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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  August 31, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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hello and thank you for joining us. i'm andrea roane. as the violence continues in the streets of d.c., more unrest within the police department. 97.5% police union members are giving a no confidence vote to their chief cathy lanier. delia goncalves tells us why
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and what it all means. the chairman of the d.c. police union says even though only a third of their union members voted, the message is still clear. they say chief lanier cannot be trusted, has created a toxic environment and without change they fear the violence will continue. so far our murder rate here in d.c. stands at 105, the same as all of 2014. residents report gunfights happening in every quadrant of the city. the latest a double shooting on 3rd and k street southwest. sunday evening a 13-year-old girl who was walking home from the library was among those shot. police union members blame the uptick in violence on the dismantling of the vice squad and record number of retirements. >> we used to get members that stay here 35, 45 years. at 25 years and one day they're leaving. they're not leaving because of the union. they're leaving because of the leadership style of the current chief. if she wants to ignore that,
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she can ignore that at her own peril. >> reporter: the chief says the timing of this vote certainly very interesting because this was the weekend of the first all hands on deck operation. the mayor released a statement saying in good times and in the tough times, too, i have every confidence in chief lanier. in southeast, delia goncalves, wusa9. >> the police union represents nearly 3600 officers. it was a violent night in wheaton, maryland. montgomery county police say a construction crew found a man shot at veirs mill road and randolph road and they called 9116789 medics rushed him to the -- 911. medics rushed him to the hospital but he later died. witnesses say they spotted a man running away from the scene. it was back to school for montgomery county students today but the morning got off to a rough start for about 17 of them. two school buses collided at glen road and falls road in potomac. it was a train reaction that started when one bus ran into a
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car. students were checked on to the scene and loaded to new buss to make it to their first day at winston churchill high school. for nearly all other montgomery county students, they arrived on time and ready to start the new year. but this year brought some big changes. nikki burdine was at walt whitman high school where the new schedule is officially under way. >> reporter: no back-to-school blues this morning for students in montgomery county. maybe it's because they got an extra 20 minutes this morning before school. what they did with that take time depends on who you ask. >> i definitely noticed that it was later. i could wake up later and have more time. >> reporter: more time for important things like? >> you can wake up later and have more time for your hair. >> reporter: sophomore pablo knows all about that problem. >> i have two sisters. sharing one bathroom. i wasn't able to late up as late but it was good. >> reporter: busy students like diego took advantage of the extra fuel minutes to fuel up on sleep. >> my dad said you can go back
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to sleep for 20 more minutes. >> reporter: for luka, 7:45 is a bit earlier than he's used to he just came from italy where their classes starts at 8:00. >> i'm nervous but i'm going to try to make the best of this day. >> reporter: middle school starts 20 minutes later as well. elementary school starts ten minutes later. some parents tell us while they would still like the start time to be pushed back even further, this is a good start. >> it was a huge benefit to us. 20 minutes is really great. they're on time for the first time in about two years. >> reporter: also new this year, a record number of students. this is the eighth straight year of growth by more than 2,000 kids bringing the total enrollment to 165,000. the 17th largest school system in the country. intern superintendent larry bauers is still in charge. school officials won't begin their search for his replacement until spring. in bah these today, i'm anything -- bah these today,
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i'm nikki burdine -- bethesda, i'm nikki burdine, wusa9. it's a warm welcome back to school in more ways than one. erica grow is tracking a heat waves. >> looks like it will last the entire workweek. it will be hot enough to constitute the heat wave conditions. right now 80 degrees in arlington. 38 in chevy chase and downtown washington. still only 75 in upper marlboro but it's 81 in leesburg. those temperatures in some spots are already very close to what our average high temperature is this time of year. on 9 futurecast, a couple of sprinkles and showers could develop as early as within the next hour. right now the radar is still mostly clear. just a couple of raindrops here and there. but as we head into the afternoon, most of the activity breaks up. we could see a couple of concentrated areas of downpour activity. and i do think that we'll see a little bit more to the south of the district as we head into the afternoon and evening. but tuesday is a mostly dry day and it will be even hotter than
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it is today. i'll talk about the 90s and what it's going to feel like for you coming up in the first alert seven-day forecast. >> thanks, erica. some airline passengers are breathing a sigh of relief after a scare last night at newark airport. investigators say a man enter add secure hallway through an exit door around 9:00 p.m. and that caused an alarm to go off. customs acts later stopped the manual. down as police took him into custody. he was taken to a hospital for evaluation. so far his name has not been released but arrivals and departures are on time this morning. flags in maryland are flying at half staff to honor the late former maryland governor marvin mandel. he died yeerday. he was 95 years old. his family says mandel died after a two-day visit to st. mary's county for his stepson's imirkt day celebration. -- birthday celebration. mandel served from 1969 until 1977. that's when he was convicted on
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political corruption charges. he served 19 months but president reagan later commuted his sentence. funeral arrangements have not yet been announced. in today's campaign 2016 report a pair of new polls suggest the front runners on both the republican and democratic si of the ticket may be in trouble in their bid for the white house. craig boswell explains. >> hillary clinton's summer slide continues. a new poll out this past weekend shows she now has just a 7-point lead over bernie sanders who stands at 30% and vice president joe biden who is not yet in the race is at 14%. >> i don't know if her campaign is in trouble but our campaign is doing great. >> reporter: clinton has lost 20 percentage points since may with bernie sanders doubling his support but the polls suggest it has less to do with clinton's e-mail scanned arl and more to do with policy. 96% of sander supporters say they like where he stands on the issues. >> the gains we are seeing and
