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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  July 13, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good rnmoing. it is monday, july 134th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." an international manhunt for mexico's most notorious drug lord after an embarrassing breakout. we're at the border for the search of joaquin "el chapo." a fresh take on atticus finch. and only on "cbs this morning," novak djokovic talks about winning back-to-back titles and how he's inspired by serena williams. but we begin this morning with today's "opeye ener," your world in 90 skojds. >> this is a man who's got an organization with tentacles that
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reach around the entire planet. >> a drug king prison inmate breaks out of prison for the third type. >> massive influence. >> a talk right through the night. >> we have an agreement. people are safe after a store was being held up by gunmen. n>> auclear dealld cou be announced today. >> whatever deal comesut o of it, it's going to be dangerous for the united esstat and dangerous for the world. >> today governor scott walker will join the list of republican contenders. >> meanwhile lindsey graham called donald trump ack wreing ball for the republican party. >> we've got to reject this dem
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dog gog gography. ifdo we n't, we will lose. i >>t forced hundreds of people to flee their homes. >> a proud mother with her daughter who was able to capture the world for the first time. >> 2015 miss oklahoma. >> and all that happens. >> his new job as an air ambulance pilot. >> more responsibility especially when george is around. he's a little monkey. >> on "cbs this morning." >> djokovic defends his tight. >> every time you win here you eat some of the grass. what's that about? >> it tasted very very good this year. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs
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welcome to "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell is off so jeff glor is in with us. one of the most dangerous drug traffickers is on the loose. joaquin "el chapo" guzman escaped from the highest security prison. he is believed to be responsible for thousands of deaths. >> guzman vanished from the shower near his prison cell. prison officials found a tunnel underneath. he traveled underground for nearly a mile before he reached the surface at a construction site. omar villafranca in texas is tracking the search. >> reporter: good morning. as head of the powerful cartel he was in a turf battle trying to control drug trafficking routes like this crossing bridge behind me in order to flood america with illegal drugs.
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it's not his first but it is his most elaborate getaway. it was another elaborate getaway with one of the world's most powerful drug lords slipping out of mexico's most secure penitentiary and emerging from a tunnel near this home. mexico's president called it an affront to the mexican state and he said he's confident they'll capture him. on saturday he broke out about an hour and a half west of mexico city. despite three-foot thick walls and a no-fly zone he slipped out by a 20 x 20 hatch in his cell with a ladder that he used as part of the escape route. >> there's no way he could walk away from maximum security incarceration in mexico without assistance of the people inside. >> reporter: guzman's
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high-profile arrest last year made headlines around the world. as dea derek maltz told "60 minutes." this >> this was like winning the olympics. they denied requests to extradite him to the u.s. >> he's locked up in the most reliable prison we have in mexico and suddenly once bitten twice shy, we will take our precautions in the case. >> reporter: cautions clearly not enough. now, a dangerous drug trafficker may already be back in business. >> thousands of people electrocuted beheaded chopping off limbs, throwing people in acid.
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he committed some ruthless crimes in mexico. >> reporter: on sunday they vowed to help them capture guzman but it's believed the damage is already done. he's controlling trafficking routes from california all the way to texas. it's believed his son tweeted out back in may i promise you soon the general will be back. jeff? >> thank you very much. this morning donald trump says el chapo's escape backs up his criticism to the mexican government. last week he was leading with 15% of the vote. jeb bush and rapid paul each had 11%. trump did not appear last night at the miss usa contest he co-sponsored. nancy cordes is in washington tracking what trump and other candidates are saying now. nancy, good morning. >> good morning. that pageant aired on a cable
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channel called rios instead. he spent the day on the campaign trail where he's tried to ignore pleas to dial his rhetoric back. >> they have decided. and we've decided the take the country back. >> reporter: he revelled in his new status. the crowd revelled right along with them. there and in las vegas he hit immigration hard. he even weighed in on the escape of el chapo, warning in a statement, he's probably in the u.s. and his drugs and drug dealers freely cross into the united states through our pathetic border. all the adulation has left trump with little incentive to heed
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the party reince priebus who told him to tone it down. on sunday mitch mcconnell turn dound a chance to criticize trump. house speaker john boehner steered clear too. >> i don't know if he ees's -- >> when you wrestle with a pig, you both get muddy. >> there's a reason they don't want to not only does it provide more oxygen but trump versus some establishment or this person and it may be a fight you can't win, so why get involved in it. >> by the way, this clear rejection doesn't faze the donald anyway. >> if i went on dates, if the woman dropped me which happens often, i would always like to say at least in my own mind that i dropped her. >> reporter: trump is even refuse ing toing to.
