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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  August 20, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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a yellow weather alert tonight way flash flood watch still in effect. in fact, you may have been caught in the heavy rains that moved through our area and there was quite a bit of lightning as well. the question now? is it all over? thanks for joining us. i'm derek mcginty. >> i'm lesli foster. let's get right to topper shutt for the latest on our situation right now. >> most of the showers and storms are south and east of town. fedex got lucky tonight, didn't have much rain at all. storms pretty heavy in extreme southern sections of st. mary's
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county, calvert county and the southern neck. you see the red, some pretty good light among down in the northern neck. these showers will move east and clear out southern maryland as well, take a while to get rid of the clouds. we're talking pretty heavy rain toward solomon and ridge and all the activity pushing east and southeast about 22 miles an hour. mechanicsville, you are done with the rain, not with the clouds, though. here's futurecast. by midnight most of the showers are still into southern maryland, but the clouds are lingering back. i think the futurecast is a little pessimistic, you will. by 1:00, 2:30 we still have clouds up and down 95, but temperatures are bouncing up into the 60s which is good. by morning we're in the 60s north and west of town. we'll tell you when the clouds leave, have your 3-degree guarantee and look ahead to the weekend forecast. new details in d.c.'s violent summer, a manhunt is underway for a suspect in the shootout that killed 23-year- old matthew shlonsky and just a
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short time ago wusa9's garrett haake spoke to the suspect's aunt who is begging her nephew to turn himself in. garrett is live tonight at d.c. police headquarters with the latest. what did she say, garrett? >> reporter: this is still very much an active manhunt. she said there are currently no negotiations going on that she is aware of for king to turn himself in. family members say if king can hear this message, he needs to turn himself in now. police kept close watch on marcus king's apartment building at the corner of eighth and r in northwest this afternoon just blocks from the scene of the murder he's now accused of committing. last night they searched a unit where king lives with his mother sources say, but king wasn't home. now mpd is asking the public to help them locate a man they are describing as armed and dangerous charged in the killing of 23-year-old matthew shlonsky. police believe the au grad was
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caught in the crossfire outside shaw metro saturday. i spoke to king's aunt cheryl tonight on the phone. she's afraid to show her face she says because the real killers are still out there. >> if you talk to anybody around the way, they'll tell you oh, no, not marcus because he's not a violent person. he's a timid young man and confused. >> reporter: ms. king said today she rewatched the surveillance video released by police earlier this week of persons of interest in shlonsky's murder. >> i looked at that footage. there was none of marcus and those guys are scary. they look scary. >> reporter: king also said her nephew was grazed by a bullet in a drive-by earlier this month. she homed that experience would have scared him straight. she ended our conversation with a plea to her nephew to turn himself in now for his own protection. >> i want to come and support him and we love him and we know he didn't do it. we know it and we know he, too, was a victim. >> reporter: ms. king told me she hasn't spoken to her nephew since he was named a suspect
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and she does not know where he might be hiding tonight, but she hopes he will hear her message that he surrender immediately. reporting live at mpd headquarters, garrett haake, wusa9. >> garrett, thank you. police have not said whether marcus king is seen on that surveillance video. that means there are still potentially few of or six people yet to be identified and remember -- five or six people yet to be identified and remember there is reward money being offered if you can help find the suspects in this case or any other case. there is $10,000 on the line for information in these shootings and $25,000 for tips that lead to the arrest of a killer. call 202-727-9099 and you can remain anonymous. it's worth repeating again, 202- 727-9099. new tonight how to honor a man who may have been one of d.c.'s most impactful public servants but certainly its most controversial. marion barry died late last year, but his memory is very much alive and now a city
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appointed commission is working to place memorials of barry throughout the city. mola lenghi is at city hall, the wilson be just one proposed location -- building just one proposed location for a permanent tribute of. >> reporter: as usual with the late -- tribute. >> reporter: as usual with the late mayor, opinions vary, this whether he is to be memorialized. now marion barry's legacy begins. his widow says even though he's gone his presence can still do good for the city. the city's commission to recognize and commemorate marion barry has proposed four memorials including renaming the student center at udc, ballou senior high in southeast as well as oxon run park all after barry and floated the idea of commissioning a statue of the mayor for life in and around city hall. >> i think they're great, especially naming ballou high school after him and naming a statue of him in front of the wilson building. >> reporter: but in death, just as in life, marion barry continues to be controversial.
