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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  July 13, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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on doppler 9000? >> much quieter now. we're a little concerned for tonight some of the showers and storms could reform. here's a look at the flood warnings still in effect for much of the valley. these are all reports of flooding. you can see where the area was concerned even south of culpeper all the way through up to front royal and woodstock with the brunt of the rain. this really tells the story. here's the estimated rainfall. you can see south of woodstock 4.3 inches, north of culpeper again over 4 inches of rain fell and it really shows you how strong the waters can be and also the currents and how fast it can rise. flash flooding is a serious thing. the warnings continue until 5:30 and that includes our friends out in culpeper rappahannock and warren county until 5:30. you saw the radar with showers to the west. by 8:00 some of the showers will be entering the mountains.
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i think the concert is going to be okay except for a stray shower and maybe a better chance of a shower as you leave the concert. a little shower west of nats park. for the most part back in to culpeper, a passing shower tonight, you'll be okay until tomorrow. tomorrow different story. we'll tell you when the storms will arrive. family members tonight remembering daryl king as a young man with a big smile and an even bigger hug. police in prince george's continue the hunt for his killer after the massive house party early sunday morning which exploded in to violence. bruce leshan is live with new details on the crime. >> officials have just tacked a $250 citation on the front door of the house here, alleging the home owner was running a party business in a residential neighborhood. neighbors say there were hundreds and hundreds of young people out here
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drinking and partying just before someone shot daryl king right over here. >> he was just like my son. >> reporter: daryl king's aunt still cannot believe the 20-year-old is dead. >> every day i wake up and i wish this was a dream. >> reporter: police say they are still unsure of the motive but friends say there was a fight inside the house. king was trying to walk away when his aunt says someone shot him in the back. >> our children has to stop killing one another. >> reporter: after the shooting party goers fled in a panic, fish tailing their cars across the grass and leaving behind beer and liquor bottles. it is a gated community of well kept expensive homes just off indian head highway. but neighbors say there is a history of massive parties in the house. in 2012 someone tweeted about a mansion pool party $20
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admission, free food and drink. >> our compliance task force conducted an inspection there at that house regarding pool party complaints. >> reporter: neighbors say this weekend's party was even bigger. >> had to be at least 300 people in there. you couldn't even get past there. >> reporter: kings' aunt says he was just the nicest most generous boy growing up. she knows what she will miss the most. >> he would greet you with a great big smile and embrace you with a hug and you knew that it was love. >> some of the neighbors here just sent me videotape that they say they shot approaching the scene here on the night of the party early sunday morning. and it shows apparently king wounded, people holding him. it shows people running from the scene. we're going to take a look at that video. we just, just got it. we'll show it to you coming up at 6:00.
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bruce leshan wusa 9. >> i know everybody involved wants this solved. to that end the police are pleading for witnesses to come forward. they're offering a reward. $25,000 if you can help solve this case. a 5-year-old boy witnessed a man being shot to death last night. it happened on 3rd street near i street northeast around 10:30. police are still searching for the gunman. the victim 36-year-old timothy bing who lived in the neighborhood. police say bing was shot multiple times. he was pronounced dead at the scene. the 5-year-old's grandfather talked to us this morning. >> three times then reached down and shot two more times. meant to kill him. >> they don't have a solid description of the suspect just that he ran down i street and jumped in a car. a quick arrest in a deadly early morning stabbing in
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suitland. prince george's county police arrested nelson howard ford of bladensburg. they say he stabbed a man he knew around 2:00 this morning. police aren't releasing the victim's name until he's notified. the fairfax county police chief went public today with an update about the death of a woman who was in police custody back in february. natasha mckenna died after being tasered by the cops while she was being held on an outstanding warrant. detectives have turned over the tests of that taser used by the fair tax county commonwealth attorney to see whether or not it was operating the way it was supposed to. >> it was our duty to ensure the mckenna family and our community understood their police department would take all investigative steps to produce a very thorough investigation. >> and there's no timetable when the commonwealth attorney is expected to determine whether
