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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  July 23, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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es that has been wiped out is going to hit them very hard. >> reporter: it is right up the street. two of the buildings dates to before the civil war, when harper's ferry at the intersection of the potomac was home to an iron works and a national armory. >> the fire that happened, it is the 7th meeting. >> reporter: live now in harpers ferry behind me now that the fire department is back to put out hot spots. you know it's remarkable here as they would change hands between armies, eight times during the civil war. that there were artillery attacks, much of the town was burned by a fire, factored in by the civil wars days. that much more tragic when in that modern area you will lose some of the few remaining historic buildings that are here. this fire right now, it is under investigation as it is in fact a mystery, the state fire marshal's office in west virginia has been working on it all day as they have not determined what caused it. reporting live in harper's ferry, scott broom wusa9.
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>> thank you, scott. the train service has been restored to harper's ferry that the nearby train station was shut down because the streets were blocked, but not damaged. a witness to one of three murders gave emotional testimony in the charles severance case today. the murders happened in alexandria over a 10-year period, but the case will be tried in fairfax. and that's where our peggy fox joins us now live. peg? >> reporter: the witness was the caretaker of ruthanne lodato's elderly mother. during this pre-trial hearing today, she broke down and sobbed on the witness stand remembering ruthanne lodato's murder. and she said she saw the gunman, felt a terrible pain when she was shot in the shoulder, fell to the ground, and started screaming. >> the family is deeply and forever grateful to her. she was heroic, courageous. >> reporter: she's talking about the only witness in the charles severance triple murder case as severance sat in a wheelchair next to their
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council, she recalled the murder of her employer, ruthanne lodato. >> she was shot. she lead a 90-year-old woman to safety. she had 911 calls. and then she put her own life at risk and returned to ruthanne. >> reporter: franco gave this sketch to police of the suspect. >> she gave a description to the policethat lead to the arrest of a murderer. >> reporter: franco was shown six photos of men including one of charles severance. a detective testified that while she looked longer and more closely at his picture, she could not say it was him with certainty. >> they're not looking for the truth anymore. they've decided they know what the truth is and they're treating charles severance as if he has already been convicted. >> reporter: the defense asked the judge for a second competency hearing for
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severance, saying that he is not assisting in his own defense, that they have to talk to him through the jail cell's food slot. >> do you think that he is mentally ill? >> i don't think that he is mentally ill, but at worst a little bit much. >> reporter: any lack of cooperation by severance is willful. as usual severance did speak out of turn twice today. reporting live in fairfax peggy fox wusa9. >> the trial of charles severance is scheduled to begin on october 5. we've got breaking news right now out of prince george's county, danny lee harvell is in custody charged with an assault and attempted murder of a county police officer. police say that harvell tried to flea in his car in district
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heights. an officer tried to stop him, but he got caught. that officer was dragged about 100 yards before crashing in to a tree. that officer suffered a broken leg and other injuries, but he is home now from the hospital. one frustrated dc homeowner reached out to wusa9 after someone crashed their suv on to his property. now this one happened early sunday morning northeast. >> the car came straight down knocking off the trash bin there. my neighbor cleaned it up and then went straight in there. >> didn't even notice it until later in the day. but he couldn't get anybody to take the suv out of his yard. it's been five days. >> i mean i've been getting the runaround between the insurance
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companies. when i called back the police department, i got, i was told that they don't remove vehicles from private properties. >> and while we were talking to mr. yim, a tow truck finally pulled up to tow the suv from the property. they are not sure if it is the driver or the insurance company in charge of the payments. according to the sheriff's office, deputies were called to a home in waldorf because of a domestic dispute. now, investigators say that a teenager called 911 three times. investigators found a man and a woman arguing in the driveway. a sheriff's deputy says he was forced to shoot the man when he came at them with a knife. that suspect is still in the hospital. the district's minimum wage is one step closer to moving from $10.50 an hour to an
