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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  August 22, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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. ladies and gentlemen, we have a new panda. i repeat, a new panda apartment the national zoo. pandamonium is off the charts. breaking news from the national zoo, a panda cub has just been born. ileana diaz is at the zoo. what can you tell us about this? >> reporter: yeah, debra, it's been a really exciting day, but the last 30 minutes were extra exciting, as people stood around here watching the screen and watching the panda actually, the little cub being born. it's been really exciting. some people are still hanging out here, many since early this morning. we are told that around 10:30 this morning, the mother was showing some kinds of signs of pacing, body licking, seemed
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uncomfortable, really tired. again, all of these signs that she was in labor. it was just this afternoon at 4:32 when her water broke and the cub came just an hour later. now, this is now her third cub, so obviously this mom is, i'm sure, very happy and exhausted. visitors here are really excited that they got to experience all of it. i have a visitor here with me, susan powell. if you can step into the frame here. susan, you've been here, said you're visiting from arkansas. how lucky are you to get to watch all of this? >> oh, i am extremely lucky to get to watch this. it was one of those moments in life. to be able to share it with my granddaughter was even grander than i could ever think. this mom just went through so much all day long. we watched her and watched her prepare for that moment and then just within seconds, the baby was here and it was just, it was just awesome. >> reporter: at the moment when you saw the mom giving birth, what was your first thought? >> i think all of us just
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yelled, hooped and yelled! you know, you think we just made a football touchdown there with the razorbacks! [ laughter ] >> we went, oh! >> reporter: you were very excited? >> it's very rare for a panda to give birth. >> reporter: yeah, you're very lucky. not everyone gets to see that. well, thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> reporter: and again, a lot of people, just really excited they were lucky enough to be here. many of these visitors decided to come here on a random saturday and it happened to be that today was the day that cub was born. reporting live from the national zoo, ileana diaz, wusa 9. >> thank you, ileana. pandamonium, absolutely. that little kid was so cute. thank you so much. we will have, of course, the name, the pictures, all of that stuff later on. you always want to have our app and check us out at switching gears right now, we have more breaking news. the barricade situation going
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on northeast since friday has finally ended. stephanie ramirez saw a s.w.a.t. remove the suspect in handcuffs. he is there live. stephanie, what's going on right now? >> reporter: we have a lot of neighbors outside. they came out, trying to see this arrest. it's been going on, this barricade and stand-off situation for some 30 hours straight now. it all started yesterday morning around 10:15 in the morning when police responded to the 3700 block of 18th street northeast for a fatal shooting of a female. there were reports of shots fired after that fatal shooting with police taking cover. today, we saw s.w.a.t. on scene and approached the home in question two times. the second approach was closer to around 5:00 and some nine or 10 minutes later, our cameras saw a team of police walking out with the suspect in custody, hands behind his back. we then saw a police cruiser and ambulance go up right after. earlier today, earlier this afternoon, police identified the female victim as 63-year-
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old loretta carswell. police tell us carswell and the suspect, who is believed to be a male in his seventies, had an argument before friday's shooting. we are now waiting for police to confirm the name and age of the suspect now in custody, as well as charges. we can tell you the area is supposed to be opening back up to traffic, everything except for the scene where the home is behind me on 18th street northeast. that's the latest here. stephanie ramirez, wusa 9news. >> thank you, stephanie. there is new information tonight about the victim in that fatal shooting outside that home in northeast. dc police have identified her as 63-year-old loretta carswell. carswell was shot and killed friday outside that suspect's home, again at the 3700 block of 18th street. neighbors say the alleged gunman had a long-standing gripe against the victim. >> it wasn't too far stretch because he brought it up numerous times about how he had a personal vendetta against the
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family and relatives. >> it's like blood in his eyes when he talked about the family. he was feeling rage and vengeance against a woman. >> neighbors also tell us the victim was a metro bus driver. police say carswell and the suspect had an argument early friday before she was fatally shot and killed. switching gears yet again, turning to the weather, it has been just about a perfect day to spend outdoors. can we keep this going? let's go over to first alert meteorologist allison ray outside. what do you say? >> come on, this is perfect weather! it is hard to beat. you see the blue skies, low humidity and it's perfect. the perfect night in store. this is the fourth weekend in a row we've been lucky. temperatures right now are at 85 degrees. notice it feels 85 because the dewpoint is at 52 degrees. winds out of the north- northeast, those are going to stay for tonight. no problems. if you are headed to the nats game, it is perfect baseball weather. the nats are home all week and things are looking pretty nice
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almost each and every game. so as we go through your nats game, if i can get my clicker to work, your forecast is looking good. we are looking at temperatures that are going to drop off pretty fast. i'll step inside and get my clicker to work here. heading through tonight, temperatures will fall off pretty fast due to the low humidity. we're talking about temperatures into the 70s. if you're one of the folks that get chilly easily like i do, you might want to pack a light jacket. temperatures for tomorrow will be just as nice. we'll get to the rest of your seven-day forecast, coming up. deb, back to you. something went horrible wrong. thousands witness a deadly crash at a popular air show. >> and also, we're learning more about the heroes who stopped an attempted train attack in
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. some 20,000 spectators watched in horror as a crash at an air show in great britain left seven people dead. the crash happened in brighton, when a hawker hunter plane hit the ground after completing a stunt maneuver. the military plane hit several cars on a busy highway and burst into a ball of flames. one person remains hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. 14 others were treated for minor injuries. police say that all the injured were in cars on the highway and not attending that air show. well, three americans, a frenchman and a british businessman all being hailed as
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heroes for foiling an attempted train attack in france. the motive is still under investigation. >> reporter: cell phone video shows the man suspected of opening fire on a high-speed train in belgium hog tied on the ground. three american childhood friends, a french citizen and british businessman all helped to disarm the gunman. >> i woke up to basically people ducking. then i was, like, why is everybody ducking? i turned around to look and he had just entered the, the gunman entered the car with the ak. >> reporter: anthony sadler's friend, air force serviceman spencer stone jumped up, quickly followed by the third american, alex scarloto. >> spencer got to the guy first, grabbed him by the neck. i grabbed the handgun. >> reporter: the gunman fought back and the ak-47 went off, but the men were quickly able to get him under control. >> we were scared, for sure.
