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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  July 24, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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removed all of the weapons from their home. he was staying at a lafayette theater. authorities raided his room overnight. >> we found wigs, glasses and basically disguises in his room. his vehicle had a switch license tag on it. >> reporter: authorities continue to look for a motive. >> why would you come here and do something like this and so just like the victims we're searching for answers, too. >> houser is also described as an angry man who often expressed radical views. according to a talk show house of a columbus, georgia television show that houser used to call in on, houser would often advocate violence against people involved in abortion, against african americans and he also expressed opposition to women in the workplace. derek? >> thank you much, mola. police are also hoping to learn more about houser from these online postings he made writing approving of adolf hitler, oklahoma city bomber timothy mcveigh and the west borrow
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baptist church -- westboro baptist church. now in washington d.c. police are investigating a stabbing in broad daylight right outside the convention center. around 3 p.m. this afternoon metropolitan police responded to mount vernon and seventh street northwest for reports of an assault and when they got there, they found a man who had been stabbed. d.c. fire and ems say he has severe life threatening injuries and so far police have blocked off two areas outside the convention center while they handle this investigation. right now police say they do not know why this happened and they don't know who did it. they're on the lookout for that suspect right now. a man is sentenced today to 50 years in prison after he beat a toddler to death. 2-year-old jamirs and shipe died from head trauma back in 2013. ileana diaz was in the courtroom when that sentencing came down and she joins us now live with the details. >> reporter: it's been an emotional day for many people. first of all, clifton bernard got up and apologized to the
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family saying he's sorry that he killed that 2-year-old boy and while the family was hoping for a full 70 year sentence they say that they're still pleased they know that this man will be behind bars for a long time. >> hold it up. hold it up. >> reporter: this video shows 2-year-old jamir opening gifts from his 2nd birthday. it ended up being his last birthday and a moment his family holds onto. >> he was just beginning to talk. so, you know, i'll never get to hear him call me grandma. >> reporter: his grandmother and other family were in court today after jamir shipe was murdered two years ago by clifton bernard. bernard was watching his girl friend's son while she was at work. he said the 2-year-old gave him a disrespectful look and that's when he attacked him. police sabre marched slammed the boy's head into the wall -- say bernard slammed the boy's head into the wall breaking through the drywall and he died
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one day later. while bernard will be behind bars for 50 years, jamir's family say it won't bring him back. >> he was just a loveable little innocent baby who couldn't have brought a fly any harm. >> reporter: these guardian angels and photos are set up in the family's home to remember the short life of jamir shipe taken too soon from them. >> and we are just really satisfied that mr. bernard will be unable to harm another child. >> reporter: now the victim's mother said that she was not able to come to court today because it would be too difficult to face her ex- boyfriend. that's clifton bernard, the man responsible for killing the 2- year-old boy. we are told that bernard will eventually be able to apply for parole and get five years probation. live in upper marlboro, ileana diaz, wusa9. >> thank you. now to some bizarre behavior in another courtroom today from a teenager accused of stabbing a man on a metro
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train some 30 or 40 times until he was dead. jasper spires smiled throughout a preliminary hearing. he laughed a few time and even interrupted the judge once. the judge ordered a mental evaluation to determine if the 18-year-old is competent to stand trial in the murder of kevin sutherland. he was taking the red line to a 4th of july party with friends. bruce leshan was in that courtroom and he'll bring us an update tonight at 6:00. d? well, lesli, this weekend marks the one month anniversary since that terrible crack in north potomac that killed two teen-agers and injured two more. police have said from the beginning speed and alcohol were factors, but no charges have been filed, at least not yet. andrea mccarren joins us now live from the crash site with some exclusive information about this oncoming investigation. andrea? >> reporter: derek, we've learned that some items shared on social media may be critical to this investigation including video shot from inside the car just minutes before impact.