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that could be the biggest headache of all for gop leaders because if people even those away from the republican candidate, it makes it that much harder for republicans to win. republicans added another candidate. scott walker tweeted minutes ago, i'm in. i'm running for president because america needs a leader who will fight and win for them. there are question this morning about whether the governor is ready. dean reynolds is at the waukesha county. >> it's his record that will be getting a much closer look now. the state budget he signed into law sunday includes budget cuts that aggravate not only
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democrats but also many of his fellow republicans but yet walker was having none of it. >> with this bunt the taxpayers come first. >> the wisconsin governor has never waiveerred from his view. >> voters are serious when they say they want the leader to take on serious decisions. >> reporter: a speech he gave in january catapulted him to the first rung of contenders. >> i'm willing to work with you to provide that kind of leadership that is that new and fresh ald bold and aggressive. >> reporter: but walker's policies which turned wisconsin into a right-to-work state did not deliver as promised. >> he later backtracked and said, well that's a goal, an ambitious goal and don't you
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want to have someone ambition. >> are you comfortable with the idea? do you believe it? do you accept it? >> for me i'm going to punt on that one as well. >> no. really? >> that's a question a politician shouldn't be involved in one way or the other. >> reporter: the governor has been under going weeks of briefings on global issues everything from net neutrality to isis. gayle? >> all right. thank you, dean. european leaders in greece clenched a deal overnight to resolve a debt crisis. they'll get billions in loans. they'll also use the single euro currency. holly williams has more. good morning. >> good morning. they have finally reached a deal to avoid bankruptcy. the amount has not been
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finalized but it's thought that greece needs $90 billion to avert financial collapse. its banks have been shut for two weeks now and withdrawals at cash machines are limited to around $60 a kay. last month greece rejected the demands of its creditors, chiefly germany and france. that included tax hikes and public spending cuts which he described as blackmail. last week those facing bankruptcy, greece was forced to capitulate and it now has to put its plans into law by wednesday. greece's economy is still low. the quarter of the work force is unemployed and the country will now be deeper in debt. >> holly williams thanks. a deal to reach an iran
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nuclear agreement is reached. margaret brennan is there with the talks that remain. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is the 17th straight day of negotiations and diplomats are anxious to wrap them up. tonight at midnight the temporary freeze on iran's nuclear program will expire and that means the clock is ticking. there was a sense of heavy anticipation as a deal with iran finally seem possible. all weekend secretary kerry shuttled back and forth and even snuck in time to pray at a historic 12th century church. they said a dale is very close. >> i would put it at 99%. i think if they're in this process of drafting and agreeing on words in two different
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languages, this is essentially like the banks in 2008, to big to fail. >> it now awaits approval or rejection in leaders from seven world capitals including washington and iran. iranian president hassan rouhani said his team had done everything to help with the relief on the sanctions that have been choking his country but even if the diplomats are successful, there are some who want to block it. a staunch critic told "face the nation" any deal is a mistake. >> any deal that comes out will be dangerous for the united states and dangerous for the world. >> reporter: and in a strange coincidence, the long delayed trial of american journalist jason rah zyian resumed.
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more than 65 million people this morning face a severe weather threat. that i could become a dangerous storm system called a doorerecho. flooding in parts of kentucky forced at least two dozen water rescue. dare rohr is ruled out this morning after a powerful explosion on a rhode island beach. it sent a 60-year-old woman into a rock wall. people at the beach said they heard a boom. then the woman shot through the air. the victim's sister saw it all. >> i seen the actually rock shift and move. i started screaming get up get up. at the same time the sandy rock threw my sister here unconscious ten feet away. >> the woman has a concussion
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and two broken rips. authorities believe the explosion may have occurred naturally. >> scary stuff. novak djokovic is a back-to-back wimbledon champion. he beat a very familiar foe. that would be roger federer -- in sunday's final. >> to envision yourself in center court holding this trophy it's a very thrilling feeling. >> he won his third wimbledon title. on the women's side serena williams won for the sixth time this weekend. >> i can't believe i'm standing here with another serena slam. >> serena slam indeed. the 33-year-old williams needs to win in september to complete pa 2015 grand slam. and we'll talk with novak djokovic, his win on the court and dancing with serena
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williams what song she chose. this morning we're getting a look at pluto. they took these photos of the dwarfed planet. there will be many more to come as the probe flies past pluto tomorrow morning at 30 thousand miles an hour.]) elaine quijano looks at the first fly-by? >> good morning. ielt skpebltsed to get within 78 miles of the orbit. it seems that the johns hopkins physics lab in maryland will soon find out. it's been flying for more than nine years to get this close to pluto. it's nearly 3 billion miles from earth. new horizons is the size of a piano and is fitted with highly
7:18 am
