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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  July 10, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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school year holton-arms is an all girls school founded in 1901. we reached out to valenzuela via the phone number listed on his website. that has since been disconnected. we will continue to try to reach out to him. i'm mola lenghi for wusa9. >> it is not clear whether valenzuela is actually an employee of the school itself. police are on the scene of an officer-related crash. sky9 is over that area where a k-9 officer and his dog were involved in an accident on the inner loop of the beltway in the greenbelt area. the officer's cruiser was rear ended by another one. the injuries are believed to be minor. we're still trying to find the location of that accident, but the police officer and driver of the other vehicle were taken to the hospital to be checked out. it looks like there may be some backups around the area. the head of the office of personnel management has quit. katherine archuleta's
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resignation follows that massive hacking breach at the federal agency in what was believed to be the largest cyber attack ever against government computers. the records of nearly 22 million people were stolen from opm computers. u.s. officials are not saying who is behind the attack, but many are pointing the finger at china. >> the chinese will use this to spy on us. this gives them an immense intelligence advantage. >> millions of americans are receiving letters telling them their data is at risk. the white house says there is no indication yet those hackers have used the stolen information. at 6:00 peggy fox gets more information on the stolen information from federal information. an investigation found at howard university hospital patient names, account numbers and service dates from the university faculty practice plan were involved. about 1,400 patients are impacted. the error happened when a debt collection company sent
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parents' letters to the wrong addresses. it will be a wet start to that weekend. our first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt is live on the weather deck. what's the deal on the storms? >> generally good news. first a spectacular evening right now and the whole weekend is not going to be went. here's a look at the radar. these -- wet. here's a look at the radar. there are more showers back in the mountains that will roll in tonight. we're good through at least 10:00 tonight west of town. the heaviest activity will be overnight, another silver lining. most of the heavy falls while you're sleeping. by 4 -- heavy activity falls while you're sleeping. by 4 a.m. we have showers across most of the metro area. essentially everybody will see showers and even some thunderstorms. by 6 a.m. still have some showers rolling through. i think it's going to be a little heavier than that, upper 60s to mid-70s, another muggy night. by 8:00 the activity slides
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southward into southern maryland and back toward culpeper. by 10:00 even some breaks in the clouds between frederick and hagerstown with temps in the low 70s. i think by early afternoon not bad, by noon sunshine returning to gaithersburg and leesburg, showers lingering into southern maryland. if you have an early tee time tomorrow, not so good. midmorning, okay, afternoon perfect. we'll take you through the rest of the weekend in a minute. it is the new public enemy no. 1 in d.c., synthetic drugs, and today mayor muriel bowser signed a bill cracking down on any stores selling the drugs sometimes under the name k2, scooby and spice, but just how much of a stranglehold does it have on our neighborhoods? debra alfarone joins us live with what you need to know whether you live in d.c., maryland or virginia. >> reporter: police chief cathy lanier says this is a nationwide problem.
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so if you any you've never known anyone who has done these drugs or nobody does them in your neighborhood, she says you're probably wrong. >> we don't want to go back to the crack cocaine days. >> reporter: it's pervasive enough police chief after mayor after doctor bring up the comparison to how crack consumed the district in the late '80s and early '90s. >> it was the dark ages for d.c. and i stood there maybe two or three hours in a daze. >> the most addict tiff thing i've ever dealt with in my -- addictive thing i've ever dealt with in my life. >> reporter: it's cheap, but here's how it affects everyone. d.c. police say the rise of synthetic drugs is linked to a spike in crime, most headline grabbing, the gruesome slaying of a man aboard a metro train july 4th by a suspect police say had a synthetic drug problem spiraling out of control. d.c. mayor muriel bowser signed a bill today that slams fines and closures on shop -- slaps fines and closures on shops
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that sell those innocent looking drugs. >> the risk is too high for us not being aggressive about getting it out of the businesses first. >> reporter: wendell watkins was in charge during the crack epidemic and said timing is on their side. >> we've already see the deaths attributing to that, but with crack we saw burglaries and robberies go up and we saw turf wars. >> reporter: chief lanier does point out. the drugs live most where there's poverty but that the crime spreads throughout the district and also throughout the area. experts say the use of synthetic drugs, you wouldn't see those in drug tests, but starting next week you will be able to see that in e.r.s along the district. they have some new testing that will show up traces of these drugs. live in northwest, debra alfarone, wusa9. >> we got to get out in front of this one.
