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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  July 22, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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for sentencing. reporting live from silver spring, andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> sounds like he may be moving to the big house. we have no idea what motivated this fella, nobody knows for sure but a lot of people think mental illness might have had something to do with it. a shooting. we now know this was a shootout between a suspect and an off- duty d.c. police officer. it actually happened closer to hanlin street d anqueens chapel roads northeast before midnight. police say an armed suspect robbed a man of $100 and then shot him several times. well, that off-duty officer who saw the crime confronted the suspect and that's when police say that suspect opened fire on him and the officer fired back. >> i thought he want to shoot through my window. >> they really need to do something about it, they really do. summertime, you want to be out and you're afraid it's going to keep going on.
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>> neighbors just too fair find to -- terrified to show their cases on camera but they told stephanie ramirez what it sounded like last night. she will tell us more about that at 6:00 along with who police are looking to find. pretty busy night for d.c. police, two suspects now in custody after taking off during a police stop near george washington university and police believe they were in a stolen car. people living in the neighborhood received a text from police and they were pretty startled to learn about the incident. >> pretty shocking. i'm not sure, you know, what the circumstances were but it would be pretty surprising around here. >> glad i didn't see that right away, but, yeah, so basically we got three texts. >> police shots were fired on that scene but no one was hurt. new information emerging tonight on last week's deadly shooting in chattanooga. the military tells us that several troops, quote, ran back into the fight to help get their colleagues to safety. major general paul breyer says there were 20 marines and two
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navy corps men inspecting equipment when the attack went down. breyer says the troops reacted just the way you would expect. they rapidly went room to room trying to save their fellow troops. the shooting killed four marines and one sailor. the man accused of killing nine black church members in charleston, south carolina last month has been indicted on federal hate crime charges. at a news conference today, attorney general loretta lynch said dylann roof sought out african-americans at the emanuel ame church because of its historical significance. now he faces 33 charges, no word on whether prosecutors will be seeking the death penalty. a texas sheriff says a black woman who was found hanged in her jail cell told the guard as she was being booked into the facility she had previously tried to kill herself. plus newly released dashcam video raising questions about that whole arrest situation. don champion with the latest from hempstead, texas. >> reporter: the video shows how a routine traffic stop quickly turned ugly.
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>> you seem very irritated. >> i am. i really am. >> reporter: texas trooper brian insid ya pulled his stun gun on sandra bland after she refused to put out her cigarette and get out of the car. he threatened to use the weapon on her. >> get out of the car. i will light you up. get out. >> wow. >> now. >> wow. >> bland's sister believes the officer was picking on her because she was an out-of-state resident. >> i am infuriated and everybody else should be infuriated as well. >> reporter: in an affidavit the officer claims bland began swinging her elbows at me and then kicked my right leg and the shin. bland was found dead in her cell three days after she was arrested. authorities says she hanged herself with a plastic garbage bag. >> it's a little bit of depression as well as ptsd. >> reporter: in march bland admitted on lying to battling depression but her family does not think she killed herself. >> what raises questions is why it is that a 28-year-old woman who had received two job offers would take her own life.
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>> reporter: the fbi is investigating. don champion, cbs news, hempstead, texas. >> and the bland family attorney says sandra bland was never diagnosed with depression. gyro copter man says no to another plea deal. douglas hughes, that man in that strange aircraft that landed on the capital grounds rejected a deal today that would have required him to spend 10 months in jail. his lawyer says hughes believes that federal guidelines call for him to receive a sentence of zero to six months behind bars. hughes says his stunt last spring was designed to call attention to the need for campaign finance reform. he's due back in court next month. tracking metro tonight, red line service is back to normal after a train made contact with a low hanging commercial powerline. it all happened around 11:20 this morning and it caused some delays between the grovner and medical center stations. that train returned to grovner where passengers were able to eventually get off and get on
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another train and no one was hurt. five people recovering tonight, all injured after a deck they were on collapsed. now, this all happened around 11:15 last night up in columbia, maryland. the department of inspections, licenses and permits is taking a look at this. paramedics also did evaluate six patients but that person refused treatment. today president obama sent secretary of state john kerry off to capitol hill seeking support for the nuclear deal with iran but house speaker john boehner said today he's going to do everything possible to block that deal and several senators are on the record vowing to do likewise on their chamber. president obama has said he was veto any bill that prevents the agreement from going into effect. the veto could set up an override vote in the congress. and tonight a warning from the trustees who oversee social security. they say the disability trust fund will run out of money next year unless congress does something. people who received social security disability could face
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steep benefit cuts up to 19%. to avoid that, congress could shift tax revenue from social security's much larger retirement fund. everything else so far has failed, so today the washington post turned to the united nations for help to free one of its reporters from iran. on this, the first anniversary of jason rezaian detention by iranian authorities, the post petitioned the u.n. working group on arbitrary detention to demand his release. bruce leshan talked with his brother. >> reporter: it has been a year since iranian authorities broke down the door and arrested the reporter and his wife. his family and colleagues at the post had hoped last week's conclusion of the nuclear talks would have offered iran an opening to release him. >> i wake up every day disappointed that jason is still in prison and that we are still working on this. >> reporter: the iranian embassy here in the u.s. is shuttered, so is the u.s.
