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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  August 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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resignation of greece's prime minister alexis tsipras influenced the bear selloff. it started in asia, spread to europe and ended in the u.s. for the first time since the globe crisis oil dropped below $40 a barrel. wary investors scooped up gold, a traditional safe haven. all 10 sectors of the s&p saw declines on the opening bell and the dow saw an intraday correction dropping 10% from a recent high. >> a correction is a good thing and that's when investors should only buy stocks when they're going down, not up. leave that for traders. >> reporter: investors have the weekend to take a breath and low that silver lining appears monday when the markets reopen. lesli? the s&p, all 10 sectors of them took a hit, but the tech stocks were badly hit as well and
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apple, everyone's darling share, in the bear territory at the moment. we'll wait to see what happens monday. >> everybody is saying don't panic if you're in for the long haul. the federal reserve is expected to meet in september and there is some concern that it will raise rates. we're following some breaking news out of new york city right now where a federal agent has been shot. it happened late this afternoon near huston street in unanimous hatten. wcbs is -- in manhattan. wcbs is reporting that the agent and suspect were both shot. the building is reportedly on lockdown following the shooting. you're looking at the area live, again a federal agent shot in new york city. we'll bring you more information as we get it in. we're following a developing story in france where three people were shot on a high speed train traveling from amsterdam to paris. police say the 26-year-old gun man was armed but was attacked
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by two americans and the train was stopped. two of the victims are in critical condition. we still don't know why the gunman did what he did. north korean leader kim jong un placed his front line troops in what he calls a quasi- state of war and has ordered them to prepare for battle, this one day after south korea fined dozens of air taylor -- fired dozens of artillery rounds across the border responding to what seoul said were north korean artillery strikes. the pentagon says the exercises are back on. the head of the united nations is urging all sides to begin a peaceful dialogue. a big endorsement today for the nuclear deal with iran, democratic congressman gerald nadler of new york announced he'll vote for the agreement and his decision is at odds with other jewish new york lawmakers including senator chuck schumer. president obama made a personal appeal to nadler sending him a letter earlier this week
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defending the deal. preliminary tests show isis militants may be using chemical weapons to attack kurdish forces in iraq. a senior u.s. military official says traces of mustard gas was found on mortars used in that august 11th attack. final tests are now underway to determine the full chemical makeup of the fragments. meanwhile the obama administration said isis' no. 2 leader was killed in a u.s. airstrike in iraq this week. the man was described as the senior deputy to the islamic state's leader and was the primary coordinator for moving large amounts of weapons, explosives, vehicles and people between iraq and syria. . a memorial service is getting underway for wooten high school principal dr. michael dorn. his sudden death wednesday shocked parents, students and staff. our stephanie ramirez is live where the community is gathering at the school stadium. stephanie? >> reporter: derek, everyone is packing into the stadium
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now. 6:00 is when the memorial begins. i'm told by the assistants as -- the assistant principal they're expecting 2,500 people or more. i'm told he was principal here 12 years, the news of his sudden death hitting like a terrible shock wave throughout the community, especially students who are supposed to start school a week from monday. these students were very keen in coordinating today's memorial making handmade banners. there will be singing. they made about 3,000 pins here. they tell us they couldn't not do this for someone who was always an inspiration to them. >> i was working in the counseling office and so i basically just spent the whole day coloring in pictures and answering the phone and he would come in and be like still coloring and i'm like yeah. once i was like would you like
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one of my colorings and he's like make sure you sign it because you're going to be famous one day. >> we weren't required to be here, but we all wanted to help everyone through the really tough times because it's what dr. dorn did do for us over and over again. >> reporter: it's really amazing. there are a lot of students here who have personal memories, not just general, but personal memories of dr. dorn. we'll talk more with them as the memorial continues. here at wooten high school stephanie ramirez, wusa9 news. >> sounds like the sort of principal all of us wish we had. the memorial will go on tonight until 8 p.m. another day of violence in the district, the city had its 99th murder of the year in the woodbridge neighborhood mid- morning and led to a police barricade still going on at this hour. officers remain outside a home in the 3600 block of 18th street northeast where they believe a machine shot and
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killed a -- a man shot and killed a woman and has been hoped up all day. police say the man was a family member. new information about the teen-ager charged with killing an american university graduate. >> surae chinn live outside d.c. superior court where she spoke with the suspect's family. what do they have to say? >> reporter: they have mixed emotions. the judge has denied bond for 19-year-old marcus king. he's charged with second degree murder accused of killing matthew shlonsky, the american university graduate. this happened last saturday around 5:00 in broad daylight, a busy intersection at the 1800 block of seventh street outside of the shaw howard university metro station. matthew shlonsky was getting out of his attraction with his friends when he was hit in the cross -- taxi with his friends when he was hit in the crossfire, very wrong place, wrong time. there was a gunbattle and bullets were flying in each
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direction. it is not clear where the deadly bullet came from, either the red chrysler or from the street where marcus king was standing. nonetheless the prosecutor says king was reckless and participated in a gun battle that resulted in the death of shlonsky. king's grandfather says he has mixed emotions of this whole ordeal. >> it really hurts. i know what the other family is going through. >> reporter: what about you as a family member of someone who is accused? >> well, it hurts and i've done my best to try and keep him in school, try to mentor him, but if the streets get ahold of you, you know, a lot of times there's not much you can do. >> reporter: we need to know the accused was shot last week in the neck and we are not clear if this gunbattle last week was a result of retaliation.
