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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  July 28, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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s that we know of that no one has come forward. >> reporter: montgomery county police canvassed the area again to us passing out more flyers. one neighbor saying now he wants to move. >> montgomery county pd are doing their best but the people in the neighborhood just don't care. they don't have any cooperation. >> you can't sweep something under the rug like this. it is always going to come out. whoever you are that done this, please come forward. >> reporter: renee warren tells us she knew him, described him as always friendly. >> he'll come and knock on the door and here is some food. he was a good guy. he did not deserve to be beaten like this. >> reporter: williams says he was an army veteran who served at fort hood and volunteered in the area. >> he would not hesitate 100% to call the police or even step in to try to stop it, even if it meant him actually getting hurt doing it. i'm just asking that people come forward so we can find out who did this to him so justice can be served. >> reporter: police do not
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believe he was targeted for his sexual orientation but they still need more information. they also have a number given. well very that coming up as well as sound from his sister who traveled all the way from china. i'll have her words for the people or person responsible coming up at 6:00. >> thank you, stephanie. three breaking and developing stories coming your way. nine people are being treated after somebody sprayed mace on a metro bus. this happened on georgia avenue right near irving street. our garrett haake joins us live with more. >> reporter: derek, this happened a little over an hour ago as this bus was traveling up georgia amendment it's come to a stop at georgia and irving. a man and a woman on this bus were in some kind of argument, some kind of verbal altercation when the woman pulled out a can of pepper spray and sprayed it on the man. in the tight quarters on that bus, she also hit several other people, at least three people, possibly as many as nine getting some degree of spray
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from that pepper spray. fortunately nobody hurt badly enough that they had to be transported aqai from the scene. -- away from the scene b. a dozen people are waiting on the other side of the bus chu can't see here on -- bus which you can't see here on camera. [ no audio ] reporting live in northwest, gar rit haake, wusa9. sky 9 flew over the scene a short time ago at a serious accident. the car badly damaged. we're told four young people should recover from minor injuries in that accident. more breaking news. the national football league commissioner roger goodell has decided to uphold the four-game suspension of new england patriots quarterback tom brady. you remember that brady was given the suspension following the investigation into the underinflated footballs used during last season's afc championship gairnlings the so- called de-- games, the so-
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called deflategate. today goodell said brady told an assistant to destroy his cell phone the day brady met with investigators looking into the incident and goodell says brady haded phone destroyed even though -- had the phone destroyed even though he knew investigators wanted to collect text messages from it. so far no public response from brady on today's decision. it now appears metro has a new problem on its hands and it's asbestos. according to a contract proposal, a small amount of asbestos can be found in hundreds of those series 1000 cars, thed onest cars in the system -- oldest cars in the system. the asbestos is in a specific mechanical area and poses no hazard or concern. since these 40-year-old cars are scheduled to come out of service, metro is arranging for removal and disposal of the asbestos. not as active as yesterday. we still have some storms popping up on doppler 9000 so let's go right over to first alert meteorologist howard bernstein track be the action.
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talk to us, howard. >> here in the met free we got off with the heat and humidity but south of 66 in virginia, down toward fredricksburg, southern maryland seeing quite a different activity. in the last hour we've seen a couple showers. these have been bubbling up. kind of like bubbling water. they pop up and ten, 10 minutes later they fall apart. we've seen it happen in temple hills with this cell that is now sort of falling apart. a new one in clinton south of andrews by a mile or so we're watching that. then this is also starting to pop up north of friendly. a heavier one and this one went from nothing to a heavy downpour from just west of alexandria. i'm going back an hour on the loop on the beltway up toward 395 on the north side of springfield. we're really watching that. heavy downpours in charles county n. is route 5 up here. route 6 down there. this is with the southern -- where the southern maryland blue crabs play. heavy downpours. these are tropical downpours,
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2, 3, 4-inch rainfall rates, sometimes higher. so a lot of ponding on the roads. across the river, boy, in the last hour, things are just boiling down here. spotsylvania, you're having some heavy downpours, lightning and thunder. some of these rain rates are 5, 6 inches per hour. you see toward fairview beach, the river now, this stuff starting to blossom as well. this will be the nature of what we're seeing n. fauquier county, warren -- in fauquier county, warrenton, they're weakening now but this one -- new ones east. coming down manassas down through 28, you'll run into heavy downpours. there. another stop. this stuff is just -- here we are north of harrisonburg, west of new market, west of wood stuck. well sphee this will make its way -- we'll see if this will make its way toward the valley. the heat index last hour was 103. probably a hundred now.
