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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  August 14, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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keeping awareness, being more alert, you know, being more cautious. >> reporter: will you take more care now? i honestly don't really think about it. it's one of those things that if i do go out at night, you know, i use the buddy system. so i'll go out with a friend. >> reporter: there are composite sketches for two attacks, the one on july 25th on 15th street and the other july 31st on the w o and e trail. now we want to emphasize again police are not sure if this is one person, two person or five people. they're looking for similarities and hope someone recognizes those sketches. we're live in arlington, hank silverberg, wusa9. >> thank you, hank. and police say they'll be keeping extra eyes out this weekend, as always. only on 9 tonight the father of a d.c. toddler killed by a gunshot is speaking out after prosecutors slapped a teenager with a weapons charge in her death. police say little dalis cox, her 7-year-old brother accidentally shot her, but that
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gun was illegal. garrett haake is live at the courthouse with the teen's connection to the shooting and the father's reaction to the charges. garrett? >> reporter: a source close to this case says that teen has already had his first appearance here at superior court where he heard the charges against him, two counts of child cruelty and three charges related to illegal possession of a weapon and ammunition. the accidental shooting death of 3-year-old dalis cox last month horrified the people who loved her. >> all of our children were standing there watching, her friends, parents. it's something that we shouldn't have to see. >> reporter: and drew condemnation from the mayor and police chief. >> that gun should have never been in a place where it could have been accidentally or otherwise used to put a little girl in danger. >> reporter: on monday police arrested a 17-year-old connected to the case and charged him as a juvenile with child cruelty. a former mpd detective
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explains. >> as long as he did something that created a situation that caused a child to come to harm, that is first degree child abuse. >> reporter: the teen was also charged with three counts related to possessing a gun unlawfully suggests the weapon that killed dalis cox came into the apartment with him. dalis' father timothy cox told me today he knows the teen but declined to say how. >> i'm feeling a loss and i miss my daughter and i just think what's going on now as far as arrests and things, that's not helping anything. i don't agree with this. >> reporter: cox said for he and his family a trial will only slow down the process of healing and trying to move forward. >> my daughter has been laid to rest and i'm celebrating her life, the good times, and i'm not trying to go through any more bad times.
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>> reporter: juvenile court rules make it so we will probably never know the identity of that teen, but we do know he will be detained until his trial begins september 2nd. reporting live garrett haake, wusa9. >> all right, garrett, thank you. we also reached out to d.c. police and the attorney general's office with questions on this case, but again those juvenile court rules prevent them from providing any other additional information. just moments ago d.c. deputy police chief peter newsom announced they've solved two different homicide cases including an arrest in a brutal stabbing that took place monday afternoon. ellison barber is at police headquarters with the latest of. >> reporter: that's right. they announced two arrests today, 1 from an incident monday and another from last year. let me tell you about the case from last year first. in this case a 25-year-old man dexter motley was gunned down in august of 2014 in northeast d.c. police arrested a man back in july tied to that crime and charged him with murder, but
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yesterday police said they made a second arrest. they arrested a man named darnell cruz and he's been charged with first degree murder. police say this homicide was the result of a dispute involving the victim and the suspect. they say that case is closed now and they have a second suspect in custody. the other case that they announced an arrest on was for a stabbing death that happened monday afternoon around 4 p.m. on a busy intersection on h street northeast. it left one man named eric smith dead. police say they arrested hector felix at his home today at 1 p.m. without any problems and told us a little more exactly what happened monday afternoon. take a listen. >> there was a dispute as passengers were boarding the metrobus. a fight broke out during the course of that -- out. during the course of that fight, another individual, the suspect who we arrested, was believed to have come up and stabbed the deceased. >> reporter: police held this press conference in part because the homicide rate is
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higher this year than it was last year as we discussed yesterday, about 30% higher. they said with the homicide right as high as it is right now it's very important to make sure whenever they have closure they keep the public informed of it. reporting live at police headquarters i'm ellison barber, wusa9. >> thank you, ellison. and we have new information on a university of maryland basketball coach charged with groping a player on his previous team that he coached. the school has suspended bryce mckey. he was an assistant coach with the women's team. the allegations stem from his time as a coach at xavier university. one of his former players said mckey invited her to his home and touched her inappropriately several times. he's charged with third degree sexual abuse. >> reporter: the parents of a wheaton toddler are being held on some big dollar bonds tonight accused of murdering their child. police say blanca reyes and jonathan torsios hit the boy and didn't get him any medical care. the medical examiner calls it