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what court documents show is both parties were related or participated in rival gangs. there is also five other suspects d.c. police are looking for. in northwest surae chinn, wusa9. >> thank you. king's next court appearance is september 23rd. coming up sentencing day for the two women involved in the donovan hotel murder. top? >> a spectacular evening and a pretty darn tool night. >> tomorrow morning some areas in the 50s, 58 in gaithersburg, 60 in leesburg. we'll come back, tell you when the 90s reappear. >> up next the trial of a
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a judge declares a mistrial in a high profile police shooting. after four days of deliberations the jury couldn't reach a verdict. 29-year-old randall carrick shot and killed jonathan ferrell in 2013 in charlotte, north carolina. prosecutors argue carrick should have used a nonlethal deadly force to subdue the
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suspect. an autopsy shows a teenager was shot in the back, but the police chief says this finding neither proves nor disproves the officer's accounts that the suspect pointed a gun at them before the shooting. an attorney for the victim's family says witnesses told him he was not armed. two women who pleaded guilty to their role in the murder of an attorney at a donovan total learned their fate today. gallmon and johnson were both convicted. according to court documents gallmon told police she went to the donovan hotel to rob messerschmitt but stabbed him after they began fighting. a former federal police officer pled guilty today to trying to make meth while on the job. christopher bartley admitted it was his attempt to manufacture methamphetamine that caused the explosion inside the lab at the national institute of standards and technology in gaithersburg. bartley was the only one hurt in that blast.
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now he's facing up to 20 years in prison when he is sentenced in november. coming up new york politicians are trying to solve what they call a topless woman problem in times square. we'll explain. >> up next friday night lights in alabama, where donald trump is hoping to fill an entire i believe in america. we invented the lightbulb! we built the first skyscraper and the assembly line. we were the first to fly and walk on the moon. and made the first cellphone; and dreamed up the internet. then why can't we lead on energy? clean energy! when wade le, we put america to work. that means jobs. lots of them!
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turning to the race for president, 40,000 people are expected to fill a football stadium in mobile, alabama this, evening for a donald trump rally. that would make it the biggest event so far in the 2016 presidential campaign. meanwhile jeb bush spoke to tea party conservatives at an annual meeting in columbus, ohio, this weekend. ted cruz, marco rubio and rick perry are among the other republicans scheduled to address the group. the words common core have become so politically charged this campaign season that even some who support the educational program are shying away from using the term, people like jeb bush, for example. carmel martin believes while the issue is a political football, its success is resting on teachers getting involved. >> where it's done well, where implementation has been done
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well which i would argue, the most important thing you can do is bring teachers into the process, give them the support and tools they need to do it well, people are happy with the common core. >> you can catch the full interview sunday morning and with senator amy kobashar on why she supports the iron nuclear deal sunday morning after our morning news. president obama has declared a state of emergency in washington state. that means the federal and local governments can help washington deal with the fierce wildfires growing by the day. fast moving flames forced even more people to evacuate their homes today in north central washington. a dozen major fires have scorched almost 400,000 acres across the state. some new york politicians say they've got a problem with topless women posing for pictures with tourists in times square. they don't know what to do about it. >> now the women are wearing body paint, but new york governor andrew cuomo says the
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practice hearkens to the bad old days of raggedy times square and mayor bill deblasio is looking at what he calls aggressive solicitation of topless women. >> a lot of people are very uncomfortable with it and i understand why and i agree. on a common sense level this is not appropriate in the middle of a public square. >> some are less uncomfortable, but still one idea is to do away with the pedestrian plaza where they all gather together. legal experts say the question is whether the practice constitutes a street performance and is thereby protected by the first amendment or is a commercial venture and therefore can be regulated. >> just put some clothes on. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> amongst the three of us i am known as the one who likes to put the kibosh on the fun. >> i am appalled. they need to put clothes on. >> we are shocked.