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but i mean adrenaline mostly took over because i mean, i didn't even have time to think. >> reporter: the gunman slashed stone with a knife. he was released from a french hospital saturday. the train was traveling from amsterdam to paris and stopped in northern france after the attack. the suspect had boarded the train in brussels. investigators have confirmed he is a 26-year-old moroccan who allegedly belonged to the radical islamist movement and was on a french security watch list. wendy gillette, cbs news. >> and president obama phoned those three americans to congratulate them for their heroism. well, what a gorgeous afternoon, but are we in for a great night? allison ray will have that for you. >> and here's something you just don't see every day. a giant red ba
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. do not adjust your set. you are not seeing double. it's the blonde ambition tour here on the weekend. nice to have you here. >> thanks. >> howard is on vacation. we're thrilled to have you. >> glad to be here. when there's weather like this, i'll fill in any time! >> amazing. >> nothing but good news. we have one slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm within the seven-day forecast. then we'll get right back to some great weather. by august standards, we're doing great. and we have another weekend. this weekend is looking fabulous. in the long range, next week is not too bad either. it's nice, warm, sunshiny. it makes all the difference. if you were up early this morning, you noticed how great it felt, nice and refreshing. first thing tomorrow, even better. 85 degrees right now, all because of the dewpoint at 52. winds stay out of the north- northeast. around the area, we're at 80 for fairfax, 84 for laurel. if you're headed to the nats
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game tonight, could you ask for better baseball weather? 84 degrees by 6:00. now, as soon as the sun sets, temperatures will start to fall off into the 70s due to that low humidity. i get chilly easily, so if you need the jacket, 10:00, we're looking at 74 degrees. another good day tomorrow. if you're headed to the nats day tomorrow, even better weather. lots of sunshine. pleasant for tonight. this is first thing tomorrow morning, at 8:30. we'll be into the 50s for areas in the suburbs. 50s. it's going to feel so good for the early risers. now, we will warm up pretty fast. we'll head to the 80s. again, it's going to be a warm day. with the humidity staying nice and low sunday will be another good one. a few more clouds. unless you're through the mountains, a couple of showers there. everybody else stays very dry. monday, we're looking at heat and humidity returning. we'll see temperatures into the lower 90s, but a couple of showers by the afternoon for areas off to the west. a cold front comes through. this is 8:00. later on in the day, i still
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think this is overdoing it a little bit. scattered showers and thunderstorms. but monday is our only day for showers or thunderstorms. that's the only day this whole week that the nats don't have a game, so perfect timing there. these will push on through by sunday evening and we'll clear things out. for the rest of the week, we're looking perfect. so great weather all around. 55 to 65 overnight tonight. by tomorrow, we're looking at 55 to 70 degrees. lots of sunshine and it will be cool and refreshing. if you're out for the morning jog or walking the dog, i think you'll be joined by a lot of people. it's going to feel good. it's one of those nice, doesn't happen a lot in august, especially in the suburbs, where you can open the windows, turn the ac off, give it a break. for the afternoon, probably need the ac. it's going to be a warm one, 85 to 88 degrees. with the humidity staying nice and low, another beautiful day. your weekend turned out to be absolutely perfect. heading through monday, monitoring monday for a yellow weather alert, depending on the
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timing, the intensity. right now, doesn't look worthy of it. we'll reach 92 degrees on monday. pretty hot and a little bit more humid, all ahead of showers and thunderstorms headed your way. by tuesday, here we go, right back to 87 degrees. it's going to feel really nice on tuesday. look at this. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, it is smooth sailing weather-wise. and the nats are home all week. everybody's in for a treat. no rain delays! so that's the good news. >> i am loving this! really good weather for the nats. >> absolutely. >> awesome. come by any time with your good weather. i've got a story for you. it was literally art on the run in toledo, ohio this weekend, when high winds sent an art installation rolling down the street. yep, do not adjust your sets. this giant red ball actually weighs 250 pounds and it traveled the world. the creator of the red ball project had placed that giant inflatable in parks and alleyways, but didn't really anticipate this thing taking
6:20 pm
off on its own. >> it's very rare, but we got some sort of wind behind it and we have like a safety check system, but it popped out us on and we were really fortunate that everybody was okay. >> this could have hit someone. well, the giant inflatable was eventually caught, selfies being taken there, and nobody was hurt. >> how can you be surprised that that the ball took off on you? that thing is huge! >> yeah, there should have been some kind of secure way of making sure the ball didn't just-- >> someone dropped the ball. >> someone dropped the ball. well done. how can i follow that up? >> is the panda a football fan? >> i can tell, he or she is. >> big decisions being made acollege campuses across the country. who is my starting quarterback for my football team? that's what college coaches are talking about. randy etzel explains where his head is
