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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  August 28, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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happened while he was driving. they'll look at speed, other variables, but again those findings won't be complete for several weeks. >> reporter: now police say the driver of this chevy malibu was 22-year-old ricardo freeman of edgewood, maryland. he has not been charged and it could be several weeks before detectives look into this and present their findings to the state's attorney to know whether there will be any charges. i'm peggy fox reporting live in bethesda, back to you. >> thank you. police say it may take detectives weeks to piece together what happened and present what they find to the state's attorney's office. >> reporter: turning to the latest from the murders of the two journalists near roanoke, the medical examiner today confirmed alison parker and adam ward died after they were both shot in the head and body. meantime the shopping plaza where the shootings took place reopened today. many business owners say they are ready to return to some sort of normalcy.
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at the shopping center's entrance well wishers left flowers and momentos as a memorial to alison and adam. realtor mike hagan is taking it especially hard. the killings happened right outside his business. >> it hit me as soon as i skipped the parking lot. oh, it's just young people only, 24 years old, prime of her life and some idiot takes her out. >> the franklin county sheriff's office released some new information about their investigation. they determined vester flanagan fired 17 rounds from a glock pistol. they say the attack appears well planned and premeditated. it appears flanagan acted alone and shared his plan with no one. despite all the notes he left, there is no indication where he was heading or what he was going to do next and based on his writings, it is apparent that flanagan closely identified with people who committed domestic acts of
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violence and mass murder as well as the 9/11 attacks. virginia governor terry mcauliffe visited the wdbj studio today to talk privately with the staff. he then talked with the media and addressed his support for universal background checks for gun purchases, but he also noted that flanagan passed a background check. meantime alison parker's father said he is making it his mission to try and change gun laws. andy parker said he spoke with governor mcauliffe about his concerns, but as of this afternoon he had not heard from senators cain or warner. former music teacher lawrence joins had been sentenced to 40 years in prison for sexually abusing elementary students. he taught at 11 different schools. andrea mccarren was in the courtroom when he learned his sentence. andrea? >> reporter: jan, lawrence joins wore a green prison jump suit and was not shackled in
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the courtroom. not once did he glance at one of his victims who sat in the front row just steps away. at one point music teacher lawrence joins wept as he apologized for the crimes he committed against 14 of his students at new hampshire elementary school in silver spring. >> it seems like crocodile dealers wiping away tears from his face making an apology to no one that's there. >> reporter: the judge called the crimes outrageous. records reveal he repeatedly videotaped girls in his classroom as young as 5 years old and later photo shopped their faces onto pornographic images. the majority of his victims were in kindergarten through 2nd grade. >> in order to gain the trust of children and of parents and of fellow teachers and administrators one has to be a master manipulator and this particular individual did. he manipulated them for over 27 years. >> reporter: one father spoke about the impact on his family
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as his now teenage daughter cried softly in the arms of aryl live. he said, "i -- a relative. he said, "i feel like i killed us all. he destroyed everything." joins will be back in court later this year facing rape charges for a sexual relationship two years long he allegedly had with a middle school student. reporting live from rockville andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> andrea, thank you. several of joins' victims filed civil suits against the school teacher and school system alleging that the district failed to protect them. florida governor declaring a state of emergency as erika heads closer to the u.s. she packed winds up to 50 miles per hour knocking down trees and forward lines in puerto rico. the storm caused deadly flooding and mudslides thursday on the caribbean island of
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dominica as rivers overflowed into the streets. if erika does intensify into a hurricane, it would be the first in florida in a decade. >> reporter: here free sand bags are given out to residents as they prepare for tropical storm erika. residents are taking advantage of this as you can see. more than 1,000 bags have been given out. >> just in case getting ready because it says that it will come with lots of water. >> crews have been setting up pumps to keep the water from flooding miami's beaches. first alert meteorologist howard bernstein joins us now. what's the latest on erika's track? >> erika is a disorganized mess, but it's got all sorts of things to overcome if it's going to threaten florida. they problem do the warning via emergency declaration like that to roll some assets, but it's probably better safe than sorry. i don't think it will be too big of deal when it gets there. on satellite imagery it's not that impressive, thunderstorms here and there. i'll switch you over to visible
