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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  July 27, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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of them died. the other was critically hurt. bruce leshan is live tonight. he got a chance to see the suspect in court. what does it look like? >> his name is sung su kim. he is 30 years old. he was homeless. he came in to the courtroom in prison stripes handcuffs leg irons. then he started rolling his head around and staring up at the ceiling playing with his mouth while the judge was talking. no psych exam yet but the judge did order him held no bond. >> reporter: another shocking attack at a place of peace. the anna prayer counseling and retreat center in a rural corner of frederick county. the victims just sitting down to an evening service in the sanctuary. deputies say song su kim pulled a kitchen nice from his back and stabbed chung wong park 13 times, killing him.
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when park's wife ko tried to help her husband investigators say he stabbed her four times critically injuring her. >> it was a very bloody, brutal crime scene. the wounds included stab wounds, a number of slashing cut wounds, a lot of blood. again, some of the deputies that witnessed the crime scene were pretty disturbed about what they saw. >> reporter: the prosecutor says both the victims were cooks at the korean church retreat and had only just arrived in the last few weeks for missionary work. the suspect had been staying in a homeless shelter in bailey's crossroads but his mother drove him to the retreat five days ago. on saturday the sheriff says kim called to complain about the center. >> actually the defendant made a call himself to 911. he indicated to deputies that responded that he was really unsatisfied with the food at the facility. >> reporter: after the stabbing sunday night investigators say kim called 911 again to report that he had attacked the victims. >> he was covered in what
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looked like blood or something like that and he was handcuffed looking down to the ground. looked like they had searched him. his cell phone was on the ground, wallet everything was out of his pocket. >> kim allegedly told detectives that he had been thinking about this [ inaudible ] >> we had a little trouble with bruce leshan's live shot there. detectives also told us kim told them that park had treated him badly and that he mulled it over in his cabin for a while and decided to stab him to death in the church sanctuary. leaders in rockville are trying to decide the fate of a controversial confederate war memorial that's been displayed on the old courthouse grounds since 1913. last night that statue was vandalized. scott broom is live in rockville with the latest on this. what's going to happen, scott? >> you can see the statue behind me here. it still is deface d with the red graffiti
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and black graffiti on it. called the vandalism despicable today. that however does not mean that he supports continuing to display the statue here on the old courthouse grounds in rockville. >> reporter: the vandalism was discovered this morning. black lives matter written over the memorial for men for montgomery county who fought for the south in the civil war. a meeting this afternoon to decide whether or not to move the statue, and if so, to where. among those assessing the damage today director of montgomery county's historical society. he says racism slavery and segregation are all wrong but so it moving an artifact because of what it teaches about our history. >> we have to provide better interpretation for the statue. i'd like to see it stay right here if possible. i think there's a great opportunity.
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however, the county executive has said very forcefully that he wants to see it removed. what i don't want to see for it to be put in storage and we pretend that that chapter of our history goes away. >> reporter: county executive has come out in favor of removing the statue from government property and the vandalism is a clear indication this confederate statue has struck a nerve. >> so the statue has very interesting history today. the statue was placed in 1913. it's a time when many of montgomery county's leaders were vowed segregationists. many were decedents of confederate veterans. it was meant to be a reminder that while the south lost the war the sympathies were still alive and well here in montgomery county at the time. that clearly is controversial. contrast that with montgomery today led by an african american county executive where 1/3rd of the
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residents were born in another country. this statue a reminder of how much times have changed. if the historical society had its way they'd leave the statue here but they'd put signs around it explaining all of that so people get the meaning. the meeting is still underway. there's been no recommendation yet about what to do. scott broom, wusa 9. >> it's that what to do that is not always so easy. despite his feelings about the statue, ike legget has promise today -- promised to remove the graffiti and remove it. still the decision on whether to remove confederate license plates. 46% of voters in the commonwealth support the flag's arrival. 45% remove it. race and politics play a predictable role in the issue.
