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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  September 1, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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it's been shaken rattled and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... the cold... and dragged through the mud. introducing the all-new mercedes-benz gle. it's where brains meet brawn. right now at 11:00. >> if parents see their kids, check their kids' rooms, under their beds and their closets for weapons and guns and stuff because it's like their kids go out and do things uncalled for with their weapons and hurt innocent people, so that's all i have to say about it. i want to go sit down. >> when this young woman did sit down, a round of applause for her bravery. tonight a community rallies around 13-year-old taije chambliss, one of the youngest
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victims of this violent summer. thanks for joining us. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm derek mcginty. the 7th grader is standing up as tough as it is with a bullet still in her leg and fighting back against gun violence and it is clear at this hour taije chambliss is still recovering physically and emotionally from her ordeal. our ellison barber has the story of her powerful public appearance tonight. ellison? >> reporter: chambliss was in the hospital less than 24 hours ago, but instead of resting at home the 13-year-old chose to come here to the first district police headquarters and sit through a community meeting on crime. >> why won't you support stopping violence and shooting? i'm a victim of it and i don't want it to happen to anybody else. >> reporter: taije chambliss still has a bullet in her leg and hasn't forgotten how a sunday braiding hair almost turned deadly. >> i don't come outside much anymore, but all i remember is having flashbacks of what happened. it's the most tragic thing in my life. >> reporter: her story is what
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brought so many people into the first district's police station. >> just got next to me. so i said i have to come down here to the meeting to listen to what was going on. >> reporter: they're all sick of the violence. >> my concern is that the kids in this neighborhood are not getting a fair chance at life due to the crime. >> reporter: but even this room not everyone agrees on how to fix it. in the middle of the meeting one person got up to leave. for a moment everyone stopped. once chambliss got outside she realized her leg was bleeding. they sat her in a chair and called for help. as the room talked about gun violence, the reality of it was right outside in the face of a brave 13-year-old and a mother overcome with emotion. chambliss is doing well. she went home after the paramedic checked her out. derek, i'm told normally this meeting has maybe about five people. it happens monthly. tonight i counted well over 50. this is a 13-year-old that
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people are certainly paying attention to. reporting live in southwest i'm ellison barber, wusa9. >> certainly pulling for her full recovery. thank you, ellison. now remember the cops are offering reward money for any information in these cases over the violent summer, up to $1,000 in serious cases like this one and $25,000 for a homicide. call the police tip line if you can help. you can remain anonymous, 202- 727-9099. a lot of you tonight trying to cool off from a sweaty start to september. the heat is serious and it is not over yet. >> let's get right over to our chief meteorologist topper shutt for the latest on what you'll be feeling when you get up in the morning. top? >> it's going to be sticky in the morning almost like august or july, mid-70s downtown, maybe 69 in gaithersburg or maybe rockville, maybe damascus, maybe bowie, maybe around 70, 71 in leesburg,
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hagerstown 71 at 10:00. by 1:00 some showers starting to fire to the west of us, hagerstown, martinsburg and particularly along i-81. these showers will move into the metro area as we go through the afternoon hours tomorrow. we'll come back and track that for you. in the meantime we'll look ahead a little bit. no organized storms until friday. a cold front rolls through. hot and humid all week, 90s. friday might just be below 90 because of more clouds and right now the holiday weekend looks cooler and mainly dry. we will come back and talk about the 3-degree guarantee in a minute. >> thanks, topper. new information tonight in the case of a music teacher facing child pornography charges. not a lot of parents are concerned after a 23-year-old volunteer woodwind teacher at two manassas schools was arrested. andrea mccarren visited osborne high, one of the two schools where the suspect worked. >> reporter: this is a very disturbing case. there were pornographic videos
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involving infants found on this teacher's laptop. >> wow, i'm almost at a loss for words. >> it's really like mind blowing. >> it's horrendous. it's a shame. >> reporter: stunned reaction on the case against david battle who worked from august, 2014, until his arrest in june on local child pornography charges. >> my sister had him. so just to know that she was in his class is really disturbing. >> i didn't expect this to happen at osborne. it's very surprising and very unfortunate. >> reporter: according to court records, battle posed as a teenage girl online and sent naked pictures of a girl to teenage boys. he asked them for similar graphic and sexual photos in return. some boys complied. one even sent video of a sex act. >> my god. no, that is just awful. >> it's very terrifying because you send your child to school