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any shop caught selling these drugs the first time can now be shut down up to 96 hours and facing a $10,000 fine. repeat offenders can be shut down up to 30 days and the fine doubles. it's a historic day in south carolina. after weeks of protests and debates the confederate flag was removed from the state capitol. don champion was there. >> reporter: crowds cheered and chanted as the confederate battle flag was lowered at the south carolina state capitol. >> it is a relief. >> reporter: 57-year-old columbia native frances parker, a descendent of slaves, was among the thousands who watched the powerful moment in person. >> this flag is just a symbol that others uses and it person waits the hate. >> reporter: friday's historic move over years of controversy in the state over the divisive flag.
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>> it's one thing to read about history and current events that happen, but it's another nipping to live in the moment. >> reporter: de-- thing to live in the moment. >> reporter: debate over the flag kicked into high gear last month when a gunman seen posing with the confederate flag killed nine black parishioners at a church in charleston. south carolina governor nikki haley used nine pens when signing the bill ordering the flag's removal. >> nine amazing people that forever changed south carolina's history. >> reporter: many in south carolina hope friday's flag removal will be a unifying moment for the state that will bring people of all races closer together. don champion, cbs news, columbia, south carolina. >> president barack obama tweeted after the flag was taken down saying it was a sign of goodwill and healing and a meaningful step towards a better future. the accused gunman in the deadly charleston church shooting should never have been able to buy the gun he used in
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that attack, that from fbi officials who say a loophole in the screening process permitted dylann roof to buy that .45 caliber handgun. the bureau operates the nation's background check system and proof's previous admission to drug possession should have chip from getting that weapon. in-- kept him from getting that weapon. instead he's in jail charged with killing nine people in that racially motivated attack. everybody in the bureau is sick about what happened. world renowned chef jose andre says he is not in a battle with presidential candidate donald trump, but he did pull the plug on plans for a restaurant in trump's hotel. what did he have to say? >> reporter: jose andre is an immigrant himself from spain and became a naturalized u.s. citizen in 2013 which is why
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donald trump's remarks clearly touched a nerve. why did you make the decision you did, sir? >> no comment. >> reporter: chef jose andre had nothing direct to say for his decision to withdraw plans for a restaurant in trump's hotel. >> i think this is a great project. this has been an amazing city. >> reporter: but his remarks to the graduating class of d.c.'s central kitchen were thinly veiled. >> every person should be gaining the respect of the person next to him. if we don't have respect, we have nothing. everybody belongs! >> reporter: it was clear he had plenty of support. >> thank you for your stance on the trump hotel. i really appreciate that, too. >> i know i get to speak for all of us when i say to this man we are with you always. >> i never run away from anything. >> reporter: in an emotional moment andre was awarded an
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honorary diploma. >> this is the first graduation i ever got in my life. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: d.c. central kitchen's culinary job training program prepares previously incarcerated, homeless, unemployed and underemployed adults for careers in the food service industry. reporting live from northwest washington, andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> they do some great work there at the d.c. central kitchen. by the way, folks, this was the 100th graduating class. the 14 week program has a 93% job placement rate. today stafford county investigators have confirmed the identities of the man and woman found dead in the potomac river yesterday. it's 58-year-old charles zetner and a 55-year-old woman. the stafford county couple lived together more than 18 years. weather perhaps could have been
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a factor in how they ended up in that water. the montgomery county woman whose children went missing 10 months ago is still not competent to stand trial. catherine hoggle appeared before a judge this morning in rockville. she is charged with child neglect in the disappearance of her two young children sarah and jacob. several searches for the children have come up empty and police now believe they are dead. catherine hoggle's mother spoke today outside the courtroom. >> she in our opinion was not psychotic at the time and so we have to believe what she continues to say is that someone has them and that there was some arrangement made. >> mog l is set to -- hoggle is set to appear before a judge again in september. prosecutors say they may pursue homicide charges. police say the shooting of a man at a takoma park motel may be gang related. there was a shooting at the econo large on new hampshire