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72% of democrats want it removed. 73% of black voters support removing it but 55% of white voters think it should stay. a special grand jury in fairfax county began to hear testimony today in the fatal police shooting of john gear, the man killed two years ago by a fair fax county police officer. peggy fox has been following this case closely. today she talked to gear's dad. and she joins us live from the news room. what do we know about who testified today? >> we know john gear's girlfriend mara was scheduled to testify today. gear's father, don gear, will be testifying tomorrow. he witnessed the shooting and says he'll never forget what he saw and heard. >> hearing the shots grabbed his wound and whirl around. >> reporter: don gear has had to play those painful memories over and over, the moments leading up to when his 46-year-old son john was shot
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and killed by adam torres on august 29th, 2013. he'll do it again tuesday before the special grand jury. >> i hope that they find that there's sufficient evidence to put him up for trial. >> reporter: the day john gear was shot, he had had an argument with his long time girlfriend who called police. she left with the kids and gear was the only one home. he stood inside the doorway with his hands up for 40 minutes talking to police who were trying to convince him to come outside. >> his hands were up. they were on the top of the screen. >> reporter: four police officers on the scene that day told investigators that they saw gear's hands up near his head. but officer torres told investigators he pulled the trigger because he saw gear jerk his hands toward his waist. the judge in the gear family civil suit ordered the investigative report on the shooting released. >> when you saw the report that four officers saw the same thing you did that was comforting, wasn't it? >> yes.
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that probably was of everything that's taken place after that is one of the most comforting things that everybody who witnessed it all saw the same things. >> reporter: the county settled the suit in april agreeing to pay $2.95 million to gear's daughters. >> john gear's best friend jeff stewart who also witness ed the shooting is also scheduled to testify tomorrow. the special grand jury proceeding is not open to the public. it's expected to hear at least 20 witnesses over this week and possibly in to next week, then a simple majority is needed to bring an indictment. the fire that tore through historic buildings in harpers ferry, west virginia last week caused $2 million in damage. fire investigators still trying to figure out how it got started. those flames destroyed four buildings housed eight businesses and essentially -- and several apartments.
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crews are still working on the 8 -inch pipe that burst earlier this morning left behind a huge mess. one westbound lane is blocked on king street from 30th to park center. both eastbound lanes are open. the autopsy of bobbi kristina brown showed no significant injuries or obvious cause of death. the only daughter of whitney houston and bobby brown died last night six months after she was found unresponsive in a bathtub. the medical examiner says the cause and manner of death will not be determined until more records are reviewed and received. in a statement bobby brown says he feels completely numb following bobbi kristina's death. the 22-year-old is expected to be buried next to her mother in new jersey. we could get a landmark decision today from the boy scouts of america. the organization's executive board is set to vote on whether to end a ban on gay adult leaders. results of the vote are expected sometime this evening. earlier this month an executive
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committee voted unanimously to end the prohibition and allow individual scout units to set their own policy. the u.s. olympic committee has decided not to back boston as a possible host for the 2024 summer games. boston officials refused to sign documents that would have made the city liable for any cost overruns. the u.s. olympic committee has till mid september to nominate another city. we're just getting started on wusa 9news at 5:00. >> funeral services were held today for the two women killed in louisiana's movie theater shooting. i'm kenneth craig in lafayette with those tributes coming up. >> officials release their plan on getting to the bottom of a death of a woman found hanging in a texas jail cell. >> the one thing all 35 women have in common on the cover of this new york magazine.
