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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  August 17, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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in 2012 that made him famous. scott broom is live in owings mills, maryland with such a sad story of. >> reporter: yeah, it is a sad story, details on the accident in a moment of. first, the man -- moment. first the man as you just said, we got to know him in that viral video that gave people chuckles around the world. his name was lenny robinson, age 51. his friends said lenny was no joke. here is that cop cam video, but this is the real lenny robinson according to his friends. >> lenny was just a nice guy, had a heart of gold, would do anything for anybody. >> he sold his business and it was part of his energy to give back. >> reporter: robinson was a regular at children's hospitals throughout our region staging superhero visit. here he is in 2012. >> look at me. i want you to get better. >> oak. >> i want you to do -- okay. >> i want you to do me a favor
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and get better. that will make me happy. >> reporter: friends said robinson was a self-made man who started cleaning windows in high school and grew it into a multi million dollar business that he recently sold to dedicate himself to sick kids. the car he was driving was a $250,000 exact replica of the batmobile in the 1960s. >> he wanted to see a smile on their face and just to make them happy made him happy that he was able to help somebody. >> reporter: robinson, a divorced father of three adult kids, the accident on i-70 eastbound last night just west of hagerstown. the batmobile you saw, the $250,000 car had broken down. he got it partially off the road in the left lane. he got out of the car to look at what was wrong. it was dark at 10:30. the dark was hit from behind. he was killed wearing his costume. the other driver in the
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incident has not been charged. >> the accident was witnessed by a family who had just met robinson at a gas station where he had given those children souvenirs. some big developments tonight in the murder of a promising young american university graduate. >> he was killed by a stray bullet from a gunfight in one of d.c.'s up and coming neighborhoods. police have surveillance video and they need your help. bruce leshan is live at d.c. police headquarters where the mayor and chief of police just wrapped up a news conference. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, debra and mike, really some incredible police work here. police just had the description of a burgundy chrysler 300. they were able to track that to a series of burglaries and now they're out with this surveillance tape. >> royals the three individuals that you see. >> reporter: police were able to track down theburg -- the burgundy chrysler 300 that led to a series of burglaries
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including this one shown on surveillance tape in argyle terrace in d.c. august 12th. the suspects apparently were unaware that their every move was being caught on camera. there is also surveillance tape from the shaw neighborhood, the shooting scene, again dramatic pictures and the chief of police says this was a running gunbattle. >> we have six persons of interest in two vehicles. even though we've recovered the chrysler 300 we wanted to put that video out there in case somebody may have seen this video being operated any time between august the 11th and saturday's date. >> reporter: friends say they still cannot believe that a stray bullet killed matt shlonsky, an expert in international trade who had graduated from american university and interned with senator rob portman. shlonsky and his friends got dropped off by a taxi near the
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metro station and they were on their way to meet up with more friends at the right proper brewery around corner. >> they were walking down the street and out of nowhere matt said i think i got hit and collapsed and then very graciously some pedestrians started giving him cpr and my other friends ran across the street and got the police and we think it was just like a stray bullet from like a block or block and a half away and he was at the worst possible place at the worst possible time. >> reporter: that was a phone interview way friend of matt shlonsky, a guy that went to school with him at american university. just how little regard did these guys have for human life? they're shooting across the street, across the busy street there, seventh street, and when they were leaving, allegedly some guy tried to wave them down for driving too fast. apparently the driver pulled out the gun and started shooting at the guy trying to
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wave him down, waved the gun at another guy who was blocking his way. live at d.c. police headquarters bruce leshan, wusa9. >> thank you, bruce. prince george's county police have identified a man shot to death at a rec center. he was 22-year-old jr reed franklin of temple hills. police say franklin got into an argument with a group of people late yesterday afternoon in the parking lot of the bradbury recreation center in suitland. someone pulled out a gun and shot franklin. he died at the hospital. police are working to identify suspects and they're offering a $25,000 reward that leads to the shooter. someone is firing shots at buildings in herndon. fairfax county police say a gunman took aim at the businesses on monroe street and corporate drive between august 3rd and august 5th. both businesses were hit several times. fortunately they were closed at the time. no one was hurt. herndon police are investigating two similar shootings in late july as well. if you have any information,
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please call fairfax county crime stoppers. >> well, mike, good news is today will be the hottest day of the week. bad news, mike? our chances of rain are increasing. >> so when does it get here? our first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt. top? >> we're talking wednesday, thursday timetable for the best chance of showers and storms. we've been watching this about the past hour or so and it's kind of very slowly moved across the river into montgomery county. this has heavy rain, a little lightning earlier. essentially it's now pushing to the north and east toward germantown and gaithersburg. we'll zoom in, heaviest rain southwest of darnestown now, but it's headed toward the soccer plex and good rains out river road and past potomac. this is just one storm, but again, this is not the main event. that's later in the week. temperature down to 91, 91 in gaithersburg. factor in humidity, feels like 96 outside, feels like 98 in leesburg, which is why we say