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unprecedented $15 an hour. the dc board of elections have approved the wage hike if its supporters can get the required 23,000 signatures. andrea mccarren is live in dupont circle this evening to hear what the business owners and the workers have to say, andrea? >> reporter: lesli, this measure could be voted on by dc residence as early as next year. the national restaurant association insists it would lead to more job cuts, automation, and could even force some businesses to shut down. >> destination metro center. >> reporter: amidst the hustle and bustle, the minimum wage issue hits close to home. >> i honestly think that it would be amazing. >> i definitely think that every american should be able to provide for their family with dignity. >> the $15 minimum wage would make life a lot easier. >> reporter: anyone with experience in the service industry, especially restaurant work says the minimum wage
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increase is a necessity. giving them the sky high cost of living. >> i saw a lot of people within the restaurant that i worked in, who were struggling, who had families and daughters and sons, and that it was impossible for them to get by and pay rent and put themselves through school. >> reporter: richard kessler is torn. as small business owner, he would like to see the wages down, understanding the need for workers to earn a living wage. >> yeah, i have to be honest that they would impact the way we would look at how many hours they could have their employees in. and that i would have to really budget myself for the increase, but it is good for the people. i mean, i live on $10 an hour, it is very difficult. >> reporter: seattle, san francisco, and los angeles have already raised their minimum wage to $15 an hour. if waywodes it would be -- if washington, d.c. does it would be the first city to do so. reporting live from dupont circle, andrea mccarren wusa.
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>> there's a lot riding on this as they surveyed local business owners, finding more than half said they would have to cut jobs if the minimum wage goes to $15 an hour. if the proposed minimum wage hike goes to a vote in 2016 and passes, it would be fazed in by the year 2020. two teenagers have been held for the stabbing death of five of their relatives in oklahoma. police made the grim discovery last night when they responded to an open 911 call right near tulsa. that when somebody dials for help, but then doesn't speak. the teens ran from the house when police responded, but soon captured by an officer and his dog. a 13-year-old girl in the house is in the hospital in serious condition. a 2-year-old was found uninjured and in state custody. outspoken republican candidate donald trump made his way to the u.s./mexico border today to bring attention to illegal immigration. since announcing his candidacy, trump has been dogged by fellow republicans for the comments he made calling mexican immigrants racists and criminals.
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don champion has more from lorado, texas. >> we have a tremendous dangers with the illegals coming in. >> reporter: republican presidential candidate donald trump visited the u.s./mexico border in texas to call attention to illegal immigration. trump's tell it like it is campaign may not help him with hispanic voters, but it will be critical for a win in 2015. >> i think that i'll win the hispanic vote. >> reporter: despite the heated rhetoric, his message is breaking through, leading in the polls. some of his rivals say that they are fed up with the campaign antic. >> he offers a barking carnival act that can best be described as trumpism. >> reporter: trump says if elected, he would build a wall along the border to keep illegal immigrants out. a group of border patrol avents who plan to accompany trump to -- agents who plan to accompany trump to the border says "our intentions to meet with mr. trump is to provide boots on the ground perspective just to
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be clear an endorsement was never discussed for any presidential candidate." don champion cbs news, loredo, texas. >> now, he may consider an independent run if the republicans aren't supportive of his bid. an arlington man has plead guilty to using a gun while assaulting security guards at a fairfax hospital. at the time of the assault last march, on charges of veral banks in northern virginia. he escaped from the hospital, triggering an hour's long man hunt that ended with his recapture. he'll be sentenced in october, facing at least 32 years in prison. local commuter rail lines, vre, and marc may consider a shut down. company officials say they just may have to stop operating unless congress extends a deadline to install advanced safety technology. positive train control or ptc prevents trains from colliding and breaking speed limits. we heard a lot about that
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during a recent amtrak crash. amtrak officials say the technology would have prevented that deadly derailment of a passenger train in philadelphia back in may. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. what animal control officers are doing to catch a bear on the loose in fairfax. that story coming up at 5:30. i'm meteorologist topper shutt. this is about as nice as it would get in july. it's warm, with the lower humidity. let's look at the future cast, why wouldn't you? 72 in gaithersburg and frederick at 9:00. still 80 downtown, but comfortable mid-70s in leesburg and manassas. we'll come back and talk about your weekend and which day would be better if you have outdoor activities planned. nice job, coming up, the i- 95 construction worker who would come from the aide of the kidnapped victim. new information on the woman found dead in a texas jail cell three days after being arrested during a traffic stop.