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i don't know about you but i could feel the rumble like in my body. >> loud thunder. we need d -- we needed the rain. the allergens have been attacking today. >> wait a minute. it's been raining like every other day. >> we've seen kind of a slowdown in some of the rain we've been dealing with. mold spores came in high. the weed pollen is moderate. tree and grasses, they're still coming out there. maybe the rain has washed a little bit out. we saw showers and storms around this evening but the heavy stuff that we were dealing with an hour or two ago thankfully that's left. we have no severe warnings, no flood warnings around the metro either. still a few spots dealing with very heavy
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downpours like in southern maryland and even here in the metro, seeing a couple. prince george's county, this stuff has crossed in to anne arundel right now slowly pulling in that direction. been tracking a few showers up in montgomery county and they're kind of pulsing. this one has pulsed up a little bit. drifting from germantown now over 270 coming out of gaithersburg. middle brook area over to germantown road. east northeast. and they're not moving much. maybe 15 miles per hour. stuff in the southern maryland area, this has really weakened over the past hour. in toward calvert county, moderate showers there. even this stuff is just slowly moving. it will pulse up. it will pulse down. and a nu --pulse down. and a new cell that that i'm watching this started in cumberland. looks like it's going to pass east of romney. adjusting southeast at 15 miles
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per hour. so no severe warnings thankfully but we certainly had enough activity. look how nice it is out there on the michael and son weather camera. we're likely to dropw alert shortly. feeling like 84. a lot of humidity. really juicy as far as the atmosphere more like being down on the gulf coast and light winds today. that's one of the reasons the storms aren't moving much. at least we got rain cool. we could be well in to the 90s and it's only 77 in manassas. this is kind of neat when you see front royal at 72, they've got big storms earlier. winchester did not. they're sitting at 88 degrees right now with 80 in waldorf and 86 in fredericksburg. weather headlines for you a few evening storms. then hot with fewer storms today on your tuesday. serious heat and humidity by midweek. i'm doubting we're going to get in to the upper 90s anymore but i still think mid 90s pretty good bet around here for wednesday and thursday. 94 95 96. that's hot enough with heat index values near 100. futurecast couple of showers
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and storms. here at 8:00 looks like most of the activity will be out to the west and south of us. we can't rule out a stray shower this evening and things will settle down tonight and tomorrow. not as active but still plenty of heat and humidity around. 68 to 76 tonight with a few mainly evening storms. warm and muggy. acs will be buzzing. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy -- partly sunny, warm and humid. low to mid 80s by lunchtime. pushing upper 80s and low 90s for the afternoon high on tuesday with isolated storms and light east southeast winds at 5. as we head toward wednesday, isolated afternoon storm. 94. look at the overnight low. winds tonight 78 in town. mid 90s on thursday. we've got a front coming late in the day. that could produce some bigger storms later thursday thursday night and friday. not as hot not as humid. still toasty at 93 degrees. a somber day in louisiana today where they held funeral services for the two women killed in last week's lafayette
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movie theater shooting. >> mourners embraced as they entered a funeral home to say a final goodbye to julian johnson. the wife artist, entrepreneur and singer was well known in the arts community here. >> she brings us together in a very special way as only she could. it was just an amazing reflection on her life. >> reporter: johnson and 21-year-old macy were killed during john houser's shooting spree thursday. this is the program handed out at the service. there was music several speakers and prayers all in what was called a celebration of life. bro, a radiologist student was remembered during a service in franklin. investigators are trying to figure out what motivated houser who had a history of mental illness. pictures from his room reveal alcohol bottles and a big mess,
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but so far nothing indicates why the 59-year-old would suddenly open fire on innocent people. kenneth craig cbs news lafayette, louisiana. >> police say john russell houser stood up about 20 minutes in to the movie and began to fire before he ultimately killed himself. new information tonight on the woman who died in a texas jail cell three days after a controversial arrest. the district attorney in the sandra bland case says he's bringing a committee of outside attorneys to review evidence as it is collected. the goal here is to make decisions based on credible evidence and not on rumors. an initial toxicology report released today shows bland had marijuana in her system at the time of the death. her hanging death was ruled a suicide. a powerful image on the cover of new york magazine is getting a lot of attention tonight. >> take a look at this thing.