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embassy in tehran. u.s. interests there are represented by the swiss but even the swiss have been unable to get in to see jason rezaian. ra zion -- rezaian has been subjected to what the post editor calls a sham trial on trumped-up charges of espionage. >> mow frustrating -- how frustrating is this for you? >> this is enormously frustrating. >> reporter: his wife was eventually released and his mother has gone to iran three times, hoping to convince the head of the revolutionary court a hard liner known as the judge of death to release her california born son to go back to reporting. >> he's been in prison for the last year. he and his wife who is also a journalist have not been able to -- >> the evidence against him are things like tracking the internal and external policies of the government. sounds like reading the newspaper to me. >> these americans need to be back home with their families. >> reporter: the president says he is still pushing and so is
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rezaian's brother. >> absolutely no reason that he -- >> reporter: at the national press club, bruce leshan, wusa9. >> nearly half a million people have signed a petition at asking iran's supreme leader to free rezaian. the pentagon says a dangerous al-qaeda leader was killed in syria this month. the united states had a $7 million bounty on musheen al fad halee. the pentagon says he was also one of just a few al-qaeda leaders with prior knowledge of the september 11th attacks. and take a look at what tsa officers at bwi found in one traveler's carreon yesterday, a hand -- carry-on yesterday, 12 bottle rockets, even a hatchet. they cons stated that stuff --
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confiscated that stuff and the passenger was allowed to board. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. this bear, he may look kind of adorable, sort of. but is suspected of attacking a family pet. peggy fox brings us the story at 5:30. a big box retailer launches its first teeny, tiny story in the eastern u.s. i'm scott broom in college park, maryland. coming up why target thinks its new store called target express will attract the young and the hip who are turning their backs on suburbia. and i'm meteorologist topper shutt. this is about as nice as july gets. if you want to take a walk tonight after dinner, here are your temperatures on futurecast, about 9:00 still 80 downtown but not humid but only 72 in gaithersburg, only 75 in leesburg and manassas. we will come back, take the futurecast through tomorrow and tell you when the heat and humidity return. and after the break, a string of suspicious fires in a
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d.c. neighborhood has neighbors worried.
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nncht northeast d.c. early this morning, firefighters responding to an abandoned house on fire. now, neighbors made the 911 call, they were worried the flames might spread to their homes. once the firefighters got there and got things under control, well, they knew what had happened. >> reporter: it didn't take long for investigators to say that the fire at this house was without a doubt set on purpose. it was around 4:00 this morning when firefighters say this house in the 800 block of 46th street northeast went up in flames. the house is abandoned and has been for some time, although it's not clear how they know, investigators say the cause was arson. no one was hurt, nor was there any damage to nearby homes but
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neighbors say they were worried. >> a lot of fire in the back. we were scared because we saw, you know, a lot of fire over there and we come outside. >> reporter: this is one of at least half a dozen abandoned houses in the deanwood neighborhood in one of several -- and one of several that has been intentionally set on fire in the last couple of weeks. people i spoke to throughout this neighborhood say they are concerned, number 1, about the number of abandoned houses out here but also for the fact that they keep getting set on fire. in d.c., i'm nikki burdine, wusa9. >> police have identified the woman found near the dulles station parking garage in herndon yesterday, she is 19- year-old brook lee lancaster or ashburn. >> of ashburn. >> yes. sorry. investigators say there was no foul play or anything suspicious about her death. activists in los angeles are just outraged after police used a taser and beanbag rounds
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on a homeless man in a wheelchair and it was all captured on tape. >> oh, man. oh, my god. oh, my god. they shot him. >> the lapd declined to speak on camera but they told local news media there that the man swung a pole at officers when they tried to take him into custody, that 43-year-old man was taken to the hospital for his injuries and then booked on charges of assault with a deadly weapon. three l.a. police officers are already under investigation for the shooting death of another homeless man in the spring. caught on camera, a bus passenger gets angry while trying to get back on the bus. it happened near tampa. so the guy gets off the bus and then he changes his mind and police say when the driver tried to collect two more dollars, he just lost it. the driver locked the doors, the man later head butted the bus. it appears that he got knocked out for a few seconds and then police are now looking for him.