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homicide. bruce leshan is live in rockville with just another story with some really disturbing details, bruce. >> reporter: absolutely, lesli. now prosecutors say that 2-year- old matthew reyes was covered in cuts and bruises in places that could not possibly be explained by a toddler falling down. they say his mother is a drug addict who waited weeks to take him to the hospital. outside the basement apartment in wheaton drink glasses by the barbecue, but not a single toy, not a trike, not a thing you might expect at a home where four little boys once lived. their parents are now facing as much as 3/4 of a century behind bars. neighbors devastated. >> kids are supposed to be loved and cared and the parents who are supposed to take care of them and if they abuse them, they shouldn't be parents of. >> reporter: police say
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matthew's mother admitted he fell off the kitchen table three weeks before he died, that he fell off an office clair three days before he died, that she hit him the next day, that he fell down the day he died, but although the toddler's head was floppy and he was spaced out his parents didn't take him to the hospital because his mother was worried she would get in trouble for not being responsible. ramone corinoff speaks for the montgomery state's attorney. >> this is a horrible crime and we're going to prosecute it to the fullest. >> reporter: matthew died hours after he was brought to the hospital. the death was ruled homicide by dehydration and pneumonia and the prolonged lack of medical care, injury and dehydration are evidence of negligence. now the morning before he died little matthew's neck was so
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weak he could not hold his head up. at about 3:00 the next morning his parents heard him moaning in his bed. they finally decided to take him to the hospital, but an hour after arriving there little matthew was dead. prosecutors say that they waited months to file these charges because they wanted to be sure they had them exactly right. live in rockville bruce leshan, wusa9. >> the last moments of little matthew's life were just so devastating, bruce. the public defender has asked the judge to reduce the bail saying that those parents still have supervised visitation rights with their three other boys and that would keep them in the area pending trial, but the judge refused and kept the bail for them at nearly $1 million apiece. a man accused of sextortion will serve 18 months in jail. mauricio cerrito rios was a former marine charged with illegal access to computers. investigators say he hacked
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into the e-mail, computers and facebook messages of about 100 women, stole compromising pictures of them and extorted them for more graphic images. 100 images of women were found on his computer. >> because of this fantasy that he immersed himself in, he'll be fighting the consequences, the collateral consequences of this conviction, for the rest of his life. >> in court today cerrito rios apologized to the victims and asked for a second chance. one person hurt when a stage collapsed at a boarding school in mclean. police didn't say if it was a student hurt at the moderos school which is a school for high school aged schools. it's going to -- girls. it's going to be hot this weekend. can we do anything outside, top? >> make plans, just drink lots of water and don't forget the sunscreen but all in all, a nice third august weekend in a
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row, good deal. let's talk about the futurecast. maybe you're going to walk after dinner tonight. it will be cool tonight, not as cool as last night but still very comfortable. temperatures will be in the 70s at 10:00 and fall quickly into the 60s in the suburbs, probably no 50s tomorrow morning. we had a ton of 50s this morning. and then by early in the morning 8:00, well, it's early for me, i should be up by 8:00, looking at temperatures generally in the 70s to around 80, going to warm up quickly and we get into the afternoon hours. advance it to 4:00 now, 90 downtown. so it's going to heat up very quickly. yes, you're seeing some showers and storms. there will be mountain showers and thunderstorms saturday and sunday west of i-81. in the metro we're fine. saturday night will not be as cool but comfortable. by 10:30 temperatures in the 70s, 79 downtown, mid-7s in the suburbs. lows -- mid-70s in the suburbs. lows tonight very comfortable in the 60s. we'll come back, talk about how
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long the 90s are going to stick around. >> all right, top. the u.s. and cuba took another big step towards normalized relations this morning when the marines carefully unfurled the american flag and hoisted it high above the embassy in cuba. this is the first time that has happened in 54 years. secretary of state john kerry met with cuba's foreign minister and acknowledged there are still many differences between the two countries, but he says the policies of the past were not working. coming up at 5:30 we'll have a live report of why people have been flocking to the cuban embassy here in d.c. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. if your weekend plans include relaxing on the boat, you will want to listen to the warning state officials gave today. >> and later a warning from the royal family. stay away from our kids. we'll tell you how far some photographers are going to get that perfect shot. and next? >> reporter: security concerns at some theaters as a highly
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anticipated film opens across the country. i'm chris martinez in los angeles. that story is coming up.