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>> i would love to see a statue of marion barry right there. >> i don't think it's a good idea. he's too controversial. >> why do you want to memorialize a guy who did what he did. >> he basically made this incredible real estate community. i'm a real estate guy. >> i would prefer not to see a statue of marion barry. i don't respect him as someone my children should look up to. >> reporter: many in ward 8 already look up to them and some say capitalize that by putting his memorial in the city's neighborhoods. >> he had given something in the attitudes and minds that might change. >> reporter: other are on the fence seeing barry as part success story, part cautionary tale. >> tied rather see a statue of him next to a rehab facility or someplace that symbolizes redemption. >> reporter: this commission is expected to make their final recommendations on the sort of memorials and their location by
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the end of the year. at the wilson building i'm mola lenghi for wusa9. >> thank you. former president jimmy carter today underwent his first radiation treatment for cancer. just hours before his trip to the hospital carter told the world about his recent diagnosis, that after doctors removed a mass from his liver they learned that tumor was melanoma and that it had spread to four spots on his brain. >> home for the best and accept what comes. i think i have been as blessed as any human being in the world. >> carter is 90 years old and he talked about the cancer treatment as being a new adventure. he said that adventure will force him to cut back on some of his international humanitarian work. tomorrow a vigil will be held for wooten high school principal michael durant who passed away this week. students, staff and families will gather at 6:00 p.m. at the high school's football stadium. if today students filled a
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makeshift memorial to the doctor there. he was found dead in his bethesda apartment wednesday morning less than two weeks before classes are set to resume for the new school year. his cause of death has not been determined. the man charged with killing uva student hannah graham may have been planning to slip into mexico and disappear. that's the new information we learned today at a pretrial hearing in charlottesville. investigators testified they found jesse matthew with a 'that had routes to mexico when they caught up -- with a map that had routes to mexico when they caught up to him last year and they also let him math -- and the defense attorneys asked he may show up in plain streets clothes and the judge said not now. a federal appeals court allows mcdonnell to remain free
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for now which means he will probably have to report to prison in the next several weeks. no date has been set. mcdonnell has 90 dames to ask the supreme court to -- days to ask the supreme court to review of the case. tonight -- review the case. tonight injured firefighters from the montpelier apartment on south laurel drive today. no residents were hunter, but 22 people have lost their home -- hurt, but 22 people have lost their homes. the red cross has been working to find them a place to stay. the cause is under investigation. tonight there is not much opportunity for firefighters out west to properly mourn the loss of three colleagues killed in the line of duty. the flames simply won't allow it, but a few words from the governor of washington capture what so many are feeling. >> these fires have burned a big hole in our state's heart. >> the three firefighters died
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yesterday when their vehicle crashed and the wind swept flames overtook them. the fire they were battling exploded from 1,500 achers to 16,000. -- acres to 16,000. this has been one of the first fire seasons on record. two women just hours away from making military history, hear what they had to say in arlington today about being as tough as the men. >> and jeb bush said he has no problem using the term anchor babies. hear who responded when he asked for alternatives. >> the baby watch at the zoo may have only just begun, but things seem to be ♪
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the morning team got you through a busy start to the day. we were live on the scene of a house fire in northwest d.c. >> plus problems between south and north korea. >> now we're tracking weather. >> the sunshine comes back and lower humidity. we'll see you tomorrow at 4:25 a.m. tonight two women in arlington are preparing to make history. >> the two have survived the grueling mental and physical tests and soon they will be allowed to wear the army's coveted ranger tab on their uniforms.