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always watching, always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather. >> if you head butt a bus, there's a good chance you might have a problem. >> you know what they say, when you head butt a bus, the bus is going to win. >> that's what i'm thinking. >> every time. >> he had larger problems than needing a bus ride. >> greater issues. >> oh, my. let's talk about 3 degrees of guarantee. >> let's do that. you know, trouble with a dry air mass, we have a very comfortable dry air mass, it's not humid out as it warms up quickly i'm concerned here. we went for a high today of 88 degrees. seemed reasonable at the time. we will let you know how we did officially at 11:00 when the numbers are in. live look outside, weather cam, right now it's 88, that's a good sign. look at the dew point. remember this time yesterday, pointed out dew points in the 70s, look at this, they are now in the 50s. i mean, that's about as good as it gets. dew points in the 50s, you can open your windows at night.
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relative humidity only 34%. winds out of the west at 9 gusting to 21. so a perfect evening for a walk after dinner or with the family pet. cool start on thursday but a warm finish. again, it warms up very quickly. it will be hot friday and saturday but not humid. and then on sunday it's going to be hot and humid and much of next week. but that said, you can still start your weekend plans because i don't see any thunderstorms of any sort on saturday, just a slight, slight chance on sunday. 10:00 tonight, 79 downtown. 71 and low 70s in leesburg and manassas but we will advance this to 6:00 in the morning and look at this, 62 in gaithersburg, 59 in frederick, 58 in cumberland and still be a little bit below 70 downtown. this is just about as nice as it gets really in july. to the north, though, kind of a sparkler -- not really sparkler material for us but so dries it cools off quickly at night.
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by 12:30, 1:00, back to 89 downtown, upper 70s in the suburbs. tomorrow afternoon mid-80s but still not humid. just a comfortable day, a perfect day again to take lunch outside. and then by 7:30 tomorrow night, i don't know why i stop at 7:30 but anyways, 7:30 tomorrow night, 81 at leesburg, 81 in manassas and 83 downtown. so for tonight, clear skies, cooler, lows in the 60s, and there will be a sprinkling of 50s well north and west. tomorrow morning, sunny, beautiful, 60 to 84, so we will warm up rather quickly and then by afternoon mostly sunny and just warm but not humid, highs 85 to 90, winds out of the northwest at about 10. so gorgeous from the mountains to the coast, 76 in oakland, jump the divide, 83 in cumberland, mid-80s for haggarstown, martinsburg and winchester, you might touch 90 in culpeper tomorrow, upper 80s leesburg, warrenton manassas. 88 in gaithersburg, 83 by the
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water. great day to be on the water. so the day planner, we think we will be 69 at 7:00, just dip below 70. remember this is downtown temps. 73 at 9:00, 79 at 11:00, 83 with sunshine at 1:00 p.m. still not humid on friday, 90, a good day, and low 90s on saturday, don't want that 93 -- don't let that 93 scare you. it's not going to be humid. next seven days, sunday it will be humid, 94, better than our 98 last sunday, 94 on monday, 96 on tuesday, isolated storms possible, don't look now, we are in the upper 90s next wednesday. to prince george's county where a really big national retail chain is making news by doing something really small. >> yeah, target is experimenting. they are making smaller stores and the first one in the eastern u.s. opened its doors today in college park and that's where our prince george's county bureau chief scott broom is standing by live right now to tell us more about the tiny store. scott. >> reporter: that's right.
