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tv   wusa 9 News Saturday at 7am  CBS  July 25, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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good morning. 7:00 saturday. and we are beginning to learn more about the louisiana theater shooting suspect. and you have to head out this weekend. bring your patience. a number of road closures and projects are bringing increased congestion. we're waking up to a nice saturday and the heat and humidity are gradually stepping up. details coming up in the first alert 7-day forecast. good morning and thank you for waking up with us. today is july 25th. i'm mike hydeck. >> and i'm meteorologist erica grow. >> the lack of humidity in july in the d.c. area is a huge
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bonus. >> such a rarity and i enjoyed it as well. we're looking at a bit of an increase. still nice enough to get outside. the spider cam is back. take a look at the day planner. we'll see a good amount of sunshine today and highs will reach into the 90s. yesterday we barely grazed the 90-degree mark. we are getting warmer and muggier and the winds remain on the light side and we're not going to drive in the humidity from the south until we get to tomorrow. current temperature 64 in leesburg. and 59 in culpeper. and this is the area where we have fog. a quarter mile visibility in warrenton. and 2 1/2 in martensburg. and most of the travels are
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totally clear. nothing heading our way until tomorrow late afternoon or early evening. we'll time out the arrival coming up in the first alert 7- day forecast. two swimmers are still missing after disappearing in the payton set river. the search involved two local dive teams, the u.s. coast guard, and the maryland state police helicopter. so far, there has been no sign of the missing swimmers. police in d.c. are searching for answers after an overnight shooting. a man was found suffering from a gunshot wound and died at the hospital a short time later. this comes after two people were shot in the exact same location and both of those victims survived. police are piecing together a timeline for the theater
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shooting in louisiana. the gunman killed two women before taking his own life. vigils are planned throughout the weekend. >> reporter: 59-year-old john houser ambushed movie goers in lafayette, louisiana. >> you could see the flash coming from the chamber. it was awful. >> reporter: 21-year-old mayci breaux and 33-year-old jillian johnson were killed and nine others were wounded. >> one of the surviving victims played dead to stay alive. >> reporter: he was reloading his gun as police arrived and he ran back inside and took his own life. in 2008 his family had him involuntarily committed. his handgun was purchased in alabama in 2014.
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kenneth craig, cbs news, lafayette, louisiana. a suitland man has been sentenced to prison for murdering his girlfriend's toddler. he was babysitting while the mother was at work. he got angry with the boy and rammed his head into the wall. he died at the hospital the next day. investigators in harper's ferry are checking into statements from witnesses. they heard kids partying before a massive fire. the section that's preserved as a national park was spared. eyewitness video shows flames engulfing a staircase. there are reports that there was a group of rowdy young people partying. >> to find that out, that would just intensify the magnitude. who would do that, you know? >> state fire investigators collected items from the gutted
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buildings and wouldn't say what they found. an accelerant sniffing dog has been brought in and samples taken for analysis. beginning today, one of the busiest intersections in montgomery county will be reduced to a crawl. >> half the lanes are being closed as part of an ongoing project to pave and widen the road. surae chinn is at the intersection. what are you seeing out there? >> lots of activity and a lot of closure. the busiest or one of the busiest intersections in montgomery county just got a lot work this weekend because of everything happening behind me. lots of construction workers, lots of cars, and lots of orange cones too. traffic is reduced to one lane in each direction. you are only able to make right
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turns here. this is randolph road and georgia avenue. they are repaving. and i just saw a woman zigzagging around the orange cones. there's no crosswalk and there's a huge hole in the middle of the street so be extra careful. you don't know if drivers are paying attention and distracted in a sense because of all the orange cones. drivers have been warned and many will be staying away. >> i'm afraid to go out this week. >> others have been complaining and it's going to be a mess. for real, it's going to be something. i won't be coming this way this weekend. >> reporter: and hopefully, a lot of people will heed the warning. but there's a lot of traffic at this hour. it's 7:00 and lots of people are still taking the road. you can again only take right turns. and this will reopen 5 a.m.