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the memorial has faded. the collect tiff pain of the community has not -- collective pain of community has not. >> this is a serious case. two young people died. >> reporter: the june 25th crash killed back seat passengers alex murk of potomac and calvin lee of rockville. a 17-year-old front seat passenger survived. 18-year-old sam ellis of north potomac was behind the wheel, but he has not been charged. >> routinely cheese investigations where there is a death -- these investigations where there is a death involved take about 60 days. we're about halfway through that. >> reporter: this is a community that has lawyered up and shut down according to multiple sources. police are convinced teenagers and parents with information about the party preceding the crash have not yet come forward to investigators. >> they need more people from the community who may have seen something, even if they didn't see something, might know
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something. >> reporter: social media including snapchat, instagram and twitter may provide critical clues. using snapchat sam ellis shared video from inside the party and alex murk shared video from inside ellis' car just minutes before all four lives would be changed forever. >> we're taking this investigation very seriously. investigators want to learn what happened. >> reporter: in march ellis was cited for possession of alcohol under the age of 20 it un. the charges were to be drop -- 21. the charges were to be dropped once he complete an alcohol education program. sources confirm he enrolled, but he had not completed it by the time the crash happened and three weeks before the crash ellis was clarked with public fighting during beach -- charged with public fighting during beach week in ocean city. he was due in court july 9th, but because of his condition his court date was postponed until november. crash victim calvin lee was also charged in that incident.
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sam ellis' lawyer tells me his client is devastated by the loss of his friends and doctors won't know for months about the impact of his brain injury. reporting live from north potomac andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> as we said, the investigation is ongoing. thank you, andrea. and if you have information you want to share with the cops, please call 240-773-6620. you can remain anonymous. a former employee of a high end washington daycare is accused of abusing two babies in her care. the daycare owner at kiddie academy in foggy bottom says patricia rolden of rockville has been fired after parents complained about bruces on their 3 and 7-year-old babies. rolden is charged with two counts of second degree child abuse, but despite that people we talked with today say they are confident about the care at kiddie academy. >> my son has been in a different room for two months here and we've been very happy
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with kiddie academy in west end. i have no complaints and i think that the center has handled the -- you know, this incident very well. >> i'm unsure of the circumstances or the validity. >> the daycare is cooperating with investigators and according to charging documents, witnesses told police that rolden pinched the babies on their cheeks and in the back of their legs because they were crying. investigators in harpers ferry west virginia are looking into statements that a group of partying kids was heard just before that mysterious three alarm fire that gutted four buildings in the historic town. scott broom is following up on that today in harpers ferry with this new development. scott, tell us more. >> reporter: well, that's right. a law enforcement source did confirm today that investigators are trying to get to the bottom of these accounts of witness statements of kids partying near this fire ahead of time, but they caution they have not verified these witness
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statements. they also caution we shouldn't get too far ahead on this until they know a lot more. officially the cause of this devastating fire is still listed as undetermined, but the investigation today was very active. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: this dramatic witness video of flames consuming a wooden staircase between historic buildings here in harpers ferry early thursday is also part of the investigation. it was in this narrow passage between buildings where there are reports a witness may have heard a group of rowdy young people partying before the fire. here's what joette breeden who owns a nearby restaurant is hearing. >> some kids were heard partying, you know, on the steriles there and even at some point someone said they -- stairs there and even at some point someone heard them say let's get out of here now. >> reporter: one thing is for sure. the investigation is still active. day two at the fire scene and the fire marshal was joined
