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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  July 28, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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ping loopholes. >> our daughter was shot six times with high velocity bullets. the kill shot as they say went through her left eye and left a 5 hincht hole -- 5-inch hole in her skull. that's what we live with every single day. >> reporter: jessica ghawi's killer bought 4,000 rounds of ammunition online. >> everyone should be afraid of that because if he can do it, a terrorist can do it. a domestic abuser can do. >> reporter: families want congress to vote on closing the loopholes. >> that is the one way that we can stop it immediately for congress to stand up, get off their duffs and take a vote. if they take another vote, it will pass. >> reporter: several states have moved ahead where congress has stalled. oregon recently became the 18th state to require background checks for all handgun sales. reporting live from capitol hill, andrea mccarren, wusa9.
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>> thank you, andrea. we should note for you two years ago the measure failed to pass in the senate and never even came to a vote in the house. for more information on the organizations hosting today's event, you can go to our website tonight madness on a metro bus in northwest. >> several passengers were treated after someone sprayed mace on the bus. garrett haake joins us live from irving street where it all went down. >> reporter: debra, metro just moved a bus away from this street corner a few minutes ago, but for hours today, this was the scene of a bizarre incident that started with an argument aboard a metro bus and ended with a woman spraying pepper spray on her fellow passengers. the incident happened around 3:45. a few minutes ago i spoke to the man involved in that argument after police let him leave. he asked us not to show his face. he said the argument started over someone putting their foot on a seat on the crowded bus but then took on racial tones. one woman involved in the argument got up to leave and
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the manmade one last comment. and then? >> out of nowhere she just started macing everybody like it's air freshener. she didn't even know what she was doing with the mace. she just sprayed it in my face. >> reporter: that woman was then one of six people transported to a hospital for treatment according to sources on the scene. exactly how many were treated for what injuries -- [ inaudible ] police have already reviewed the on board camera footage from the bus so this investigation is well under way. reporting live in northwest, garrett haake, wusa9. >> thank you, garrett. it's been a steamy day but there are fewer storms than yesterday afternoon. howard is in for topper tonight. howard, when and where are we going to see them? >> we're seeing them right now, especially on the south side of the metro down 95. big time downpours. we could have a flood warning to the south. immediately in the metro, we're seeing some stuff around springfield, over toward mount vernon and accokeek. this actually its way slowly off to the west,
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southwest. if our he -- if you're north of d.c., east of town, north of 66 not much going on there but these are tropical downpours. you might even have to pull over for a few minutes till it passes and it's just drifting toward the lower area. also drifting over in manassas as it moves back toward the west. we're seeing a shower here. not moving much east of warrenton trying to work its way back there. in southern fauquier county, fredericksburg, spotsylvania, stafford, lots of heavy downpours. some of these rainfall rates in all of these showers have been 2, 3, 4 inches per hour. see this green box? there is flooding likely going on in spots there so the national weather service has issue add flood warning. in fact, we have a flood warning there till 8:30. looks like orange county, a new flood warning in orange just issued. that goes till 9:00. so i urge you please if you see high water, turn around. don't drown. still rather toasty with college park 91. we're sitting at 90. rain cooled 83 in waldorf and
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86 in fairfax. heat and humidity will result seven-day forecast. i'll give you the finer details coming up in a few minutes. tonight a push for help from the montgomery county police department. they along with the relatives of a 60-year-old man who was beaten to death are urging anybody who saw what happened to please come forward. our stefer any ramirez tell -- stephanie ramirez stills us there are plenty of -- tells us there are plenty of witnesses out there where cops say it all happened. >> reporter: derrick, police tell us as many as -- derek, police tell us as many as 20 witnessed this brutal beating of bradley colmes as he went to throw trash outsides of his gaithersburg amount. this was -- apartment. this was a month ago and there are still no arrests. >> we need your help so that mr. colmes and his family receive justice. >> reporter: this is the message montgomery county police shared today alongside family and close friends of the victim encouraging the people of this montgomery county village neighborhood to take responsibility of their