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or not charges will be filed against those officers. synthetic marijuana has been blamed for the spike in violent crime in dc and now the dc fire and ems department say the illegal drugs are expected to drive up the number of calls for overdoses. bruce johnson learned a whole lot of those emergency responses have gone to one single federal halfway house. >> it's called hope village and the people who run it are now hoping for help against the synthetic drug epidemic. >> reporter: hope village is a halfway house for federal inmates nearing the end of their sentences. the residents proved to be part of the population of the synthetic marijuana trafficking located in southeast. >> can we talk to him? >> reporter: residents of hope village were not permitted to talk with us today. >> i want to talk about this k 2. >> reporter: sources inside the
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village tell wusa 9 that between the end of may and mid june of this year dc fire and ems made up to 20 runs to hope village suspected overdoses for k2 and other synthetic drugs. >> how big a problem is synthetic marijuana to the men housed inside hope village? the spokesman told us by telephone today on a scale of 1 to 10, it's a 9 and a half. it's such a big problem they've now asked the federal bureau of prisons to intervene. >> until very recently it was seen to be a low priority. >> reporter: that's donald paige. he runs the district's biggest homeless shelter downtown. he said they test but the problem is outside the shelter where homeless men and women conjugate all day long smoking synthetic drugs. >> they don't live here. our residence knows they can be tested for drugs at any time. that's part of the contract for
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being in the shelter. >> reporter: fire and ems responded to a dozen overdoses. >> sometimes you can have like one or two sometimes five or six in a day. >> we've also learned overdose calls and calls for unconscious people also up near the homeless shelter on the ground of dc general hospital. the dc fire department right now is analyzing its responses to better figure out just what this synthetic drug problem is costing. new laws now in the books to close doors that sell the drugs. that apparently is not keeping the drugs off the street. >> we've seen this party before. does not end well. >> sounds like a pcp epidemic. tonight we're learning about a sexual assault reported inside a walmart in dumfries. a woman tells investigators on friday a man, possibly the man you see here, approached her rubbed up against her then touched her inappropriately over her clothing. the victim
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immediately told store employees and no further contact was made. if you recognize this guy prince william county police would like for you to give them a call. it's happened again. a woman arrive ing home from a maryland casino was confronted at the front door of her fairfax county home and robbed. this incident happened on saturday night just before midnight and left the woman with a gunshot wound to the arm when she tried to chase the robbers. hank joins us live with the details. >> the 66-year-old woman is out of the hospital. she's reportedly doing fine. fairfax county police tell us she had come back from a casino in maryland apparently with some warnings stashed in her pocket book and these guys followed her all the way to her house. >> reporter: there was no one home here today at the woman's house on kennerson drive but word has spread around the neighborhood and has folks looking over their shoulders. >> you come in and you leave the door unlocked, make several
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trips from your house to the car. >> i want to talk to her husband, we are the same country. i still worry about that. because this is a very safe area. >> reporter: police say they have few leads on the suspects though the incident does not appear to be connected to at least two similar ones over the last two months. fairfax police spokesman says the robbery should remind people to be very cautious when carrying large amounts of cash. >> in general in everyday life, if you're leaving a grocery store, take 3 seconds to scan the parking lot, scan around you. >> reporter: family members who heard the ruckus at the front door tried to chase the robbers who got confused trying to get out of a dead end street. that's when the shot was fired wounding the woman. he says confronting the robbers is not a wise thing to do. >> it's never a good idea. during the commotion the family members decided to come out and lend a helping hand but wasn't
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the best choice of action. >> reporter: the two previous incidents, again people coming back from casinos. >> the police don't have very much to go on on this. they tell us they have very little information, no real description of the suspects. they're hoping someone who may have seen this incident saturday night will come forward and give them some information. in fairfax county, wusa 9. >> neighbors of the woman who was wounded say she and the rest of the family apparently went back to work today. annapolis police say a man arrested for indecent exposure this morning was under the influence of pcp. you can see that right there. police say the man was walking naked along forest drive about 10:00 this morning. annapolis police officer arrived and ordered that man to stop but he allegedly ignored those orders and approached an off duty prince george's county police officer with a clenched fist. that's when the officer tasered him. we're just getting started on wusa 9news at 5:00.