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looks like heat and humidity will be with us for the next seven days. a tweet today about some drama on the stage of the signature theater in shirlington but not the kind they're used to. instead a wayward deer that burst through a side door in the middle of a busy morning in an area where it's kind of hard to imagine where that deer may have come from. scott broom is live at the theater to tell us more. oh, deer. >> reporter: okay, oh deer. if you watched us, you know we've had our share of wayward wildlife, bears and what not but this is notable because there's no place around here you can imagine a deer would hang out, much less a theater. this is the village at shirlington, an urbanized little core. maybe the deer was attracted into the theater because of the air conditioning. who knows. >> the door came through the loading dock door which was open this morning.
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>> the busy crew preparing for an upcoming show describing this, a young buck deer that burst through the open loading dock door here at 9:30 in the morning heading for the long hallway that leads to the stage where this photo was stopped. >> he burst in. he jumped into the shop, down the hallway past the dressing rooms and into the actual theater itself. >> reporter: they shoulded the -- they shooed the deer. confused wayward deer have a way of making news. here's one walking into a government building in canada. from detroit a deer in a school. in nebraska, a deer in a commercial building. but here in shirlington, it's a long way to the woods. here's the back alley where the deer was last seen. >> i don't even know where you would find deer around here. >> reporter: the nearest wild area is along four-mile-run. >> that describes me for very
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unusual for an urban built up environment of this magnitude. >> reporter: there's no room for a deer in the cast of the upcoming show. >> we're getting ready for "the fix" which is a musical satire comedy about a presidential candidate who really didn't want to run. no deer in this cast, no. >> reporter: all right. so a deer with a flare for the dramatic gets his moment on stage where he went after that is a mystery, but thanks to the folks here at the signature theater for at least tweeting the photo the deer is okay. reporting live at the signature theater in shirlington, scott broom, wusa9. >> thank you, scott. maybe he went to get some -- [indiscernible] deer or no dear, the signature theater opens on august 11. crews are urging drivers to stay away from a busy intersection tonight in bethesda. it's where a water main break right at bradley boulevard and huntington parkway will not be fixed till tomorrow. that intersection is shut down. this is a complicated fix. the wssc officials say they've got to pump all of the water
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out first. and on top of that, there's a gas line running above the pipe and a storm drain. crews brought out bottled water to the people in the 49 homes that are doing without tonight. it's been a summer of extad mother gun violence nationwide, including bloodshed in charleston, chattanooga and louisiana. families who lost loved ones mate a poignant plea to have background checks for all gun sales. parents of the colorado movie shooting victim jessica gawe says their daughter's killer was able to buy ammunition online. andrea mccarren will have much more on this story coming up at 6:00. well, a dial got under way in a lawsuit filed by lord & taylor by the owns of white flint mall. it claims the owners violated
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an easement agreement and hurt the store's profitability by closing the mall and starting demolition. lord & taylor reportedly hopes to introduce it as evidence. the mall owners call the video the process of an illegal trespass. a professional golfer in leesburg native billy hurley iii is asking for your help tonight. in a teary eyed news conference he said his dad has been missing for more than a weefnlgt he left home nine days ago with clothes and cash and no one has seen him since. >> billy hurley is in town for the the quicken loans national. he says he will play later on this week. we'll hear from tournament host tiger woods a bit later in our broadcast. at the iranian nuclear deal gets increased scrutiny by lawmakers on capitol hill, controversial comments by mike huckabee has g.o.p. candidates picking sides on the campaign trail. craig boswell has more. >> reporter: mike huckabee says he is not backing down over
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controversial remarks he made about the iranian nuclear deal. >> i will not apologize and i will not recant because the word holocaust was invoked by the iranian government. >> reporter: the former arkansas governor and g.o.p. presidential candidate stirred up the lingering controversy with this criticism of president obama and the deal to curb iran's nuclear program. >> he would take the israelis and basically march them to the door of the oven. >> reporter: it's divided -- [indiscernible] while ted cruz and rick santorum defend his remarks, others do not. >> i don't use language like that i tell people why i'm against the iran deem. because it's a bad -- iran deal. because it's a bad deal. >> reporter: president obama and some others say the stepped up criticism by those seeking the white house is an attempt to get attention ahead of next week's republican debate. huckabee dismissed that suggestion. his campaign included the controversy and fund raising e- mails. craig boswell, cbs news, capitol hill. >> the first g.o.p.