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with private investigators working for items inside the private quinn pub and handed off a bag to harpers ferry police. they would not say when they found. an accelerant sniffing dog has been brought in and samples have been taken for laboratory analysis. >> sit. sit. >> reporter: that's steve lanza who came from south carolina to see this historic civil war town. >> said it really could have been a lot worse. >> reporter: the tourists are back to this famous national historical park. >> that's the one. >> reporter: the businesses that remain after the fire are open and busy, but owners like breeden are preoccupied. >> well, we are still here. we're all devastated for our friends and our neighbors that have lost their businesses. >> reporter: ms. breeden said that if this fire which took out five businesses, destroyed four buildings and threatened to take out a portion of the national historic park here, she said if it turns out to be suspicious, it will just
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magnify the tragedy here. investigators are still working on it. reporting live in harpers ferry, west virginia, scott broom, wusa9. >> scott, thank you. and laboratory analysis of the samples taken from the site may take days or even weeks to provide results. well, that didn't take long. >> yeah. just five days after the smithsonian launched the campaign to raise 500,000 books to help preserve neil armstrong's spacesuit three meant the goal. more than 6,300 people -- met the goal. more than 6,300 people donated to restore the spacesuit. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. the fairfax county police department targeted for a lack of transparency in the wake of a high profile police shooting. we'll have that story for you at 5:30. >> plus airline price gouging, they are being investigated after that amtrak train crash. top? >> yeah. we got coc out here, chamber of
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commerce weather, just another beautiful evening. here's what it's going to lead to tonight. here are your low temps, low 70s downtown, everybody else in the 60s, 64 in leesburg and 62 in manassas. we'll come back, talk about when the humidity rolls in and something else is going to be joining the party, too late in the weekend. >> reporter: the department of justice could launch an investigation into hillary clinton's personal e-mail account. i'm
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new information tonight out of charles county where the sheriff's office has charged a man with assault, carrying a deadly weapon and in other crimes with connection to an incident that started out as a fight with a woman with whom he had a relationship. he is 49-year-old lavon
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chisley. deputies say he got in a fight with a woman on wednesday outside of waldorf. he had a knife as he came at an officer. the officer shot him in the stomach. he was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition. four airlines are now under investigation for possible price gouging after this deadly amtrak crash in philadelphia back in may. the department of transportation sent all rights to delta, american, southwest and jetblue requesting information and they want to know about any pricing irregularities on those routes that compete with amtrak in the northeast. specifically they want to know any explanation for increases in the average fare that happened 15 days before or after the crash. right now hillary clinton is defending herself after federal investigators asked the justice department to look into the personal e-mail account she used while she was secretary of state. weigia jiang has new developments from d.c. >> reporter: hillary clinton campaigned in new york city friday afternoon.
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>> hi. >> reporter: the democratic hopeful started off by addressing questions about her personal e-mail account while she was sheriff's office. while-- secretary of state. >> i have released 55,000 pages of e-mails. i have said repeatedly that i will answer questions before the house committee. >> reporter: the state department inspector general released a memo that said the team pouring over the clinton e- mails report discovering hundreds of potentially classified e-mails within the collection. at least one inspector general has referred the case to the justice department to see if an investigation is necessary. the clinton campaign says the secretary never sent any classified e-mails from her private system, but the referral gives republicans more ammunition on the campaign trail. >> even more concerning is the constant drama that surrounds anything clinton. every time they're involved there is something going on with deception or keeping things from the public eye.
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>> reporter: clinton's private e-mails are already at the center of a congressional investigation looking into the attack on a u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. weigia jiang, cbs news, washington. >> congressman trey gowdy, the chairman of the committee looking into the attacks, issued a statement calling on secretary clinton to turn over the e-mail server so it can be put through a forensic evaluation. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. are going into the weekend with a good feeling. >> oh, yeah. it's going to be a great weekend. it's not going to be quite as spectacular as thursday and friday, but i mean for late july we're ahead of the game. let's talk about the 3-degree guarantee. again sort of tough today because the air mass was so dry. we went 90, let you know how we did tonight at 11:00. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, the good news is it's 87 right now. that's a good sign. again the dew points, is this the third day in the 50s?