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right now tens of thousands of taylor swift fans are lining up and getting geared up to see the pop star. we get reaction of fans of all ages. >> topper is back after the break with more on the heavy and possibly severe storms that we're tracking for tomorrow. >> plus, house supporters are trying to get a faster response if the unthinkable happens to another child.
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breaking news in a decades-old murder mystery. we've just learned there's been major developments in the lyon sisters cold case investigation. we don't yet know what those developments are but they are going to be announced wednesday in wheaton maryland when a second news conference is
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scheduled for thursday in bedford county, virginia. they vanished in wheaton in 1975. investigators now believe they were brought to bedford before they were murdered. right now hurnden police are on the hunt for a man who tried to first lure and force a girl to go with them. thankfully that girl got away. it happened this morning on spring tie place right off hearndon parkway. that's where we find stephanie ramirez. >> we know it happened around 7:00 this morning in this townhouse complex. police are not releasing the age of the girl to protect her identity but we do know she is a juvenile. we know she was on her way or at a bus stop for a summer school program when police say she was approached by a man who engaged in a conversation with her. police tell us he offered her money to come to his house. she refused, started to walk away, and that's when police say he forced her to go with him. she broke free, ran home. her mother called police.
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officials are not only asking everyone to be vigilant but they're asking parents to have that conversation with their children tonight. >> children need to be aware of their surrounding. this child did is -- did the right thing. we were up there fairly quickly. we didn't find the suspect by the time we got there but we're following up on all the leads and investigating it as quickly as we can. >> this is a predominantly hispanic neighborhood. the suspect is said to be a hispanic male around 35 to 45 years old. they say he's a tall man with a thin build short black curly hair. they say he was wearing a long sleeve green shirt with white stripes and khaki colored pants at the time. stephanie ramirez, wusa 9news. >> the police tell us that girl was not harmed in this attempted abduction. a report to last january's mansion fire in annapolis is being delayed by the baltimore
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riots. investigators hoped to release their findings in to the deadly blaze by now. however, an atf spokesperson said the immediacy of the riots took precedence. they're investigating arsons during all that unrest. the annapolis mansion fire killed don and sandra pyle and their four grandchildren. the trial gets underway today for the male nurse accused of sexually abusing female patients. 37-year-old jared klein is charged with fondling women in prince george's county and he faces similar charges in the district. those alleged incidents happened at three different dc hospitals in 2013 and 2014 and klein is expected in court on those charges later this week. to a petition now to create something called the rud law. the little girl vanished last march while she and her family were staying at the dc general homeless shelter. her mom said she didn't want to report her missing because she didn't want to lose her other children. that petition in question requests a new law be put in
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place making it a felony for a parent or guardian not to notify law enforcement within 24 hours of a child's disappearance. developing story on u.s. negotiations with iran. diplomats are working hard, trying to hammer out that final agreement over limiting iran's nuclear program. iran says don't expect a final deal until sometime tomorrow. among the major sticking points, the ability to investigate iran's alleged work on nuclear weapons and iran's demands to have u.n. arms embargoes lifted. >> two of the most difficult issues are the ones that get kicked to the end and that's why the president is going to resist any sort of fast forward through the closing here. >> the white house says it is willing to continue negotiating as long as progress is being made. even if diplomats reach a deal, congress has 60 days to review it before any of the sanctions can be lifted.