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sat right. can you make out the center -- satellite. can you make out the center circulation? a little swirl there. the problem is this thing is very close to land with hispaniola that could disrupt it's path. the track could weaken it to a tropical depression or kill it entirely at cuba. if there's anything left of it as it gets over now towards sunday night, maybe a weak tropical storm near key west. this thing could end up in the gulf of mexico and regenerate. there may be nothing left of it here. so we'll track it, but the threat from erika now i think a lot less than it was 24 hours ago. i'll be back with our weekend forecast in a few minutes. ladies, back to you. a former prep school student was acquitted of felony rape charges today, but the jury did find 19-year-old owe been labrie guilty of -- owe been labrie guilty of -- owen labrie guilty of lesser sexual assault charges. it was called the senior salute where seniors try to have
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sexual relationships with new freshmen. sky9 flew over the funeral procession today for the firefighter from prince george's county killed in a motorcycle accident. j.r. harrison was a 29 year veteran of the baltimore county police department and promoted to lieutenant in 2009. police say the 63-year-old was on his way to his bowie home after work at the time of that crash. d.c. police are trying to bring this violent summer to an end. mpd's all lands on deck initiative -- hands on deck initiative started at 3 p.m. this afternoon and runs through sunday, but the violence continued overnight. there were three shootings in southwest and southeast, but all four male victims are expected to survive. we're tracking metro tonight and the agency says it was a combination of human error and equipment problems that caused the train to derail earlier this month at the smithsonian station. the root cause of the problem was the failure of fasteners that hold the rail in place
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plus the technician inspecting the track deleted the defects from the report believing it was just a routine problem. nobody was hurt, but if you were in that mess, you know a lot of people were late to work because service was interrupted. hank silverberg has more details for us coming up at 6:00. for the first time in nearly two years the nsa can once again legally collect the phone records of millions of us. a federal appeals court today overturned a december, 2013 injunction against the program. the court ruled the plaintiff did not have the right to sue because he couldn't prove his records were actually collected. starting in november phone companies will retain the data and the nsa can only access info on specific individuals through a court order. well, the big reveal by the national zoo today, the panda cub is a boy. bao bao has a little brother and they didn't have to look very far to find out who the
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daddy was. it's tian tian. >> was really any question? surae chinn gives us the rest of the details and the reaction from the zoo. >> reporter: the excitement at the national zoo is overflowing knowing that the new little cub is a boy and dad's a local guy. >> that's a stud. that is one stud. >> reporter: it's official. tian tian is now the father of three healthy panda cubs, tai shan, bao bao and the newest cub. >> oh. i didn't know that. >> reporter: that's not all. >> so we just learned the new panda is a boy. >> i'm a boy like the panda. >> reporter: the small boy cub makes big noises. for the panda team it's music to their ears. >> every time you hear that cub squealing you hear those big healthy lungs on it and it's telling mei xiang that it's hungry, that it wants to nurse and best of all, what we see is
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when the cub squeals, mei pay attention. >> reporter: the cub that didn't -- pays attention. >> reporter: the cub that didn't survive was a fraternal twin, also a boy. after a necropsy doctors discovered food in the lungs and preliminary test results suggest it died of aspiration pneumonia. that means the cub most likely choked on some food while being bottle or tube fed and the lungs got infected. the national zoo and its fans are focused on the living cub and the rest of his healthy family. >> i wished him a happy father's day i mean really. he has to be very proud. look at his abs. he's got good abs. >> reporter: you'll have to wait until january to see the new panda in person and as for a name, they may follow bao bao's lead. she was named when she turned 100 days old. at the national zoo surae chinn, wusa9. >> now the panda team said they had no other choice but to alternate the cubs with mom and with bottle feedings because if
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they didn't do that either both of them may not have survived or the result would have been the same. after several days of steep drops and big climbs the stock market stayed on a relatively even keel today. thank goodness. at the end of trading there were mixed results among the major stock indexes. the dow fell about 12 points. the s&p 500 was up about 1 point and the nasdaq gained 16 points. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. searching for the driver in a hit and run that left a prince george's county mother dead, scott broom's emotional interview with her family coming up at 5:30. >> plus katrina 10 years later, did the government do everything it could to help the people in new orleans? we hear from residents who weigh in. >> and a local father shares his story about leaving the big easy after the storm for the clear skies in northern virginia.