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presidential debate is next thursday evening in cleveland. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. yesterday we had some incredible video. there was a firefighter risking his life to save dogs from a home in spring field. well tonight we're going to hear from that heroic fireman coming your way at 5:30. howard is back with the latest on any lingering
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dig deep long enough and sometimes history reveals its deepest secrets. >> today revealed evidence of an anne my spy at the center of the first english colony in this country some 400 years ago. our bruce leshan is live in the newsroom. so who was 007?
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>> reporter: after four centuries we can finally spill the secret. captain gabeial archer, secretary and magistrate of the jamestown colony may have been a catholic spy right at the center of this english protestant beach head in the new world. at the smithsonian natural history museum, researchers laid out the evidence against captain gabriel archer, four skeletons all among the most prominent leaders of the struggling colony buried in the most sacred space in the chan sell of the first church of england in america and just saved from th buried with captain archer, a tiny silver box. >> yeah, it feels like there's something in it. >> reporter: it was too tightly sealed to open, but advanced skimming reveals its contents. bone fragments and for small lead impules. >> it would have contained holy water, oil or blood. >> reporter: it was a
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reliquary. a container for the holy remnants of a saint and etched with a mysterious m. >> we believe it's catholic. >> reporter: catholic? >> catholic. >> reporter: this was an anglican church of england colony. archer was among the first to arrive at the colony and he returned to england and had come back during the dying time. >> was he a secret catholic and was he trying to undermine the colony from within? >> reporter: what would have happened if he had been found out? >> he would have been shot. >> reporter: shot on the spot? >> yeah, yeah. wee have been condemned as a traitor and shot. >> reporter: and here is another mystery. someone else must have placed the rel wary in captain archer's grave. >> that's a real puzzle also. >> reporter: there might have been others, coconspirators? >> yes. >> reporter: remember, this was a time when the protestant english were trying to gain a
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foothold on a continent already settled by the catholic spanish. you could end up beheaded in eveninglands for worshiping god in the wrong way. jamestown was in danger of failing and if it had, america would have become a different place. it's unknowable how different but unquestionable changed. derek and debra? >> bruce, do we have any idea who might have sent him to be a spy? >> reporter: no, i mean, that's one of the great mysteries. you can bet researchers are going to be looking at this for a long time. we don't know who would have sent him. obviously, you know, england went back and forth between the protestants and the catholics and mary queen of scotts. our remember all of that and all the people beheaded and set on fire. this may have been that translated to here in the u.s. in america. >> fascinating stuff. bruce leshan, thank you. of course as you mentioned, researchers are likely to puzzle over this for a long time, especially the silver box. if you'd like to take part in the studies, you can check out
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3-d scans of the jamestown excavation. >> wow that is fascinating. bruce always has those great stories. hot today. >> steamy, oppressive. kind of gross. >> gross is the word. we could use that. >> but the heat and humidity for the most part except for a break friday, going to be here for a while. late july into august and we are feeling summertime. let's show you doppler 9000 because a lot of us who got hammered yesterday not seeing it but we still have heavy activity i'm tracking. most of it is south of town. it's bubbling up and popping up. this is what we're dealing with, a pulse. for the last maybe 15, 20 minutes in most cases and then they'll fall apart and something else pops. parts of charles county really getting hit. in the metro on the south part of town, we've seen showers come and go. these are picking newspaper intensity around der -- picking up in intensity around
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alexandria. not quite to piscataway but to alexandria along the beltway. you can imagine that's slowing stuff on telegraph road and over toward 395 as you're coming over little river turnpike. bailey's crossroads north of the rain. another shower on oakton which is trying to pop here on the north side of fairfax. charles county been seeing heavy rain. this is finally starting to weaken on the north side. you see it west of aquasco but south of route 6, east of 301, heavy downpours and some of these are falling at 2, 3, 4- inch per hour rainfall rates. down south, spotsylvania, this stuff pulses up, pulses down. a little bit of lightning in spotsylvania. tropical downpours here as well. some 4, 5, 6-inch per hour rainfall rates. this stuff was over warrenton. now it's kind of falling apart but new showers are popping right on the border as it moves into western prince william. south of haymarket toward nokesville, we've got rain falling there. that's going to be the case.
