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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  August 19, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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weather and traffic now. roary -- larry miller has your commute covered. looks like no complaints but first your forecast with erica grow and allyson rae. >> things are looking warm and muggy. look at the beautiful start on your michael & son camera. it's a pretty start. it's going to feel a little uncomfortable when you step out there. temperatures are going to stay into the 80s with increased cloud cover around. 77 degrees. it's muggy. winds are staying out of the south until about friday afternoon. here's a little bit after sprinkle near leesburg. not going to last for too long. a couple more showers will develop. later on today you could see them as you head home from work but they will be light to moderate. by lunch time still dry, 85 degrees. the showers will develop and fade as the sun sets later on tonight. thunderstorms, we'll talk about that for tomorrow. here's larry miller. your time 6:01 on the dot. want to let my metro riders everything is running on schedule. we had an earlier issue on the yellow line. that's been resolved so we're good to go there.
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buses running on schedule as well. the inner loop of the beltway this is it van dorn street and springfield interchange where we have an accident that's blocking the left lane. sky 9 will be making its way there shortly. we should be able to give you a live update in about ten minutes. meantime if you're going to be traveling along 50, the bw parkway or 95, you're good to go, i will traveling along 50 from crofton, bowie, mitchellville. you'll have no major issues this morning. coming up in ten minutes, we'll look at how things are shaping up on metro and take you out to other parts of virginia and show you how the commute is shaping up in that area as well. we'll send it over you to. >> reporter: right now d.c. police are working overtime trying to get a handle on all this violence that's happening acots city from -- across the city from shaw to southeast washington where two people were killed just yesterday. let's take a look at some video of one scene right outside of a churn on east capitol street in southeast. -- church on east capitol street in southeast. the victim in that case, 21- year-old amare jenkins was
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gunned down right outside of that church. police then rushed to a second scene, 13th and savannah where three people were shot. a 12 and 17-year-old boy were arguing when the 17-year-old neighbor returned to the boy's house, shot him and the boy's mother. all three were hit but sadly the boy's mother, 31-year-old tenika non-- fontanel died. >> these guys got to be taught friendship and what they're asking law enforcement to do is almost virtually up possible for them to do it. you've got to gain these young guys' trust. at least start a conversation. once again without that, we lose this generation. >> reporter: very serious words there from folks. we also talked to neighbors in northwest who say the same thing, they don't have a relationship with police and they believe a true partnership could solve this problem. so what the police say, hear
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from them coming up in the next half-hour. live outside of police headquarters, delia goncalves, wusa9. staying in the district, an uber driver is telling a frightening story this morning. peter petross said he had a gun pointed at him by the same person who killed a au graduate near the shaw metro station. matthew shlonsky was killed in broad daylight. detectives appear to be inching closer to making an arrest in the shlonsky case. the father of a five week old baby charged with killing his son calls himself a monster. his little boy was found unconscious august 4 at his home on 9th street northwest and pronounced dead later at the hospital. the medical examiner found evidence of physical abuse. court documents show robert smith, sr. admitted when his little boy cried, he would squeeze him to put a stop to that. a former federal police
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officer is expected to plead guilty to attempting to manufacture methamphetamine. in a lab at the national institutes of standards and technology campus in gaithersburg. a lawyer for christopher bartley says his client was, quote, conducting an unauthorized training experiment when the blast occurred. bartley was the only one hit. happening this morning, former fairfax county police officer adam torres will be arraigned in court facing murder charges in the shooting death of john geer. this happened about two years ago. adam torres and other fairfax county police officers responded to a domestic dispute at john geer's springfield home. his long-time girlfriend was moving out at the time with their two children. she told police geer had guns in the home. while officers were there, geer was told to keep his hands up. torres told investigators he saw geer move his hands below his waste but other officers there as well as witnesses say he dropped his hands to his