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don't exercise at night right now. we'll come back, talk about the 3-degree guarantee and tell you if showers keep temps down the rest of the week. prince william county police are searching for a man accused of attacking an acquaintance as she held her 7- month-old child. the lookout is on now for 37- year-old marcus meyers of fredericksburg wanted on several charges including assault and battery and injuries to children. police say the trouble broke out early sunday morning in a home along springwoods drive in woodbridge. they say he knocked the woman to the ground and then covered her mouth and nose. no serious injuries were reported. police charged a woodbridge woman with leaving a 1-year-old girl in a home alone. under arrest now 56-year-old felicia ortiz sorto. police got a 911 call last night directing them to of a home on royal court. when they arrived, they found the front door open and the little girl inside by herself. they arrested sorto when she
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returned. 220,000 additional taxpayers may have had their information stolen. the irs said thieves were able to access information through the agency's get transcript suspect, but hackers need toddler have the social security numbers and -- needed to already have the social security numbers and dates of birth to get it. the irs believes it's part of a sophisticated scheme to about fraudulently file tax returns in coming years. can only artists are >-- c artists are at work asking for credit card information for an e-z pass. if you receive an unsolicited e- mail demanding payment for e-z pass, call the toll free customer service center instead. is it a choice? the name or a new stadium? >> coming up washington's football team reveals whether it would consider changing its nickname in exchange for a stadium deal.
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>> but first republican presidential front runn
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the latest national poll from fox news shows republican presidential candidate donald trump far ahead of the gop field with 25%. trump took time away from the campaign trail today to report for jury duty in new york city.
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he was sent home without being picked, not a surprise. over the weekend trump got into more specifics about his immigration plan. trump said he would triple the number of immigration officers, build a wall along the mexican border and even strip citizenship of people born in the u.s. to parents who are here illegally. the state department says as many as 305 of hillary clinton's e-mails could contain classified information that would require further review by federal agencies. that alls to about 5% of the more than 1,500 documents analyzed from her personal e- mail server. the information was filed today as part of a lawsuit against the state department demanding the release of those e-mails. clinton maintains she never sent or received any e-mails that had information marked classified on them. former virginia governor bob mcdonnell is making one final plea to remain free pending a possible appeal to the u.s. supreme court court. last week a federal appeals court refused to reconsider mcdonnell's two year prison
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sentence for corruption. in court papers filed today mcdonnell's lawyers argue prosecutors are off base in suggesting the supreme court is unlikely to hear his case. a deadly bombing in the heart of thailand's capital, at least 18 people were killed and more than 100 injured during the blast. the bomb went off during the heart of evening rush hour near a popular shrine in bangkok. carnage stretched nearly the entire block of upscale hotels and shopping malls filled with tourists, shoppers and workers. rescue teams believe they've spotted the wreckage of a missing indonesian passenger plane with 54 people on board, but bad weather is making it difficult to get to. residents of a village in eastern indonesia tell police they saw a plane flying low before it crashed into a mountain yesterday. the passengers on board included five children and four postal workers carrying nearly a half million dollars in government cash for poor families. >> reporter: this is hank silverberg in frederick,
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a special altar for the papal mass at the national shrine coming up on september 23rd. hank silverberg takes us behind the scenes. >> reporter: the special altar and 11 chairs are being constructed here at carriage hill cabinets in frederick, maryland. >> we wanted to focus on humility because we knew that that's kind of what the pope is and that's what his faith and his mission is. >> reporter: one of those chairs has been specifically built for the pope by carpenter david calhoun. he was leading a team of 12 artisans several weeks. >> if he sits down and the chair doesn't collapse, i'll be really happy. >> reporter: calhoun also made the altar for pope benedict's appearance at nats park in 2008. this altar was designed by catholic university students. they're hoping it expresses simplicity which they say is the way the pope expresses himself. >> the theme was to have it fit inside the basilica to go with
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the arches and the romannesque theme. >> reporter: the altar has been designed to become a permanent fixture at the basilica after the pope's visit. >> they were trying to draw elements from the baffle car, so it has the simple arch pattern with these round columns all throughout the basilica and they've duplicated that on the altar and so it draws the whole building down to the center. >> reporter: in addition to the mass, the pope will visit the white house and address a joint meeting of congress while in d.c. in frederick, maryland, hank silverberg, wusa9. >> the pope will be in d.c. september 22nd through the 24th. stevie wonder got serious and talked about a new national issues during a surprise pop-up concert this morning at the d.c. armory mall. the surprise concert is to promote the final songs in wonder's key of life tour in september. he gave several messages with a love all tone throughout the performance. he also discussed the national gun debate and the black lives
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matter movement during the performance that. concert lasted an hour. he will be back in d.c. for his tour october 3rd. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> very kind of stevie to give that concert outside. i bet it was a little steamy. >> it was. till about noon it was sort of comfortable and after noon it became a little steamy, temperatures well in the 90s just about everywhere. we'll talk about the 3-degree guarantee. in fact, we went 95 today and we feel that is pretty good. >> we'll find out. >> we'll give you the final numbers tonight at 11:00. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam -- excuse me, we'll do august breakdown first. it's been a fairly hot august, but only nine days in the 90s. we've had seven days in the 80s and one day in the 70s. that was not a good 3-degree guarantee day. okay. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, very nice, just toasty.
