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tv   wusa 9 News Saturday at 7am  CBS  July 18, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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good morning. it is 7:00 saturday morning. homicide investigators have been at work all night in the district. there have been three murders as well as other shootings. and a crazy scene on a california highway has people try to escape a massive fire. the heat wave begins today and there's no end in sight. and tomorrow could be the hottest day we have had so far in 2015. you made it to the weekend. i'm mike hydeck. >> and i'm eric grow. yesterday was pretty nice. >> the stretch coming up is
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going to be significant, right? >> absolutely. and i've been comparing the heat wave to the heat waves in 2012. this could be the hottest and longest that we have had in years. let's look at the weather cam. a nice pleasant shot of the jefferson memorial and the washington monument. here's a look at the day planner. we'll see a few showers in the morning and temperatures quickly rising. 89 at 1:00. storms approaching from the west at that point and then a more solid line of thunderstorms will make its way toward us at 4:00. we'll be at 92 degrees and that's dropping from a high of 94. the heat is on starting today. 72 at lease burg and
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gaithersburg. . >> i'm track the storms coming up in the first alert 7-day. back to you mike. it was a rough overnight shift for police in the district. three men were killed in separate shootings and that does not count the victims who survived other shootings. surae chinn is live. >> reporter: police are investigating what has turned out to be a deadly, bloody overnight in the district. detectives right here in the latest fatal shooting, right now in the 1300 block of ridge road northwest. that's rigs road northwest. shots rang out around 2:30 and two men are dead -- one at the 3400 block of 13th south southeast. two were injured on edgewood
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street northeast. possibly we're hearing over a dice game. there were at least six shooting incidents. as you mentioned. three dead and three injured. no word if any of the incidents are connected. no word if anyone is in custody. if you know anything, police desperately want to hear from you. surae chinn, wusa 9. they're being treated as troops who died in combat. a solemn motorcade carried the bodies of the four means killed in chattanooga. from there they were flown to delaware. and the computers belonging to muhammad youssef abdulazeez will be analyzed at quantico. he did travel to jordan last year. and investigators are looking into whether or not he had any
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contact are terror groups. it was one of those disturbing stories you might not want you chiropractor to see. mute the tv or have them move away. park police showed up at a playground on capitol hill to interview witnesses who may have seen a man exposing himself. several moms saw what the man did. >> pedophile touching himself in broad daylight looking at children playing. i called my husband and walked home right away. everyone was fine and i was crying. >> police have not found the man so far. this type of exposure in front of children is just a misdemeanor in d.c. police have released a surveillance video of a person of interest at a shooting at
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another playground. the columbia heights center is on fair mount street. >> some of the most painful testimony may be to come. even though james holmes has been convicted as the colorado movie theater shooting. they'll hear witness impact testimony. jurors decided that holmes was sane when he killed 12 and wounded 70. there are two choices -- the deputy or life without parole. >> this is not over. everybody else is going to walk away and it's another day at the job. but it's not for the families. >> we're very happy that this animal will never see the light of day. >> the sentencing phase could take a month to complete. and monday marks the third
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anniversary of the attack. if you grab cash flying around inside the baltimore tunnel in the harbor, it's time to avoid prosecution. the tunnel was shut down after cash spilled out of a brink's truck. the door malfunction asked that sent the cash flying. police did not recover all of the money. if you grab that cash you can return it by 5 p.m. today or face theft charges if you're caught. a racing wildfire moved so fast that it scared people out of their cars and had them running. traffic backed up for miles and news helicopters spotted something unusual. >> you can see a drop right on the cars. they dropped right on them. >> crews from the air and firefighters on the ground did what they could to stop the
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flames from spreading. five homes were also burned. no reports of serious injuries. the nationals game will resume today and the lights would not cooperate. players tried to find a way to pass the time. and then there was a second outage. the brightest pot put the nats up 3-2 in the 5th. the third and final lights out happened in the 6th. today's regularly scheduled game starts at 4:05 or 20 minutes after the first game ends. the guy who shot a selfie video at one of the most important moments of his life. and maryland's governor is facing a positive second round of chemo. fingers are crossed that it's not as difficult as the first
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one. a lot of people will be fishing this weekend unless they do it illegally. erica-- did you know it's national moth week. you can learn more at the museum of national history. they'll have a closeup look of live specimens. if you want to head to baltimore for the arts festival -- it's called arts scape. >> 88 degrees at 11:00. and 90 at 4:00 in baltimore. and in the d.c. metro area, temperatures heading into the low to mid-90s. we'll talk about the steamy details coming up in the first alert 7-day forecast. stay with us.
