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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  August 24, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. it is monday, august 24th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." three american heroes awarded frances highest honor. new details on how they stopped a gunman's potential massacre on a train. dow futures point to another huge drop on wall street this morning. world markets are already plunging. and a new report out this morning finds alarming contamination in every pound of ground beef tested. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> this is very much a celebration as their bravery
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really changed the course of that day. >> three american heroes received fr'sance highest honor. >> for taking down a suspected militant on a high-speed train. >> he seemed like he was trod fight to the end. so we were. >> all signs point to wall street. >> it's about china's economic slowdown. >> heightened intreej on vice president joe biden. >> shifting the focus away from donald trump. >> for the first time i can imagine trump winning the nomination. >> fires continue to burn across the u.s. >> crews battling wildfires in washington state should be getting help. >> large explosion in the u.s. military in japan. >> it breaks my heart. i don't like it. >> t mwoen will be arraigned on gun charges after threatening the pokemon competition in boston. >> they're not welcome there.
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>> jimmy carter returned to teach su sndayl.choo >> a frightening scene at pocono raceway as justin was airlifted. >> we will try to maintain a >>rmal news see.rvic watch this kid. >> he's only 4 years old. >> look at that swing. >> and all that matters. >> we've launched our own church. we've asked you to send us money. slightly more of you responded wthane ctexpeed. look at this harvest you gave unto us. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> welcome to summer slam, brooklyn. >> jon stewart trading in "the daily show" desk for the square desk. >> i spent years talking politics.
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>> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie rose and gayle king are taking time off. we have anthony mason and margaret brennan. nice to have you here. the french president called the men a source of inspiration. >> the takedown happened friday on a high-speed train traveling from amsterdam to paris. the potential attack was foiled just outside the capital in brussels. charlie d'agata with the high honors. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we watched as the three men arrived aet the presidential palace. they're dressed in polo shirts. you're reminded they were on vacation friday. the french president said the whole world admires their courage and cool composure. france's heroes bestowed the
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biggest honors. in the splendour of the presidential palace this morning presented with the legion of honor, france's highest award. special i specialist alek skarlatos. spencer stone and their friend anthony sadler. three guys who did extraordinary things. spencer stone described for the first time the moment he and his friends faced a heavily armed gunman head on. >> i saw heed what looked to be an ak-47 and he looked like it was jammed or it wasn't working and he was trying to charge the weapon. andle ak just hit me on the shoulder and said let's go and ran down, tackled him. alek came up and grabbed the gun out of his hand while i put him in a choke hold. it seemed like he just kept pulling more weapons left and right. took out a box cutter, started jabbing at me with that.
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>> jabbing that cut spencer's left thumb clean to the bone and then yet so badly injured he then helped save the life of another passenger. the suspect moroccan national ayoub el khazzani denied a terror attack saying he just wanted to rob passengers. destraight the obvious dangers they faced, skarlatos couldn't conceal a grin as he assessed the gunman's skpexpertise. >> he clearly had no training and even if lucky and did the right thing, he would have been able to operate through all eight of those magazines and we would all be in trouble and probably wouldn't be here today along with a lot of other people. >> anthony sadler, that man and childhood friend summed it up best. hiding or sitting back is not going to accomplish anything. in times of terror, don't just
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sit by and watch. margaret? >> charlie d'agata in paris. that will be a summer vacation none of them will ever forget. and how about receiving that award in their polo shirts. it tells you they were just on vacation. there is high praise in this country as well for those three american heroes. the trio that helped stop the gunmen are childhood friends. elaine quijano of our digital network with cbsn. >> they were anything but and acted in a face of a terrifying situation. >> if it wasn't for them, i would have been dead. >> spencer stone credits trust in alek skarlatos and anthony sadler to subdue a terrorist on a high-speed train on sunday. the through grew up in sacramento. >> i saw them get up.
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those are my close friends. i was like i couldn't let them go alone. >> 23-year-old stone a pair med nick the air force and his brother eric describes him as a warrior. >> a lot of people would jut sit back. he did exactly what he said we would do, and he stopped the guy from killing everybody. >> stone reportedly played childhood army games with next door neighbor skarlatos. skarlatos is now 22. he's a member of the oregon national guard and served in afghanistan. emmanuel is his father. >> i'm so proud of them both so much, the fact that they saved all those lives and had that instinct and the guts to just do what they did. >> the pair accompanied sadler on his first trip to europe. sadler is a 23-year-old senior at sacramento state university. his parents are still in disbelief. >> the proud came later. initially it was shock, concern,
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and thankfulness that he was not hurt and injured. you live life, you do the best you can, and you trust god to take care of you when you can't take care of yourself. >> president obama called all three men to congratulate them on their heroism. the two men will be going to germany for further medical treatment. anthony is headed back to the united states. anthony? >> elaine, thanks. stocks are item ing around the world because of bad news in china. nikkei lost more than 4%. the major european markets opened lower as well. the dow is coming off its worst week in more than four years. they dropped 1,000 points. mellody hobson is here this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> why is china rattling all markets? >> all roads lead.