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3-degree guarantee. >> tough one today with the clouds and showers and of course the flooding southwest of town. we went for a high today in the upper 80s. we thought we'd have just enough sunshine in the upper 80s, let you know how we did tonight at 11:00. >> 81 degrees right now. that tells you we could be in a little bit of trouble are. we've had highs where the highs were at 10:00 in the morning. winds out of the southeast at about 6:00. dew points almost comfortable in the upper 60s which isn't too bad actually. here's the radar. these are the flood warnings continuing until 5:30. there are showers now just to the north of the flooded areas and west of winchester. for the most part they're going to miss the flooded areas. they're going to move off to the south and east toward upperville. these are light showers, not heavy at all.
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6:41 are, percyville about 7:00. they should stay north of woodstock and well north of culpeper. that said, more showers and storms in the forecast. late tonight and tomorrow. yellow alert tomorrow for showers and storms. a few showers tonight. more north and west. i think the concert is going to be okay. i tweeted this out the taylor swift concert at nats park. you may have a shower as you leave the concert. morning showers tomorrow. then afternoon thunderstorms tomorrow evening. improving and not as hot on wednesday although i just got information about wednesday. some of the showers and storms could actually affect the morning commute on wednesday. temperatures in the 70s but notice out toward culpeper and luray and wood stuck just some clouds. all the showers are south of you. by morning some clouds couple leftover showers 69 in leesburg. maybe 69 or 68 in buoy and gaithersburg,
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still a pretty muggy night again. showers in to southern maryland. heavier showers out toward petersburg and west virginia. unfortunately some of the areas that did get hit with the heavy rains of today they don't look as bad tomorrow. then afternoon or evening 4:30 5:00, showers to the north, showers to the south. temperatures going in to the mid 80s. big storms begin to develop oakland to petersburg. they're just crossing the divide. we're going to watch that for tomorrow night. heaviest activity may actually be tomorrow night. for tonight mostly cloudy, mild showers and storms. mostly north and west of town. we've got showers early and then at 8:00, breaks in the clouds. showers and storms isolated showers on
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wednesday. 87. may have to beef that up a little bit. beautiful on thursday. 85 low humidity. nats on 9. 87. warming up over the weekend mid 90s sunday. only isolated storms. then 96 monday, nats still in town. straight ahead how firefighters were able to rescue family pets from a burning home. >> plus, how a showdown b two mega companies could mean some sweet deals for you.
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in tonight's consumer alert, trading work starts in positive territory. the dow rose 217. nasdaq up 73 by the closing bell. walmart rolled out its own answer to amazon's prime day deals starting this wednesday. the nation's largest retailer, walmart, launching its own deals on the same day with more than 2,000 online exclusive roll backs. the intense competition between the two rival businesses could mean some big savings for you. possible salmonella contamination has the usda recalling 1.7 million pounds of barber chicken products. frozen chicken breasts and tenders are stuffed with a variety of
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cheeses and vegetables and the use-by dates on the packages are april 28. so far eight people suffered from foodborne illness linked to the brands. comcast joining the streaming service called simply, stream. it will have a dozen networks on laptops tablets and phones. from our prince george's county bureau, firefighters quickly putting down a house fire in landover hills today and at the same time rescued a pet dog and cat. the cat was just fine. fido suffered some smoke inhalation and burns. the beagle mix's name is blueberry and was taken to the vet. a second dog ran out of the house. straight ahead another republican announcing he is running for president. >> the hunt for a notorious
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drug king pin who's escaped for the second time. >> and the biggest artist on the planet in dc tonight. we're live at the preparty.
