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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  August 28, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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recovered on the island of dominica where the storm unleashed deadly flooding and mudslides and while it is still unclear where erika will make landfall, florida's governor says everyone should be prepared for the worst. >> the biggest concern now is one, we don't know how much land it's going to go over. we don't know how much water we're going to get. >> the state of emergency in florida allows the governor to activate the national guard. officials in georgia and south carolina are also preparing for heavy rain from erica and forecasters say -- erika and forecasters say the next 24 hours will be critical to how this storm develops. first alert meteorologist howard bernstein joins us now to explain why. you say it's a real mess. >> it has so many problems getting organized it has been pulling against the winds in the upper levels pulling this apart. we call this wind shear. it's been moving west and not northwest as the models indicate, so that's another problem and so close to the dominican republic and lay --
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haiti. there are some big mountains there where the storm could be visibly interrupted. you can almost see a little circulation right there. the storm itself, winds 50 miles an hour, that may be generous, but if it goes across haiti and cuba, it's likely going to weaken to maybe a depression, might fall apart completely, so could be in the gulf of mexico, could be florida, could be nothing. we'll watch this, but right now not looking like a big threat at this time. i'll be back with our weekend forecast for you in a few minutes. former president george w. bush returned to new orleans today to mark the 10th anniversary of hurricane katrina. >> he was criticized for his administration's response to the catastrophic storm, but as weigia jiang reports, his visit did draw some mixed emotions. >> reporter: former president george w. bush swayed and danced to the music in new orleans as the band played at
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warren easton charter high. he returned to the school friday after marking the first anniversary of hurricane katrina there in 2006. >> the darkness from a decade ago has lifted. the crescent city has risen again and its best days lie ahead. >> reporter: the bush administration said it provided more than $140 billion to help the gulf coast region recover. survivors remember other numbers, too. more than 1,800 people died. 1million people were displaced and 250,000 houses were destroyed. many blamed the federal government for responding too slowly, especially here in the lower 9th ward, the hardest hit area. >> people are still hurt. people lost family, things that could have been avoided. >> it was stressful and strange. >> reporter: to lisa halle then 12 years old spent a week at the superdome in notoriously foul conditions, haley says the memories are
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still unsettling. >> we saw all types of horrible things like some people are passing away because they are older and there are people who were hungry and thirsty. >> reporter: and angry, but in a sitdown interview new orleans mayor mitch landrieu said the city has forgiven. >> this is a home for healing. this is a moment for commemoration. -- a moment for healing. this is a moment for thanks. >> the former president and mrs. bush traveled to gulfport, mississippi, to thank respond who helped after the hurricane. now to -- thank first responders who helped after the hurricane. now to the news of the two news people shot and killed. both cases now officially are listed as homicides of meantime the surviving shooting victim vicki gardner has been upgraded to good condition and the
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shopping plaza where the murders took place has reopened. many business owners say they are ready to return to some sense of normalcy. >> it's been a long two days and i was happy to get back here this morning. >> well wishers are leaving flowers and moment olds as a memorial to alison and adam. a mixed verdict in the case of a prep school graduate accused of raping a 15-year- old. a jury in new hampshire found 19-year-old owen labrie not guilty of three felony rape charges but guilty of three misdemeanor assault charges. that jury convicted him on charges of endangering the welfare of a child and using a computer to lure a minor for sexual contact. he will be sentenced in october. the montgomery county music teacher who admitted to sexually abusing 14 elementary school students has been sentenced to 14 years in prison. lawrence joins taught in montgomery county for 27 years
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at 11 different schools. records revealed he repeatedly videotaped girls in his classroom as young as 5 and then later photoshopped their faces onto pornographic images. joins will go on trial later this year for rape charges with a two year sexual relationship he allegedly had with a middle school student. a derailed car earlier this month raised concerns about the safety of metro's rail system was caused by a broken rail fastener that did not hold the rail properly, but hank silverberg reports that is not the most startling part of the 130 page report out today. >> reporter: the most revealing part of this report is an indication that the problem on the tracks was detected by inspection almost a month before the derailment but somehow never got reported the right way. the train was empty on august 6th when it derailed between federal triangle and the smithsonian station in the early morning hours. our review of the accident indicates a fastener failed to hold the rails together causing
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five cars to leave the tracks, but also reveals the faulty fastener had been detected almost a month before by a vehicle like this one which checks for such defects on a routine basis. somehow the information was deleted from an inspection report leaving the defect unrepaired. the internal review leaves some passengers worried about the safety of the system. >> it seems like it's always human error. it's always somebody either asleep at the wheel or just plain not doing their job of. >> reporter: no one was injured during the derailment, but thousands of passengers were forced to board buses during the morning rush with long delays. >> it's really concerning, though, we still don't have a new chief affiliate enfant thing how many months ago now and -- chief after the l'enfant thing how many months ago now and they can't even have a clear direction where they want to go next after an accident like that. >> i think it's really worrying to know that just the pure volume of people that take the metro every day that it's unsafe and there should be regu
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that it's more preventive. >> reporter: the man who accidentally deleted the information on the defective fastener has resigned and so did the supervisor. metro said there could be further disciplinary action after the investigation is complete. metro will not officially comment on this report until their september meeting. >> virginia congressman gerry connolly who has been critical of metro operations in the past said the board should act fast to bring on a new general manager. he said the lack of leadership at all levels is contributing to some of metro's troubles. it's a boy and the panda cub's father is tian tian. the national zoo revealed that information today. the cub is making noise which is a healthy sign and the zoo also said the cub that died is a fraternal brother and died
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from complications of pneumonia. tian tian has sired six cubs altogether. three did not survive. once bao bao turns 4, he will go back to china. . >> making a lot of noise there. >> a lot on his mind. coming up a ruling on where protesters can and cannot stand in front of the supreme court. >> also ahead democratic presidential hopefuls make their pitch to their party's delegates. >> but up next a not so fantastic finish to a wild, wild week on wall street.
