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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  September 2, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. it is wednesday, september 2nd, 2015. a massive man hunt overnight for the killers of a police lieutenant outside chicago. the father of four was gunned down just a month before retirement. yen bush launches his most aggressive attack yet. how the billionaire is fighting back. >>and the nfl's first female coach. she tells us how she got some of the toughest guys to listen. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. a massive search is under
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way across northern illinois. residents in the fox lake area, if you see anything spishls, dial 911 imatmediely. >> the manhunt for three suspected cop killers. >> lieutenant gliniewicz was fatally shot. >> a county clerk has been ordered to appear in federal court. after signs of weaknesses in china's economy. the worst performance inix s years. >> what does that mean? we may be there, may have been there, we may still have to find it. >> new social media attacks in the feud between donald trump and jeb bush. >> look at his record of what he believes and supports deatmocrs. >> things are looking so bleak for jeb bush he's changing his logo from this to this. >> the first court hearing in the freddie gray case, six officers tg akinulassatro fm second degree assault to second-degree murder.
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>> johnny super fly snuka accused of killing his girlfriend. >> the whole thing was bizarre. >> now you can hear stephen colbert in your car, thanks to the app waze. >> get directions from a voice you can trust, stephen colbert. >> you ready? let's go. >> -- and all that matters. >> you are my celebrity crush. >> a marine reached out to ronda rousey. >> i'll go for sure. do i call him or set up a time and place? a man was cooking ribs when his house caught on fire. >> first thing i thought about was my kids but then my ribs. i take pride in what i do. it was like 3:00 in the morning. we got it going and stuff. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs
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welcome to "cbs this morning." law enforcement are searching for three men suspected of gunning down a lieutenant. he was a 30-year veteran of the fox lake police department. dozens of officerser is. ed for his shooters overnight. >> several school districts canceled today's classes. anna werner is outside the grieving police department in fox lake, illinois, that's north of chicago. anna, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you can see the sign outside the police department. he's the first to be killed sense 180. now, police have told people that the suspects here are two
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white men and one black man and to be on the lookout but given that zrimgs, it's a little difficult forthe public to know exactly who to look for. lieu tenlts gliniewicz was 29 days from retirement when he was shot on the job. he radioed dispatch tuesday morning that he was responding to suspicious activity and then was in a foot chase with three men. then dispatch lost contact with him. >> send everybody you possibly can. officer is down. >> the officer sent as backups found gliniewicz on the ground near a marshy area. he died at the scene. the "chicago tribune" reports his gun was found nearby. the shooting launched a manhunt. s.w.a.t. teams and tactical gear scoured two square miles looking for three suspects. >> i lost a very dear friend. >> reporter: the mayor said
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they're in mourning. >> many residents knew him as g.i. joe, someone committed deeply to fox lake, his profession, and his fellow officers. >> everybody was safe around him. >> your body is a platform. >> reporter: 52-year-old lieutenant gliniewicz served as adviser, mentoring city police officers in an explorers program. zachary point was one of his trainees. >> he meant something to the community. he made it a better place. he made it comfortable. >> reporter: murders are extremely rare here in fox lake. there has. been one for several years. there will be a vigil for the lieutenant tonight at 6:00. >> anna werner, thanks, anna. this morning jeb bush is sharply escalating his attacks against donald trump. the former governor challenged
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trump's conservatives in a new video. it comes amid slipping possible later. it shows trump tied with ben carson. bush is in sixth place. chip reid is in washington with the intensifying face-off. good morning zbhood morning. now bush is launching his most aggressive attack yet, one day after trump mocked immigration an act of love, bush released a video that questions trump's strishism and he used his own words to do it. bush's campaign leased the video tuesday, highlighting less than conservative statements trump has made in the past. >> you'd be shocked if i said that in many cases i probably identify more as a democrat. >> reporter: the short clip also showed him pragz democratic front-runner hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton is, i think,
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a wonderful woman. >> he tweeted back will jeb sink as low in the polls as others who have gone after me. bush didn't back down. >> if you look at his record, he supports democrats. >> then he released clips of his own. and the billionaire was on defense again tuesday night. >> at one point i was a democrat for a period of time and over the years as ronald reagan changed, i also changed. i became much more conservative. i also became a republican. >> he doesn't have the energy or capacity to make our country great again. >> for him, it's all about him. >> reporter: while they continue to trade jabs, for now it seems others are staying out of this fight.