sensitive cameras. it will take photos of pluto which is only 1,400 miles wideout half the width of the united states. >> they've really got to thread a cosmic needle. it has to fly through an imaginary box 60 miles by 90 mile on its side and hit that. >> spacecraft new horizons has had to travel 3 million miles a day. imagine the sun the size of a quarter placed on the goal line of the football field. earth would be three feet away. and pluto has to land on the goal line. >> we always knew it as a point of light. >> tom krimigis has been
7:19 am
watching. >> this is the last chance to do something like this. it's the last body at the very edge of the solar system that we're going to be flying by in anybody's lifetime. >> when it's done with pluto, new horizons will continue its mission, flying past at least one more belt in 2015 before heading out into intergellar space. >> harper lee's new book
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weather report sponsored by petco. what we feed them matters. experts tackle dangerous drug they call ahead of the
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curve. >> flakka and why agents are finding it hard to track. >> the news is back in the morning on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. all you need to see is the next 200 feet. that's how life unfolds. a leap of faith. [growl] even if you can't see it your destination is out there. so just keep going. and you'll get there... ...200 feet at a time. the corolla. toyota. let's go places. staying in rhythm... it's how i try to live... how i stay active. so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down. for the nutrition you want without the calories you don't... introducing boost® 100 calories. each delicious snack size drink gives you... 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. so it's big in nutrition and small in calories.
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ahead, the dark sight of a litera
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let's take a look at this young fan right here. >> dad was looking at a pretty girl. dad, i saved your life. >> pretty good kid, right? >> an alert boy -- look at that. i mean it was going to hit dad right in the head. he had a baseball glove. made a nice catch in the head right before dad got konked. the come men tate irsaid he was looking at a pretty girl. >> and mom said what? >> i missed you. >> did you? >> yes. >> you were out on a separate vacation. >> people were talking.
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>> loyal fans are eager to get a koich of "go set a watchman." how a plot plan changes the image of a character. flakka it's caused violent behavior and changed people. why it's so dangerous. that story is ahead. north korea confirmed the pushlging of its defense chief. he was executed in april by anti-aircraft fire. he disrespected north korean leader kim jong-un by falling a i sleep during the meeting. the north named a new defense minister over the weekend. a protest drew thousands of people. many stressed heritage, not hate. it was one of a series of
7:32 am
strategies in various states after lawmakers voted to remove it from state grounds last week. "the wall street journal" says profits from the apple industry soar. in the first quarter it reported 92 92% of the top income from eight phone makers. 's a lot. apple sells less than 20% of all of the smartphones in the world. "usa today" says walmart will launch a sail to compete with amazon called prime day. starting wednesday they'll lower the shipping minimum. and the and "go set a watchman" will be on sale at midnight. the book is already generating controversy for its different view of atticus finch. michelle miller is here with the
7:33 am
shocking and unexpected plot twist. good morning. >> good morning. like harper lee's famous book "to kill a mockingbird "it's about a scout. >> this book shows that the father of scout may not be the person we all think it is. if "to kill a mockingbird" is the literary. atticus finch is its moral compass. >> you'll never understand things until you understand his point of view climb inside of his skin and walk around in it. >> reporter: in this norchl finch defends a black man. gregory peck won an oscar for his 1962 performance of a lawyer and father and although
7:34 am
fictional the character became kind of a legal profit. stand up. your father's passing. >> well atticus finch as he's presented in to kill a mocking board is saintly. >> reporter: charles shields is an author and harper lee biographer. >> he's an example of people who face moral convictions. he's an exemplar who loved justice. >> reporter: but in lee's new novel scout discovers the flawed reality of her 72-year-old father atticus finch. he's attended ku klux klan meetings and supports segregation. >> it upsets a lot of people. they would prefer to have atticus finch fixed and the way we know him. but this like all important
7:35 am
pieces of literature asks us key questions about ourselves. >> lee wrote "watchman" while living in new york in the 1950s. she first submitted to a publisher in 1957 who directed her instead to focus on younger scout. that book "to kill a mockingbird" won a pulitzer prize and up until now was lee's only published work. >> what's the message that harper lee is trying to convey? >> often there's no clear lines of what is absolutely right and what is absolutely wrong when you view the world. >> would you mind if i ask you a few questions. >> reporter: but will atticus finch long heralded for justice and equality now be viewed as a bigot or multi-dimensional man
7:36 am
of his time? readers will need to make up his mind. >> he's got prejudices. we all have prejudices. let's not duck the work of doing it. >> well, lee is a notoriously private woman. she hasn't given a full interview in more than 50 years. we may never know why she wroept the character or published watchman. >> i think the character of atticus finch is mainly influenced by gregory peck's performance. >> i think what's so interesting about this is this is the book in my interpretation that she meant to write, and what has happened, what is so interesting is how the publishing industry sort of knew what was right for the times and what was right for america and they accept. we're going to delve more into that tomorrow. we ooh view much more.