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community. loved ones say 60-year-old bradley colmes was a kind and caring person, always willing to help others. police want to know who was involved in the brutal beating that not only left the army veteran with a shattered jaw the night of june 12 but ended up taking his life. colmes sister came from china to be by her brother's side. >> i think we've gotten numb towards people getting hurt. that needs to stop. that needs to stop. we need to open up to each other and truly be neighbors and look out for one another. it's just tragic that this had to happen. we forgive you but we also understand that these things cannot happen and if there's anyone there that knows anything, we would like for you to come forward and give us some information so we can get true closure. >> reporter: montgomery county crime stoppers are offering a $10,000 reward for anyone who can provide information leading to an arrest. they have a detective's number
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we'll have online at but if you have to remain anonymous, you can do so by calling the crime solvers line. we have that number at the bottom of the screen. you should see it in a second. 1-866-411-tips. that's 8477. in gaithersburg, steaf any ramirez -- stephanie ramirez, wusa9 news. today leaders in the latino community of prince george's county are endorsing glen ivy for congress. he's running for the fourth congressional district. he's running for the seat currently held by representative donna edwards. she plans to run for outgoing senator barbara mikulski's seat. president obama wrapping up his historic visit to africa today. he became the first sitting president to address the 54- nation african union which is headquartered in ethiopia. mr. obama called for leaders across the conts innocent to fight -- continent to fight for corruption and uphold democratic leaders. he also said no president
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should be president for life. meantime authorities in zimbabwe want to talk to an american dentist who allegedly killed a protected lion. they believe dr. walter palmer of minnesota paid a farmer $55,000 to hunt and kill a popular lion named cecil. if convicted a judge could sentence palmer to up to 15 years. a dramatic day inside a signature theater in shirlington but actors played no role in this protection. instead it was a wayward young buck deer that burst through an open loading dock door at 9:30 this morning and made its way on to the stage where one member of the crew preparing for an upcoming show took a picture. mick got the job of shhing that door back -- shooing that deer back out. where he went after that is a mystery. coming up see how thieves are cashing in on outdated credit card technology and what your credit card company may be doing about that. >> finders keepers. how one man's costly mistake became another man's cash cow
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police in new jersey are looking for a man who took a bag that contained $140,000 that was accidentally left behind by an employee of an atm company. the act minded worker -- absent minded worker left the sack at an atm yesterday. the guy noticed the bag, took it and hopped in a van and took off. a few minutes later the worker
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noticed he forgot the money and came back but was too late. investigators are hoping the man who took the money will return it. i don't know about that. but one man is under arrest and another is in the hospital over -- after an argument over the volume of a tv. >> this one went down today in providence, rhode island when 60-year-old david sisty went to his neighbor's apartment and said hey, can you turn down the television. it's believed some heat the words were exchanged and then sisty left and came back with a kitchen knife and then stabbed the guy several time. the victim, 54-year-old gary raymond is still in the hospital. a 10 moaldz baby has been -- 10-month-old baby has been returned to its family after being taken by a repro man. the man left his car unattended anded repro man hooked up the landover to the truck and took off. he did not realize the baby was in the car until he started cleaning out the car.
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a few minutes later the father showed up. the driver was driving on a suspended license and could now face abuse and neglect. the former mayor of dorset, minnesota is giving his brother some help on a campaign trail. bobby tuft is 6. he served two terms as mayor of dorsey. don't worry, it's aer is money position. now 3-year-old james tuft is running in his brother's teeny tiny footsteps. what's the key to winning? bobby tells james be nice and don't talk poopy to people. really? >> i think that's good advice no matter how old you are. howard says get next "e.t." after bobbi kristina's passing, who will get whitney's millions? we go inside the new houston/brown.