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it could bringed by reward because if trump does eventually sink in the poll as many political analysts have predicted bush could come out looking like the guy who had the courage to take him on. >> thank you very much. this morning it looks like car ly fee or reny will participate in the next debate. the former hewlett packard ceo is the only female in the debate. there are new sign this morning that vice president joe biden is seriously considering a challenge to hillary clinton in the presidential race. he will make a speech today in the crucial battleground state of florida. this is his first high-profile appearance since talk about a white house bid gained momentum. nancy cordes is in washington. good morning. >> good morning. he's giving a speech on college
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affordablelet, which is a perfect topic for someone flirting with the white house bid and a new routers poll eggs him on too. he'd be a top choice for democratic voters if clinton falters. vice president biden may not be a candidate but he's polling right alongside his would-be contenders. nearly four in ten democrats said they would stroet him if clinton was likely to lose to a republican opponent in a general election. he even beat out vermont's bernie sanders in that poll despite sanders' surging popularity, all of this as a growing draft biden organization is working in all 50 states connecting with dough no, sir a donors. steven shale ran his campaign in 2008. now he's all in for biden.
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>> i don't think he needs as much money as hillary clinton. these are all about momentum. >> biden hasn't spent much time in public since his son beau was laid to rest in early june. he was spotted in his home state of delaware. >> it's good to be home. >> last week during a phone call with democrats he said he's thinking about a run but he always still grieving. but he's jumping back into politics now, heading a fund-raiser tonight, meeting with jewish leaders the next morning and then giving a speech in atlantic and stephen colbert announced joe bide listen be a guest during his first show next week. >> nancy, thank you. the kentucky county clerk is being ordered in federal court tomorrow. >> i want you all to leave.
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you're interrupting my business. >> you can call the police. i pay your salary. i pay your salary. we don't pay you do discriminate me. >> kim davis turned away those seeking marriage licenses. citing her religion. dean reynolds is outside the courthouse with new details about the woman taking a stand. dean, good morning. >> good morning. well, kim davis served here as deputy clerk for nearly 30 years before being elected to the top job last november when she replaced her mother. she is expected back at the job today and has no plans to resign. >> we are not issued marriage licenses today. >> why are you not issuing marriage licenses today? >> reporter: for a fourth time on tuesday david moore and his partner were denied a marriage license. >> under whose authority are you not issuing licenses?
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>> under god's authority. >> reporter: county clerk kim davis stopped issuing all licenses in june when the supreme court legalized same-sex marriage nationwide. >> i ask you all to leave. >> reporter: the apostolic christian cites her religious belief which w astatement, to issue a marriage license which conflicts with god's definition of marriage, with my name affixed to the certificate, would violate my conscience. it is a heaven or hell decision. >> she loves the lord and she doesn't want to be disobedient. >> after four couples sued davis in july, a federal judge ordered her to issue the license and an appeals court upheld that decision and on monday the u.s. supreme court refused to
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intervene. >> i was 100% expecting to get a license today. i'm shocked that someone when they're at the end of all their appeals is still willing to buck authority and buck the system. >> now, kim davis just showed up at the courthouse here today. she could face stiff signs and even jail time if the judge at tomorrow's hearing finds her in contempt of court. gayle? >> all right. everybody's watching. thank you, dean reynolds. investors are embracing for more turmoil after markets in china and japan suffered new de-carolinas. stocks declined in britain and germany >> the dow opens after yesterday and a turbulent few weeks between august 10th and august 25th, the dow lost more than 1900 points, the loss of about 11%. jillian pett is from the
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financial times. >> what happened in the last few days is described as authority. the markets are unhinged. there are three reasons for this. first ifly it's august, it's vacation time. markets tend to be very volatile. secondly, the computer trards, robo traders and high-speed traders are changing the way the market has move and thirdly there's a lot of uncertainty around china, opec, and the oil price and also what's going to happen when the federal reserve finally, finally puts up interest rates. >> i want to get to that in a second. manufacturing in china slides at the fastest rate in three years, a key sign that what's happening in china is real. >> absolutely. they've delivered something of an economic miracle in the last three years and that has helped growth around the world. most people think, well, china's grabbing our jobs, they
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basically produce stuff in china. what people don't realize is they're a big source of demand. if you look at apple, iphone, chinese are buying iphones. if that slows down, that's going to impact american companies. >> how long do you see the volatility? you see a lot of pa neshlg out there. >> there are a lot of markets that say they don't like markets that are so unhinged. people used to think etfs are boring. if you look at last week, some lost 50% in a matter of an hour or two. i would say to anybody right now, don't pan ek, sit tight, just wait, because personally i don't think stocks are going to go up particularly dramatically any time soon but i do think this volatility could last for a while. you don't want to sell when the market crashes because you might get a much worse price. >> we'll continue to watch.