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the man hit and killed by a roller coaster was looking for his cell phone. police say he had just finished riding the raptor yesterday at ohio cedar point amusement park and must have lost the phone while on that ride. they say the man hop over the fence and was in a restricted area when either the coaster or someone on the ride hit him. no one else was hurt. safety inspectors didn't find any major problems with that coaster today. theaters across the country are on alert and some are beefing up police for the opening weekend of the movie straight out of compton. it touches on gang violence,
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racial tensions and police tactics, all issues that still resonate today. chris martinez reports the film is coming out at a time when several theater attacks have also increased security concerns. >> reporter: l.a. police officers are on extra patrols and posted at some theaters as straight out of compton opens this weekend. >> because we're not in the optimism business, we're always going to deploy extra officers at events like this. >> reporter: the movie traces the rise of the groundbreaking rap group mwa. their controversial songs dealt with gang violence and police brutality, issues some worry could trigger violence. >> i think the security around it is a bit of a double standard. we're not talking about this for other films. sent this the very sort of thing you're rapping about, this is what you expect from young black men so, we better beef up security. >> reporter: some theater chains say they often hire security for busy opening weekends and say this weekend is no different. universal pictures said in a statement it has partnered with
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theaters who requested support for their location but would not give specifics on security measures. some moviegoers are on edge after this summer's attacks in louisiana and tennessee and in colorado three years ago. >> we just have a lot of crazy people in this world today. >> i really don't think it's a problem, you know. it should be a good movie. it should be a good experience. >> reporter: the film is expected to top the weekend box office. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. >> straight out of compton opens in 2,700 theaters tonight. it is expected to generate at least $25 million in ticket sales. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> i think we can all agree it was perfect, but the 3-degree guarantee. >> oh, what will be it? >> we're feeling pretty good about this one. it was sunny and, of course, dry air masses cool off quickly and heat up quickly. it heated up pretty fast today, but we went for a high of 89
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and we'll let you know how we did tonight at 11:00. we're feeling pretty good. we're on a small streak here. >> good sign. >> right now it's 87. that's good. that's within three. remember this time yesterday the dew points were in the 40s. that was exceptional. right now the dew points are in the 50s, pretty darn good. relative humidity 39% about as dry as it gets except for yesterday, winds south at 8. so while it's toasty, it's comfortable. the dry air, what that means, if you perspire, that evaporates and it cools you. if it's humid, you perspire a lot and it never evaporates and that's why you have a hard time getting cool. perfect night. you can open the windows tonight of the 90s over the weekend but still nice. some mountain showers west of i- 81 both saturday and sunday. 90s stick around next week, some of next week, if not all of next week. here's futurecast, essentially a temperature forecast here, clear skies, 71 in gaithersburg by 10:00, 69 in frederick if
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you're walking scrappy, 73 in leesburg, 70 in manassas. by 8:00 in the morning we're back in the 60s. i don't think we'll see 50s overnight, not out of the question but still a very comfortable start, 63 in frederick, 64 in gaithersburg and bowie and even down to the south 62 in culpeper. that's fantastic and 64 in la plata and then by 1:00 temperatures go back in the mid- to upper 80s in a hurry and yes, we showed you this earlier, some showers and storms will fire along i-81 and points west. by 6 p.m. it's 88 downtown and 85 in gaithersburg, 86 in manassas and tomorrow night about 9:00 temperatures fall but not quite as fast. we're back generally in the mid- to upper 70s headed for a milder night tomorrow night but still a very nice night. so if you've got plans for cookouts or parties tonight or tomorrow night, keep them. clear, not as cool, perfect for