7:37 am
>> is that your book? >> it is my book. it might let you borrow it. >> i'm like no, no, no no, no. >> a lot more to talk about. >> donald trump's controversial comments did not come up during the miss usa pageant but they were asked about race and diversity and that threw off some of the contestants. >> what would you do about the race? >> getm theet togher and be with each other in a non-- let's see. >> in the year 2020 a woman will appear on the $10 bill. which american woman would you like to see on the first printing of the bill and why? >> that's a very good question. on the bills that we have right now they are all of presidents and so i think we should just wait until the upcoming
7:38 am
collection. >> do you think political correctness is hurting or helping this country and why. >> that's a very good question. i think that it's a balance of both. we definitely need -- i'm sorry. will you please repeat the question once more? >> i'm voting for gayle king on the $10 bill. >> i'm not voteingvoting. that was yowza. >> you would think you would rehearse some of these responses, right? >> maybe she was a little nervous. maybe that. thank you. imagine a drug that's more powerful than heroin at a very low cost. ahead t new threat that is dangerous not just to the users but also to those around them. if you're heading off to work you're leaving the house because you've got stuff to do. set your dvr this morning. we'll be right back.
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a cheap new designer drug is causing havoc across america. the drug is called flakka. it's hit illinois ohio texas, kentucky, california and florida, especially hard. mark albert is live with more on the threat that's alarming police. >> it's a drug described more powerful than hay ore win and cocaine. law enforcement officers are warning of the dangers not just to users but to anyone who gets in their way. these videos show what can happen when flakka takes over. >> i am god. i am god. i am life. >> psychotic breakdowns hallucinations, and indiscriminate violence. last month an 82 yld grandmother
7:44 am
was killed in her beach home by a man who was high on flakka. this man impaled himself on a fence at a police station while on the drug. mike says he doesn't remember what he did for two days after unwittingly taking flakka. >> i was completely out of my mind. i could have killed somebody. i could have killed myself. >> flakka also known as gravel is a synthetic still lent a cousin found in bath salts. it can come in a capsule or powder. users can smoke, inhale or inject it. with 25 deaths in south broward county in the past ten months alone. special agent kevin stanphil in miami has more. >> they're not only just getting high. they're going out and hurting
7:45 am
other people. you know you don't see that with a lot of the other drugs like you are with flakka right now. >> stanphil says it's often imported from china. it's ten times cheaper than the cocktail molly. $3 to $5 per hit and easier to get. it can be ordered online and show up to the door. >> i feel for those officers when they roll up on them and they have that super human strength. to take six people to hold them down, that's a problem >> he had no flakka patients. now they've had a dozen people called for help. >> they take away inhi briggss and erase the ability to tamp down on dopamine or serotonin. you think you can do anything. i think we're going to see waves of this that are going to be very, very devastating.
7:46 am
>> lam says even proactive parents who give their teens urine tests are stunned. they're constantly changing its makeup so as to fool common tests. >> old reliable drug test you buy at the store doesn't cover it. it's ahead of the curve. >> lam told us patients on this drug take several weeks. often the key ingredient is known as alpha pvp. the miami's division says in just the first six month thofs year it's seen three times the amount it sees in all of last year. jeff? >> wow. mark, thank you very much. david letterman says he has made the
7:47 am
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what is this dave? >> the suit i own. >> interesting facts about donald trump. >> donald trumpway weighs 240 pounds 250 with cologne. number 4, donald trump would like everyone to know that thing on his head is free range. >> he's got a beard. >> why do peel who retire get a beard. >> all people get a beard. >> it looked good. >> al gore's beard.
7:52 am
>> that's right. that's right. this was delivered aet a comedy show over the weekend featuring steve martin and martin short as you can see. he regretted his decision to retire as soon as trump announced he would run for president. >> i was going to sark when i saw him on the stage with the top ten, i thought, oh, dave. >> you miss him. >> yes. >> novak joke vin just won his third title. he's talking to us later. we'll be right back. they're the luckiest. of course, they can't wait to grow up. but tonight, it won't take much to slow down the clock. if only for the next 86 minutes. low prices. every day. on everything to make tonight a blockbuster. walmart. wish your skin could bounce back as quickly as it used to? introducing neutrogena hydro boost water gel. instantly quenches skin to keep it supple and hydrated day after day.