5:19 pm
35 of bill cosby's accusers with their names underneath. they're all sitting there in a chair. it's called cosby the women an unwelcome sisterhood. many of the alleged victims tell the very same story about being drugged then sexually assaulted. cosby as we know has never been charged of any crimes. a civil lawsuit is moving forward. apparently unrelated to that cover the daily beast is reporting new york magazine has been hacked. a hacker named threat king says he is responsible for the attack, but he's never even seen the cover. the website has been intermittently since the hack has been started. one of the most prestigious schools here in our area drops the exams.
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dulles airport offering free rides on the express bus to celebrate one year of direct service from the silver line to airport. july 2014 it started offering service to the station and since then officials say more than 272,000 riders have
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taken advantage of it. in tonight's consumer alert, stocks, well, they made no gains on wall street by the closing bell. the dow was down nearly 128 points and the nasdaq lost 48 points. it is being called the most aggressive crackdown by federal safety regulators against an auto maker. sunday the national highway traffic administration hit fiat chrysler with a record fine for safety recalls the company failed to complete and that put millions of drivers at risk. >> reporter: april 2013, two brothers narrowly escape the flames raging from this 1994 jeep grand cherokee on a california highway. they were rear ended by a drunken driver and got out alive but with massive burns. >> the vehicle they were driving was defective. it was very unsafe, very dangerous. >> reporter: 17-year-old skylar anderson coughlin died when he was struck from behind by a
5:24 pm
tractor-trailer trying to avoid some debris i-91 in massachusetts. his father had no idea it was part of a recall issued months before that accident. >> these are just simply crashes waiting to happen. >> reporter: federal documents so at least 75 people burned to death in certain jeep models with rear mounted gas tanks. fiat chrysler issued a recall from 1993 to 2004 jeep grand cherokees and 2002 to 2007 jeep liberties but today it was hit with a $105 million fine for mishandling that recall and 22 others. >> my clients got their notice some eight months after they were burned. >> reporter: in this consent order, fiat chrysler agreed to get defective vehicles off the road or repaired, offering customers buybacks and other financial incentives. the company says we accept the resulting consequences with renewed resolve to improve our
5:25 pm
handling of recalls. but diplo believes this massive fine won't likely change the company's actions when it comes to safety. >> when it comes to jeeps the consumers are still getting the short end of the stick. even worse, if you continue to drive that jeep and you're in the wrong place at the wrong time, you may burn to death. >> skylar's father said he received a notice about the recall of his 1996 jeep grand cherokee after his son died. as part of the penalty fiat chrysler agreed to buy back nearly 600,000 ram and dodge vehicles after recalling them back in 2013, but not coming up with an adequate fix. george washington university applicants no longer required to submit their act or s.a.t. scores. the school will still require tests for
5:26 pm
certain students such as those who were home schooled and athletes. the search for two teen boaters off the coast of florida gets a boost from a former nfl star. >> also ahead gop presidential copied mike huckabee ignites a campaign controversy about the iran nuclear deal. iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements d anis the leading state sponsor of terrorism. what's the most important thing your
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we're in a lot better shape than we were a couple hours ago. still a couple downpours just to the east and northeast of the buoy area. this is mainly in anne arundel county. you're going to run in to potentially some of the heavier activity and it's just not moving much. the stuff in southern maryland we were talking about a little while ago especially to calvert and southern areas of prince george's county has fallen apart. approaching romney right now. look at all the lightning. i'll be back with your full 7-day forecast in a few minutes. redskins quarterback rg3 pulling off a big surprise this afternoon. >> not on the football field but at a nonprofit that supports military families who have lost loved ones. andrea mccarren was there and joins us with a little company in just a moment from
5:30 pm