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monday. all weekend long this is going to be going on and this is again part of a huge project that will take at least a year to complete. >> it's going to be sticky for a while. here's a look at things happening. alfred street baptist church will be distributing back to school supplies for 2000 children. free dental and health screenings. and the armistice peace concert at the lip con memorial -- the lincoln memorial . new food labels for sugar could be added to your favorite treats. and a new device could help improve the lives of millions who suffer from epilepsy. another pleasant day to be outside. just a little bit warmer and more humid than the past few days. if you're heading to the summer
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block party at the village at leesburg. 90degrees at 3:00 and that's the high temperature. we are keeping it completely dry today. tomorrow might be a different story. we've got the possibility of pop-up storms in every cup has a story. dunkin' k-cup packs in my life were a good fit. a single serving for myself, it's pretty special. it is like having a dunkin' store in my home which is what i've always dreamed of. bring home delicious dunkin' k-cup packs today. your coffee, your dunkin'.
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. good saturday morning. first alert weather time. it's been lovely. the last few days looks like the humidity is going to creep back in. >> it's not going to slam us. it's a gradual uptick. monday it's going to be soupy. today it's pleasant. let's get it started. we have to start with the 3- degree guarantee. we're going with a high of 90
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degrees. topper has been guaranteeing these temperatures. today we're going with 92. we shall see if that is the end result for today. i do think that most of us will touch at least 90 degrees this afternoon. it's not going to be a terrible day though. that humidity will be on the low side and dew points in the low 60s at worst and for this time of year and this location, that's not that bad. 86 at noon and 89 at 5:00. that's dropping down from the high of 92. the winds are calm and the dew point like i mentioned before is 63. so it's manageable. this is the last nice day that we'll have to enjoy outside because it starts to get much more humid and warmer as we head to sunday. on sunday we really will feel that steamness, especially in the late afternoon. we could get cooled down by an
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isolated storm. it's going to be a steamy one as we head into the workweek. 61 in luray. and 60 in culpeper. and 63 in frederick and gaithersburg. that's a disorganized weak system that doesn't have enough energy to bring us anything significant in terms of thunderstorms. we'll keep it dry for the next day and a half at least. the feels like forecast is the thing we'll forecast on as we head through the weekend. this afternoon it's going to feel like 90 in downtown washington. and overnight tonight we won't get as cool as last night and the night before where it was really pleasant. it's going to feel like 75 in winchester. and 72 in culpeper and 80 in downtown washington. it's going to feel like the mid- 90s as we head into monday.
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the real feel will be pretty significant. another heat wave. 92degrees today. 94 on sunday with the slight threat for an isolated storm. and on monday, more widespread scattered showers and storms and a high of 90. temperatures heading into the mid- to upper 90s by wednesday and thursday and it should be dry on both of those days. did you know that one in 26 americans will develop epilepsy within their lifetime. it effects more than muscular dystrophy and markenson's. there is an option other than medication. a local woman uses a pacemaker device. >> reporter: she was plagued with migraines and they eventually manifested into seizures. >> how old were you when
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diagnosed with epilepsy? >> 15 or 16 years old. >> she has idiopathic generalized epilepsy. she was having seizures and one drug had unbearable side effects. lauren came across vegas nerve stimulation. >> the it's like a pacemaker put beneath the skin. >> reporter: he felt lauren was a perfect candidate. once implanted it sends pulses straight to the brain every five minutes for 30 seconds to control seizures. the change in her voice is the most obvious sign that it's activated. >> all the way up to the vegas nerve. and everyone has a vegas nerve and it's on the left side of
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your neck. then you'll have a slinky -- >> when she has warning signs that a seizure is approaching. she has a magnet that makes the episode go away. and that's -- it has a side effect. but when you're in that moment, it's the least of your worries. >> wow. lauren has not had a seizure in over a year. it's not brain surgery. but it's been helpful with depression, anxiety and other problems common with epilepsy. the fda wants to list a daily percentage for added sugars similar to sodium and fats. the change is only a proposal. a final decision could be made later this year. scientists in england say people over the age of 50 who
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are active and well off financially drink more than their less wealthy peers. doctors studied 9000 people and found that those in better health with higher incomes and higher health levels were more likely to drink at dangerous levels. and researchers at stanford are raising the alarm about radiation. the medical imaging tests are associated with damage to cells. the use of ct scans has increased over the past decade and the study calls for more research into whether it can create cell -- lead to tumors. chrysler is recalling vehicles to try to head
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welcome back. i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. it's 7:19 and 63 in manassas. 74 in downtown washington. and that temperature sensor is right there along the water, the potomac is warm right now. we have beautiful conditions outside right now. unfortunately, we are going to start to drive in the heat and humidity as we head into the afternoon it's going to be manageable today. just an isolated storm west of the blue ridge.