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check out this home video of the shark caught from an ocean city beach. the person who posted it on youtube says they caught it late wednesday night at the 84th street beach and then released it back in to the ocean. it's a six-foot sand bar shark and these sharks are pretty common to our area. in fact females are known to give birth in the delaware bay in the early summer. >> it's mission accomplish for lady bird. the tunnel-boring machine has dug four and a half miles under the potomac river. all part of a project to build a new sewer tunnel. crews brought the machine back to the surface and now they are use other equipment to finish the work. over the two years, lady bird has removed 1.2 million tons of material enough to make 72,000
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truckloads. today a texas prosecutor tried to shed a little more light on the death of the 28- year-old woman founding aning in her jail cell two weeks ago. following this story, joining us live from the newsroom with more. >> reporter: well lesli, the question in the death of sandra bland has been whether or not she killed herself or was killed. no injuries consistent with a violent homicide were found during an autopsy of the 28- year-old. >> get out of the car. >> reporter: sandra bland was arrested for allegedly assaulting a state trooper. dash cam video shows the trooper threatening bland with a stun gun when refusing to follow the orders to get out of the vehicle. three days after the arrest, she was found hanging in her texas jail cell. she killed herself. friends and family question whether she committed suicide. those aren't the only contradictions. documents spilled out for bland when she was booked in to vail, showing discrepancies on questions, whether she previously attempted suicide to whether she was on medication.
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authorities say any contradictions in those documents are the result of bland's own answers to jail officials. prosecutors say that bland's injuries were consistent with the suicide according to the autopsy. saying that some lacerations in abrasions were found on the wrists, but that they were consistent with a struggle while being handcuffed. still prosecutors say their ve instigation, which is ongoing has found fault in the arresting officer as well. >> there are multiple investigations, department of public safety conducting their own civil investigation of the trooper's actions. neighborhood kateed that the trooper violate -- they have indicated that the trooper violated their internal policies. >> prosecutors say that they violated policies by failing to provide timely checks on bland as they are required to do on inmates in their jail cells. lesli? >> all right, thank you for that information. authorities also say toxicology reports show that bland had marijuana in her system. well tonight, we are
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hearing from a highway construction worker who help add young womankid -- woman kidnapped. an 18-year-old woman jumped out of that car, ran to huntington and begged to help her. >> i asked the family if she was okay. she said no there was a man trying to kill her. i told her to stay behind me that i wouldn't let nothing happen to her. >> the man driving the car was aaron burg. after the young woman jumped out of the car, he took off, but police captured him just minutes later in dale city. now he's facing several charges including abduction, sex assault. burg and that young woman had been acquaintances. a fast-moving wildfire is tearing through california north of napa valley tonight. right now that fire is threatening as many as 200 homes. investigators say that it may have all started with some sort of fiery car accident yesterday afternoon. now thousands of acres have been torched as firefighters
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attacked those flames from the ground in the air and two communities, they have already been evacuate. e -- been evacuated. >> we grabbed the things that were important to us, the few unreplaceable items. the rest is in god's hands. >> we are trying to water, mow, and that is all we can do. >> the firefighters say that those flames are being fueled, but four years of droughts and super dry vegetation and of course those winds that just keep changing directions. i know we're not going to get to the three-day guarantee, but the drought in the northwest sounds strange. >> in the summertime they have a nice stretch of weather, which is why people live there, suffering from november through march and then june through august is pretty nice. but the drought in california is the el nino predictions, if they are correct and they're
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forecasting a monster el nino this winter, you're going to go from salmon to feast. >> a lot of rain? >> a lot of rain. >> what about here though? >> i don't want to talk about it. it would be a very snowless winter. >> that's not a part of the three-degree guarantee. it would not be a good winter for you snow lovers, but you guys would love it. okay let's start with the three- degree guarantee. that we will talk about. 88 today. the reason why i went 89 and then i said i'm going to knock that down a degree. we'll let you know how we did at 11:00. we'll talk about the temperatures right now with a live look outside. the live michael and son weather cam. 87 is a good thing, a good sign. dew points still in the 50s. i can't remember two consecutive days in july with dew points in the 50 and relative humidity in the 30s. we are stealing a couple of days really. winds are out of the north at 12, plenty hot when you're in the sun. in fact probably should have mentioned this yesterday. when you are outside with days like today and yesterday, you are not going to feel yourself getting cooked because it is a
