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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  August 14, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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scism breaking news tops the newscast tonight -- breaking news tops newscast tonight, a naked man on the loose smashing up cars. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm debra alfarone. let's get right to the scene where officers have had a very busy friday night. our ileana diaz is there. are they close to catching this guy? >> reporter: debra, at this point we don't know that, but we do know that they are searching the perimeter for this man and what we know at this point tonight is that this man was apparently smashing
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some car windows just about 1/2 a mile from where we are now. this is the neighborhood where he lives in. a neighbor did tell us that he is known in the area for getting a little belligerent. he tends to heavily drink and use drugs. again, this what is neighbors are saying, not police, and they say that he tends to also get naked when this happens. now police tonight are continuing to look for him. they've been searching this area for the last hour and a half and so far no word on whether or not they tracked him down. that's the very latest here. we're live in gaithersburg. i'm ileana diaz, wusa9. >> thank you. also breaking out of virginia tonight charges against a loudoun county county sheriff's deputy. 31-year-old john gregory has been charged with assault after an arrest in june. it's not clear what happened during that arrest. gregory has been served with a misdemeanor summons for simple assault. gregory was placed on administrative leave in july. he's been with the sheriff's office for 10 years. right now at 11:00 a lot of
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people out enjoying the friday night air in arlington are a little more on edge after yet another attempt the sex crime in their -- attempted sex crime in their neighborhood. last night a man attacked a woman along frederick street grabbing her trying to drag her into the woods. mola lenghi is live in arlington tonight with the latest on how police are working to keep people safe. mola. >> reporter: lesli, for the most part these incidents have happened on friday and saturday nights like tonight where people are out and about, busy nights. while there are some similarity between these five incidents there are also some glaring differences. five attempted rapes in arlington county in just three weeks. >> it's pretty scary. >> reporter: the most recent just last night. a woman who had been running started walking to her apartment near columbia pike and frederick street when police say a man walking close to her suddenly pulled her into a wooded area despite her fight. >> he directed her to take her clothing off. she continued to scream and for some reason was able to get enough physical interaction
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back with him, pushed him off and he then ran away. >> reporter: in the four previous rape attempts all four women fought the man off. it's still unclear if it's the same man. police have two sketches from the five incidents and a few more vague descriptions. >> we want to try to look at each one individually. i'm not ruling out that they are not a serially or that there were potentially -- serial or that there were potentially multiple serials going on, but i can't rule out these were five random attacks. >> reporter: the incidents are spread throughout the county the first july 25th at 1:20 a.m. on 15th street, the second at 9 p.m. friday july 31st on the trail at glenn carlin park, on saturday august 1st a woman assaulted at 11:30 p.m. on pershing drive near glebe road, then another last saturday at 9 a.m. around lion village park and the fifth incident last night at columbia park and frederick. >> i'm here from australia and i looked up this area and it
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said that it was like one of the safest in america. so i felt pretty comfortable until right now. >> reporter: melanie bersiaga is concerned for her sister who lives in arlington and often jogs outside alone. >> i want to tell my sister go to the gym. >> reporter: police say don't change the way you live. just be cautious. whether these are related or not, whether it's one person or five different people committing these crimes, the bottom line is they appear to be happening. so you certainly need to be alert if you're out and about. live in arlington county i'm mola lenghi for wusa9. >> thank you. police say you've got to be aware of your surroundings and you should really travel in groups when you can and if you have any information that could help with their investigation, give them a call. the film straight out of compton is stirring up security concerns. ellison barber talked to potential moviegoers and some of them say they see a
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potential double standard. >> reporter: many highly anticipated movies are released in the summer and this film is certainly one of them, but there one thing that makes straight out of compton different than other summer blockbusters, security or at least the possibility of it. when straight out of compton premiered thursday night, it made $5 million. experts say by the end of this weekend it will probably make 10 time that. the film and trail blazing rap group it's based on have quite a following. >> i can't wait to see it. i think it's going to be a really good movie. >> reporter: but the movie is not released without some controversy. universal reportedly offered to reimburse theaters if they felt they needed extra security during opening weekend. that has drawn mixed reactions. some fans think it's a double standard. >> the last time i checked the last couple people who shot out movie theaters weren't black. >> well, it's definitely a double standard. obviously where the shootings have happened in movie theaters
