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tv   Wusa 9 News Saturday at 7am  CBS  August 15, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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good saturday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm mike hydeck. breaking news out of prince georges county. a police involved shooting as a suspect in critical condition. evacuations are underway in china as explosions and fires that started thursday are still going. the main concern -- chemicals in the air. and what's next for diplomatic relations between the united states and cuba now that the embassy in havana is open? another pleasant day on the row and it's getting warmer and more humid. a heat wave in the first alert 7-day forecast.
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good morning and thank you for joining us this saturday morning. i'm mike hydeck and erica grow is here. and it's still summer. >> we had a break from the humidity. >> it was wonderful. >> it was still warm but pleasant to be outside. it's going to start to be a little bit warmer and you'll definitely notice the humidity by tomorrow. but it's going to be dry through the rest of the weekend. here's a look at the day planner. a good amount of sunshine to start the day. we'll see a few more clouds in the afternoon and temperatures getting to around 90 degrees. 90 at 4:00 and the high temperature will be 91. currently, it's 61 degrees in leesburg and gait under arrest burg and frederick. 59 in manassas and 56 in
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culpeper. i'll track developing thunderstorms with the first alert 7-day forecast coming up in 10 minutes. breaking news. police are investigating an officer involved shooting and one person is in critical condition after police say that started after a struggle with the officer's gun. surae chinn has the story. >> reporter: tense moments from overnight as you just mentioned. yellow tape behind me stretched all across the street of walker mill road. and what we understand is that an officer close by heard a car crash. when he came to investigate he saw a suspect run from the car. we have video from overnight. and the officer followed the guy about a block away to this location at walker mill road and marlboro pike. police say there was a struggle and will the man was shot. the suspect continued to fight with the officer and two more
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officers arrived. one deployed his taser and the third was able to restrain the suspect. police are investigating if there was any type of being under the influence of a substance. the man is in critical condition and no officers were hurt in the exchange. i'm surae chinn, wusa 9. >> breaking news out of the northwest d.c. where police are investigating a homicide. this happened in the 15 money block of first treat. police found a man with gunshot wounds to the torso and he died a short time later. at this point, there's no information on a suspect. concerns about dangerous chemicals lead to evacuations in china's city of teen general
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-- tianjin. >> the first explosions were triggered by fires in containers. nations around the world commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of world war ii. the japanese prime minister issued a statement acknowledging the damage and suffering on innocent people. he'll take part in a ceremony today. much of the world celebrates vj day today but the united states commemorates it on september 2nd. secretary of state john kerry has left cuba. his plane took off hours after raising the flag at the u.s. embassy. he had a chance to take a walking tour in havana. he toured a restored church in old havana. new information on a young american hostage who died this
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year, kayla mueller. she was tortured and sexually assaulted while in the captivity of isis. >> reporter: kayla mueller's parents learned of the details in june from the fbi. u.s. officials said the self- proclaimed isis leader repeatedly raped mueller. an american humanitarian worker. he visited the compound and assaulted her during the visits. isis claims a coalition strike on this compound killed mueller in february. the u.s. government said it was unlikely she was held there at the time. >> they based the information
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on interviews with two who escaped captivity. and interrogations of the wife of a top isis figure. major garrett, ebola, the white house. five attempted rapes in arlington county in three weeks have a lot of people on edge. a man attacked a woman on frederick street, grabbing her and trying to drag her into the woods. it's unclear if the previous attacks were connected to this one. >> i'm not ruling out that there were potentially multiple serials, and i can't rule out that they were random. >> be aware of your surroundings and travel in groups if you can. if you have information on these cases, call arlington police. he was naked and smashing
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car windows in gaithersburg. police have not released his identity but people in the neighborhood apparently know who the man is. he's known for being belligerent rant. just as the fall semester is about to start, the university of virginia says they're the target of a cyber attack. no personal information was taken and no evidence that sensitive research was compromised. they are working on a security upgrade to fix the problem. first year residence halls open next week. the fight between lord and taylor and the white flint mall is over. the owners of the mall have to pay damages to the store. they breached the contract by tearing it down to build a new development. the attorney says the demolition is still expected to be finished by february. still ahead, the largest county fair in virginia.