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avenue around 1:30 this morning. they found somebody with a gunshot wound who walked to a nearby hospital. he is expected to survive. it's believed there was some sort of argument between a group from washington and one from prince george's county. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. we've got new information on the racial controversy surrounding the world war i memorial in frederick county. scott broom has the update at 5:30. >> plus the push to put a woman on the $10 bill hits a bump in the road. >> topper is back with a wet start to the weekend. >> plus a lightning qu
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a d.c. police officer nearly killed in a hit and run accident is telling his story. officer shawn hickman was on his motorcycle in 2013 when he was struck by a car driven by kevin berno. berno fled the scene in his lexus and is facing a sentence up to 30 years after a jury quicked him of aggravated assault while armed. officer hickman spoke about the accident that left him badly injured. >> things can happen within moments your life can change and my life has changed. with the injuries that i've sustained and the surgeries and the rehabilitation, it makes you really think about how fast that normal life you have and things you do every day that within a split second that all changes. >> hickman is still feeling the effects of that accident. police chief cathy lanier says he only has limited movement in his left leg and he can no longer work on patrol.
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former virginia government bob mcdonnell is still going to prison according to our news partners at the washington post. a federal appeals panel affirmed the corruption conviction against mcdonnell. that decision rejects mcdonnell's arguments about why he ought to have the conviction dismissed. he was sentenced to two years back in january for accepting money from a wealthy businessman in exchange for political considerations. mcdonnell's lawyers say the fight for justice is not over yet. a followup on the georgetown rabbi, the plan convicted of recording women -- man convicted of recording women undressing in the synagogue's bath. an attorney for barry freundel has filed a notion to correct an illegal sentence. it shows the court's option is to the motion is stating freundel pled guilty to the crimes knowing the potential sentence. the rabbi was sentenced to 6 1/2 years in may. the new motion hearing is scheduled for july 31st. the effort to put a woman on the face of a $10 bill may
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have hit a snag. >> treasury secretary jack lew told politico alexander hamilton is not being taken off the currency. hamilton's great, great, great, great grandson is jumping into the fray saying the treasury department should leave hamilton on the 10. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> just in the last hour becoming a little more optimistic about tomorrow, show you that in a minute. talking about the 3-degree guarantee, we went 89 today, let you know how we did tonight at 11:00. live look outside, gorgeous, a great first night for the beltway series, nats and o's in camden yards. it's 87, but the dew points are in the 60s. this is much more comfortable
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than yesterday, better hair days, winds northwesterly at 10. here's radar. we've widen this way out. here are our rain showers in ohio entering west virginia. this crawls over the mountains tonight. a couple renegade showers get into the western suburbs maybe as early as 10:00 tonight. your cookouts are fine. a nice evening, showers west by 10:00. heaviest will be overnight. that's a silver lining. most of it will fall while we're sleeping. the rest of saturday will be okay and sunday will be downright nice, a little hot but nice. 83 'downtown, 79 in manassas. by 5 a.m. here come the showers and in the last hour the futurecast has done a flip almost. earlier they were just hammered with red and orange in here. take it with a grain of salt. we've got showers and
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thunderstorms overnight and in the early morning hours. by 8:00 mostly showers i-66 southward which is good and the heaviest activity by the northern neck and by 1:00 if you want to have lunch north and west of town, pretty nice, even on the water after about noon should be okay. southern bay still some lingering showers. by 5:00 we're around 80 in leesburg and gaithersburg, upper 70s down to the south and west and a really nice night. tomorrow night will be almost cool in the burbs, lows in the low 60s. tonight increasing cloudiness, mild, showers before midnight, 66 to 72. yellow alert tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy and warm, showers and thunderstorms ending, 66 to 82. by afternoon perfectly nice day, returning partly sunny and warm, high temperatures 82 to 86, winds more southeasterly at 5 to 10.