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the up and down nature of these storms. that's why i can't track them because something's popping up and other things dying. this is what's going on. moorefield to the east and south, got some heavy rains there as well. in town right now, good looking evening. it's hot. 90 degrees. east, southeast winds at 11. very allergies doing a number on me the last couple of days. everything else is low. but the dew point 73 degrees. you notice temperatures now range from 85 at andrews to 90 in town. it's a steamy one. 91 leesburg and frederick. our weather headlines, steamy night ahead. no surprise there. tomorrow will be like today, spotty thunderstorms again. on thursday, though, a higher threat for storms. there's a cold front that approaches and behind the front a little less humid on friday. this is where the front is so we're tracking it across the northern plains with drier air. this area of low pressure, by the way n parts of montana and wyoming yesterday in higher elevations, skiers in yeah, a little july snow. an evening shower or storm,
5:21 pm
muggy, warm, 68 to 76 with light winds tonight. tomorrow morning partly sunny warming quickly. we'll be if it is 70s and 8 -- owe we'll be in the 70s and 80s tomorrow morning. spotty thunderstorms. looking at the three-day forecast, we'll monitor thursday for a possible yellow alert. we think there will be enough storm activity in the afternoon. hot, 95. friday hot, a bit less humid, 93. as we look into the weekend, you'll stay hot. mid-90s saturday, sunday, monday, maybe a storm tuesday. the nats are back in town. highs in the low next "e.t." after bobbi kristina's passing, who will get whitney's millions? we go inside the new houston/brown.
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investigators say an 8-year- old girl whose body was found inside a recycle bin new the teenager they believe lured her to his apartment and killed her. >> it's my belief that she was killed before we even got the phone call on sunday night. >> reporter: police in can take cruz say 8-year-old madison middleton knew the 15-year-old under arrest in connection with her murder. police say they both lived in the same northern california apartment complex. >> she trusted him to the point where she went to his apartment voluntarily. >> reporter: the little girl was last seen on surveillance video sunday afternoon riding her new scooter in the courtyard of the santa cruz
5:25 pm
artist community center. she was murdered inside the suspect's apartment. then taken downstairs to the nearby dumpster. after an exhaustive search, her body was found monday night. >> my staff was so hopeful that we were going to find her alive and when the news came last night that she was not alive, it was horrific. it was horrible. >> reporter: police are not speculating a motive. prosecutors say they are considering charging the teenager as an adult. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. in tonight's consumer alert, it was a bounce back day for stocks on wall street. the dow broke its slide gaining 189 points. the nasdaq closed up 49 points. researchers are warning about a security flaw that affects 95% of android phones and tablets. hackers can take control of an android device just by sending a text with a video attachment. get this. you don't even have to click on the infected message in order
5:26 pm
for cyberthieves to steal your data. google will send a fix for all android devices and their partners. eight the first for volkswagen. the german car manufacturer takes the top spot as the best selling automaker in the world dethrowning toyota. -- dethroning toyota. the company saw a bump in sales in europe and north america but a drop in china. straight ahead, the gender barrier is broken in the n.f.l. >> right aft break, we hear from -- aft br iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 inantertional
5:27 pm
agreements isand l theeading state sponsor of terrorism.
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we can see what our local firefighters did to rescue pets from a springfield home that had been engulfed in flames. one of the firefighters who made that rescue shared his helmet camera video and peggy fox has nor. fairfax county firefighters saved two dogs in a blazing house fire that destroyed the house. this is what the home on carly parkway looks like today. on july 19 this is what it looked like on the insides. firefighter ben sinson uses a helmet camera to review his work. he's glad he noticed what he was stepping on in the basement that day. >> as i went to take a step, i stepped on something soft. i wasn't sure what it was. later i discovered it was the dog's bed. i reached down and i felt the dog laying there.