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we saw their activity drop to a 61s 2-year low and we saw their exports plunge 8%. that spooked investors there. and the ripple effect is that it has spooked investors around the globe who expected china to be the if engine of global growth. >> so what happen if the selloff continues here at home? >> well, if the selloff continues here at home, i have to say that i think you're going to see a buying opportunity. suddenly u.s. stocks have corrected. they're down 10% from their highs, and they're at valuations that are much more attractive. we've been in a six-year bull run and be up markets don't go onforever. we just can't expect that. so now that the steam has been let out of the pot here, it may be an opportunity for investors to stop in -- step in, and we may see some bargain hunters do just that. >> the bet had been that interest rates would go up in september. do you think that this selloff changes that?
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>> wow, i would not want to be janet yellen or the federal reserve board right now, i have to tell you. this is so hard. on the one hand the u.s. economy overall looks good. our jobs numbers are at historic lows. we're seeing housing starts at 8.5% highs. now we have this global story. if you heard the othare her and reserve member os testify board, i would say in all doubts, don't. the rates will go up. >> thank you. jeb bush is heading to the border of mexico this morning after a campaign weekend dominated by immigration issues. the republican presidential candidate will talk with officials just north of the border. gop front-runner donald trump aborted all talk about his plans on immigrants.
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on "face the nation" he said bare yore along the border is crucial and he said if elected he would make hedge fund managers also pay their fair share of taxes. >> it's ridiculous. i want to save the middle class. by the way, when the market collapses like it is now, the market's going down, they're losing a fortune. half of them, look, they're very energetic, they're very smart. a lot of them, they're like paper pushers. they make a fortune, they pay no tax. it's ridiculous. >> he's not going to make some of his friends in new york happy. >> luckily he doesn't need donors. >> there you go. you see pictures there of a major rally trump held on friday in mobile alabama. he'll campaign in iowa and south carolina this week. many are buzzing about joe biden's private move.
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he met with elizabeth warren. that left many wondering if he's ready to join the presidential run. >> reporter: the vice president asked for that meeting. it's the strongest signal yet that his deliberations are intensifying. over the weekend we spoke with one big clinton donor. they're ready to jump to biden if he gets ready to jump in. they don't know where hillary clinton's e-mail story is headed and they're disappointed in how it was handled. vice president biden traveled from delaware to meet with the icon. war even's sway with the base could be key. a potential boost for bide about who has spent his career as a champion for americans. >> you can't talk about the vice president without talking about the middle class. his life long advocacy for good jobs, civil rights community, gay rights community, these are
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things he's been actively engaged in in his entire career. >> reporter: bidened a his supporters have been reaching out. they're glowing from the fallout of clinton's e-mail server while she was secretary of state. they see biden more honest and trustworthy than clinton but there are considerations against bind jumping in. his family is still mourning the death of his eldest son beau who was stied have encouraged his father to run and the campaign launch would meantime, money, and organization. he's already run for president twice. age is also a factor. at 72 he would be the oldest president in history if elected. and then there are the gaffes, which would certainly be part -- >> i promise you the president has a big stick -- >> of a biden campaign. biden supporters say voters want
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someone who's not afraid to speak their mind. family friend josh alcorn is with the draft biden 2016 super pac. >> americans are looking for authenticity in their presidential candidate this year and that's joe biden. he's the original presidential candidate. >> he's expected to make his decision by the end of september. it would be hard to imagine that he would be seriously considering the white house run without getting the room to do so by president obama. >> julianna. thank ju this morning a new wildfire in the west is forcing the evacuations of hundreds of people. the summit fire is burn 1g 00 miles east of los angeles near the big bear resort. the flames are 30% contained. it's one of more than 65 wildfires in seven western states nchl washington more than 200 homes have been destroyed. several fwhr the area where firefighters died last week. carter is in omack.
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>> good morning. it gives you an idea of the devastation of this fire. we're learning how it took the lives of three firefighters when the winds shifted and surrounded them. the fire fight continues and it's putting a big demand on already overstretched resources not only here but across the west. the fast moving summit fire in southern california led to a quick mobilization of forces while air tankers dropped fire retardant from above, sheriff's deputies urged everyone in the area to evacuate. >> sheriff's department. prepare to leash the area. >> reporter: as many as 500 homes are in the fire's path. meanwhile new details are learned of the deaths of the three firefighters in twisp. >> the engine was upright with
7:16 am
three firefighters deceased inside. >> reporter: the fire from the accident may have prevented them from escaping as the fast moving flames turned on them. the fourth man had been in the truck with the three men but somehow walked away. he is now in intensive care with burns to more than 60% of his body. >> there were no witnesses to the truck leaving the road except daniel who's not able to talk. >> reporter: rick wheeler was among the firefighters killed. his widow said he paid his way through school fighting fires in the summer. >> he had that act to think quickly on his feet. i feel like he was not afraid of anything. >> reporter: andrew zajac also lost his light. his widow released vlade owe for his fellow firefighters. >> please, everybody come home. that's all we want is everybody
7:17 am
home. >> caller: . >> reporter: i wanted to give you a look before and after this home. you can see nothing is salvageable and the fire that burned this home to a ground is just one of 12 burning in washington state right now. it's putting such a strain on resources that the state is taking the unprecedent step of training civilians to fight the fires. margaret? >> wow. thank you very much, carter evans. this morning the death toll from a devastating air show crash in england could rise. police say at least 11 people were killed. the vintage fighter jet slammed into a roadside after a failed loop maneuver. most of the victims were sitting in their cars. the pilot did survive but is in critical condition and investigators are still searching for more victim. indycar driver justin wilson is in a coma after he was hit by debris in a race. another driver crashed at pocono raceway.