our studio. >> this is all about a passion beyond football. today we witnessed in a public way how rg3 has been supporting military families very privately. >> reporter: robert griffin iii surprised the decks a military family from leesburg who courage in the face of devastating loss has inspired him. >> i know that life. i know on your 13th birthday when your dad has to go to iraq and he wakes up in the morning and kisses you on the forehead and you don't know if you're ever going to see him again i know how that feels. >> reporter: born in okinawa japan, lee grew up in texas where his mother and father were army sergeants. >> i know how it feels when he comes back and you jump in his arms and i know what it looks like when they don't come back. i appreciate their service. they're a big reason for our freedom. >> reporter: which is why griffin brought a check to the tragedy assistance program for
5:31 pm
survivors, or t.a.p.s. it provides comfort and much more to families who have lost a loved one serving in the armed forces. >> having a lot of people around you is like a really big hug. >> it's not just things they do. it's that they're there and we know we can call them and vent or tell them about the day and it's amazing. just amazing. >> it just makes me feel better like all the time knowing i have a million people that care about me. >> reporter: griffin made the surprise visit on behalf of his organization, family of three. >> the decks lost their husband and father fighting in iraqi freedom. by the way rg3 also told us his perspective on life has changed dramatically since the birth of his daughter two months ago. you'll hear all about that coming up in sports. >> such a big boy he's standing right over there with you. i wish we could get another shot of him. he's so cute. to learn more
5:32 pm
about t.a.p.s. the tragedy assistance program for survivors and rg3's foundation, you can find all that information on our website, until now most of the inflammatory remarks on the presidential campaign trail have been delivered by donald trump. but now mike huckabee ventured in to some of that territory and he's stirring up reaction from president obama. craig boswell with more on that from washington. >> reporter: president obama sounded off on former arkansas governor mike huckabee on the iran nuclear deal. huckabee a vocal opponent over the deal, said it would take the israelis and march them to the door of the oven. >> would be considered ridiculous if it weren't so sad. >> reporter: the president suggested huckabee may be less concerned with the iran deal and more concerned with his run for the white house. >> when you get rhetoric like maybe it gets attention and maybe this has never pushed
5:33 pm
mr. trump out of the headlines. >> billionaire businessman donald trump has surged to the top of the polls despite controversial comments about senator john mccain and mexican americans. >> if you make one little mistake they say oh, it's terrible. >> reporter: for his part, huckabee is not backing down from his comments. >> reactions from other presidential candidates to governor huckabee's comments were mixed. trump's campaign and rick santorum both said they did not disagree with huckabee. a grand jury in fredericksburg has brought another charge against a former university of mary washington student accused of killing his housemate. 30-year-old steven brandalbreo was indicted on charges of the death of grace mann. this new charge is
5:34 pm
strangulation. at a hearing in april, other house mates said he admitted he killed mann. he reportedly claim he strangled mann after she attacked him. the person who presided over the trial could be headed to supreme court. governor terry mcauliffe appointed the circuit judge to the highest court. that appointment still requires confirmation from the general assembly. right now football great joe namath is offering $100,000 reward in the search for two teenagers who went missing on a fishing trip. 14-year-old perry cohen and austin stephanos set off from jupiter florida. their capsized boat was found sunday about 6700 miles away. friends and family of the teens walked the beach today looking for any sign of those boys. >> we're just going to continue to try to find those kids. anyone out there understands
5:35 pm
when someone needs help, we should lend a hand. this is a family here. we're all family. and we're trying to find these kids. >> the u.s. navy today joined the expanded search for the boys along with the coast guard they've covered an area roughly the size of indiana. a boating accident has claimed the lives of two baltimore women. they were in a 37-foot boat that collided in part of the francis scott key bridge around 3 a.m. sunday. the women and several other people were tossed in to the petasco river. a giant goat head satanic statue is now on display. >> it was unveiled as what's billed as the largest public satanic ceremony in history. its makers erected the statue in response to a monument of the ten commandments. it hopes it will be permanently housed in