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it is monday, july 13th 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead including wimbledon champion novak djokovic. only on "cbs this morning" he reveals why he is at the his game. but first here's look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> this isn't joaquin "el chapo" guzman's first prisonsc e bapeut it is is his most elaborate getaway. he has decided to ignore republican lrseade to dial back. the governor has been undergoing weeks of briefings. after a marathon overnight negotiating session, greece has finally reached a deal to avoid
8:01 am
bankruptcy. atni midght the temporary freeze on iran's existing nuclear program will expire and thatns mea c thelock is ticking. >> the fly-by is a rare feat. >> this story is set 20 years later. scout is a grown woman and icamera will learn that the father she revered in mockingbird may not be the person we all think he is. >> down the right field line toward the pole. it's out of here. nieuwenhuis makes history. the first met to make three home runs ever in a home game. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and jeff glor of our digital network cbsn. norah o'donnell is off. the united states is helping comexi this morning to recapture a dangerous drug kingpin.
8:02 am
joaquin "el chapo" guzman escaped from his maximum security cell over the weekend. he was arrested last year after 13 years on the run. his cartel is the biggest drug supplier to the united states. >> guzman broke free using a tunnel that stretches nearly a mile away from the prison. federal police patrol the roads instead of check points in their efforts to recapture him. >> this morning scott walker is the 15th to enter the republican presidential race. his campaign released a video this morning. they call for new fresh leadership with big bold ideas. they have some ground to pick up. donald trump leads the pack. he talked about a surge in phoenix. >> somebody said you weren't on leadership by far. you went on absolutely economic financial -- anything do with the economy you're lapping the field much much higher than
8:03 am
anybody else. but they said a lot of people don't know if they like you. i'm actually a nice person. said if i'm winning in these categories, why are we going through primaries. over the weekend fellow candidate lindsey graham called trump a wrecking ball for the future of the republican party. this is a sweet morning for the two number one players in tennis one day after serena williams won the title, novak djokovic became a champion as well. djokovic won his third wimbledon title defeating seven-time winner roger federer in four sets. only on "cbs this morning" the champion joins us now from wimbledon. novak, good morning and
8:04 am
congratulations. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> what was it that happened in the break, the rain break when you had just lost the second set in a tiebreaker and you came back seemingly stronger than ever. >> well, i was coming into the match knowing that roger's going to play on a very high level as he always does in the final stages of grand slams and is not going to hand me the victory, so i have to earn it to go out on the court believing i can do it. it was kind of a deja vu of the last year's final when i was two sets to one up and trying to close out the match. he came back showing his competitive spirit and fighted his way through fifth. this year's final was very similar. went down the wire and could have gone either way up to that second set. but the rain delay helped. boris, my coach got in a small room where we were waiting to crawl back on the cord and we had a small chat.
8:05 am
we kept things simple. i felt like i had to do better and we did really well. >> after you lost that second tiebreak you were yelling. we saw you try to whip your shirt off there. what were you saying to yourself and how did that moment make a difference and do you think that's where you were able to turn it around? >> you don't want to know what i was saying to myself, but generally i had e had an emotional burst. that's what happens. that's what you go through. certainly emotions up and down to bounce back. to recover. if there's one thing tennis has taught me over the years is to get back on track and leave whatever happened behind me. >> now you have a family. does that make a difference in your tennis? >> of course it does.
8:06 am
actually yesterday in the final stay my wife and i celebrated the one-year anniversary of our marriage so it was a very special occasion. i was very glad to have her and close family members there to celebrate this win. i'm going to try to now nurture every moment that i find myself as a husband and a father because as soon as i'm off the tennis courts when i get back home i'm not a tennis player. i'm a husband and a father, a completely different chapter in my life that help ms. e play better tennis. >> can i ask you about serena williams. you said you had hoped to dance with her. did you get a chance to do that? >> of course, she cannot refuse. it was great. we had a great dance. nice tradition obviously of the champions ball.