7:18 am
pieces of his car flew across the track. large chunk hit wilson in the head. he was airlifted to an allen town hospital. he's now listed in critical condition. boston police are credited with stop action potential shooting massacre at the pocono competition this past weekend. they will appear in court today. they were arrested at their hot hotel. stumbo allegedly posted a picture of guns on facebook saying worlds boston, here we come. the two were turned away when they tried to enter the event. investigators searched their car. they found a shotgun, ar-15 and tons of ammunition. new video shows a building
7:19 am
exploding. three large explosions were heard where tanks of compressed gas were stored number one was reported hurt. emergency crews rushed to the scene and contained the fire. all right. there could be something dangerous hidden in your next burger. >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by petsmart inspired by pets.
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panda mei xiang is enjoying life as a new mom. >> how she surprised her keepers at the national zoo with a set of twins and what's being done to keep the cubs alive. >> the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota.
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jon stewart stepped ow of retirement and into the ring. ahead his latest antic to support the art of wrestling. >> and be sure to watch the "cbs evening news" tonight when norah
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fills in for scott pelley. there will be no double
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last week we asked you to send us your seed offerings, and now i'd like to show you a little of what we've received, but look at this harvest you gave unto us. we have received thousands of envelopes with thousands of dollars, some featuring heart-warming notes such as this $5 bill attached to a letter saying take my seed, you rat faced [ bleep ]. praise be. we also received multiple checks including this one for $65 billion, which you may have sent in as a joke, but guess what, we're [ bleep ] cashing it. the more money you send in, the more blessings will be returned
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to you and that's still amazingly what we're allowed to say. >> what was the context? >> this was based on televangelists who ask for money and don't get taxed on it. he set up his own fake church and the money is rolling in. coming up this half hour, jon stewart takes the ring at wwe's biggest summer event. we look into the draw of brand with half a billion followers on social media. plus panda mei xiang surprised many when she gave birth to twins at the national zoo on saturday. we'll show you the all owl effort to make sthur they survive. cbs denver reports on the start of the sentencing hearing for the aurora gunman james holmes. the prosecution plans to call about 100 survivors and family
7:32 am
victim members. holmes was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for that murder charge. the advertiser in lafayette, louisiana, reports on a state trooper who was shot in the head. the trooper was trying to help man whose pickup truck was stuck in the dif. police say the man got out of the truck with a sawed off shotgun and is in critical condition. the truck driver is facing charging including attempt of a murder on a police officer. a trach triggered an avalanche. a japanese climber plans to be the first to try to climb every rest in september. and cbs sports dauchl says sports proel football hall of famer chris carter told rookies last year to have a fall guy take the blame if they do something wrong. >> because you all not going to do the right stuff now, right?
7:33 am
i've got to teach you goat around this stuff too. if you all have a crew, one of those fools know he's going to jail. we'll get him out. >> he tweeted on sunday saying seeing that video has made me realize how wrong i was. he goes on to say i'm sorry. they're condemning his remarks. from hamburgers to meatballs and tacos to chili, our americans love their pound beef. that's up 8% in the past decade. this morning consumer reports is releasing the results of new research on the risk of eating ground beef. the article is called how safe is your beef. she joins us now. good morning. >> good morning. >> what did you find? >> we took a look at samples of
7:34 am
beef from around the country. we divided them into two categories. we looked for five different bacteria associated with food-borne illness and also extra intestinal infections. we also looked at antibiotic resistance on those bacteria. specifically on salmonella we found 1% on all of the beef all on the samples. another bacteria associated with food born illness and beef, about 20% on the samples that we found. the good news is we didn't find the toxin gene but the high rate still suggests a reason for concern. when it came to staff cob was aur orrous, we found 15%. about 10% of the staff low cob was we did find did have the toxic gene associated with food born illness. when it came to e. coli levels we also saw it. the good news is no 0517 or
7:35 am
toxic, but that said we found virulent bacteria that can be associated with urinary infection. >> a lot of bacteria. >> a lot of bacteria. when it came to a resistance we saw a huge difference. >> wouldn't you expect some bacteria to be in the ground beef? >> absolutely. so any raw meat product you're going to pick up, no matter what, you should expect some bacteria. the question is can we get it safer? can it be better? we know it cause as lot of illnesses every year, not just from eating it but cross-examination. those things are living and reading and growing. >> what i took from this study is just a reminder, you need to cook your beef to 160 degrees. use a meat thermometer. when it's rare, then you open
7:36 am
yourself up to the possibility of maybe getting sick. >> remember when you're getting ground beef, you're grinding the bacteria. so unlike a steak you're mooning that bacteria all around the steak. it's especially important for ground beef to cook it to 165 degrees. >> sustainable beef you're fiemgd less? >> these right. there were suggest can't differences in both bacterial rates as well as multidrug resistance. that is bacteria resis tamt to three or more classes of antibiotics important in humans. the rate was 18% for conventional, 9% for the sustainable samples. and if you pulled out the grass fed. it was 6%. even better. >> we do know a spokesman said those conventional methods -- he's defending them, points out, if all cattle were grass fed, we
7:37 am
would have less and there would be less affordable. we do have to go. thank you very much for laying this all out. >> thank you so much. >> the national zoo is celebrating the arifle of twin giant panda cubs. panda mei xiang gave birth on saturday. they're doing well. they're the third set of panda twins ever born in the u.s. jan crawford is outside the panda zoo habitat where keepers are giving the cubs special care. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. panda, believe it or not, give birth to twins half the time but few of them survive because the mom has a really hard time taking care of both of them. here's what the zoo is doing. they're swapping out the cub. one cub is cared for by the nurse and the other warmed in an incubator cared for by humans. weighing about 3 ounces the first panda arrived with a
7:38 am
shriek, a sign of good health. the zoo coopers did not know mei xiang was alive with twins. they jumped into action. >> she was trying. unable to pick up both. >> reporter: to ease the burden they removed the second cub. it was hand fed a special formula and given a serum of mei xiang's antibodies. it weighs about a smudge of an iphone. the cub was returned while the sibling was removed. the swapping will continue every few hours so long as the mother will allow it. >> she's nursing the cubs and taking care of them as she always does because she's an zplent mom. >> the first set born to ling ling back in 1989 linked only a few days. >> it's a lot for one female to take care of.