5:36 pm
response to the religious monument on government property. straight ahead former washington wizard gets banned from games at a county fair. >> and right after the break viewer best. a
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apparently not trending anymore, vegas weddings. this elvis impersonator performs up to 100 ceremonies a week. the county clerk says the number ofge licenses in las has dropped from about 127,000 in 2004 to just 80,000 last year and it could be a result of increased competition from other destinations or maybe vegas just has an image problem. >> what is the greatest misconception about a vegas wedding? >> that the couple doesn't really want to get married and they regret it the next day. >> congratulations. you got married. >> the only promotion we get from movies, that don't always present us in the best light. >> well. you know, that was clip evers ceo of vegas wedding chapel. he said sin city never had to market weddings in the past but now that's what they're
5:40 pm
going to do with money raised by a cost increase for marriage licenses. >> they're going to stick with the same slogan, what happens in vegas stays in vegas? maybe that's not the best. one of the most time honored traditions at weddings is of course the bouquet toss. >> before we show you the video, we'll tell you the baby involved is just fine. however, you're going to want to watch as this aspiring bride gets caught up in the excitement. >> oh, no! [ laug ]hter drops the child. there's a bouquet out there to be grabbed. it looks like a little girl, doesn't it? >> looks like bigger than a baby. that's like a toddler. >> she's okay. >> get your priorities, lady. it was 75 years ago today a classic cartoon character made his on-screen debut. >> what's up, doc? there's a wabbit down there and
5:41 pm
i'm trying to catch him. >> not a rabbit, a wabbit. july 27th, 19 40 the world was introduced to the wise cracking rabbit bugs bunny in this cartoon short a wild hare. it was the first time we heard bugs' snippy catchphrase what's up doc? gilbert arenas says he's banned from the basketball hoops of the orange county fair because he won all these stuffed animals. he posted this picture on his instagram account along with his catchphrase hibachi. this is a much happier arenas than the man we saw in june smashing a car his girlfriend was driving. tmz says that was revenge for her destroying his netflix account. you smash your own car for revenge on someone else. that's different way of doing things. >> you better find the video.
5:42 pm
we'll find it and put it in the trending segment. earlier in the newscast you saw rg3il myitar family and coming up in sports, you're going to hear about the new dad about his own expanding family. he's a father with 2-month-old reese ann now part of his game plan. >> plus, is your doctor giving you all the info you need about your baby? a new study highlights what new moms are not being told. >> howard is back after the break with more on the showers and storms moving through parts of the area and your
5:43 pm
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this is bruce johnson. one of the new restaurants here in the city's bloomingdale area. we've got reaction here in the community coming up at 6:00. this is a yellow alert day. now here's wusa 9's first alert weather. >> we're going to do a bit of a hard pivot here to talk about weather. it's been a wet dreary day for part of the day. >> things are settling down. that yellow alert
5:46 pm
by 7:00 we're going to yank it. i think the threat for strong to severe storms is quickly diminishing. we certainly had our share. we start with doppler 9000. it's so much quieter here in washington than it was. still have big storms to our south and southwest. here's that one in the mountains we're going to look at in just a moment. as we zoom in toward washington, not much going on. this shower is kind of stratling the river. this is certainly showing less intensity than it did 20 minutes ago. not far from croften drifting slowly south. got a community on 50 you may get a little wet on that. the biggest thing i'm watching, really it's in the mountains. it was approaching romney. this thing got a lot more lightning even the last 10 minutes. this thing is weakening as it's moving over the south southwest at 15 miles per hour. looks like it will be in mechanicsburg at 5:55. kirby, west virginia if it holds together.