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>> shocked and appalled. >> horrified. >> right? >> sure. >> i'm kind of shocked how nice it is outside, more like september. >> i think the weather actually will solve that problem, by the way, within the next three or four months. >> yes, it will. >> keep going. >> solder on. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, 83 right now, dew point in the 50s. that's spectacular, humidity only 37%. headlines doesn't get much better than this, comfortable early and then downright cool after midnight. spectacular saturday, still great sunday, low humidity and then don't forget the sun screen. we're looking at kind of a comfortably warm day and cool night. you won't feel yourself getting burned and you'll be cooking. 10:00 tonight 69 in manassas, 68 in gaithersburg and bowie and mitchellville, 67 in frederick. this is fantastic and by morning there's going to be some 50s, first cup of coffee it's 57 in frederick, even down
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into culpeper it's 60 and 60 in manassas. really a refreshing start. we're kind of in this pattern. we sort of had the same pattern last weekend actually. by 1:00 low 80s, a great, great day to see a ballgame. d.c. united is playing tomorrow night, nats in town all weekend, like on the billy goat trail, just fantastic. by 9:30 tomorrow comfortable and cooling off quickly, 69 in gaithersburg and headed for the upper 50s tomorrow night. so clear and cooper, open the windows -- cooler, open the windows, 58 to 68. 58 to start, 79 by 11:00, 83 by 1:00, so still very nice sunday, 88 and monday is okay, hot again, even isolated storm possible, highs in the low 90s of after that we're in the 80s. 84 thursday, 87 next friday, sweet! >> very nice. it was not pretty or nice
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at the stadium last night. >> no. i was there. i saw it up close and personal. we won. >> yeah, but at the expense of rg3. >> it's fake football, doesn't matter unless you're the coaches for the skins quarterback. they were hoping for answers. man, all they got were more questions. robert griffin, head trauma is what we're talking about. we'll talk to you guys about the latest on the quarterback and why that happened do you like the passaaadd?
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now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> ominous clouds formed over fedex field last night which made sense. after all, tenacious had issued a yellow weather alert earlier in the day. turns out those clouds were a metaphor for the home team's impending doom. robert griffin has a concussion and this video will tell you why. ever heard of a pinata? yeah. robert griffin became one last night against the lions. that shot right there, ouch. detroit defenders feasting on washington's overmatched o line and impaling griffin repeatedly. he left with a concussion. i spoke to a member of the organization today and he said listen, not all concussions are serious to which i say yes, they are. gruden explaining some of the wreckage last night. >> first i think brendan scherff got bulled back, gave up a bull rush and robert got startled and got sacked.
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second one i'll have to wait and see. i think our left tackle got bull rushed. where he got pressured, no doubt about it, got to do a better job about protecting the quarterback. >> never like to hear your coach say startled. robert two for five, 8-yard, sacked more than completed passes, not good. here's what's worse for him. once again, his backup came in and the offense looked a little smoother. i know what you're saying it's against backups, but how much longer can we keep saying that? how much longer, really? here's colt? ill thought he looked good, only one incompletion and threw this 3rd quarter touchdown and reggie bell and cousins came in, continues to blister the backups, 20 of 26 for 245 yards during the exhibition season and he knows how to make magic when the pocket breaks down. we talked to him afterwards and he said hey, here's my secret. >> i've been watching tape on a lot of these good quarterbacks and they move around. the pocket is imperfect.
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you have to be able to make plays off schedule and be aware of those opportunities. this just happened while i walked down here. reports are coming in that the skins traded with the 49ers to get tight end derek carrier, nine catches last season, little used. in return the 49ers get a fifth round pick, washington in desperate need of tight ends. nat news, trey turner got called up today, the hotshot shortstop, hit over .300 in double-a harrisburg and was promoted to triple-a syracuse and promoted again. turner will not be in the lineup tonight but main down the line. who knows? last night nats lost the game and lost brown on the mets. here's one bright note. michael taylor launching this bottle rocket into the center field seats and it was 493 feet, longest of the season in the majors. being in colorado that rare air
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helps but still impressive, 493 feet. nats back in town today. we'll have highlights coming up tonight. finally tiger woods desperately seeking the fedex couples playoff, needs to finish first or solo to make it. yesterday 6-under, today 5- under and look out, guys, at the top of the leaderboard 11- under. we'll be keeping an eye on him. >> a long time since we've seen that. >> good to see him back up there. can he maintain it? we shall see. >> that's it for us. the cbs evening news is coming up next. >> do not despair. we'll be back with your only local news at 7:00. so we'll see you then. >> come on back. i believe in america.
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we invented the lightbulb! we built the first skyscraper and the assembly line. we were the first to fly and walk on the moon. and made the first cellphone; and dreamed up the internet. then why can't we lead on energy? clean energy! when we lewead, put america to work. that means jobs. lots of them!
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>> rose: a midsummer nightmare on wall street. stock prices plunge, oil hits a six-year low. also tonight, two american service men take heroic action to stop a dpun man on a european passenger train. the search for the killer of a nine-year-old girl in ferguson, missouri, shot as she did her homework on her mother's bed. and steve hartman on the road, the butterfly effect takes wings. >> we did a project where we put a bookshelf in a soup kitchen. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> rose: good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm charlie rose. continuing fears of a global economic slowdown sent stock prices plummeting again today. the dow lost 530 points, or more


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