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relative humidity 33%. actually i tweeted this out a little while ago. at one time today just two hours ago the relative humidity was 29%. it's almost unheard of for us for this time of year. winds out of the north at 9. okay. perfect friday evening and night. if you haven't made plans, make them. you can. saturday is going to be hot but not that humid. hot and humid sunday. i threw in a stray storm on sunday, didn't want to do it, but i had to. then an isolated storm, better chance on monday and tuesday and the serious heat rolls in the middle of next week. 10:00 tonight everyone is in the 70s, clear skies, 11th 4 in leesburg, 71 manassas, 72 in bowie. by morning we'll start out at 7 a.m., it is a saturday, after all, 60s still frederick, leesburg, manassas, 73 downtown, another refreshing start and then by 10:00 we're in the 70s in the burbs. we are popping into the low 80s downtown and then by early
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afternoon we're going to be close to 90 again, 85 in gaithersburg, 87 in manassas, but near 90 downtown and upper 80s into southern maryland and then by 6 p.m. i'm not buying these showers tomorrow. i think tomorrow we're going to be okay. 85 in gaithersburg, 87 in manassas. the air mass is still pretty darn dry to produce any kind of showers. by 8:00 tomorrow night it will be a little toasty but still not uncomfortable, 79 in gaithersburg, low 80s in leesburg, percyville, manassas, 80 or so in bowie and mitchellville. so for tonight clear skies, comfortable again, 62 to 72. winds will be light and then by morning mostly sunny with a rapid warm-up, 62 to 88 by lunchtime and then by afternoon beautiful day, mostly sunny, hot but still not that humid, high temperatures in the low 90s. winds will turn out of the south of east at 10 which is a sign it will become more humid as we get into tomorrow night and also on sunday. 80 tomorrow in oakland, beautiful day to be at deep
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creek lake. you jump the divide, you're in the upper 80s in cumberland, near 90 in hagerstown, martinsburg and winchester all with full sun, 93 culpeper, 90 leesburg, 91 in manassas. 92 tomorrow down town, only 85 by the water, beautiful day to be on the water. so day planner 73 to start, these are downtown temps now, near 80 by 9:00, 84 by 11:00 and sunshine near 90 by 1 p.m. so sunday hot, more humid, a tiny chance of an isolated storm, 94 and then 91 on monday with isolated storms. we get a break in temps, won't last long. tuesday we're in the low 90s but then upper 90s wednesday and on thursday, first day of training camp in richmond, that should be toasty and then low 90s and an isolated storm next friday. captured on tape a heroic effort by dallas police officers, firefighters and several bystanders got involved. >> they all came together to help a female who was trapped under a car
5:21 pm
after an accident. when a jack failed to raise the car, everybody there pooled their strength and actually lifted the vehicle off of that trapped woman. >> all we saw was like an arm and the rest of her. so we tried to make sure that she was still alive, still breathing, something until the dfr got there and once we saw the big guys show up then we were like i think there's enough of us to lift up the car. >> and they did. despite the frightening more deal police say the woman did not suffer any major injuries in the crash. a big time auto recall after hackers expose some serious vulnerability. that's coming up in tonight's consumer alert. >> and right after the break
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ing with, here's a way -- well, here's a way to draw attention to your cause, angry over low pork prices farmers in france released live pigs into the grocery store. the farmers wheeled the pigs in hayfield trailers and kicked them out and led them into the store. they went hog wild and nobody seems to be doing much about it either. i guess pigs are scary. >> and stinky, too. watch out for them. in tonight's consumer alert stocks continue their losing
5:25 pm
streak on this last day of trading. the dow tumbled 163 points. the nasdaq closed 57 points lower. there's another big merger happening, this time in the healthcare industry. anthem announced it will buy cigna in a $54 billion deal and this acquisition will create the largest health insurer in the country covering 53 million people. the consolidation of the two companies is expected to close by next year and then there will only be three major players in the insurance industry remaining once that deal is finalized. earlier this week we showed you how two computer experts were able to hack into a 2014 jeep cherokee, take control of the radio, the air conditioning, the engine. it ended up in a ditch and the exposure of that security flaw prompted fiat chrysler to recall 1.4 million vehicles that have a certain type of radio. so dodge, jeep, ram and chrysler owners are being asked to contact the automaker for a
5:26 pm
free software update if it ends up that their vehicle is part of the recall. here's another recall. up a óybaby, calling back 71,000 strollers and rumble seats. the baby productsmaker says its 2015 cruise and vista strollers and the rumble seat have this foam that kids can chew on the bumper bar and that can cause them to choke. so up a baby wants you to take out that foam piece and contact them for a replacement. and lululemon has introduced a rather unique product to its line. the retailer known for its athletic wear is brewing up its own craft beer. it's called curiosity lager and this craft malt is only available in canada for now. banned for life, starbucks boots this guy who says he was just there trying to help the handicapped. >> reporter: this is hank silverberg in fairfax county where a new report is highly critical of the way the police communicate with the public. we'll have that story coming up.