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the enthusiasm, the huge crowds, this is not antihillary clinton, this is pro-bernie sanders. donald trump's so-called summer of trump may be coming to an end. he's now tied with dr. ben carson in iowa. each has 23%. trump has spent the summer as the front runner in every new poll. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. >> the des moines register poll from this weekend also had trump at 23% with carson at second with 18%. generations of families are risking their lives for the promise of a better one in europe. near hungary's border with serbia, thousands of refugees from syria are trying to get into hungary before officials plan -- [indiscernible] they are building a razor wire fence to keep them out. refugees are refusing to turn back saying they've already made it this far. coming up, why some are less than pleased over the president's plan to rename the
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tallest mountain in north america. >> but first, we take a look back at the life work of
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police in thailand have now identified two new suspects in the deadly bombing. the bombing in central bangkok on august 17 killed 20 people. more than half of them foreigners. one of the suspects is a young thai woman seen wearing a black head scarf. police have also release add sketch of a man. his nationality is unknown. just a few days ago police arrested another man in the case. they say he had bomb-making equipment including detonators. here's yet another reason why you should keep your hands on the wheel of your car and off your cell phone. this driver crashed and slammed into a tree as he took a selfie. it happened in northern maine. several people were hurt, some suffering broken bones. the driver is facing charges of failing to maintain control of
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the car. school may be back in session but summer isn't quite over yet. erica is up with the forecast. >> that's right. the summer-like temperatures really arrived yesterday and they're going to stick with us through the entire work and school week. i'll talk about weekend relief every cup has a story. dunkin' k-cup packs in my life were a good fit. a single serving for myself, it's pretty special. it is like having a dunkin' store in my home which is what i've always dreamed of. bring home delicious dunkin' k-cup packs today. your coffee, your dunkin'.
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wes craven, the prolific writer and director who thrilled audiences with iconic and bloody suburban slashers has died. he was 76. craven stampted his film -- started his film career making adult movies before branching out on horror films like "scream." he died in his los angeles home sunday surrounded by family after battling brain cancer. a prolific writer, director, and editor, he's credited again with reinventing the teen horror genre in no way like any other. for introducing to then unknown jonny depend '. -- johnny depp. a hiker is reunited with her family after surviving nine days alone in the sierra
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mountains. miyuki harwood, an experienced hiker was rescued after whistling for help. she went missing from her group august 20. >> luckily we were able to find a large place to land about 200 yards south of where they found her. we were able to walk her over to the helicopter. >> the search was hampered by thick smoke from a nearby wildfire. harwood was weak and exhated but thankful to be alive. the tallest mountain in north america has a new name or rather its original name back. president obama announced the change in advance of a trip to alaska. there is some opt decision. >> are it is no longer mt. mckinley. the 20,000-foot peak in alaska, the tallest spot on the continent is returning to its old name denali. it means the great one in the language of native alaskans who say the name change means respect. >> it's a reflection of acknowledging the value of the culture of the people of alaska, the first peoples of
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alaska. >> reporter: william mckinley was a presidential candidate from ohio when a gold prospector suggested calling the peak mckinley. many alaskans scoffed at their mountain being named after a mid winner. >> for generations, alaskans have known this majestic mountain as the great one. >> reporter: republican senator lisa murkowski of alaska thanked the. but the ohio congressional delegation which has fought the name change for years objected. on twitter ohio senator robb portman said the name change was another example of the. going around congress. today the. heads to alaska for -- the president heads to alaska for a three-day trip as he faces melting graciers to highlight climate change. >> if we do nothing, temperatures are expected to rise. >> reporter: he will be the sixth president to advice sis
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the arctic circle. president mckinley was never able to sea the peak. >> it's the third tallest mountain in the world. alaska and the state legislature have been working for decades to officially change the name but those efforts as you heard were blocked by legislation in congress and stymied by ohio's congressional delegation. the white house is hoping this change will improve relations with native americans. also in alaska, people along the coastline there hope to draw the president's attention to their problem with erosion. it's so bad some small towns have had to relocate to higher ground as the water swallows up their land. people in dillingham worry that will -- that without help they would be next. the beaches there are receding at the rate of about 2 feet per year and the loss of land could mean the loss of jobs in their main industry. >> this is the only harbor to support the fishing industry in bristol bay. >> the army corps of engineers suggest a $21 million upgrade to protect the harbor, but the town would be responsible for a
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third of that cost, something they say they can't afford. firefighters in oregon say they're making progress in battling several wildfires despite the gusty winds. the fire around eagle cap wilderness is now about 25% contained. the 20,000 acre el dorado fire is 90% contained. more than three dozen homes have gone up in flames. about 950 firefighters are battling the fires. among the hardest hit areas, prairie city. turning now to the latest on what was once tropical storm erika. flash flood and rip current warnings have been issued for parts of florida, georgia and south carolina where at least five inches of rain fell this morning. the national weather service is warning people in low-lying areas to, quote, take action to protect their property. the storm is blamed for the deaths of at least 20 people in the caribbean last week. the island of dominica was hardest hit with 13 inches of rain in 13 hours. the country's prime minister
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says there was, quote, monumental destruction. is any of that rain making its way up the coast to our area? erica grow is here with that. >> just a little bit. we'll get the very outer edges of that. if you've gotten a sprinkle or shower today, it is from the remnants of erika which did just kind of unwind instead of being the tightly wound tropical system. it ran into shear so the upper level winds elongated the outward flow of the energy and moisture. but it's basically a hot, humid day for a lot of us. let's take a look at the day planner with the michael & son weather cam. we have some hazy sunshine right now but a fair amount of cloud cover as well. a pop-up thunderstorm or shower is still likely until we get closer to the evening commute. 90 degrees is your high temperature today. that's also where we'll be sitting at 3:00. 6:00 it will be 87 degrees with the chance of storms diminishing at that point. right now 83.