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if you want to run a business, not just a meeting. own the room, not just be in it. if "never settle" is your mantra, you're our kind of different. at keller graduate school of management. our professors bring real business challenges into the classroom so what you learn today can unlock the leader inside you tomorrow. it's what makes us different. on purpose. devry university's keller graduate school of management. learn more at she's probably the biggest musical act on the planet right now and tonight taylor swift is playing the first of two sold-out shows at nats park. >> we found the biggest taylor
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swift fan garrett. haters gonna hate, but what's it like down there? >> i've got a lot of haters to deal with tonight about this. it's a party for a monday afternoon. there are dozens of people outside still in costume wondering around waiting to get inside. they did open the gates and let people go in who have been waiting out here for hours. this tour is called the 1989 tour after swift's new album. i saw very few people out here who were even born in 1989. tickets went on sale back in november. a lot of folks said they got their kidst christmas presents, earning instant best mom ever status. among the 40,000 or so who will pack the ballpark tonight are more than a few parents acting as chaperons. some of them are going to be having a blast and some say they're toughing it out. >> are you excited? >> i'm excited that they're
5:31 pm
excited. >> on a scale from like 1-10, how excited are you? >> 1 million. >> the show gets started around 7:00. swift is not expected to go on stage until sometime after 9:00. don't worry. we'll be here for the whole thing deborah. >> [ laughter ] >> we know you don't want to miss it. scale of 1 to 10, 1 million. [ laughter ] >> what's with all the starbucks cups and logos on those costumes? >> if you listen to as much taylor swift as i do, you'll know there's a lyric that's often misunderstood where people think she says starbucks lovers, she actually says something about a long list of ex-lovers. some of the hardcore taylor swift fans adopted this as a secret handshake. you can wear the t-shirt or make a costume and we've seen quite a few
5:32 pm
starbucks cups glued to t-shirts out here. it's pretty bizarre but pretty fun. >> yeah, i think we're probably not in on the joke, are we? >> i know what he's talking about. >> if you're really interested in this, look for reports from 94.7 fresh fm all night long on our website, >> uber is getting in on this giving you a chance to win a great taylor swift package for tomorrow's show. at 3 p.m. tomorrow open up the app toggle to concert be the first person to request concert and you'll get free tickets, a free ride and an uber swag surprise. campaign 2016. wisconsin governor scott walker the latest republican to officially announce he's running for president. walker writes i'm in. i'm running for president because americans deserve a leader who will fight and win for them. in a video walker posted today walker says he's the guy who can take on the big fights and win the election. that means there are now 15
5:33 pm
republicans officially running for president including marco rubio. rand paul, ted cruz, carly fiorina mike huckabee, lindsey graham, jeb bush, donald trump, bobby jindal, chris christie and of course today scott walker. >> wow. >> that's a lot of dudes. >> a lot of dudes. right now speaking of dudes, mexican police and forces are frantically searching for a powerful drug lord who escaped from a maximum security prison over the weekend. this is the second time joaquin el chapo guzman has broken out of jail. >> el chapo's elaborate getaway led to this escape hatch not far from mexico's most security prison. he escaped through a mile long tunnel complete with ventilation and lighting that ended in this building. a pair of running shoes were left beside a bed. mexico's president called it an afront to
5:34 pm
the mexican state but he's confident they can recapture this criminal. so far an aggressive manhunt has failed to turn up any trace of el chapo despite highway checkpoints stepped up border security, and the closure of an international airport. >> there's no way el chapo could walk away from maximum security without the assistance of people from the inside. >> reporter: el chapo whose real name is joaquin guzman, is considered one of the world's richest and most powerful drug traffickers. he slipped away saturday through a shaft in his shower. experts say he may have used more than money to orchestrate his break. >> there's an intimidation factor with these guards and middle level officials. he can threaten their families. >> reporter: investigators have interrogated at least 30 guards about the escape. >> authorities believe that tunnel was under construction for about a year. the greek financial crisis
5:35 pm
isn't over just yet after an all night negotiation greece and its creditors salvaged a deal to keep from leaving euro zone. it increases taxes and over hauls the pension system, or today's agreement goes away. violence in baltimore has claimed the lives of six people in baltimore since friday. now city leaders have established something they call the war room to try to bring peace back to some of the crime plagued parts of the city. interim police commissioner says the war room will help local and federal agencies share information and make sure there are no gaps in communications. now to a really creepy story out of the l.a. area where a child discovered a hidden cell phone camera inside a starbucks women's restroom. according to ktla that phone was being propped up by paper towels with the camera pointed toward the toilet. right now it's not clear where the video was being sent or how long the phone may have been recording. a starbucks spokesperson says they are disturbed by the incident
5:36 pm
and it's their obligation to provide a safe environment for their customers and employees. trending now why rapper 50 cent may be living up to the nickname. >> plus the controversy surrounding the followup to harper lee's to kill a mockingbird. >> we had flooding out to the south and west of dc. in fact the flood warnings have been extended. let me show you rainfall estimates between culpeper and woodstock. 3 to 4 inches of rain fell today. we'll show you what's on doppler right now. what that means for the taylor swift concert.
