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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  August 27, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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breaking news to tell you about right now, authorities are tiffly searching for a convicted sex offender from a state hospital. 49-year-old james alexander norris walked away from a court- ordered home visit in hyattsville. now several organizations are involved in the search including maryland state police and prince george's county police. if you have any information about norris, the man you see right here, please call 911 immediately. right now people are headed home from the vigils memorializing that tv crew killed live on the air in roanoke, virginia.
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candles were lit and strangers shared hugs in honor of the lives lost. they also raised their voices against gun violence. >> thanks for joining us. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> and i'm derek mcginty. it's a story that continues to unfold with some disturbing new developments. >> we'll get to new information about how a reporter became so unraveled he shot and killed two former co-workers, but we begin with a look at how those who knew and loved alison parker and adam ward are paying tribute tonight. members of the roanoke, virginia community came together at wdbj for a stop the violence rally thursday night. alison parker's parents don't want their daughter's death to be in vain. bash and andy say they will now -- barbara and andy say they will now advocate for tougher go up laws and need president obama's help. police say a glock pistol and ammunition was recovered, a briefcase, three license plates, a wig and black hat and to do list. wdbj officials say they fired
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flanagan in 2013 for anger issues. a judge also dismissed a discrimination suit he brought against the station. parker wants her daughter to be remembered as the catalyst who stopped gun violence in the u.s. and are calling on her daughter's co-workers and viewers to join in their fight. we've also learned tonight that the memorial service for photojournalist adam ward will be held next week. ward's obituary says the ceremony is set for tuesday at first baptist church in roanoke. well, jan, the woman who survived the attack now listed in good condition tonight at a roanoke hospital. vicki gardner had surgery today to further repair the damage done by that gunshot wound to the back. gardner is executive director of the chamber of commerce. her husband was watching on tv when the shooting happened. tim gardner says he was stunned but then relieved as he was able to talk to his wife via the telephone as she was on the way to the hospital. tonight the investigation into vester lee flanagan's
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descent from a tv reporter to murderer continues in roanoke and elsewhere. detectives and profilers are scrutinizing evidence found in his home, car and personal history. garrett haake has been following the investigation for us. he is live in our newsroom tonight. what more have we learned, garrett? >> derek, i was able to get my hands on a personnel file today for vester lee flanagan. it became public as part of a lawsuit he filed against the station after he was dismissed. that lawsuit was dismissed eventually as well, but in that personnel file we see a portrait of a reporter unraveling. virginia state police searched vester lee flanagan's apartment today just blocks away from the station where he once worked decide by side with his victims. wdbj management fired flanagan who went by the name bryce williams on air back in february, 2013, after repeated problems with his on air work and numerous complaints about his behavior from other
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staffers. flanagan took his dismissal hard shouting at co-workers as police physically removed him from the building and making veiled threats, all of it recorded by photographer adam ward. >> on the way out he handed a wooden cross to the news director who was at that time dan denison and said you'll need. this >> reporter: employees were told to call 911 if they saw flanagan on the property and the station hired off-duty police to watch the building that weekend. by all accounts flanagan stayed away from the station and his former colleagues until wednesday's fatal encounter with ward and reporter alison parker. the next clue to flanagan's downward spiral may come from the evidence recovered from his get-away car including sealed letters, notes and a to do list. >> so when the police have recovered to do lists or notes or journals in his car, writings, i think that becomes significant because hopefully he put in there where he intended to go. >> reporter: investigators also recovered a briefcase with different license plates, a
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wig, shawl and sunglasses, tools flanagan might have used to disappear had police not tracked him so quickly. also in the car was a glock pistol presumably the murder weapon and six additional magazines suggesting that flanagan had plans to take other lives, not just his own. reporting live in the newsroom garrett haake, wusa9. >> thank you so much, garrett. now to the question on the minds of many of us, could that shooting have been prevented if vester flanagan had got some medical help? we talked with a noted clinical psychologist dr. stanton samenow and i asked him. >> some of these people and i hate to say it, even if there were massive resources available, will resist treatment because they don't want to submit to anybody. >> we looked into statistics for workplace violence, the most recent data from 2013. the bureau of labor statistics reported more than 23,000 significant injuries due to assaults at work and more than 400 homicides. a lot of virginia