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the dew point 63. the dew points actually have come down a little bit since early this morning. we're going to continue to see the humidity. overall is will be on the rise as we head from today into tomorrow. right now it's already 86 degrees in frederick. 82 in martinsburg and winchester. 77 in culpeper where the cloud cover is hanging on. check out these dew points. oppressive amounts of humidity as you head up into loudoun and frederick counties with the dew point above 70 degrees. on satellite and radar, you can see the recommend facts of erika -- remnants of erika i was mentioning before. it's raining heavily in hampton roads and norfolk and light showers moving through the dmv right now. just light activity. most of us won't see much of anything but you might have to use the windshield wipers once or twice as you're heading back home from work or maybe picking the kids up off the bus in some of the spots where the rain will be falling just at a very light clip. tuesday is mostly a dry day, especially east of the blue ridge and the mountains we
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might see a shower or storm. but it's just going to be a hot, steamy day with the hazy sunshine leading to temperatures well in the 90s. 90s again on wednesday but a better chance for a shower or thunderstorm. that feels like forecast is really going to be baking as we head into tomorrow. today we're going to cap out with a real feel in the low 90s for most of us. 92 in leesburg. 91 in downtown d.c. stepping out the door tomorrow morning, it's going to feel like it's in the low to mid-70s and in the afternoon, it will feel like it's close to 100 degrees in leesburg and frederick. so summer not over yet. we have that heat and humidity with us all week long. forecast highs for today 90 in downtown washington. 87 in culpeper and gaithersburg. not terrible. 91 degrees in leesburg for your high temperature today. overnight tonight, we'll dip into the mid-60s in the far north and west suburbs but 69 for your low in hagerstown. 74 in downtown washington and 67 in frederick. tomorrow is the hottest day. 94 degrees with a good amount
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of sunshine and it looks like we have a better chance for rain again on wednesday with a high of 92 degrees. but then we're back up to 94 again in the first alert seven- day forecast. on thursday just a slight chance for a rumble of thunder and the 90s will stay with us even on friday. it's not until we get to labor day weekend that those temperatures will be cooling down into
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people in chicago are getting an up close look at the corps flower they've nicknamed spike. yesterday horticulturists at the city's botanical garden had to break open the flower because spike didn't have the energy to bloom. female parts were past their prime and the male parts were not mature. since it didn't bloom on its own, the odor wasn't as foul smelling but still a crowd pleaser. >> now at least the public can see the whole flower structure and we're going to monitor it over the next day or two to see if the male flowers in particular mature enough that we can collect the pollen. >> when it blooms it releases a stench that has been described as that of dead or rotting animal but again spike didn't produce that signature smell. just didn't have the energy to get it going. >> what a shame that we
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couldn't smell the corpse flower. >> coach jay gruden will be holding on press conference. that's it for us. we'll see you tomorrow
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>> ashley: wow. i think this martini just went right to my head. i could have sworn you just offered me the co-c.e.o. position at jabot. >> jack: the right person for the right job. >> ashley: so, after all the games you played to make sure that i wasn't co-c.e.o., why the change all of a sudden? >> jack: it isn't all of a sudden. >> ashley: really? 'cause it really seems as well-thought-out as the dissolution of newman-abbott -- no planning, no consulting, just sweeping changes without any forethought whatsoever. >> jack: gee, and here i expected a "thanks, jack. i accept. when do i start?" >> phyllis: what's with all the consternation over here? it looks very serious. >> jack: yeah, i'm not sure. i didn't expect it, either. i just offered her the position we talked about. see, there was some forethought to all this. it didn't come off the top of my head. >> ashley: i'm not a piece that you can shove around on your chess board. >> phyllis: ashley, this isn't a game. it's time jack not carry this all on his shoulders -- this family, this company.


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