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shoulders. torres fired the shot that killed geer. john geer's father don watched it all pphaen john geer -- don geer also said he was hoping justice would prevail in this case and he knew it eventually would although he hoped it would have happened a lot sooner than it did. it took years for us to get to this point. again that arraignment will be today at 9:00. we'll be in the courtroom. we'll let you know what happens. live in fairfax county, i'm nikki burdine, wusa9. now to the campaign trail. hillary clinton claims the ongoing e-mail controversy has nothing to do with her, but there's no sign of that controversy going anywhere any time soon. clinton once again denied breaking the law when pressed yesterday in las vegas about her use of a personal e-mail server during her time as secretary of state. questions about e-mail security have clouded clinton's presidential campaign from the outset. some recent polls show her
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losing ground to vermont senator bernie sanders. some republicans say the issue raises questions about clinton's honesty. >> the more energy she put into cleansing or wiping this server clean, i think your viewers should take or infer from that that perhaps there was something on there she really didn't want us to see. >> clinton said she only withheld personal e-mails. she also said she only used the account for nonclassified messages. the server was handed over to the f.b.i. last week n. a court filing monday, the state department revealed more than 300 e-mails on clinton's private account have been flagged out of concerns they may contain classified information. the world's first drug designed to improve low sex drives in women has now been approved. it's a condition that affects about one in ten american women. the drug is called flibanserin. there is some concern about its serious side effects, including the risk of low blood pressure and fainting. doctors must complete a training course before being
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allowed to even prescribe the drug. the alleged rape of a teenage girl leads to some startling allegations against an elite new england prep school. >> we have a new named storm which just formed in the atlantic. >> i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. that storm in the atlantic does not look to impact us at all but it's a warm tropical feel out there right now. the muggy weather will lead to a few pop-up showers today. high temperatures in the upper 80s and we're going to stick with the # ostomy as a cold -- 80s tomorrow as a cold front approaches. we'll time it out for you in the first alert forecast coming up.
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welcome back. it's 6:10. i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. very warm and muggy to start out. take a look at these temperatures. it's 77 in downtown washington. 75 in hagerstown. it's 70 in winchester. believe it or not in d.c. we have a heat index value right now even though it's only 6:00 in the morning. lots of clouds today. a few pop-up showers, maybe even a rumble of thunder this afternoon. high temperatures today in the upper 80s but more active weather arrives on thursday. that's why thursday is a yellow alert day. allyson will detail everything for you in the first alert seven-day but it's larry miller time with timesaver traffic. i love it. thank you. want to let you know we are keeping a close eye on a water main break right now. this is on goldsboro road and mcarthur boulevard. sky 9 is over the scene right now. we understand goldsboro road from tulip hill tear ris to massachusetts -- terrace to
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massachusetts avenue is closed. this was reported around 9:30. sky 9 is over the scene at this point. still working to get information on when wssc will make their way out there. we understand it will be shortly. it's 6:11. does the takata airbag recall need to be expanded? coming up we'll tell you what investigators are saying now. >> one airline presses for its fina
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love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> r. ladies and gentlemen, it's -- ladies and gentlemen, it's d.c. restaurant week. main course tomorrow? >> i like that analogy. >> i thought he was going for al fresco. >> eating outside might be a little uncomfortable. >> any way you want to incorporate food. we'll go with that theme. >> on that note, if you are going to be eating outside, if you don't mind a little humidity, it's not going to be raining at lunch time but we are going to be tracking some showers this afternoon and another round of showers and thunderstorms for tomorrow. so, yes, nick, the appetizer is today, the main event is tomorrow. you know what?