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haven't happened with black person movies of. >> reporter: offering to paying for extra security stereotypes fans some say. >> it's my mom's birthday, so i'm here with them. it makes you kind of feel uncomfortable. you're here for a family moment. >> reporter: others say if a movie theater chooses to add security, they don't really mind it. >> i actually think it's a good precaution, you know. as a moviegoer it makes me feel a little more safe. >> a lot of people might reenact what they say. it might be good. it might not. it's more good than a bad thing. >> reporter: the movie theater manager said they typically do have security here on the weekend, but a decision about increasing it would come from headquarters. we reached out to regal cinemas and haven't heard back from them so far. in chinatown i'm ellison barber, wusa9. >> cbs news reports there have been no reported incidents at thursday's advanced screening. tonight we're hearing from
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the distraught father of dalis cox. dalis is the 3-year-old girl accidentally shot to death last month by her 7-year-old brother. he was handling a gun at their home in southeast. their father timothy cox is not only in mourning, he's also upset with the latest development in the case. prosecutors say that gun came from a 17-year-old and on monday that teen was charged with child cruelty and illegal possession of a handgun and ammunition. while some parents might welcome the teen's arrest, but not timothy cox. >> i'm feeling the loss and i miss my daughter and i just, you know, think what's going on as far as arrests and things, it's not helping anything. i don't agree with this. >> timothy cox told us he knows the 17-year-old who has been arrested, but he did not want to go into detail. he said a trial only will slow down the process of healing over the loss of his daughter. a couple in wheaton are
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being held on a bond of nearly $1 million tonight both charged with murdering their son. police say blanca reyes and jonathan navarrete turcious hit the boy repeatedly and failed to get him any medical care. prosecutors say little 2-year- old matthew reyes was covered in cuts and bruises when his parents did finally did bring him to the hospital in february. he died less than an hour after they arrived. there's been a cyber attack on a university of virginia, no personally identifiable information such as social security numbers was accessed and there's no evidence sensitive research material was compromised, but the school does say that attack originated in china. they're now working on a security upgrade. owners of white flint mall in rockville have been ordered to pay $31 million in damages to lord and taylor. a jury found they breached their contract with the department store, this after the owners tried to close the shopping center, tear it down to build a new town center.
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that mall is owned by lerner enterprises and an attorney for the company says demolition of the mall is still expected to be finished by next february, but he's not sure what will happen after that. an assistant coach for the university of maryland women's basketball team has resigned amid some serious allegations. he's bryce mckey and he's accused of sexually abusing a player that he had coached back at xavier university in ohio. they say that he wasn't actually at the school at the time of the alleged offense. prosecutors say mckey entered a not guilty plea today. a man accused of sextortion will serve 18 months in jail. 28-year-old mauricio cerrito- rios accepted a plea deal to a charge of illegal access to computers. investigators say he hacked into e-mails and computers and facebook messages about 100 women. he stole compromising pictures of them and then extorted them for more graphic images. police found dozens of images of women on his computer and in
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court today he apologized to those victims. some disturbing new details about a young woman held hostage by isis, what u.s. officials say tonight about what happened when she was married to a terrorist leader. >> another great evening, perhaps not quite as cool as yesterday evening, but your wakeup weather looks great as well, temperatures in the 60s at 7:00 and then up to 80 by 9:00 and back in the 80s but just pleasantly warm by 11:00. we'll tell you if we can keep the humidity in check. we'll also talk about the 90s and how long they're going to stick around, have your 3- degree guarantee. >> and 50 years later we've learned there's no truth to a woman's claim that her baby was stolen at birth, why it took
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right now a u.s. flag fly over the american embassy in cuba -- flies over the american embassy in cuba. it was a day of celebration as john kerry became the first secretary of state to visit in many years. we have a look at what's changed in havana and what has not.