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it can be a very relaxing way to spend your weekend. but it is being wiped out by the west coast drought. >> fish and wildlife officials in oregon are banning fishing for trout, salmon, sturgeon. >> it applies to much of the will lam met river. dead fish are washing up along the river banks. some people will be forced to travel much further. >> i won't be able to fish except for weekends. >> and i'm sure there are lakes open. i don't think they can shut everything down. >> the drought has dropped water levels much lower than level and the water temperature has risen and that's stressing
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the fish. restrictions are going into effect today banning fishing after 2 p.m. and i want to say hello to stacey in west virginia. she's a regular viewer. and thanks for watching this morning. we're doing weather right now. >> the heat wave begins today. it's going to be hot for the next several days. this is definitely going to be the most stressful heat wave that we have had so far this year and it could be the worst by 2012 by the time all is said and done. let's look at doppler 9000. there's an area of thunderstorms approaching. and you can see it moving towards winchester right now. nothing severe but plenty of lightning and a brief heavy downpour. the storms are moving at 30 miles per hour. they'll clear out quickly. and as we head into the midmorning hours, they'll move out of the metro area. before that happens, we'll see a quick shower around 9:00 or
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10:00 a.m. 80degrees at that point. and 87 at noon. and then in the afternoon more scattered thunderstorms develop as a cold front starts to make its approach. it's not going to cool us down though. temperatures will remain well above the seasonal average. 71degrees in reston, white oak. 70 in germanton. and 77 in downtown washington. and 73 at andrews. you can see the showers in the morning. and then more spotty thunderstorms developing in the afternoon. but the heat is on. and that's the real story here. we're not looking for a threat for widespread severe storms today. any storms that develop could turn severe. the heat and humidity are really the story for the weekend. it's going to be hot again on sunday. that will be the hottest day of the year if the forecast holds and another line of thunderstorms will develop on monday. we'll see more widespread thunderstorm activity on
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monday. the heat is really on over the next three days. today we'll reach a high of 94 with a few storms. and sunday an isolated storm. the heat index will be 105 or more. staying in the 90s, 92 on tuesday and wednesday, and a little bit drier on wednesday. isolated storms still possible thursday and friday and that high of 90 degrees on thursday and friday and friday is going to feel pleasant compared to what we've got this weekend. 7:14 now. health headlines and tomorrow maryland governor larry hogan is scheduled to check back into the hospital. he'll receive a second round of treatment for non-hodgkin's lymphoma.
