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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  August 25, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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i'm gonna go. [ tapping, cash register dings ] there you go. [ buzzing ] bundle bee coming! it was worth it! saving you a bundle when you bundle -- now, that's progressive. . here we go again. china has another sharp drop today but wall street shakes off its monday jitters with a big bounce at the opening bell. good afternoon. i'm andrea roane. well, if you're an investor, you definitely need a strong stomach. after a dramatic plunge monday, the financial roller coaster is
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riding higher today. here's a live look at big board now, where we stand. the dow is up almost 345 points. that's a big gain from where we ended yesterday. jill wagner tells us what's behind the change in fortunes today. [ bell tolls ] >> reporter: what a difference a day makes. the dow shot up more than 300 points in the first few minutes of trading tuesday morning. >> i believe the worst is over. we knew buyers would come into this market. >> reporter: it comes a day after one of the wildest rides in wall street history. the dow plunged more than a thousand points in the opening minutes monday. it recovered almost all of the losses by midday only to drop again ending the day down 588 points. here on the floor of the new york stock exhange, traders are trying to keep the market volatility in check. they know more wild swings could be ahead. >> people need to bear in mind we're entering a pretty volatile season period for the market september, october. >> reporter: earlier today
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china's major index tanked again. afterward regulators cut interest rates inrd to stimulate their -- in order to stimulate their slowing economy, the second largest in the world. a slowdown in china is one of the issues concerning investors. falling oil prices are another. >> crude oil down 40 buck as barrel is pressuring a lot of -- bucks a barrel is pressuring a lot of energy companies. >> reporter: they are also keeping an eye on the federal reserve to see if it raises interest rates when it meets next week. jill wagner, at the new york stock exhange. two reports on consumer confidence. sales in the u.s. also helped fuel this morning's rally. just moments ago the public service commission rejected pepco's application to merge with exelon. critics say the proposed $6.9 billion merger would have led to rate hikes and other problems. anne arundel county police are investigating a homicide in severn. a woman's body was found inside a home near new disney world
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this morning. investigators are not saying how the woman died. however, she did suffer some sort of injury. another woman is dead -- [ inaudible ] glen bernie crashed and died. authorities say she was driving westbound on odenton when she lost control, rolled her car and struck a telephone pole. she died at the scene. police do not believe speed or alcohol was the cause of the crash. right now montgomery county police are looking for vandals who targeted cars in north potomac. this morning several owners walked to their cars only to find that their tires had been slashed and some of their windows shattered. the incidents happened at avalon community. police are asking anyone with information to come making cha a popular bus route after a shooting in southeast d.c. starting sunday, residents will
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have to walk home at night in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the city. delia goncalves talked to in the -- to some in the neighborhood who are not happy about the decision. >> reporter: the w8 line originates here from the anacostia metro station. a lot of passengers are not happy with this change, but metro says they had to suspend service to that area temporarily because of safety. >> it's a danger zone. >> reporter: that's why metro says they're no longer coming down elvins road suspending service to the cul-de-sac after 7:00 p.m. friday night a bus was driving down this dead end road and was shot at injuring a passenger on board. >> a lot of people say the cops show up when there's a crime and then afterwards they disappear. >> they don't last. i know sometimes they got to fear for their lives too, though. >> reporter: do you feel safe at night around here? >> not really. >> reporter: then there's julie sanchez, a high school senior
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who comes home from practice at 7:00. >> it's going to be dangerous for me because they be playing so i will be getting nervous walking inside. >> reporter: imagine now if she was your daughter walking home at night, a half a mile from the corner past woods and abandoned homes and then she said this. >> they would be looking at you some type of way and some would be talking to you different, like -- >> reporter: not appropriate. >> no. this stuff that's happening right now ain't fair for us. we're students and we need like support. >> reporter: in southeast, delia goncalves, wusa9. >> the service suspension will last just seven days. metro is stepping up its police patrol. the union claims the bus was hijacked but metro says that never happened. d.c. police are also bolstering patrols in the area. an elderly man has been missing since last night and prince george's county police need your help to bring him
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home. he is 77-year-old robert sutherland. he was last seen around 7:00 last night on falcon drive near uphill court in upper marlboro. sutherland is 6 feet tall and weigh abouts 190 pounds -- weighs about 190 pounds. his vehicle is a gray acura four-door with maryland tags. prince george's coty students, it's your turn. summer is officially over and more than 100,000 youngsters are hitting the books right about now. nikki burdine was at one new school for the first day in bladensburg. >> reporter: you can actually feel the excitement here on the first day of school. these kids are from all over the world. 19 countries represented. they actually want to be here and they can't wait to start learning. >> i'm so excited because first day. >> reporter: linda moved here from el salvador less than a year ago. at time she didn't speak any english. >> it was kind of hard. >> reporter: now she's one of
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100 new international students here at the langley park high school surrounded by kids who are very different from her but they do share one thing. english isn't their first language. like michael from ethiopia. >> i feel comfortable because other schools, people like are from english places like pittsburgh or somewhere else but like here i can be who i am. >> reporter: the schools are a new concept in prince george's county. educators hope it will help graduation rates which were all up last year except for one group. >> our international students dropped over 8%. so if we're really going to be successful with all of our children, we've got to start trying some different kinds of things. >> reporter: the principal hopes that different thing will be his school. >> we don't just want them to learn english. we want them to be biliterate. ultimately making them extremely competitive in any field. >> reporter: if the enthusiasm from these kids is any indication, they're on the the
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right track. >> i think -- on the right track. >> i think this year is going to be my year. >> reporter: nikki burdine, wusa9. >> prince george's other international school is in largo. tom pass elementary in brentwood was closed today due to a nearby water main break so they'll start again tomorrow for real. coming up, see what happens when a driver in a tall truck tries to go under a low bridge. but first, what some are saying every cup has a story. dunkin' k-cup packs in my life were a good fit. a single serving for myself, it's pretty special. it is like having a dunkin' store in my home which is what i've always dreamed of. bring home delicious dunkin' k-cup packs today. your coffee, your dunkin'.