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two days of big gains couldn't keep wall street from fizzling on friday. stocks ended on a mixed note, uncertainty over china's economy and when the fed will raise interest rates has a lot of people jittery. the dow dropped nearly 12 points remaining in negative territory for the year. the nasdaq added 15 points. a federal appeals court in the district ruled today that the supreme court can keep protesters off its marble plaza without violating their constitutional right to free speech. the decision reversed a lower court's ruling that declared a law prohibiting protests on the plaza unconstitutional, but the appeals court says protesters first amendment rights stop at the sidewalk in front of the high court. turning to campaign 2016,
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today the democratic candidate for president met with top party leaders hoping to lock up some crucial support with the first primary and caucus votes just four months from now. the speeches and lobbying all went down in minneapolis where the democratic national committee is holding its summer meeting. noticeably absent is vice president joe biden. he's expected to decide next month whether he is joining the race. a mistrial was declared last week in the manslaughter trial of charlotte officer randall carrick for the death of a college football player. the jury was deadlocked 8-4 in favor of acquittal. coming up a business burned down in baltimore riots begins to rebuild. >> up next, though, how would you like to win four tickets to the papal mass along with an ipad or go pro? ipad or go pro? we'll tell you
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you got to have tickets to attend mass at the national shrine with pope francis next month. they are free. they are very hard to get. >> but as surae chinn shows us, three lucky people have a chance to win tickets to the hottest show in town, kind of
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weird saying show in town, on september 23rd. [ church bells ] >> reporter: winston aradaza is a long way from his native philippines. >> i feel the love of the people that surrounds me. >> reporter: he's studying to be a priest at mount st. mary's seminary in emmetsburg, maryland. >> in the name of the father, the son, in the holy spirit. amen. >> reporter: and he has a special respondness for working with people facing medical and mental challenges. >> say winston. >> they are very close to my heart, the disabled. i have a cousin who is also disabled. >> tell us about your experience serving others of. >> reporter: so when aridaza heard about the video contest called you serve, he knew exactly what he wanted to produce. >> this is a department of persons with disabilities. they are focusing on the adults disabled people to take care of
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them. >> reporter: the you serve contest is being held by the archdiocese of washington. anyone can submit a video showing how they're involved in their community. >> i think we're really looking for that story that really -- you really could feel and hear. >> reporter: christopher baker is the director of the multi- media production for the archdiocese. he and his colleagues are reviewing dozens of entries already submitted including aridaza's. >> i left with a feeling of great hope and joy. >> that one is accessible. it makes me think i could do that. >> reporter: the video contest winners will get four tickets each to the papal mass, but for aridaza the greatest prize of all is the message. >> nothing else. helping others will make you happy. that's the emphasis of our holy father. >> reporter: surae chinn, wusa9. >> if he wins, he says he will give his tickets away to the young people profiled in his submission and if you would
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like to enter the you serve contest, just go to our website we've got all the entry information there and in addition to those tickets, the winners also get a choice of an ipad or go pro unit. demolition is underway on the baltimore cvs set on fire during the riots and looting following the death of freddie gray. the company is hoping to rebuild and reopen the pharmacy at pennsylvania and north avenue by the end of the year. cvs is also renovating a pharmacy on west franklin street damaged during the riots. since the aftermath of freddie gray's death baltimore has seen a surge in violence. at least 219 people have been killed there so far this year. baltimoreor may mayor stephanie rawlings-blake believes the -- baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake beliefs the distrust in law enforcement could be part of the problem. >> the relationship between the community and police is critical. we're not going to get to where we want to be as a city unless we do the hard work of
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repairing that relationship. >> you can catch susan page's full interview with mayor stephanie rawlings-blake on capital download sunday morning at 8:30 right after our morning newscast. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> we made it to friday and the weekend is not going to disappoint. >> if you've got weekend plans, nothing to worry about, maybe going out to nats park or baltimore for football or maybe just enjoy some time with the family outside. it's going to be perfect for that. right now a great evening here, 82 degrees, humidity the key, only 44%, so it feels really good and barely any wind only 3 miles an hour out of the south, southeast. 77 degrees in annapolis, 85 in fredericksburg and the higher elevations around 70 in the mountains.