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perfect equal any -- analogy because friday the dessert is actually quite sweet. it's going to be very nice by friday afternoon. taking a look at your michael & son camera, it's a beautiful start to the day. just a little cloudy. doesn't feel so beautiful, though. when you step outside, you are going to notice the humidity at 77 degrees. a couple of sprinkles here just northeast of leesburg. you'll head to 270 near germantown, no big deal there. light to moderate rainfall this afternoon. nothing too disturbing for your drive home. by 12:30 if you're outside for lunch, a little muggy out there and warm. temperatures staying into the 80s due to the clouds. that's something positive. here we are at 6:00. a couple more showers develop. as we head through thursday, here comes our main event. we're looking at a couple of showers even through the morning hours but the thunderstorms, the heavier rainfall is going to arrive by 6:00 right for your drive home. we're talking about a cold front bringing some showers and thunderstorms across the area, even as the actual front pushes on through late night thursday and into friday could see another round. here comes the nice sweet
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weather. by friday afternoon we're looking at lower humidity and temperatures stay into the 80s right through the weekend. it's going to be good, especially the nats are back in town. time for traffic. here is larry miller. thank you. so we've been talking about this water main break that sky 9 is over right now. so we want to talk about this again and give you a quick update on it. again goldborrow road from tulip hill terrace to mass avenue is closed as a result of the water main break. sky 9 is right over it at this point. wssc is making their way out there. not sure how long this closure will last and how significant the water main break is but it's certainly significant enough that they have a road closure in place n. will impact commuters in this part of town. be mindful of that this morning. we'll continue to update you on that situation. back to the maps. no issues for marc train riders this morning. everything is running on schedule. traveling southbound on i-270 from germantown road to the capital beway, you're looking at a 14-minute commute.
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we have volume on i-66 mainly in manassas. from fairfax county parkway to 27th street northwest, a 30- minute commute. volume also on 95 on the virginia side from gordon boulevard to i-395, an 11- minute commute. much of that volume takes place in newington as you approach the capital beltway in springfield. westbound on 50 from collington road to kendall street northeast, you're looking at a 15-minute commute. we're going to continue to update you on the water main break. for now we'll send it over to you. in the news right now, it's 6:17. police in thailand are now calling monday's explosion in bangkok a deliberate act of terror. they're now offering a reward for information leading to the man accused of bombing a this rhine. that blast -- this rhine. that blast -- shrine. that blast killed 20 people. video reveals a man carrying a backpack at the this riej. heavy fog is posing a problem for rescuers trying to remove bodies from the site of a plane crash in eastern independent indonesia.
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it crashed into a mountain over the weekend. it took rescuers almost two days to reach the wreckage because of the rugged terrain and bad weather. today a teenage girl who says she was raped last year at an elite prep school in new hampshire will return to the stand. >> prosecutors say the attack was part of a much larger predatory problem at the school. ann warner has more. >> reporter: 19-year-old owen lebrie sat stoic as the teenage girl he stands accused of raping began her testimony. her face was not shown to protect her identity. prosecutors have charged him with raping the freshman girl who was 15 at the time on the roof of a campus building in may 2014. the charges have rocked the exclusive college prep school which has a tradition of graduating notable people, including secretary of state john kerry. in her opening statement this morning, prosecutor katherine russell told the jury the alleged rape was in line with another kind of tradition at the school, something called the senior salute where
6:19 am
graduating young men would try to have sex with younger women students. >> for several months prior -- [ inaudible ] -- the defendant had developed a list of girls that he considered for possible senior salute. this is the list. >> reporter: but his defense attorney jay carney told the jury the two greed to -- agreed to meet. he point todz e-mails between the -- pointed to e-mails between them. >> there's no question [ bleep ] new exactly what he was doing by inviting her to get together because it was a source of pride for girls at the school to be asked to participate in a senior salute. >> he is expected to testify in the trial. he is said the two had physical contact but did not engage in intercourse. in a statement the school's rector said, quote, the