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dry air mass. as you perspire, it evaporates and you feel comfortable. do not forget the sunscreen again tomorrow and especially over the weekend. another great evening that will lead to a cool night. a cool start tomorrow that will lead to a hot finish. drier air mass has heated up quickly, cooling off quickly. saturday will be hot, in fact plenty hot, but not that humid. sunday, we will join forces again, heat and humidity rolling back in. sunday and most of next week. the only silver lining that i have for you here, i don't see any storms on sunday, it won't be quite as hot on last sunday, pretty much brutal at 98. the future cast tonight at 10:00. low 70s already in the burbs. 78 downtown, 72 in la platta, leesburg, and 73 in manassas. we'll advance this by morning another crisp morning. 63 in gaithersburg by 5:30. and 60 in frederick, even 59 in romney. i've widened the range for low temperatures. we'll see some upper 50s in places like frederick,
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hagerstown, maybe even damascus. by about 9:00 we're back in the 70s, gorgeous, mostly sunny. by 1:00, this is the day to all walk to lunch or take lunch outside. 86 downtown. only in the low to mid-80s in the suburbs. 83 in frederick and manassas, and 83 in la plata talking about a spectacular day. a fine finish. 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. and we're knocking on the door of 90, but it will not be humid. 88 or so. and then by 7:30 temps are going back down. not as cool tomorrow night, but wow what a perfect night for the cookout or the dinner outside tomorrow night. just perfect be, to make your friday night plans now. clear and cold tonight. the wide range. 58 to 70 for the lows. 70 downtown. 58 in northern and western suburbs, the far northern western suburbs. 77 at 9:00. the low 80s by 11:00. 86 with full sun by 1:00. so saturday, it is hot, but still not humid, 93. and then hot and more humid on sunday, 95. not quite yellow alert worthy. the next seven days.
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monday, isolated storms are possible as we would get a dip in temps. low 90s on tuesday. isolated storms here and some pretty good heat that will roll in here on wednesday and thursday back to the upper 90s. >> a major retailer is jumping on the black friday and july bandwagon. plus, why wal-mart is shrinking their hours at some of their stores in the area. and tonight's consumer alert. >> right after the break, why this woman would spend four years behind bars.
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iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 inttiernaonal agreements an td iseahe lding state sponsor of terrorism.
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and four years on the latest conviction that was writing a bad check in loudoun county. that sounds pretty harsh for one climb. but over the last dozen years, the commonwealth attorney's office says she has been convicted of the credit card theft, identity theft, forgery, and with the whole list as that was a big factory in why they would get that sentence. in tonight's consumer alerts, the stock market lost ground for the third day of wall street, troying 119 points. so best buy is jumping in on
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the black friday deals in july's bandwagon. you can look for deep discounts on electronics, appliances this friday and saturday and i see you nodding your head over there. the retailer, they are following in the footsteps of amazon and wal-mart with those recent head-to-head sales last week. by the way they have been a boost for these retailers, because the summer is typically a slow shopping season. the nation's largest retailer, they will no longer stay open 24 hours. wal-mart, they say that they will shut the doors at about a dozen 24 hours store in maryland, new jersey, and philadelphia. the company will use that time between midnight and 6:00 a.m. to restock the shelves. converse is making their classic sneaker more compfy. their latest chuck taylor style will have the same look with a cushion insole. it is being engineered by nike. the parent company of converse. >> i used to wear those chuck
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taylors. straight ahead, why bill cosby will soon have to his accusers. obama administration officials are working hard to convince lawmakers to approve the nuclear deal with iran. with why it is going to be a tough sell. this is hank silverburg in great falls where they start add bear hunt today with a unique tactic. we'l