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and you would imagine that they would be safe. >> it's not just here. it's everywhere, so they have to find some way to rectify this whole problem. >> reporter: school officials confirmed that battle chaperoned metz middle school students on three band trips last year. one student sent a message to battle, but the student was clothed. a spokeswoman told us battle went through a background check before he was approved as a so, but it did not reveal any criminal convictions or prior criminal history. >> battle does remain in custody tonight. we have posted the affidavit detailing the federal charges against him on our new wusa9 news app so you can check it out for yourself and we're going to have more on that new app in just a moment. new tonight d.c. police asking for the public's help in identifying a person of interest in a sex assault and of armed robbery. take a look at -- and armed
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robbery. take a look at the surveillance video released of that man. the assault and robbery took place last friday along the 1500 block of michigan avenue southeast and police say this same man may have attacked another woman july 28th along riggs road also in northeast. you can put a name to that face, contact d.c. police and you could be eligible for a $10,000 reward. in prince george's county tonight investigator working to figure out what happened to a machine whose body was pulled from -- a man whose body was pulled from the potomac river tonight. he appears to be in his 30s but no evidence of who he is or how he died. the body was spotted south of the woodrow wilson bridge. a massive manhunt underway tonight after a veteran police officer was shot to death while out patrolling in a quiet suburban community. this is the fourth time in just nine days that a law enforcement officer has been killed in this country. this time in it's fox lake, illinois, a community of just over 10,000 people halfway between chicago and milwaukee.
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at least six federal, state and local agencies are on the hunt for the three men suspected of killing fox lake police blue tenant charles joseph glenowicz. he was shot to death after he radioed in he was chasing three suspicious suspects, two white males and one black male. he was with the fox lake police department over three decades and is the father of four sons. >> we lost a family member. many residents in here knew him as gi joe and remember him as someone deeply committed to fox lake, to the profession and his fellow officers. >> the lieutenant is the 26th officer killed by gunfire this year according to the officer down memorial page. four of them have been gunned down in just the last eight days. this past weekend a texas sheriff's deputy was shot to death at a gas station near houston, but overall law enforcement gunfire deaths are down compared to last year. now in fox lake tonight perhaps
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a lot of folks not sleeping so well. the local commuter trains still shut down and police officers have been taking residents' dogs out for them so they can stay inside. a maryland state commission is now offering recommendations regarding police bode cameras. the panel says -- body cameras. the panel says recordings should be press released as the public information act. the group said it will recommend state lawmakers review privacy matters relating to body camera footage next year. we are just a few hours away from the first court date in the freddie gray case in baltimore. gray died back in april after suffering a spinal injury in police custody. there were protests over a week and a riot the day of his funeral, six police officers facing a variety of charges, the most serious second degree depraved heart murder. several activist groups are organizing protests outside the courthouse and all city officers are on stand-by just in case there is more violence. now the officers do not have to appear before the judge
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tomorrow, but we will have a crew in that courtroom. we'll also have a crew in baltimore tomorrow. so join us for coverage all throughout the day. also in baltimore officials say two dogs working for the maryland correctional department died of heat exhaustion. the dogs co jack and dingo were shut in a vehicle when the air conditioning failed. now it's still not clear how long the dogs were stuck in the car, but it did happen in august when prisoners were being transferred out of the baltimore city detention center. the department is now investigating whether any policies or procedures were violated. in roanoke, virginia, today family and friends shared both laughter and tears as they said their final good byes to adam ward, the wdbj tv news photographer shot and killed while live on the air. ward's funeral took place at the first baptist church in roanoke. long time reporter joe deshield told us both ward and the slain reporter alison parker left a lasting impact on the entire wdbj team. >> they were youthful, enthusiastic.
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they went about their jobs in the best way they could. they lived their personal lives in just a beautiful way and i think we're all going to look to them as an example as we try to find our better self. >> police officers from several different agencies also came out to pay their respects to ward and his family. a private funeral service for alison parker will be held at some later date. if you are one of those people who needs a lot of caffiene to get through your day, stay with us because tonight a very serious warning about deadly doses. >> and who would call a girl with a rare bone disorder lazy? a mother and daughter fighting back after somebody leaves a nasty note on their van. >> and two stories about bears coming up. >> yeah. one might break your heart, but the other will probably make you laugh. stay tuned. >> and president obama continuing his postcard perfect tour of alaska. even though it may look pretty he's talking tough. we'll tell you more.