5:30 pm
and i looked. the dog was awake and breathing. that's when i informed my officer, i said hey, i found a dog. i'm going to go ahead and take the dog out to the front yard. >> reporter: the fire became too dangerous and firefighters had to evacuate but firefighters from the burke station later rescued a second dog, a third dog died and the house is a total loss. how the fire started is a warning for anyone who might be staining their own deck or furniture this time of the year. it was started with linseed oil soaked rags left on the back porch in the hot sun and those rags son obtainuously combusted and ignited fire. i'm peggy fox, wusa9. >> who knew a couple of rags could be that dangerous. ben has firefighterring in his genes. his father sls a fireman. -- is also a fireman. newly released documents reveal the chaos that accompanied the baltimore riots a few months ago. it shows a breakdown in
5:31 pm
communication between city leaders as violence was erupting in the streets. police officers were ill equipped to handle the unrest and riot gear was placed as officers were being attacked. another e-mail revealed that megastar rihanna wanted to come to baltimore to walk with the protesters and perform a free concert. the police declined that offer. the overbudget, overdue silver spring transit center is back in the news again. metro is asking montgomery county for an additional 15 million bucks to cover future maintenance and refires. county official -- repairs. county officials accused the transit agency of holding the facility hostage until the demands are met. the hub is already four years late and $50 million overbudget. county officials contend it's virtually done and actually could open next month. metro disputes that and says there's no firm date when the transit center will officially be completed. a man convicted after murder he committed when he was just 12 years old become as free man today.
5:32 pm
curtis jones and his 13-year- old sister killed their father's girlfriend in florida back in 1999. 2t was all part after larger plot after what the kids called a pattern of abuse in their family. now a grown man, jones is going to have to figure out how to function as an adult in the real world. jones also now an ordained minister will be on probation for the rest of his life. lawyers for convicted spy jonathan pollard say the federal government is granting:parole after 30 years in -- granting him parole after 30 years in prison. he is a former naval intelligence analyst who's been in prison since 1985 for selling classified information to israel. now he is 60 years old and battling health problems. teams are expanding their search for two missing teens off the coast of florida. neighbors and friends held a prayer vigil in the town of jupiter last night to show their support for perry cohen and austin stephanos. the two disappeared after setting off on a fishing trip last friday.
5:33 pm
video shows the teens' capsized boat nearly 70 sea. searchers are currently focusing further north from where it was discovered on sunday. dry tender and hot temperatures are fueling fast moving wildfires out west. more than 4,000 firefighters are out there on the front lines battling six fires in northern california alone. as the firefighters set up containment lines on the ground, crews used lake water to douse the flames from the air. it has been so far a very active fire season out in california. crews say they've responded to nearly 1100 more fires this year than by the same time last year. a woman named jen welter is breaking new ground in the national football league. the arizona cardinals have added her to their upcoming training camp. it's believed welter who holds a doctorate in psychology is the first woman ever hired as an n.f.l. coach. >> reporter: jen welter loves football. the 37-year-old played
5:34 pm
professionally for 14 years, mostly for a women's team based in class. her career included a stint with the texas revolution's indoor league where she went toe to toe with the men. she then joined that team as an assistant coach. >> this is football weather right here. this is -- you don't get any better. >> reporter: she'll tat field this summer for the arizona cardinals with their coaching staff as a training camp intern teaching some of the hardest hitting players in the league, the linebackers. >> even though it's a boys club, they're not really going to care fits' a woman or a man as long as that person is getting them better. >> reporter: although progress is slow, women are making a dent in the hypercompetitive world of men's major professional sports. last august becky hammond became the first full-time female assistant coach in nba history and this past spring, the n.f.l. announced sarah thomas will become the league's first full- time female official. >> somebody's got to be first. somebody's got to at least
5:35 pm
crack the door open a little bit. even though this is just an internship, hopefully down road more doors will be opened. >> reporter: cbs news, new york. >> welter's job isn't a long- term commitment from the cardinals. she'll be part of the staff for only training camp in the preseason but it does have the potential to turn into further opportunities. let's check in with howard. outside on the weather terrace, steamy out here. we had a heat index earlier to 103. all the heat and humidity especially south of d.c. we're seeing heavy downpours producing flooding problems. in the fredricksburg area, a flash flood warning. up to 2 inches of rain has already fallen in stafford. even more heavy downpours. flooding is a real possibility the next few hours. in charles county we've seen the showers work their way toward 301 from la plata toward pawk near. another -- falkner. heavy downpours, 2, 3, 4-inch per hour rainfall rates. around national harbor now.