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the day planner, showers at 7:00, showers also at 9:00. i think a little bit -- not quite around by 11:00. partly sunny by 1:00, 77, not bad. sunday nice but hot, 90. isolated storms on monday and hot, low 90s. next seven days tuesday an isolated storm, our hot day 94, low 90s on wednesday, nice thursday, no storms. a storm possible friday, nats back in town with highs in the upper 70s. you can watch a nats game tonight on wusa9 and also on sunday. hundreds of people came together this morning to say good-bye to our friend and colleague albert calajero. >> albert spent his entire career here at wusa9 working first as a sports producer with james brown. in recent years he was in charge of editing and was an adjunct professor at university of maryland. today friends, families and colleagues and his students
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packed into holy trinity church in georgetown where bruce johnson shared some personal thoughts. >> reporter: i owe a big part of my career to al. he was so good i had to learn to write for what he edited. i had to learn to get out of the way of his pictures. al could be trusted and that's probably the most important thing you could say about a journalist, can i trust you? if you needed it, al would write your script for you, he was that good. >> he would write it, rewrite it, add something to it. he was simply amazing. he is survived by his wife val and his beautiful children kate and joseph. he will be dearly missed. we'll be right back.
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a quick programming note for you. tonight at 7:00 we will bring you the battle of the beltways between the nats and the baltimore orioles live from baltimore. you can still watch wusa9 news at 7:00 on bounce tv. that's digital channel 9.2. a ticker tape parade today on the streets of new york city in honor of the world cup winning u.s. women's soccer team. the squad beat japan 5-2 on sunday to win their third world cup. it's the big apple's first ever ticker tame for a women's team. >> it's about time that
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happened. in tonight's consumer alert stocks closed in positive territory to finish off a roller coaster trading week. the dow had a 212 point gain. the nasdaq was up 75 points. dozens of reports of people being injured has general motors issuing a recall for nearly 780,000 crossover suvs. the rear power lift gates of the chevy traverse and buick enclave can suddenly fall and hit you and this recall impacts the 2009 through 2012 model years. you'll soon be able to buy diet pepsi without aspartame starting next month. the sodamaker will change the sweetener in response to customers' concerns about health risks. pepsi is trying to figure out a way old diet pepsi available
5:26 pm
online. rita's frozen custard will temporarily fails out its frozen custard because of that egg shortage. the philadelphia-based company plans to replace the summer treat with soft serve ice cream and in the meantime rita stores will sell frozen custard until the supplies run out. we've got an update on our beloved pregnancy of our panda mei xiang. >> it's still too soon to tell if she's pregnant for sure. there was an ultrasound performed this morning. the zookeepers will monitor her more closely in the summer. she was inseminated by a panda from china earlier this year. plenty more to come on wusa9 news at 5:00. >> reporter: local high school students getting ready to work on the biggest science project in the world, their base of operation, right here at u.s. botanical gardens in d.c. >> after the break the soldiers names on a world war i memorial say the time has come to change
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earlier in our broadcast we reported on the confederate flag coming down today in south carolina, but we are also following developments in a small maryland town dealing with its own issues of history
5:30 pm
and race. we first reported yesterday on this debate over a segregated war memorial in emmetsburg, maryland, that some say needs to be changed. >> now scott broom is back in emmetsburg after the relatives of the world war i soldiers on that memorial contacted scott after seeing his report. >> reporter: you're about to meet elizabeth kathleen williams who is 101 years old and who has lived in emmetsburg her entire life and whose uncle ed butler is one of the colored soldiers segregated out and listed on the bottom of this damaged world war i monument in emmettburg that was hit by a car june 17th. >> it was in the 1st world war. >> reporter: at 101 years old mrs. williams thinks when this statue is repaired, the plaque should be changed. do you think those guys got the recognition they deserved? >> you know they didn't. you know they didn't. >> reporter: mrs. williams thinks the plaque should be desegregated by eliminating the reference to color and listing
