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tv   wusa 9 News Sunday at 7am  CBS  August 23, 2015 7:00am-8:31am EDT

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good sunday morning. i'm mike hydeck. new this morning, the giant female panda giving birth to a second panda cub. overnight we are live at the national zoo with great news. happening today responders head to undercrowned to -- underground to sharpen their skills. and this runaway ball terrorizes the streets of an ohio city. we will tell you what this is all about. i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. in for another treat today. we are going to continue with the beautiful sunshine and low humidity through the rest of the weekend. great weather to enjoy.
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thank you so much for waking up with us here on sunday morning, the best sunday morning for television. i'm mike hydeck. she is erica grow. what can you complain about today weatherwise? nothing. >> tomorrow is when things change a bit. but it's a very brief lived change. not going to last very long as well. let's get things started with a look at the michael & son camera on the patomic river. a lot of sunshine, a few more clouds than we had yesterday, 75 degrees at 10:00, 83 at 1:00, another great day to have lunch outdoors. i saw a lot of people having picnics at the rock creek parkway yesterday. those parks that line the rock creek parkway just beautiful for any outdoor activities today. your high temperature once again in the upper 80s. currently it is a little chilly to start, just like yesterday, 55 in frederick, martinsburg and winchester, you might want to put on the sweater or light jacket. 55 in manassas as well, 54 in
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front royal but 65 in downtown washington. keeping it clear and satellite and radar, that's going to change tomorrow, though. i'll time out the arrival of rain with 9 futurecast in the seven day. a double fail motorcycle accident was in prince george's county. police are on the scene of the accident, two men pronounced dead at the scene. if information comes in we will bring it to you on our wusa9 app. now the national zoo has not one but two new residents this morning. late last night jei xiang gave birth to a second panda cub. >> the twins arrive almost two years after she gave birth to bao bao. good morning, surae chinn. >> reporter: good morning. double excitement at the national zoo. bao bao turns 2 today. but so many questions, the cub we don't know if it is male or
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female or who even fathered the cubs. two pandas in question. here's a first look at the second cub that was born last night. the second cub is in an incubator right now while the mom is nursing the first cub. you might remember mei xiang was artificially ensim nate -- inseminate back in april by a giant panda from china, way way and tientien. she went into labor at 4:30 yesterday afternoon and then an hour later gave birth to the first cub. here is zoo director dennis kelly. >> well, i am so happy, so pleased, so excited to confirm that we have a new giant panda cub here at the smithsonian national zoological park. it was streamed live on panda cam and the cub was born at 5:35 this afternoon. >> reporter: we heard --
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>> we heard someone saying she was in labor. we watched her be born on the cam, hanging around together and it was exsilenting and -- exciting and all of that. >> reporter: twins at the national zoo. giant pandas give birth to twins half the time and we only learned about mei xiang being pregnant just a few days ago and then now we have twins and it's the first time, it's the first for the national zoo that they were able to confirm her pregnancy through ultrasound. so all exciting. there's a press conference at 8:30. live at the national zoo, surae chinn, wusa9. >> great news, surae, thank you. in just over half an hour from now metro officials are going to conduct an emergency drill at the stadium armory station. it starts at 7:45. the emergency drill will simulate smoke and a fire in the tunnel outside of the metro stop. earlier this year a woman died, you will remember, when an
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electrical malfunction caused smoke to fill the metro tunnel. the stadium armory station along with patomic avenue, minnesota avenue and deanwood stations will be closed today so it will be buses replacing the orange line trains. also bus service for the silver and blue line trains between eastern market and benning road as well. happening today, federal officials on the national mall to test their ability to spot gyro coppers and ultralike aircraft. it is being conducted by norad. this comes after that florida man flew his gyro copter through restricted airspace and landed it on the capital lawn. now he's facing a range of charges. norad says the exercise is based on that incident but will involve four aircraft.
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he was holed up for about 30 hours and now a standoff with police is over in northeast d.c. a man in his 70s was taken into custody around 5:00 p.m. saturday night after he had barricaded himself inside an 18th street home. this all started after he allegedly shot and killed 63- year-old loretta carswell around 11:00 a.m. friday. police say carswell and that suspect had an argument before friday's shooting and neighbors tell us the man had a long standing gripe against that victim. a firefighter is recovering at home this morning after being hit by falling debris in a two-alarm fire. two townhouses in suitland went up in flames on saturday. they are in the 4200 block of apple orchard lane. you can see the flames right there. the firefighter was treated at the hospital and sent home. investigators believe this fire started with some sort of accident. and another prince george's county firefighter also released from the hospital on saturday. zachary proven was burned while he was battling an apartment
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fire in laurel. he he was burned on his hands, ears and chest. a gunman, a crowded train and three american heroes. we are learning more about the men being credited for foiling a french train attack. and a missouri mother remembers her daughter just days after she was shot while doing her homework. and we are also tracking the price at the pump this morning. why the cost of filling up is going down. we have another gorgeous day on tap in the metro area. we are going to get to enjoy those temperatures in the upper 80s with low humidity. and that means it's going to be a great day at the ballpark. mike hydeck is throwing out that first pitch at the nats game today as they take on the brewers. first pitch at 1:35 and it's going to be in the mid-80s, sunny and warm, no excuse for mike to miss the plate. we will talk more about this home run of a forecast coming