5:36 pm
more so over toward where the beltway hits 95, 395 over toward springfield some downpours. in toward fauquier and prince william counties, you see them pulsing up, pulsing down? that's what happens when you have light winds. you get these heavy showers to pop up. not much to support them so they rain themselves out. we'll have spot swi snow showers and storms this
5:37 pm
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trending now, a blogger is suing conan o'brien, cbs and others claiming the host stole his jokes and used them on the show. >> robert caseburg claims he posted one joke on his blog in january and then he saw them on o'brien's monologue that night. here's the comedy golden question. a delta flight took off from cleveland new york and only had two passengers and they fought over the control of the armrest the whole flight. that's kind of funny. the production company says the lawsuit has no merits. no comment so far from the comedian. we note comics steal jokes from each other all the time. >> you stole that joke and delivered it very well, by the way. entertainment weekly is reporting the olson twins could join the rest of the cast for the full house reunion on
5:40 pm
netflix. the chief content officer for netflix says mary kate and ashley are still teetering on whether or not they'll be around. they say there's still plenty of opportunity for the olsons if they want it. the converse chuck 2 now comes with extra cushion and a pad tongue. they cost lime they've been improved. 75 bucks for the high tops. this is the first redesign of the iconic shoo-in 98 years. -- shoe in 9 # years. -- 98 years. also out today, a new book from dr. seuss. it's called "what cat should i get." it was recently found. his widow rediscovered them while cleaning out their home in 2013. two more books are planned. the author whose real name is
5:41 pm
thee der sues -- theodore sues guisele died at the age of 97. coming up in today's inside pitch, what one baseball hall of famer says that helped the nats shortstop turn this whole season around. >> right aft break, doctors -- aft break, doctors n "exte.t." after bobbi kristina's passing, who will get whitney's millions? we go inside the new houston/brown. you exercise. you choose the salad. occasionally. but staying well - physically, financially, emotionally - its hard on your own. cigna's got your back and your knees, 24/7. cigna's there to answer your questions. or when you need some coaching. in sickness and in health, cigna's there, helping you to get well and stay well.
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why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. in tonight's health alert, airs if of its kind surgery -- a first of its kind surgery in philadelphia. doctors successfully completed a double hand and forearm transplant on a child. marley hall introduces us to the remarkable 8-year-old who has some big plans for the future. >> reporter: the first thing zion harvey wants to do with his new hands are climb the monkey bars and toss a football. >> are you ready to throw a football? >> yes. >> reporter: the 8-year-old is the first child in the world to receive a double hand and forearm transplant. several years ago a severe infection forced doctors to amputate both of zion's hands and feet. he also needed a kidney transplant. >> he's amazing in his own right. for me it's just like a blessing. i've been blessed with a god
5:45 pm
sent angel. >> reporter: the doctor -- [indiscernible] it took a team of 40 doctors, nurses and other medical personnel ten hours to perform the procedure. surgeons needed to connect bone, blood vessels, nerves, muscles, tendons and skin. >> based on our experience once we reattached the parts, growth plates stay open. >> reporter: there have only been 25 hand transplants done in the word and they've all been on adults before zion, surgeons never attempted the complex operation on a child. zion gets rigorous therapy several times a day and can already move his fingers a little. >> i want to say to you guys thank you [ inaudible ] >> reporter: with his new hands and prosthetic feet, he is scheduled to go home to baltimore in several weeks. marley hall, cbs news, philadelphia. >> what an amazing little boy. by the way i know you were
5:46 pm
thinking about that donor. the family of the donor wants to stay anonymous. >> a beautiful story. a guilty plea today from the prison worker who helped two killers escape from the maximum security facility in upstate new york. joyce mitchell admitted that she smuggled hacksaw blades in frozen hamburger meat. prosecutors say she knowingly helped them escape. she faces more than two years in prison when she's sentenced in september. mitch mcconnell wants to put an end to federal funding for planned parenthood. the move coming after the release of the videos that show the use of aborted feet ago tissue for medical -- fetal tissue for medical research. he plans to hold a vote on the investigation in the coming days. a document which u.s. intelligence officials believe is authentic spells out plans to build a new terrorist army. the army would begin a war in india, bring about an armageddon like end of the world. "u.s.a. today" poured through the 32-
5:47 pm
page document which detailed plans to attack u.s. soldiers as they withdraw from afghanistan. >> wow. maryland governor larry hogan is maintaining his sense of humor as he goes through chemotherapy. >> today on his facebook page, hogan wrote, quote, it looks like there's another white dome in the annapolis statehouse. thanks to my treatments i'm sporting a new aerodynamic look. his head is bald by the way. i'm saving time not having to wash or comb my hair. i don't even need to shave my face. the first lady says i'm still sexy. hogan is being treated for non- hodgkin's lymphoma and baldness and loss of air is a side effect of the chemotherapy. >> he has a wonderful spirit definitely. >> keeping a sense of humor is important in times like these. >> absolutely. speaking of times like these, what is going on with this heat? >> it's july almost august. it's summer like i said the other day and we're feeling every bit of it. temperatures average in the upper 80s this time of year but that's an average. sometimes we're above. sometimes we're below.