8:07 am
they call it champions dinner but people expect champions. it's tradition and hopefully any other next champion will do the same. i was actually think about it was going to be a slower tune like a walz something more sophisticated but she wanted -- she wanted to move so she chose "night fever," and you can imagine how that went. >> i like it. >> thank you for joining us. >> see you in new york. >> thank you. this morning prince william admits he's nervous as he begins a new job flying an air ambulance. the duke of cambridge will work with an emergency crew. he's a former royal air force
8:08 am
pilot. he's been at home since the birth of his daughter charlotte back in may. >> it's been fun. she's been a little joy to have. at the same time it's more responsibility looking at two little ones especially when george is around. he's a little monkey. but, no it's fantastic and i'm so thrilled. katherine has been doing an amazing job as a mother and i'm very proud of her. >> prince william says he looked forward to juggling his new job, his royal duties and his job as a father. >> i love watching him, to see him progress from a little boy, a young man to a responsible father. >> is it a little more responsibility with two? >> you tell me jeff. melodie
8:09 am
8:10 am
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. j. crew is getting ready to launch a more affordable clothing line. this morning after running into trouble it cannot afford the retail giant laid off nearly 200 people last month as it fights a sales slump. revenue fell this year. a company says the new j. crew mercantile stores feature what they call a collection of some styles. cbs news financial contributor
8:15 am
mellody hobson spoke with fellow ceo on sunday. this is what i like about you. you can get anybody on the community business line. you called the director. >> on sunday. >> on sunday. i said call me now. >> you two connected. what does he say? >> he says he wants to open the stores because he's taking the j. crew to places that have not existed. this is strip clubs. this is for people who is not going to go to the high end mall, who is a j. crew buyer but wants the experience. >> as you know calvin klein and others were worried about what would happen if they were sold in discount stores. >> remember, he was the first person ever to do this. gap, it was incredibly successful and then all the
8:16 am
other retailers follow. so you have neiman marcus with last call and you have nordstrom with nordstrom rack and sax fifth avenue. >> but why were sales slumping. >> sales were slumping because they did two things wrong. he was the first to admit on the had a bad year. he said full stop. we had a bad year. they raised their prices at a time when their merchandise was not resonating with consumers. it was a double whammy and so sales are soft because of that. >> i was there the other day, they still feel affordable, chic. >> i'm not hysterical about it. i think fashion has misses. it happens. i think this is one of those times. mickey drexler is one of the great merchant princes of all time. that's what he's called. >> wouldn't you like to see mellody hysterical? >> i get hysterical. not on the air.
8:17 am
>> questions come up. lower prices lower quality. >> so he came back hard on that point. he said j. crew is always going to stand for quality. he always said don't confuse us with the fast retailers that are out there like zara or uniglow or some of the others h&m where you're paying $9.99 for pants that you wear for a few times. he was very clear -- those were my words the last time. he wanted to make sure j. crew stands for quality. >> thank you very much. >> hysterical or however it is wheel take it mellody. thank you very much. can it help you track down skin care? how the science is speeding up personalized solutions. you're watching "cbs this morning." it's gluten. there's gold in them thar shells. liquid gold.
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8:21 am
also, we're flying without a navigation system and can't seem to change course. >> miss, are you telling us absolutely everything? >> not exactly. we're also out of coffee. >> classic. passengers in "airplane 2" shows what really happens without their caffeine fix. a new coffee issed as a jolt nitrogen which makes the coffee taste more like alcohol.
8:22 am
marlie good morning. >> good morning. nitro coffee is served straight from the tap similar to a beer and here at stumptown coffee roaster, they always serve the cold brewed drink in a can. this isn't the only store. at this new jersey coffee truck, it's tradition to start your morning like it's friday night. >> all right, all right. nitro. >> with a cold frosty brew straight from the tap. >> you've got something that's an adult beverage. >> reporter: justin hicks and travis of mod cup coffee started making and selling nitro coffee less than a year ago. >> would you like it'sed or hot? >> some weekends we'll sell 15 kegs. and this more baristas are buying into the nitro trend. the coffee is cold brewed put
8:23 am
into a keg and infused with nay trow jep and poured from a tap. it created a carbonated coffee with a beer like head. there ee is no sugar, milk our alcohol. just coffee, water, and twice the caffeine. they also serve it from a can and tap. >> people are going bananas for it. >> director at east coast operations say they can barely keep up with the demand for nitro. the company expects sales to trip thl year. >> i think it's something here to stay. it's a fun way to drink coffee. >> they claim to be one of the pioneers of nitro coffee and first introduced it two years ago. reporter oliver strand writes about coffee for "the new york times." >> how will nitro coffee affect
8:24 am
the coffee industry? >> i think that the first coffee company to take nitro coffee to mass market will be a very success elf coffee company. >> americans spend $40 billion a year on coffee with the average coffee drinker spending about $20 a week on their caffeine fix but nitro places beat competition with their never ending menu options. >> specialty coffee accounts for 3% 4% of their sales. nitro coffee, not even 1%. >> it's silky, smoov, goes down well. >> like a cold beer but a coffee, stuff i'm not allowed to drink during the day. >> they say shipments are
8:25 am
8:26 am
if you want to run a business, not just a meeting. own the room, not just be in it.