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some shoppers have never seen before, it's called a target express. right across the street here from baltimore avenue from the university of maryland, right over there, a teeny tiny target that may turn out to be the next big thing in big box retail. >> definitely a good idea. >> reporter: that's emily, a student at the university of maryland, which happens to be across the street from this teeny tiny target, known as target express. >> i'm excited. >> reporter: jerry west spotted earlier scooping up towels in the home section. of the first target express in the eastern u.s. >> here we have our fresh produce. >> reporter: store manager janee nailer in charge of a store about 1/10 of the size of a regular target that has most of the regular stuff, the electronics, housewares, a pharmacy, grocery, all packed into just 15,000 square feet with no giant parking lot outside. >> we are trying to get into populations, defense populations la a normal -- that
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a normal size target couldn't fit into. >> reporter: the target for this target express are the students at university of maryland. but a target express planned for rosslyn, virginia too. target wants to be where the young and hip are and increasingly that is not in the middle of a giant parking lot in the suburbs. instead, order online and pick it up at a small store closer to home. people like the power of a brand name within walking distance. >> looks like it's about a quarter of the size but it's okay. it fits the needs for students, i'm sure. >> i would actually -- i was actually surprised it does have the pharmacy, had a lot of the kind of essential foods. >> it's very nice. i really like it. i'll definitely come here. >> so what shoppers want to know, they want to know what the prices are like. the prices inside this target express exactly the same as at the big target. so, again, this target express, the first of its kind on the east coast, there are more to come. it remains to be seen whether target ends up taking over corners all over america like
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this, but if they can get brand loyalty with college kids and millennials they will give it a trial. reporting live from college park, scott broom, wusa9. >> thank you, scott. cvs has teamed up by target to put pharmacies in those target stores. still ahead, believe in baltimore. how students and musicians are trying to rebuild tom city to the power of a song. plus why one of the nation's largest banks is paying back its customers $700 million. and good news for
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i'm not sick. i'm not sick. i'm not sick. she's perfectly healthy. cigna covers preventive care. that's having your back.
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consumer alert, stocks closed in negative territory for a second day on wall street. the dow fell 68 points, the nasdaq was down by 36. citigroup will refund over $700 million to customers for services they never received or never delivered. the consumer financial protection bureau says citi sold 9 million credit card holders add-on products like identity theft protection and credit score monitoring or rush processing payments as far back as 2009. the agency also ordered citi to pay an additional $70 million
5:25 pm
for illegal and deceptive practices. the merger between directv and at&t has received a blessing of the fcc to keep on going. the fcc chairman says the $50 billion deal would directly benefit consumers by creating more competition in the broadband market. the golden arches will serve up hotcakes and hash browns and breakfast burritos for dinner starting this fall. mcdonald's trial run of its all day breakfast has been so fulfilling that an internal company memo tells franchises to prepare to launch a 24 hour morning menu in october, so you can get your egg mcmuffin morning, noon and night. >> it's a privilege. >> it is. after the riots and of course the subsequent violence in baltimore, the city could use some good news. >> yeah, so a group of students and musicians came together to create this song and music video called "believe in baltimore." check it out.
5:26 pm
>> the city is where we live ♪ ♪ the city is where we come from ♪ >> today is the official release date for believe in baltimore. radio station wtmd reports students wrote and sang all of the lyrics. plus, tonight new information on donald trump's finances and why one expert says he is really leading in the polls. louie the dog was attacked on monday and the vet thinks it was a bear. i'm peggy fox in great falls. coming up we will tell you what the homeowner thinks.