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the prince william county fair is the underway. monster trucks, food vendors, and a lot more. it opens at noon and goes up the way to 10 p.m. greece gets a financial lifeline. what is next for the nation? and a sinkhole swallows three cars and forces hundreds to evacuate. we have the story coming up. you just told us about the prince william county fair, and the montgomery county fair is still going on. highs in the mid- to upper 80s in gaithersburg. 86 by 3:00. and if you're there at night, temperatures falling to 80 degrees. stay with us. and i'll talk about the heat wave on the approach when we get back. every cup has a story. dunkin' k-cup packs in my life were a good fit. a single serving for myself, it's pretty special. it is like having a dunkin' store in my home which is what i've always dreamed of. bring home delicious dunkin' k-cup packs today.
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always watching, always tracking, wusa 9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. welcome back. 7:10. do you know that all throughout the newscast erica and i are both on facebook and twitter. you can talk to us live. >> chat with us. >> and we're posting information about how awesome the weather is going to be. >> we have started things getting a little bit warmer since thursday. >> you can feel a difference. >> today is going to be nice. temperatures heading into the 90s for much of the metro area. let's take a look at the weather cam. actually, we'll start with the 3-degree guarantee. whoa. forecasted high for today is 91 degrees. so we'll have to see if this pans out as predicted. i think it will. temperatures have been consistent over the past
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several days. we've doing well on the 3- degree guarantee in the month of august. 85 at noon and we'll keep the humidity fairly low and highs in the low 90s. it's 68 with a dew point of 63. the dew point is noticeable but not uncomfortable just yet. right now 58 in germantown and damascus. and 60 in waldorf. and 62 at andrews. you can see the approaching pocket of energy. there's not a lot of rain with the system. but when we get into the stronger daylight hours, that will fire up showers and storms to the west. you can see them on nine future cast. we stay dry east of the blue ridge and you have to go into the lower shenandoah valley to get the showers and thunderstorms to fire up today. tomorrow we have a chance for storms later in the day. and we're dry in the immediate  metro. don't be surprised if you get a
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quick passing shower or a storm tomorrow. 93 on sunday. and as i mentioned we're keeping it dry in the beltway. monday we have a better chance for an isolated storm and a high of 94 degrees. the heat wave continues in the first alert 7-day forecast. on tuesday we get up to 94 degrees with that isolated storm. wednesday only 92 but we still have the humidity in place. so it's going to feel like it's in the mid- to upper 90s during the upcoming workweek. thursday a cold front is on the approach. and that's going to bring a better chance for showers and thunderstorms. the redskins have a preseason game. we clear out for the nats to come back. a high of 90 degrees and partly sunny skies. happening today the red bull global rally course at rfk stadium. cars with 600-horsepower tear through the track.
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after the break. we'll look at wildfires that continue to scorch the west coast. are you on a diet? a new study has a look at hey terry stop! they have a special!
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so, what did you guys think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point. we're going to take the deal. get a $1000 volkswagen reward card on select 2015 jetta models. or lease a 2015 jetta s for $139 a month after a $1000 volkswagen bonus. good morning. coming up on 7:17. here's what some of the news is
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happening now. greece is on its way to financial stability with billions of dollars in new loans. the first $29 billion bailout package saving greece from default and they can stay in the european union. to get the money, the parliament had to pass a slew of reforms and spending cuts. a sinkhole swallows three cars in madison, wisconsin. people at an apartment complex were evacuated. a water pipe breaking is to blame. they initially thought it was a gas leak but that was wrong. a fire in oregon caused 400 people to evacuate. the extreme heat and high winds are making the fires difficult to fight in washington state.