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more criticism tonight of the fairfax county police for the way they handled a high profile use of force case. >> a committee which has been reviewing their policy after the police shooting death of john geer over two years ago says the department needs to be more open. hank silverberg takes a closer look. >> reporter: it was almost two years after john geer died on his front doorstep before police released the name of the officer who shot him, adam
5:30 pm
torres, and it took a lawsuit and a court order for that to happen. now a special police practices commission has been reviewing procedures as a result. >> they were spending my money, my taxpayer money, to keep secrets from me. they were hiring a lawyer to write a letter to senator grassley to try to avoid giving him information that the commonwealth's attorney should have had, that the u.s. attorney should have had, the justice department should have had without a fight and that they should be for the most part releasing to the public spry early on. >> reporter: this report says that communication -- very early on. >> reporter: this report says that communications by the police to the public and media in high profile use of force cases like the john geer case has been mishandled and has eroded the public trust. >> fairfax county was a little behind the times in communications. in fact, they had a culture of secrecy for a very long time. >> reporter: among the communications recommendations that will be reviewed by the full commission next week,
5:31 pm
provide the name of officers as soon as possible after a use of force incident, preferably within a week and adopt an approach to disclose public records presumed to be public. a month ago an independent research firm recommended changes in training for the county's police force suggesting recruits not begin their training with the mechanics of firing a gun and changing terminology on the use of tasers to stop calling them nondeadly weapons. the geer case is far from over. a special grand jury will begin hearing testimony on monday. in fairfax county hank silverberg, wusa9. >> fairfax county chief edwin rossler has already indicated he will adopt 70 of the 71 recommendations made by last month's independent report. the full commission report isn't due out until october. more bear sightings today in fairfax county. police say they've gotten a number of calls about a bear out in great falls. so animal control officers will check the trail cameras to see if they spot anything.
5:32 pm
crews installed those cameras yesterday after a dog was seriously injured by what was believed to be either a bear or some other animal earlier this week. former virginia governor bob mcdonnell is still fighting his two year prison sentence. today mcdonnell filed a petition for the entire 4th u.s. circuit court of appeals to consider his convictions on corruption charges. earlier this month a three-jun panel unanimously upheld -- judge panel unanimously upheld his conviction. he said they did not do a good enough job establishing between bribery and routine political courtesy. the charges going back to 2013 of perry when he threatened and carried out a veto of state funds for public corruptions prosecutors that happened after a democratic va refused perry's push to step down after she was convicted of drunken driving.
5:33 pm
joining us now is face the nation host john dick areson and rick perry is on your -- dickerson and rick perry is on your show this weekend, but i got a sense it's going to be donald trump dominating the conversation. >> that's right. perry is really taking on the donald. we're also going to talk to rand paul who is taking another approach talking about the issues he wants to talk about and we'll have joe manchin from west virginia to talk about the shooting this week. >> what do you think manchin will opine regarding the gun control issue and the shooting in louisiana? >> i think he'll basically say it's a tragedy that's not likely to lead to new gun control measures. he tried once before after the newtown shooting and it's gotten nowhere and the political situation hasn't changed any. my guess is that is what he'll say, but hopefully he should give us some insight about what the process is like from his experience and whether he's going to try and give it one more shot. >> all right.
5:34 pm
john dickerson, host of face the nation, we look forward to your broadcast sunday 8:30 a.m. >> thanks, derek. president obama is in kenya right now, a trip to his father's homeland. in nairobi mr. obama will hold talks on trade and investment and security issues and counterterrorism measures and he will become the first american leader to address the african union when he travels to ethiopia on sunday. an interstate badly damaged after flash flooding has partially reopened. traffic began moving today on i- 10. a driver was badly hurt after the bridge there collapsed on sunday. traffic jams and bottlenecks are still happening along the way. a florida man banned from starbucks for life he says because he defended people with disabilities. rob rowen got this letter from starbucks saying he can't step foot in any store ever. he's been asking drivers who park illegally in the handicapped spot at this tampa
5:35 pm
store to move, but customers complained about the confrontations and the manager kicked him out. >> causing disruption to business which haven't i haven't and i threatened the well being of a customer, which i never threatened him and truthfully just, you know, i stood up for these people. it's a shock. >> starbucks says they share rowen's concern over parking and they're trying to work with the landlord, but they will not tolerate him disrupting what they call their welcoming environment. >> might be a case of mind your own business. a surprising twist in southern california where an elusive bank robber doubled the snowboard bandit is now -- doubled the snowbird bandit is now in police -- dubbed the snowbird bandit is now in police custody. his family turned him in and his bank robbing ways were cut short. for 21 years he was a detective for the l.a. police department. >> it's shocking to know that
5:36 pm
he, in fact, at 1 time was enforcing thand probably investigating crimes like robberies or bank robberies or those type of things. >> it is indeed a little shocking. adair was nicknamed the snowbird bandit because he's old are and has white player. -- older hair. one of the reports say he was one of the arresting officers who arrested sirhan sirhan who killed robert kennedy in 1968. you could not make that one up. straight ahead an unlikely sport cracks down on performance enhancing drugs. >> plus the wwe's body slamming hunk hogan, why the league is trying to erase the hulkster from the internet. top? >> the break in the humidity continues and also the pollen to some extent. we're looking at the pollen reading. this is always on our website
5:37 pm
iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months.