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we want to take a quick second to tell you about the all new wusa9 news app. during weather you can use interactive radar to track storms with our first alert weather team. you can plan your morning commute using a live traffic map. download the app. search wusa9 in the app store. it is free and available
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pretrial motions begin tomorrow in the freddie gray case in baltimore and you can count on us for a complete preview. >> plus we're tracking september heat. >> if you thought today was hot, it's only going to get hotter, but join us tomorrow morning. i'll be tracking some showers and thunderstorms to help cool you off. now to a health alert about pure powdered caffiene. >> the food and drug administration is issuing a warning in the form of a letter to five companies that distribute the pure powder caffiene saying the product puts consumers at risk. last summer the fda warned consumers to avoid the stuff and last year two young men actually died from overdosing on the pure powdered caffiene, one of them logan steiner of la
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grange, ohio, only 18 and the other victim was from georgia. so look at this. the fda says a teaspoon of pure powdered caffiene is roughly equivalent to 28 cups of coffee. that's a whole lot of java. so the difference between a safe and a toxic amount is just so tiny that you can't really measure it with your common kitchen tools. they're just not accurate enough to calculate how many milligrams of caffiene are in the serving. so the fda does not actually have the legal authority to pull the stuff off the market. so it's using the bully pulpit instead. one tactic? those warning letters that have now been sent to the five distributors. a county clerk in kentucky faces a contempt of court hearing thursday for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. >> under whose authority are you not issuing licenses? >> god's authority. >> kim davis refuses to issue the licenses because she said doing so would go against her religious beliefs. pope francis says he's
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letting all priests in the upcoming year of mercy absolve what he calls the sin of abortion if a woman seeks forgiveness with a contrite heart. francis says he's met many women bearing the scars of this agonizing decision. pope francis will be in d.c. september 22nd to the 24th and we have an entire section dedicated to his visit on our wusa9 news app. you'll find everything from the pope's schedule to the issues he's expected to address. and a young girl is speaking out after a stranger left a nasty note on her family's van parked outside target in colorado. the note said in part, "i observed you parking in this handicapped parking place today. it appears that you were not really handicapped. these spots are reserved for people who are truly handy capped and because of idiots like you they have to park further away." guess what? 10-year-old kaitlin bearenger is handicapped with a rare genetic disorder that leaves
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her bones brittle and has had 13 bone fractures and has had dozens of fractures since then. here's kaitlin and her mother. >> i think people should be a little bit more nicer about it. i can understand if you're confused, but i think they should be nicer. >> just because somebody doesn't look disabled it doesn't mean that that disability doesn't exist. >> wow. they could be a little nicer, right? kaitlin says it was a ready made typed out note and hopes this note does not get placed on someone else's windshield. in evergreen, colorado tonight a sheriff investigating possible charges against a homeowner who shot and killed two bear cubs. mat ma bear and her cubs were fishing -- the mama bear and her cubs were fishing for a meal in the man's trash can. he tried to scare them off with his rubber bullets, but then his dog got out, so he fired a love round and it hit one of the cubs and it died right
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away. the other one had to be euthanized by the wildlife crew. the neighbors said those bears were around all summer long and not a harm to anybody. >> if people are ignorant not to have bear cued a garbage cans or keep their garbage -- barracuda garbage cans or keep their garbage in a safe place, stuff like this happens. >> at last check mama bear was still up the tree. the road is blocked off hoping to give her space so she'll come down. take a good look and listenx to this. [ panda noises ] >> the story about a panda bear, latest video from the national zoo. zookeepers say the little guy is grunting and whining, music to their ears because that means he's got a healthy pair of lungs. mama panda mei xiang were cuddling when mama decided to eat for the first time since
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giving birth. the cub's black markings are starting to come in. you can see it around his eyes, ears and back. >> wow. during his visit to alaska today president obama turned a nature walk into a science lesson. topic? climate change. accompanied by park rangers and news crews the president made the hike to the exit glacier and then turned referencing reporters referencing signs -- turned to reporters referencing signs how far that glacier has resided. >> this glacier has lost a mile and a half and the pace of the reduction of the glacier are accelerating rapidly each and every year. >> the obama administration has set a u.s. goal of cutting carbon dioxide emissions up to 28% over the next decade and has urged other world leaders to make similar procedures. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert