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8:30 am
i'm stuck inside fedex office. i was over here in the back for an hour on the computer and nobody was here because they left and locked me inside fedex office. quite possibly the strangest experience of my life. >> a workout, right? he was locked inside the fedex office for two hours. he sent a series of updates to be let out. he was doing exercises to make the most of your time. you've got to do something. >> i don't understand jeff how this happened. doesn't he see the lights going off and locking up the doors and why he was in there for two hours. >> i don't know. >> but he's okay and he's got a humerus video. >> and we're talking about it this morning. fedex prisoner free. welcome back to "cbs this
8:31 am
morning." coming up this half hour tony morison calls a new book required reading. he's in studio 57 with tough advice for his son and the country. we'll look at the racially charged confrontation and what's really changing for the next generation. plus putting a better face on the future. technology that could give new life to anti-aging creams. see how an '80s pop star helped spark the idea. that is ahead. right now it's time to show this morning's headlines. they announced a new online streaming service. streamed as $15 a month to the price of comcast internet subscription xfinity. it will be available across the country earl next year. the "new york post" says nascar's danica patrick is cooling off this morning after a weekend dust jupp with dale
8:32 am
earnhardt jr. [ bleep ] >> did he say he hit me? >> yes. >> weren't you thinking about that maybe the corper before that? >> you can tell he's upset. >> he said he couldn't slow down when he tapped an angry patrick. he sent her into an outside wall. patrick later returned a bump on her way into the pits. they face each other again this weekend at the new hampshire motor speedway. the san antonio news says spurs assistant coach becky hammon made history. spurs lost to the knicks 78-73 yesterday. she told reporters she thinks it's important for society that women be rewarded for their brains just as much as any other guy. the"the boston globe" says
8:33 am
there's an upside. the kids who were fibbers showed better working and memory skills. when you're lying, you have to keep track of more sentences and words. did i really say that? >> did you say that charlie rose, who is not a liar liar pants on fire. new mom carrie underwood got a scare over the weekend. her 4-month-old and dogs got stuck inside the car. her brother-in-law smashed a window and everybody got out safely. she tweeted this. when your dogs manage to lock themselves, all your stuff and the baby in the car and you have to break in, what are the chances. in the old days one student earned that honor and delivered a speefrp to graduates. now some called dozens or even 00 credits of graduates valedictorian. others have eliminated the title all together.
8:34 am
that they're responding to cutthroat competition competition. stanford university's number one on the list. they're ranked on the quality of education, tuition, and average career earnings of their alumni. babson is next and massachusetts into stus of technology princeton university. money says the list helps families find schools, quote, truly worth the investment. >> an author says he is terrified by the number of unarmed black men in the hands of police. his new book "between the world and me," here's a portion for you. quote, you are human, you will make mistakes you will misjudge, you will yell you will drink too much you will hang out with people you should. .
8:35 am
but the price for you is higher than it is for your kun transfermen, so that the story of a black body's destruction must always begin with his or her error real or imagined. ta-nehisi coates joins us. good morning. it was an good book. i read it this weekend. >> thank you. >> what was your son's response? >> he stayed up to wait for the verdict. it was very important to him. he followed the news. he's young. >> 15. >> yes. and has certain expectation ss, so when a verdict came down he left the room and went to his room and cried and i let him cry for a bit and i talked to him. i essentially said as brutal as this sounds get used to it.
8:36 am
i said this is our country and this is the way it is. get used to it. >> first of all we live in new york. that's a little difficult to do. you know an african-american in this country, you know and knowing what his life was going to be like. i've always tried to talk to him directly and honestly. >> he's 14. >> i'm sorry. he's 14. they changed the pub date. he's going to be 15 when it comes out. >> tony morison, this is what happened and i find it extraordinary. you wanted only wanted an endorsement from her and she wrote back to the publisher, i've been wondering who might be an intellectual boy who plagued me. baldwin died 28 years ago. a note to coates who sent back a one-word e-mail. man.