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what this? rapper 50 cent doesn't have a quarter? he did file for chapter 11 bankruptcy today. his debt ranges from 10$10 to $50 million and this comes after a judge ordered 50 to pay a woman in a sex tape lawsuit. k goes on sale tonight at midnight and it's already stirring up controversy. >> watchman is the followup to the iconic "to kill a mockingbird."
5:40 pm
it surrounds finch. amazon preorder sales are like the biggest in history. we can't say whether we had anything to do with it, because we did tweet to her but janet jackson is coming to dc. >> we were left off the list but our web list tweeted janet asking to please come to our town. the show will be at verizon center march 1st 2016. prices begin at $49.50 plus taxes and fees. get ready because i get the sense you'll have 35, 40 seconds before they're all gone. >> get them now because they go like sky high after that. a wicked a flying monkey stole them a few years back. >> now a million-dollar reward is being offered for the safe return of the ruby red slippers. crook stole those sequin slippers from judy garland museum in grand rapids, michigan. the museum's executive director says they can
5:41 pm
be worth as much $3 million. three other pairs were created for the film including a pair on display at the american history museum. 61-year-old dave kelly says the trump crow is exactly what he needed to scare off hordes of birds that had been terrorizing his farm. he said he's seen no crows at all since the donald started keeping an eye on things. he tried to find a trump suitt a goodwill, turns ouhet ty don't carry the brand. ms. oklahoma took home the title at the floundering miss usa pageant. olivia jordan beat out other contenders after univision and nbc dropped it. being a working parent, never easy. coming up, how one washington mystic player
5:42 pm
balances being a mom and playing professional basketball. >> dark, rich, foamy and straight from the tap. i'm marlie hall in new york with a new type of coffee coming up.
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5:45 pm
there's a new coffee trend brewing. it's being called nitro coffee because it's infused with nitrogen and packs twice as much caffeine. marlie hall reports. >> reporter: at this new jersey coffee truck it's tradition to start your morning like it's friday night. with a cold frosty brew straight from the tap. they started selling nitro coffee less than a year ago. >> they think you're serving guinness but you're serving coffee. >> reporter: this summer more baristas are buying in to the nitro trend. the coffee is cold brewed put in to a keg then infused with nitrogen, packing a creamy cup that has twice as much caffeine a regular coffee. >> a little sweet. >> reporter: stump town coffee roasters also serves nitro from a tamp and in cans at their nine cafes. john feldman says they can barely keep up with the
5:46 pm
demand for nitro. the company expects sales to triple this year. >> i think it's something that's here to stay. it's a fun way to drink coffee. >> reporter: reporter oliver strand writes about coffee for the new york times. >> how will nitro coffee affect the coffee industry? >> i think the first coffee company to take nitro coffee to mass market will be a very successful coffee company. >> reporter: nitro coffee costs about $5 for a 12-ounce serving but it's still a hit with customers. >> silky smooth, goes down well. >> reporter: marlie hall, cbs news jersey city, new jersey. >> it better be good for $5. stumptown coffee roast ers is testing its canned version and shipments are selling out every week. a new report says bill cosby's wife believes her husbands many accusers consented to drugs and sex. a source tells the new york post that she is well aware of the cheating ways but does not believe he's a
5:47 pm
rapist. nearly 50 women say they were drugged before cosby sexually assaults them. we're learning today about a catastrophe at a chicago area zoo on friday that led to the death of 54 stingrays. investigators say oxygen levels dropped are in the tanks at the zoo. the alarms went off and the vets did everything they could to save those animals. in the end officials say the situation was what they call irreversible. prince william began his new civilian job today flying emergency rescue helicopters. he said it's going to be hard as he works the nine-and-a-half-hour shifts. he'll donate his salary to charity. i hope garrett is going to be okay outside at the taylor