5:47 pm
after those tremendous downpours where we had one to two inches of rain and had flash flood warnings, what a nice evening it's turned out to be here in washington with a temperature currently of only 81 degrees feeling like 84. the dew point still near 70. this air mass is very tropical like. a lot of humidity. a lot of moisture around. any storms we get over the next few days have the potential to have heavy downpours. derek and i were talking and said we need the rain. today is the first time we've had measurable rain at regan national in nine days. had other storms but it's been nine days. 81 now. 86 hagerstown. look what the rain has done. for evening hours in late july to be cool like this you know there's rain going on. only 75 in charlottesville. we still have a threat for a few showers or storms, but clearly the strong to severe threat is diminishing. fewer thunderstorms tomorrow. going to be hot and humid most of the week. i think serious heat and
5:48 pm
humidity by wednesday. mid 90s. maybe thursday as the front comes late we could see other storms. isolated showers and storms in the metro. stronger storms potentially down toward charlottesville. as we get toward midnight, other than an isolated shower here and there things will be settling down. we start tuesday partly to mostly cloudy. temps in the low to mid 70s. low to mid 80s by lunchtime with isolated showers and storms. one thing i hope you're noticing is you don't see a lot of the oranges and yellows and reds. that's why tomorrow i don't think it's going to be nearly as active as what we had for today. out an isolated shower or storm. otherwise warm and muggy. upper 60s in cool spots. 75 76 here in town. 70s and 80s tomorrow morning. partly sunny warm, humid. then in the afternoon isolated storms. it's going to be hot once again. 88 to 93 degrees. that's just a couple
5:49 pm
above average. wednesday, 94 with an isolated storm. hottest day thursday at 96 by the head of the front which will dry us off a little. we're back in t for the coming weekend. hello, august. i don't know if i like what you're bringing. in tonight's health alert many new moms may not be getting the advice they need to care for their infants this all according to a new study. researchers say this could put babies at risk. danielle nottingham reports from california. >> reporter: caroline says her pediatricians have always offered good advice. >> they always said due to the risk of sids, put the baby on its back. don't sleep with the baby because you can roll over on the baby. >> reporter: a new study finds not all physicians are giving moms critical advice. dr. tanya altman says pediatricians should be parents' first source for information. >> but sometimes in today's healthcare system, a lot of physicians may find that they
5:50 pm
just don't have as much time as they want, and that they're often rushing between patients. >> reporter: the study in the journal of pediatrics surveyed more than a thousand new mothers. about 20% said they weren't offered advice on breastfeeding or told to place babies on their backs to sleep. more than 50% weren't told where infants should sleep. >> as a physician we can't assume our patients already know what to do. i hope this study is a wake-up call for pediatricians to slowdown and make sure they effectively communicate information to new families. >> reporter: carrie-ann says with guidelines always changing, it's important to ask your pediatrician questions. >> it would really help to have someone to explain those things and be supportive. >> reporter: experts say that's especially true for first time moms. danielle nottingham, cbs news calabasas, california. >> first time moms and african american and hispanic women in this study were more likely to get a doctor's advice than white women and moms with at least two
5:51 pm
kids. check out this incredible video. a fair fax county firefighter rescues two dogs from a house fire in springfield last month and it's all captured with his helmet cam. ben was one of 60 firefighters who responded to that scene on carly parkway. sadly one of the rescue dogs did succumb to its injuries the next day. malaysia and cuba were taken off a state department blacklist today of countries that failed to combat modern day slavery. this opens up the u.s. to criticism that politics are playing a part in the annual human trafficking report. cuba's upgrade comes a week after it restored relations with the u.s. the state department credits the communist nation for its efforts to address sex trafficking. rg3 has had an up and down career with the burgundy and
5:52 pm
gold. tumult on the field might have been the order of today but now he's learning a new role off it. that of daddy. >> reporter: robert griffinfin iii entered-- griffin iii entered the title of dad. >> you're looking at yourself and can bring a grown man to tears. >> reporter: rg3 and his wife rebecca announced the bundle of joy february 12th on robert's birthday. three months later on may 21st, rebecca gave birth to refan griffin. he didn't get much sleep in the beginning but he didn't care, saying now his life has more meaning and purpose. nobody hesitated to give the qb fatherly advice. >> i've got four kids. they're expensive. that's the only advice i've got. >> sleep in the other room. [ laughter ]