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jillian tett, thank you. two dep carats pledged tuesday to support the landmark agreement. that means it will almost certainly fail. senator chris coons and bob tracy. train passengers were stranded overnight after they climbed on the tracks. these pictures capture the migrants' desperation. a man wedged himself behind the engine of car trying to sneak into spain. many of the migrants are fleeing the war in syria through turkey and making their way. charlie d'agata is at a train station in budapest.
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charlie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there are more migrants arriving by the hour in the streets around the station and sheikhing shade in the subway and for the first time we've seen riot police around the corner with tear gas. they're so close. after a long and dangerous journey, it's just a short walk to germany, austria, anywhere but germany it's very hard, especially for the kids. >> reporter: while they run out of food and money, all they can do is wait. something's got to give. hundreds of my grants continue to pour across the border every day. fi they're not hurded into holding camps, theynd up here. not a dusty area. this is a major european capital city. in the crowd we saw a familiar
7:18 am
face. mohammed ba za, who we met at the border after he got past hungary's razor wire fence and managed to evade police by cutting through cornfields some of what happened after we left you? >> just run. just run. >> run. >> yes. and we get a taxi from there to here. >> reporter: that border is 110 miles away and rides from unscrupulous taxi drivers don't come cheap. >> how much? >> 200 euros. >> for one person. >> for one person. >> reporter: that's 230 bucks each. many have nothing left having spent the last of what they have on nonrefundable train tickets. now, every now and then there are these spontaneous protests but migrants have told us they're being very careful not to get too close to the police or risk a crackdown.
7:19 am
gayle? >> thank you. this morning police in baltimore are prepared for a protest in the first hearing over freddie gray's desk. their clients are charged in the death of the 25-year-old black man. he suffered a spine injury after an arrest. it's not a documentary that can be ignored. it's a hollywood blockbuster picture. the nfl won't have a choice but to answer the questions that it raises. >> ahead, why some think will
7:20 am
>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by toyota. let's go places. those controversial speed cameras could be gaining momentum that ahead, new
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research on how lives could be saved but will the numbers silence the critics. >> the news is right back here in the morning on "cbs this morning."
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fight club. plus turning gray skies blue for a
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obama was in alaska to raise attention. in this one he teaches us how to survive alone in the wilderness surrounded by 14 secret servicemen disguised as trees. he and bear gryllis will trek through the woods eating roots and berries, which his wife makes him eat already, so he should be okay. >> jimmy with a beard. >> i know. coming up, will smith in a new movie called "concussion." already it's creating buzz with the claims it makes about nfl.
7:31 am
>> plus, the sky over china is blue for now. from the ground up. the government's strict effort to control everything from the sky color to news coverage. that's ahead. time to show you some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. the "washington post" says they launched a secret drone campaign to hunt islamic leadleaders in syria. a federal judge sides with uber drivers. the suit was claimed class action statuset. it claims they should be employees not independent contractor and they should be reimbursed for expenses. the lawsuit could ee powe ten chal lynn involve 160,000 drivers. uber will livekely appeal.