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first alert weather time. i'm lining up my excuses of bouncing the ball when i throw the first pitch at the nats game. i'm going to say sun glare is a problem. >> you see outfielders all the time looking for that ball and then, yeah -- >> got to have an excuse. >> when the pros miss it, you're like, oh, man. >> right. >> so we are looking at another great day. >> sunny. >> another day where you're stepping out the door to an almost fall-like feel and then a beautiful summerlike afternoon. taking a look at our 3-degree guarantee right now, once again we hit it, we got up to 86 yesterday and the forecasted high was 87. today's forecasted high is 88 degrees. here's a look at the day planner, just a few clouds from time to time throughout the day today. 71 at 9:00, 81 degrees at noon,
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85 at 5:00. our high temperature today, 88 degrees. right now 56 degrees with a partly cloudy. winds out of the at 5 miles an hour. the humidity remains nice and low, a dew point of 56 is refreshing and comfortable. right now 57 degrees at an cruise and -- andrews and waldorf. a wide view of satellite and radar, not much going on in the mid-atlantic and the northeast but you can see wet weather on the approach and there's even a severe thunderstorm watch in effect for southern missouri and northern arkansas. that's the system that's going to approach tomorrow and bring us a chance for some rain. but your forecast for today looks awfully nice, beautiful sunshine, a high of 88 degrees. 86 degrees in winchester, 85 in martinsburg today and westminster, 85 in tappahannock
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. martinsburg and frederick down to 67 degrees. 70 in downtown washington. we are going to ramp up that humidity a little bit tomorrow as the cold front approaches, it will bring us an isolated thunderstorm but most of the activity waits until we get to the evening hours and then the first alert seven-day forecast, we clear out again and back to the beautiful weather for the entire rest of the workweek, high temperatures will be in the 80s. mike back to you. >> thanks, erica. we are hearing from the mother of a 9-year-old girl who was shot and killed just while she was in her bedroom doing her homework. she was hit by a bullet tuesday in her ferguson, missouri home and police are still trying to make an arrest in the case. kendrick hendrickson was shot in the leg in incident and she talked about the moment she found her daughter. >> normally when she hear the gunshots she is the first one that says, mom, there's shooting. i went to check on her and as i looked over she was laying on
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her stomach and she wasn't moving and that's when i flipped her over and, you know, she was unconscious and i was shaking her saying mila, mila. >> awful. henderson says gunshots in her neighborhood unfortunately have become a reality over the last year. a police officer has been pulled off e thstreets in philadelphia while police investigate whether or not he tried to extort money from a man during a traffic stop. the video of that incident was uploaded, has over half a million views online already. it appears to show the officer giving the driver an ultimatum, buy tickets to a police fundraiser or your car will get impounded. the officer is also heard making homophobic comments to the man. it was a normal day at a florida grocery store until this happened. check out this frightening car crash. we are going to show it to you coming up. plus all hands on deck as first responders call on volunteers now to help them in their losing battle against the wildfires out west. we will be right back.
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dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. wildfires continue to rage across washington state and so far more than 250 square miles have burned. that's a huge number. >> this is a really tough job so residency are now taking matters into their own hands because the firefighters are overwhelmed and now first responders are even calling for volunteers. kristin fisher martinez has
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more. >> reporter: nearly 1000 fires continuing to -- continue to consume okanogan county. >> it's hell on earth and won't stop. >> reporter: thousands have been ordered to evacuate but some homeowners refuse to go. these brothers are trying to beat back the flames from reaching their grandparents' home. >> there would be no way to leave without trying. i mean, grandparents' house, got to try to save it. >> they have been told to evacuate so many times and they won't go. they just fight and everybody fights. >> because this is home. >> yep, yep. >> reporter: for the first time in the state's history, washington officials are asking for volunteers to help fight the fires. they say already more than 3000 people have offered to help. thousands of firefighters remain on the front lines, phillip ridgley is leading a team from oregon. >> this is my country and i'm
7:18 am
proud to be a part of what's going on here, helping people, helping homes throughout this whole country. >> reporter: 200 active duty soldiers are expected to join the fight over the weekend along with a team of firefighters from australia and new zealand. chris martinez, cbs news, okanogan, washington. >> about 200 equipment operators will be getting training this weekend. they are going to learn how to set up the emergency fire shelters and basic techniques to help out the fire crews. it's a beautiful day in the dmv, i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. check out the temperatures. you're waking up to a nice, cool, comfortable feel again today. 57 degrees in gaithersburg and waldorf, 62 in fredericksburg right now, even in downtown washington we managed to cool off in the mid-60s. your zone by zone forecast looking great today. only potential for a shower in the lower shenandoah valley down in luray and harrisburg.
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the rest of us will stay dry today, a high of 85 in martinsburg. humidity remains low by the blue ridge. southerly wind as we head into the afternoon but not going to keep our temperatures in the 80s. 86 degrees at andrews, 87 degrees for your high in frederick. mike, back to you. >> thanks. perhaps you have seen the signs at the grocery store or at your nearby diner, the worst ever outbreak of bird flu means you will be paying more for one of your morning staples and as lesli foster tells us, this could impact two of your favorite meals. >> reporter: this egg shortage is turning the most important meal of the day into the most expensive and around the holidays it will also impact your family gathering around the table. some 48 million chickens and turkeys have succumbed to the egg flu and that's expected to push frozen bird prices up 19% higher than just a year ago around thanksgiving.