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in tonight's health alert, some heart disease risk factors may also predict alzheimer's. a new study suggests drinking, smoke, obesity and diabetes may be problematic for the brain as well as the heart. doctors in southern california tracked data from more than 1600 heart patients linking risky cardiovascular factors to early cognitive decline. a recent study shows someone falls victim to identity fraud every two
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seconds. >> thieves are getting their hands on your numbers. >> reporter: if you think you protect your credit card information, you should talk to new york city's cassandra tang who found that the card that was still in her wallet had somehow been used to take out $200 at an atm across town she'd never been to. >> we use our debit cards, our credit cards or whatever every day. it's scary to know that my card can be compromised. >> reporter: her credit card company told us she probably fell victim to card skimming where thieves got her information. then made a duplicate card complete with new pin number. fraud expert scott says that is now common. thieves can simply swipe using a small card reader an>> i will simply take this and swipe it. now i just stole the information on your card. >> reporter: once it's stolen, he showed us where your personal information can wind up. on the dark net, the underbelly of the internet. >> as you scroll down, you can
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start to see there's their phone number, their full address. >> full credit card number. >> credit card number. >> atm pin number. >> reporter: there is something credit card companies are moving to. the newer card technology called chip and pin. a more secure chip in the card combined with the use of a pin number. many european countries put that in place years ago to combat fraud, but the u.s. is years behind. >> it's not just a little the bit behind. it's embarrassingly behind. >> reporter: anna warner, cbs news, new york. >> this year credit card companies are moving to chip cards. more retailers still have to buy the machines however to make them work. >> i actually have one of those chip cards and i didn't realize it until yesterday when i eyed to use it-- >> when i tried to use it. >> i have two now. my credit card company started converting them over. >> we'll all have them soon enough. we have heat and humidity. some big downpours. some just a quiet, lazy summer evening.
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where it's raining it's raining heavily. we start with doppler 9000 this evening because it's coming down to beat the band especially to our south. we've had very heavy downpours in this juicy, tropical air. if you've been outside at all today, you know what i'm talking about. it's on the south side of town now. this is one of the stoppingers storms. it's not is a -- stronger storms. it's not severe. fairfax south of 66, prince george's, only down toward southwestern privilege are we seeing this activity -- southwestern prince george's county we are seeing this activity. back near alexanderia a little bit of lightning. it's drifting just about to the lorton area. look at dale city. everything just went -- how it pops from nothing. the atmosphere is sort of percolating, boiling, if you will. so the showers and storms are developing, fall i a part. new ones are popping up. you can see it expanding west of fairfax and also manassas trying to move over toward haymarket. this is moving slowly off
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toward the west. so really heavy downpours, some 2, 3, 4-inch per hour rainfall rates. high water in spots. in fauquier county, warrenton east a lighter shower but the southern part of the county now, look at this west of goldvein lightning strikes the last five minutes. in spots vain yarks staff forward, orange -- spotsylvania, stafford, orange, we have flood warnings. we've picked up a couple of inches of rain quickly. that's why flood warnings in the fredricksburg area till 8:30 over toward orange. that one goes till 9:00. it's possible given this environment we could see a few more. where is the heavy rain? that's easy to tell when you look at temps. down to the 70s in fredricksburg and orange. we're still sitting at 90 in d.c. leesburg 91. 89 in martinsburg. it's 90 in easton. so these area haven't seen it and our heat index 100. yeah, it had been 103 so i guess that's a little bit of progress. a steamy, sticky night. mostly cloudy now, 90 in washington with that dew point to 75. if you've ever spent any time
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in new orleans or houston, this is what it feels like almost every day in the summertime down there. we do have a little relief coming up here in the form of a cold front right here. just getting into western minnesota now. this things arrives here later thursday but there's drier air behind it. so as it approaches, it will help i think enhance the on thunderstorm threat -- the thunderstorm threat thursday because we have the hazy, hot, humid air in place so that's not going to change. but behind the front, that's when we get a little bit of a break here on friday with the drop in humidity levels. but it's still going to be on the hot sides. futurecast shows by midnight most of this activity if not before will have diminished. tomorrow a mostly cloudy start. we'll have spotty showers again in the afternoon. it's thursday we'll watch as the front has the potential to bring more thunderstorm activity to the region. for tonight a few showers and storms mainly south this evening. otherwise warm and muggy. anywhere from the upper 60s in the cooler spots but most of us low to mid-70s. a steamy, sticky humid night. we start tomorrow morning with a little fog here and thrcht
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partly sun -- and there. partly sunny. low to mid-80s by lunch time if not upper 80s and we'll top out in the low 90s in spots with spotty thunderstorms once again. thursday could be a yellow alert day. 95 ahead of that front. behind the front a bit less humid, not bad, still hot, 93. the coming weekend, well, we've got temperatures which will be back in the mid-90s. humidity creeps up. nats return finally on monday. 95 monday and tuesday, an isolated storm and 92. i hope your ac is work. maybe you have a trip to the beach or something planned because a hot week ahead. >> blistering. tiger woods coming to his own tournament. the big question used to be how much is he going to win now. now we're wondering if he's going to make the cut. >> absolutely. he's the guy who's drawned biggest tv viewership over the years. we're talking about tiger woods. our dave owens htcaug
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iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 inttiernaonal agreements an td iseahe lding state sponsor of terrorism.