8:37 am
my point is they're putting very heavy responsibility on you. >> it doesn't feel particularly heavy. my job is to go out and right at the oechld the day. i would be writing the same thing as i once was sitting in my basement alone sending it out to my blog where only my dad read every day or if i was so fortunate to be sitting with you guys on cbs. >> write what you know what you feel. >> there's not much more you can do there really isn't. i take that as a great honor, as an admirer of baldwin and tony morison. >> there's what you write and there's where you come from west baltimore, the site of the death of freddie gray. baltimore fired their police chief last week. have things changed in baltimore? >> i don't know. i haven't lived there in over 20
8:38 am
years. it would be wrong for me to say. >> you say it hasn't changed since you lived there. >> that's pretty obvious. when you see a cvs burning down, violence has increased but baltimore as i knew it then was pretty violent. >> you talk about you and your son have two different realities in the world and you say so many times when you see kids who are loud and rude that really it is a defense mechanism and they're afraid. >> right right. right. they're like ordinary kids are but they're perceived a certain bay. in the instance and i think this is what you're referring to you see african-americans, males in particular, but females also walking through the neighborhood displaying a kind of bravado. what people don't understand is that's a culture, that's a methodology, a way to walk that's very violent.
8:39 am
you have to send signals to make sure you're not victimized. >> where are we? the president said there's been controversy between americans and police. at the same time he's said we've made remarkable progress wrchlt are we? >> we've made progress but we haven't made nearly enough progress for me to feel safe in my body. >> what's holding back that progress? >> well, i think it's us. >> who's us? >> i think it's us as americans as a country. one of the things i'm trying to reckon with in this book is we were born out of great moral era if you call it. we have never grappled with that, gotten through that. >> how do we get over it? >> we need a series of steps of investigations. i wrote something a while ago.
8:40 am
i wrote a piece last year that very much spelled that out. >> you also write something i thought was interesting. most black parents myself included always say you have to work twice as hard work twice as good to be successful. you say when people do that that drive use crazy because that sends the wrong message. >> you're putting weight on these children. i understand the intent of it and i understand what people are triedying to do but these are children and i think part of what happens in addition to the races is that your childhood is robbed of you because people tell you at age 10 you have to act like you're 30 years old. >> you end the book with the death of your friend prince jones who was killed by a police officer. unarmed, 25 years old killed by a police officer. that had a big impact on you. >> my friend prince jones was killed 15 years ago at 25 within
8:41 am
200 yards of his fiancee's home left his mother behind, and it will stay with me and i think it will stay with me until the day i die. >> thank you for having me. >> tony morison said required reading. what does that mean? >> it must be true. >> tony said it. >> it's got to be you. "between the world and me" goes on sale tomorrow. charlie d'agata looks at a new high-tech option to save your skin. >> no i'm not on a starship enterprise. i'm at a london store claiming to be the face of things to come. skin care detailed to
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
a london shop offer as new war on wrinkles. a new product based on your dna makeup. charlie d'agata shows us the science of a smoother complexion complexion. >> and why here? why on this street. >> because it represents luxury. >> this professor is a scientist whose expertise runs anything but skin deep which is ironic
8:46 am
because he's in an industry that generally prefers to be taken at face value. he's already invented an ear implant that's helped children learn and something for diabetics. his latest is a beauty store. by studying dna prothe proe aa the professor is able to look at how quickly people break down the skin collagen. >> maria is a ph.d. in clinical science. >> inside what looks like a teleporter i'm shown how to get a first dna sample. that cell solution is direct lid played on his micro chip followed by questions.
8:47 am
they ask things like your age, whether you use moisturizer. that chip goes into a processor. 30 minutes later, the results. >> this means that genetically you're slightly compromised. >> i'm genetically compromised. you're not the first to say that. not as bad as it seems. i'm about average but crucially it claims to know the exact levels of my collagen production and antioxidants. from there there's an offer made to suit my skin and dna. here is the end result. a serum that's been specifically tailored to my dna. one for antioxidants the other for collagen. and there you have it. what do you think? >> it doesn't come cheap. roughly a thousand bucks for the test and a two-week supply. he says double blind clinical
8:48 am
trials suggested that the treatment reduced fine lines and wrinkles by up to 30 sessions in 12 weeks. this dermatologist is looking forward to seeing the results. >> yes, we do have technology that can detect small differences in dna but they're taking a big leap because they're trytheyi think they're trying to sell their serums under that. i think it may be there in the future. i don't think we're there yet. >> one believer is the company's director, the key rose from duran duran. >> we chatted away from there and the conversation moved around beauty where we should have crossed packetths.
8:49 am
rhodes got him to take it. >> are you not helping rich people to stay pretty? >> no don't think so. obviously the price point is higher than any of us would like but it's higher technology. >> it's the 30-minute time frame that's the game-changer. dna testing elsewhere can take weeks and if it proves successful over here they're planning to get under the american beauty industry soon. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. >> i'm say this it probably beats surg
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