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but in the shenandoah valley, we'll keep it dry. 89 in warrenton and culpeper. 92 in downtown washington today. 87 pax river. and 90 degrees for the high in baltimore with a good amount of sunshine. we'll see the heat and humidity continue throughout all of next week. more on the steamy details in the first alert 7-day forecast. fiat chrysler recalling 1.5 million vehicles to update the software to prevent hackers. two hackers released an internet video showing they could take control of a jeep whicher key while on the internet. the 8.4-inch touch screen radio is what is affected. the department of transportation is looking into allegations of price gouging the week of the amtrak crash in philadelphia. >> after the amtrak crash, delta, american, southwest, and jetblue are all accused of
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hiking the airfares on northeast routes. kris van cleave has more. >> reporter: the report of fares as high as $2300 between new york and d.c. prompted the department of transportation investigation. that $2300 ticket is more than five times what the same flight costs today, even if booked at the last minute. they instructed five major airlines to turn over fare records from may 12th to may 17th. those are the days that service was interrupted after train 88 derailed outside philadelphia killing eight and damaging the rail line. the foun4(acder of the west side airfare watchdog says his team noticed the spike. >> the airlines are trying to get as much as they can. and in this case, i think they maybe went too far. >> reporter: all five said they
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would cooperate. one of the big unanswered questions, were the sky high fares a preexisting part of the structure? this investigation is separate one is department of justice investigation. president obama returns to his father's homeland and
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7: 246789 good morning if you're just waking up. looking at things in the news now. president obama is in the second day of his trip to his father's homeland in kenya. this morning during a business summit in nairobi the president
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said the inclusion of women and minorities are key. kurdish officials have accused turkey of violating a peace agreement. arendale, the homeland of the movie frozen has a new princess and it's thanks to kristen bell. she voiced the character of anna in the disney movie and recently made a call to a fan who was hospitalized with a brain tumor. that call has gone viral. and you can see why, take a listen. >> hi, avery, this is princess anna of arendale. i just wanted to call and say hello. so hello. i hope you're having a great day and playing a lot with hoppy jumpy, i love bunnies. hold on. what's that elsa?
7:26 am
okay, i'll tell her. avery, my sister elsa heard that you've been such a good girl that she has decided to crown you as an honorary princess of arendale. [ laughter ] >> that's so exciting. i think you'll make a great princess. i got to go build a snow man with my friend olaf now. bye, bye. >> well done. >> how sweet is that. what a great idea. coming up, we'll prepare for a full weekend of roadwork. we'll let you know where to avoid. surae chinn is live coming up. and we have one nice day before
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good saturday morning. it is 7:30. more heat for hillary clinton. new criticism connected to the private e-mail server she was using while she was secretary of state. 30 years ago he was convicted of selling u.s. secrets to a foreign country. in a few months, jonathan pollard could be a free man.
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and get ready for congestion and traffic. road projects are kicking in to overdrive. and by this time tomorrow afternoon, the heat and humidity will be in overdrive but we're pleasant for today. thanks for joining us for the best morning weekend show on tv. we humbly say so. i'm mike hydeck. >> and i'm meteorologister coo grow. it's a beautiful day and it's going to be pleasant until sunday. and then it's going to feel like the late july normal weather that we expect this time of year. it's not going to be as bad as it was last weekend. remember how hot and humid it was. but we'll have another heat wave on our hands. a good amount of sunshine today. and dew points -- it's a measure of the moisture in the atmosphere -- they will be in the low 60s for most of the day today which is fairly
7:31 am
comfortable. the high today, 92. 90degrees at 4:00. and the lunchtime temperature, 87. so starting to feel a little too hot to have lunch outside unless you have a shady spot. 63 in frederick, 74 in downtown washington. and 67 at andrews. and 62 in waldorf. and we have a little bit of lingering fog in faulkner county and the panhandle of west virginia. but for the most part, the foggy spots are dissipating. no storms until sunday afternoon. and even that looks very spotty. we'll increase the heat and humidity this weekend and talk about that coming up in the first alert 7-day. mike, back to you. one of the busiest intersections in montgomery county will be reduced to a crawl in both directions. more than half of the lanes at randolph and georgia are being closed as part of the project
7:32 am
to repave and widen the roads. and surae chinn is there and it's busy with traffic and workers. good morning. >> reporter: a lot going on. this guy is peeling off the stripes of the lanes and all of this is going to look different by monday morning. and that's not even the end of it. traffic is reduced to one lane in each direction. drivers can only make right turns. there is pedestrian traffic as well. so you've got to be careful. and traffic is already building at 7:30 in the morning. folks doing errands or what not or going to work. still you've got to be extra careful. a lot of people are directing people on where to go and what not to do. drivers need to pay attention. all of the construction workers are overhauling randolph road and georgia avenue. this is a project that's going to take a good year and a half to two years.
