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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  July 28, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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they witnessed a murder. now the cops are pleading to them to break their silence. thanks for being here. i'm deb alfarone. >> al deb alfaronei'm derek mcginty. >> stephanie ramirez reports that not one of those witnesses to a beating has come forward. >> reporter: i'm stephanie ramirez. 60-year-old bradley colm es was beaten to death. a month and a half later there are no arrests. bobby williams says he and his partner of over 20 years were planning to get
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married in november. >> he just shouldn't have happened to, um, him like that. he wasn't supposed to die like this. >> reporter: williams joined police, colmes' sister, elderly father and moore tuesday begging for someone in this montgomery village neighborhood to step up and come forward now that they know nearly two dozen people may have been involved. there are still no arrests. >> do we as a community allow for someone, a neighbor, a friend, to be violently assaulted and murdered in our neighborhoods and do nothing about it? >> reporter: police canvassed the area again tuesday passing out flyers. one neighbor saw this and says he wants to move. >> montgomery county pd is doing their best but the people in the neighborhood just don't care. >> can't sweep something under the rug like this. it's got to always come out so whoever you are that done this please come forward. >> reporter: renee warren tells us she knew colmes and said he was always friendly.
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>> he brought us food. he is a good guy. he didn't deserve to be beaten like this. >> reporter: he was an army veteran who served at fort hood and volunteered in the area. >> he would not hesitate 100% to call the police or even step in to try to stop it even if it meant him getting hurt doing it. so i'm asking people to come forth. >> crimestoppers offering a $10,000 reward to anyone who can help crack this case. in dc police are investigating two homicides that happened within two hours about two miles apart. first someone flagged down an officer yesterday around 3:00 in the 400 block of "e" street northwest stab wounds and died at the hospital. about 5:00, officers responding in a shooting in the 1300 block of first street southwest just down the street from the park
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where 47-year-old jerome diggs died from gunshot wounds. as of yesterday police have investigated 79 homicides in the city and that's a 16% rise over this same time last year. dc cops also believe 25- year-old franklin brown tried to kill someone and they are hunting for him following a shooting that happened about a week ago in northeast. the victim survived. police have arrested another suspect in the case. mass shootings this summer in charleston, chattanooga and lafayette, louisiana, made an event on capitol hill today especially poignant. >> i'm andrea mccarren. families of murder victims urged congress to close the loophole allowing gun sales without background checks. >> i was shot in my leg and my hips and in and out of my shoulder. i have the metal rod in my left leg. >> reporter: colin goddard survived the virginia tech massacre of 2007. now he is fighting to save the lives of others. >> it's simple. we want to know a background
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check is done before a gun is sold to somebody. >> reporter: current checks have gaping loopholes. they are not done on anyone buying at gun shows, online or through an unlicensed dealer. >> everyone should be afraid of that because if he can do it, a terrorist can do it, a domestic abuser can do it. >> reporter: jessica's killer bought 4,000 rounds of ammo online. the families want congress to vote on closing the loophole. >> if they take another vote it will pass. >> reporter: on capitol hill, andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> several states have moved ahead where congress has stalled. oregon just became the 18th state in the country to require background checks on all handgun sales. a few storms popping up around the metro area. first alert meteorologist howard bernstein tracking what's on doppler 9000 and even around here we were pounded by the sounds of thunder. >> just in the last half-hour, tropical downpours south and west of us but in the last 20, 30 minutes, northwest dc,
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arlington, even toward bethesda, this thing is popping over us. let's give you a quick radar tour. heavy downpours out of southwestern fairfax toward prince william but in dc and i'm going to put an hour time lapse on it on the radar loop here, and you will see, there was nothing here just after 6:00. in the last 30 minutes it exploded over dc with lightning extending to bethesda, toward the legion bridge. couple of new cell around dulles and look likes it's trying to ride route 50. west through loudon county and scattered towards winchester, we have a few cells popping here, as well. heavy stuff that really heavy downpours here. this is what's been happening here in fairfax and prince william over to haymarket and gainsville. in a couple of hours they will rain themselves out. the same may happen tomorrow. the seven-day forecast coming up in a few. the woman who helped two
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convicted killers break out of jail will become a prisoner herself. today joyce mitchell cried as she pleaded guilty to helping richard matt and david sweat escape an upstate new york prison. after the hearing, mitchell's lawyer said she is sorry and explained why she did it. >> to a certain extent, matt got her to feeling good about herself better than she had for a period of time. and she was swept off her feet for a period. and then when she realized who she was dealing with, everything changed. >> well, today mitchell's feet were shackled and wearing prison issued crocs. the jail seamstress agreed to a deal that requires up to 7 years behind bars, a $5,000 fine, and she will also lose her teaching license. matt was shot and killed after being on the run for three weeks. police caught sweat and he is now serving time at a different prison. an american man who spent the last 30 years locked up for spying for israel is about to be freed.
