to 88 in downtown washington. overnight tonight, with the lower humidity, that allows our temperature to drop a little bit better. so we'll get down to 66 in frederick and 65 in westminster
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and 72 in d.c.. green weather alerts for the flexion three days and we have that rain but you saw how quickly it exits. so it's not really going to be a big impediment to any of the outdoor plans if you hold off until 9:00, 10:00 a.m. in most of the dmv you'll be in good shape on saturday. then on sunday money but warmer with a' -- partly sunny but warmer with a high of 91. in the first alert seven day forecast, mid 90s possible both monday and tuesday, right now a high of 93 on both days. just an isolated storm late on monday. but the more widespread rain and storms possible on both tuesday and wednesday. high temperatures remaining at or above our seasonal average. we should get up to 88 or 89 degrees this time of year. we're going to see 90s as
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wow. what a change. if you are familiar with the white flint mall on rocksville pike it looks a lot different now. this morning crews are starting the demolition work and they're getting the work done quickly. the property owners as you may know are converting that one- time bustling shopping center into a town center. the mall overhaul is a trend that's happening around the country. you probably seen it as aging enclosed malls are giving way to the more modern open air centers. and they usually feature a mixture of shopping, offices, and residential units. and that leads us to the next story. size really does matter when it comes to decorating. what you pick in the space you put it in is not always easy. our guest today has advice on decorating. she's michelle harris owner of shell abbot interiors. >> thank you for having me. >> first and foremostment the microunits that are tiny spaces because we know how expensive it is to live in the area, designing in a small space is a challenge but you think it's possible don't give up.
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>> definitely. definitely possible. >> what are soft the things we have here and what have the -- some of the things we have here and what are your suggestions? >> we have here are things that show how you can incorporate personality into your space. your own personality. whether it's through use of accessories such as pillows, color, coffee table books that display your interests. little figurines that show over things that you can get into and of course always flowers. now maybe moms or dads at home and jeez i'd really love to hire a designer but i'm scared at the cost, should they be scared of something like is that? >> that is -- it's a good concern to have. but i believe if you are forright with your designer about what your budget is, it will let him or her pretty much determine where they should shop for you. whether that be at ikea or the design center where things might be a little bit you know more higher end. they can figure out how to best -- maximize the budget.
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>> with something like that are you suggesting that homeowners try to do it on their own, where are the places you would look? do you look online as well as brick and mortar stores? what are your suggestions? >> i look online. there's always -- if you're looking for things that are more reasonable. there's home goods. you have ikea, there's a design center where you have stores like robert allen. fabric cut. cravit. just anywhere that there's museum gift shops. yard sales. >> do you have a suggestion on where to start? that's the daunting thing right? some people say oh start with the pillow and build off that. what are some of the things that you should do as a first step when trying to do something like that? >> as a first step i always suggest pulling a collection of images together and kind of find your theme. a lot of times clients don't know exactly what they like but once they have that collection of images then they can start to see a pattern or a trend
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meteorologist the images and it's like -- oh i really like neutrals or actually i notice blue is my favorite color. >> we thank you so much for your time. we have to leave it there. thanks for coming. >> thank you. >> before we say good-bye let's head quickly to new york city. that's
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>> devon: hey. i heard there was quite a scene here last night. >> lily: yeah, sure. go ahead and call me a tramp and a hypocrite for cheating on my husband. and you can tell me all about karma. >> hilary: actually, we just wanted to make sure you were all right. >> devon: yeah, i thought that you could use your brother. >> lauren: oh. hey. i got a missed call from you last night. is everything all right? >> cane: no. i was gonna do something that i'd probably regret. >> lauren: what were you gonna do? >> cane: lily slept with joe. >> lauren: oh, my god. >> cane: yeah, it was probably a reaction to what you and i did. i don'


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