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viewing meteor showers. by morning it warms up quickly, grab the sunglasses, 6 to 88 by lunch -- 60 to 88 by lunchtime. by afternoon a little more hot, humid, still reasonable, isolated storms west of i-81, high temperatures low 90s tomorrow. so 82 in oakland, shower or thunderstorm, 88 in cumberland. you get to hagerstown, near 90, near 90 in martinsburg and winchester. 91 downtown, great weekend to be on the water, 86 in annapolis, but do remember the sunscreen. don't see a small craft advisory needed saturday or sunday. day planner, 83 by 11:00, 88 by 1:00 with sunshine. so sunday we're in the same boat, low 90s, isolated thunderstorm and then monday near 95, isolated thunderstorm even in the metro area, same on
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tuesday 93, 93 wednesday. burgundy and gold host their first preseason game on thursday, 92 and friday isolated storm. nats return back in town. nearly half a million cars on the recall list, plus the 10 safest sets of wheels in tonight's consumer alert right after the break. >> and stepping up patrols on maryland waterways, what police will be looking for next on wusa9 news at 5:00. consideration
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maryland natural resources police say 17 people have died on maryland waterways this year and most were not wearing a life preserver. today the agency announced steps that it will take in hopes of preventing more loss of life. it's going to send reserve officers to maryland's busiest boat ramps and marinas to give free safety inspections and it will boost the number of patrols on the water. >> these patrols will be on the chesapeake, ocean city, deep creek, anywhere that we believe we need to be we'll be. >> this new safety initiative begins this weekend and will run through labor day.
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let's talk about consumer alerts right now. first stocks closed out the week on a high note partly thanks to china's currency and crude oil prices. they both stablized which helped the dow rise 69 points and the nasdaq go up by 14. now we've got two big recalls today and they both involve air bags that might not deploy. you'll want to know about this. volkswagen is recalling 420,000 cars here in america, eight different models involved, jetta, passat and the full list is on your screen. debris can rip up a cable that powers the front air bag. volkswagen is still working on a fix for that problem and then general motors is recalling more than 73,000 chevy cobalts. the automaker says some wiring issues there could prevent one of the driver's side air bags from deploying in a crash and this recall affects models from 2010. so with all the recalls of late you may be wondering which
5:25 pm
cars are safe to hit the road. well, the insurance institute for highway safety just finished up a new round of summer tests and picked 10 of the best cars to protect you in a crash, the ford f150, audi q5 and q3, nissan morano, ford flex, mazda 6, toyota prius 6, chevy sonic and the volkswagen gulf and gpi. samsung is taken on apple and android with its own mobile payment system, but this can be used virtually anywhere right now including any machine where you swipe a card. several of samsung's latest phones have a special coil built inside and it shoots information to the credit card slot that reads the magnetic strip. now for security the system requires a fingerprint or code and the actual card number is never revealed. besides your credit cards it can also store loyalty cards. and chipotle fans, get ready to pay more if you order steak. the restaurant chain is upping
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the prices on its steak burritos, bowls, tacos and salads by 4 to 6% and chipotle says it's all because beef prices are going up. metro's track confession didn't slip by local lawmakers, after the break what they're calling on the agency to do right now. >> reporter: the royal family warned the paparazzi to back off prince george. i'm jonathan vigliotti in london. i'll have that story coming up. >> reporter: people in the united states anxious to go to cuba for so many reasons. i'm surae chinn, the story at 5:30.