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an attack on a dog in a green neighborhood of great falls has fairfax county's animal control officers on the hunt. >> take a look at this. late this afternoon fairfax county police tweeted out this photo. if that is what it looks like, well it's a bear. right in mclain yesterday. that's where it was taken. that bear is walking along a fence and a yard. as hank silverburg tells us, animal patrol officers are going high-tech to bring in that bear. >> reporter: the local animal control officers started their bear hunt today with hidden cameras. motion sensitive still cameras like this one were put up in several areas near some private homes in an effort to find out what kind of an tacked that dog named blue. the theory is it is a black bear like this one caught on the nearby camera. >> if we detect the bear on the camera, we would just continue to monitor it. if it starts to show up over
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and over again and staying in the area, that's when we need to start to address it. >> reporter: wildlife managers hope to use the cameras. to track their movements. they work for the virginia game and fisheries department, saying it acts like a transportation corridor. along where they are expect today roam. >> especially the younger bears are the ones we generally see in these videos like you mentioned. their mothers are ready to breed again. and those young bears, you would think of them like teenagers. >> reporter: in the meantime here are suggestions to keep bears away from your property. remove sources of food like bird feeders. put trash cans and grills in a shed or garage. don't let your pets run loose, especially at night when bears usually prowl. bears are not usually aggressive and will avoid people and other animals unless they think they are threatened. in great false hank silverburg wusa9. >> as of now there's no set
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time for those cameras to be up and running, they have been placed where bears are expected to roam near the dumpsters and some backyards, where they spotted those bears before. they could be moving their headquarters from upper marlboro down to largo with the county executives. now moving the county's seat to largo would get you closer. upper marlboro has been their cue for nearly 300 years. new video from dc police tonight on the lookout for several persons of interest in this violent robbery. it happened on mlk southeast right near the street as you can see a couple of these young people were wrestling with the victim. if you recognize them, dc police would like to hear from you. fairfax police have charged fourteens after a series of vehicle fires. cops say the teens torched 11 vehicles in the little rocky neighborhood, which borders the
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clifton and centreville area. all the fires took place between july 3 and july 18. the young men are being held in the fairfax county juvenile detention center. bill cosby will soon have to testify in a case brought about by one of his many accusers. the california supreme court declined to hear cosby's challenge to the lawsuit, which paves the way for the case to move forward. judy husk claims that cosby sexually assaulted her at the playboy mansion when she was 15 back in 1974. and her attorney is gloria. she plans to disclose cosby in the next 30 days. the public seems to be divided on cosby's art collection at the national museum of african art. the associated press have obtained 35 e-mails from the museum about the exhibit. 30 of them want it taken down, but several visitors thanked the museum for keeping the installation up on its comic
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book. john kerry got a taste of what kind of fight lies ahead as he tries to sell lawmakers on that nuclear deal with iran. the agreement could threaten national security. grilling about the iranian nuclear deal for several hours. >> with all do respect, you guys have been bamboozled, and the american people are going to pay for that. >> i believe he meant that there. during their testimony at the first congressional hearing during the historic agreement. >> to those who will be thinking about opposing that deal because of what might happen near 15 or 16 or 20. and to remember that if we walk away, year '15, '16, or '20 starts tomorrow. >> reporter: the group was tasked with monitoring iran's nuclear program. the iaea cut two separate deals
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with iran. >> we don't even have a copy of the agreement to ascertain on behalf of the american people whether the iaea process, which again you should go look in to this part of it has any integrities. >> reporter: the white house t is not a side deal and that it is standard operating procedures for the organization. cbs news, capitol hill. ashton carter made an unannounced visit to iraq. there, he was greeted at the airport by the u.s. military commanders, who would leave their efforts to train iraqis in counterterrorism measures, happening in a city with a nice conflict near that baghdad airport as they thanked them for their work before they left. well president is heading to the home country of his father, kenya, and it will be his first visit to the african nation since elected seven years ago. and the president will attend that business summit and meet with them tomorrow before heading off to ethiopia. the security will be extremely tight amid concerns about the violence from the terrorists.