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republicans not happy with governor terry mcauliffe's call for many are gun control. several republican legislators took to twitter to attack mcauliffe for exploiting a tragedy. the deputy house majority leader todd gilbert said the governor is using the attack to advance his legislative agenda. mcauliffe said flanagan should not have owned a gun. >> it just breaks your heart and you think of the families and so many friends and co- workers who were impacted by what happened. >> flanagan legally purchased the glock 9-millimeter pistol from a deferally licensed dealer in july. >> stay with us on the air and online for the latest developments in the tv crew killing, condition updates, new information on the shooter and the latest on the plans to remember the victims are available 24/7 on and, of course, our wusa9 news app. new tonight check out in crazy scene, the likes of which we here at wusa9 have never seen before. you're watching a group of people attacking a young man on
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top of a d.c. fire engine stopped at a red light. this all went down this afternoon at seventh and alabama in southeast. police say that young man was running away from his attackers. he saw the fire engine, climbed on board probably hoping to get away. he wasn't able to. his attackers climbed on board, too and they kept on punching him. police were called in. they arrested three people. the young victim was treated at the scene, but he did not want to go to the hospital. now some news from prince george's county, police have accused a live-in boyfriend with the murder of a 1-year-old boy. it's a crime those who work to fight domestic violence say it's happening all too often in that county. our ellison barber has more from riverdale. >> this is the apartment where police -- >> reporter: this is the apartment where police say a 1- year-old boy was killed by the person who was supposed to be watching out for him. >> i thought maybe he had some kind of asthma attack or something keli that. i thought it was just a normal emergency. >> reporter: police say it wasn't and on morning of august
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1st osman see say beat to death -- osman sesay beat to death his girl friend's 1-year-old boy. the young boy died from multiple blunt force injuries to the head and torso and a lacerated liver and the injuries occurred when osman sesay was the only person in the apartment. neighbors are shocked by the allegations. >> the little boy was happy. he'd come down the steps, banging on the front door, doing little boy stuff. he's not -- i would never thought that would have happened. >> reporter: but community activists say stories like this are increasingly common. >> i wish i could say that it was an isolated case, but it's across the country as the country deals with a lot of economic concerns and unemployment and hopelessness. we are seeing an increase of domestic abuse in the home and especially impacting our children. >> reporter: and prince george's county has seen a lot of it. >> it's gotten really horrible. i'm getting more calls now than
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i've ever gotten in the history of our work. >> reporter: the question for activists is what to do about it. she says the community has a big role. >> we need the community's engagement, to be involved, to raise their hands and say let us help. >> reporter: sesay is facing at least six different charges including murder, assault and child abuse. reporting live in riverdale i'm ellison barber, wusa9. >> there were 54 homicides in prince george's county, 19 related to domestic or family violence. a spokesperson for the state's attorney told wusa9 seven of those murders were children under the age of 4. new tonight an armed robbery that police need your help to solve, this they have now released a surveillance video of the bad guy. it happened july 20th along morris road and southeast. the video shows the gunman walking along the sidewalk as he approaches his target at night. in the middle of the street he points a gun at the victim. there's a reward for anybody who helps identify this man. it was firefighters to the
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rescue for three people trapped on the balcony of their fourth floor apartment. the residents were surrounded by smoke and flames from a fire that broke out early today at an apartment complex on 68th place and landover hills. firefighters used ladders to reach and rescue them. there were no serious injuries. investigators are still trying to figure out what started that fire. some sad news tonight, the search for this missing teenager in the potomac river, this afternoon the body of antonio perez flores was pulled from the water. flores had been fishing with friends when he disappeared in that river. it's believed he was pulled out by the tide. he lived in alexandria. he was just 16 years old. 103 homicides in d.c. so far this year, a disturbing 43% increase. well, today mayor muriel bowser with a plan to stop the blood letting but had to throughout over protesters who simply were not -- shout over protesters
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who simply were not buying it. >> like i said, i will not be shouted down because i'm telling the truth. >> when she could speak, the mayor said she wants to place 182 more officers on the street, but members of the group known as black lives matter say the mayor's plan is focused too much on policing and too little on investing in those troubled neighborhoods. >> she comes to a community with gunshots every day, kids being shot and talk about putting more police in the community. that's not the answer right now. >> in addition to more officers, the mayor wants to give police more powers to fight crime including the right to search for guns in the home of violent offenders who are out of jail but under supervision or on parole. she insists she is not out to arrest more black men. she wants to save their live. now to hyattsville where police are investigating a shooting in the middle of the afternoon right near the washington arts diocese pastoral center on eastern avenue. at least one man was taken to the hospital. a witness tells wusa9 she heard eight or nine gunshots and saw