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it's been a historic day for cuban and u.s. relations. the stars and stripes are flying over the embassy for the first time in 54 years. secretary of state john kerry was on hand for the momentous day and although that was in cuba, the move has many people flocking to the cuban embassy here in d.c. and our surae chinn is live there tonight. you talked to a lot of people there. what are they saying? >> reporter: well, people who we talked with outside of the cuban embassy say they are excited about the prospect of one day visiting cuba and for those who are returning to their home country, they say it's their last chance to see their loved ones. >> my mom is in hospice. she's very sick. >> reporter: javier martinez drove 16 hours to get his
5:30 pm
passport stamped to see his dying mother. >> today she's living, but maybe tomorrow she dies. >> reporter: sarah sebastian desperately trying to reunite her mother with her dying grandmother in cuba. she spent the night outside the embassy in the u.s. to get the necessary paperwork. >> they said you're approved and go to cuba and i see grandmother. >> reporter: these are not the only people who drove from miami, florida, to washington d.c. to get the necessary paperwork to drive back to miami and fly to cuba. they're hoping that will change. >> we need more open, but they don't want it. why? i don't know. >> reporter: americans who are anxious to travel to cuba have to remember there are still restrictions and know you'll pay a hefty price. >> a friend of mine just went down there on a tour. it cost him $4,000 for the week. >> i think it's really important for countries to be able to always center an open
5:31 pm
channel of communication and for people -- have an open channel of communication and for people to get to travel and get to know each other. >> reporter: many are celebrating the open policy for cuba but remember there is always the chance the president could cut off ties again. >> if marco rubio is president of the united states, we have a lot of problems because he says i close everything. >> i can't wait to get to cuba before all the americans get there and ruin it. >> reporter: i think i've heard that more than once today. i talked with martinez this afternoon and he said he doesn't have the necessary paperwork to get back to cuba just yet, which is something that you might expect. he said there was a hangup in miami. so that's something you might see because of this new open policy, but he hopes to get it tomorrow and head to cuba the next day. outside of the cuban embassy in northwest surae chinn, wusa9. and local capital hill lawmakers are calling on metro to call an emergency meeting on safety. this move comes after the
5:32 pm
agency acknowledged it knew about a problem that caused a derailment last week but did nothing to repair it beforehand. the problem led to delays and shutdowns in stations across three lines. following this revelation metro's interim general manager ordered emergency inspections of tracks across the system. metro reimbursed riders affected by that derailment. now from our prince george's county bureau more momentum for the purple line. county executive rushern baker has agreed to kick in a lot more money for the project and plans call for the purple line to link new compareton to bethesda. baker has -- carrollton to bethesda. baker has agreed to increase the county's commitment from 100 to $120 million. in exchange he wants assurances that construction of the purple line will begin in prince george's county and the command center will also be built there. today prosecutors urged a federal appeals court to require former virginia governor bob mcdonnell to report to prison while he appeals his public corruption conviction to the u.s. supreme court. if the court agrees, mcdonnell
5:33 pm
would probably have to report to federal prison within a few weeks to begin serving that two year sentence. last year a jury found mcdonnell and his wife maureen guilty of doing favors for a wealthy businessman in exchange for more than $165,000 in gifts and loans. the state of a 200-year-old cabin in frederick, maryland, is still up in the air. in a town meeting last night the frederick historic preservation commission said that crumbling structure contributes to the story's historic district. there will be another meeting to determine whether that cabin should be demolished believed to have once housed slaves or free black workers from nearby mansions. kensington palace is accusing paparazzi
5:34 pm
photographers of harassing their son george. [ audio difficulties ] a little problem with that story. the story is it it's not the first time the couple has pleaded with the paparazzi to lay off. last october they threatened to take legal action against one photographer who they said was harassing and stalking prince george. a troll takes on target haters. after the break we'll share some of those snarky comments and show you how the retailer responded today. >> and what does the president rock out to in his free time? we'll reveal some of the artists on his spotify list coming up. >> another great evening, a little warmer but still comfortable. here's the pollen count, guess what? same as yesterday. low for grasses but moderate
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for weeds and mold spores. you can always find that on our website at along with interactive radar and, of course, our full forecast and seven-day. we'll come back, take you through the weekend and tell you just how long the 90s are