5:38 pm
iran has violated 20 inantertional agreements isand l theeading state sponsor of terrorism.
5:39 pm
trending now hulkamania has run its course in the wwe. >> this is odd to me. the league has scrubbed hulk hogan's name from its website. it's been alleged hogan used racial slurs on a tape he's tried to keep quiet and the wwe
5:40 pm
says they celebrate the diversity of all fans worldwide. earlier hulk tweeted out this in the storm i release control. god in his universe will sail me where he wants me to be, one love. rapper chris brown is out of the philippines tonight after being stuck there for three days. >> interesting story. so he wasn't allowed to leave the country due to a fraud complaint after a canceled concert last new year's eve. brown posted this video onto instagram as he walks down the tarmac in manila. >> i love you all, man. party tonight. turn it up. >> i don't really know what he said. >> he said party tonight. turn up. >> there we go. here's the issue. apparently brown and his promoter were paid in full $1 million before the show was canceled, but brown said look, i call back to make up for what i had to cancel. >> so why did they have to make
5:41 pm
him stay there? >> something is missing in that story. >> something we don't know. >> try to track it down maybe. sports have been cracking down on performance enhancing drugs for years. >> yeah, but now there is a focus on ridding peds from video game competitions. >> did you know about that? >> i did not. it started after one gamer claimed the use of adderall runs rampant in the competition. the electronic sports league will introduce policies to keep those drugs out. virtual sports, no word exactly what that could involve, although you got to think testing could be part of it. this flock of ducks dodged four lanes of traffic in a frogger style street crossing on a busy highway in minnesota. now we sped this up just a little bit. several drivers stop and swerve to keep from hitting the birds. >> oh, my goodness. >> prompting a warning. >> good lord. >> oh. >> oh, that was close. if any of those drivers caused
5:42 pm
an accident as a result of trying to avoid the ducks, they could have been charged. >> yeah, man. that was a pileup waiting to happen. >> fortunately no people or birds were injured in the filming of this video. >> the birds made it. i can't believe it. >> yeah. they were tenacious. >> yeah. all right. coming up in sports as we recover from watching that, a baltimore ravens player reaches into his own pocket to make sure local high school footballers are ready for the season. >> plus the post office comes up with a plan for customers receiving expensive packages that they don't want left
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well, check this out. a massive sinkhole swallows up a whole truck down in tampa. deputies say that hole opened up while the workers were drilling a well. they estimate it's 40 feet wide, 25 feet deep and you can see, look, all that's sticking out of that truck is the very top. nobody hurt and the home right next-door there is stable. package delivery can be tricky. sometimes a box just can't be left without a signature and then those dropped at the damaged by the weather or somebody might come and try to lift it, but now the postal service may have a solution, bigger mailboxes.