6:20 am
allegation abouts our culture are not emblematic of our school or our values. many visitors at the happiest place on earth believe it could have been the scariest place on earth last month. that's when police say 44-year- old purcelville aguilosia walked up to the gates with a loaded gun. he never made it into the park but the incident still concerns visitors. >> you shouldn't carry a concealed weapon at disney world. a lot of kids around. >> he can carry it at home but not out in public where he can hurt other people. >> he was booked and released after posting $20,000 bail. he's scheduled to be arraigned next week. all eyes are on tropical storm danny as it strengthened over the atlantic ocean. the storm remains well out at sea and poses no threat to land. danny is expected to become a hurricane by thursday. this is the atlantic's fourth named storm of the season. some 200 active duty
6:21 am
soldiers begin training today to join crews battling wildfires in washington state. at least 40 homes have been destroyed and more are expected to go up in flames. the town of chelan alone is battling six different fires. >> i've been in the fire service 23 years. this is one of the worst years i've seen. >> right now our mission is to make sure the fire creeps down to the fire line down below. >> the washington national guard is already hard at work containing these fires. about 100 wildfires are raging across at least seven western states. in alaska crews are waiting for an okay if geologists before beginning a recovery mission to find three men trapped in a landslide. debris trapped the men tuesday but crews have not been able to dig because of the unstable terrain. the men are presumed dead. one was a city building official and the other two were brothers. later this morning, firefighters in washington state will be returning to the site of a gas explosion to make
6:22 am
sure everyone has been accounted for. one person, a gas company employee, suffered second and third-degree burns in the explosion which leveled part of a motel 6 in bremerton, washington. the motel evacuated the building just 30 minutes before the explosion. at 6:21 time for a look at your money takata is back in the spotlight this morning now that federal regulators are expanding their probe into the exploding airbags. they want to find out whether newer takata airbags are also prone to exploding after a collision involving a voc wagon suv collision called the side bag to rupture. a top executive charged in a chemical spill in west virginia, dennis ferrell entered his plea in a charleston courthouse. the spill left 300,000 people without clean tap water for
6:23 am
days. google is now taking preorders for its new wi-fi router. the router touts fast, secure and easy to use internet connection. it goes for $199 and it will be available in google's online store, and wall the device will go on sale in stores in the u.s. and canada in late august or early september. u.s. airways will fly its final flight in october before merging completely with american airlines. in tribute, it's announced a commemorative final voyage. u.s. flight 1939 marks the year the carrier originated. it will depart from philadelphia making stops in charlotte, phoenix, and san fran. the beatles first recording contract signed in germany is going on the auction block. the six-page contract is expected to fetch $150,000. it's the centerpiece of a beatles auction slated for next month in new york. the contract led directly to
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the band's discovery in the u.k. and their first hit single. >> after watching straight outta compton, i would be interested to see what kind of deal they struck. >> expecting some big bucks. >> we shall see. members of congress continue to weigh in on the iran nuclear deal. >> and for a second time the immigration debate takes center stage in california. >> reporter: 97 people here in d.c. have been killed in the first eight months of this year. what police are saying about this uptick in violence and what they're going to do about it. i'll let you know coming up at 6:30. >> reporter: a former fairfax county police officer on the other side of the law. today he'll be in court arraigned on murder charges. i'm nikki burdine. i've got a preview coming up. >> it's a very warm and muggy start to the day in the dmv. some pop-up showers are possible as we head into the afternoon we're going to track those showers now and look at thunderstorms in thursday's forecast coming up in just a few minutes.