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former president george w. bush traveled to new orleans today to mark the 10th anniversary of hurricane katrina. some residents say the federal government was too slow in responding to the disaster. others point out the bush administration provided more than $140 billion to help the gulf coast recover. >> the darkness from a decade ago has lifted. the crescent city has risen again and its best days lie ahead. >> the mayor of new orleans called bush's visit a moment for healing, a moment for commemoration and a moment of thanks. a northern virginia man is plunge those counting their blessing -- among those counting their blessings tonight after surviving a deadly hurricane. >> after leaving new orleans richmond davis is now enjoying the beauty after the storm.
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>> reporter: the day the levees broke new orleans was forever changed. >> from churches to mosques to synagogues, americans all across the country today paused to pray for the communities and lives lost to hurricane katrina. >> reporter: nearly 2,000 lives were lost and thousands more turned upside down. >> some things are like seared in your mind, you know, the trash, the smells, you know, just the helplessness that you had. you just was one of many faces that was trying to get out of there. >> reporter: prior to katrina the thought of ever leaving the big easy was never an option for richmond davis, a single father of three at the time. >> new orleans is the only city that lived in your heart. >> reporter: but seeking higher ground for his family, richmond was among the evacuees who went from the superdome to sterling, virginia. wusa9 caught up with the davis family 10 years ago as they were living out of a hotel. >> it was just sort of fresh to
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come up here out of being from one of the poorest environments to coming to one of the richest counties in america was an eye opener. >> reporter: it was in sterling where richmond realized his potential as a parent, a practicing deacon and a maintenance mechanic at nih. >> i was like man, whatever i have to do to stay here, i'm going to do it. >> reporter: 10 years removed from one of the worst natural disasters in u.s. history, richmond davis has found higher ground, married once again with five kids. of the three who were once displaced, his oldest daughter rashonda is a bank teller in atlanta. richmond jr. joined the air force and britney just went off to school at old dominion. >> life is subject to change like for me overnight. a big wind came, a big storm came and it looked like the baddest day of my life that i could have ever had and once the gray clouds left, you know, the sun came out for me in so many ways and allowed me to see how beautiful life can be.
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>> reporter: nick giovanni, wusa9 news. >> that's a great story there. katrina was a category 3 when it made landfall. imagine a stronger storm, would they be able to handle it? would that city be able to handle it? >> probably now that they've rebuilt the levee system, spent $14.5 million, but the whole heartache was because the original levee system wasn't built properly and it failed. if it had been built properly, new orleans wouldn't have flooded like that. the core of the storm went into the mississippi gulf coast. new orleans was brushed by it. they had winds 80 miles an hour, but they did not take a direct hit. >> there's still some gulf towns still trying to rebuild all these years later. >> i was down there five years ago and there was still so much on the east side of town, the 9th ward, still looked like a ghost town. we got a little system out there now, talking about erika. that's a weak system and i think other than some rain toward florida it's probably not going to do much the way
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it's looking now. ragweed season and if you suffer from that, you know it. it's high today. mold spores have come down to moderate, same as yesterday with trees and grasses, low. what a nice looking evening, 82, dew points in the upper 50s, so it's still comfortable out there. that's going to change when the temps and humidity creep up through the weekend. the wind direction is now coming out of the south slowly increasing the moisture. lots of 70s off to the east in southern maryland across the bay, near 70 in the mountains and a beautiful 79 at front royal at this hour, fredericksburg a little warmer. our weather headlines for you this friday evening, summer is not over. i'm going to tell you now don't expect weather like this in august to last and even the first half of september can be awfully hot and it looks like we're going to head toward a hot stretch of weather starting sunday. low 90s, they're going to be back by sunday and they're going to be around for much of the next week coming up.