5:53 pm
got to make sure you get the rest when you can. i'm not going to let him use the baby crying for him as an excuse to fall asleep in a meeting. >> i had mine during the season. by the time the season starts for him his daughter will be 4 months so she'll be right at the breaking point to start sleeping through the night. >> reporter: the skins' second draft pick hasn't posted pictures of his daughter outside of the day she was born, but he did show off his painting skills he and his wife working on a sign for baby girl's room. football fans just hope the new found joy in robert's personal life will translate to much happiness and wins on the field. >> i can't decide, i'm sure he's going to be more tired but he's got to be a little bit rejuvenated. i don't know how it will translate on the field. >> i'm going to cut him a little slack having had a child and knowing how tired you can be. he's going to be a little
5:54 pm
bit tired. but i'm sure he'll trump it up. a man missing for a week turns up in a most unlikely place. >> but up next, a woman shoots dead a man who was strangling her and turns out he may
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
detectives across the country are reexamining cold cases after a possible serial killer went after a west virginia woman. >> but tonight she's alive and
5:57 pm
he's dead. now there's word 45-year-old neil falls could be connected to a whole string of murders that cops are investigating in ohio, illinois, and nevada. >> heather who doesn't want to give her last name, says minutes after she opened the door to her charleston west virginia home, neil falls began choking her. he held a gun in one hand and held her by the throat with the other. heather quickly grabbed a rake in self-defense. >> he put the gun down to get the rake out of my hand and i grabbed it and shot behind me. >> reporter: that one shot hit falls in the head, killing him. heather ran out of the house and called a neighbor who called 911. >> he pulled a gun on her. she's got cuts and stuff all over her. >> reporter: when investigators responded, they found a cash of weapons inside falls' suv including knives, a machete
5:58 pm
axes a sledgehammer, shovel, plastic trash bags, bleach, and a bulletproof vest. they also found four sets of handcuffs in his pockets. >> what comes to mind when you look at those items is this is a serial killer kid. >> reporter: cooper was a detective on scene. cooper says the items falls may tie him to the murder or disappearance of nine women in three states. falls used to live in las vegas for eight years and worked at hoover dam. during that time four women disappeared. three were later found dismembered. all of the women were escorts. most like heather advertised online. >> i believe heather saved lives and hopefully we'll be able to bring closure to other families too. if she hadn't fought back she'd most certainlyalls it turns out had no criminal record but investigators will be putting his dna in to a national
5:59 pm
database to determine whether he's related to some of those unsolved cases. we begin wusa 9news at 6:00 with breaking news on what may be just an incredible story of survival. a vietnam veteran who's been missing for a week has been found. >> he was located underneath a fallen tree. >> it really is incredible. rescuers say the tree where 66-year-old larry shaddy spent basically the entire last week trapped is actually just beyond this guard rail behind me about 10 feet off ardwick ardmore road. shaddy's roommates at a nearby group home, 50 yards away a group home for veterans reported him missing after he went out for a late night walk on the night of july 20th. turns out shaddy didn't get very far. investigators believe he was walking on the wooded side of the guard rail for reasons that aren't yet clear about 50 yards from his home when he slipped and fell.
6:00 pm
>> we arrived on location and found the man late 60s who apparently had fallen or slid down this embankment and underneath a tree that had already fallen. >> so the tree didn't fall on him, he fell under the tree? >> exactly. and he was wedged in there with such force he couldn't get himself out. >> not only could shaddy not get himself out but he couldn't get himself out with the help of firefighters. we're told firefighters had to use the jaws of life to cut him free of that tree around noon today. reporting live in prince george's county, wusa 9. >> wow some tree. the rain came hard and it came fast. but as quickly as the storms moved in, they seemed to vanish just as suddenly. >> the flood threat appears to be over. meteorologist howard bernstein is here with what we can expect for the rest of our evening. >> i


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