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i understand it gets tougher as you go along. he worked from the hospital room while the lieutenant governor filled in. a discouraging study about obesity and weight loss. it's unlikely to get back to a healthier weight and stay there. obese people who are able to lose 5% of their body weight usually put it back on in five years. >> reporter: the maryland department of health reported its first death involving a child in a hot car. with erica predicting a heat wave, officials want to remind everyone that infants and children are at high risk for heat related illnesses. never leave a child or a pet alone in any car at any time. even a warm day can turn a
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closed car into a deadly. join a local yoga instructor in the east park at 27th and q streets northwest. it's 60 minutes of mental and physical health in a tree covered serene environment. still to come, we'll tell you about more major league ballparks going green by going green. pretty cool too. > >>and the first drone delivery just happened and it's in a place not far from right here. if you're looking for something to do tonight, how about history at sunset at manassas national battlefield park. the 90-minute program is about the struggle to establish the park and maintain the area's historic site. it
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. welcome back, i'm erica grow. getting off to a warmer and muggier start. remember how refreshing it was on thursday. totally different today. 77 in downtown washington and 74 in fredericksburg. no matter where you live, temperatures heading into the 90s. 92 in winchester after the
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early storm. 91 in culpeper and 92 in leesburg. and gaithersburg will reach a high of 94. the biggest threat for thunderstorms in the afternoon hours. d.c. has a new director of department of forensic services. jennifer smith was introduced to the media on friday. a former fbi agent and supervisor. and now a big task is ahead of her. dr.smith says her staff is undergoing retraining right now. the first federally approved delivery by drone took place in virginia. guided by gps and using drone drop technology. the aircraft flew a mile and delivered multiple shipments of
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prescription drugs in the mountains wise county, virginia. drones could prove critical when it proves to getting medicine or supplies to areas during natural disasters. here's a photo of fenway park rooftop garden. the produce in the 5000 square foot garden is used in food and cocktails sold at the ballpark. several other baseball stadiums also have rooftop gardens. if you're just getting up. that's a good thing. we are just getting started. meet a homeless woman whose hard luck did not stop her from taking special care of a beloved parrot. and we'll take a look at what protects you best from
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dreaded mosquitoes. and a life changing moment caught in a selfie video. what this
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in case you missed it. it's time to find out what's trending on facebook. one of the items was out of this world. >> pluto was number one after images of the dwarf planet was released. they were taken by nasa's new horizon spacecraft. the last thing you want to get is your car stolen. but a texas family was happy after a stolen suv was found and returned with repairs. the thief fixed the drive shaft and installed new wheels. and this one is sure to melt your heart. it's been seen by 25 million people. 11-month-old piper is extremely
7:25 am
farsighted. here's her reaction when she tries on her glasses. you can see more viral videos and keep up with trending stories throughout the week by liking wusa 9 on facebook. he's used to pumping up basketball fans but it's a one- on-one performance making the emcee of the houston rockets an online sensation. he takes his camera with him everywhere. and his girlfriend is used to shooting selfie videos with him. the couple is on the golden gate bridge and chris decided this was the right time and the right place. >> every time i watch it i cry. >> will you marry me? >> yes. >> she said yes! she said yes! >> a little excited. he and his fiancie are now making wedding plans and they hope to be married sometime next year. the couple said the proposal
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went by in such a blur they're glad they have it on video. a serious problem is revealed about the department of veterans affairs. we have that story coming up. and police are on the lookout for two men used of hitting officers with their cars this week. if you're heading to the nats game -- both of them will be hot and steamy. we'll look for the threat >> thunderstorms as well. the first game begins at 2:00 and finishing up the game from last night. and the game after that will be at 4:05 or 20 minutes after the first game ends. in either case, it's going to be a steamy weekend and we'll talk more about it coming up. montgomery county is hosting a free family resource fair from 9:00 a.m. to 1 p.m. at silver springs civic building at one veterans place. the fair is geared
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feel like a kid again with dunkin's new oreo and chips ahoy flavored coolatta and iced coffees. classic cookie flavor in every sip. america runs on dunkin'. three men are dead and homicide investigators are fanned out across the district after several shootings overnight. fbi investigators are focusing on terrorism as a possible motive in the murders of four
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marines. the heat is on. temperatures in the 90s for the next several days in the first alert 7-day forecast. so how is your saturday so far? thanks so much for waking up with us. i'm mike hydeck. >> and i'm meteorologist erica grow. if you're still in bed. my mom is watching from the iphone. it's a sultry start to the day. and we have thunderstorms on the way. let's take a look at doppler 9000. and you can see the thunderstorms approaching the 81 corridor and starting to overtake it. moving in to the city of winchester and i wanted to track these storms so you can get an idea of when they'll move in. they're moving to the southeast at 35 miles per hour. it's possible that they're just going to graze the beltway.