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the humidity creams up. we need some rain. -- creeps up. we need some rain. it's been really dry and the rain chances stay low, so you better be watering if you care about it. marlins are in town for a weekend set, 82 at 6:00 at nats park, temperatures falling through the 70s and a real comfortable time to be watching baseball in washington. high pressure still dominating near binghamton now, but as it shifts away the winds shift to the south and bring the moisture back. there's not much to show you. the drier air will depart replaced by slightly more humid air, but we just don't see much popping here tomorrow on our futurecast and even sunday, for that matter. maybe a few more clouds try to creep in here, but a quiet weekend coming up, maybe a good weekend to run over to the shore, not too many more of these left, right? 80 degrees on saturday, bite your tongue i'm hearing, 85 on sunday and monday a little warm, 87. around here tonight clear to
5:20 pm
partly cloudy, could see a late patch of fog, upper 50s in the cool spots, 68 downtown, south winds at 5. decent saturday 60s and 70s, comfortable in the morning, a little hotter top afternoon but still not too humid, 85 to 90. so if you're headed up toward baltimore tomorrow night for the football game, it's going to be great for that. sunday stray afternoon storm, 92, same on monday, 92 and as you look at the seven-day forecast, those temps stay in the low 90s, nighttime low 60s and 70s, going to feel more like july than september. straight ahead what police want you to know as kids in montgomery county head back to school next week. >> just another reminder, plus one smartphone company gets ready to offer up a sweet deal to get potential customers to switch carriers. i'll tell you about that. >> and apple unveils big upgrades for popular devices. i'll tell you about it in tonight's consumer alert. ♪
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back on wusa9 with a crazy scene out of miami-dade, florida. a car landed upside down in a become yard swimming pool. we are told several people were inside, but everyone got out
5:24 pm
safely and there were no serious injuries. this happens more often than you might actually think. an suv ended up in a california backyard phenomenon just three days ago -- pool just three days ago. school starts on monday for students in montgomery county. here's why it's so important for drivers to be extra careful next week. >> and what we know is that kids will be excited. they'll be anxious. they will be socializing with one northerly as they go to school and so it's more important -- another as they go to school and so it's more important for everyone to look out for these kids to make sure that they're safe. >> manger says reduce some of the distractions inside your car by leaving your phone alone. in tonight's consumer alert americans are making more money. the commerce department says salaries increased in july by the largest amount in eight months and that means they're
5:25 pm
going shopping spending rising about 0.3% inup, especially when it comes to big ticket -- in july, especially when it comes to big ticket items like cars. now to a different kind of data breach. sprint wants to drive a wedge between the new marriage of at&t and directv, so the company is offering a year of free service to directv customers if they switch carriers. now this is available through today going through september 30th and it includes unlimited talk and text, 2 gigabytes of data plus a one time activation fee of $36 when the year is up, sprint says the bill will go back to about $50 a month. gap now says it will no longer require workers to be on call for short notice shifts. the company and 12 others were investigated for these practices by the new york tone general and it really left very -- attorney general and it really left very little time for workers to spend with their families or even find other jobs. abercrombie & fitch announced
5:26 pm
it will stop the practice first in new york and then in other locations. and apple will introduce its latest devices september 9th and experts expect a new apple tv with a siri voice control plus a new iphone 6s and 6s plus. the phones will also have forced touch screen. they'll have a faster processor and apparently a better camera with a front facing flash, jan, for selfies. >> i just got a new phone. tell you, what just when i get a new one, they always come up with another one. straight ahead sentencing day for a northern virginia teen convicted of helping isis. >> reporter: hillary clinton tries to pledges of support before joe biden decides to challenge her for the democratic nomination. >> reporter: a mother of three mowed down in a hit and run accident dies.