7:20 am
farmers who saw their entire flocks wiped out by the disease have to clean up and start over. and many restaurants, especially ones serving breakfast have posted signs about higher prices for menu items with eggs and at this rate that's not expected to change anytime soon. lesli foster, wusa9. motorists in maryland are saving at the gas pump. drivers are paying 5 cents less at the pump when you compare it to just a week ago. aaa mid-atlantic says the average price of a gallon of regular in maryland was down to $2.50 a gallon. it was $2.55 a week ago. the 10th -- with the 10th anniversary of hurricane katrina approaching, walmart is donating $25 million over the next five years to disaster recovery efforts around the world. the company says it's a commitment that includes half a million in grants to nonprofits in the gulf coast region as well. and you need a loan? talk to this guy. roger federer tops a new list
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from forbes highest paid athlete endorsers. 28million for pitching products. companies like nike, rolex and mercedes-benz he was a spokesperson for. tiger woods $50 million in investments. lebron james $44 million in commercial endorsements. if you haven't heard, mei xiang gave birth to a second cub. i'm surae chinn at the national zoo with more coming up. and also ahead, new video that shows three americans tackle the gunman on a crowded train in france. we are now hearing from two of these heroes, what anthony sadler and -- and is vice president joe biden ready to enter the presidential race. a high powered meeting that happened here in the district on saturday. up next, joni b. is here
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with a look at the biggest
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in case you missed it, it's time to check out what's trending on our facebook page. here's joni b. >> we are starting off with josh duggar. this was not a good week for him. he had previously admitted to molesting five young girls but now he's admitting to having an ashley madison account. his e-mail was one of thousands
7:25 am
leaked when the cheating website was hacked. josh said on his family website i have been the biggest hypocrite ever. this next one is for you starbucks lover, your favorite pumpkin spiced latte is going to be made with real pumpkin this fall. until now that drink has only contained pumpkin pie spices. and i want to leave you with some of the best photos of the week, first that's a great white shark leaping out of the water to catch a seal. that one was taken in cape cod by the atlantic white shark conversesy. i am joni v. now it's time to take a look at some of the best caught on camera video this week. >> got to check this out. high wind in downtown toledo caused a scene that looks similar to indiana jones and the temp of doom. here comes a giant inflatable ball. it's from the toledo museum of
7:26 am
art and that inflatable ball got away and rolled down the street. check it out. it was eventually caught but, boy, did it cause quite a stir. >> huge. >> yes. the red ball project made its way to toledo earlier this month and even though it's inflatable, it still weighs 250 pounds and it has traveled the world before getting stuck right there. >> down the street, yeah. looks like a normal day in this neighborhood grocery store, husband, wife, 4-month- old son behind the counter. then mom picks the child up, leaves minutes later, this car crashes through the front window. yeah, it happened in ft. lauderdale, florida. the driver told them she hit the gas instead of the brake. that caused her to drive into the store, luckily only minor injuries in this one. >> how do you hit the gas instead of the -- >> scary, yeah. >> in any case, it happened and everyone is safe. coming up in our second half hour, late night youtube, how viral video is changing late night tv and vice versa.
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plus, we are welcoming washington's newest residents, two baby pandas. we head live back to the national zoo coming up. and it's going to be a gorgeous day once again in the dmv with tons of sunshine and low humidity. high temperatures again in the upper 80s. it's pretty much a carbon copy of yesterday's fantastic weather. but monday has some changes for us. i'll talk about
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good sunday morning. now it's 7:30. captured on a cell phone camera, video of the three americans tackling a gunman on a packed french train. we are hearing from some of those men as they are getting recognized for their bravery. >> if you do something that people like, they will share it with their friends and it will start to have a wider reach. reaching beyond a time slot as host of the late, late show taps into the power of viral videos. and news on the go, one of the best apps for staying on top of the story. it's going to be another gorgeous day in the dmv. i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. we are being treated to that sun and low humidity again today. i'll tell you more about the temperature trend in the first alert seven-day forecast. no better place to watch sunday morning television than right here on wusa9 and cbs throughout the morning.
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i'm mike walter. she is erica grow and she has probably the best news of the day, except for the second baby panda. more on that coming up. >> the panda twins kind of trump this forecast which is hard to do. >> yes. >> because it's another wonderful day. if you enjoyed yesterday, you are going to love today as well. just a few more clouds is the only difference we have in the forecast from yesterday. we are starting off with temperatures that are in the 50s in a lot of spots but you can see here in the day planner on the michael & son weather cam that we are going to pop into the mid-70s by 10:00 a.m., a few clouds with a temperature of 83 at 1:00, going to be a great day to have lunch outdoors, anything you want to do outside it's going to be perfect today. the winds will be light for the most part today. they will become more southerly as we head into the afternoon, we are going to pop that temperature into the upper 80s this afternoon as well. current temperature, though, as i mentioned before, a little bit cool in a couple of spots. it's 55 in frederick and manassas, a great night to open up the windows. i hope you took that advice, 59 degrees in winchester and leesburg, 65 in downtown
7:32 am
washington and 63 in fredericksburg. nothing on satellite and radar right now another a few high clouds but you can see showers drifting our way from the southwest. i'll time out their arrival with 9 futurecast coming up in the first alert seven day. you may have heard yesterday if you followed the news of the national zoo that there was at least one baby panda born but late last night mei xiang gave birth to a second. >> the twins arrive almost two years to the day after mei xiang gave birth to her dow bao bao -- her daughter bao bao. our surae chinn is at the zoo this morning with the latest on the pandemonium. >> reporter: we are expected to learn more in about an hour to find out how mama bear and her cubs are doing, in about 8:30 there is going to be a presser and the first panda cub was born at 5:30 yesterday, five hours later a second panda. folks were gathered here at the zoo to watch the panda cam. there was a loud gasp when the
7:33 am
panda cam went off for a second. it came right back on. so that's how intense it was yesterday as people were watching the birth. then we had the second surprise at 10:07 last night when another cub was born. both appear to be healthy. veterinarians will switch the cubs so each one will have a chance to nurse with mom. the second cub right now is being monitored in an incubator. so exciting, meanwhile, for panda lovers. >> i think all of us just yelled, hooped and yelled. you think we just made a football touchdown there at the razorbacks, you know. >> reporter: so excited and there's more excitement to come as we learn more today. but folks here at the national zoo and veterinarians have cautiously optimistic at this point because it is so fragile at this point, you might remember mei xiang gave birth in 2012 to a cub and six days later it passed away. so these giant pandas give birth to such a small cub, the