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at 6:27 here are some things you may have missed. a senior mechanic of the senate foreign -- member of the senate
6:28 am
relations committee is speaking out against the iran nuclear deal. bob menendez is the second senator to reject president obama's plan. >> my overarching concern is it requires no disparticipantling of iran's nuclear -- dismantling of iran's nuclear plan. >> the obama administration still believes it has enough votes to approve the deal at this point. huntington park, california is at the center of a nationwide debate on immigration. the latest uproar is over the city's decision to appoint two undocumented immigrants to serve on its advisory commission. the move is scene as unpress departmentsed because -- unprecedented because they'll be serving in official government positions. >> we the people implies we the citizens, not we the illegal aliens. >> california law does allow undocumented immigrants to serve on advisory councils but federal law prohibits them from
6:29 am
being paid. these too will be volunteers [ inaudible ] he was # 9 years old. he worked -- 89 years old. he worked and coproduced several sitcoms in the '70s including "all in the family." a man in baltimore is reportedly to have come down with the west nile virus. it's the first locally human acquired case in the area this year. to avoid contracting west nile, you should avoid unnecessary activities at dawn and dusk when mosquitoes are most active. wear long pants, long serve shirts -- sleeve shirts and hats and use an epa registered insect repellent. a growing wave of violence in the district. four people are injured, one is
6:30 am
killed during separate shootings across the city. lawmakers in one local county vote against making english the official language. good wednesday morning. i'm andrea roane. i'm nick giovanni. we're moving right along. let's keep it that way with our team of trackers. larry miller, erica grow and allyson rae tracking conditions. >> what did you call it? the appetizer? do you remember, nick? >> [ multiple voices ] >> moving on. we are looking at very -- at a very nice start. once you step outside, it may not feel as nice. it's muggy out there. i was waiting for nick to come up with a good adjective. we're pretty dry. we'll stay dry through much of the morning and early average. 57 for chevy chase -- 75 for
6:31 am
cherve yay chis. -- chevy chase. we're headed for the mid-80s. we will see another round of showers this afternoon. we'll track them on your futurecast coming up but first here is larry miller. good morning to you at home. your time 6:31. we have some delays on the metro line this morning, the silver, orange, blue as a result of an earlier issue. it's going to cause residual delays to wiehle, vienna and franconia so plan accordingly. we're still at the scene of the water main break. sky 9 is over the scene to show us what exactly is going on. you can see the running water that will close godleboro -- goldsboro road for a while. wssc is on scene. d.c. police are working overtime to get a handle on this spike in violence that we have he' been seeing all a-- we've been seeing all across the city from shaw to southeast. we're told in two weeks police will begin an all hands on deck operation so they can get a
6:32 am
handle on this crime. they're going to do that specifically in 5, 6 and 7th police districts. take a look at some video at 7d yesterday. amare jenkins was gunned down outside a church on east capitol street. at 13th and savannah three people were shot. a mother was killed by police after her 12-year-old son got into an argument with their 17 yearldz neighbor who had a -- 17-year-old neighbor who had a gun. 14 people were killed last month. the union blames an officer shortage for an uptick in violence. the chief says it's a rise in synthetic drugs and illegal guns. >> when people say what's driving the spike and the violence and homicides, it is illegal firearms in homes and in the hands of the wrong people. and when children have access to firearms, bad things happen. >> reporter: police want to get these illegal guns off the
6:33 am
streets and are offering a $1,000 reward for your tips. we're live outside of d.c. police headquarters, delia goncalves, wusa9. today is sentencing day for a smp man link -- silver spring man linked to two bank robberies in three days. both robberies happened in february of last year on georgia avenue. in one case police say the man threatened to kill a teller with a large kitchen knife. he faces a maximum 20 years in prison for each of the two counts. a maryland caregiver accused of abusing an alzheimer's patient is expected to go on trial this morning. christina randall of baltimore is accused of abusing a 93-year- old man in her care at lighthouse senior living in ellicott city. family members say they install add camera in the man's room after becoming concerned about the man's well-being. the trial is set for 8:30 a.m. in howard county circuit court. >> reporter: in just a couple of hours, a former fairfax county police officer will be