7:32 am
two day cares are accused of running a fight club. about a dozen children ages 4 to 6 years old were allegedly encouraged to fight each other at the light bridge academy. the workers now face charges of child abuse. there's a report on jimmy "superfly" snuka charged in his girl frernld's death in 1983. he's accused of third-degree murder and vinvoluntary manslaughter. he was release after posting $100,000 bail. if convicted he could face 20 to 40 years behind bars. and "the new york times" reports sony ater. . it stars will smith who suffered a brain disease that players could develop from head
7:33 am
injuries. in response to the claims they told "cbs this morning," quote, anyone who sees the movie will know that it never compromises the integrity and power of the real story. jim axelrod told us how the movie could be a front for the nfl. good morning. >> good morning. the nfl is an estimated $10 billion enterprise. this movie suggests the nfl went to great lengths to silence the doctor and protect it its profits evened a the expense and well being of its players. >> that name is c.t.e. it was discovered by a doctor played by will smith. he identified the disease in 2002 after performing an autopsy on ex-pittsburgh steeler.
7:34 am
mow mall lieu said webster's brain was badly damaged by proteins as if he had advanced alzheimer's and he has since made similar discoveries in brains of more than a dozen former nfl players. oh ma lieu believes cte is caused by mild traumatic brain injury from years of playing in the nfl. >> repetitive head trauma choked the brain. >> reporter: "usa today" sports columnist thinks "concussion kts can change people's minds. >> it's a hollywood blockbuster picture. the nfl won't have a choice but to answer the question that it raises r the suicide of junior seau who suffered from cte put them on the defensive.
7:35 am
and leinart retired after head injuries. they issued a statement saying, quote, we have no higher priority than player health and safety. in april the judge approved a $1 billion concussion settlement between the nfl andformer players, but for years nfl doctors discredit ed his sights. >> what you think they're doing to you now is nothing. >> you have no idea how bad this could get. >> concussion opens in theaters in december just before the start of the playoffs' peak interest in professional football. he said he didn't make the film to condemn the nfl orr destroy football. he simply wanted to tell a good
7:36 am
story. >> it seems like he's raising a lot of good questions. thank you, jim. this morning china is putting on the final touches of its high-profile parade tomorrow. start with the backdrop. beautiful blue skies. call them parade blue in a city plagued. having blue skies is not left up to chance. so nearly 2,000 beijing factories have been partially or fully shut down. cars, not today. half of all vehicles have been taken off roads. the military is using falcons
7:37 am
and monkeys to fend off birds to make sure nothing disturbs its planes flying overhead. state tv was allowed to see the finals. 12,000 troops will be taking part and some of the newest military equipment will be unveiled tomorrow. the parade will commemorate the end of world war ii. it's a made for tv military parade and absolutely nothing can go wrong. >> reporter: he wrote the party. >> this is the largest military parade in modern chinese history. it's saying that china has arrived not as an economic power but as a global military and diplomatic power as well. >> reporter: but it comes at a tough time. the deadly blast and the
7:38 am
slipping economy it's a fantastic distraction. >> reporter: and the party is trying to control the dialogue. the china digital times reported all news and comments related to the mill tai parade must be reviewed to guarantee they're pod active. there should be no comment on which leader is or isn't coming. president putin will be there and others as well as one wanted by the international court for war crimes. we've learned we will not be allowed to stand on the parade route. we've seened a note which says in addition to not being allowed to have guests, we can't stand along the parade route nor take photographs. >> that's zoorextraordinary, se.
7:39 am
i want to know how they keep the sky blue together. >> the war of recess stance against aggression and the world anti-fascist ward. >> could you report that? >> the rest of us remember it at the 70th anniversary. >> got it. >> thanks. a police captain is making speed cameras a personal crusade. next, the new research that could give his cause a boost. and if you're heading off to work, set your dvr so you can watch anytime. we'll be right back. hey, how's the college visit? you remembered. it's good. does it make the short list? you remembered that too. yea, i'm afraid so.