5:46 pm
chelsea edwards has more on a pilot program in new hall, california. >> reporter: the united states postal service is testing larger package friendly mailboxes. ron ronaldi has worked for the agency 18 years and says the new boxes let him work faster. >> i'm able to drive up, open the door, be able to scan the package and the mail and put it all in one centrally located spot. >> reporter: the 13 by 7-inch mailboxes are part of a pilot program underway in a handful of communities across the country and put in here in new hall, california. they allow carriers to deliver boxes that might otherwise be taken back to the post office if no one is home. the usps is hoping that these larger mailboxes will also deliver a boost in business for the agency. the postal service has lost billions since the advent of e- mail and fax. now the agency is looking to change with the times. >> letter volume has been decreasing, but package volume has been increasing and that is
5:47 pm
revenue for us. >> reporter: in urban areas the boxes have locks, but in suburban areas they don't. >> i don't have to worry about prescription medications or other mailer items being left on the front door. >> reporter: robert sphere also testing the new boxes. >> we never had a problem with any of the deliveries. just convenient to have it all in the mailbox now. >> reporter: the program eaksed an if this testing phase is successful. people -- will be phased in if the testing phase is successful. people may someday be able to buy a package friendly box for their home. the third archbishop of washington d.c. has died yesterday. he was 88. he served as arch bib op from 1973 to -- bishop from 1973 to 1980 and will be remembered for
5:48 pm
his long and distinguished service and his memory will always be dear to his church in washington where he called home. tomorrow the d.c. mayor and other city leaders will take a mile and a half walk through george town. this is all part of the mayor's wellness initiatives and the effort to get the city to collectively walk 1 billion steps. the blues alley jazz club georgetown is celebrating its 50th anniversary. >> ♪ ♪ happy birthday keep swinging blues alley ♪ ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ >> all right. we ventured inside the club today as larry coreal and other artists were taping a special performance to honor the club performing the big 5-0. it's the oldest continuously
5:49 pm
operating jazz club and over the years a lot of the greats have taken the stage. >> it's a gem and it's right here in our community. >> yup. now to some great video out of ocean city, maryland, from earlier this week. watch as the gusty winds blow a breech umbrella right down the shoreline -- beach umbrella right down the shoreline, all the employees trying to catch them. that approaching thunderstorm dropped 3 inches of rain on ocean city on monday and, you know, it looks kind of funny from here, but that's pretty dangerous if you're out there, right, top? >> yeah. >> those people could use their umbrellas because it was about to rain. >> my wife almost got impaled by one a couple years ago. they whip pretty fast, the little ones. one storm i had a brand-new expensive umbrella and i was like well, we can leave it up, never saw it again. i walked a mile each way, never saw it again.
5:50 pm
>> i think one of your neighbors has it. >> well, perhaps. >> he's been holding it. he's not telling you about it. >> it's green, green or blue. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, it is very nice outside. we mentioned this yesterday. we have low humidity, but look how clear it is. you can see for miles. 87, dew point still in the 50s. that is just stealing one from july, winds out of the north at about 9, humidity only 33%. perfect friday evening will lead to a perfect friday night. saturday is going to be hot but not humid tomorrow. we're in pretty good shape, hot and humid sunday, a stray thunderstorm possible. i would not plan around it and it is not yellow alert worthy just yet, isolated storms on monday and tuesday, in fact, a much better chance of isolated storms early next week. so 10:00 on the futurecast we have temps in the 70s, even downtown. by morning we're in the 60s. we had 50s this morning. i don't think we'll see any 50s tonight but pretty refreshing. get your cup of coffee at
5:51 pm
leesburg, gaithersburg, bowie, 66, 67. that's a good deal. by 10:00 around 82 downtown, upper 70s to near 80 in the suburbs, pure sun. by 2:00 we're near 90 downtown. we should make it into the low 90s tomorrow. by 6 p.m. i'm not buying that shower. i think all the showers will be well south. even by 6:00 we're mid- to upper 80s but not that humid. by 8:30 tomorrow, you can plan stuff tomorrow night, too. it will be 85 at 7:30 and 83 in leesburg and 82 in manassas by 8:30 tomorrow night. so day planner, remember, these 73 to start, 79 at 9:00, 84 at 11:00 and 89, almost 90, probably will be 90 by 1:00. so sunday more humid, isolated storm by 94, better chance of isolated storms by monday, 91, not yellow alert worthy yet. tuesday isolated storms, low 90s. now wednesday and thursday may become yellow alerts for heat, were 90s wednesday,
5:52 pm
thursday,ite -- upper 90s wednesday, thursday, isolated storms on friday. training camp starts friday in richmond. that should be pretty toasty. now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> three weeks, that's all high school student athletes have until football practice again. it's also all the time parents have until they have to scrounge up money for some of the equipment the kids will need. well, a local player just helped some of those parents. diane roberts has more in today's game on varsity report. >> reporter: michael campanaro is a second year wide receiver for the baltimore ravens. he and the rest of the team tried to calm the city after the riots back in april including a visit to a charm city high school. what was happening affected the clarksville native. >> there was a lot of negativity going on around this area a little bit, just something to help out, give back and put a smile on these
5:53 pm
guys' faces. they weren't really focused on all that was going on. they were just excited about getting out there playing football. it just came across our minds i'm going to get these guys some cleats. >> reporter: these guys are the douglas high school football team and campanaro came through with his thought and donated 80 pairs of cleats. >> 9 1/2. hope you guys enjoy enjoy them and thanks for accepting the donation. >> thank you! [ applause ] >> reporter: with summer practice right around the corner the student athletes left with the shoes and a smile on their faces. diane roberts, wusa9 sports. >> good for them. during his visit with the high school players campanaro said he's on track being ready for training camp, struggled last year with hamstring and quadriceps injuries all last year. coming up we've got aing about story, a bug money -- a big story, a big money deal for one of the washington capitals.