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weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> all right. ready for the 3-degree guarantee? >> yes. >> he was sweating it out. >> it was 95 at 3:00. >> okay. >> and we went 92. fortunately it held at 95. so i'm 1-1 for the month of september. >> nice. >> very cool. actually it's not cool. it's hot. >> let's start with a live look outside, our live cam canal, still 80 downtown, dew point in the low 70s, very uncomfortable, but suffice to say if you want it do some exercise, do it in the mornings, not in the evenings. bus stop temperatures 68 to 80, muggy, dry, hot with some thunderstorms tomorrow. so we saw two today, two yesterday. we'll have a little more tomorrow. isolated storm on thursday, possible could affect the game at fedex and nats park, but we have to be lucky to have it affect both areas and certainly the best chance of showers and storms will be friday as a backdoor front begins to sink down from the north. that also may set the stage for
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a very nice weekend. 6 a.m. in the morning on futurecast, 69 gaithersburg, maybe 69 in olney and bowie but only 71 in leesburg and 70 in la plata. now by 9:00 it warms up quickly. we're in the upper 70s just about everywhere and low 80s downtown and by 12:30, 1:00 showers start to fly romney, cumberland down toward orange just to the southwest of culpeper with temps nearing 90 downtown around the lunch hour and by 5:30 it's 91 downtown, showers and storms on either side of 95, the bulk of which will still be across i-81. some of these make their way eastward into the metro area. we don't think it will warrant a yellow weather alert right now. they die out quickly and by 10:00 tomorrow night we're back in the upper 70s and low 80s again. so on the day planner 81 by 9:00, 87 by 11:00, 90 by 1 p.m. so some storms tomorrow, a few storms on thursday, hot both days. best chance of storms, though, on friday.
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if we're lucky we will break our streak of 90s, maybe 89. that's a weak victory, but we'll take it. next seven days, we're in good shape saturday, maybe shower south and 80s saturday, sunday and labor day 90 next tuesday. washington nationals? >> they're trying to chip away at the deficit. they've got a lot of work to do trying their best. we'll look at how they're getting it done in st. louis. >> plus the iron man returns to camden yards to remember his
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> if there's one team that has the nationals' number recently, it's the st. louis cardinals. they've taken the last three from washington and haven't lost a series against them since their first in 2012. nats doing their best tonight to make it difficult this time around. anthony rendon get things going in the 3rd with the deep shot to right. joe watts, jayson werth come racing home, rendon on his wheels safe at third for a two r.b.i. triple. they were up 4-0 , but the cardinals have come back. it is now 5-5 top of the 9th. tonight in charm city the
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21-31 back on the wall at orioles celebrated 20th anniversary of the iron man throwing out the first pitch for tonight's game against the tampa bay rays. fortunately the o's -- unfortunately the o's couldn't get a 1 for ripken, but it was still a special -- a win for ripken, but it was still a special night. nfl cuts had to go from 90 to 75 and the next cuts come saturday for the final 53 man roster. the starters sit thursday, so the double players have a chance to state their case. frank hanrahan caught up with a couple of them to see how they're holding up. >> reporter: well, it's a nerve wracking time for some redskins players trying to make the final 53 man roster with cutdown day looming on saturday, one final chance for players on the bubble to not let it burst in the preseason finale thursday night against jacksonville. >> i still have those nerves. i've had them all week. my attitude has been a little
11:27 pm
different. i've been a little more quiet than usual, but i'm just trying to focus on all the small things for this week. >> like you said, there's nerves, pressure, my family, now am i going to take care of them, blah, blah, blah, all the external things that weigh on you when you play and it's kind of hard to just play and have fun sometimes. >> when you're talking about cutting guys who have been with us through otas and training camp and really haven't done anything wrong. they've done everything right to make themselves a part of this football team, it's difficult. it really is. >> reporter: it will be the final time for backups to make the final froster as no starters -- roster as no starters play. that means colt mccoy will go all four quarters against the jags. in arc burn frank hanrahan -- ashburn, frank hanrahan, wusa9
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sports. look here, manny machado's armpit is at the top of the wall. the pitcher is like did that just happen? >> that's pretty amazing. it was old beckhamlike. >> he's been doing
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