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trending today a fake facebook page making light of some very angry target shoppers. they are commenting on the retailers facebook page about those gender neutral children sections and one man took it upon himself to respond to all those complaints. you might call him the worst service rep ever. >> he's using the name ask for help and it looks like it's connected to target, but it is not. one person wrote i am extremely outraged at your stupidity for doing away with gender separation at your stores. good old ask for help responded lisa, you sound like you need a snickers. we sell them by the packs here at target. stop on down and buy some. >> chocolate makes everybody feel better, right? >> another account appears to be a husband and wife sharing a page and say they're totally against target's decision and won't shop there anymore to which ask for help replies and we at target just want to say that we are totally against couples having one facebook account. we will now be adding you to
5:39 pm
the cannot shop here list. >> then somebody else are you seriously not separating boys and girls toys anymore? and for help replied we invite you to come separate the toys yourself because we just personally cannot keep doing it anymore. it's a lot of work. target responded to the troll today with a picture on its facebook page, a troll, which is just a brilliant strategy. >> i like it. if the cats have nine lives, this one has been carefully rationing them. >> the guinness book of world records has crowned corduroy the oldest living cat in the world. he is 26 years old. we have people working here who are younger than corduroy. his owner picked him out when he was a tiny kitten and she was just 7 years old. they live together in oregon and she said the secret to corduroy's longevity is the freedom to rome on her farm and a diet of sharp cheddar cheese and, of course, mice. the bush family must be beaming with joy today with
5:40 pm
this new addition. jenna bush hager gave birth to a baby girl yesterday and the today show shared these photos this morning. she and her husband henry named their daughter poppy louise which is a nod to their grandparents. poppy was george h.w. bush's nickname growing up and louise is in honor of jenna and henry's grandmother's middle name. she joins her big sister mila who is 2. >> i love the family connection, beautiful. coming up in sports high school football right around the corner. so it's time to begin previewing some of the area's best teams to pay a visit to dematha in just a few minutes. >> but up next paper, pencils, a backpack and trash bags? after the break the reason behind the ever growing back to school shopping list.
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hi, everybody. i'm scott broom in waldorf, maryland, where charles county's new sheriff troy berry is making an honest conversation about race and trust and policing part of training for his new officers as of today. it's unusual to get training outside an academy and into an environment like the one i saw
5:44 pm
today which is more like a citizens public hearing, but sheriff berry, the first black county in this county's 350 year history says he is trying to learn lessons from all the incidents have that occurred around the country and try to open up an honest conversation about race and trust, very similar to the conversation we started at wusa9 with our own bruce johnson. when i come back at 6:00, we'll go inside this training session, very special training session, to hear what these face to face conversations with police sound like. >> looking forward to hearing that. going back to a story we tried to bring you just a little while ago on that new warning from kensington palace. jonathan vigliotti explains why they are so mad at the paparazzi of. >> reporter: the royal family hoped pictures like these would satisfy the world's appetite for the photogenic prince george, but they didn't. the duke and dutchess of cambridge are fed up with what they call dangerous surveillance tactics being used
5:45 pm
by the notoriously aggressive paparazzi. in a strongly worded three page letter kensington palace warns a line has been crossed and that further escalation in tactics would represent a very real security risk. the palace says photographers have gone so far as to monitor the movements of prince george and his nanny around london parks, used other children to lure the young prince into view, even hiding in sand downs on a rural beach to take photos of him playing with his grandmother. kensington palace officials say one of the more disturbing cases happened just last week outside a park. a photographer was caught hiding in his car snapping photos of 2-year-old prince george from a hole in his trunk. >> camping out in a car and stalking a kid is pretty brutal. >> security is a very huge issue here. >> reporter: the palace correspondent said it's a highly sensitive subject for prince william. >> all of william's decision and judgment are very much clouded by what happens to princess diana who he still feels whatever anyone else thinks was handed to her death
5:46 pm