5:54 pm
one guy is going to be around for a while. >> thank you, dave. up next why turkey has had a change of heart and is now allowing american base fighters to take off from air bases near syria. >> reporter: a judge here orders a mental evaluation for the suspect in that brutal
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
that connecticut teenager who made that drone that could fire a pistol is now under arrest, 18-year-old austin howard under arrest tonight but
5:57 pm
not because of the bullet firing drone. court documents say he assaulted a police officer after failing to follow the officer's directions during a traffic stop sunday night. >> the officer asked him at least a dozen times to put his vehicle in park. that is a hazardous situation for an officer to be in. >> austin's dad says the police report is full of lies. the atf investigation is going on as to how the boy made that pistol shooting drone. the pentagon has a new base for launching attacks on isis. >> molly williams explains why turkey has agree -- holly williams explains why turkey has agreed to allow military missions to lift off from its military border with syria. >> reporter: this turkish air base will make it much easier for the u.s. led coalition to launch strikes against isis because it's just 60 miles the syrian border. this turnaround comes in a week in which the syrian civil war spilled violently into turkey. on monday a suicide bomber reportedly linked to isis killed more than 30 people in a
5:58 pm
turkish town close to the border and yesterday the turkish military said that five isis gunmen fired at a turkish border post killing one soldier. then overnight three turkish fighter jets bombed isis militants inside syria. turkey has been widely criticized for failing to stop the flow of foreign fighters and weapons through its territory into syria, but yesterday the turkish government announced it's building a new wall along part of its border. it seems the turkish government fears it is losing control along its border with syria and now recognizes that isis is a threat not just in syria and iraq, but also here in turkey. holly williams, cbs news, istanbul. >> and many of the u.s. military flights launched from turkey will include fighter jets. in the past only unmanned drones were allowed to fly.
5:59 pm
18-year-old jasper spires laughed, smiled and interrupted a judge as a detective laid out the new dna ed that tied him to the stabbing death -- evidence that tied him to the stabbing death of 24-year-old kevin sutherland on a d.c. metro train. thanks for joining us. i'm derek mcginty. >> i'm lesli foster. bruce leshan was there to see it all and joins us now live from the courthouse. wow, it was pretty bizarre. >> reporter: yeah, definitely, lesli, so bizarre that the judge has now ordered a psychiatric exam to see if spires is competent to stand trial. spires acted strangely almost from the start sort of prancing into the courtroom with a big grin on his face. he laughed at times as prosecutors went through the evidence tying him to the almost impossibly brutal stabbing of kevin sutherland allegedly over a cell phone. police say he stabbed the american university grad 30 or
6:00 pm
40 times and witnesses who cowered at the other end of the metro train say the teenager also punched and stomped on his victim. are you concerned about your client's mental competency? >> no comment on that. he's 18 years old. looking at a murder which we believe he didn't commit. that causes almost anyone to be nervous. >> reporter: d.c. homicide deivtectbre gaiel truby went through the sullrveiance video from the noma-galludet metro station that suggests spires threw something in a trash can just off screen. police say they found a knife in the trash. with victim kevin sutherland's blood and dna on it and they


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