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a family in grace falls is agrade to -- afraid to go out at night after their dog is attacked by a bear. >> it is tough to look like. the dog is going to be okay but left this community worried after numerous bear sightings. peggy fox joins us now from great falls and do we know why the bear attacked the dog? >> reporter: the dog's vet has a pretty good idea based on the dog's injuries. she says if this was a bear, she believes it was only trying to protect itself. take a look at the wounds on blue, an 8- year-old shepherd chow mix. she has a bite on her mix and bloody large scratch on her side looks like a big paw
5:30 pm
print. >> lieu was being attacked and is very lucky to be alive, really shouldn't. could have been dead just as easily. >> reporter: they believe blue was attacked by a bear. it could have been this one that was videotaped this week walking around a neighbor's back yard. bear sightings have been the talk of great falls, says sharon rainy, who runs an online neighborhood network. >> sometimes it's just the bear and sometimes it's two cubs and the bear so we obviously think it's a mom and the two babies. >> reporter: the kellies have never seen a bear on their property and did not see what attacked blue. their other dog was not injured. >> we have an electric fence on this property, so really they are limited to this front yard, just maybe halfway between those peers on the bridge. >> reporter: the electric fence keeps the dogs in but doesn't keep the bears out? >> no. >> reporter: but that electric fence might have been part of the problem says blue's vet. >> it was just trying to defend itself. >> reporter: adams says a bear is her best guess at what injured blue but she says it's
5:31 pm
likely the bear attacked in self-defense and the dog may not have been able to get away because of the electric fence. >> it was like these dogs had found and cornered or not allowed escape or something of the size of maybe a bear. >> reporter: should people be worried there's a bear out there that's going to attack their pets or children? >> oh, absolutely not. absolutely not. >> reporter: now, because cubs are usually born in the springtime, dr. adams believes this was probably a juvenile bear out searching for its own territory. mr. kelly wants the county to come out and trap the bear and move it but the county doesn't do that because this is the bear's habitat and generally bears are not considered to be dangerous or a threat to humans, property or pets. so right now just keep an eye on your pets i would say. i'm peggy fox reporting live from great falls.
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back to you. >> thank you. fairfax county says that black bears are pretty naturally shy and they are not known for being aggressive. black bear sightings in fairfax county are not common and they are primarily active at dusk and dawn and in urban areas at night. let's go to campaign 2016 where we are learning more about donald trump's finances. federal regulators have released documents showing that trump has assets of at least $1.4 billion and debt of at least 240 million. now, make it difficult to tell exactly how much he's worth but trump claims that number is close to 10 billion. meanwhile trump says he didn't start it when he asked about his ongoing battles with the g.o.p. establishment, but the celebrity businessman's unorthodoxed ways threaten to overshadow some of the other candidates including john kasich who became the 16th republican to enter the race.
5:33 pm
>> he has creigh tunnels on paper -- credentials on paper if this were a job interview and not an entertainment show, kasich would be doing better than donald trump. >> trump leads automatic the g.o.p. candidates -- all the g.o.p. candidates by a wide margin and he says he has no intention of changing his ways. hillary clinton trails potential republican candidates in three states, virginia, iowa and colorado. the director of the quinnipiac university poll says clinton has lost a lot of ground in the race due to questions about her honesty and her leadership ability. president obama appeared on "the daily show" with jon stewart last night for what may be the final time. >> yeah, so take a listen to this as the president talks about dealing with iran. >> this is an adversary, they are anti-american, antiisrael, antisemitic, they sponsor terrorist organizations like hezbollah. >> sounds like a good partner for peace. >> probably -- well, as has been said frequently, you don't
5:34 pm
make peace with your friends. >> right. >> so the issue here is do we want them having a nuclear weapon? and the answer is no. >> president obama has appeared on that show seven times. stuart will be -- stewart will be done with the show on august 6th. the new top cop in ferguson, missouri is a black man, 50-year-old andre anderson taking the job on an interim basis in any case. the ferguson mayor says the job could be anderson's permanently after six months. he is tasked with reforming ferguson's scandal plagued police department and rebuilding confidence in the community which, of course, has been ripped apart by last summer's racial unrest. facebook cannot block, search are -- black search warrants on behalf of its client. facebook argued it ought to be able to challenge what it sees as illegal searches of its customers' files but the five judge panel rejected that argument saying only a defend can -- defendant can challenge a search warrant and that has