5:48 pm
swift concert. >> we wouldn't want him to get rained on. >> i think the first time taylor swift as come to town, i've had to purchase tickets for one or more daughters. if you're going to go to the concert, i think showers possible. a better chance of a shower when you actually leave the concert. i don't see anything heavy. take a live look outside. our live michael and son weather cam. 81. that's as warm as it's been so far. dew points below 70 which is acceptable i suppose. let's talk about the radar. we'll show you the warnings again. these have now been extended. you see the rain showers that moved from romney to winchester. they've kind of all dried up. not much is going to happen the next few hours. if you want to take a walk, bike ride, or fire up the grill. these are the warnings that have been extended from 8:30 to 9:00. this goes to 8:30. this is the flash flood
5:49 pm
area warning till 9:30 tonight. they've been extended to culpeper and woodstock. flooding hasn't subsided. a few showers tonight. more we think north and west of town. morning showers tomorrow. a much better chance of afternoon showers and evening showers on tuesday thus the yellow alert. in fact, looking at new data, i think the heaviest activity could be tomorrow night improving and not hot on a wednesday. gorgeous on thursday. 10:00 tonight, the futurecast is really emphatic on putting a shower very close to national airport and also nats park. temps in the 70s. so that's why at 10:00 later the concert goes on better chance you'll have of a shower. i don't see anything in terms of heavy or lightning. by 6:00 in the morning we have residual clouds. 69 in manassas and gaithersburg. 70 in buoy. by 8:30 clouds still but not too much in showers. couple sprinkles here and there. i would not get too hung up on the exact location of the
5:50 pm
sprinkles. be add -- advised a couple showers are possible. showers and storms possible primarily south of i-66, winchester culpeper and almost down to fredericksburg. by 4:30 not a lot. i think we'll see more sun tomorrow than we saw today and consequently warmer. 81 at gaithersburg at 4:30. 84 in manassas. by tomorrow evening 6:00 to 8:00, now we see showers and storms across the mountains and i think that's going to roll in here tomorrow night. that's probably going to be the heaviest activity we see tomorrow night. tonight mostly cloudy and mild. few showers and storms. more to the north and west. still fairly muggy downtown. 70s to start tomorrow. showers possible early. clouds by 11:00, 81. next three days, isolated showers on wednesday though i may have to beef that up. isolated showers. upper 80s. gorgeous on thursday. 85.
5:51 pm
low humidity. next seven days, friday nats in town and also here on 9 87. 92 on saturday. isolated storm. nats on 9 again on sunday. 94. they're still in town next monday, isolated storm. juggling family and work is tough for everyone, but for taylor hill of the washington mystics, every day is take your kid to work day. >> reporter: maurice just turned 1 last month. >> seeing him smile seeing him happy is the best thing. >> reporter: he enjoys shooting hoops at home with mom and dad. both parents play basketball for a living. dad in europe, mom for the mystics. maurice, or reese as he's more affectionally
5:52 pm
called, spends most of the season with mommy. taylor hill is a guard for the washington mystics and reese is courtside for every game, even road trips. >> he goes. there was never a thought to leave him like not have him travel and go. >> reporter: taylor met david while both played basketball at ohio state. after her first year with the mystics she found out she was pregnant. >> it was hard because you play basketball your whole life and so having to sit out for nine-plus months is difficult. it's a difficult task. >> how have you changed as a person and how have you changed as a player since maurice has been born? >> i think you jus automatically get more patience. >> reporter: that patience includes particular packing for her little man. he wears outfits for game day, outfits to come back, and i always bring an extra outfit just in case. >> reporter: nicole is reese's nanny and taylor says she's lucky to have her. >> she makes the bottles she makes the baby's bag.