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>> reporter: history was made before dawn when the united states seal was hung at the embassy for the first time in 54 years. once daylight broke three cold war era marines who shuddered the embassy in 1961 helped the next generation unfurl the flag. james tracy then a master gunnery sergeant was one of those marines who helped take down the flag and promised one day to return. >> we're back. we're here to stay this time i think. >> reporter: but despite the optimism of the day there is still a lot of work needed to repair the decades long rift. cuba wants the u.s. to repeal its trade embargo which is choking its already weak economy and president obama has called on the castro government to stop the crackdown on political disdentals who want real democracy. i asked secretary -- dissidents who want real democracy. i asked secretary kerry about that. >> we are now able to help shed light on what is happening and
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engage diplomacy. >> reporter: and secretary kerry is meeting behind closed doors with some of those activists and that at least is a thorn in the side of the cuban government on what is otherwise a day of celebration. marching brett brennan, cbs -- margaret brennan, cbs news, havana. >> secretary kerry while he's there will not be meeting with president raul castro or his brother fidel castro. tonight we've learned a young american hostage who died earlier this year was repeatedly raped by the top leader of isis. this news comes on the same day that kayla mural would have turned 27 years old. u.s. intelligence officials say mueller was the victim of repeated sexual assault. mueller's father says he was told his daughter was forced to marry. isis claims mueller was killed in a jordanian airstrike. there are even more concerns about washington post reporter jason rezaian. today human rights experts
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called on authorities to release him immediately. rezaian went on to trial behind closed doors in tehran's revolutionary court may 26th. the final hearing was held this past monday and his attorney expected a verdict soon, but there been nothing yet. the washington post's petition to the u.n. says that iran has violated its own law as well as international law. we now know the name of the man killed after a roller coaster struck him in an ohio amuse. park. police say 45 -- amusement park. police say 45-year-old special education teacher james young, iii of canton, ohio, entered a restricted area to retrieve a cell phone he lost riding the raptor roller coaster and this decision ultimately cost him his life. a st. louis prosecutor says an investigation concluded there is no truth to allegations babies were stolen from a hospital there in the 1960s. prosecutors began an investigation earlier this year
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after zella jackson price reunited with her daughter dion jackson who was born to her in 1965. price said she gave birth at homer g. phillips, a predominantly black moment, but was told by the nurse -- black hospital, but was told by the nurse that the baby died. it was suggested the baby might have been stolen and sold on a private adoption market. according to records, it shows price gave birth at a different hospital, that the baby was actually abandoned after being born prematurely and was placed up for adoption, so no baby theft. >> we can now say with complete confidence that there is absolutely no truth to that allegation. therefore, our investigation is closed. >> the allegations led to hundreds of women seeking medical records to confirm if their babies really died. when fairfax county police responded to a call this week in chantilly, they found more than a dozen reptiles including
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a rattlesnake and viper both illegal to own in virginia. a machine had become ill in his home and -- a man had become ill in the home and after he was taken to the hospital, another family member worked with the zoo to remove them. they're all in good shape. two dead squirrels in a campground in yosemite were found to have been killed by the plague is what leading park officials say and that's why they closed that campground for treatment. last week we learned about a child who stayed at a different yosemite campground in july and how that child contracted plague. the campground reopened today after being closed four days to allow for rodent burrows to be treated for fleas. tonight dozens of firefighters have been putting out hotspots in a chemical plant in con row, texas. the -- conroe, texas. it took crews two hours to bring the flames under control. there were no initial reports of injuries and people living
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within a 2-mile radius were ordered to stay undoors and keep their door -- indoors and keep their doors and windows shut. >> always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> i would like to see you do the 3-degree guarantee while you periscope at the same time. >> i naughty could land it off -- thought -- i could hand it off to you and you could make fun of me. didn't quite nail it, 89 and it was 88. >> you were off by one. >> that's pretty close. over to miss foster here. >> thank you. >> we're going 91 tomorrow, a little more humid but still it's going to be in check. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and
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son weather cam. it's 75 although already in the 60s in most of the burbs, dew points comfortable low 60s, winds south at 8. headlines look like this, hot but not crazy humid this weekend, still a very nice august weekend, our third in a row. the 90s will set up camp a while with mountain showers both saturday and sunday and by that we mean primarily west of i-81. invest nice saturday, cool and comfortable -- very nice saturday cool and comfortable and a little heatwave coming in. so early in the morning, 8:00 in the morning saturday, early for me, 60s in the suburbs, 66 in manassas, 68 in gaithersburg, frederick, 69 in bowie and 67 in la plata. by 1:00 you see showers beginning to develop either side of i-81. if you go camping, you'll have showers saturday and sunday. by 1:00 we're up to 87 degrees, 88 already in leesburg.