5:27 pm
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there's a heartbreaking appeal issued by prince george's county police this afternoon about a hit and run that killed a mother of three. >> 39-year-old saundra luna died this week since languishing in a coma since mid- july. police issued an urgent call for witnesses to come forward. scott broom joins us now live in new carrollton. this is where luna was run down in front of her 15-year-old daughter, scott, just hard to imagine. >> reporter: yeah. it's heartbreaking. it's a terrible hit and run, the way she died after languishing in a coma for six weeks, awful. it happened in the 8300 block of annapolis road in new carrollton. you can see behind me a very busy road. it happened at 7 p.m. there is no doubt there were lots and lots of people around here, businesses on all sides, a bus stop here.
5:31 pm
detectives and this family are convinced somebody saw it and they want help finding that driver. >> how do you hit someone and leave? >> reporter: that is 15-year- old burta castro talking about what happened to her mom on annapolis road july 15th. >> and all i really want is justice of. >> reporter: sandra luna was the mother of three kids age 20 to 7 all living in atlanta and in mourning now after seeing their beloved mom die tuesday after clinging to life in a coma for nearly six weeks. >> it was hard seeing her like that. she was six weeks without talking to anybody, just there on her bed, on the bed and it was hard seeing her like that. >> reporter: luna was crossing busy annapolis road on foot to meet her daughter shopping in the store on the other side. she was not in the crosswalk. police think the driver who hit her and ran was driving a dark colored toyota, a driver who could have had no doubt that
5:32 pm
the car had struck someone who was left helpless in the road to die a lingering death over the next six tortured weeks. >> i really think that people did see it, but maybe they just don't want to get into problems, i guess. >> reporter: well, if that's an appeal that you've heard, maybe you or somebody you know witnessed this here in the 8300 block of annapolis road right by the cvs store. there's a car dealer across the street. so, perhaps you can bring some comfort to this family. sandra luna came to the u.s. 20 years ago from el salvador obviously for a better life. instead she died here in the street before she could finish raising her kids. reporting live in new carrollton scott broom, wusa9. >> yeah, scott, we sure hope people take a good look at that. if you or someone you know witnessed any of it, please contact prince george's county police. now to frederick where police are investigating a stabbing that's left one person there in critical condition.
5:33 pm
it happened just before 8:30 this morning at the apartments at albion place. right now we know a man and woman were taken to the hospital. one of them was stabbed. the other was injured in some way and we're waiting to find out more about a suspect or motive. the democratic candidates for president met with top party leaders today trying to lock up crucial support before the first primary and caucus votes are cast four months from now, but most of the attention was on the one person not in the room who could make up the race, vice president joe biden. mark albert reports from washington. >> i'm here to ask for your help. i'm not taking a single primary voter or caucusgoer for granted. >> reporter: after a summer of controversies hillary clinton hopes the democratic national committee's summer meeting in minneapolis will be the start of a comeback. the clinton camp is now pressing dnc members to sign pledges of support to shut out her competitors and potential rival vice vice president joe
5:34 pm
biden. >> that's part of our strategy to win the nomination. >> reporter: biden was noticeably absent in minneapolis staying at the white house for meetings. he's expected to decide whether to run in the next month. in virginia jeb bush picked up the endorsement of eric cantor and then turned to current frontrunner donald trump. >> here's a guy larger than life. it's all about him. let's have a debate about the ideas that people have as candidates and when they do, i think i'll do a lot better than mr. trump. >> nobody is going to outtrump trump in terms of taking him on. you could imagine a situation where a rival makes a case for themself using trump as a kind of foil, but no one has had the bravery to do that yet. >> reporter: trump has bashed bush relentlessly calling him a low energy candidate. mark albert for cbs news, washington. well, former house majority leader eric cantor who endorsed bush today told reporters that bush is the most conservative
5:35 pm