7:31 am
but they'll approach berryville within the next 35 to 40 minutes. we have the threat for the shower in the immediate metro area. and then we clear out before more thunderstorms develop. 92degrees at 4:00 dropping from a high of 94 which we'll reach at 3:00. right now 73 in leesburg, and gaithersburg, and 75 in winchester. 74 in waldorf. new this morning, d.c. police have more than half a dozen shootings under investigation. at least three people have died in these shootings all of which happened late last night or this morning. surae chinn is in northeast washington right now. >> reporter: detectives have been incredibly busy, bouncing from one crime scene to the next ever since 9:00 last
7:32 am
night. detectives here right now on the latest shooting. it was a fatality here at 13th street and riggs road northwest. shots rang out around 2:30 this morning. one man is dead. a neighbor heard six to seven shots ring out overnight around 2:30 this morning. two other men are dead in separate dips, including one at the 3400 block of 13th street southeast. that was at about 1:00 this morning. and then 9:00 last night a man was shot to death in the 600 block of edgewood street in northeast. there's no indication that there is any connection to these shootings. six separate shootings overnight. three people dead, several others injured. there's no word that anyone is in custody and police want to hear from you if you have information from any of these cases. surae chinn, wusa 9.
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prince george county police have not filed charges in the ambush shooting of two private security guards where one was killed. this happened outside central gardens apartments in capitol heights. adrian kenard was planning to become a police officer because his younger brother was murdered in 2010. some people were taken into custody for questioning but an arrest has not been made. two men are accused of hitting officers with their cars. they released a photo of a suspect in the latest incident on thursday. an officer spotted a subaru with d.c. tags that he believed was stolen. fortunately, the officer was not seriously hurt. >> the way he was moving
7:34 am
around. he had a little trouble breathing. >> michael smith drove up on the aftermath of the incident in district heights because the wrecked car was in his front yard. >> the suspect in the case drove 100 yards dragging an officer tangled up in his seat belt. this morning, isis is claiming responsibility for a massive car bombing in iraq that killed 115 people. the suicide attack happened yesterday in the eastern part of the country as people gathered at a marketplace to mark the end of the holy month of ramadan. the islamist state claimed it was behind the attack. new details emerging about the gunman who shot and killed four marines in chattanooga on
7:35 am
thursday. he also injured three others before he was killed. the fbi launched a terror investigation. >> reporter: a cell phone was used to record the gun battles at the scene where he murdered four marines and shot others. he carried two rifles and a handgun when he launched the attack from his car at this military recruiting office. >> he was wearing a load bearing vest, a vest where he was able to carry magazines of ammunition. >> reporter: they sent the gunman's computers to the fbi lab in virginia. they'll analyze them to see if he had contact with terror groups. >> at this time we have no information that he have was directed by anyone but himself.
7:36 am
>> reporter: he traveled to jordan last year. and they discovered two blog posts transcribed to muhammad youssef abdulazeez. the author said life is short and bitter and the opportunity to submit to allah may pass you by. the community grieved. hena daniels for cbs news, chattanooga, tennessee. and cbs news has learned that muhammad youssef abdulazeez had an encounter with police for driving under the influence. >> the >> the serious problems at the department of veterans affairs. they cannot count how many veterans died while waiting to sign up for healthcare. >> a shortfall is due to a --
7:37 am
the v.a. has made significant problem in the last year. talk about a scary sight. we know much more about what caused the parking garage to collapse at the watergate complex. it was dirt. a landscaping firm and a company doing renovation piled too much dirt on top of the garage. the collapse in may injured two people and halted renovation work. it damaged dozens of parked cars and broke water pipes and flooded a cvs. if you're serious about space, you might want to head to laurel, maryland. the applied physics laboratory is holding a pluto palooza. they'll be celebrating the photos sent back. the photos are showing
7:38 am
scientists that pluto has mountain ranges and other signs of geologic activity. if you'll be staying cool by shopping, we'll tell you which places you can get a big discount. don't miss leslie foster's report. have you been fighting off mosquitoes this spring and summer? coming up a test of different types of repellents to keep you safe. >> just watching that video makes me itch a little bit. it's going to be a hot and steamy day and tomorrow is hotter. if you're heading to the beach over the next couple of days, this is the spot where you get the relief. the high in ocean city, 85 degrees. there's the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm. but more of the storms will be in the metro. and then it's dry again on sunday. 87 and the ocean temperature a beautiful 73 degrees. and happening today, a disability doesn't have to keep anyone from being on the ice.