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two cars flying down the road. witnesses say a shooter was in one of those cars firing at the other car through the window. the pastoral center advised employees to stay inside and away from the windows. presidential candidates donald trump and ted are planning to appear -- ted cruz are planning to appear together on capitol hill in a couple weeks at a rally opposing the nuclear deal with iran. congress is to begin debating on the deal when they get back from recess september 8th. cruz has declined to comment on immigration or any other topic for that matter. >> where have you been for an american jewish senator and why are you silent? >> protesters from both sides of the issue have been targeting maryland senator ben cardin who holds a key vote on the senate foreign relations committee and he says he's still listening to arguments on both sides. tomorrow is a big day at the national zoo. we'll find out whether the baby
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is a boy or girl and who the daddy is. >> you may want to check your kitchen. a big bread recall could impact what you're packing for sandwiches in your brown bag tomorrow. find out how glass could have somehow ended up in the mix. >> just a short time ago we showed you what happened when a fight ended up on a d.c. truck. check this out. see what happens when the firefighters are the ones throwing the punches. >> we're looking at erika tonight, a tropical storm, just got the 11:00 advisory and florida still in play early next week. here she is now. i'll have more on erika and let you know when the heat returns, full forecast coming up in
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well, tomorrow we are going to learn a lot more about that surviving panda cub. the national zoo has scheduled a press conference in the moment to announce whether the cub is a boy cub or girl panda and they will also reveal who the daddy is. last spring you might remember mama panda mei xiang was inseminated with donations from the zoo's male panda tian tian as well as a panda from china. they'll have more information on what caused the smaller cub to pass away yesterday. on the 10th anniversary of hurricane katrina president obama says the people of new orleans are an extraordinary example of renewal and resilience. >> the president spoke at a new community center in an area of
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the city that was once under 17 feet of water and he reminded the hundreds of residents gathered there that they all inspired america. weigia jiang has the latest on the visit and what's next for the survivors. >> reporter: president obama received a warm welcome in the historic treme area of new orleans. it was one of several neighborhoods devastated when hurricane katrina hit in 2005, but now new townhomes line the streets. >> what you're seeing here is an example of the incredible federal, state, local partnerships that have helped to revitalize the community. >> reporter: the president also visited a new community center in the lower 9th ward, the hardest hit area when the city's levees failed. >> today this new community center stands as a symbol of the extraordinary resilience of this city. >> reporter: what does that do? >> that's a vertical lift gate. >> reporter: robert turner is
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the executive director of the agency that built the region's new $14.5 billion levee system. he showed us what he calls the workhorse, a nearly 2-mile long surge barrier. >> the protected side of the barrier acts as a detention basin. it can fill up as much as 8 to 10 feet before there's any kind of a problem. >> reporter: the system also includes a massive water pumping station, 200 floodgates and a 300-mile long flood wall. from the air you can see the multiple lines of defense. still some engineers say natural barricades are the best protection. >> 3-mile of wetland, for example, would reduce a storm surge on average by 1 foot before it then gets to a levee or flood wall. >> reporter: this will take time and money. president obama promises the country will help protect the city against the next monster storm. weigia jiang, cbs news, new orleans. tonight at least four death -- tonight at least four deaths are being blamed on tropical storm erica dumping 15 inches of rain on the island of
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dominica. floodwaters ran through city streets and some buildings collapsed. most of the island has lost electricity and water supplies and in just a moment howard bernstein will tell us what this storm could mean for us here in d.c. as it moves west. the maker of sara lee, nature ace harvest and several other -- nature's harvest and several other bread brand systems aring almost 50,000 makages because they just -- is recalling almost 50,000 packages because they just might have glass in them. bimbo bakeries are recalling the breads with best buy dates ranging from august 29th through september 1st and a bakery code of 1558. again sara lee, nature's harvest, great value are the brands to look out for. police released surveillance video of a street fight they say started by an off-duty firefighter. charges are pending. it started with an argument outside a taco shop, got crazy spilling into the street with
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more people piling on. also disturbing is that you see so many people running to the scene, not to help but to record the entire melee on their cell phone cameras. that is unbelievable and we see too much of this too often now. if this does not make you smile, i don't know what the heck will. >> corporal alan jones showing off his double dutch jumping skills at a church in district heights, prince george's county. as you can see, he's still got the moves and the coordination. that's what i'm talking about, officer. once he knows folks are watching he even shows off some special moves. >> he's got a criss-cross going on there, jumping jacks, oh, yeah. >> that's what i'm talking about. i never could do that. by the way, this video has been viewed more than 220,000 times on facebook. this is the kind of video we like to show. >> that's good community policing. >> whoever is involved in double dutch will never forget that officer. >> whatever works, right? so, man, listen, we had such a quiet hurricane season