5:35 pm
to be done during a hearing of a trial. to get the supplies they need, teachers are often pulling money from their own pockets. >> we know a lot of teachers who have done just that. so we here at wusa9 are doing what we can to make a difference and we'd love your help. mike hydeck has more on why we think teachers are superheroes and how you can join us to help lift them up. >> a lot of working parents are working several jobs, don't have a computer, they do not have access to the internet at home. >> reporter: even before they get to her class, crystal falls students face a lot of challenges. she does anything she can to help them read. >> we want to improve their fluency, we want to improve their vocabulary development, also want to help them with fonics -- phonics. >> reporter: paying things like ipads to get the apps is difficult says the principal. >> we are always in need of
5:36 pm
things like ipads, smart boards, google chrome books, things of that nature but because we are small the funding is limited so we have to be -- >> reporter: we are partnering with donors in something we call teachers are superheroes. and helping this project is so easy. when you go to the main page at donors, look on the lower right-hand side and look for the zip codes. you can press in 20735, that's the zip code and you can put any zip code in for any project but her project is ipad literacy, so simple, just click the green give button and you're off supporting a local school right in the classroom. mrs. falls' goal is small, just two ipad minis, they will make a big impact. >> it's definitely a life changer and that's the only way things are going, towards technology. >> reporter: if you don't help by sunday, mrs. falls' project disappears from donors so help her or any other local superhero if you
5:37 pm
can. mike hydeck, wusa9. >> not every day we get to help the real superheroes, right? you can find out more about teachers are superheroes on and on our wusa9 app. straight ahead, how this viral photo saved these hugging puppies. they were on the brink of death. >> oh. and right after the break, how a twitter battle started between taylor swift and nicki minaj. we got a break on humidity today and on thunderstorms, not so much on pollen. still low for trees and low for grasses and low for weeds but high for mold spores. we will come back and talk about when the heat returns and when the humidity also returns with that heat. iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites
5:38 pm
can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements d anis the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
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5:40 pm
trending as we twitter battle between taylor swift and nicki minaj after the nomination for the mtv music awards were released. >> yeah, apparently minaj was a bit miffed that she wasn't nominated in more categories than just the best female video. she tweeted out, if i was a different kind of artist, anaconda would be nominated for best choreo and video of the year as well and then if your video celebrates women with very slim bodies you will be
5:41 pm
nominated for vid of the year. >> anaconda was a good video. >> swift tweeted back i've done nothing but support you. perhaps one of the men took your slot. although it is worth noting that both of the women in those nomination videos are skinny and white. donald trump has not been wanting of words, especially in the last week. you type in your name and you get this, do you believe highly overrated derek mcginty, what a dope. >> goodness. that's okay. didn't leave you out. >> no. >> accused of lovely miss foster of constantly seeking out trivial nonsense. trump is not nice, man, but you're not coming across as a very nice guy lately. a 22-year-old l.a. man has now eaten chipotle at least once a day for 154 days in a row. it all got started when andrew
5:42 pm
harluck gave up not eating chipotle every day. >> basically saying he's going to eat it every day. >> he did it for the first day of lint and eventually changed the name from chapotlent to chapotlife. i'm about to going to -- go to chipotle. >> you say how his stack is looking after that many days in a row. i wonder. all right. >> worth bringing out. >> because all those beans and stuff -- anyway. tonight sharknado takes aim at washington, d.c. the third installment featuring the nation's capital premiers tonight at 9:00 on the sci-fi channel. i know you can't wait to watch this. all the original folks are there, the script writer tells cbs news that he wanted to make the film as ridiculous and as unexpected as possible but is
5:43 pm
not getting good reviews. >> a couple of reviews i thought they had just run out of gas at the franchise. come on, now. >> you can only have so many sequels. >> you can only have so much fun with the concept. two dogs are alive tonight after a viral photo and a kind soul. they are so cute. >> this is an adorable photo. it looked like the dogs are hugging and maybe they are but if they weren't adopted by workers -- a georgia pet rescue posted the photo of them on his facebook page and it was captioned "we are so scared in here." well, two hours later those dogs were adopted by an unnamed vet. >> got a new home. so sweet. the practice fields here for the washington spirit got a little buzz today. the women of the world cup are back. how are they reinserting themselves back into the lineup after a wild world cup tournament? i'm dave owens of germantown.