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. it's a long season. got to take one game at a time. plenty of opportunities left. all cliches used by the nats this year, but listen, gang, we're past that stage, right? washington running out of time and their level of play doesn't exactly make you think a rally is on the horizon, does it? i don't think so. well, things were supposed to turn beginning with this home stand. but the brewers demolishing the nats last night, 10-3. that's right, ladies. 10-3. football score. to make matters worse, the mets won. the nats are five back of the mets now. doug fister struggling again, personifying the nats again. lot of promise, but not living up to expectations. >> guys are playing hard, guys are putting together good at- bats and pitchers are grinding it out. we just haven't had it go our
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way consistently yet. so, you know, all it takes is one day of some good stuff and, you know, followed by a next one. >> game 2 of the series tonight. here's what robert griffin is going through right now. nfc concussion protocol state he's got to see a neurologist and after he's symptom-free he'll start light workouts, eventually working his way back to full status. boy, he was battered badly on thursday, wasn't he? eventually leaving with a concussion and, boy, after shots like that, who would blame him? 9 sports reached out to a member of the organization who said not all concussions are serious and the washington post is also reporting there's a good chance griffin will play against the ravens on saturday. jay gruden speaks to the media tomorrow and he will update us on robert. we shall see. here's a cool event at the skins park today. the team charitable foundation holding a back-to-school event for families. school begins for some on
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monday. what? monday. man. the team provided backpacks and school supplies. that's not all. dental exams, too, and grooming for the kids, which is pretty cool. this is important. kiddos feel good about themselves and they are ready to learn. >> i always support the organization and i get a chance to see some of my old alumni friends and, like i said, the whole event, if you go down there and look at what they are doing for the dental, back-to- school stuff, i mean, it's amazing. they do a great job. >> cool stuff right there. countdown to kickoff, ladies. t minus 14 days until the college football season begins. maryland v richmond will headline games around here. randy etzel trying to settle his quarterback derby and needs to do it pretty soon. >> all in on three. one, two, three! >> all in! >> i'm excited. >> yeah. >> there you go. fan appreciation day at the stadium. terp fans showing up to meet the team and players signing autographs for the crowd.
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how about a little football? dax garmin, transfer from oklahoma city, along with caleb rowe. coach explaining his process in determining his starter. >> we tell people it's a competition and then you go and you evaluate everything and it's right there on paper and you don't go with what they have been doing on the field. then you have credibility problems. when we tell them this is what we're looking for and this is what we're going to make decisions based on, then we've got to stick to that. finally here, or second to final, tiger woods at the wyndham championships today. tiger apparently not distracted by panda watch! putting very well. how about that from distance, saving par to keep him at 13. a few holes later on 16, it takes three, but all it takes is two after this shot. nicely done. tiger is two strokes off the lead, shoots a 68. final round tomorrow. we got time for this. this is pretty cool.
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finally nats baseball isn't very entertaining these days, but the president's race certainly is. teddy bringing out the boom box last night and all the presidents started whipping the nene. while the others were distracted, teddy taking advantage, taking off, and he wins the president's race right there. there you go. >> always bring it. >> whipping the nene. >> are you doing that for us? >> no, no, no. well, we have a beautiful night. >> head to the nats game, perfect weather. >> might need a light jacket. 88 degrees for tomorrow. nats game tomorrow looks good as well. >> i love it. we have
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>> axelrod: three americans hailed as heroes in france. the childhood friends take down a gunman aboard a high-speed train to paris and foil a possible terror attack. >> wow, wow, wow. >> axelrod: donald trump draws his biggest crowd yet, continuing to hit immigration hard. how is his message playing with hispanic voters? the fallout from the ashley madison hack attack. more names on the cheating web site are revealed, and with them come a growing number of investigations and lawsuits. and an airshow stunt ends in disaster as a military jet crashes on a busy road. incredibly, the pilot survived. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news."


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