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dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. a grandson of nelson mandela is out on bail after being charged with raping a young girl. he is accused of raping the girl at a restaurant in johannesburg earlier this point. his attorney maintains the sex was consensual and that the teenager appeared to be above the legal age of consent which is 16. a signposted to workers at
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one los angeles motel is causing an uproar this afternoon. a frommer employee says the -- the former employee says the e cre motel had a strict and racist rule when she worked there and she made her feelings clear to management. >> please do not rent the following rooms to the colored people, exact works. colored peep. i wanted to flip. >> the manager doesn't deny the sign was put up but he was hesitant to speak and said any other information would need to come from the motel owner. as for hoffman, she was fired after complaining about the sign. cooler weather is here. allyson is up next with more on the mild temperature. >> oh, my gosh. it is so nice out here. a nice breeze. the sun is shining. it doesn't feel too hot. we have more of this weather to come. keep it right here. i'll have
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now a fourth american hero is being credited with foiling an attempted terrorist attack on a train bound for paris. mark bargoulin has lived in
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france for decades. he was shot in the neck trying to lift the gun from the suspect suspect. >> he noticed someone suspicious, saw he had a gun. somehow he got it away from him. he took off running down the track to warn everybody else. that's when he shot him. >> airman first class spencer stone saved his life. he's expected to be final. the three other -- the other american heroes who stopped the attack including stone were given france's highest honor yesterday. we haven't seen gas prices this low since the great recession. in some nationwide the average price for a gallon of gas is down to $2.59 a gallon. jericka duncan found gasoline for even less than that. >> reporter: filling up at this woodbridge, new jersey gas station is like taking a drive
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back to 2009. that's the last time a gallon of gas was below $2. >> i said $1.99? i said i knew it was coming. >> reporter: according to the most recent aaa survey, 12 states have at least one station selling gas for less than $2 per gallon. oil analyst denton. >> united states production is at levels not seen since the early '70s. opec continues to produce at a very high level. and there's now a major concern about chinese demand which has been a driver for much of the last decade. >> reporter: out west and in parts of the midwest, some people are paying almost $1.50 more than what drivers at this gas station in new jersey are paying. that's because of refinery problems. but the good news is that on average, american households have saved at least $530 on gas so far this year. jericka duncan, cbs news, woodbridge, new jersey. take a look at this.
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what happened when a truck tried to pass under one massachusetts bridge. the crash was caught on tape. yes, uh-huh. the truck was destroyed but as you can see, the bridge remains intact unscathed. amazingly no one, not even the truck driver was hurt. this is the sixth time this year a truck has struck the same bridge in westwood. bigger signs, do not enter. a 10-year-old boy is alive and well and reunited with his parents after getting lost in the wilderness of utah. malachy spent 28 hours lost in the cold, wet mountains. he said it was actually, quote, really fun and that he hiked about 30 miles. >> reporter: were you scared at all? >> not really. i just -- i just really wanted to get back. >> his mother was scared. she's glad and proud of her son and proud of the fact that she's not going to have to face a tragedy. inmates doing time in a california prison have a new
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job behind bars. they're training puppies. it's part of a program that gives service dogs to people with disabilities. tony lopez shows us how the inmates are quickly learning that dogs can change the dynamics even of a hardened prison population. >> reporter: they're not exactly inmates but these two puppies cody and simon will be doing a stretch of 16 to 18 months in prison. they're getting obedience training from seven inmates selected for their good behavior. >> i'm so happy. i can't believe i got this opportunity. >> reporter: the california health care facility is teaming up with canine companion for independence, a nonprofit that gives service dogs to people with disabilities free of charge. >> let's go. >> reporter: after their time with the inmates, the pups will go back to professional trainers to learn specialized skills. then they'll be paired with the people who need them. >> being able to have a dog pick up a cell phone or a pencil that a person might drop in their college class can make a huge difference in that they don't have to ask a person for help. >> instead of doing my daily
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routine, trying to get through the day, i'll have a fuzzy, happy guy to look forward to and take care of. it gives me a purpose. >> i interviewed these inmates before they started in the program. what a change as far as their personalities. they kind of blossomed. >> reporter: the inmates tell us they never thought they'd be able to help other people from behind prison bars. >> to contribute something back, you know, when you've taken, taken, taken your whole life and you can finally give something back and help somebody else out, it really feels -- i can't even describe it. >> that was tony lopez reporting. the program at this prison has only been going on two weeks but the warden says he's already making plans to get paired up with more dogs for the inmates. that dog the inmate was dealing with looks like bunce who is the service dog that our colleague andrea mccarren is training. >> he is quite popular around the station. he has so many selfies. >> he's got more followers than most of us.