by the paparazzi of. >> reporter: the palace threatens legal action if prince george or his baby sister princess charlotte are put at risk. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news, london. back to school season is here and parents are stocking up on supplies for their kids, but many schools want students to bring more than just a backpack and notebooks. some districts are requiring tissues and cleaning supplies. jericka duncan shows us why parents have to help cover the costs. >> reporter: what are you feeling right now as you get ready to go into that back to school mode? >> it is a lot. >> reporter: shopping for school supplies has become an annual tradition for chiroa wright. her son nicholas starts 4th grade in a few weeks. >> they request hand sanitizer, lysol wipes. >> reporter: this year 1st graders at an elementary school in moody, alabama, are required to bring items including kleenex, hand soap, clorox
5:47 pm
wipes, baby wipes, paper towels, zip log bags, trash bags and hand -- ziploc bags, trash bags and hand sanitizer. school supplies in price have gone 42% since 1975. parents pay about $585 per year for a child in elementary school. >> we've seen some very large cuts to education budgets and schools have cut back on everything they possibly can. someone has got to take care of that. >> reporter: and it's not just parents. one study shows elementary and high school teachers spend an annual average of about $500 out of pocket on supplies. >> is it frustrating as a parent when you look at this list? >> yes. i mean, you know, i'm not frustrated over pencils, folders, things that make sense. >> reporter: jericka duncan, cbs news, new york. >> frustrated, too, in a statement the american
5:48 pm
federation of teachers says teachers have taken it upon themselves to do everything in their power to help their kids including digging deep into their pockets to get. >> is. it's time teachers get the tools they need -- get supplies. it's time teachers get the tools they need. spotify list that the president is said to have created himself, tracks from. tim: , stevie wonder -- from justin timberlake, stevie wonder, beyonce and billy holliday. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> i think he's hipper than i am, a little worried about that. >> do you have a play list to do the weather? >> i do. i'll probably have to pay with that. that's a pretty good play list he has, very solid. >> i would say. >> let's talk about temperatures now, a gorgeous evening, not quite as cool as
5:49 pm
yesterday but very comfortable, let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam. it's still 87. it's august, for crying out loud, that's okay, but the humidity is only 39%, fantastic, not quite as crazy low as this time yesterday but still very comfortable. perfect night. open the windows again, not quite as cool tonight either. open them all the way. 90s over the weekend. humidity stays in check. it's still going to be nice. some mountain showers primarily west of i-81, hagerstown, cumberland and the 90s stick around for some, if not all, of next week. futurecast 10:00 tonight 71 gaithersburg, 72 leesburg. temps really fell off the table last night when the sun went down, not quite as rapid descent tonight but comfortable, low 70s by about 10:00 and then by 8 a.m. temperatures in the 60s. i don't think we'll see 50s, but 68 in gaithersburg, 69 in leesburg, still very comfortable and generally
5:50 pm
clear. even annapolis will be down to 71 and la plata will be 67 by 8:00 in the morning, good deal. by 1:00 yes, some showers start to fire along i-81, but we're still fine in the metro area, lot of sunshine, temps in the upper 80s, humidity still in check. by 6:00 we're 88 downtown and maybe in frederick and hagerstown, 87 in cumberland, so toasty everywhere from the mountains to the coast. the only place to worry about showers again i-81 corridor and points to the west. the coast is great. going to the beach, another great weekend at the beach. 80 in gaithersburg, 81 leesburg, 80 in manassas by 8:00 tomorrow night and 83 downtown. for tonight clear skies, not as cool, perfectly comfortable, though, lows between 60 and 70 and great, still nice to see the meteor showers. look at the lows tonight, 60 in frederick, 62 in leesburg, 61 in manassas, 68 downtown all under clear skies, pretty good deal. now tomorrow morning temps
5:51 pm
rebound quickly, mostly sunny and warm, 60 to 88. grab your sunglasses, winds light southwest at 10 and by afternoon mostly sunny, hot, more humid, isolated storms just to the west, high temperatures in the low 90s. so on the day planner these are downtown temps remember, 60s to start and then back 83 by 11:00 and upper 80s with full sun by 1 p.m. sunday same deal, low 90s, isolated storms primarily in the mountains, 94 monday, chance of an isolated storm in the metro. next seven days tuesday isolated storm possible 93, low 90s on wednesday, isolated storms, burgundy and gold in town thursday for their first home preseason game, 9 works isolated storm, hot -- 92, isolated storm, hot, still 93 next friday, isolated storms. nats return in town. now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> 14 days and counting until
5:52 pm
the high school football season kicks off. i can't wait for that. so seems like a good time to begin our tour of area schools with a trip to hyattsville. dematha always a force in the area. frank hanrahan payments a visit to prince george's county and tells us the stags are looking for something even more in 2015. >> when you think about before he football in the dmv, look no further than dematha catholic. two straight wyac conference titles and now they're thinking larger than that. they want to be seen and recognized nationally. >> first thing we hope people see is dematha team plays hard, you know, at all levels, all positions guys give maximum effort. then hopefully they recognize the athleticism and explosiveness that we have out there at all positions. you know, receivers can take it at any given time, running backs and defensive backs can pick it off and go the other way. so with our type of talent and