of all 17 republican candidates and said donald trump has been a democrat longer than he's been a republican. some candidates have criticized bush for not taking stands they consider conservative enough. face the nation host john dickerson joins us now and as we just heard, john, still a lot of talk in the democratic party on vp joe biden joining the race. what are you hearing? >> well, he's still thinking through whether or not he might even be able to get into the race from an emotional standpoint. there's this real tug of war going on between when his son beau biden died, it was devastating. he still feels the pain of that and that's what those close to him talked to me about, but there's also the fact his son pushed him to run, thought he should run, encouraged him to run. so that's kind of the emotional wrestling that's going on while his team is trying to figure out if there's even a pathway to run in terms of all the
5:36 pm
things you have to do to put a race together. >> would he have a better chance against hillary clinton than donald trump? >> or anybody else who might rise up. there was some polling this week that showed that he would do a little better than hillary clinton against those candidates, but that kind of polling is really almost a parlor game at this point. he knows, the vice president does according to the reporting i've done, about how hard it would be to run a race, how bruising it would be and he also knows that his best day is a cliche in politics is the day before he announces, which is to say once you start running and getting banged up all the lovely things people thought about you can often go away and that's part of the difficulty and part of the things he's weighing. >> john dickerson, looking forward to seeing you this sunday on face the nation, thank you. right now three people are behind bars in connection with the deaths of dozens of migrants found in a truck yesterday in austria. investigators say the bulgarian
5:37 pm
smugglers helped transport them in a refrigerated truck and police say 71 victims believed to be refugees from syria likely suffocated in that vehicle found abandoned on a highway, among the dead several children including a baby girl. >> this we believe underscores the ruthlessness of people smugglers who have expanded their business from the mediterranean sea to the highways of europe. >> and tens of thousands of people have risked everything this year to escape war zones and seek refuge in wealthy european countries. at least 2,500 people have died trying to do just that. new allegations tonight that subway execs knew about jared's illicit activities a long time ago and did nothing about it. >> and trending now, a celebrity lemonade stand shut down. >> and a couple of uptown girls party on billy joel's piano.
5:38 pm
>> howard bernstein in for topper shutt. get ready. it's going to get hot again even though september is around the corner. this evening looks fantastic. temperatures will be falling through the 70s. if you've got any outdoor plans, you've hit the weather jackpot once again, back with the hot seve
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all right. let's go trending now. lemonade dream crushed by a local neighbor. >> that is the caption on an instagram photo posted by jerry seinfeld's wife. it shows them with their hands jokingly behind their heads because they're trying to raise some money for charity with their lemonade stand in east hampton, new york, but neighbors complained about illegally parked cars. cops showed up, shut down the stand which they say was operating illegally on village property. check this story out here because it's harder and harder to find some alone time these days. a drone flying high in the air near a private school in rhode island spotted a benedictine monk just looking for a little peace and quiet and according to the post brother byron has
5:42 pm
been climbing the hill since 2006. he was looking for a little me time. who thinks a drone is going to impede on their me time? >> wow, that is scary. >> i'm glad he had clothes on, too. that's our director saying that. all right. an unexpected surprise for billy joel fans last night. >> amy schumer and jennifer lawrence got on top of billy joel's piano and danced along to uptown girl at the wrigley field show in chicago. ♪ uptown girl i'm in love with an uptown girl my uptown girl ♪ ♪. >> of course, uptown girl was used in schumer's movie trainwreck. the duo was also writing a screen play in which they will co-star as sisters. as high school sports starts tonight, one school's game will have a bit of a pro feel to it. we're going to tell you which
5:43 pm
school got a new look before the home opener and who came to help them coming up. >> coming up little darth vader gets a new heart valve without the need for open heart surgery.