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600 storms were evacuated in oroville. temperatures are milder than how we started the day yesterday but comfortable. 59degrees in manassas. 61 in leesburg, fred relinquish, and gaithersburg. and 60 in waldorf. and 68 in downtown washington. a slight chance for a storm in the mountains. west of the blue ridge you won't see anything today. but tomorrow might be a different story. it's going to be kind of hot today, especially in the mountains. 90 in winchester, and 91 in martinsburg and leesburg. we'll get up to 91 in downtown washington. and 89 at andrews. and cooler along chesapeake and
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annapolis. we'll stay dry in the immediate metro and a chance for the thunderstorms comes back in the 7-day forecast. it's a skin problem that can impact millions. in health alert, how we can become aware of a very common problem. >> good morning. it's one of the most common autoimmune diseases in the country. .5 people live with sore -- 7.5 million people live with psoriasis. it attacks the skin, leaving red, bumpy patches. the body tells skin cells to grow at an accelerated rate. they leave patients itching and uncomfortable. they are active on facebook with a month long wellness challenge. check it out and test your knowledge today. i'm andrea roane, have a great
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weekend. a new study suggests cutting fats can help you lose more weight than restricting carbohydrates. the first group in the study ate 30% fewer carbs, and then 30% fewer fats. they lost more body weight during the week that fats were restricted. if you're trying to lose weight, the american heart association says smartphone apps can make your make healthier choices. and the effectiveness for reducing risk factors is pretty much limited. one in five americans use technology to track health data, count steps or try to lose weight. can music ease the pain and anxiety of surgery? a review of 73 smaller studies
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says yes. listening to music helping patients after their operations. they significantly reduced the pain and anxiety as well as their need for pain relievers. the music was even effective under general anesthesia. what's next for the u.s. and cuba following the reopening of the embassy in havana. coming up we'll take a look at the differences. it took three officers to subdue a suspect even after he was shot. i'm surae chinn with the latest in 10 minutes. the question now is what is next for the u.s. and cuba following the reopening of the u.s. embassy in havana? coming up a look at the differences that remain during the two countries. also ahead, a look at what happens to commercial airliners when they retire from service?
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pet picks nine. you can send in your pets and let's take a look at who we have. >> pug lee. >> and here we have a picture from shane of moses. moses looks like he might be scowling a little bit. >> if i sit i sit. the kitty inside the tire. pet pix nine is where to send them.
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welcome back. time to see what's been trending online. >> so you may be a fan of taco bell but probably don't love it as much as this missouri high schooler. when she took her senior portrait. she went to taco bell.
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there's a photo. taco bell said senior picture gold. hundreds of you commented on a barber in iowa who gave out free back to school haircuts. the only condition -- kids had to read a book while getting a trim. and meet corduroy born in 1989. he's the oldest cat at 26 years old. make sure to like the page and get them in your news feed throughout the week. >> that cat is older than joe knee. >> like a senior citizen taking a nap. blue, swims in the ocean, and has short term memory loss. ellen degeneres, the voice of dorrie. you can see thank octopus
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voiced by ed o'neil. and another modern family star is going to be voicing a beluga whale. it will come out june 17th of next year so we got to wait alight. and a few debuts. straight out of comton is expected to be a big success. dr. dre and ice cube produced it and there's a biopic that shows how they started the rap group and catapulted to fame. and out in theaters this weekend. man from uncle based on the '60s spy series. a cia teams up with a kgb counterpart to stop a worldwide catastrophe. coming up in the next half
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hour, what twitter is doing to stay competitive with other social networks. plus ways to keep your child's personal information safe. good morning, everybody. what a sports start we've got for you. pga championship right here on we're breaking down the burgundy and gold after the first preseason game at cleveland. and we're talking georgetown, howard university, right here in the studio. we've got it all
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welcome to wusa 9 this saturday morning. i'm mike hydeck. they say gun went off during a struggle. coming up the latest in a suspect shooting in prince georges highway. trump in new hampshire and clinton in iowa. the campaign heats up. and the montgomery county fair is in full swing today. we have the details you need to know if you want to go. i'm erica grow. mid-august west is surging back as we head through the weekend. temperatures in the 90s and an increase in humidity in the
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first alert 7-day forecast. good morning and thank you for joining us. i'm mike hydeck and it's going to be a great day. hard to believe we'll get a stretch of 90s as far as you can see. >> i don't have a single day below 90 in the 7-day forecast. we're in for the heat and humidity once again. probably not as long a heat wave as the last one. that one was almost two weeks. let's take a look with the weather cam and you can see we're starting out nice. and we have comfortable temperatures which you'll see after we get through the day planner. 78degrees at 10 a.m, filtered sunshine, and an increase in cloud cover during the afternoon. just the cumulus clouds and nothing to bring us rain east of the blue ridge. 90 at 4:00. and the high 91. and 86 degrees at seven and we clear out at 8:00 tonight. there'll be a few of the