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he's gone if number 1 to 266 in the word but tiger woods can still command a crowd, even for practice. the quicken loans national is set to begin thursday in gainesville, virginia which is where we find our dave owens. >> reporter: the serene early morning setting was the perfect time for the host to test his swing and for fans to witness stalking tiger. crouching tiger. even smiling tiger. woods worked over massive rtj for about four hours. his assessment? it's so hot the ball is flying forever. granted we're supposed to get rain thursday, if it's hot like this balls are flying. >> reporter: one of golf's greatest game changers is one of the biggest enigmas. you don't know what you'll get
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when he tees it up. neither does he. >> i haven't scored very well, missed cuts. >> reporter: the sport seems to be an interesting crossroads. tiger still has his legion of loyal foot soldiers like eric turner. he and his wife walking hand in hand this morning during woods' practice round. >> i love being out here. my wife has never been to a course before. >> first time. first time. >> reporter: but you also have youngsters like max. >> we have tiger woods in sweaty gloves which has been handed to this young man right here. >> reporter: nice but on his list of fave golfers, tiger's three now? >> yeah. >> reporter: behind? >> mcelroy and spieth. >> reporter: don't tell tiger woods that. now, as for his practice round, one thing that i did look for was any signs of injury which i didn't see, and at his press conference today, woods told reporters he felt fine. it's a start. here in gainesville, virginia, dave owens, wusa9 sports.
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as baseball's trade deadline looms, rumors swirl like the one that has jonathan paple balm coming to washington, d.c. that tale got extra oomph today when he was not seen in the team's clubhouse on the road in toronto. several reports indicate the closer to the nats is a done deal. when it was mostly rumorville, the hurdles that needed clearing including his no trade clause and his very strong wish to remain a closer. storen will likely move back to the eighth setup man, a job he's handled well in the past. roger goodell has upheld his four-game suspension for tom brady and his role if deflategate. he said new evidence revealed itself showing tom brady asked an assistant to destroy his cell phone, a device containing text messages investigators had requested. the n.f.l. p.a. will appeal his case in federal court which could allow him to play while the case works its way through the courts.
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you think it's going to end and it's just not ever ending. >> it proves it's not the crime. it's the coverup. >> and he -- apparently brady says whenever he get as new phone, he destroys the old one. >> nobody believes him. >> well put. some really heavy downpours still going on, especially south and southwest of town. southern fairfax county. look at all the lightning that's popping south of alexandria toward mount vernon and lorton. this is slowly drifting west. heavy downpours there. in a few hours a lot of this will diminish and just a steamy night coming up and another day tomorrow kind of like today. highs again in the low 90s with spotty storms. >> like you like to say, the acs will be buzzing. >> earlier he used one word. gross. >> one of many words i used but that will work. that's all us for at 6:00. stay with us. the cbs evening
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>> pelley: the commissioner upholds tom brady's suspension for cheating and accuses him of destroig key evidence. lion beloved in zimbabwe, is killed illegally and an american dentist is accused. the parents of mass murderer james holmes try to persuade a jury to spare him. and a medical marvel. a young boy has a real pair of hands for the first time in six years. >> i justment to say this-- never give up on your dreams. it will come true. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: today, the commissioner of the nfl said that tom brady was aware of and supported cheating in


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