6:34 am
here in court on the other side of the law. he'll be arraigned on murder charges. officer adam torres will be here in court facing second- degree murder in the shooting death of john geer. this all happened about two years ago when adam torres and another fairfax county police officer responded to a domestic dispute call at john geer's springfield home. the call came from his long- type girlfriend who was move -- long-time girlfriend who was moving out of the home with their two children. officer torres said he saw greer move his hands to his waist but others there said his hands only dropped to his showltders. for-- shoulders. torres then shot the fate a.o.l. shots. >> he -- fatal shots. >> he needs to be held accountable. the collateral damage is increditsably unfortunate and it will create huge hardship for his family but it's something that needs to take
6:35 am
place. >> reporter: john geer's father said he knew justice would eventually preavailability although he hope -- prevail although he hoped it would have taken a lot less time than it did. we'll be in court for the arraignment and we'll let you know what happens. i'm nikki burdine, wusa9. two albuquerque, new mexico police officers will stand trial on murder charges. both are accused of fatally shooting james boyd. boyd was a homeless man they had confronted about illegally camping. yesterday a judge ruled there is probable cause to try officer dominique peres and officer keith sandy. video shows the man starting to surrender. a court has ruled in favor of five new orleans police officers saying all five deserve a new trial. they were charged and eventually convicted in connection to deadly shootings of unarmed people during the chaos which followed hurricane katrina. four of the men are charged in
6:36 am
the bridge shootings. a fifth former officer is charged in the coverup. english only is out in frederick county, maryland. the council has voted to repeal the measure. the vote was 4-3 with one republican joining three democrats in support of the repeal. the measure especially stated the county would conduct all of its business exclusively in english. >> when we look at this whole ordinance, there's no there there. there's nothing. >> in the end both sides agreed the 2012 measure had little practical fect. our -- effect. our time is 6:36. are you ready to rock out? you could win a pair of tickets to do just that at a van halen concert. >> you better believe it. they're on the way to jiffy lube live august 29. if you want in, text the key words "van halen" to 25543. >> got it. >> i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. it is awfully warm and muggy out here. mostly cloudy skies will leave you a pew sprinkles or -- few sprinkles or showers through the rest of the morning but
6:37 am
most of us stay dry through the afternoon where maybe a few showers and even a rumble of thunder may develop. the heat wave is over but the humidity is not. i'll tell yo
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welcome back. 6:39. i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. it's awfully humid out there so the temperatures actually have heat index values in association with them in a couple of spots such as
6:40 am
downtown washington witnesses' now 77 -- where it's now 77. it feels like 81 degrees when you factor in the humidity. it's 77 in annapolis and 73 at andrews. a cold front is on the way but it doesn't move through till thursday evening. in the meantime we have the threat for a pop-up shower or thomple. it's going to be -- thunderstorm. it's going to be warm and muggy. the heat wave is over for all intents and purposes and the drier air arrives on friday. allyson will time that out for you with the first alert seven- day forecast but time for timesaver traffic and larry miller. thank you. we're still on the scene ever the water many break in bethesda on goldsboro rote from tulip hill terrace to massachusetts avenue. a water main break. here's a live look from sky 9. you can see the running water just gushing there on goldsboro road. we expect the closure to be in place for a while. wssc is on scene so commuters getting ready to head out itself door, this will certainly impact the commute for you this morning. to our maryland camera from i-
6:41 am
270. no issues as you approach the capital beltway going through rockville. we'll send it over you to. he served his country -- over to you. he served his country for three tours overseas and was decorated in the process. >> the story of an iraq and afghanistan war veteran and has helped out thanks to operation home front. >> wusa9 is back right after this.