5:53 pm
she takes a lot of pressure off because i don't have to worry about his diaper bag being checked. she takes care of all that. >> reporter: taylor said during her pregnancy she realized she loved basketball more than she thought. she's thankful to management for letting reese be part of the team and the teammates for loving reese like one of their own. dianne roberts, wusa 9 sports. coming at 6:00, we've got thell a star break upon us and the nationals are right where they should be, in first place but they've done it with a mash unit. it's called a dwarf planet but new pictures of pluto show it's a lot bigger than any of us thought. up next, never before seen images from the outer limits. >> the president's clemency grant is the largest in decades. coming up at 6
5:54 pm
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remember when they said pluto wasn't a planet? now the new horizon space craft has given a view of pluto. >> a team at john hopkins university applied physics lab in maryland will soon find out. >> reporter: nasa's new horizons probe has been flying for more than nine years to get this close to pluto. it's nearly 3 billion miles from earth. new horizons is the size of a piano and fitted with highly sensitive cameras traveling in a region called the kiper belt, it will take photos
5:57 pm
of pluto which is only 1400 miles wide, about half the width of the united states. >> they've really got to thread a cosmic needle. when it gets to pluto to make all the science work it has to fly through an imaginary box and has to hit that within 100 seconds. >> reporter: since its launch in 2006, space craft new horizons has traveled nearly 1 million miles every day. imagine the sun is the size of a quarter, placed on the goal line of a football field. earth would be 3 yards away. pluto would stretch 18 yards beyond the far goal line. >> before this mission we only knew it as a point of light and blurry image from the hubble space telescope. >> reporter: john has been with nasa since 1965. >> there's nothing like seeing essentially a brand new object right in front of your eyes. it was shrouded in a big cloud of
5:58 pm
mystery before. >> reporter: new horizons' seven instruments will map pluto and its five moons to analyze their surface. >> this was the last chance to do something like this. it's the last body at the very edge of the solar system that we're going to be flying by in anybody's lifetime. >> that was elaine reporting. once it's done with pluto new horizons will fly past one more object in 2019 before heading out in to interstellar space. president obama today granting clemency to 46 convicted drug criminals. thanks for being here. i'm derek mcginty. >> and i'm debra alfarone. the president says the harsh precedences were based on outdated guidelines. andrea mccarren has the latest from the white house. >> these men and women were not
5:59 pm
hardened criminals but the overwhelming majority had been sentenced to at least 20 years. >> reporter: calling the united states a nation of second chances, president obama commuted the sentences of 46 men and women. that means their convictions remain but their punishment ends. >> 14 of them had been sentenced to life for nonviolent drug offenses. so their punishments didn't fit the crime. >> reporter: the president's actions reflect a stepped house to make the criminal justice system more fair and reduce stiff sentences for what the administration considers nonviolent crimes. but the move is very controversial. >> we're trying to fight cyber terrorism. we're trying to fight isis. we've got bigger problems to deal with than babysitting drug dealers. >> we disagree with the idea that drug trafficking is nonviolent even when it's not done with a gun. >> reporter: the united states
6:00 pm
currently spends more than 80 billion dollars a year locking up criminals. >> that was andrea mccarren reporting. the national association of assistant u.s. attorneys believes the current mandatory minimum sentences are very effective in reducing crime in this country and that they should stay in place but many organizations believe it's time congress change the current laws. spring creek run in woodstock, virginia breached its banks and turned in to a raging torrent. within minutes the deluge swept away furniture and flooded basements. scores of people were trapped in their homes, held hostage by the rising waters. >> it was unbelievable. i'd never seen nothing like it. >> watt er was absolutely everywhere. you could not see the pavement whatsoever. had we walked out we'd be shot right down that way. absolutely scary. >> i looked out the window, saw the field was flooded out


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