7:39 am
there have been two females internationally under human care who have successful raised two cubs at the same time. it was a pretty intensive process for both individuals. >> the sex of the cubs and the identity of their fiancee is still unknown. born blind and with just a light coating of hair, they need food and warmth around the clock. >> this is a really critical period. honestly until both cups are outside, acting normal, being a cub, that's probably when we're exhale. >> they say there are fewer than 2,000 pandas in captivity and in the wild left. these newest pandas are not going to be making their public kay bu for a couple of months. if you can't get enough baby pandamonium -- get it -- you can catch it online.
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this morning retired "daily show" host jon stewart has moved from basic cable to pay-per-view. there were no politicians or comedians inside. vat mer duthiers of our digital network cbsn is at barclays center in brooklyn for last night's main event. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it all played out like a greek drama last night. you had violence, you had revenge, and the fans could. get enough of it. this is a multi-billion-dollar industry unmatched in size and dedication. flying divas, punishing body slams, lots and lots of tight
7:45 am
spandex. all what should be perfect fodder for late night comedians. it just so happens one was on hand. >> you know, i've spent the past 16 years talking about politics. it's nice to be back in reality. >> reporter: an unshaven jon stewart came oust retirement. >> i guess we couldn't get david letterman to host the show tonight. >> reporter: to host wwe'ss biest summer event, summer slam. he even did a little slamming of his own. stewart's a huge fan of professional wrestling and summer slam wasn't his first rumble. his feud with seth rollins brought rollins to "the daily show." he's right behind me, isn't he? he's right behind me? >> real, real tough talk, stewart. >> reporter: and stewart took the ring on monday night raw. >> john stuan stewart.
7:46 am
taking care of business as only he can. rollins says there's nothing but mutual admiration between them. >> it's great to see john, someone who's so big in pop culture and hollywood and stuff like that really take a liking to what we do. >> get me some food, okay? >> it's that cross-promotion that wwe does so well. they've seamlessly partnered with countless celebrities, entertainers, and celebrities. >> i'm going to tip some ass. >> for stephanie mcmahon, it's all about the numbers. 14 million tune in weekly and more than half a billion follow on social media. >> we're in over 175 countries and in 35 different languages because our product just translates. >> their audience is also 38% women, more than any other professional sport. it's not all fun and games.
7:47 am
they're encouraged to give back to charity. it's something that's encouraged. john cena just made his 500th wish just this past week, the most of anyone ever. norah? >> all right, vlad. fun to see that. fun to see jon stewart back in the ring. >> does your son watch wrestling? >> no, we don't. i watched it when i grew up. >> it was a little different then. >> it was a little different, yeah. a woman's dangerous driving captured on video. ahead, the distu the cement of your drive..
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witness sam haynes took her car. she eventually forced her to pull over. >> are you oklahoma. >> i'm fine. oh, my goodness. i'm so sorry. >> what's going on? >> the 43-year-old driver allegedly told police she was on heroin and meth. lucky no one was hurt. coming up amy klobuchar says normal people can still run for office. ahead, the democrat is in studio 57. as my diabetes changed, it got harder to control my blood sugar. today, i'm asking about levemir®. vo: levemir® is an injectable insulin that can give you blood sugar control for up to 24 hours. and levemir® helps lower your a1c. levemir® lasts 42 days without refrigeration. that's 50% longer than lantus®, which lasts 28 days. levemir® comes in flextouch, the latest in insulin pen technology from novo nordisk.