7:33 am
the completion date is 2017. one day we'll see a bridge over this intersection. so at least there will be some relief in say a year and a half or so. but you got to be careful. i can't stress enough. there is pedestrian traffic and so much going on. you can't even see the walkway. so drivers are maneuvering around the cones and so are pedestrians and a lot of heavy equipment as well. so a good alternative would be connecticut avenue. this will be going on all weekend long. traffic will reopen monday at 5 a.m. so a lot to go through before then. back to you, mike. >> good advice. the sight lines are blocked so be careful. two swimmers are missing, disappearing from the patuxent river. the search involved dive teams, the u.s. coast guard and a
7:34 am
maryland state police helicopter. there's been no sign of the missing swimmers just yet. police are piecing together a timeline for the deadly theater shooting in louisiana. john houser ambushed movie goers thursday night. mayci breaux and jillian johnson were killed. nine others were injured. lucas-- was six seats away from the shooter. >> i could see the flash coming from the chamber. it was awful. >> reporter: houser exited through a side door, reloaded his gun just as police were arriving. he turned around, ran back inside, fired several more shots, and then killed himself. his happened gun was purchased legally in alabama in 2014. last night in los angeles, police shot and killed a man firing a gun in a busy shopping district. witnesses say he was not
7:35 am
interested in shooting people. instead he was firing shots in the air and seemingly waiting for police to arrive. when they did he pointed his gun at the officers and they shot and killed him. the case is under investigation. a suspect in a high profile murder case has been ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation. police say he stabbed another passenger 30 to 40 times. they say he was trying to take kevin sutherland's cell phone. he smiled in court yesterday and broke into laughter and interrupted the judge. they ordered him held and a cousin spoke for sutherland's parents. >> and they want something good to come of this and whether that's getting people off the streets that are harming others
7:36 am
or going at the root cause -- >> none of the witnesses was anal to pick him out of a photo lineup. but they've collected dna evidence and they are testing the handle of the knife recovered in a trash can. hillary clinton is defending herself after investigators are asking the justice department to look into the personal e-mail account she used while secretary of state. weijia jiang has more. >> reporter: hillary clinton campaigned in new york city friday afternoon. [ applause ] >> reporter: the democratic hopeful started off by addressing questions about her personal e-mail account while secretary of state. >> i have released 55,000 pages of e-mails. i have said repeatedly that i will answer questions before the house committee. >> reporter: the clinton campaign tweeted a statement saying any released e-mails deemed classified by the administration have been done so after the fact and not at
7:37 am
the time they were transmitted. the inspector general of the intelligence community weighed in friday afternoon saying in a sampling of 40 clinton e-mails, four contained classified information. it said these e-mails were not retroactively classified by the state department. rather they contained classified information when generated. the ig's office notified the fbi that classified information may exist on a private news, >> the justice department has no not said whether they'll open an investigation into the e-mails. convicted spy jonathan pollard could be released as early as november. he's the former intelligence analyst found guilty of selling u.s. secrets to the israeli government. his sentence called for the release after 30 years unless
7:38 am
the u.s. government found he violated rules in prison or was likely to commit further crimes. the justice department will not block the release. the move is seen as a gesture to ease israeli anger over the nuclear deal with iran. another institution is backing away from bill cosby. spelman college in atlanta has discontinued the bill cosby professorship. this comes after recent details emerged of his testimony in a sexual assault lawsuit. a deposition released this month shows the 78-year-old actor and comedian acknowledged he got sedatives to give to women before sex. it's a cornerstone of the capitol hill community. eastern market is where families have spent their saturdays for over a century. >> and -- a small but beloved
7:39 am
restaurant. >> reporter: it's seen its share of changes. but inside eastern market, there's a restaurant that's prided itself on being a model of consistency for four decades. a trip through eastern market is like a trip back in time. established back in 1873 it's where generations of neighbors have turned for fresh cuts of meats, fresh cut flowers, and fresh fish sandwiches. >> this is real old d.c. >> reporter: in the same corner of south hall since 1978 is market launch owned and operated by tom glasgow. >> this is the typical type of eatery in the '40s, '50s, and '60s. and we've tried to maintain the style. >> reporter: they've maintained a menu similar to the original. >> crab cake sandwich. other soft crabs, the fresh red snapper. >> some come for the southern
7:40 am