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by 6 p.m. we'll be knocking on the door of 90 degrees, again dry air masses heat up quickly, cool off quickly and by 6 p.m. still showers maybe just west of winchester, but you folks in deep creek and also down toward petersburg and romney and the canaan valley, you'll have showers saturday and sunday. by 11:00 we are back in the 70s, low to mid-70s in the suburbs, upper 70s downtown and if pure out super late tomorrow, temperatures will get back down into the upper 60s in the suburbs and low 70s south and east of town. so on the day planner some 60s to start, but then we're back up quickly to 75 by 9:00, 83 by 11:00 and 87 by 1 p.m. so sunday we're okay, isolated storm, 93. make your plans this weekend. don't plan around these isolated storms and monday isolated storms, almost near 95 on monday. next seven days, we'll hold in the 90s now it looks like right on through next week, isolated
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storms. we have the burgundy and gold thursday with their first home preseason game and nats return to town next friday. did a nice job, miss foster. >> yeah. >> should we periscope the blanket that i have on my legs because it's freezing in here? >> it's not that cold. >> the ladies think it's cold. the men do not agree. >> no. >> it's comfortable. >> it's freezing. how you guys doing? >> we've got a hot sportscast. >> your second favorite thing. occupy got the 3-degree guarantee. the second favorite thing -- you've got the 3-degree guarantee. the second favorite thing we've got, fun friday. we'll yuck it up here. sports meets pop culture, but first skins news, robert griffin, iii meets the browns and does okay. th
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now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> i tweeted this yesterday before the skins game. robert griffin needs to play well and look good doing it in order to instill confidence in
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his teammates. #gospelaccordingtodave. not easy to tweet that in 140 characters, but did he accomplish it is the question? well, the answer all over sports talk radio and everywhere today, jury still out. griffin didn't make your jaw drop last night. he didn't ah you, awe you, but he was solid, had he this moment like this rollout and shot to ryan grant. he only threw it eight time. fans wanted more, but jay gruden happy with rob and company. >> i'm happy with all three quarterbacks. i love the way they're progressing and making good decisions and when you look at the stats, you see one sack and no interceptions. that's a great recipe for us. >> all right. to the college game. now who is maryland's starting quarterback? i sound like an owl. who is the quarterback? caleb roe was thought to be the frontrunner, but randy edsall
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says he wants to make a decision soon. on to some other news, basketball maryland news, former terp dez wells signed a training camp deal with the oklahoma city thunder according to csn's jay michael, not a guarantee for anything beyond training camp, but it's a decent opportunity for the 6' 3 shooting guard. finally tonight as the movie premiered straight out of compton, those guys behind me with the jerry curls, nicely done. the story of wnba who many believe revolutionized the rap game, ladies and gentlemen, which got us in the sports department to thinking who are those sports figures and i still have the tape of that. >> you have the tape? >> eight track. who are those sports figures who revolutionized their sport? take a look. >> baseball. >> football. >> basketball. >> tennis. >> boy, if you're over 40, you know that commercial, don't you? bo jackson, combo of size and
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speed breathtaking. he won the heisman trophy, then became a baseball all-star, remember that? then he went back and starred in football with the raiders. tell you what. if he was in nwa, he'd be dr. dre. he was quiet but deadly. there you go. next. this guy was great, wasn't he? allen iverson was revolutionary, most dominant man in nba history. first he started at georgetown and went on to score over 24,000 points, more than charles barkley, 155 pounds dripping wet. if he was in the group, easy e. brash, loud, but he could back up. >> jerry curls really? >> oh, yeah. >> okay. >> finally starship 7 mike vick brought a brand of quarterbacking we had never seen before, first and only qb to rush for 1,000 yards in a season, 6,000 for his career. i'd say he'd be ice cube because he became a star, went away a bit, then reinvented
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himself later as more of a passing quarterback. michael vick still one of the most dangerous guys this league has ever seen. i got to get my tape and i'll be rocking. >> where you going to play that tape? >> i got a boom box at home.
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thanks for spending your friday night with us. that is wusa9 news for tonight. >> have a great we
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