7:34 am
size is about a stick of butter so you can imagine such a small cub, that they are garagely looking -- fragilely looking after right now. they are monitoring their health and looking after mother bear. we are hearing now from two out of the three americans who helped subdue a gunman on a train in europe friday. >> we first heard about this story earlier this weekend and now we have new video to see showing their bravery in subduing that gunman. wendy gillette reports now from new york. >> reporter: cell phone video shows a man suspected of opening fire on a high speed train in belgium hogtied on the ground. three people all helped to disarm the gunman. >> i woke up to basically people ducking and i was like why is everybody ducking and then i turned around to look and he had just entered -- the
7:35 am
gunman entered the car with the ak. >> reporter: anthony sadler's friend, air force serviceman spencer jones stood up followed by alex skarlotos. >> spencer got to the guy first, grabbed the guy about the neck and i grabbed the gunman. >> reporter: the gunman fought back and the ak-47 went off but they were able to get him under control. >> we were scared for sure but adrenaline took over because i didn't even have time to think. >> reporter: the gunman slashed stone with a knife. he was released from a french hospital saturday. the train was traveling from amsterdam and paris and stopped in northern france after the attack. the suspect had boarded the train in brussels. investigators are confirmed he is a 26-year-old moroccan who allegedly belonged to the radical islam missed -- islamist movement and was on a french security watch list. president obama called the
7:36 am
three americans to congratulate them for their heroism. officials say a 48-year-old man with a history of medical issues has died in a detention facility in arlington county. the man died saturday after being found unconscious in a medical unit cell of the arlington county detention facility. anthony gordon was convicted last year of assault and battery and sentenced to five years. we have breaking news now out of switzerland where two planes have collided at an air show in northern switzerland, at least one of the planes crashed after impact. police say the planes touched each other in mid-air just prior to the crash. no word yet on possible injuries or casualties. we will keep you updated as soon as we get more information. and at a british air show tragedy has struck for the second time. a military jet crashed into a busy highway killing seven people and injuring 14. the jet, which was taking part in the shoreham air show in southern england erupted into a fireball on impact. in 2007 the pilot of a world
7:37 am
war ii era hawker hurricane died at the same air show after performing an unplanned barrel roll. a deadly weekend in afghanistan. a suicide car bomber attacked a convoy traveling through a neighborhood in kabul on saturday. the attack killed at least 12 people including three american civilian contractors. no one has claimed responsibility as of yet for this attack. the family of julian bond held a private funeral service saturday for the late civil rights leader and former ncaa chairman. meantime across the nation hundreds of people gathered at bodies of water at exactly the same time to spread flowers in his honor. in charlottesville dozens of people gathered at a riverbank in a local park to place flowers in the water in bond's memory and in his honor. >> julian bond, former chairman of the naacp, dedicated his life fighting for civil rights, his impact on the university of virginia and charlottesville community is truly i am
7:38 am
measurable -- immeasurable. >> he died last wednesday from complications of vascular disease. he was 75. his family said his body was cremated and his ashes were spread in the gulf of mexico. hundreds of sell -- have celebrated the legacy of the godfather of go go. chuck brown band played a free concert in check brown memorial park in northeast washington. the guitarist and singer was born in north carolina but grew up here in the nation's capitol. he died in 2012 of heart and multiple organ failure. he was 75. coming up, john dickerson joins us with a preview of face the nation this morning, that's coming up next. and we are tracking the latest health news this morning including a warning for contact lens we'rers -- wearers. crowds gather from coast to coast. we will tell you what they are angry about now. erica. we are going to get a repeat performance of yesterday's beautiful weather with the sun and low humidity
7:39 am
combining two make for a fantastic day. it's going to be a great day at the beach as well. take a look at this shore forecast. beautiful sunshine today, a hive of 84 in ocean city, mid- 80s on monday, and then we will introduce the threat for showers on tuesday down at the shore but the showers will arrive faster here in the dmv. i'm time them out for you coming up with 9 futurecast and the first alert seven
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welcome back. sunscreen, maybe some water, maybe an excuse not to bounce the ball at home plate would be good, throwing out the first pitch at the nationals game today. >> you're already trying to couch this, which is hilarious. >> i can sing the national anthem to you but could i see it in front of everybody? we are going have another beautiful day, though, so a great day to head down to the ballpark if that's part of your plan. let's start off with the 3- degree guarantee, though. we love when we nail this 3- degree guarantee and we did it again yesterday, we were actually only off by 1 degree for our forecasted high. today's forecast calls for 88 degrees and i think we will have new trouble -- no trouble getting there again. here's your day planner, beautiful day of rosslyn with the michael & son weather cam, all the sunshine reflecting off of the tall buildings there, 71 degrees at 9:00 a.m., 81 degrees at noon. notice the winds are going to be very light. yesterday it was a little bit freeways from time to time --
7:43 am
bit breezy from time to time, that's not the case today. a nice comfortable 56 degrees is the dew point and winds are light out of the north at 5 miles per hour. during the day today they will become more southerly and southeasterly and that is going to set the stage for a warmer and more humid monday, but today it's still really nice and comfortable. 60 degrees right now in chevy chase and fairfax, 56 in demanding cuss right -- damascus right now, still sweater weather in places like manassas where it's 55 degrees right now. on satellite and radar you can see the cloud cover on the approach and now we are going to time out the showers for you with 9 futurecast so right now the weather is still just gorgeous, very ideal and we are going to see just a couple of pop-up showers in the lower shenandoah valley. this isn't going to affect places like winchester or even up toward front royal. you will stay completely dry today. you can see the front on the approach as we head into monday morning. the front starts to make its way toward the metro area for that monday afternoon commute and then by the tail end of the evening commute it is starting to move through.
7:44 am
by 11:00 we are done with the showers in the immediate beltway and a lingering shower is still possible on tuesday morning in southern maryland but not for us in the immediate metro so monday is the only day where we have that threat for rain, it's also the only day where we have high temperatures in the 90s. check out the first alert seven- day forecast, after a gorgeous day today, we have rain on monday, but not until the evening hours with a high of 92 and then back to the upper 80s on tuesday and wednesday. mike. >> thank you, erica. thousands of antiabortion activists descended on planned parenthood clinics on saturday. they were participating in a nationwide protest and their goal cutting off federal funding for the controversial healthcare organization. the protests come after an antiabortion group secretly videotaped a conversation of planned parenthood staffers discussing the sale of baby parts. abortion opponents claim that video captures an illegal operation in which organs are harvested for money.