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perseid meteors from time to time. 59 in manassas. 61 in waldorf. and 63 in frederick. we'll talk more about the approaching rain coming up in the first alert 7-day forecast. mike back over to you. they say it started with a struggle over an officer's gun. police are starting to release the details of an officer involved shooting. the suspect is in the hospital. surae chinn joins us live with what we know so far. >> reporter: the bizarre chain of events started as a car crash. we have video from overnight. it started at 11:20 last night when an officer heard a car crash a block away from where we are standing. he comes to the scene and sees a man running from the car. he follows the man to this location at walker mill road and marlboro pike in capital heights. he catches up and there's a struggle. a gun goes off and that man is
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hit. and two other officers are now at the scene, trying to subdue this man. one of the officers had to taser him and then the third officer actually handcuffed the guy. so he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. police are investigating if this man was under the influence of any type of. no officers were injured. but right now we have a special investigation response team investigating out of prince georges county police. that's the very latest in the officer involved shoot that happened last night around 11:00. and now back to you. live in prince georges county. and we're following breaking news out of northwest d.c. a little after 1:00 in the 1500 block of first street, police found a man with gunshot wounds to the torso. no information on a suspect. a sad day in northern
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virginia where family and friends will remember the lives of two recent high school graduates killed in a crash in texas. later today, funeral services take place for the dale -- and holly novak. they were hit by a car going the wrong way and their friend kyle mathers was also killed. his funeral was thursday. 28-year-old -- has accepted a plea deal to a charge of illegal access to computers. investigators say he hacked into the e-mails, computers, and facebook messages of about 100 women. he stole compromising pictures of them and extorted them for more graphic images. police found dozens of images on his computer. he apologized to his victims in court. an associate coach has
7:35 am
resigned amid serious allegations. bryce mckee is accused of sexually abusing a player. mckee entered a not guilty plea. in charlotte, north carolina, a police officer took the stand for the second day yesterday, testifying in his own defense. the officer is charged with voluntary manslaughter in the shooting death of an unarmed black man. don champion has the latest. >> to tell the truth about what happened. >> randall care rick said he was fighting for his life back in 2011 >> farrell crashed his car and was banging on a homeowners' door for help. >> there's a guy breaking in my
7:36 am
front door. >> reporter: he charged at the officer despite another officer firing a taser. >> he had a good chance to take my gun. there's nothing else i could have done. >> reporter: prosecutors questioned inconsistencies and ask why he turned off his dash cam before reaching the scene. >> you're supposed to leave it on. >> if you have an encounter. >> his mother spoke to cbs news. >> i so forgive him but i do want justice. >> reporter: he faces as many as 11 years in prison if convicted. don champion, cbs news. >> officer karick has been suspended without pay. 31-year-old john gregory has been charged with assault after an arrest in june. it's not clear at this point what happened during that arrest. gregory has been served with a
7:37 am
misdemeanor summons for assault. he's been with the sheriff's office for 10 years so far. now to the latest on the campaign trail. five presidential hopefuls will hit the soap box at the iowa state fair today, an annual fair tradition. one hopeful will make plans to be at the fair but not take the stand. donald trump stopped, telling voters he would make a smarter president they any of his competitors. he spoke mostly about the economy and the opinion. taking a moment to talk about the iraq war. >> we're going to leave, leave. i'm saying it all the time. take the oil. he went on to say held make great trade deals, save social security without cuts, and come up with a phenomenal healthcare
7:38 am
plan. he is taking a break from the campaign trail to appear for jury duty. >> he has a high opinion of his policies. >> and i think he will probably not get selected for jury duty. just a hunch. and hillary clinton is faces criticism of her handling of benghazi and her private e- mail server. >> she pointed into the republican led investigations. and dismissed the controversy and e-mails as partisan games. >> it's not about benghazi. [ applause ] >> and you know what? it's not about e-mails or servers either. it's about politics. i will do my part to provide transparency to americans. >> the dinner also included
7:39 am
speeches from bernie sanders, martin o'malley and lincoln chai fee. the united states has officially reopened the embassy in havana. >> despite the new policies, real differences remain between the two countries, there's plenty of opposition to the obama administration's -- to cuba. marines hoisted the flag above the embassy in cuba for the first time since 1961. secretary of state john kerry met with cuba's foreign minister and acknowledged there are still many differences between the two countries, but he says the policies of the past weren't working. >> over 54 years we had a policy that was isolating us, not changing the world.