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doctors at children's hospital los angeles have successfully implanted a new heart valve into a young boy without having to perform open heart surgery. child actor max page was on his way home in just 24 hours. danielle nottingham shows us how it was done. >> reporter: while max page charmed super bowl viewers as little darth vader, he was also battling congenital heart disease. >> i was feeling really tired. so even like walking up a flight of stairs would wind me. >> reporter: the 10-year-old actor has had 10 heart surgeries in his lifetime, the first at 3 months old. he had open heart surgery in 2012, but the valve surgeons implanted began restricting blood flow from max's heart to his lungs slowing him down. >> the valve became leaky and narrowed earlier than expected. >> reporter: in july doctors at children's hospital los angeles gave max a new heart
5:47 pm
valve without having to do open heart surgery inserting a stint through max's thigh. >> you can squeeze that stint down into a little sausagelike balloon, run it through the blood vessels and then run that inside the vessels back into the heart. >> reporter: max spent less than 24 hours in the hospital. >> i am feeling great. >> to think that he can go in and have a valve replacement surgery, walk out the next day inside 24 hours, not even 24 hours, with a band-aid on his thigh and the medication was to take a tylenol. >> reporter: max will receive his 11th operation in september to reach place his pacemaker, but he says he's ready to take on the world again. danielle nottingham, cbs news, los angeles. >> now doctors will likely have to replace max page's heart valve again as he grows into an adult. a manassas teen convicted of helping isis, today a judge sentenced the 17-year-old to 11 years in prison.
5:48 pm
investigators say the 17-year- old helped another teen travel to syria to join the islamic state and admitted to using twitter and other social media to solicit donations and support for the terror group. a former subway franchiseee says execs with the company knew about ex-spokesman jared fogle's interest in sex with children as far back as 2008. cindy mills claims that she had an affair with fogle who went on to tell her that he traveled to thailand where he had sex with prostitutes as young as 9 years old. mills said she reported that information to three executives in subway's ad unit. the ceo of ashley madison's parent company is stepping down in the wake of the hack that exposed personal information of millions of customers. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate.
5:49 pm
>> another beautiful day across the region, summer is coming back with a vengeance sunday and get ready for a very hot week next week. i know it's back to school in possibility county and for others, so you better be prepared. it's going to be hot. delightful now, 82, but the winds have turned to the south and will begin to increase humidity around here and help raise temperatures as well, but very comfortable, our humidity right now only 44%, delightful. temps range from 68 in davisson to 85 in fredericksburg now, 82 in easton and a very comfy 81 in martinsburg right now. so we're looking really good for the afternoon, but as i was just saying, summer is not over. the low 90s will be back by sunday and i think they're going to be around for much of the week. the humidity creeps up, but rain chances and we are really dry out there, rain chances are staying low. high pressure was over here a
5:50 pm
few days ago and as it pulls more to the east, the winds turn from a northerly to southerly direction, increasing the humidity levels, but not much showing up as far as rain. here's futurecast through tomorrow and you just don't see much going on, maybe a stray shower in the higher elevations, that's about it. want to show you the computer forecast models, show you some of the information on erika at the top of the broadcast. this storm is a mess and if it goes over land, which i think it wish it's really going to disrupt the -- will, it's really going to disrupt the situation. erika might not even be a tropical depression even by the time it gets away from cuba and look at the spread here. we're talking where from the gulf of mexico now -- talking somewhere from the gulf of mexico now to maybe off the east coast of florida, a lot of things to watch, but this storm is just a mess. out at the beach temperatures will be in the 80s. don't forget the sunscreen. comfortable night tonight, maybe a patch of fog, 58 to 68.
5:51 pm
tomorrow morning got outdoor activities? 60s and 70s, warmer but not humid tomorrow, 85 to 90. three-day forecast., it heats up sunday and monday, low 90s, stray thunderstorm and rain chances stay low and next week the heat stays on, low 90s the rest of the week and rain chances unfortunately are staying too low for us. now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> parkview high plays its first game of the season and washington gm bruce allen will be on hand, pretty cool. so what would get the burgundy and gold gm to a high school football game? that's the story and diane roberts has it in this week's game on varsity report. >> reporter: patriots pa at
5:52 pm
parkview high school -- frat parkview high school at -- practice at parkview high school on a brand-new field made possible with a donation from last year. >> it's an amazing thing for us. it's really helped our kids, our program, given the whole community a boost, makes us feel special here and it's nice for these guys because that doesn't happen very often for some of these guys. >> ready. hit. >> reporter: it's hoped the new turf will turn the tide for the patriots football team which went 0-10 last season. now they have a top of the line field that's supposed to help alleviate issues with drainage and potential player injuries. players couldn't be happier. >> good job. >> for the redskins to help us out, it's great for us just because we're an upcoming program, had a couple rough years, but we're on our way back to the top. i mean what better way to get us up there than with a brand- new it everybody field. i feel like it's a new field, it's a new year. last year or the couple years have been pretty rough on us.