5:48 pm
right now we're above and we're going to stay above for at least the next seven days if not longer as we head into the first part of august. here's doppler 9000. we don't have a big kicktory get things going off. just enough heat. water on the stove, eventually it boils and that's what we've got going on south of d.c. south side of the metro, what's happening the storms will pop up. they'll rain 20 minutes and fall apart and then something else will pop up. we can see how this has been drifting to the south, southwest. pulling toward alexandria, mount vernon now, franconia, trying to get newington as it make as slow trek toward the west. another shower which has developed 20 minutes or so this one here 066 and 29 -- on 66 and 29. it's east of wellington. there's manassas park. it's just on the south side of there. we'll watch that. that will slow certainly the
5:49 pm
commute home tonight. in charles county, east of 3 on 1 is where this heavy rain was. now it has moved over 301 moving toward the west with a few new showers on the charles, prince george's border there. so this stuff isn't moving much. that's a problem because we have very heavy rain, especially in the spotsylvania area with lightning and thunder. fredricksburg getting hit hard now. this green box, can you see that here? that is a flash flood warning. already a couple of inches of rain has fallen and we expect the possibility of flash flooding over the next few hours in this area, spotsylvania to fredricksburg till 8:30. got to watch the high water, take it easy. even into talk year county we've seen -- fauquier county, we've seen bigger showers. east of warrenton to almost nokesville and toward remington we have a couple showers popping. so things keep perk lating out there. this is -- percolating out there. this is what we're watching this afternoon. this area near baker is moving slowly back west toward virginia. you folks in the shenandoah valley, we'll watch that now as well.
5:50 pm
let's take a look outside because at least here in d.c., it's a hazy but nice evening, if you will. just kind of steamy, 90. feeling like 98. the dew point in the 70s. we had a heat index earlier to 103. the high today was 94. 90 right now in washington. 91 frederick. a rain cooled 79 in fredricksburg and it was a steamy 84 in reedville according to jan. so very warm day today. relief is coming. albeit short lived. we're seeing this up here. you see this storm system spinning up in southern canada? it's going -- it was quite the tornado yesterday but also produced a little snow in the mountains of montana and wyoming. yes, july snow in the highest elevations. behind the front drier air. this is key us for on friday. we'll cool down a little bit thursday night. ahead of it looks like we'll have a couple of showers and storms. that hazy, hots, hiewmedz air is -- hot, humid air is in place. looks like it will be around. tomorrow not much change, spotty storms. thursday as the front approaches, a better chance for some showers and storms in the
5:51 pm
afternoon and evening. tonight some spotty evening showers and storms. just warm, muggy. a keen be a patch or to of fog like this morning. upper 60s in the outer suburbs but most of us will be in the low to mid-sticky 70s. tomorrow 70s and 80s in the morning. partly sunny, warming quickly. then by afternoon once again like today, hot, humid, spotty thunderstorms. 89 do 94. three-day forecast, we're going to watch thursday for a possible yellow alert day if it looks like we'll have enough activity in the afternoon, hot, 95. a little bit better on friday, 93 but a bit less humid. as we head towards the weekend, we're back in the mid-90s. the humidity creeps back here. by tuesday could see an isolated storm. yeah, seven more 90-degree days. today was the 29th day of the year at 90 or hotter. >> towards the end of the week, the nats games. >> the golf tournament. >> right now they're in miami so the weather hot or hotter, doesn't really matter. >> let's hope the nats are starting to get hot. >> at least one of their
5:52 pm
players is for sure. the nats are tops in the nl east. they're getting jason werth and ryan zimmerman. ian desmond hasn't been much of a help struggling most of the season but as holden kushner reports in tonight's inside pitch,'s turned things around and the nats are behind him. it's been a trying season on the field for national shortstop ian desmond. he was batting .211 at the all- star break. for those of you not familiar with baseball, that's down right awful. one popular theory as to why the longest tenured player in organizational history is struggling is that his contract is up after the season and he reportedly turned down a $170 million offer from the club last year. despite the struggle, the nationals have remained loyal. ask mark rizzo why. >> track record is huge in my book. it's part of our evaluation process, part of our philosophy and the back of the baseball card is important. he's got himself a great resume