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dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. hello and welcome back to wusa9. our time 16:44. a -- is 6:44. a tulsa area family got a special homecoming. >> especially since it's a gift for an army veteran who spent much of his life helping others. >> reporter: who would have thought double sinks and a walk-
6:45 am
in closet... >> i'm so happy for you. >> reporter: ... would mean so much. this three-bedroom, two- bathroom house. new homeowners tyler and mindy can barely hold their excitement. >> it's life changing like i said to experience this with my pus band, the girls -- husband, the girls. i'm so excited. >> thank you. thank you, sir. >> reporter: the house was donated by chase bank through a program called operation home front. it's designed to give military families and veterans like tyler a place to call their own after spending months and years away on deployment. tyler earned a purple heart and bronze star for his service in the middle east. >> two in iraq, one in afghanistan. >> reporter: as a show of thanks the program is giving this house to them mortgage free complete with new tile,
6:46 am
new carpet, and new appliances. >> it's a huge thing for the family, you know, psychologically, financially to be able to settle down in a place permanently. >> reporter: a place to make memories. >> terrific. >> reporter: and call home. >> it's amazing. >> it's life changing. >> very good. 6:46. time to see what our partners over at cbs this morning are covering. >> one of our favorite partners and good friends is gayle king. she's standing by, the lady in blue in new york to tell us what's ahead. good morning, gayle. >> you say that to all the girls, andrea, that everybody is your favorite but i like it. hello, andrea and nick. good to see you guys. ahead we're in alaska track be the search for the missing after a seriouslies of landslides. plus, -- series of landslides and the ceo behind the company of the new female sex drive is here in studio 57. and a treasure hunter brings his rare gold coins to studio 57 and we'll introduce you to the business that claims it can offer an affordable personal
6:47 am
butler service all through an app. everything is done through an app. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00 straight up. back to you guys. >> i like that i save my best lines for our best friend and that's you, gayle. it's just yours. >> much loved, gayle. you know what i'm talking about? 28 out of 31. the numbers there that show 3 degrees on point. >> yes nailed it yesterday. today we're going with 88. >> sorry you did. >> we're done with the 9 on the at he -- with the 90s at least for a couple of days. >> because that was gross yesterday. >> adjective of the today. today will be muggy as well. a little gross out there again. quick weather news before we get to the muggy forecast. we do have a new tropical storm danny, only our fourth storm of the season so far. remember the season started before actual hurricane season -- actually officially started but this is going to head out
6:48 am
of our way. it will become a hurricane most likely but we'll not be concerned with danny. but remember it only takes one storm to impact your area. 77 degrees. it's a beautiful looking start but a little uncomfortable. it's pretty muggy. the humidity is high and it's going to stay high till a cold front kicks everything out by friday morning. 72 degrees for white oak right now. laurel you're at 72. bowie 70 and 73 out in dulles. today we'll probably see showers for your drive home. they'll be light to moderate so your drive home will be impacted by not by too much. this is 6:00. we're looking at a few spotty showers around the area. areas west and south of the district have the best chances for some of those showers today. thursday different story. things are going to really kick it up a notch by thursday. a couple of showers as early as the morning rush. the evening rush will be more impacted on thursday. with this cold front, this is 6:30 at night, we're looking at
6:49 am
some thunderstorms popping up. thunder, lightning, heavy downpours will be possible on thursday and round two into the overnight hours before a beautiful friday forecast. we're looking at just a few early morning showers. then some nice weather. low humidity by friday afternoon. 88 today. # 7 for tomorrow. and look at weekend -- 87 for tomorrow. and look at the weekend forecast. not too bad at all. # 6 by saturday and 88 for -- 86 by saturday and 88 for sunday. 6:49. we're still keeping a close eye on the water main break in bethesda. goldsboro road from tulip hill terrace to mass avenue is closed. sky 9 is over the water main break. that's the gushing water right there. this is really the source of it at this point. wssc is on scene working to get this situation under control. but goldsboro road will remain closed throughout much of the day we anticipate. of course we'll be sure to update you on that. still keeping a close eye right now on the delays on metro. again residual delays to wiehle, vienna and franconia is going to affect folks on the
6:50 am
silver, orange and blue line. traveling southbound on i-270 from germantown road to the capital beltway, a 14-minute commute. we've seen lots of volume on i- 6 of starting as far west as -- i-66 starting as far west asthma fan sas from fairfax -- manassas. from fairfax coun parkway to 27 ct street north -- 27th street northwest, a 30-minute commute. from collington road to kendall street northeast, a 15-minute commute for yourself this morning. over to you. >> larry, thank you. from subway spokesman to suspect in a federal child porn case. >> we'll talk about the plea jerry fogle is expected to leave. >> time 6:50.