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it's still 91, dew point's barely below 70. it's sort of on the verge of being uncomfortable, winds out of the south at 14. here's doppler and the shower has moved across the river from loudoun county and on the west side of 270 around darnestown. it's not as strong as it was. we had some repleds in it earlier. no lightning -- reds in it earlier. no lightning. heavy rain moving west of darnestown off of river road and toward the soccer plex and seneca road as well. so nothing crazy heavy. it's only an isolated storm. for the most part we're just talking about muggy conditions tonight and probably too hot to exercise. try to put that off in the morning. get up 30 minutes earlier. not quite as hot tuesday with a few afternoon storms and the best chance of storms will be wednesday and thursday, not as hot the rest of the week in,
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part because of those showers and storms and increased cloud coverage. 83 tonight, 78 in gaithersburg by 10:00. by morning we're only in the 70s, 75 downtown and midmorning looking at temperatures already near 80 degrees headed for around 90. so 80 by 9:00, 84 on the day planner by 11:00, 87 by 1 p.m. yellow weather alerts on wednesday and thursday, the best chance for showers and storms both days. because of the showers and storms temperatures hold in the 80s, kind of got a break there. next seven days, friday maybe a morning shower, then around 90, weekend okay, some showers possible sunday, nats back in town friday, burgundy and gold here thursday night. well, i hope the nats have as good of a streak as you have with your 3-degree guarantee. >> they need some kind of streak other than a losing streak. >> maybe their day off today will help. >> i hope you continue your streak. coming up we're talking redskins back here in town. >> yeah. they broke camp in richmond.
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they're coming back to ashburn and also for the first time president bruce allen steps to the podium during training camp. i believe in america.
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> it's been no secret. the redskins are weighing their options when it comes to their home turf. will they stay in prince george's county and play at fedex field or high tail it to richmond or come to d.c.? team president bruce allen said
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today they will not change the team name even if it restricts them from a certain area. he also said the team has been listening to the pulse of redskins nation including the complaints about the restricted view seating at fedex field, but is the fan base going to travel to virginia for games? of course, that's all to be determined. the team, though, is keeping every option on the table. >> we've had a lot of interaction with our fans this year. we're going to find the right location and build the stadium for the fans, but right now no, there's not a leading candidate. >> so it's still a work in progress. of course, there is no quarterback controversy in ashburn just yet. in college park, however, the competition is just getting heated up. frank hanrahan takes a look at one quarterback hoping to start for the terps. >> reporter: three players are vying to be the opening game
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signal caller. one of those quarterbacks in the mix is dax garmin, a transfer from oklahoma state who has one year of eligibility left. in fact, this is garmin's third college and one would think you wouldn't bring a transfer in unless he had a legitimate shot at being the starter. >> i feel like, you know, the opportunity that they have and that they're letting me be a part of really fit what i was looking for and really just trying to help and be a part of this team to improve and become something great this year. >> now there is still no decision by coach randy edsall on who the starter will be, but there is still some time. terps first game is september 5th versus richmond in college park. >> thanks so much, frank. a big victory for the ncaa today. football players at northwestern university have been denied a request to union aisles. it would have been a first of its kind for college athletes who argue they are employees of
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the school. however, the national labor relations board said that only applies to e thprivate sector and the majority of the football programs are at state public schools. wusa9 has partnered with the nationals to host grand slam for teachers day this sunday at nationals park. five dollars from every ticket sold through will help fund teacher projects at four local schools. you can find all the information about wusa9's teachers are superheroes campaign at and something exciting for mike hydek and i, we get to thrown out the first pitch at the nats game on sunday. >> yea! >> i've never done it. >> got to warm up that arm. >> i'm afraid of bouncing it. >> i'm jealous. >> i'm jealous, too. >> that's wusa9
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>> rose: wildfires race across the west, destroying millions of acres, dozens of homes and forcing hundreds to flee. also tonight, an elite army skydiver dies after a midair collision during an airshow. chaos in a company built on orders. amazon responds to reports it is a bruising place to work. is there no paid paternity leave at amazon? and the death of a caped crusader. why he was a hero to so many kids. >> this i captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> rose: good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm charlie rose. the military sending in reinforcements for the battle against wildfires that are burning across the west. late today the pentagon said it will provide 200 active


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