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a former baltimore police officer who wanted to perform his routine to raise money for the cops charged in the death of freddie gray will have to find a new venue. that there is nothing racist about his acts that he has been performing since the 1980s. the venue, the eighth avenue as they said on their website that there is no fundraiser being hosted here and the police union says they do not support that event and they will not accept money from it. a prowler is under arrest tonight after hiding under the stranger's bed for about three days. and so what did jason hubbard do while under that guest room bed at the new jersey home? well, he would charge his four cell phones, and that is pretty much it, that they would say the homeowner figured out that somebody was in there after hearing some noises. and police, they are not sure what he would plan to do. still ahead, yeah. are we alone in the universe? why there is new reason to be
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excited about the possibility of life in a galaxy. right after the break, what is so concerning about these mutants. except for the fact that they are weird looking and sharknado 3 live up or live down through expectations? all right as we head to break on humidity and kind of a break on pollen. this is available on our website at wusa9.comcom. low for trees and grass, but only modern for weed and moderate for the old spores. that's not bad. we'll come back and talk about when that humidity
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trending now, flowers that some are calling mutant daisies, near the plant. the daisies are together. some of the flowers are a bit deformed. these abnormalities, which i thought we had pictures of. there they are. the radiation is affecting the area some four years after the nuclear plant meltdown. those do look a little freakish. >> a bit of a hybrid. great pictures tonight out
5:41 pm
of illinois where blackhawk fans turned their passion for their favorite teams. the blackhawks won the stanley cup this years, so the workers made a last-minute decision to oh, you know, incorporate the team's logo. and that is open from late august to november 1, and it is a trip to the northeastern illinois area in your future then you might stop by. as "sharknado" finally jump the shark. the third installment of the movie franchise in which most of downtown dc is destroyed by the sharks inside these tornadoes was watched by 2.8 million people. but get this that is down from last year by a million viewers. fans shouldn't worry. the sci-fi network announced "sharknado 4" to come by. >> like a sharknado 24. the singer miranda lamberts is moving on after
5:42 pm
announcing she and blake shelton are divorcing. lambert hopped on stage to sing with her friend ashley monroe last night. the lady sang "heart like mine" a song they wrote together. lambert and shelton announced their divorce on monday. the major league baseball trade deadline is coming up next week. coming up in today's inside pitch, home cushion, now withmike rizzo to talk potential deals. after the break, are we ever really off the clock? why some say that 9-5 work day has been
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[ horn honks melody ] well, well. if it isn't the belle of the ball. gentlemen. you look well. what's new, flo? well, a name your price tool went missing last week. name your what, now? it gives you coverage options based on your budget. i just hope whoever stole it knows that it only works at so, you can't use it to just buy stuff? no. i'm sorry, gustav. we have to go back to the pet store. [ gustav squawks ] he's gonna meet us there. the name your price tool. still only at
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right now at 5:45, can the cops really stop you and search your bags without probable cause to think that you committed a crime? a new rule that could let them do just that and a lot of people are worried about that. that's coming your way at 6:00. but first, are we ever really off the clock? a new survey finds that many of us are working even when we're not at work. marley hall has the details from new york. >> reporter: at home or on the go, real estate agent eli odova is always working. >> even in the middle of the night last night i was checking my e-mail. always having clients call, looking for apartments. >> reporter: according to a new
5:46 pm
career builder survey, nearly half of the people that work are in retail, business, it check their work e-mail when they're not at work. while that may seem like a burden, 62% see it as more of a choice than an obligation. with a flare for staying connected. >> i like what i do because it is creative. i don't necessarily know that i want to disengage. >> reporter: the data shows 63% believe working 9-5 is an outdated concept. >> i don't even think like a five-day workweek anymore. that you're working all the time. >> reporter: according to the survey, many workers are also thinking about their jobs when 20% say it is the last thing they think about before they go to bed and 42% say it is the first thing they think about when they wake up. but real estate agent ginette patterson is determined not to let her work life take over her