7:45 am
planned parenthood officials claim they were altered to boast the critics' claims. good morning. spend one last night under the stars this evening at the 19th annual comcast outdoor film festival drive-in. meet on the grounds of the country board of education -- county board of education building at 850 hungerford drive in rockville. admission is free, gates open at 5:00 p.m., music, food and family fun begin at 5:30. tonight's movie, "guardians of the galaxy" starts at dusk. drive-in seating for 180 cars plus lawn chair seating. all proceeds will benefit nih children's charities. i'm andrea roane, have a great sunday. millions of americans apparently are not taking care of their contact lenses, putting them at risk for serious eye infections. a cdc survey found 99% of people who wear lenses have at least one bad habit, doctors say keeping contact lens cases longer than three months or
7:46 am
topping off solution instead of dumping out the old stuff. they say that really increases your possibility of infection. a new study shows women who have gasris bypass surgery has a lower tolerance for alcohol. after two drinks, women who have had bypass surgery reach blood alcohol concentration equal to four drinks in women who did not have the surgery. british researchers warn that dieters who eat on the run may be more likely to gain weight rather than lose it. they tracked the eating habits of 60 women's that also ate while walking around or otherwise distracted were more likely to overeat later. >> that's interesting. >> yeah, it is interesting. >> yeah. this is a neat story too. after james corridan took over the late show here, he found an unexpected partner, youtube. >> as ben tracey reports,
7:47 am
corden went to youtube's unique video space in l.a. for a special broadcast of his tv show. >> youtube where the cats are grumpy and everyone does the harlem shake. >> reporter: more than 1 billion people now visit youtube every month, in the past decade it has become synonymous with felines, medicated minors and biting brothers. >> that really hurts. >> reporter: so to celebrate youtube's 10th birthday, the host of the late late show, james corden paid tribute to the two. >> it's a never ending spiral, the universal gone viral. >> reporter: corden is now the first late night host to broadcast his show from youtube space l.a. >> and action. >> reporter: a massive 41,000 square foot complex built to help internet artists create new content for the site. by taking his show there,
7:48 am
corden is acknowledging the importance of viral videos to his late night success. >> i think we hit 200 million views on youtube in 50 shows, which i think was -- we grew at a rate that no one ever thought we would. >> it used to be about owning the late night conversation. now it's about owning the next day conversation online. >> rebecca black. >> reporter: corden used husband time at youtube to -- his time at youtube to feature a slew of internet stars, including the slow mo guys who blow things up, a fashion and makeup blogger who helped him look a bit more barbie and the creator of epic rap battles of history. >> bye, bye, bye. >> reporter: ben tracey, angeles/?txu. >> and you can catch the late late show with james corden monday through friday here on wusa9 at 12:30 a.m.. >> absolute hoot that show if you haven't seen it. coming up, i'll introduce you to a high school junior who is making history in this
7:49 am
week's stem is cool in school report coming up. coming up in the tech minute, three
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a big morning ahead on face the nation. john dickerson joins us live with a preview. guests trying to get traction during the summer of trump. first up, christie, his blunt speech that made him an immediate darling has been overshadowed. what do you think his strategy is moving forward? >> we are going to talk to
7:52 am
donald trump who is the one creating the clouds the candidates are trying to get out from under. chris christie's argument is basically he's going to stick with it, grind it out and over time voters will fall back in love with him the way they used to. >> and also you're talking to ted cruz, a candidate that has been effective over the last years drumming up any issue on anything he supports, the filibuster, what have you. what is the conversation going to be with him about? >> talk about immigration, but also he is talking about religious liberty and the threat to that. he's appealing to conservative voters, particularly social conservatives, and he's got a lot of money to stay in this race for a long time. so he's certainly one to watch. >> and one quick question, john, before we let you go, we had our story on this morning about vice president joe biden and a special meeting he had yesterday. what do you take from that? >> well, yeah, there's a lot of buzz of that and -- about that, and we have been doing a lot of reporting about his thinking about joining the race taking on helicopter.
7:53 am
he met with senator elizabeth warren. that's interesting because while she is not running, she represents a connection with the base of the democratic party and if he's thinking about running, he wants to appeal to that base that cares about the middle class and programs aimed at rescuing the middle class from what the democrats see as the long decline in the middle class and so as a political matter, there couldn't be a more interesting meeting for joe biden to have. >> sounds like a great show. do not miss john dickerson, face the nation right here at 10:30 on wusa9. thank you, john. >> thanks, mike. also ahead this morning, capitol download for a preview of that, here's susan page and derek mcginty. >> today on capital download we are going to talk with democratic senator amy klobuchar. >> and we will take a look at national common core standards and the debate among parents, teachers and politicians as we enter a new school year. >> that's capitol download 8:30 right here on wusa9. >> thanks, susan and derek.
7:54 am
getting news delivered straight to your phone is earlier than ever and there's apps to help you customize your news so you get the news you're looking for without having to look for it.'s sharon has suggestions in this tech minute . >> smart news is a free news reader that let's you browse headlines among a wide variety of -- all the news is downloaded to the app so even if you have no connection you can still read the news offline. if you want more videos and photos with your news, check out wild card. that carries major breaking news and taps into your twitter account to customize your feed. you can save stories for reading offline plus notifications keep you updated about ongoing news like a sporting event or global conflict. choose from a grid of topics on the home screen or search for popular websites and news
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outlets. the apps keep track of what you read and uses that data to deliver custom news in the futurecast. in san francisco, i'm sharon profis,, cbs news. >> and for news across maryland and virginia, there's only one app you need, you can download the wusa9 news app for free on your news app store. the hunt for cheaters, more fallout in the ashley madison data dump. plus, we hear from the mayor of d.c. on the summer of violence as the death toll continues to grow. a wonderful weekend weather continues today. we are going to see another day with a lot of sunshine and low humidity. high temperatures again in the upper 80s, just a few clouds today, but humidity increases as we head back to work.