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it has been a cool last few days here of august, but that's all about to change. nats park tonight, 82 at 6:00. here we are now falling into the 70s at 8:00, 74 by 10:00, first pitch at 7:04 as the marlins come in for the weekend series. dry air is in place and will slowly pull away tomorrow becoming a little more humid, still comfortable. not much is going on tomorrow weatherwise, a few clouds, a stray shower to the west and that's about it. i think the same story on sunday, a little hotter. i want to show you the computer models on our friend erika and the problem with this getting organized, it's going over land, over the mountains of cuba and hispaniola. if it goes right over cuba, it could fall apart entirely. so what's left of it that ends up in the gulf or florida, there may not be much left to the system by the time it reaches florida. for us good weekend to go to the beach, temperatures in the
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low to mid-80s, warming up to 88 by monday. clear to partly cloudy, comfortable tonight 50 to 68, perhaps an isolated patch of fog away from town late. tomorrow in the morning looks good, 60s and 70s, warmer in the afternoon but not humid, 85 to 90. the heat picks up sunday and monday, low 90s with a stray afternoon storm and next week look at the heat here tuesday, wednesday, thursday in the low 90s. rain chances are staying low and it is getting dry out there. jan, lesli and dave, over to you. >> thanks so much howard. and a very big weekend for rg3, might be the most important game of his career. >> i agree. it's only preseason, but he's got to show and prove. >> got to show up. >> absolutely. he's got to stay on the field, jay gruden giving us an inside look at his marching orders for saturday night's game against
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wusa9 news is sponsored in part by your local toyota dealers. now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> i'm thinking the ratings on skins v. ravens will be huge tomorrow night, ladies, and here's why. washington football sort of reminds me of a rudderless ship headed towards an iceberg, management frantically working to fix the problem before the ship crashes. i want to tune in just to see if the ship crashes and everyone wants to see if this thing is going to crash. all right. let's talk about today.
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chill friday in the world of burgundy and gold, the team holding a workout offsite. i'll explain that more in a minute. robert griffin, iii cleared to play. so how long will he and the rest of the starters play, jay? >> i do like to play them a half. things happen and that could change, but always the plan for the third preseason game is at least a laugh. we'll see. there could be selects -- half. we'll see. there could be select starters that come out sooner than that, but we'll go to the halfway point. >> that walk-through not at the team facility in ashburn. instead they went over to andrews air force base to practice in front of troops and kids at the base school there, really a cool event, the second year the team has done this, salute to the troops, and everybody loves it. >> i come from a military family. i know some of the things that they are going through, moving and stuff. i moved place to place. i'm just here for them if they have any questions to ask me. if they know where i'm from or
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what i'm about, i'll give them a pretty good answer. >> andre roberts went to the citadel, by the way, good guy. let's talk about the game. the offensive line was introduced to a little motown mashing. tomorrow the baltimore brutes will put their hands in the dirt and comma calling to that offensive line. the -- come a calling to the offensive line. the ravens play hard nose defense and typically go out of their way to touch the quarterback. bradford tried to play fake on the zone read last week. they just got blown out, though, but suggs said expect a little more ravenlike effort on saturday against the skins. >> we want to show -- kind of show what this raven team is about. that's usually what the third preseason is about, you know. you kind of show who is going to play, who is going to be out there, what you're going to be doing this year, but this one will be a little more focused on our opponent rather than practicing and playing nice. lastly real quick we told you last night denard span
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reinjured himself. he will have season ending hip surgery tuesday, another setback for him, a tough year for him. bryce harper starts in center field tonight and rookie trey turner starts at second. tough season for denard. >> whenever they say hip,
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>> dubois: the prep school rape trial. the verdict is in. also tonight, erika hits the caribbean. it could soon be heading for florida. the tv news editor who saw what viewers did not. >> i said, "adam's dead." i saw a figure. i saw sparks, and i saw this coward shoot him pointblank. >> dubois: and steve hartman with burnell cotlon. he wantyou to know his new orleans is back in business. >> you could go anywhere but you came here. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> dubois: good evening. scott is on assignment. i'm maurice dubois. there is a verdict tonight in a case that has once again put a national spotlight on sexual assault on campus. fo


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