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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  August 26, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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vester flanagan killed journalist alison parker and photographer adam ward and wounded the person they were interviewing. peggy fox is live at smith mountain lake where this horrific incident happened. we understand the suspect was recently fired by the tv station where the victims worked of. >> reporter: that's right. vester lee flanagan had been an on air reporter using the name bryce williams on air. he was recently fired by wdbj. you can see the wdbj live truck right where that crew left it before they were ambushed and killed live on the air. >> it has really stopped me in my tracks this morning. like many viewers i was watching. >> reporter: frank overton knew the two journalists shot and killed while doing a morning live shot today. reporter alison parker and photographer adam ward worked together every morning. >> i actually did a remote with ms. parker and adam about three
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weeks ago. >> reporter: police say the man who opened fire on them. vester lee flanagan also knew them. he was recently fired from the wdbj. >> the gentleman thinks that things tran spired and spiraling out of control. >> reporter: after the shooting flanagan fled the scene. in the aftermath he posted a video of the shooting. police found his car at the roanoke airport. >> flanagan then left the airport in a chevrolet sonic that he rented earlier in the month. >> reporter: flanagan fled north on i-81 and then onto i- 66 where a state trooper located him in northern virginia fauquier county through a license plate reader. in your view how instrumental were the license plate readers in catching the suspect? >> license plate preceders are a great tool. the state police threw several others throughout the state and it helps. >> reporter: and that is what
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identified flanagan's vehicle. when a state trooper tried to pull him over, he refused and police say he shot himself right there on i-66. now as far as the other person who was wounded, vicki gardner who is with the local chamber of commerce is in a hospital recovering from her wounds. i'm peggy fox reporting live here at smith mountain lake. >> it could be a long journey for vicki gardner to get better if those wounds are significant. as we found out this evening, vester flanagan had a long troubled job lift at various tv stations. -- history at various tv stations. he was fired from wdbj, but the general manager said there he never thought he'd be capable of something like this. bruce leshan is live where flanagan took his own life after that short chase from the cops. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, derek. the chase really only lasted a
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couple of minutes, but the troopers thought at one point that this troubled former reporter was going to start shooting at them. vester flanagan hired and fired from a whole series of stations. before twitter took down his page he tweeted angry messages about both the journalist victims, that they were racist or had filed complaints about him. >> he's one of the people who came to mind instantly when we heard about the incident. >> reporter: the general manager said flanagan was furious when he was fired from wdbj and had to be led from the station by police. >> he made all kinds of complaints and in may have been one about alison or adam. i frankly don't remember, but none of them could be corroborated by anyone. >> all right, guys. he's got something in his right hand and he reached for something. i don't know what he reached for. >> reporter: the troopers knew that vester flanagan was armed and dangerous.
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his picture from the shooting scene had been flashed around the world. >> not yielding. we're going to call it as a pursuit. >> copy, in pursuit now. subject did not stop. >> reporter: the pursuit did not last long. >> 10-4, shots fired. copy shots fired. >> reporter: within minutes trooper heard a gunshot and a crash, although it is still not clear in what order. >> he shot himself. i just witnessed it. >> reporter: it was 11 year veteran pam neff who first spotted flanagan. >> i took that suspect vehicle information, entered it into my license plate reader. as soon as it was entered, it did come up with a positive hit that vehicle just passed me less than three minutes earlier. >> reporter: as peggy mentioned, that license plate reader is absolutely amazing technology. it can scan and process thousands of tags from passing cars as they pass by in minutes. some civil liberties advocates have complained that it invades
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our privacy, but in this case it helped catch a killer within hours after he murdered two promising young reporters. live in fauquier county, bruce leshan with, wusa9. >> nobody complaining about that technology today, bruce, thank you. as you can imagine, the wdbj is just distraught off the ambushed killings of their two beloved co-workers. alison parker had just moved in with one of the station's anchors and adam ward was engaged to the morning show producer who was in the control room at the time of the shooting. ward was a graduate of virginia tech, parker a james madison university graduate and her father tells the washington post his grief is unbearable. well, abc news says it's gotten a 23 page fax from someone claiming to be vester flanagan. the writer said he was attacked for being a gay black man. the fax also cites the church
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shooting in charlton, south carolina, as a tipping point and that his anger had been building waiting to explode and he said the columbine high schoolers were influences. tonight the cops are removing the evidence from flanagan's home which is just a few blocks away from the wdbj station. we're also following a very sad story at the national zoo. one of the two panda cubs born last weekend has died. it was the smaller of the two cubs mei xiang delivered saturday. yesterday the zoo started giving the little cub extra care because it couldn't keep food down and today it had trouble breathing. despite the zoo's best efforts the tub died at about 2:00 this afternoon -- cub died at about 2:00 this afternoon and the staff calls the loss devastating, but there is some positive news. the zoo says mei xiang's other cub is doing well. wall street made a steep climb today. the dow sustained a rally
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through the closing bell soaring 619 points to close at 16,285. this is the third biggest gain ever and it breaks the 16 day losing streak, the longest slide on the stock market in more than three years. a frederick man has pleaded guilty to reckless endangerment in a shooting last february at frederick high school. under a plea agreement 20-year- old chandler davenport will serve one year in jail if he testifies against the alleged shooter 21-year-old brandon tyler. police say it was tyler who shot and wounded two teens just outside a nighttime basketball game at the school. former gang and crew members say they have convinced some of the city's armed youth to put down their guns. in exchange they'ring and the mayor and others to guarantee jobs and job training for those young men. now those men sat down with our bruce johnson today just one day before mayor muriel bowser is set to outline her latest plans for combating homicides which are up 30% all across the