7:56 am
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good sunday morning. i'm mike hydeck. mei xiang makes it two. the national zoo welcomes its newest additions, a pair of baby pandas not just one. the mayor addresses the grim milestone of gun violence in the district. and could vice president joe biden about to make a big announcement about his future? another sign he could be ready for a run. it's going to be another great day in the dmv, very similar to yesterday, just a few more clouds, that's really the only thing to change the forecast from yesterday, but we will talk more about that in the first alert seven day. some changes will lie ahead for the workweek. good morning, i'm mike hydeck. she is erica grow. some changes? you went to bed last night thinking there was one baby panda. we found out there's two. first, though, the forecast just absolutely stellar today. >> another stellar day, beautiful sunshine, a few clouds from time to time and we are going to keep that humidity low. that is such a key element to
8:00 am
enjoying the weather when you're outdoors this time of year. we will take a look with the michael & son weather cam and we've got the white house for you here and your day planner. we are going to see temperatures in the mid-70s by 10:00 a.m. but 83 degrees at 1:00. you can see those winds remain nice and light as well. they will become more southeasterly as we head into the afternoon and evening and that will ramp up the humidity for monday. but today it stays dry. 86 degrees at 4:00, that's dropping down from a high of 88. but it's still in the 50s in a couple of spots it's 59 in winchester, just popped up to 61 now but it's 57 in front royal, 59 in frederick and gaithersburg, 68 in downtown washington. you can see the clouds drifting in but the rain holding off still to the west of the appalachian. it will move through on monday. we will time out exactly when on monday you can expect the rain coming up in the first alert seven-day forecast. top story now, it is so much fun to report good news in the beginning of the newscast. the national zoo has not one
8:01 am
but two new residents this morning as we were telling you late last night, may xiang gave -- mei xiang gave birth to a second panda cub. >> our surae chinn is live at the zoo with the latest on the panda news. >> reporter: it is double the excitement here at the national zoo, even triple the excitement with bao bao's birthday today. but there are a few questions to be answered. the cubs, we don't know if they are male or female or who fathered the cubs. right now a press conference is going to be held at 8:30. they are doing a test right now, preparing for that important press conference. nonetheless, there is the first picture of the second cub born last night. it is so small, it is about the size of a stick of butter. so if you can imagine, very, very small. mei xiang was artificially inseminated back in april by two giant cubs, one was tian tian and the other from china
8:02 am
wei wei. here's the national zoo director, dennis kelly. >> i am so happy, so pleased, so excited to confirm that we have a new giant panda cub here at the smithsonian national zoological park. it was streamed live on panda cam and the cub was born at 5:35 this afternoon. >> reporter: and we heard someone say that mei was in labor. >> we watched her be born on the cam and then we ran into our friends and watched it there and all hanging around that and exciting and all that. >> reporter: the national zoo right now buzzing with excitement, the press conference, they are getting ready doing all these tests. you can see a lot of media behind me. we will have more coming up in a little bit and we will cover that press conference at 8:30. live at the national zoo, surae chinn, wusa9. there has been a double fatal motorcycle accident in prince george's county. police on the scene of an
8:03 am
accident on laurel buoy road in laurel, two men were pronounced dead at the scene. as the information comes in on this, we will brick it to you on air and on our wusa9 app. underway on the national mall at this hour, federal officials are testing their ability to spot gyro copters and other ultralight aircraft. this exercise by the northern american aerospace defense command or norad comes after a florida man piloted a gyro copter through restricted airspace, i'm sure you remember this happening. it was on the west lawn of the u.s. capitol earlier this year. douglas hughes said his flight was intended to call attention to the influence of big money in politics and, of course, he now faces a litany of charges. also happening right now, metro officials are conducting an emergency drill at the stadium armory station. the drill will involve police, fire and emergency services. it got underway just about 20 minutes ago and it's going to last through mid-morning. the emergency drill will simulate spoke and a fire in a
8:04 am
tunnel outside the stadium armory station. now, earlier this year, one person died when an electrical malfunction caused the metro train to fill that tunnel with smoke. and the station armory station along with patomic avenue, minnesota avenue and deanwood stations closed today. as a result the buses will be replacing the trains on the orange line eastern market to cheverly. pluses will -- buses will replace from market and benning road. fortunately there was a break from violence overnight. no reported shootings in the district. on saturday, though, the city passed a grim milestone, more than 100 homicides this year so far. mayor muriel bowser says she is working on legislation and outreach efforts to try to get guns off the street. she also says she relies on her strong partnership with police chief kathy lanier. >> i rely on chief lanier's expertise policing the streets
8:05 am
for 20 years in the best of times and worst of times and she is deploying our resources as she knows that will work in our city. >> last year at this point there were 72 homicides in the city, that's a 36% increase year over year, we are only four homicides away for tying the rate for all of 2014, that was at 105. we are waiting to hear from a man now who held police at bay for 30 hours and what he will be officially charged with. the man in his 70s was taken into custody around 5:00 p.m. saturday night after he had barricaded himself inside a home on 18th street. this all started after he allegedly shot and killed 63- year-old loretta carswell around 11:00 a.m. on friday. police say carswell and that suspect had an argument before the shooting on friday. neighbors say the man had a long standing gripe against the woman. the ymca is going to the dogs. we will tell you why these four legged friends getting to take a dip at a local pool. plus, we are on a campaign trail as candidates spend a
8:06 am
busy weekend trying to secure your vote. and the u.k. takes a big step this morning in improving diplomatic relations with iran. i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow with some great news, not only for the metro area but also in the tropics where what was once hurricane danny has now become tropical storm danny so it has been downgraded. the winds are lighter and the other good news is that this storm is going to bring heavy rain to places that really need it. puerto rico in quite a drought right now. that rain arrives in the lesser antilles tomorrow and will move into puerto rico by tuesday. we won't see anything from this system but a rain event is on the way for monday. we will talk about it coming up in the first alert 6?