style breakfasts. >> i'm not a big pancake fan but i became one. >> reporter: and 800 crab cakes each week. right alongside the fish sandwich. all locally sourced ingredients. >> we tell people that d.c. style is lettuce, tomato, coleslaw and a little bit of hot. >> here's to a historic d.c. sandwich. >> how hard is it to get paid to eat free food. well done. it's great to see farm produce right to the table. market launch has been doing that for 35 years. so how safe is your deck? coming up, do not miss a report on how you can avoid a dangerous collapse. and the fcc signs off on a communications merger. we'll let you know about that. what about the weather? >> we'll feel the heat and
7:41 am
humidity today and it's going to be pleasant to be outside and it's on sunday that we'll feel it in the immediate metro area. down at the shore, it's going to be gorgeous. tons of sunshine and high 84 today, and 83 tomorrow. and we'll reach into the mid- 60s at bethany tomorrow and the chance for thunderstorms holds off until monday. good morning, everybody. we have a huge sports day. nats and pirates in pittsburgh. two of the best teams in baseball continue the series. that should be fun. the o's and rays continue their series. and it's the wnba all star weekend. and we'll key in
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we've been enjoying sunshine for a while. a few days now. humidity is on the way back. storms too? or not yet? >> at least on monday we have the chance for storms throughout the entire metro. tomorrow just a spotty stray storm. most of us are still dry tomorrow. but we'll start to feel the increase in humidity gradually ramping up during the weekend. we'll get it started with the day planner. still fairly pleasant, especially when you consider how hot and humid it can be in d.c. this is the peak of the summer heating right now in the metro area. we're in the 70s at 9:00. by noon, 86 degrees. dropping down from a high of 92 which we'll reach between 3:00 and 4:00. the dew point is 63. and that's why we say it's fairly comfortable. it's not as refreshing as the
7:45 am
past two days when the dew points were in the 50s. but the dew point is not in the 70s. that's not in the forecast. so still pretty nice to enjoy outside today. make sure you seek out the shade. the sunshine will be strong. it's going to be more humid than it has been. but the steamy weather does not come back until sunday and monday. you'll notice the increase in humidity with a cold front approaching. we'll see scattered showers and storms monday. sunday an isolated storm now in leesburg. 63 in culpeper. and 66 right now in hagueerstown. we are keeping it dry and clear for today. on nine future cast you'll see the stray thunderstorms developing in the afternoon along the blue rim and points west and that's when we see the heat becoming a factor as well. as the initial thunderstorm
7:46 am
complex passes through we could have a lingering shower on monday morning. keep advice that had we might have wet weather for the morning on monday. right now it doesn't look like a big deal. but heading into the afternoon we'll see more widespread showers and storms. monday might require the upgrade to yellow alert. a high of 92 today. 94 on sunday, just an isolated storm. and then on monday the better chance for showers and storms and a high of 90 degrees. since we get up to 90 yesterday. this will officially be a heat wave. just a baby heat wave though. not as bad as last week. and then a bigger heat wave arrives. a stray storm on tuesday with a high of 92. and mid- to upper 90s on wednesday and thursday. mike, back to you. on a weekend like this you might be tempted to head out to the deck and have an occasion
7:47 am
there. but in the wake of several collapses, lesli foster has a timely consumer alert with ways to check the deck. >> reporter: more decks collapse during the summer than the rest of the summer combined. the north american deck and railing association says inspect the fasteners and anything that holds the deck together, including the wood itself to make sure there's no decay. and look at the stairs and railing. most deck failures occur when there's separation. call a deck builder or inspector to get yours checked out just to be sure. lesli foster, wusa 9. >> at&t's purchase of directv is set to close after clearance from the fcc. it will create the largest
7:48 am
provider in the united states. 26.4million cable and satellite tv subscribers under one umbrella and that's bigger than comcast or charter. another big merger. anthem announced they'll buy cigna in a $54 billion deal. it will create the largest health insurer in the country covering 53 million members. the consolidation of the two companies is expected by 2016. there will only be three major players in the insurance industry remaining once the deal is finalized. this deal is one with super sales for consumers. look for deep discounts on electronics and appliances at best buy. last week you might remember amazon and walmart went head to head offering major sales of their own. lululemon is brewing its
7:49 am
own craft beer. curiosity lager. it's made by vancouver's stanley park brewing, so it's not made by lululemon. it's only available in canada. and after 98 years, converse is giving the all stars a makeover. the new chuck two is set to debut with the same styling and new nike technological make them easier on your feet. a new pair runs about 15 bucks more than the original. still ahead, wwe parting ways with hug a mania. -- hulk a mania. and before we head to break, pet picks. morning lineup. look at all the cats. >> all the cats. >> this one comes from -- and her baby loves car rides.