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district. >> reporter: when you were on the streets did, you hear any guns? that's brandon forrest, a 28- year-old former gun packing member of the seventh and o street crew. >> he was shot in the head. he was stabbed. he was shot. >> reporter: how did you end up in the wheelchair? >> i was shot. >> reporter: that's gerard coates, another crew member who several years ago with our cameras rolling agreed to end a deadly feud with other street gangs in the historic shaw neighborhood. how many people here have been shot at? fragile truce in 2007 forged by a group called the alliance of concerned men. >> we can't really pinpoint where the feud started. >> reporter: its founders tyrone parker and rico rush are two ex-offenders turned advocates. >> these two groups have decided to stop that and that's the first step right there. >> reporter: today the group explains how that truce fell apart and how a truce brokered
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among today's violent street crews is brokered among the mayor and others to keep young adult males from returning to the streets. >> we don't have anything, anything to start, job training, jobs. >> i can't go into another young man in my community right now that's 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 years old and tell them to put their gun down if i'm not going to replace it with something else. >> reporter: mayor bowser is now offering to pay for illegal guns. >> $1,500? i'm starving. i ain't got no job. i'm going to take that $1,500 buy me a better gun and take that and flip if and i'm gone. thank you, government. >> reporter: -- flip it and i'm gone. thank you, government. >> reporter: some of them have been caught up in the recent violence. >> you know they've been shooting at you. >> reporter: what do you tell me about that guy right there on the left? >> dead. >> reporter: he's dead? >> yeah. >> reporter: tomorrow mayor muriel bowser will hold another
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press conference to outline further steps she plans to take to deal with the violence throughout the city. the group, the people we talked with today, they want to be part of that plan. they think they may have some ideas the man needs to hear. bruce johnson, wusa9. >> the mayor's proposal to be unveiled tomorrow will include asking the council to give police the authority to stop and frisk ex-offenders still on parole. coming up the defendant in the prep school rape trial takes the stand in his own defense. >> also ahead donald trump gets into a fight with another well known tv anchor on live television. >> spectacular evening underway, humidity levels way down and it feels real good, temperatures now falling into the 70s in most spots. so no problems if you've got plans this evening. we do have some heat building in the seven-day forecast. i'll tell you about that and the latest on tropical storm erica as well. >> but up next a judge delivers a blistering condemnation of
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for both of us. she was just browsing... we gotta go. i'm ava. i'm nikki. and we bank human at td bank. what? a judge formally sentenced james holmes today for the colorado theater shootings adding that there is no punishment in the world that could equal the horror of his evil acts. holmes killed 12 people and injured seventies others when he started shooting in a midnight -- 70 others when he started shooting in a midnight
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showing of the batman movie in 2012. the moroccan suspect in a foiled attack on a high speed train in france has been formally charged with terrorism. >> barefoot and blindfolded the 26-year-old was escorted into the french courtroom this morning. the prosecutor says the man watched the jihadi video inside a bathroom of the train before he emerged shirtless and strapped with 270 rounds of ammunition. that would have slot and killed everyone -- shot and killed everyone on that train if he hadn't been tackled and tied up by a handful of passengers including three americans. the accuser in the new hampshire rape trial left the courtroom in tears during the defendant's testimony today. the 15-year-old freshman who said 19-year-old owen labrie raped her broke down as he read from e-mails and facebook messages they exchanged before the encounter. prosecutors say the rape was the result of a school tradition called the senior salute in which seniors try to romance and have sex with
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we turn now to campaign 2016 where donald trump is staying true to form offer nothing apologies to the journalist he kicked out of a press conference in iowa last night. if anything, trump's doubling down. he said univision anchor man jorge ramos was ranting and raving like a madman. the trouble got started when ramos stood up without being called on to question trump about his stance on illegal immigration. >> sit down. go ahead. >> i have the right to ask a question. >> no, you don't. you haven't been called. go back to univision. >> i've been a journalist more than 30 years. i've been all over the world and i've never been thrown out of any press conference from any interview. >> he just stands up and starts screaming, so, you know, maybe he's at fault, also. >> new polls out of new hampshire and south carolina give trump a commanding lead in both states over fellow republican presidential candidates. >> always watching always
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tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, weather -- always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> a pretty good stretch of great weather days and this is no departure from that. >> no. going to be nice again i think till friday. things start to heat up over the weekend. >> this is top down weather if you got a convertible. >> summer is not over, though. the heat is coming back here. next week you'll know it's still august. right now i want to show you the allergy update. we've got some ragweed problems. it's in the very high category. mold was high. tree and grass pollen is low. erika out in the atlantic approaching the lesser antilles not looking so good. the winds have been at 45 miles per hour, but this may be generous. antigua, bermuda and the
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southern bahamas and then the storm has a chance to strengthen if it can maintain itself. if it gets to this point, it's got a chance to do something in the bahamas and it's potentially approaching the florida coast as we head into monday afternoon. it could still curve out toward the east. it may go west. this is just some guidance. this will change, but it's something that we definitely have to watch. we're watching some great weather around here. right now we sit at 79, humidity 40% with dew points in the low 50s and temperatures this evening range from the 50s in the mountains, everybody else in the 70s. our forecast tonight, another comfortable night, clear to partly cloudy, 65 in town, mid- 50s in the burbs, a few near 50 in the really cool spots. tomorrow looks real nice, sunny and pleasant in the morning, rise into the 70s by lunchtime and only hit the low 80s, about 4 or 5 been low average, partly to mostly sunny skies, just superb for this time of year.