8:07 am
8:08 am
8:09 am
here's what i'm working on for you today, the nats and os battling for playoff positioning. highlights for you at 6:30. also tiger woods looks to salvage his golf season at the windham championships, that's here on wusa9 and then of course tonight on gave on overtime, we watch it up, a full breakdown of the skins, the latest on robert griffin
8:10 am
iii but see you at 6:30. north and south korea are holding a second round now of top level talks trying to diffuse growing tension between the two. that provoked what they say was a semi state of war. of the two sides says they are going to try to work to narrow down the differences. they met for over 10 hours on saturday. the u.k. reopened its embassy in iran this morning. iran state tv says british foreign secretary reopened the british embassy in tehran nearly four years after it was closed following an attack by hard liners. the recent deal helped accelerate the thaw in relations between -- release of more confidential information. >> hackers posted internal documents and details of additional users. it's become a concern for the pentagon, the white house and
8:11 am
beyond. con tessa brewer reports it . >> reporter: a hunt for cheaters especially those who used a work e-mail to access the site. ashley madison accounts linked with government or military servers, at least two assistant u.s. attorneys, a justice department investigator, white house workers and strategic staffers at homeland security, dozens of new york city education employees, 50 california state workers. the fbi and pentagon are investigating trying to stay a step ahead. the executive director of louisiana's g.o.p., jason dory, announced he had had an account he says for opposition research. and high profile husbands are squirming in public. christian bloggers sam and nia became viral stars weeks ago when he surprised her with a positive pregnancy test. >> bam. >> then promptly announced she had miscarried. ashley madison gave them more than 15 minutes of fame with
8:12 am
sam's exposure as a member, though he insists he never had an affair. >> this was brought to my wife's attention, she has forgiven me for this mistake i made. >> reporter: but the less forgiving, more suspicious spouse can search online for evidence. though new york divorce attorney val kleiman advises don't go running to a lawyer. >> think about why you went to search their name in the first place, is there a trust issue there to begin with? because if there is, maybe you should have been in my office long before this information dump happened. >> that was contessa brewer reporting. along with the fbi, police are investigating ashley madison, it's based in toronto. first alert weather time, it is going to be another gorgeous day, hard to believe it's august. secretary of health and human services a lot -- should be a lot stickier, it seems. >> we have had a string of nice weekends in the month of august. >> so lucky. >> very unusual timing but we will take it, right?
8:13 am
it looks like it's going to be another fantastic sunday. let's get things started right now with the 3-degree guarantee, which, of course, we nailed again yesterday. our forecast high yesterday was in the upper 80s and that's where we got. today we are once again going in the upper 80s, your official high temperature 88 degrees. here's a look at reagan national airport with the michael & son weather cam and the day planner. just a few clouds today, they are not going to bring us any rain, it's going to stay completely dry. it will be 68 degrees at 9:00 a.m. but already all the way up to 81 degrees by noon. 85 at 5:00 and that drops down from a high temperature of 88 degrees. right now it is 68 degrees, winds out of the north at 5 miles per hour, keeping that nice refreshing feel in the atmosphere, the dew point 57 so that's a comfortable feel. when the dew point is in the 50s this time of year it's a very welcomed treat. right now 63 degrees in bull run, still 57 in loveitzville
8:14 am
and germantown. on satellite you can see a few sprinkles of showers popping up in the western portion of the appalachians, that will be a factor for the lower shenandoah valley today but tracking an approaching cold front that will bring us a chance for showers and thunderstorms on monday but also going to bring us an increase in heat and humidity before it moves through. today your feels-like temperature in the mid-80s at the worst of it in the afternoon because of that nice low dew point. waking up tomorrow morning, it won't feel quite as cool as it did this morning. we are going to wake up to temperatures feeling like they are in the 60s, maybe even close to 70 degrees and then in the afternoon it's going to feel like it's in the 90s tomorrow. so when you combine the temperature with the humidity, we will easily have a real feel in the mid-90s at the worst of it in the beltway. but today is gorgeous, a high of 88 degrees, tons of sunshine, isolated thunderstorms arrive late tomorrow with that cold front moving through. before it moves through, though, we will reach a high of 92 degrees and then back to the 80s on tuesday.
8:15 am
87 degrees both tuesday and wednesday with the lower humidity, the sunshine, another gorgeous stretch of weather setting up here in the metro from tuesday all the way through friday and possibly into the runs and ravens -- redskins and ravens game on saturday though there is a slight potential for a shower. 8:15 now. an iconic los angeles park is getting a bright facelift this weekend. take a look at this. 150 brightly painted atmospheres dotted -- spheres dotted the lake at macarthur park. when it's completed on tuesday, there will be a total of 2500 of these floating on the lake. the mayor of los angeles says that park is perfect for this. >> art to me doesn't mean much if it's locked away behind museum doors. it has to be where people are. >> this is the first time shooting color on my new camera so this is a perfect opportunity. >> mine is out there. i'm not sure which one yet. >> will you recognize it if you
8:16 am
see? >> i hope so. >> when the project is dismantled about a month from now, the giant spheres will find new homes in women's shelters and in hospitals. campaign 2016, is vice president joe biden ready to enter the presidential race? he met privately with massachusetts senator elizabeth warren at his residence here in the district on saturday. biden's meeting with that prominent democrat is the strongest sign yet that the vice president is becoming more serious about considering a potential bid for the white house. if he decides to enter the race, he would have a big challenge both money and in popularity trying to take on democratic front runner hillary clinton. it was a busy weekend for presidential candidates. many of them hitting the stump on saturday. democrat bernie sanders continued his tour of south carolina. at a rally he denounced the coke brothers saying the greedy billionaires are destroying american democracy. meanwhile in columbus, ohio, texas governor rick perry
8:17 am
spoke at the annual summit of the americans for prosperity. that's the flagship conservative political organization of the coke brothers name. hit on everything from battling isis to medicaid expansion and dismantling what he calls the washington machine. and the final round of candidates took the stage at the iowa state fair. bobby jindal and chris christie hammering home their message on immigration, both candidates drowned out by protesters during their stump speeches. stem is cool in school time, she is making history and she is only a junior in high school. in this week's stem is cool in school report meet a d.c.'s student whose research will be getting international credit all because of her work with smithsonian. >> for most of us a leaf is just a leaf. not the case for d.c. high school junior asia hill. >> when you started this, did you believe you were going to be involved in one of the biggest projects in the world? you're in high school still. >> no, i didn't know that the project was going to be so big. i thought it was going to be