5:53 pm
if we execute, hopefully we'll be a tough challenge for anyone we play. >> besides the conference we want to become the first national champions and that's never been done here before. so we're trying to do something that's never been done. all these guys are great playmakers like it's not just one guy on our team that does it all. we have plenty of games that do everything for us and that's what makes this team special. >> we know that once we get out of conference play it's only just beginning. playing, you know, against a lot of the top teams in the area in our league we know that we have our hands full. so we're excited for the challenge. we know it's going to be a long season, but it's something that we're looking forward to. >> reporter: dematha season starts in front of a national television audience august 29th hosting miami central. in hyattsville frank hanrahan, wusa9 sports. >> thanks, frank. you ladies know i love the high school football season. >> yes. >> we always go out and try to cover all the games and get the cheerleaders in here on friday
5:54 pm
night. >> it's so much fun. >> they are a real powerhouse, athletes and scholars. >> football, basketball and other sports as well. they do a very good job in all sports, so good stuff. >> and i've got some big news coming up about professional football, of course, at 6:20, skins losing valuable bodies in last night's game, ladies, but there's help on the way. i spoke with it former skins tight -- with former skinless tight end chris cooley. -- skins' tight end chris cooley. is there help on the way? next see what happens when a guy tries to lure girls online for a face to face meeting and he takes their parents along for the ride. >> reporter: another woman is attacked in arlington as she went up this hill on her way home from work. this is hank silverberg and i'll have that story coming up.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
most parents think they've taught their children about social media and strange danger, but for some that message is just not getting through. >> some new jersey parents took part in a child predator social experiment that has now gone viral and dave carlin tells us why the parents were shocked by what they found. >> mckayla, are you crazy? what's wrong with you? >> what are you thinking? >> reporter: these parents are screaming at their underage daughters after their girls put themselves in extreme stranger danger. the parents consented allowing
5:58 pm
this man coby person to conduct and videotape the chilling experiment. >> i made a fake profile on facebook posing as a 15-year- old boy. >> reporter: would the three girls he contacted meet with him all alone? each time the answer was yes and each time the parents were right there at first hiding. in this case behind masks in the back of a kidnapper van. [ screaming ] >> stop it. your mother and father. >> reporter: it's tough and it's scary and it's getting people's attention. >> 21 million views in two days of. >> reporter: person, a professional prankster from clifton, new jersey, said he found the parents with a craigslist ad. >> we approached them in a very professional manner. >> reporter: the parents including this man who is going to surprise his 12-year-old daughter for letting a stranger in the house said not my kid, so imagine the shock. >> you're 12 years old. he's 20 years old. you could have been raped and murdered. what would you do if it happened to you? >> reporter: some say these parents too far.
5:59 pm
>> a little drastic. >> reporter: but coby person said the parents did everyone a favor. >> i think they are heroes. >> reporter: parents who love their kids enough to scare them. >> don't you ever do this again! >> reporter: and save them. >> that was dave carlin reporting and wow, that was just chilling to watch. child psychologists are encouraging parents and kid to watch that video together and then -- kids to watch that video together and then for the parents to lay down this rule. obviously the child should never go somewhere alone with a stranger no matter how much attention they're giving them. we begin tonight with an example of howous our bruce johnson's honest conversation with race here at wusa9 is spreading elsewhere. thank you for joining us. i'm debra alfarone. >> and i'm lesli foster. this evening it's in charles county, maryland, where the last census showed that for the first time whites are now in the minority, but the sheriff's department force has not changed nearly as fast. today marked the launch of a
6:00 pm
remarkable new way to train officers to avoid the ferguson scenario by taking them out of the academy into the community. scott broom is in waldorf to tell us more about this new strategy there. >> reporter: well, that is unique to get officers out of the academy and in front of members of the public. let's not make a mistake. tensions here have not reached the ferguson level here, but the sheriff who by the way is the first black sheriff in this county's 350 year history says the seeds for conflict exist here just like they do in almost every other place in america and he wants to nip those seeds in the bud. >> split seconds decision. >> reporter: which is how the charles county sheriff's department command staff ended up in a catering hall today listening to members of the naacp talk about incidents like this one in ohio where tamir rice, a black 13-year-old with a toy gun, was killed by


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