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friday a tad warmer, still nice but 85. saturday gets a little warmer still, 88, slim chance of a storm. we need some rain. by sunday 90 with a chance for a storm, pretty good for the rest of the nats homestand on the football start night and next week slight chance of a storm every day and highs back to summertime level in the low 90s. i don't believe in curses and that type of thing, but i'm starting to think -- >> it feels like it this season, doesn't it? >> what the heck? >> they cannot win this preseason. they just can't. >> maybe that means they'll win in the real season. >> maybe the young guys will step up and make it big. >> if anybody is still there. >> the redskins have lost four players in last two weeks to season ending injuries and now
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> it's been a tough preseason to say the least for the washington redskins in regards to injuries. deshawn breeland, desean jackson got hurt in camp, paulson and hayward and now another injury. >> reporter: it was the roll of the dice that seemed to be working. outside linebacker junior galette's motor was beginning to rev. he was about to play. when we caught up with him yesterday, he was emotional about the skins giving him a second chance. >> they just embraced me from day one. i just want to show them how much very in store. >> reporter: that chance now
6:25 pm
officially gone, a team official telling 9 sports galette's achille's was torn at the end of practice. >> he probably feels he's letting people down. that's how much he cares about his teammates and the people around him and his family. to me right now the impact just hurts on a personal level. >> reporter: next man up, you always hear it, trent murphy, preston smith, you are those men. >> you got to be ready to embrace your role. don't be scared of your moment when it's time for you to play when your card has been pulled. >> reporter: a final note about galette, i had a conversation with him during training camp where he almost came to tears when he talked about the team giving him a second chance. washington was hoping he and fellow linebacker ryan kerrigan would be on the team together for the first time against the raven. that obviously isn't happening. dave owens, wusa9 sports. >> galette was playing at a high level and would have provided a big boost for this
6:26 pm
defense, but the game must go on and the redskins will have their hands full on saturday against baltimore. with the starters playing the majority of the game, the ravens are looking to put a better performance on the field than they did last saturday in philadelphia. this is the final chance for teams to create some rhythm before the regular season and the motivated ravens are looking to do just that. >> we want to show kind of what this raven team is about. that's usually what the third preseason is about. you kind of show, you know, who is going to play, who is going to be out there and what you're going to be doing this year, but that's the main focus. we definitely can't go out there and have a performance like we did last week. >> motivated ravens team, a shaky offensive line going up against terrell suggs and elvis dumervil. so we'll see how they handle that pressure. >> the only good news is we didn't talk about rg3 today. >> no, we didn't. >> he's happy about that, too. >> do we know how he's doing? >> he should speak tomorrow. we haven't been definitely told he's going to play saturday.
6:27 pm
he's been out practicing. he should speak to the media tomorrow. >> that's it for wusa9 news at 6:00. the cbs evening news is next. >> and we are back with your only local news at 7:00. so have a nice evening until then!
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>> pauley: a news crew gunned down in cold blood on live tv. the killer captures the crime on video and posts it online. >> i just can't believe that she's gone. i can't. >> pauley: we look at the lives cut short and what may have driven the gunman to kill. also tonight, a strong rally ends a five-day wall street slide. trump attacks another member of the media. and a new orleans institution is 92 and still cooking. >> i'm still trying to kick it up a notch. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pauley: good evening. scott is on assignment. i'm jane pauley. once again, a deadly shooting has sent shock waves across america. the difference-- this te


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