5:53 pm
i know this new turf gives me a new feeling and we're going to do great. >> reporter: players got so excited they even took to twitter to tell the world about their new turf. >> there were like many retweets on the picture and everything. the whole school was talking about it how it was a great thing, we finally had turf. >> reporter: the burgundy and gold donated $100,000 matched by the nfl for the team's new turf and as you can see, the patriots are happily using the field right on time. diane roberts, wusa9 sports. >> the new parkview field will also be available to the entire loudoun county community. the superintendent there hopes to install turf fields at every school in the county. ladies, coming up in a minute a nice diversion for the skins today, a healthy dose of perspective. i'll explain that video at 6:. >> looking forward to that. thank you, dave. also at 6:00. >> reporter: former president george w. bush returns to new
5:54 pm
orleans, katrina one of the lowest points of his presidency. i'm weigia jiang, that story coming up. >> but up next vegan what do your parents do for you?
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5:56 pm
5:57 pm
they buy me food. they make sure i'm never lost. well... they pay my allowance. oh! now i remember... cigna covers preventive care. so you can also take care of yourself, for them. it was once thought of as just a fad, but right now vegan diets are catching on in a big way. >> everybody is talking about it. in fact, there are a lot of vegan restaurants around the country and they're becoming favorites with consumers even among those who don't follow that strict diet. here's chris martinez to tell us more of. >> reporter: at native foods cafe near los angeles business is good and it's not just here. in just one year the all vegan restaurant chain has grown across the country. >> we doubled the size of the organization. we went from 12 to 26.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: the vegan diet has been around for a long time but is gaining a new following. it's strictly plant-based. no fish, meat, eggs, poultry or dairy, but many native foods look like traditional meals. >> we have our meatball sub which is delicious. >> reporter: tofu and other substitutes are made to look like meat. vivian nelson said that keeps her coming back. she's not a strict vegan but likes the healthy choices. >> i feel good when i eat here and yet it's so satisfying you're not hungry for hours afterwards. >> oh, it's definitely not a fad. >> reporter: senior editor of the vegetarian journal samantha gindler says vegan options have surged. 20 years ago there were only a few dozen restaurants in the u.s. today there are more than 600. many mainstream restaurants including chipotle have vegan options on the menu and supermarkets are offering more vegan items. >> we're also seeing in generic chain grocery stores vegan butter, vegan ice cream, vegan
5:59 pm
deli slices, even vegan cookie dough. >> reporter: those options expected only to grow as more americans continue to embrace vegan meals. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. and coming up right now at 6:00 all eyes are on erika as the storm heads for the east coast of the united states, but where she'll make landfall is still anyone's guess. >> reporter: is in hank silverberg at federal triangle. we'll tell you about the latest report on the recent derailment and what it all means. >> and a split verdict in the high profile case of a new hampshire prep school student on trial for rape. good evening. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> and i'm lesli foster. a state of emergency is now in effect in florida ahead of tropical storm erika and tonight erika is barreling through the caribbean and headed toward the u.s. and really just leaving death and destruction in her wake. additional bodies have been recovered on the island of
6:00 pm
dominica where the storm unleashed deadly flooding and mudslides and while it is still unclear where erika will make landfall, florida's governor says everyone should be prepared for the worst. >> the biggest concern now is one, we don't know how much land it's going to go over. we don't know how much water we're going to get. >> the state of emergency in florida allows the governor to activate the national guard. officials in georgia and south carolina are also preparing for heavy rain from erica and forecasters say -- erika and forecasters say the next 24 hours will be critical to how this storm develops. first alert meteorologist howard bernstein joins us now to explain why. you say it's a real mess. >> it has so many problems getting organized it has been pulling against the winds in the upper levels pulling this apart. we call this wind shear. it's been moving west and not northwest as the models indicate, so that's another problem and so close to the do


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