5:44 pm
i'll have that story. and right after the break, how come computer experts were able to hack into this jeep while it
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5:46 pm
hagerstown, late word a
5:47 pm
third person facing murder charges in the death of a 9- year-old boy beaten to death over birthday cake. he had been charged with child abuse and assault. wilson is the boyfriend of little zack garcia's mom. she and her brother are already facing murder charges in the boy's death. a new video shows two computer experts hacking into a leading automaker's vehicle. they take control of the radio, the air-conditioning, even the engine, and members of congress are now pushing for cyber security protections to be applied to cars. chris van cleave reports from washington. >> reporter: this video grabbed the attention of the automotive world and congress, cyber security experts charlie miller and chris valisec shows they can remotely -- posted it on their website tuesday. >> we were able to access the jeep cherokee over its 3g connection. >> reporter: the pair, who work
5:48 pm
as ethical hackers, were miles away using the internet to get inside the jeep's system controlling the radio and nav system. >> oh, my god. that was a fixture of charlie and chris in track suits that just appeared on the dashboard. >> reporter: the wired video shows the hackers disabling the jeep's brakes leaving it to slide into a ditch. jeep is made by fiat, chrysler and the hackers estimate some 471,000 of the company's vehicles could be vulnerable through the automaker's u connect systems. >> how concerned are you that hackers may go after our cars? >> unfortunately i think we have to anticipate they will. >> reporter: massachusetts senator ed markey is introducing new legislation to require cyber security and privacy protection be applied to cars. >> we have to again to -- begin to feel the protections now, give the warnings now to american families. >> reporter: the hackers in the video told fiat chrysler what they did. in a statement the company says it has released a software update that offers customers improved vehicle electronic security and communication
5:49 pm
systems enhancements. kris van cleave, cbs news, washington. >> and fiat chrysler also says it has a dedicated team focused on identifying and implementing best practices for its software. when pope francis visits washington in september, he will be visiting some sites that also serve the poor. >> and today one of those venues catholic charities put out a challenge to all washingtonians called walk with francis and they are asking people to pledge, serve, pray or take action for social justice. you can make the pledges on the website the archdiocese has created. >> lots of ways to serve, homeless shelter, working one of our clinics, all kinds of way to serve and finally to ask would be to say can i do something that would help change the circumstances? >> now, during his visit to the d.c. area, the pope will be presented with a book of the pledges made by washingtonians, head over to our mobile app,, we've got a link to the pledge website and you can make the pledge in writing or
5:50 pm
via video. always watching, always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather. d.c.'s most accurate. >> just a spectacular evening. plenty warm but it's not humid at all. live look outside, it is our live michael & son weather cam, still 88 but the dew point in the 50s. that's almost unheard of for us in july. remember the dew points yesterday, 73, i said wait 24 hours in the 50s. relative humidity only 34%. so perfect evening for a walk after dinner, cool start tomorrow with a warm finish. again, the air mass warms up quickly. hot friday and saturday, but not that humid. it will be hot and humid on sunday and most of next week. so futurecast, 9:30, 10:00 tonight, low 70s in suburbs, maybe 75 in manassas, but 81 downtown but then by morning, by 6:00, low 60s, just about everywhere. 62 in gaithersburg, 63 in leesburg and even a 58 in
5:51 pm
cumberland and 60 in martinsburg, a crisp start tomorrow morning. by 9:00 in the low to mid-70s, still not bad and then by 1:00, great day to take on the south side. temperatures in the 70s and low 80s with still low humidity. on the day planner, 69 at 7:00, 73 at 9:00, upper 70s at 11:00, still very nice, and then 83 by 1:00 p.m. with pretty much full sunshine. still nice on friday, not humid, 90 degrees, and don't be scared of the 93 on saturday, looking hot but not that humid. next seven days, sunday humid and hot, 94. 94 on monday, maybe an isolated storm, 96 on tuesday, an isolated storm and next week, next wednesday, upper 90s without any storms. now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset, brought to you by xfinity. >> eli krieger and ashland harris helped the u.s. bring the world cup last month.