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it is monday, august 24th, 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there's more including the plunging stockmarket. should you be worried about your money? but first here's today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >>se the guys are on vacation and today here's the french president saying the whole world admires their courage. >> relatives describes these three as laid back. >> that will be a summer vacation none of theml wil ever forget. >> what happens if the selloff continues here at home? >> i hate to say it. i think you're going to see a buying opportunity. >> it's hard to imagine biden would be seriously considering a
8:01 am
white house run without getting the oklahoma do so by president obama. >> this gives you an idea of the devastation. >> these newest baby pandas are not makinghe tir debut for a couple of months. if you can't get enough of the baby pandamonium -- get it -- you can watch it. >> come on. >> putin has banned the import in response to sanctions over his behavior. somebody needs to tell putin destroying food, it doesn't make you a strong leader. it makes you guy fieri, joust stop it. stop it. u. ⌞> i'm norah o'donnell with anthony mason and margaret brennan.
8:02 am
charlie rose and gayle king are off. france president francois hollande honored three this morning. they helped take down a gunman on a train bound for paris. >> they're childhood friends. they helped tackle and subdue the gunman in a train car. he was armed with an ak-47, an automatic lugar pistol, and a box cutter. they described how they kicked in when the friend sensed danger. >> i turned around and looked light was an ak-47. it looks like it was jammed and it wasn't working. alek hit me on the shoulder and said let's go. we ran down, tackled him. we hit the ground. alek came up grabbed his hand while i put him in a choke hold. all three of us starting punching him. i grabbed him again and choked
8:03 am
him unconscious while alek was hitting him in the head with the rifle or pes toll. >> there wasn't much action. >> he seemed to be fighting to the end. so were we. >> i don't know what i would have done if i was by myself. i don't know. i saw spencer get up. i saw alek get up. and those are my close friends, so i was just like i couldn't let them go away. >> i trust both of my friends very much. if it wasn't for them, i would have been dead. and so we all had a critical role in whatever happened. and everyone else that helped. >> stone and skarlatos will head to germany to receive more medical treatment. sadler will return to the u.s. soon. there's more intrigue in the presidential race. vice president joe biden met with senator warren in massachusetts over the weekend. hillary clinton interrupted her
8:04 am
campaign to make stops. >> that's home base for amy klobuchar. her name has been mentioned as a possible vice-presidential candidate. she just published a book "the senator next door." it's published by hartland. great to see you. >> thank you so much. it's great to be on. >> we'll talk in minute. i want to get your news on the day. first, president joe biden, do you think he gets into the race? >> i think no one knows. i think he's conducting a series of meetings. i'm obviously a supporter of hillary clinton. i think she's got some great ideas and being close to iowa, i've seen her campaign and how well it's been and we go from if there. >> but you keep hearing there's a lot of angst among the democratic party and whether this e-mail or scandal is going to hurt senator clinton's
8:05 am
chances in the long run? >> she's handed over the drive and 30,000-some e-mails and is willing to go before a public hearing in congress as well as key baits. i think there's going to be plenty of time to discuss that, but key for me is really getting to the debate on the real issues here, the economy, where the country is. we have candidates on the other side who said kids who lived in this country for a long time should be uprooted and sent across the border. these are major things to debate in this country. >> this discussion about jeb bush used the phrase anchor babies to describe children of mention cab immigrants and others who are here in this country. >> i think it will be a big deal. you see republican candidates like marco rubio coming out on the other sigh. i think that's going to be an issue, a lot of things we're not discussing right now because we have so many candidates in the race. i think that's going to be what we're talk about.
8:06 am
>> if the vice president enters the race, how does it complicate the democratic scenario? >> well, i think obviously we're going to have debates. hillary clinton made it clear she never thought it with us going to be a coronation, that there are going to be a lot of other people, bernie and others, and will be one more strong kaejt in the race. >> there's a story in your book i love from your daughter you can't have kids until you run an election. >> that's from a mom who has set high expectations. >> do you think we need women on these tickets for both parties? >> yes, i hope we have women on the ticket for both parties. think the time has come. now that we have 20 women it's made a big difference. more importantly, the women in the senate, there's numbers to show it, have got an lot done and we certainly need more results in government which is one of the things i've focused.
8:07 am
>> and you'd be hoping to join that ticket? >> notice the book is called "the senator next door" and that mice job now. >> one of your children called you a submarine mom? >> my daughter was actually teasing me. she said, mom, there are these helicopter moms who make sure your homework is done. i decided you're a submarine mom. said what does that mean? it means tough and cool. she said, no, mom. you lurk beneath the surface and come up unexpectedly. i think a lot of moms can relate to that. >> what did you think. >> i thought it was the best description and she came up with herself. >> i've known you for a while. you talk about your parents' divorce. your dad was a sports writer. many knew his byline and followed him. you talk about his alcoholism and his recovery. why share all those details? >> well, i think people need to
8:08 am
know, first of all, that not every politician is a cartoon caricature and not everyone is trying to duke it out every day. these are real people. if you're going to do a job representing your neighbors and come in with that approach, they need to understand they have normal backgrounds, they've overcome obstacles. 's part too many people shy away from politics and i don't want to be involved. i thought if you put it out there and talk about your high school prom and your date danced with another girl in the fountain at the prom and you once a car hop and pie cutter, they wouldn't be afraid to try out politics. and you're voting on the iran deal. do you think it ultimately passes? >> i do. i think in the end it will be upheld t agreement we don't quite know where the votes are. but the u the way i look at it,
8:09 am
it's the best available option to stop iran from getting a nuclear weapon. >> amy klobuchar, thank you so much. >> thank you. ite bess great to be on. jill schlesinger is in our toyota green room. ahead, her adv
8:10 am
ahead. we take you to a beach where you don't need sunscreen. >> if you're looking for day at the beach but you don't want the burn or the yell j fish or the sharks, we've got just what you're looking for. coming up on "cbs this morning." frustrated with your overactive bladder medicine not working?