8:18 am
more of we are teaching high schoolers how to work in a lab. >> she is working on the global genome project, scientifically mapping every living thing ever. her focus, plants, her classroom, one of the most advanced labs in the world, smithsonian's museum support center in suitland. the leaf she found history making, an ancient version of a sunflower that no one has ever seen. >> we are the first group to look at the whole genome and it's really exciting. >> the first group ever? >> yes. >> high school students can do this. >> reporter: robert cass tell low -- castillo oversees the genome project: >> if you're put in the right setting. >> reporter: and what a setting in smithsonian's youth engagement through science program she connects with some of the sharpest scientific minds in the world. >> we do google hangouts with
8:19 am
an expert on ancient dna from a lab in cope hangen -- copenhagen denmark. >> reporter: she is not stopping there. >> now that i know i have a connection here at the smithsonian, i'm going to definitely use that connection. >> reporter: so if you'd like to share that story with a family who would be interested, it's on my facebook page, also there if you're interested in the yes program at smithsonian, there's a link to that too. we'd love to hear from you if you have a good stem story. send me a message. the nationals got back to winning ways last night beating the milwaukee 6-1 at nats park. they will take the field, both teams once again, the nats and wusa9 will also be helping some local teachers today get their school off to a winning start. what a great night the nats had last night. they ended up 6-1. several home runs last night. we wanted to let you know we had started a campaign called -- to fund teacher projects and a host of local schools we call
8:20 am
it teaches of super-- teachers are superheroes and the nats have helped us. today teachers and students will have pre game fun. i will be giving out a spirit award. students will get a chance to high five the players as they go onto the field. i will also get a chance to throw out the ceremonial first pitch before the game starts at 1:35. go nats. it's going to be fun. >> go nats. we are continuing to follow the birth of two pandas at the national zoo. >> yeah. exciting weekend here in the d.c. metro area. the twins arrived almost two years to the day after mei xiang gave birth to her daughter bao bao. let's check in one more time this morning with surae chinn. she is at the national zoo right now. good morning, surae. >> reporter: the national zoo will be holding a press conference in about 10 minutes. people are setting up right behind me but there are so many questions. the cubs, are they male or female and who fathered these cubs? mei xiang was artificially insim dated back -- inseminated
8:21 am
back in april by tian tian and a giant panda from china, wei wei. the first cub born at 5:30, the second at 10:07. double the excitement at the national zoo and even triple excitement because today is bao bao's second birthday. live at the national zoo, surae chinn, wusa9 news. >> we will look for the update. coming back with a look at our big stories right after this so keep it here. plus riding high with the help of disabled friends. we will tell you about this program that's helping disabled surfers catch a wave. looks like it's time for a little nap. >> yeah. look at those cuties. >> and now we have a picture from meow. i have seen that on twitter before. introducing mckee mcgee, 17
8:22 am
years young. still going strong. how about that? >> special thanks to bella, my precious grand dog. >> looks like a what's the most important thing your parents do for you?
8:23 am
they buy me food. they make sure i'm never lost. well... they pay my allowance. encourage me. ♪ they sing us a lullaby at night... a lullaby at night. ♪ oh! now i remember... why does it matter that cigna covers preventive care?
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because the next most important thing you can do for them is take care of yourself. cigna. together, all the way. a fundraiser at a massachusetts ymca has gone to the dogs. >> local dogs near boston had the opportunity to dive in and make a splash with their owners during the second annual puppy swim. the puppy swim helps raise
8:25 am
funds for the organization's annual fund. some were apprehensive about diving in. i know they do this at our local schools here in d.c. as well at the end of the season. i guess boston ending their season a little bit earlier than we do here. >> cute dogs. >> very cute. check this out. dozens of physically challenged surfers were able to hit the waves in california's huntington beach. the fun was due to a group called life rolls on. >> the adaptive athletes, they get that sense of freedom that they lost and that independence and it's a priceless experience, you know. >> each wheelchair bound athlete was assisted by 20 volunteers and able to spend 25 minutes in the water. >> phenomenal. happening right now, metro officials are conducting an emergency drill at the stadium armory station. this drill involves police, fire and emergency services and it will simulate smoke and fire in a tunnel outside the stadium
8:26 am
armory station. also happening today, this one on the national mall this morning. federal officials are testing their ability to spot gyro copters and ultralight aircraft. this exercise is being conducted by norad and it comes after that florida man flew his gyrocopter through restricted airspace and landed on the west lawn of the u.s. capitol. and a break from the violence overnight with no reported shootings in the district. on saturday, though, the city passed a grim milestone, more than 100 homicides so far this year. mayor muriel bowser says she is working on new legislation and outreach efforts trying to get guns off the streets. why don't we take a final look at weather because it was so great yesterday, we want to keep it going again so that we can round out a perfect weekend. and guess what? we are going to get to do that. 88 degrees today, a good amount of sunshine, a few clouds, it's the only difference from yesterday because the humidity is still going to be nice and comfortable but tomorrow with the cold front on the approach,
8:27 am
we are going to spruce a little bit more heat and humidity, plus -- introduce a little bit more heat and humidity plus a thundershower arriving for the evening commute within the immediate metro area so it is possible we will have to upgrade monday to a yellow alert day. but that's the only day really with rain. back to the sunshine on tuesday. coming up later here on wusa9 capitol download right after this. tiger woods is going for his first win in two years right here on wusa9 this afternoon at the windham championship. >> there was a time when you never would have imagined. >> hard to say that. >> it is. we are out of time. for another weekend, we appreciate your time. i'll be throwing out the first pitch at the nationals game. wish me luck that i don't bounce it on home plate. >> you will be fine. i have confidence in you. take care,
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
democrat senator amy klobuchar says the iran deal will be a done deal despite republican opposition. >> and common core standards are causing a fire storm in the presidential debate. i'm susan page. >> and i'm derek mcginty, this is capital download. well, good morning to you, and welcome to capital download. president obama's looking to pile up just enough support among senate democrats to protect the iran deal. >> that's right, especially since two of the parties heavy hitters have come out against the deal. here to talk with me now, senator amy kluc


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