5:31 pm
everyone equally by alphabet. you think we ought to make that right? >> i think they should. >> they need to be equal. >> reporter: her daughter is marie. son pat is a vietnam era veteran. >> they were there, germany, france, wherever they fought at. they did their part what they were told to do just like everybody else. >> reporter: the issue came up when the dough boy statue was damaged by a car june 17th. resident robert rosenspiel sparked controversy when he suggested repair should include a new plaque eliminated colored and listing the three black soldiers like everyone else. >> why not change that? >> it needs to be remembered as is. >> reporter: but emmetsburg historical society director told me thursday that segregation and racism are wrong, but so is changing the plaque because it's an artifact reflecting the reality of its time. ed but her was an ammunition truck driver in world war i who endured artillery attacks, who was hidden by a french family in their home to avoid capture
5:32 pm
from the engineer mans when his truck -- germans when his truck was blown up. however his name is listed on this monument once it's repaired, his family wanted you to know that. >> emmetsburg's mayor and town council have yet to formally take a vote on this issue. the defense has rested in the james holmes movie theater massacre trial. holmes is accused of killing 12 people and wounding 70 others in that colorado theater in 2012. jury deliberations are expected to begin next week and there could be another month long trial if holmes is found guilty to determine his sentence. san francisco's sheriff is defending his release of a mexican immigrant who later was accused of randomly killing a young woman. the sheriff says his department followed the law when they released juan francisco lopez sanchez in april. sanchez is accused of shooting
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katherine steinle to death when she walked with her father. bernie is around said we do need more full-time rather than part-time jobs and goes on to say u.s. workers log more hours than people in any other industrialized nation. joining us now, face the nation host john dickerson. good afternoon, john. mr. sanders is one of your guest says this weekend. >> that's right. he'll be on and talk about why he's getting huge crowds, better than any other presidential candidate at the moment. >> enthusiasm matters. they'll also talk about donald trump and the republican party. >> that's right. donald trump is capturing part of the republican party, but he's also upsetting a number of republicans including the chairman of the party who called him and asked him to kind of tone down his remarks. >> donald trump has said he's not toning down. john, thank you so much, face
5:34 pm
the nation right here at 8:30 on wusa9, see you then. how often do you work on a project that can impact the entire world? some d.c. students are getting a chance to do just that thanks to a program at the u.s. botanical gardens and mike hydek shows us how they're helping scientists in this week's stem is cool in school report. >> reporter: it's a pressing matter that needs attention now. >> it's an urgent thing to do this. change is happening fast. species are disappearing quickly. >> reporter: asia hill is working on one of the biggest science projects in the world, the global genome initiative at smith smith u.s. botanic gardens. >> a little bit overwhelming, but at the same time i really like what i'm doing here. >> reporter: asia's internship is part of the s program at the smithsonian or youth engagement through science. >> i definitely want a career in science. >> reporter: the d.c. high school senior will help collect, press, photograph and freeze 800 plants by the end of
5:35 pm
the summer and that will represent half of the plant families on earth. dr. funk is asia's meantor. >> if -- mentor. >> if anybody is studying this group, they can access this from anywhere in the world. >> reporter: with this research scientists can figure out why some species are disappearing 100 times faster than normal says jonathan codington, director of the global genome initiative. >> question need in kind of technological understanding of this planet right now. >> reporter: that's because when plants disappear, scientists say it affects the clothes we wear, the food we eat and so much more. so when you can help mankind with a project like asia's team, stem really is cool in school, mike hydek, wusa9. >> if you've got a school stem program for mike to profile, send him a direct message on facebook or twitter. look him up @mikehydek.