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wall street investors are bracing for another big drop. it plummeted 531 points friday. the dow has dropped more than
8:15 am
10% from its peak in may. they're dropping because of bad economic news in china. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is with us this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> how bad is this going to get? >> i don't know. i've got to pull out my crystal ball. nobody knows. a correction is part of normal markets. usually we get them every year and ice been four years since the last correction so we've been lock overdue for one. think i what happens in these moments is everyone starts to get really anxious and they think, oh, my gosh, we're down 10% and it's going to be 20%, 30%, 40%. the reality is we don't know where it's going to end. exclusively we overshoot. if you're a long-term investors, you should be psyched. things are on sale. upside. you're buying for your 401(k).
8:16 am
>> absolutely. the downside is if you're no longer putting into your portfolio, this is a little white knuckle time. i hope it's cured us of putting all 100% in our stocks. you're going to be happy to have some cash and u.s. bonds in that portfolio and hopefully that will help you weather the storm. >> that's what i was going to ask you. is it nice to build a new insurance policy? do you reallocate? >> yes, you should have reallocated back in may, but we can't go back and do that. one of the reasons we talk about diversified portfolios and auto rebalancing means you always want to keep your balance pretty much within 5% of your target is you don't have to be reactionary. look. i know what's happening. there's a devil and an angel on your shoulder, right? the angel say, hang out. the devil is saying get me out
8:17 am
of this. it's too painful. try to put the devil at bay. >> one of the beg decisions comng up for janet yellen, the former yus secretary says they should delay the decision. do you think that happens? >> i think that's possible. look. there are clearly destabilizing forces in the economy right now. we know that china's under pressure. i think what the fed has got to look for is whether there's real impact on the u.s. economy. just to draw a distinction, four years ago when we had the last correction, things were a lot worse. individuals are in better shape. they pay down credit, they've saved up some money, so i think the fed may be able to get ahead of it. just remember if they don't increase interest rates and something bad does happen to the economy, they have nowhere to go.
8:18 am
they're at zero. >> jill schlesinger. thanks much. >> we're going to go back to the national zoo. you're watching "cbs this morning." you. one that's lightweight. attacking odors cat lovers hate. and with glade freshness, that smells just great. every home, every cat. there's a tidy cats for that. i'm feeling lucky. today is the day. i knew it! (robot voice) activate probe. no way! three rye chips and a breadstick! i'm thethreed dad of messy kids. they get stains like you wouldn't believe. this tide ultra stain release and zap!cap helps me get out pretty much any stain.
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8:22 am
rolling down the hill. >> this grizzly bear in alaska apparently doesn't have a care in the world. as you can see, he caught on that it's a lot more fun to roll down a hill than walking. >> that's how i want to spend my day. >> that's kind of awesome. in our continuing panda coverage, we're following the newborn panda cubs at the washington zoo in d.c. mei xiang surprised zookeepers over the weekend by delivering twins. jan crawford is outside with what happened overnight. good morning. >> reporter: anthony, actually it was a really tough night for the pandas. very few survive, twins, after the birth because it's so hard for the mom to take care of both. one of the ways to ensure chances of survival is swap them
8:23 am
out. one of them will stay and nurse while the other will go in the incubator. last night mama bear did not want to give up one of those cubs. it took hours and hours and houring. they were event annually able to make the swap. we spoke about the challenges. >> it's been an exciting but exhausting night. we have been up all night with the cubs taking care of them and trying to help mei xiang the mother panda take care of them. this first week is incredibly critical. it's still touch and go. anything can happen right now. we watch those cub, monitor them round the clock 100% of the time. we're hopeful but definitely cautious. we're watching and preparing for everything. >> reporter: optimistic but also realistic. we've got our fingers tightly crossed that they'll make it. >> thank you. a very pregnant human mom to
8:24 am
be who works on tv is feeling i. she responded online after receiving hurtful messages about her pregnancy. >> there was one particular comment that really, really hurt and that was one where a woman basically said they looked like a sausage encasing with the way i'm dressing. earlier this week comes another comment that said sticking my pregnant abdomen out like that is disgusting. >> her facebook post has picked up more than 74,000 likes. she writes, quote, let's raise a shirley temple to swollen feet, extra pounds, nausea and all the extras for mother hood. she told her critics, if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. her twin girls are due in september. >> she looks amazing. >> she looks fantastic. hat's off to you. way to speak out against the
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
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welcome back, everybody, to "cbs this morning." coming up this hour, a trip to the beach with air conditioning creating the quintessential summer experience. find out why people are lining up for hours to get in. plus bubbling lava. meet the man who captured this incredible footage inside an active volcano. we'll ask him how and why he does it. that's ahead. right now it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines from around the world. wall street reports on chipotle's plan for a hiring binge. they will hire 4,000 workers on one day, september 9th.