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weijia jang reports on what jonathan pollard plans to do once he gets out. >> reporter: jonathan pollard will once again be a free man, 30 years after his arrest for spying for israel. the former intelligence analyst was arrested in 1985 after he was caught removing classified documents from naval intelligence command. he was captured trying to gain asylum to the israeli embassy in washington. he pleaded guilty and in 1987, was sentenced to life in a north carolina federal prison. he is the only american ever to receive a life sentence for passing classified information to a u.s. ally. the israeli government has been pressing the u.s. for his release for years. secretary of state john kerry says pollard's release is not related to the recent nuclear agreement with iran. israeli officials oppose the deal. kerry says pollard never came up during the talks. through his attorneys, pollard thanked his supporters and says he is looking forward to
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reuniting with his wife. he will be on parole in november. weijia jang, cbs news, washington. and pollard's parole is in line with the sentencing guidelines for life in prison. that is from back when he was sentenced. a warning today from the secretary of state john kerry. he told members of congress if they vote against that nuclear deal with iran, the country will move toward making an atomic bomb. kerry said international sanctions will crumble and the united states will be left without any of the access and inspections that are part of this deal. kerry was testifying before the house foreign affairs committee. congress is expected to vote on the deal in september. a dentist from minnesota has admitted to killing a beloved lion in zimbabwe. cecil was a protected lion with a gps collar and lived in a national park. it's believed the american and two guides lured cecil out of the park, shot him with a bow and arrow and tracked that wounded cat for 40 hours but they killed him. all the men are charged with poaching. and according to the
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"associated press," this isn't the first time that dentist has been in trouble for hunting. seven years ago he pleaded guilty for lying about where he shot a black bear in wisconsin. "deflate-gate" could be headed to court. today nfl commissioner roger goodell upheld the four-game suspension of new england patriots quarterback tom brady. goodell says not only did the star qb knowingly use those underinflated footballs in the play-off game last year; he disabilitily destroyed the cell phone -- deliberately destroyed the cell phone that might have contained incriminating messages. brady and the union hope to get the suspension quickly overturned by a judge. a maryland boy made history. he has a new set of hands. the first thing he wants to do when the cast comes off. >> i'm bruce leshan.
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jamestown colony unearthed after 400 years and
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a small amount of asbestos has been found in hundreds of its 1,000 series railcars. metro says the asbestos is outside the passenger cabin not accessible to riders. the agency says that material cannot be crumbled and does not release fibers unless it's sawed or drilled so it poses no hazard or concern. the cars in question are 40 years old. the metro is in the process reef placing them. most of us love a good spy story especially one that's about, well, 400 years old. this one includes friends and rivals of pocahontas and captain john smith. >> this is pretty sexy stuff. archeologists from jamestown and the smithsonian today told our bruce leshan they found evidence of an enemy spy at the center of the first english
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colony in america. >> reporter: at the smithsonian natural history museum researchers laid out the evidence against captain gabriel archer. four skeletons all among the most prominent leaders of the struggling colony buried in the chancel of the first church of england in america and justice saved from the rising tides buried with captain archer a tiny silver box. >> it feels like there's something in it. >> reporter: it was too tightly sealed to open. but advanced scanning reveals its contents. bone fragments and two small lead ampules. >> it would have contained holy water, oil or blood. >> reporter: it was a reliquary. a container for the holy remnants of a saint. and etched with a mysterious m. >> we believe it's a catholic reliquary. >> catholic! >> and this was an anglican church of england colony!
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>> reporter: archer was among the first to arrive at the colony and he had returned to england and come back during the dying times. >> so was he a secret catholic and was he trying to undermine the colony from within? >> what would have happened if he had been found out? >> they would have shot him on the spot. he would have been condemned as a traitor and shot. >> reporter: here's another mystery. someone must have placed that silver box in captain archer's grave. so perhaps he had a coconspirator! bruce leshan, wusa9. the associates admit they have doubt on the silver box. they say it might have just been a catholic relic repurposed for use by process extents. but they think the secret catholic explanation is more likely. tracking heavy downpours. tropical downpours now. this stuff develops in dc toward montgomery loudon county
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seeing this and if you are in leesburg in germantown
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iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements d anis the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
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in takes something really special to run into a blazing fire. and now, we can see just what our local firefighters did to rescue two pets from a springfield home which was engulfed in flames. one of the fairfax county firefighters who made that
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rescue shared his helmet camera video. peggy fox has the story. >> reporter: fairfax county firefighters saved two dogs in a blazing house fire that destroyed the house. this is what the home looks like today. on july 19, this is what it looked like on the inside. firefighter ben sisson with wolf trap fire station 42 uses a helmet camera to review his work. he is glad he noticed what he was stepping on in the basement that day. >> i stepped on something soft. i discovered it was the dog bed. i reached down and felt the dog laying there. the dog was awake and breathing. i informed my officers, i found a dog i'm going to take it out to the front yard. >> reporter: the fire became too dangerous. firefighters had to evacuate. but firefighters from the burke station later rescued a second dog, a third dog died and the
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house is a total loss. how the fire started is a warning for anyone who might be staining a deck or furniture this time of the year. it was started with linseed oil soaked rags that were left on the back porch in the hot sun and those rags spontaneously combusted and ignited the fire. i'm peggy fox, wusa9. turns out ben sisson has firefighting in his genes. his dad was a fireman. always watching, always tracking! wusa9's first alert weather. dc's most accurate. >> yeah! >> percolating. >> unbelievable story. >> yeah, man. this stuff is just blowing up. >> you got to be real careful with stuff like that and you just never know. so -- >> speaking of blowing up, it was really blowing up outside a little while ago. >> at 6:30, boom!