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straightaheadacalltoactionheads up. straight ahead a call to action heads up. >> and a controversy surrounding the minimum ons happy meal toy. the minions happy meal toy. >> just -- the minions al meal toy. >> we'll come back and talk about our yellow alert for tomorrow and take you all the way th
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trending now, a student goes through a whole lot of trouble just to show he really didn't think he ought to have to pay this ticket. >> right. so he's making people work for it. the north carolina man paid his $110 fine with three buckets of pennies. steven coyle knows he parked illegally, but when he found out that state law only allows unc's campuses to keep 20% of the collected fine, he cobbled together 11,000 pennies from three different banks and he continued his crusade by handing out flyers to other students. >> most of the time they have no idea where their money is going and when they actually do find out, they're pretty upset. >> coyle says it took the workers three hours and 40 minutes to count up all that
5:40 pm
money. >> i'm sure it made him a beloved customer. >> sure. also trending some parents pretty upset over what they say is vulgar language coming from a mcdonald's happy meal toy. they say the talking minions doll actually spits out curse words. mcdonald's says the sounds are not profane. they're just nonsensical gibberish, but we're so scared of it that we won't play it because we don't want to get in trouble. >> you know, i've listened to it and it could be whatever you want it to be, but just in case. arlington virginia native and minions movie star sandra bullock is at madame tussauds today in d.c., at least a very real looking wax version is. >> i thought that was her. >> yeah. it's pretty good. it's part of what the museum is calling the summer of is an doctor. the wax figure was originally -- sandra. the wax figure was originally
5:41 pm
unveiled. the amy winehouse documentary opens nationwide today after breaking box office co rerds in the uk. amy takes an unflinching look at the rise and fall of the young singer who never really wanted fame and struggled with alcoholism and drugs and really didn't have anybody to protect her from all that came with all the attention. the high school baseball season may be oh, but members of the team are -- over, but members of the team are still finding time to hit the field this summer, find out their special reason coming up. >> plus why new warning labels
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5:44 pm
wrecking crews be continuing to demolish the once popular white flint mall on rockville pike. sky9 flew over the scene earlier this morning, but during all the construction lord and taylor remains open. if you've driven by it, it looks like a desert. according to bethesda magazine, the store is still contesting the demolition permits and a trial over this dispute could happen later this year. in tonight's health alert new warning labels are on the way for some common pain relievers, over the counter medications like advil, bair and
5:45 pm
bayer and execedrin are known as nonsteroidal anti- inflammatory. long term they may not be doing your heart any good. they are often the go to drug for any kind of pain, but now the fda warnings nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories can amplify your risk of heart attack or stroke. >> they let parents know even using small doses -- patient know even using small doses across periods of time can be a small risk. >> reporter: there's a greater hazard for higher doses over a longer better of time. >> the risk for an individual patient of these drugs is very low. the challenge is that these drugs are in such widespread use in the community that the total risk is quite high. >> reporter: chances are you've got these drugs in your medicine cabinet now. perhaps you even take them on a regular basis for some minor chronic pain, but beware. if you have a history of heart
5:46 pm
problems, you'll want to check in with your doctor. >> it's very well proven these drugs increase risks and the reason is they change the way the body handles clotting, they change the way blood vessels work and they increase your blood pressure and if you use it for a long period of time, you should talk with your doctor. >> if you like to use those medications like the motrin or the ad victim, you have to stop -- advil, you have to stop doing that. start out with the lowest doses possible. sentencing day for a doctor convicted of putting patients through unnecessary and health damaging treatments all while defrauding insurance companies out of millions. a judge sentenced detroit area doctor faried fata to 45 years. parents describe horrific conditions after excessive chemotherapy at his hands. he sobbingly admitted he misused his talents because of
5:47 pm