8:31 am
britain's "telegraph" reports on iphone's faulty camera on the 6 plus. many complain they take blurry pictures. you can check your serial number. apple is offering a free fix for the cameras. and "the dallas morning news" calls for a new protective measure in baseball parks. a fan was hit in the head on august 21st. detroit pitcher justin verlander tweeted more protective measures need be put in place in all ball parks. players are sick of seeing injuries that could easily be avoigted. a new study on how romantic relationships bring up. married women are more likely than married known take the first step toward divorce but the same isn't true when nonmarried couples split up. heidi is with columbia
8:32 am
university's business school. her latest book is "no one understands you, and what to do about it." such great title. maybe it has something to do with divorce. >> i think it does. >> thanks for being here. i just got married. when i read this, it kind of made me cringe a little bit. explain it. >> i'm married too. it's okay. it turns out -- it's really interesti interesting. we've known for decades women in general would be -- more than roughly two-thirds marriages end because a woman initiates divorce. what's interesting is very committed but not married where they have children, that's not the case. it turns those end about 50sh 50, mail initiated or female-initiated. also what they learned is women in traditional marriages tend to be less happy than men, but, again that's not true in these
8:33 am
nontraditional relationships where actually they seem to be equally happy. >> why do you think the difference is occurring? >> well, what all of the evidence seems to point to is that while society has really changed a lot in terms of gender equality and men and women -- actually many men and women going into marriages feeling like they want to have an equitable relationship. the tradition of marriage comes with a lot of baggage. it comes with ideas about the roles -- a lot of traditions of what the role of the husband and wife are. >> you're suggesting that married women have more responsibility, less independence and less happiness. >> that's it in a nutshell. there's data that shows the division of source is a major source of happiness and unhappiness and those predominantly go to women when they work as long as men do. what seems to be the case, though, is a lot of these marriages that are failing are ones where the couples did
8:34 am
actually start out wanting equality but then falls into the roles. >> so how do we prevent this? >> i think in a nutshell the way you prevent it is being very conscious of it. that's what most couples don't do. by starting out your marriage by explicit italy talking about who's going to do what and changing the conversation. keep talking to each other about who's doing what so the resentment doesn't build up. there are many happy marriages. >> you have to keep renegotiating terms. >> over and over again. it can be done. >> one of the things i thought that was interesting is married people are healthier but not necessarily happy. >> i think a lot has to do with health care. but there's also a sense in which maifred couples to tend to push one another certainly compared to single people go to the doctor or get things checked out. >> that meant a some of this a
8:35 am
game? marriage and divorce are no longer carried the same weight, perhaps taboo as it once did. is it that women can pull the trigger more easily these days? >> it certainly is the case and also people feel they have more options and don't have to get married in order to have all of those things but the ratio has stayed about the same. going back to 1940, 1950, two thirds of the time women initiate the divorce. there's something going on. they need to have a lot of open discussion and sew resentment doesn't build and then you can have a happy marriage. >> there's a lot of married women out there look at those graphics, thinking, uh-oh. visitors are enjoying a beach experience in the heart of washington. thousands of tourists and residents rew lining up to play in an ocean of plastic balls at the national museum. they look at some of the largest
8:36 am
indoor core inthee yum columns in the world. chip reid is at the beach where play is encouraged. i'm jealous, good morning. >> come on in. the water is fine. you may wonder why someone would be here instead of the real beach. there's no sand, no sun and the water is balls but try asking the 140,000 people who have come here already this summer. they call it the beach and this is the ocean. so long as you're willing to play pretend. >> what's the most fun thing about it? >> the water. >> the water. that's great. the water. >> reporter: the water is 750,000 plastic balls inside the massive atrium of washington's national building museum. you won't drown but get ready to go under whether you want to or not. you look like you were
8:37 am
struggling. >> i was. it's much more difficult than it looks. >> reporter: it looks much more like quick sanld, isn't it? >> i think that's an accurate description. >> what do you like about it. >> it's full of fun. >> what do you like about it. >> it's full of fun. >> that seems to be the theme. >> what do you like about it? >> i feel like a kid. >> reporter: in fact there's a name for adults acting like kids, kadults. >> let's give it a try. speaking of kadults, this is not the first time someone from "cbs this morning" has been seen swimming in plastic balls. >> who's in our celebrity ball pit. >> reporter: and it seems to be catching on. more than 100 thousand people have come here this summer. it's so popular they don't mind
8:38 am
waiting in line. according to chase rind, director of the national museum. >> people are smiling. what's really amazing to me is there have been waits as long as two hours to get in. when they leave, they thank us. >> they don't complain. >> nobody complain. >> reporter: it took about two weeks to create this indoor beach. it's the brainchild of snark snarkatecture. >> it invites play and interaction and accessibility to a wide audience including children. >> and if you're a little queasy about the balls rolling around this in there. >> they're coated wh an anti-microbrial surace. >> reporter: it's a germ block. he says you can relax. it's not all child play.