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the atmosphere boiled over. doppler 9000, you can see how things are pulsing up and down. had some heavier showers earlier in charles county. that's all done with. but in dc and points west and southwest, we still have some tropical downpours. the air is so moist-ous that we are getting rainfall rates at times up to 6" an hour. they are not lasting too long and the flood warnings are down in culpeper and fredericksburg, they have been canceled. looking at these storms now northern part of the district here even downtown, and watch what happened over the last hour. there was nothing going on and then, boom, a little outflow from all these little storms that are around how quickly they pop up. but i think another 20 minutes or so most of this will be gone from d.c. silver spring seeing some of that and this cell kind of has built over the potomac from great falls back toward potomac and points north on river road. you got some wet roads there. in loudon county mainly from dulles west between the greenway and route 50 we have some thunder and lightning there. this is slowly building toward
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the west north on 15 for a few miles. showers in winchester fell apart. still some in the mountains. hey marked toward notebooks -- haymarket towards nokesville, slowing down there. this stuff is weakening, north of culpeper and amosville. things will setting down in a few hours once we lose the daytime heating in an hour or so at sunset. 72 culpeper. 77 fredericksburg. these are rain-cooled temperatures. we were 94 and down to 83 now. still 90 leesburg, it may build there and towards germantown. we caught some downpours in town hazy and sticky with dew point in the 70s making that 83 feel like 89 right now. what's going to save us? this cold front. i don't know about save us. it will give us a little relief. there's some drier air behind it so it's going to be arriving as we get in toward thursday
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night. ahead of it some steamy days. evening shower, storms, heavy downpour then warm and muggy and patchy fog upper 60s but most of us mid- to lower 70s. upper 60s will be the cooler spots. tomorrow partly sunny warming quickly tomorrow morning, 70s and 80s even mid- to upper 80s by lunchtime. highs tomorrow once again in the low 90s with those spotty thunderstorms. thursday, a higher chance of storms. the 95, maybe a yellow alert day. friday hot a bit less humid and 93. then the weekend into early next week not much relief. looks like the highs continue in the low to mid-90s. hello, august. i'm not sure i like you. a first of its kinds surgery in philadelphia. doctors successfully completed a double hand and forearm transplant on a child. marlie hall introduces us to the remarkable 8-year-old boy with big plans for when he comes home to maryland. >> reporter: the first thing xeon harvey wants to do with
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his new hands are throw a football and climb monkey bars. he is the first child in the world to receive a double hand and forearm transplant. several years ago an infection forced doctors to amputate his hands and feet. the team performed the groundbreaking procedure at the children's hospital of philadelphia earlier this month. surgeons needed to connect bone, blood vessels, nerves, muscles, tendons and skin. >> based on our experience once we reattack the parts, it grows. >> reporter: he can already move his fingers a little. a big step for scion and his family. >> they have kids with toys always time. >> reporter: he is scheduled to go home to baltimore in several weeks. marlie hall for cbs news, philadelphia. >> he has tears of joy all the time. speaking of that donor, the family wants to remain anonym
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heavy downpours in the area, silver spring, southern
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loudon hit hard with heavy downpours as well as manassas and haymarket. another hour or two things should settle down just another steamy night ahead. >> and tomorrow. >> you got it. >> that's
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whitney houston's daughter, only we talked to the woman who witnessed her final moment as bobbi kristina's ex surfaces. >> we have exclusive new video of the man accused of accusing bobbi kristina, as he's confronted. plus, whitney's millions. who gets the money? >> it is shocking and disappointing. we're with bobby brown as she passed away. >> bobby wasn't there at the time. >> bachelorette caitlyn and fiance sean today after she rejected nick. >> no? >> and whs o wareally behind this shot getting out. >> i was like, you're an idiot. jtsz >> khloe kardashian goes off on claims she was photo shopped. what her trainer told us. >> the changes she's


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