5:53 pm
behind him. we think it's a matter of time before we see him become ian desmond. >> reporter: with the opportunity to stay in the lineup, he's rewarded the nats for their loyal ti. he's been the hottest hit they are baseball the last week batting . # 78 with -- .478 with home runs. last week the hall of famer was signing autographs at nationals park before broadcasting the nats game against the mets. ripken told the story of when he experienced similar struggles in 1993. >> the he said i was hitting .199, finished a pretty good year. he said you'll be all right that gave me hope. all right. he did it. he grinded through. >> reporter: with the backing of his team and encouragement of a legend, looks like desmond is turning his season around. for wusa9 sports, i'm holden kushner. >> ian desmond said he wanted to work through his troubles and it seems like he d. he
5:54 pm
picked -- he did. he figured everything out whatever was ailing him. >> everything seems dark when you're in the middle of it but great to have someone like cal ripken to give you the help you need. we travel to gainesville, virginia for the quicken loans national. you know, tiger's tournament. dave owens caught up with the former number one golfer in the world so stay tuned for that. >> thank you, diane. one of the areas hardest hit by the california drought ironically is surrounded by water. what res
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
one of the areas hardest hit by the california drought is ie lonically surrounded by water. >> residents of catalina island off the coast of southern california depend on ground water to get fresh stuff to drink. with the supplies running low, folks are being forced to get creative. >> reporter: businesses on catalina island don't have enough water. jimmy am rosa's family has run glen more plaza hotel for more than 30 years. >> no baths, please. >> reporter: they're trying to save every dop of water possible to -- drop of water possible to meents rationing and they -- to meet rationing and face more cuts in the fall. >> three people in the shower at once, drink soda and beer instead of water. >> reporter: in the meantime the hotel has installed restrictive shower heads and faucets to limit what guests
5:58 pm
can use. kathleen runs a restaurant and catering business and is now pitching disposable table ware to her brides. >> you're washing 500, 600 glasses for an event, it's a lot of water. >> reporter: the signs are everywhere reminding locals and alike to conserve. most residents have replaced free tap water with pop. desal nation already provides some of the island's reusable water and the goal is to get a second unit running by the end of september. >> help could be coming from mother nature. forecasters say an el nino storm system system is brewing in the pacific and could bring above average rainfall over the winter. an emotional plea on capitol hill today amid a summer of gun violence nationwide. thanks for joining us. i'm debra alfarone in for lesli foster. >> i'm derek mcginty.
5:59 pm
families who lost loved ones in the mass shootings urging congress to expand the background checks to include anyone buying a gun anywhere. andrea mccarren is live with more on that. andrea? >> reporter: derek, the brady bill became law back in 1993 well above there were online gun sales. and today 40% of all gun sales in this country are done without background checks. >> i was shot in my leg and hips and my shoulder. i have a metal rod in my left leg and flee bullets with me today. >> reporter: colin goddard survived the virginia tech massacre. now he's fighting to save the lives of others. >> it's quite simple. we want to know a background check is done before a gun is sold to somebody. >> reporter: current background checks have gaping loopholes. >> our daughter was shot six times with high velocity
6:00 pm
bullets. the kill shot as they say went through her left eye and left a 5 hincht hole -- 5-inch hole in her skull. that's what we live with every single day. >> reporter: jessica ghawi's killer bought 4,000 rounds of ammunition online. >> everyone should be afraid of that because if he can do it, a terrorist can do it. a domestic abuser can do. >> reporter: families want congress to vote on closing the loopholes. >> that is the one way that we can stop it immediately for congress to stand up, get off their duffs and take a vote. if they take another vote, it will pass. >> reporter: several states have moved ahead where congress has stalled. oregon recently became the 18th state to require background checks for all handgun sales. reporting live from capitol


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