8:39 am
on wednesday evening the average goes up a little. music by the aloha boys made it feel like a luau. for parents a chance to relax without their kids in the ocean. >> it's relaxing. >> reporter: and for kids, a chance to make up new words. >> beachy. >> reporter: but if you're wondering why anyone would do this instead of going to a real beenks well, in washington, the beach is three hours away. >> reporter: did you ever think the commute to the beach would be short? >> it's the best commute to the beefrp. >> reporter: and there's another snieng no shark attack. >> no shark attack. >> there's no shark or any animals that could hurt you. >> reporter: well, in fact, as you can see, there are some sharks but i'm told they hartley ever bite. there used to be lots of guys, but they're so popular people
8:40 am
keep takeling them home. they're now an endangered species. i prefer to use them as a headrest. >> chip, i love that you wore your hawaiian shirt to be in the spirit of things. >> very, very cute. >> reporter: i feel like i'm at the beach. >> chip, thanks. >> he's leading a new exploration. sam cossman is in the toyota green room. find
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
. he considers himself the indiana jones of the digital era. when you see his videos, it's easy to understand why. he traveled six'4 times to the volcano dotted nation of the south pacific. he's made two expeditions inside the active crater used drones, gopros and other technology. he and his team recorded dramatic footage. it shows a 2,000-degree lava lake known as the entrance to hello. it quickly became an internet sensation. good morning, sam. >> good morning. >> you described being in a volcano like being sensory overload. if you go down 1,000 degrees.
8:45 am
>> yes. it's extremely hot, overwhelming. just getting there requires a herculean effort. some describe it as a reverse everest. you're kind of descending into the molten core of it. >> how do you do that? >> it requires a lot of planning, a lot of preparation, but ultimately, you know, it's a 1,200 foot descent and you're climbing down on a relatively heat-resistant rope similar to the empire state building and you walk to the center of the earth. >> you were hit by a piece of lava. it can be dangerous. >> it can be dangerous. there are calculated risks. but, the lava is a force of nature. it's teatally unpredictable. you have to keep your eye on u. we went with volcanologists who could give us an idea if there were any extreme dangers. it's worth the risk. >> you're going down the height
8:46 am
of an empire state building in these things, right? >> that's right. >> you're wearing a suit about the temp you get to? >> that's correct. >> you lost two or three drones on one expedition, didn't you? >> yeah. the drones are subjecting to heat. there's toxic gases which corrode it. the rotors themselves tend to melt as do our cameras and we did lose a couple of the drones. unfortunately we were able to still get footage. >> what do you feel when you're suspended there 20 meters above the lava? >> yeah, you're about 20 meters from the actual lava. ice kind of exploding like the bi bi billagio. >> but there's no music. >> yeah. >> how do you feel? >> you feel like a baked potato
8:47 am
in the embers of the campfire. you can only stand there a couple of seconds before you feel it's too hot so you go back. the edge is about 200 degrees and -- by the wall where yo you drop in. as you walk to the shore of the lava, it's about 1,000 degrees. >> why did you do this? i think i'm wired this way. i'm fascinated by the planet and science and i've always gotten a kick to go to places that are out of reach and hard to gain access to and i have a desire to share these miraculous hidden gems of the world with others who don't have the opportunity to explore that. i believe we're at a point where technology is becoming increasingly available and we're able to use it in ways that are uncon vengszal and peer into other parts of the world that other explorers and adventure rifts aren't able to see. >> what did you learn?
8:48 am
>> i learned a lot about myself and what i'm made of and volcanos actually along the way. an interesting fact of volcanos that i thought really interesting is that they emit huge amounts of sulphur, dioxide, and toxic gases which most people think are attributing to the global warming but nktd they can reflect the solar radiation and serve ads a cooling factor for the earth. it's quite the opposite. >> and now you're partnering with "national geographic"? >> that's correct. my dad used to read them to me. that's one of things that helped influence who i've become. i came back from my trup and created a viral video and they picked it up. that's what opened a dialogue to produce it, a series of expeditions with "national geographic." it's quite exciting. >> congratulations.
8:49 am
>> i bet you don't miss your desk tech job. >> i miss the guys i used to work with, but the job not so much. >> please be safe. thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. it's not too young to learn a home run swing. that's next cbon "s this morning." all: milk! milk! milk! milk! milk!
8:50 am
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this 4-year-old has a swing and a flat foot to put major leaguer to shame. watch this. after he crushes a whiffle ball pitch, he poses like a pro. th video you're seeing here just popped up on the video, went viral. and with a swing like this, we shouldn't be surprised to hear a lot more about this curious kid. >> sign him up.
8:53 am
that does it for us.
8:54 am
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8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> the mug shot that got everyone talking. >> he's hot. >> announcer: why you could be seeing a lot more of his face. >> this is not a reason to go to jail. >> announcer: then "fit-spiration". or fat shaming. >> you say people who don't look like you are lazy, not attractive. >> announcer: plus, suffering with sores all over her face for years. >> i feel helpless. >> can the doctors find answers? why is dr. ordon stripping down on the doctors? [ applause ] ♪ hello, everyone, welcome to the show. hollywood, miami, new york. no matter the city, modeling scouts are always on the hunt for that new look and new face. people get discovered where, in shopping walls, social media, and this next buddy model was tescoud somewhere you would never expect. >> a convicted


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