5:47 pm
life. >> between 7:00 to 8:00 p.m., i might go to a movie, forget about it. >> marley hall cbs news, new york. >> clearly we all need to decompress. according to that career builder survey, men are more likely than women to check their work e-mails when they're not on the jobs, but women are more likely to go to bed thinking about work. >> it is one of the oldest questions in the history of the human race. is there life someplace else in the universe? today scientists using the telescope discovered what may be the best bet yet for a planet like ours. one that could harbor life. it is kepler452b. it's about the same distance as earth orbits our sun. that's 1,400 light years away. after two months delay, the space capsule has been docked at the international space station. carrying the american, russian, and japanese astronauts, blasting off from the facility,
5:48 pm
bringing a load of cargo along for the ride. the guardian reports that this is now the first time that the iss has had a full six-person crew in six weeks. a major earthquake could happen any day now in san francisco. and so says the u.s. geological survey scientist. the hayward fault, producing tuesday's 4.2 magnitude quake runs right through the heart of the bay area. if the big one happens, it could be big trouble for the people that live in and around the city. so experts warn residence that you better be prepared. you don't believe in the earthquake prediction? >> the only thing less accurate than predicting 200 years out is determining when that earthquake happens as things don't just happen. no, but it could happen the next year and then you'll be done for another 100 years. stats don't work that way.
5:49 pm
it's not possible. >> well, i mean it could happen, but it is very difficult for them to predict. i mean fault lines are there, but no one knows when they would shift. >> okay. >> what do you know? >> i know with temperatures outside. >> all right, let's go with that. no problem there with a live look outside at the michael and son weather cam. the top left of your screen that will be pretty crystal clear along with low humidities, a nice air mass. actually a good time if you are lucky enough to be in town or maybe locally in going to see some of the sights. going up to the washington monument. you'll see further than what you would normally see in the month of july. not much haze. 87 degrees just one reason, dew point is low and humidity is low too. 36%. winds are refreshing out of the north at 12. wow. another great evening. we will lead to a cool night. and a cool start for you tomorrow, but a hot finish, still comfortable. and then saturday will be hot, but not humid. and then hot and humid on sunday and most of next week. so the humidity, they will combine with the heat, the tail end of the weekend.
5:50 pm
tonight, it is 9:30. 80 downtown, but the 70s in the suburbs. really beautiful. by 5:30 to 6:00, 63 in leesburg and manassas. and 60 in frederick with a sprinkling of the 50s. what's kind of cool, well i think it is kind of cool in the upper 80s to the mid-80s today in damascus, maryland. 79 for the high with a lot in the metro area. by 9:00 tomorrow morning, we will be back in the 70s, but the full sun will be comfortable. by lunchtime, comfortably warm, but not hot. low to mid-80s in the suburbs. maybe 84 in leesburg and manassas and 86 downtown. then by the evening, we'll be inching up to 90, the upper 80s downtown, but the mid to upper 80s in the suburbs. then tomorrow night, make your plans. i mean a really nice night. it's not going to fall off the table. temps will be comfortable, but not super chilly. 84 at 8:00. and generally in the 70s, upper 70s in the suburbs. for tonight, clear cool again, opening up the range. 58 to about 70. winds are northwest at 10. generally we would like to give
5:51 pm
you a 10-degree range, but on nights like this, we would see a 12-degree spread. tomorrow morning sunshine, warm. 68 to 85, warming up quickly. then by the afternoon, it will be almost hot, but not humid with high temps around 90. remember these ar7:00. 82 by 11:00. 86 with full sun by 1:00. saturday hot, but not humid. 93. and then hot, more humid on sunday 95. right now not yellow alert worthy. remember that last thursday we would issue that yellow alert for that sunday, 98 last sunday. right now we'll hold off. the next seven days. monday low 90s. low 90s on tuesday, with the isolated storms, upper 90s on wednesday and the upper 90s as i would resist putting 100 on the map as i put 98 on the seven-day forecast. very hot next thursday.