power and greed before he was sentenced. we've got a wusa9 call for action heads up alert on a scam targeting small business owners who have accounts with dominion power. clerks are using this phone spoofing software to threaten customers and tell them their electricity will be turned off if they don't send a payment within hours. dominion says just hang out. the utility will never threaten to turn off service in exchange for an immediate payment and it doesn't even take payments over the phone. dominion says it will work with customers to create a payment man if they fall behind on their -- plan if they fall behind on their responsibilities. president obama is designating three new national monuments in areas in demonstrate the wide range of historic and cultural values that make america's public land so beloved. >> here are the sites descriptions courtesy of usa today. barryessa snow mountain in california, a landscape with
5:48 pm
rare biodiversity, waco mammoth in texas, featuring well preserved remains of 24 mammoths and basin end range in nevada, an iconic american landscape that includes rock art dating back 4,000 years. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> do you know about any of those locations? >> the great basin we've referred to that nationally if you're doing a forecast, absolutely, good stuff. we're not slicing through the air because it's cooler and not as humid. >> you are concerned about tomorrow. >> the bulk of the activity falls when we're sleeping is the best news i have and also we'll be able to salvage a fantastic afternoon. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, it's 87, might remember the dew points yesterday. when they get above 70, it's not so pretty. it was 75 yesterday. now they're at least manageable in the 60s, winds northwesterly
5:49 pm
at 10. today is really a nice day and an exception, if you will that, you could go and exercise now, take a jog or bike ride. the humidity is low enough when you perspire, it will evaporate and that will cool you. here is our shower activity late tonight into tomorrow morning entering pennsylvania and almost sections of west virginia. we'll see a couple renegade showers come in before midnight but the bulk of the activity after midnight while we're sleeping, good sleeping weather tonight. 87 now and i'm showing you these temperatures because it's cooler than yesterday and this is an outliar, 81 in gaithersburg, 83 baltimore, 84 frederick, 82 leesburg, so mainly in the low to mid-80s. okay. nice evening. showers are possible to the west of town, leesburg, maybe into fairfax, certainly along i- 81 by 10:00 but nothing heavy. yellow alert tomorrow morning for showers and norms, heaviest
5:50 pm
activity overnight, might hear a rumble of thunder. okay saturday afternoon and nice on sunday. sunday will be really nice, a little hot, but it is july. it's almost climatologically the hottest time of the year for us. 8:30 tonight clouds increasing, but you'll get your cookout in. by 5:00 i'm going to stop futurecast here. we have a lot of showers across most of the metro area. this is a big change. notice it's all shades of green. just an hayrack this was just like a -- an hour ago this was just like a christmas tree. for the most part frederick south and hagerstown south you'll see a shower tonight through early tomorrow morning. showers begin south of town. by 8:00 you're probably done with showers in martinsburg, fredericksburg, hagerstown and cumberland.
5:51 pm
by 1:00 a pretty good afternoon. gaithersburg, leesburg in the 70s, a few showers lingering between d.c. and fredericksburg but nothing heavy and a very nice evening tomorrow night, cooler, too. so some showers possible through 9:00 or 11:00, temps in the mid-70s. sunshine returns by 1:00, at least partly cloudy skies, temps in the upper 70s. sunday hot by nice. that's a pretty good day 90 and 91 monday with an isolated storm possible. you can watch the game tonight. beltway series starts up in baltimore and you can watch the game sunday here on wusa9. next seven days tuesday is the hot day of the next seven no doubt, 94, isolated storm, mainly morning storms, drier thursday, nats back in town and upper 80s with the slight chance of a thunderstorm next friday. now wusa9 game on sports brought to you by xfinity. >> summer camp is a great way to he could the little ones
5:52 pm
busy through school vacation and for many sports camp it's the way to go to honey your skill in the offseason. diane roberts has more on a camp helping do just that. >> let your hands fly, before hips. get your barrel going. see that ball, get your foot down. wow, swing is still the same. it's good. >> in it is. >> reporter: macio campbell jacked one out at the prince george's county sports park. as we head into major league baseball's all-star break, these guys had a home run derby just like their professional counter parts. they're part of the 25 ballplayers at the bishop mcnamara summer baseball camp. >> we're trying to give them an experience where they want to come back, play basketball, enjoy the game, learn new skills and try to grow baseball within the county. >> reporter: the week long camp is for kids 6 to 7 to an. while the high school -- to 17.