7:40 am
>> cuba's foreign minister vigorously defended his country's human rights government t. the notion that the cuban people will be allowed freedom of speech now that president obama has made concessions, that's complete fiction. >> reporter: the cuban government says america needs to lift the trade embargo. the embargo issue should be resolved. >> it will impede the ability of people in both cuba and the united states to take full advantage. >> reporter: only congress can thrift trade embargo and that appears unlikely to happen any time soon. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. >> it could be a while before the u.s. sends an ambassador to cuba. congress is vowing to block the nomination of whoever president
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dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. good saturday morning to you. i'm larry miller. parking lanes on the northbound and southbound side of h street and adjacent travel lanes will be closed because of roadwork. it actually started friday and will continue to the 21st. so be mindful. >> and metro riders know that the blue -- will be running
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every 20 minutes. regular service on the yellow and green line. and if you see something, tweet at me during the weekend. and i'll see you monday morning starting at 4:25. always watching, always tracking, first alert weather. d.c.'s most accurate. if you're looking for something to do outside, county fairs everywhere. prince william county, montgomery county. frederick i think is the last day. >> and howard county. >> howard county, excuse me. >> that sun is still strong this time of year. make sure that you're protected and we'll see a good amount of sunshine today. highs in the 90s for many of us today. and it will be the first day of a heat wave. let's take a look at the 3- degree guarantee. we don't have oppressive heat or humidity.
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today's high, 91 degrees. i don't think we'll have any trouble reaching the 3-degree guarantee today. a good amount of sunshine today. just a few of the puffy clouds in the early afternoon. we'll reach 85 at noon and 89 at 5:00. the high, 91 degrees. it's 68 with the dew point of 63. that's a nice comfortable feel this time of year. we can deal with a dew point in the low 60s. you'll notice that the humidity once again. 59 in buoy. 62 in laurel. and 62 in ashburn and 65 in springfield. and 72 down in waldorf. the approaching system doesn't have a lot of energy until you get in the daytime heating. that's exactly what we'll see in the forecast. not today though. nine future cast keeping us dry east of the blue ridge. and you have to head to the
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lower shenandoah valley to get in on the thunderstorms. we'll stay dry today. tomorrow a better chance for the storms for everyone on the corridor. monday the activity continues to sneak closer. a bermuda high is setting up and that's going to lead to the temperatures in the 90s and the increase in humidity. 91degrees today. and the dew points as i mentioned in the low 60s and that's going to feel okay. on sunday we get up to 93 and the humidity becomes noticeable. monday an isolated storm in the forecast. and the cold front is slowly but surely approaching and that will bring in more chances for thunderstorms in the first later 7-day forecast. a high of 94 on monday and tuesday. and down to 92 on wednesday with another isolated storm possible. and thursday the cold front moves in and that's going to bring us more widespread rain
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and storms. and it will get drier on friday and still a little on the warm side with a high of 90 degrees. if you're on point you've tackled the back to school shopping list. and there's a different list. lesli foster has more in the saturday alert. school forms, sports team rosters, it's a big task to keep your kids' personal inrmation safe. safeguard your child's social security number. don't give it out nfl it's necessary. limit what kids share online. and shred documents with information when you no longer need them. that's sage advice whether your child is in preschool or college. lesli foster, wusa 9. today is the last day of maryland's tax free shopping week. the deals include anything that
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qualifies for apparel under $100. maryland is one of a dozen states that have tax free holidays. are you a social media user? twitter has upped the character count from 140 to 10,000. analysts say that the online social network made the change to stay competitive. tweets will be limited to 140 characters. and twitter is seeing big success from periscope. our reporters sometimes use this. the live video streaming service has only been up and running and has 10 million registered users. users are watching about 40 years worth of video every single day. that's unbelievable. there's a thirst for that. you know it as the breakfast of champions. and now it wants to be the champion of beers.