7:39 am
the patriots and warriors are hosting a try sled day. players are demonstrate how it's done before letting the guests on the ice to play hockey from a sled. ♪ [ music ] ♪ and good morning, everybody. big sports saturday coming your way. the nats will have to finish the game from last night and then play the regularly scheduled game at the park against the dodgers. open championship continues with the third round and the u.s. men's soccer team has a gold cup game in baltimore. we'll have that for
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and tie-in of a new water line. that delay is going to be happening all weekend. for metro riders, work will be happening over the weekend. buses will replace trains at several stops on the orange, silver, and blue lines mainly around eastern market. service on the green line is regular. see you monday starting at 4:25. here's a look at what's stopping people dead in their tracks on the eastern shore. maryland national resources police tweeted photos showing a pair of funnel clouds over the chesapeake bay. two of the officers went through one in a brand new boat and described it as a blast of cold air followed by three seconds of monsoonal rain. >> really a sharp photo. and the national weather service is going to try to confirm if it was tornadoes
7:43 am
that hit minnesota last night. severe thunderstorms moved across the state and reports are coming in of damage. a few scattered fires were reported from downed power lines. the severe storm started in south dakota and now the line is moving to wisconsin. lifeguards on the southern california coastline are on alert. noaa has issued a coastal hazard message because of tropical storm delores. it's expected to cause 7-foot waves and conditions are going downhill as of yesterday. lifeguards warned swimmers that the currents were especially dangerous around the piers. chances are you encounter a mosquito or two. >> little pools of standing water are where they breathe. we went deep into the land of
7:44 am
10,000 lakes to check on options for mosquito repellents. >> all varying in ingredients and price. >> the main ingredient is deet. and the other is oil of lemon eucalyptus. and the other is called picardum. >> reporter: we decided to find out how the products stack up. mosquito control showed up the deepest, darkest mosquito infested woods they could find. >> that's five bites. it hit the jugular. >> giving me a week's worth of jobs. and for the test. we spent five minutes with each product. citronella bracelet. clip on fan. cutter natural. and off deep woods with 25%
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deet. >> and he's in. >> the bracelet was not feoff. >> mosquito right by the citronella wristband. >> but every other product performed as advertised. some mosquitoes still came around. but not a single bite. >> i may have no blood left. >> it appears to me that everything was effective except for the wristband. >> again that was five minutes and virtually no wind. consumer reports tested hundreds of repellents in a controlled environment. the top were sawyer fisherman's, repel eucalyptus. >> she sunk her teeth in. >> the neck is getting it too. >> you'll be in trouble if you don't pick out a good product. >> it's nice he did that for us. >> yes, yes.
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journalism at its finest. >> taking the hit for all of us so we know what to use. absolutely. it's going to be a sweltering weekend and we do have the potential for thunderstorms. i wouldn't be surprised if the same thing starts to pop up around here with more of the mosquitoes breeding. temperatures in the 90s not only today but for the next several days. i'm also tracking a line of pretty strong thunderstorms. the national weather service says none of the storms are severe. but 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts are possible with the storm cell moving across the city of winchester. and you can see the storm track at 35 miles per hour. and some areas that could be impacted in the next several minutes. charleston, west virginia at 8:15. and upperville at 8:35 getting impacted. we're going to see the first line of storms making the way
7:47 am
across i-80 and pretty much diminishing to strong showers. 80degrees. 87 at noon with a partly cloudy sky and then more thunderstorms in the afternoon. 90degrees at 5:00. 73degrees at andrews. and also in buoy. 77 in downtown washington. overnight temperatures could remain in the 80s in some spots later on in the workweek forecast. you'll see that in just a few minutes. here come the rounds of showers from the morning. in the afternoon, more thunderstorms start to pop up. we're not going to see widespread severe storms. when you have heat and humidity there's always the potential. but the threat today will primarily be the heat even though storms are possible from mid- to late afternoon today. the feels like forecast. yes, this is the real forecast. in the afternoon, it's going to
7:48 am