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. in case you missed it. some of the stories trending on facebook were spectacular. the first one, pay back. >> this person might be the ultimate hack. ashley madison, the dating
7:53 am
website that helps married people cheat was hacked. a lot of people were calling this karma. a los angeles man decided to eat chipotle 154 days in a row. he says he's been able to keep his six pack but it's probably due to his fitness routine. puppies had a day before they were scheduled to be put down. and a pet rescue group posted this picture and pled for someone to rescue them. the two dogs were posted two hours after the photo was posted. here are the other things trending. wwe has parted ways with hulk hogan. no longer on the website. it's alleged that he used
7:54 am
racial slurs on a sex tape he's trying to keep private. wwe is committed to embracing and celebrating individuals from all backgrounds as demonstrated by the diversity of employees, performers, and fans worldwide. the hulk says god and his universe will sale me where he wants me to be. amid bribes and money laundering, fifa will meet with its biggest sponsors. visa, coca-cola, and mcdonald's are calling for major reforms. fifa will set up a task force to recommend reforms. a huge crowd shut down sunset strip. hundreds showed up for a surprise show at the roxy, far too many. >> deputies announced the show
7:55 am
was canceled hours before it started. a near riot in the effort to move the crowd. >> reporter: tonight on the world famous sunset strip, hundreds were lining up outside the house of blues for a free concert by rapper future. >> he's the hottest rapper future. so it's worth it. >> reporter: it's a concert that almost didn't happen. a massive crowd gathered at the roxy theater after the rapper posted he would hold the concert there. around 1:00 in the afternoon, many in the crowd became aggressive. when wristbands were passed out. >> a lot of pushing and shoving, and water and snacks being thrown and chaos instead of happiness. >> reporter: once the crowd
7:56 am
spilled into traffic, authorities shut down several blocks of sunset. the crowd was ordered to disperse. >> safely and orderly as possible. >> we didn't have to use force or touch anybody. >> reporter: once the concert was canceled many fans left disappointed. >> we came out here hoping to see future and that did not happen. >> the rapper posted the new and larger venue. >> he's out here. >> reporter: nice they could pull it off but poor planning in the beginning. >> you never know how big the response is going to be when you have something like that and spontaneous. nice today as we head into the next 72 hours, maybe we could see showers? >> absolutely. and today we'll be completely dry, but it's going to feel
7:57 am
hotter. a high of 92 degrees. a little bit of increase in heat and humidity. and then downright steamy on sunday. just an isolated storm and most of us will stay dry. and monday a different story. more widespread showers and storms and a surge in heat and humidity for the rest of the workweek. we could reach near 100. >> it's the summer and we don't expect it to be too cool. thanks for waking up with us on saturday morning. we'll be back on tv tonight at 6:00. >> and then join us tomorrow morning at the same time, 7 a.m. have a great saturday. >> take care, everybody. iran keeps their nuclear facilities.
7:58 am
military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 inttiernaonal agreements an td iseahe lding state sponsor of terrorism.
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hñ ú good morning. it's july 25th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." new details on the louisiana movie theater shooting and what we're now findinging out about the gunman's past. plus a historic trip to his ancestral home. under high security the president makes his first visit to kenya since being elected. 1.4 million cars may be in danger of being hacked and taken over. the recall that has many drivers on edge. and this weekend they'll receive the greatest honor


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