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wheaties will team with a craft brewer. it will be brewed with 50% of malted wheat. wheaties craft beer will only be sold in minnesota for now. spirit airlines will take a gamble on service from the big says to sin city. flights from new orleans to las vegas will leave at 7 a.m. every day. returning flights at 7:50 p.m. a boeing 757 is known as the queen of the skies. it can seat hundreds and has multiple engines and almost three stories tall. we go to tulsa, oklahoma, where one boeing 757 is getting a second life. >> that's why we call it the
7:50 am
second life project. >> reporter: lufthansa repairs and recertifies aircraft components. when a plane goes out of service, they fly it here and andy simmons and his crew take it apart. >> this one in service since 1991. millions of passengers, millions of miles. >> this is the 35th aircraft they've parted out -- sounds better than scrapped. >> wow, no seats. they left those back in germany. check it out. there's kind of a bunk house so flight attendants can get shut- eye on long flights. first class and the cockpit. >> 27.5 -- almost three stories. it's like flying a three story building from an up stairs
7:51 am
window. >> the outside engines come off first and then the inside engines. >> they don't save anything. only what there's a market for or what they can use. >> reporter: over the years, he's fallen in love with the aging airliners. and love is giving a second live. >> have you ever been on a 747. i was flabbergasted. >> if it has stairs. i've never experienced that. i've been on big planes but never a 747. it takes 10 weeks to take one apart. >> that's reuse in a big way. coming up, the latest on a police shooting. and a recap of the stories you need to know to start your saturday. and we are doing pet pick
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nine. send in your pooch. >> a cool one here. >> this is from marla. lily says good morning mike and erica. >> good morning, lily. >> and here's a picture from johnny. this kitty is from montgomery county, maryland. she just turned 5 years old last week. and one last one. i love my human and i'm a lap dog. we'll be right back.
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it all starts when an officer hears a car crash. he comes to investigate and sees the suspect running. he catches up to the guy. and there's a struggle over the officer's gun and the gun goes off. and the suspect is shot. he's still fighting with the officer. two other officers come. he's tasered and taken to the hospital in critical condition. detectives are trying to figure out if he was under the influence. surae chinn, wusa 9. after an historic visit, secretary of state john kerry has left cuba. his plane took off hours after raising the american flag at the u.s. embassy. he had a chance to do something that many americans will one day have a chance to do in
7:56 am
havana -- take a walking tour. a 3-kilometer zone is being evacuated following thursday's explosion at a port in tianjin. the definitely toll is 85. and 21 firefighters are included among the dead. play is underway after severe weather forced the pga to suspend the championship in wisconsin friday afternoon. beautiful golf course. and a strong thunderstorm took down the leader board and toppled porta-potties. montgomery county agricultural fair kicks off the first full day. the fair goes until august 22nd. that's in gaithersburg of
7:57 am
course. there's a new statue in times square celebrating the lip locked couple celebrating vj day. as news spread through new york city that world war ii had ended. the public sculpture is by an american artist and will be on display through august 16th. weather time before we leave. we have a little bit of time. >> 90s for a while. and it's dry this weekend. the humidity is not a concern. you'll start to feel it tomorrow. and it will get more intense as we head back to work. so glad you joined us this saturday morning. hope to see you again tomorrow morning. >> and our
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good morning. it's august 15th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning, saturday." news in that massive blast in a chinese warehouse. concerns that toxic winds and new explosion may rise to the rising death toll. and will americans soon have to register their drone? details on a new proposal aimed at securing the skies. it's a must stop nor presidential candidates but why when it can go so wrong? a look at past missteps made at the iowa state fair. and honoring the smooch seen


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