6:51 am
6:52 am
oh my gosh, it's the guy from last night. what?! can i jump on your wi-fi? yeah, you can try it. hey! i had a really good time last night. yeah, me too. the only thing is that... the only thing is what? what's the only thing? oh my gosh he's married. he's a kleptomaniac. he's a pyromaniac. he's a total maniac. hey! hey! go back to your wife you sociopath!
6:53 am
leave slow internet behind. the 100% fiber optics network is here. get out of the past. get fios. tea? now $79.99 a month. go online or call now. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v >> reporter: i'm delia goncalves live outside d.c. police headquarters. officers are working overtime and in two weeks will begin an all hands on deck operation to try to get the surge in violence under control. it has been a very difficult summer for a lot of folks all
6:54 am
the way from northwest to southeast. 97 people have been killed so far. 105 all of last year. nikki? >> reporter: happening today in fairfax county, former fairfax county police officer adam torres will be here arraigned on murder charges. he's facing second-degree murder in the shoot be death of john geer outside his springfield home almost two years ago. geer was unarmed. the arraignment starts today at 9:00 and we'll be in the courtroom bringing you updates. back to you in the studio. long-time subway pitchman jared fogle plans to plead guilty to child pornography charges. this comes six weeks after a raid on his home in indianapolis. he became the subway pitchman more than 15 years ago after shedding more than 200 pounds as a college student in part by eating the chain's sandwiches. he's been suspended by subway. hillary clinton is defending herself once again amid continued questions about
6:55 am
her use of a private server during her time as secretary of state. during a campaign event in nevada, clinton said she did not know if the serve provided to the f.b.i. last week had been wiped clean. investigators are frying to figure out if clinton used that server to send classified information. maryland governor larry hogan says his cancer is 95% gone. he has completed his third round of exeem therapy. governor hoe -- of chemotherapy. governor told "the washington post" he, quote, faced his test and doctors are shocked. the republican governor announced in june he's being treated for an aggressive form of non-hodgkins lymphoma. he was just five months into his term when he was diagnosed. he says he does have rep nantzs of the tumor but the -- remnants of the tumor but the cancer is dead. lawyers for the players union and the n.f.l. are back in federal court today this after new england patriots quarterback tom brady and commissioner roger goodell were unable to reach a settlement in
6:56 am
the deneatgate scandz -- deflategate scandal. tom brady is -- [ inaudible ] the washington zoo panda mei xiang is showing signs of a possible pregnancy and in case they closed the habitat to the public. she has been exhibiting behavior consistent with pregnancy for weeks. within 20 to 40 days she'll either have a cub or experience the end of a pseudo pregnancy. we are looking at a cloudy day today and very muggy. showers will develop this afternoon. pretty light to moderate rainfall. tomorrow the thunderstorms come and then look at the weekend. pretty good. 86 for saturday. still that water main break in bethesda is going to be the biggest headache this morning on goldsboro road from tulip hill terrace to mass avenue which is closed. you can see the water gushing
6:57 am
at this point. wssc is on scene. it certainly will be problematic for the morning commute. always tracking, always typing over there. >> you know-- -- i already tweeted out that video but the back-to-school quiz, i put a little teaser there. >> this may go down as embarrassing moment of my life. >> they told me i've got to see it, i'll never believe it. cbs is next. waging war with wildfires. they'll have the latest. >> i'll be back with weather and traffic
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. it is wednesday, august 19th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." a feisty hillary clinton spars with reporters over the classified e-mail controversy. several people are presumed dead after devastating landslides hit alaska and raging fires in the west forge an evacuation of a town. and the pink pill to induce women's sex drive will be in your pharmacy. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> firefighters are stretched thnin i the we


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