5:52 pm
the washington nationals sit in first place three games behind the east. but don't expect mike rizz ox to stand at next week's trade deadline. in tonight's inside pitch. >> mike, the trade deadline is coming up, but you get work, zimmermann back sooner rather than later. but i would have to think that's bigger than any deal you could make. >> well sure, we are monitoring their health very closely obviously. there's no deadline deal that we could get as we need to pick up five players like sam rendon, zimmermann. he'll be right behind him. less important for us to go out and acquire a big trade. >> reporter: how many hours do you think that you have spent on the telephone between now and friday? >> it'll start heating up pretty good right now. we've had a lot of calls, we've done a lot of business. each year, what people don't realize is that each call and each idea is hours and hours of work for the front office. so for every deal that you do,
5:53 pm
there's 100 deals that you put as much effort and work in to and that you don't do. we will be active, working hard. if there is a deal that makes sense, we'll do it. >> reporter: do you ever think about where you came from, driving the back roads of iowa, a little place in the midwest when you're make these gigantic deals and where you came from? >> i do. i think about it all the time. the deals are just bigger and name only really. the process is the same. you have to evaluate the same way, you have to have the same philosophy. you have to have, you know, the guts and the will with all the sticking to the philosophies, you know, when the pressures are on you to do something that you don't want to do. >> and so we don't expect to necessarily be major players, but that there might be a few deals here and there. >> we will wait. >> yeah, we ought to see what happens now. the nats open up their four- game series of pittsburgh tonight. once again it will be another starter that has been knocked out of the line up. the latest injury news are
5:54 pm
next. >> all right, kb we'll see you then. coming up next new information about the guy who built this armed drone and why there is nothing authorities can do about it. some new rules for police here on capital grounds. the cradle of our democracy is becoming a kind of constitution free zone. can they really search
5:55 pm
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this armed drone is a real wake up call for law enforcement, including the atf. but despite their strong public safety concern, appearing to be nothing, illegal about it. >> but as they report that officials say they would get no way to stop anyone that would want to build one. >> reporter: this lightweight drone with a mounted semiautomatic handgun is over two feet long, sophisticated enough, not only to generate enough force to fire four times, but also to withstand that firearms recoil. all while staying if flight. the drone's creator, the 18- year-old college sophomore austin. and he is no stranger to the drone controversy. last year, after flying the drone over the public beach, an angry beachgoer would attack him. agreeing with the interview as he would label that video taken from their family property and they would now view more than 2.5 million times on youtube.
5:58 pm
but then abruptly changed his mind in the wake of national media scrutiny. explaning the drone project, to cbs by e-mail, saying that i'm going for a degree of mechanical engineering, an application of the technology that i have access to and education provided by my university. that university, they are central connecticut state. how their father brett says that their son built the drone with the help from the professor there. but the university spokesman, they would disagree. saying that the engineering professor edward moore actively discouraged them from billing it. and believing that it was simply too dangerous. >> and that drone the way that they were using it in the video did not violate any current statutes on the books in connecticut. weather clinton connecticut police sergeant jeremiah dunn. >> it's a case of technology surpassing the current legislation. legislation that is not keeping up with the technology that will be out there. >> reporter: and now that was mark albert reporting. the security experts fear that
5:59 pm
if that armed drone is used in a crime, that he would leave no physical evidence behind. making it virtually impossible to track down the shooter. the next time you take a stroll on the west lawn, police could stop or search your belongings whether you have committed a crime. thank you for joining us, i'm lesli foster. >> bruce leshan is live outside the capital with this new rule that has dawn fire on the civil liberties. bruce? >> reporter: yeah derek and lesli, just got a note from the senate surge at arms. saying that the capital police chief has the tort, but would only order these searches if there was, "reliable intelligence about a threat or if we are under attack."
6:00 pm
>> visiting the capital, the criminal investigations, and that they were mystified by the new rules on the police searches. for years for them to get inside the capital, but the capital police court would now give the police the authority to order the police officers to search their bags, backpacks, containers for weapons when they are outside, strolling the grounds and without any probable cause to believe that they have done anything wrong. >> reporter: when they would check inside buildings, they would give you the consent.


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