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for the very first time two women will graduate from the army's demanding ranger school. >> it's definitely awesome to be part of the history of a ranger school in general graduating with these guys next to me. >> the first lieutenant and captain were part of a test program to see just how women would perform under the grueling physical and mental course. >> i do hope that with our performance in ranger school we've been able to inform that decision as to what they can expect from women in the military, that we can handle things physically and mentally on the same level as men. >> joan gray was in the first class of women at west point. >> either the ground broke or we broke. >> she said it's long past time for accomplishments like this one to be newsworthy. >> we wanted to get to the so what, okay, man, woman, if they can do the job, good for them. >> the department's policy is that all ground combat positions will be open to women unless rigorous analysis of
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factual data she'lls that the positions must re-- shows that the positions must remain closed. >> for now the two women will not be allowed to join the ranger regimen, but the pentagon officials say this could change soon. the military has until october 1st to present their findings for review. los angeles county sheriff's investigators plan to recommend a vehicular manslaughter charge against caitlyn jenner. jenner was hauling an off road vehicle on a trailer when she steered to avoid cars stopping for a traffic light. she pushed a lexus into oncoming traffic. that lexus was hit head on by a hummer killing the driver. republican presidential candidate jeb bush is defending his use of the term anchor babies to describe children born to immigrants living illegally in this country. bush told reporters today he didn't think the term was offensive and said if he was given a better term, he'd use that. >> you're repeating the echo of the narrative. so look, if you went to the event, you would have found
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that there was a lot of enthusiasm and there's a big difference between donald trump and me. i'm a proven conservative with a record. he isn't. >> democratic candidate hillary clinton responded to bush's request for an alternative term by tweeting how about babies, children or american citizens? tonight new concerns about shark attacks along one of the most popular beaches on the east coast, this after a 15- year-old was bit while swimming near myrtle beach, south carolina. this photo shows emergency crews tending to the teen. the fire chief says the boy was in water only about waist deep when he was attacked. the first bite was to an ankle, the second to a calf, the third to a hand as the boy tried to push the shark away. thankfully he didn't lose any limbs. well, from visitors to the national zoo -- for visitors to the national zoo, we've got some good news and bad news. for now no up close and personal with the pandas. the panda house is closed down, but it's for a really good
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reason, to give mei xiang some quiet time. she could give birth in the next one to three weeks. so for now the zoo wants to keep things chilled. you can still keep tabs on her and the other pandas with the panda cams. speaking of cameras while the rain was falling this evening you were busy with your cell phones snapping pictures and these are terrific. this is rain bowls -- rainbows over a house, apartment, a backdoor, a rainbow princess celebrating the colors of the sky with a few dance step. i tweeted out one, too. we've got a full gallery of your pictures at and on our wusa9 app. >> very cool. when you have a rain bow, the sun is behind you, it's raining in front of you. >> some people called it a double rainbow.
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>> one picture on our rain site actually did have a double rainbow. >> does your streak continue with the 3-degree guarantee? >> i thought it didn't for a short time. >> but? >> but it turns out that i think it does, okay? we went for a high aggressively of 89 and the climate data came out and said it was 85, but our graphic said the high was 86 and our friends at the weather service said indeed the high was 86 today. >> you're in the margin. >> you got to have a few lucky days with a long streak. >> he where are are -- we are 30 of the last 33. we're going 88 tomorrow. dew points are still in the low 70s, winds calm and the cool air coming in after midnight and before dawn. here's the radar, first alert doppler the last hour, most of the activity just exiting southern maryland.
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it was pretty heavy in through southern prince george's county and charles county, calvert and also st. mary's county. we'll zoom in. you can see some red, the heaviest rainfall, now essentially over the bay, still some pretty good rain south of prince frederick north of solomons and everything pushing off the bay. clouds could linger south and east of town. we could see a few clouds till 8:00, 9:00 tomorrow morning. you'll still end up with a great day. friday almost perfect, warm, low humidity. we're stealing another one from august. the humidity is in check all weekend, could be our fourth great weekend in a row. it will heat up by monday. 90s are returning for monday. on the futurecast 6 a.m. clouds are a little overdone, but there will be some clouds south and east of town, la plata, maybe up to andrews, maybe as far as bowie primarily east of i-95 and temperatures kind of refreshing, 64 in gaithersburg, 63 in frederick and 65 in leesburg by morning.