feel like 100 degrees in fredericksburg, leesburg. waking up sunday morning, it's going to feel like 80 degrees. 8a.m. feeling like 88 in d.c. and heading into the afternoon, that kneels like forecast -- feels like forecast surging. 105 in washington and frederick. 103 in culpeper and winchester. and feeling like 103 tomorrow afternoon. that's dangersly hot. that's why we have the yellow alert in place. just a few thunderstorms in the afternoon. and a high of 94. on sunday a high of 98 degrees with the heat index well above 100 for a good amount of the afternoon. just an isolated thunderstorm on sunday. and then on monday a few more storms and a high of 95 and it's still really hot. the cold front doesn't bring any relief from the heat and humidity. in the first alert 7-day
7:49 am
forecast we stay in the 90s on tuesday and wednesday. and a high of 92. and it could be a dry day. and thursday and friday just an isolated thunderstorm and looking at highs around 90 degrees so the heat wave will continue through the entire workweek. mike, back to you. in consumer news we've just had an amazon prime day competing with walmart. and while the heat may come and go. there's no letup when it comes to sales in july. leslie foster has information on deep summer discounts. >> reporter: today's consumer alert is about the four items you can get right now and save big time. if you're in the market for indoor or outdoor furniture you're in luck. retailers are making way for new styles. the same rule applies for swimwear. and to catalog all the memories you make, you can save on camcorders. check out buying guides before
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7:54 am
who are not comic book fans. paul rudd -- michael douglas plays a scientist who developing a shrinking technology. and he brings in an ex-con to break in to his old company and steal what he needs to make antman a reality. his name is mr. sherlock holmes. if latest actor to play sherlock holmes is in his mid- 70s. this holmes has retired and is living on the english coast. and he has a problem with some of the rumors about a detective. and he's haunted by a case he couldn't solve. and this woman is everywhere. she's on tv, standup, just gotten an emmy nomination. amy schumer wrote this and helped direct it. she stars as a young woman who plays the field a little bit. and she's more than a little
7:55 am
freaked out when the latest guy she spent the night with starts making moves towards a serious relationship. >> i love amy schumer. it was a story to make your sing the blues. and a happy ending. >> the lead singer for the queen city jazz band. and she has been homeless for months. her brother gave her a small r.v. and she illegally plugged in an extension to an outlet to run a few electronics. but she didn't have enough room for her sam, her parrot. wendy found sam a temporary home with a rescue foundation. >> i can't begin to tell you what it means to me. until i can pull myself together and get us back in a home. >> for months wendy came to visit sam a few times a week
7:56 am
and sing to her best friend. now the good news -- wendy has found a place to live and picked up sam earlier this week. her new friends at the parrot rescue feathered and human are hoping that she'll stop back soon. her singing soothes many of ruffled feather. >> parrots can live for many, many years. >> they can be passed on to family members. we have the greatest potential to hit 100 in the forecast tomorrow. that's the greatest potential since last year. take a look at doppler 9000. in addition to the heat, i'm tracking a line of thunderstorms that right knew is moving through winchester, across the i-81 corridor and across the blue ridge within the next half hour. i think for the most part the storms will diminish and we'll
7:57 am
just see a shower or a rumble of thunder in the immediate metro area this morning. and then another round of thunderstorms developing in the afternoon but it's not widespread and we don't have the potential for severe weather today. today is a green alert day but a hot one. in the first alert 7-day forecast, 94 degrees today. and 98 on sunday and that's the day we could see triple-digit weather. >> and you know the story we had about the first federallerily proved drone in virginia. they'll have that story coming up on cbs this morning. and they'll hone in on the british open. it's the third round. they'll finish the second round and then the third round and see if jordan
7:58 am
7:59 am
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good morning. it's july 18th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." terrifying moments on a california highway as a wildfire jumps the road trapping drivers for hours. plus new information on the suspect in the tennessee marine killings. what we've learned about his time working at a nuclear power plant. intense parts of the country as extreme heat gets ready to move in. and they are the kings of the jingle. inside the company that makes


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