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up until now. now erika is trying to cause trouble. >> how long has it been since florida actually had a hurricane, 10 years? >> 10 years. it's still a may, they still may get it early next week. plus with an el nino winds you get upper level winds that are hostile to development. remember andrew was the first storm of the year. weatherwise let's talk 3-degree guarantee. i was forecasting a high of 82 and i like it when it comes out and the high is 82. we call that a bull's eye, so yeah, that's a good one. that is money right there. that's 16 in a row, 37 of the last 40. we've been doing well. 75 degrees now in washington, a little wind off the river keeping us a lot warmer than surrounding areas. you get away from downtown and the airport it's much cooler like 57 in frederick, 18
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degrees cooler than in d.c., 61 in front royal and 50s in the mountains, another night to he on the windows and enjoy thanks to high pressure which is still to our west. we're on the cool side of the high. once that high shifts east, wind turn south of, we start to warm up. humidity returns. it will be slowly, but that will start happening tomorrow when the winds start to creep out of the south more and the tropics, talked about erika a moment ago. now erica may never affect us much at all. erika right now is south of puerto rico still kind of ragged and disorganized, but it did cause some tropical storm force winds up towards st. croix earlier this evening. we don't want this thing to strengthen. unfortunately if it can survive the trip and make it north of hispaniola, then it's got a chance to get over toward florida early next week as potentially a weak hurricane. it will be skirting the coast by monday night at 8:00. that's west palm beach there.
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let's talk about our forecast at the beach. we're talking about a nice weekend at the beach and it's going to take a second to get there. we got low 80s friday, saturday, mid-80s sunday, monday. around here cool night nice and comfortable, 55 to 65 and start tomorrow with sunshine in the afternoon, 82 to 87 degrees. we head to the three-day forecast 88 on saturday, not too humid, 92 sunday, stray storm mainly in the mountains. next week it will be hot to start september with just an isolated storm, highs in the low i know how dangerous iran is.
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they trained and supplied insurgents who killed my... brothers and sisters in iraq. we cannot let them get a nuclear weapon. the tough deal on congress' desk blocks iran's path to the bomb. it keeps america safe. and if they cheat... we will catch them. and if we have to stop them the hard way, we will. but we should learn from the past.
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congress--support the deal.
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now wusa9 game on sports with daye owens brought to you by xfinity. >> his head is clear, that's what the doctors say about robert griffin, iii. after a week of noncontact drills guess what? he's ready to be drilled. griffin cleared to play on saturday and quite frankly, his performance will determine the temperature of this town for the next 10 days. howard, i'm calling this the 3rg guarantee. how do you like that? give that to the marketing team. the fact he's cleared isn't much of a surprise. i say that because he was
11:26 pm
taking first team recommends the whole week, so the team on -- helps the whole week, so the team had to be very confident he could answer the bell. here's a question. how does he keep his bell from being rung? >> we're being cautious and i'm being cautious and going to see all the doctors and taking a thousand tests because it's about my family and long term health. you watch the film and you assess yourself and say what can i do to make sure this doesn't happen anymore? >> all right. by this not happening anymore, he moons how does he prevent -- means how does he prevent becoming rocky balboa and the defense is mr. t, the first fight that is? how does he keep from getting knocked out. against detroit the offensive line was struggling. head coach jay gruden says the offense needs to get something going. here's what robert said about it this afternoon. >> that's the coach's decision. as we like to say, i just work here, man, and you know, just want to go out there and every opportunity that i get just try to execute the plays like they need to be executed, make a
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play when i have an opportunity and let the coaches do the rest of that. >> all right. some baseball now, the hits just keep on coming and i'm not talking about the good hits. denard span, gang, who has been hurt most of the season with a bad back came back tuesday. guess what? injured again. hip inflammation, not likely to return this season. he's a good guy. nats/padres, bryce harper, howard, you were talking about a hurricane earlier. i'm talking about a werth quake. you like that? i thought that would get a good response from you guys. six for four, two r.b.i.s. nats win 4-2. right now the mets are tied with the phillies. so we'll see in a few minutes if the nats can gain some ground on those mets. >> yeah, man. bad news on the injury bug,
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after a $1000 volkswagen bonus. looking pretty good, a little warmer tomorrow but comfortable. we start to heat up over the weekend, should be fine saturday night for the preseason football game at m&t and then we get hot as we say hello to september and rain chances are going up a little bit, but still too low. >> erika lurking in the background. >> we'll watch it. maybe early next week florida, could be the outer banks. >> thanks so much. that's our broadcast for tonight. >> have a great night, ever
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