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really cool tomorrow night. just wait. 75 at 9:00 with sunshine about everywhere, 70 in frederick, 71 in leesburg and a dry air mass. it's going to feel more like september than october. by 1 p.m. we're still looking at temperatures low 80s, even a 79 and 77 in hagerstown, perfect day to take lunch outside. by 6 p.m. we're in the 80s, full sunshine and by 10:00 temps will fall very quickly tomorrow nighttime, dry air mass, light winds -- night, dry air mass, light winds, 68 in gaithersburg, bowie. it will fall quickly. if you're out super late, bring a sweater. overnight thunderstorms ending south and east. then partial clearing and cooler winds will become northwesterly at 10 to 15 and clear us out. 75 at 9:00, 80 at 11:00, 83 by 1 p.m. we're in great shape on saturday, 87, 88 sunday. i just tucked in a slight
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chance of a little tiny thunderstorm, not a huge deal, low 90s on monday, better chance for storms and tuesday, wednesday, thursday nice, in the 80s. we began today with some questions about the redskins offensive line and they were answered tonight but not in the way anyone wanted. >> no. and we saw men down. >> man down. we didn't see really anything good from the first team offense. of course, trent williams was out on the left side with a foot injury so, willie smith really taking a beating there, but brandon scherff and william moses just could not protect rg3. it was a rough game for him. coach gruden was hoping to see more progress from his offense. instead they lost their starting quarterback for the time being, th
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> oh, the hits just kept on coming again and again. preseason game no. 2, we're already talking about an injury to robert griffin, iii. all in all tonight the first team offense was bad. they had no rhythm whatsoever and griffin paid the price for that. griffin got hit early and often
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tonight in their first home game of the season. first drive 2nd and 11, griffin gets sacked by tyron walker. he fumbles the ball, but they get it back. rookie brandon scherff kind of got bowled over there. second redskins possession griffin gets the ball out in time, but just gets drilled, a little rattled, a little slow to get up not surprisingly. they would punt again. 2nd quarter griffin still out there, 3rd and 16 griffin fumbles the ball, tries to fall on it but gets hit on the ground and now he wasn't getting up. afterwards coach jay gruden told us griffin does not have a shoulder injury, so that's good news, but he does have a concussion and is going through the protocol. gruden was also asked why he sent griffin back out for that fourth series. here's his answer. >> we weren't doing that well on offense. i want to try to get something going on offense. there's a lot of quarterbacks play into the 2nd quarter in the preseason game. football is a tough sport. we wanted to get something
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going offensively and unfortunately it didn't work out. >> did not work out, but, of course, he wanted to see some progress that he did not get. on to baseball, the national came into tonight 3 1/2 games back of the mets trying to close that gap and with new york off tonight the nats have another chance to make up some ground. they are in their final game of the road trip going for a sweep of colorado. they're down 2-0 in the 7th, but here comes michael taylor to the rescue, a two-run shot to tie the game 2-2. bottom of the inning nats bullpen falters. there's a bloop base hit. jose rays scores. orioles opening with the twins and mother nature said not so fast. about an hour later when they began playing, minnesota's bats came alive. right now the twins lead 7-0 in the 7th inning. golf today in greensboro
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tiger woods needs a top two finish at the wyndham championship to make the fedex cup playoff. he did himself some favors starting with this holding out from the rough on his very first hole. maybe that was an an omen for a good day because he shot a 6- under 64, best since 2013, but he's two shots off the lead, which mean people shot a 62 today, which is crazy. >> i want to go back to a phrase you used earlier. the nats bullpen falters, maybe the theme of the season. >> that and i tweeted out something about gruden saying something about not getting it going and somebody said is that a macro on your computer? >> nats faltered, redskins offens some of my competitors plan to reduce the use of antibiotics over the next few years.
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so it's friday eve because that's what thursday is and everybody wants to know what the weekend is going to look like. >> i think us our fourth nice august weekend in a row, not even augustlike really. tomorrow sunshine and comfortable 88 but not humid, 87 on saturday not humid and look at the lows, upper 60s downtown. that means upper 50s in the burbs, 88 on sunday. i threw an isolated shower in there. you can keep your tee times, if you will. next week heat comes back brief on monday and then we're looking at temperatures comfortable tuesday, wednesday, thursday. we're in the 80s. so the nats come back tomorrow and they're through next week. they have an off day monday. >> the worst day, the hottest day, they have the day off. >> this sunday was the nationals and wusa9 partnered with the nats for our teachers are superheroes campaign. so $5 from every ticket sold for the game goes to fund projects for local teachers at local schools in the dmv and
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mike hydek is throwing out the first pitch sunday. so if you go to, even if you can't go to the game, you can find a way to help donate and help these projects within our local schools. >> you can also go to and do the exact same thing. teachers really appreciate it and they're telling us that on twitter. before we get out of here, we did get a final on that nats game. >> unfortunately nats lose 3-2. they come back home, see if they get the mojo going. >> have a good night, everybody. thanks for staying up
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