5:52 pm
our dave owens spent the day in germantown with harris and krieger as they got back to work with their hometown team, the washington spirit. >> moving your feet. sliding your feet. >> reporter: their foot wear makes them stand out. what's up with the shoes? >> yeah, you can ask nike that. these are from world cup. >> reporter: as members of the national team that just whipped the world in the world cup, ali krieger and ashland harris have been enveloped in celebrations. everything except sleep. >> i am so happy to be home and done with it because i am exhausted. and i love reality and what i was just living was not reality. >> reporter: let's face it, world cup up here, everything else sort of pales in comparison, so how does harris and krieger reinvest themselves into this environment here where there won't be 50,000
5:53 pm
fans screaming at each game? >> come on. >> obviously it's difficult, you know, some situations because they have been performing really well and been doing so well as a group together without us so it's tough to jump back in and say i'm here. but obviously everyone here is professional. >> reporter: there's also the big picture, similar to the iconic 1999 team, the 2015ers must shoulder the burden of growing the game. >> to keep the dream alive for little kids who want to be where we are, so we have a lot on our back but we accepted that. >> reporter: let's hope they get sleep in the process. in germantown, dave owens, wusa9 sports. >> they need that much deserved sleep. they are saying they got the ebb buis, the ticker -- ebb -- espys, the ticker tape parade. exciting time for them. >> i love watching them play and love those cleats. >> your daughter is like, mom.
5:54 pm
>> training camp stars next weekend -- starts next weekend. we got the nats in action. they had a rubber match this afternoon. look at their thrilling comeback victory coming up in sports. see you guys then. and find out what's being done to help hundreds of thousands of vietnam veterans suffering from ptsd. police are on the hunt for a suspect who got into a shootout with an off-duty cop. i'm stephani
5:55 pm
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new research shows more than quarter million of vietnam veterans are struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder. >> ken craig shows how 40 years later thousands of men are still fighting the vietnam war. >> reporter: ever since he's been dealing with post- traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse and also been homeless. >> i looked at my life and, yeah, you know, something is wrong. >> new research shows more than 270,000 vietnam veterans are currently still experiencing significant symptoms of ptsd 40 years after the war ended. >> the trauma that one undergoes is reexperienced and relived sometimes on a daily or constant basis. >> reporter: the study published in jama psychiatry found more than 1/3 of vietnam veterans currently suffer with depression. dr. charles hoag from the
5:58 pm
walter reed army institute of research says the studies highlights the challenges that could lie ahead for other generations of veterans. >> for vietnam veterans i would say they really did not have services for ptsd available to them when they came home and if they haven't received treatment it's never too late for -- or afghanistan veterans, there are many more treatment options available. >> reporter: nearly two years ago phillip went to veterans inc to get support. >> i don't choose to live in the past. i don't choose to live in the future. i choose to live in the moment now. >> reporter: he received counseling and medication and says his life has turned around. kenneth craig, cbs news. >> a number of studies show that ptsd is not just a mental health condition but also a physical issue. it's been linked to cardiovascular disease and even death. therseries of
5:59 pm
armed robberies in d.c., one of the most violent involved a shootout with anoff duty police officer and that tops our news tonight. thank you for joining us, i'm less depress i'm -- i'm lesli foster. >> and i'm derek mcginty. >> our stephanie ramirez is live at the scene. stephanie, we hear police are still on the hunt. >> reporter: still on the hunt, no arrests yet. that's what we have been told. up and down the street here at queens chapel road is where police found several bullets but those in the area tell us the shooting started right in this area after a man got out of one of the two businesses behind me. there is a nightclub and a liquor store on hamlin street. too scared to show her this neighbor says she heard the barrage of bullets last night. >> all of a sudden shots, one, two, and then the third one hit my air-conditioner. the third and then the fourth or the fifth and by the fifth shot, i lay on the floor. >> reporter: 13 shell casings and three bullets or what
6:00 pm
police recovered in a shootout that happened between an off- duty police officer and an armed suspect. while the off-duty officer is okay, there is one person badly hurt. a man in himid-30s shot multiple times in the lower abdomen and right leg according to police. >> gunshot would make you nervous. i was nervous. >> reporter: neighbors say with all the bullets, they are stunned there weren't more victims. >> i thought they were going to shoot through my window. >> reporter: according to a police report, the shooting started when the suspect walked up to a man near hamlin street northeast and queens chapel road saying you know what time it is? the suspect had a silver gun, took $100 from the victim and shot him multiple times. an off-duty officer seeing this then engaged the suspect, who fired again. this time at the officer. the off-duty officer used his service weapon to shoot back but no one was hit and the


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