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>> i think all of us combined. he's a cutie. >> a great cause. we can take this weather again and again and again. >> over and over and over again. the wester is perfect today -- weather is perfect today and it is going to stay that way for a while. get outside. make the plans. no excuses. it's going to be gorgeous. let's talk about tropical storm erika. it did form last night so here it s. it's moving very similar -- it is. it's moving very similar to the same track that danny did and will enter the same type of environment. it will strengthen and have the chance to get torn apart a little bit with some sheer but it is moving just to the north of the greater antilles. which this is where erika is headed. instead of going south to puerto rico, it's going to go just to the north. expected to strengthen as a category 1 hurricane. this is saturday and into sunday. so we'll be tracking tropical storm erika. it is to get into unfavorable environments once it starts to
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strengthen a little bit so we'll be watching that. we'll be watching this as it comes closer to our area over the weekend. so we'll be tracking erika and erica grow will have the details coming up in just a couple of days. we're looking at sunshine right now, 80 degrees and look, here we go. the winds are gusting up near 17 miles per hour. a little breezy today. today will be the only breezy day we do have. the humidity will stay nice and low for the next few days. 79 degrees right now for gaithersburg. 79 for manassas. 80 for d.c. we'll add a couple of degrees to that for the afternoon. lots of sunshine. barely any clouds in the sky even. if you're looking for shade, it will feel very nice in the shade. you're not going to get any shade from some clouds today. i think the best chance for some clouds will be on thursday. looking at satellite and radar, we have a good bit of sunshine in store us for today. if we are -- if you're headed out to the nats game tonight, i'll have the forecast coming up. with dry air, clear skies, the
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temperature is going to fall pretty fast as soon as that sun sets. highs today into the low to mid- 80s. just a few degrees off from our average temperatures for this time of year. and temperatures will continue to fall for tomorrow just by a couple of degrees. but no problems. it's not going to be hot. it's just going to be warm and comfortable. 83 degrees by 6:00. here's the nats forecast. we're headed into the 70s as soon as the sun sets so it is going to abnice comfortable night -- to be a nice, comfortable night. if you were at the nats game, it's going to feel a lot like it did then. 55 degrees overnight n. is first thing tomorrow -- this is first thing tomorrow morning. if you're an early riser, it's going to feel great out there. nice and refreshing. 57 for gaithersburg. this morning if you were up early, it was still kind of a little damp out there left over from the rain. not the case tomorrow morning. highs tomorrow, this is on wednesday, notice we've jumped it down a degree or so, 85 for d.c. and 84 down through southern maryland. tomorrow 85.
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lots of sunshine. staying cooler again on thursday with a few more clouds. as we head through friday, 86 degrees. the nats are home. would a perfect week to be home all week. the ravens game, against the skins in the preseason game. it looks good as well. it will be hotter over the weekend. a couple more showers but not too ma seriously?
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he has 30,000 facebook followers and back in the date be game at age 306789 we're talking about -- 30. we're talking about patrick who is celebrating his birthday. there's one thing still missing from the life of this woman bat -- wombat marsupial. that's true love. >> he has been introduced to females in the past but never really taken to any of them. them. [indiscernible] any girls in town that might want to come to his party and introduce themselves to him, he's a bachelor so he's up for grabs. >> patrick, the wombat was hand reared at a wildlife park from birth so he still lives with his parents. as you see, he's put on quite a few pounds but still he's a celebrity and he is single. >> between them and the wombat,
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we are not doing well with social media. >> that's it for wusa9. the next newscast is at 5:00. have a great day. we'll see you tomorrow morning at 4:25 a.m.
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>> i'm sorry for your loss, sharon. but the good news is, you're healthy. there's no reason why you can't try to conceive again. >> sharon: uh, hi, sweetie. what's all the excitement about? >> faith: dylan said you have news for me. >> sharon: i do. um...are you ready? well, dylan asked mommy to marry him. and i said yes. >> faith: [ squeals ] yay! our family keeps getting bigger! [ squeals ] >> paul: hey. perfect timing. come on in. i got some, uh -- you want some coffee? >> dylan: no, no. >> paul: okay. 'cause, uh, i got some files i want you to look at -- details


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