5:53 pm
while the high schoolers are here to hone their skills, they're also here to help the younger ones. 16-year-old tim hannibal has coached some of the little ones in camp. >> he's telling me what i should do and he's giving me tips. >> reporter: 6-year-old ethan reed is soaking it all up. >> the best thing about camp is you get to do lots of amazing things. >> reporter: what's the most amazing thing you got to do? >> play whistle ball. >> reporter: hannibal enjoys helping those who will be the future of the game. >> i feel like he's matured a little bit and he's learning the game of baseball from a young age, which if i had that experience, i would have really loved to have that. >> reporter: now the high school outfielder is giving that experience to others. in prince george's county county wusa9 sports. at 6:00 we'll get you ready for the nationals and the birds renewing their rivalry. who you got? who you backing tonight? >> we're loving the beltway series. >> we got to be loyal to the
5:54 pm
home team. >> plus the big break this help police track a year and a half convenience store shooting mystery. >> reporter: federal workers are steamed and it's not because of the weather. their personal information has been stolen and they want to see changes, not
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
detectives say a 14-month- old mystery lab solved in spotsylvania county. -- has been solved in spotsylvania county. >> a convenience store clerk
5:57 pm
shot multiple times in the head survived and authorities say they know who did it. >> reporter: police won't say what evidence they have that led them to the suspect derek sprouse. the victim's family only found out about the break in the case this morning, but they say they're relieved. >> we were so, so happy just to really find out that this guy is caught and can no longer do any crimes or harm anyone else and we're so incredibly grateful that our sister-in-law survived all. this. >> reporter: 34-year-old kelly wood survived being left for dead at the convenience store she worked at as an assistance manager. the shooter was caught on surveillance video. his identity remained a mystery nearly a year and a half until today. police say 33-year-old derek sprouse walked into the fas mart on brock road in spotsylvania county march last year. he asked for a tobacco product. when kelly wood turned her back, police say sprouse shot her in the head. he then stole a locked box full
5:58 pm
of ephedrine. police say when he realized kelly was still alive, he shot her again in the face as he ran out the door. kelly was able to call 911 before collapsing. >> is in a case you get up in the morning and -- this is a case you get up in the morning and get your shower and think about this case driving to work. what happened to this lady and her family was a horrendous act, that it's just one of those things that in law enforcement that never goes away. >> she's incredibly strong. i couldn't ask for a better daughter-in-law. she's just got such a great heart and, you know, she doesn't let anything get her down. >> reporter: kelly has gone through multiple surgeries in the last 14 months. she's back at work, not at the fas mart but in retail. sprouse meanwhile faces multiple felony charges including malicious wounding. in spotsylvania county surae chinn, wusa9. >> sprouse had been in a north
5:59 pm
carolina jail for a separate incident. he will be extradited to virginia. we kick off the 6:00 with some breaking news of a possible barricade situation in southeast d.c. police have cordoned off kentucky avenue between c street and south carolina avenue. authorities rushed to the scene after a report of some sort of assault. there are no injuries reported at this point. we're staying on top of this story. we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it in. thank you for joining us on this friday. i'm lesli foster. it sure looks nice outside, but topper says we are in for a soggy start to the weekend. >> i'm derek mcginty. so when will the showers hit and how will they impact your weekend plans? our to were shut is tracking it right now -- our topper shutt is tracking it right now with our doppler 9000. >> tonight we're fine until around midnight and then showers roll in.
6:00 pm
it is spectacular right now. here's radar. we've widened it way out because our showers are still back in west virginia and also the ohio valley. the darker gran is actually a flash flood watch, does not -- green is actually a flash flood watch, does not include any folks in the viewing area just yet. these are our showers, again could see an isolated shower roll here 10:00 or so, but the bulk of the activity falls when we're sleeping. that's not so bad. 4:00 in the morning showers, low 70s. by 6:00 showers, upper 60s to mid-70s. by 8:00 the showers begin to duck off to the south, so in pretty good shape if you're north of leadberg up toward fred -- leesburg up toward frederick and hagerstown. by noon we'll see some sunshine returning at least to the northern and western suburbs. we'll come back, take you through the rest of the weekend, tal


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