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a new report could put speed cameras on fast track. if the nation had a speed camera program like the one in
7:44 am
montgomery, maryland, 21,000 deaths or serious injuries could be prevented every year. as of this year only 138 communities use it. kris van cleave with the conclusions and the controversy. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is one of those speed cameras. if you set it off, it's going to cost you $40. traffic deaths have been tracking down. these cameras have saved between 400 and 500 lives since 2007. more than 355,000 times in the last year speersd in montgomery county, maryland, were caught by one of the county's 92 speed cameras. but what got them was what they didn't see, 59% of a driver breaking the speed limit by 10 miles or more compares to nearby communities in virginia without cameras. adrian lunld is president of the
7:45 am
institute. >> these are 20, 25-mile-an-hour roads where children walk to and from school that we can preeventual deaths and serious injuries on those roads. >> reporter: a new iiah report reports a drop. the d.c.'s use of special corridors with multi. cameras along the same stretch of road. police believe it lowers speed and further reduces the dead or serious crash. >> it will effectively change behavior. random enforcement doesn't do anything but just issue tickets. >> reporter: the county police captain oversees the program. his son ryan was killed in an
7:46 am
accident. >> i can see our numbers have gone down. now, we still have collision, but people aren't dying. the fact that speeding has been reduced is the primary factor for why they're alive today. >> reporter: but nationally speed cameras have an image problem. a 2014 aaa sur vie found 42% of the community supported it. >> despite the safety, motorists for the most part are still skeptical about these programs. >> because why? >> because they think that it's really about revenue in the name of traffic safety. >> reporter: these cameras since 2007 in montgomery county have brought in more than $23 million in revenue. some of this money goes to pay for the programs. the police say the speed around these cameras has come down by 30 to 40%. still have that measures to
7:47 am
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>> i would go for sure. do i call him or set up a time and place like never been kissed and just show up, you know, have him waiting till the clock runs out and i'm here? >> let me take care of that. >> rhonda, we'll tell him. she also says she thinks he's cute. >> he is cute. >> and she expects him to be on his best behavior. ahead, how you can turn back the clock on your aging heart. you're watching "cbs this morning." be right back. ♪ "good morning" ♪
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it is wednesday, september 2nd, 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there's more real news ahead including kentucky court clerk still on the job despite defying a supreme court order to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, why shealls it a "heaven or hell" decision. we'll see what gayle says. we've got more on that. but first here's your "eye opener" at 8:00. >> reporter: police have told people that the suspects here are two white men and one black man. >> jeb bush and dobld trump have been feuding for weeks. now bush has launched his most aggressive attack yet. >> a new poll shows biden is the
8:01 am
top choice for democratic voters if hillary clinton falters. >> kim davis has just shown up at the courthouse. she could face stiff jail times. >> it's within described as completely unhinged. >> police have brought in more reinforcements and there are more migrants arrive big the hour. >> it's not a documentary that can be ignore. the nfl won't have a choice but to answer the questions that it raises. >> more of a bookworm as baby. he's happy as can be as long as his mom is reading a book to him. but when the story comes to an end, so does this little guy's smile. i'm gayle king with norah o'donnell and anthony mason. charlie is off today.
8:02 am
right now they're looking for three men accused of killing a veteran police officer. lieutenant joe gliniewicz was killed during a chase yesterday. he's the fourth police officer to be killed in the country in the past nine days. schools are closed. gliniewicz was chasing three suspicious men, two white and one black. when they arrived they found him shot. he died at the scene. gliniewicz was 29 days from retirement. he worked with the lake county police didn't for 30 years. before that he served in the u.s. army. he leaves behind a wife and four children. the county clerk in kentucky taking a stand has been ordered to appear tomorrow in federal court. kim davis is back this morning at the row want county courthouse. she began refused to issue marriage licenses that led to a confrontation with couples who showed up to get married.
8:03 am
>> you're saying we don't have the same rights. would you do this to an interracial couple? >> a man and a woman, no. >> why? >> under whose authority? >> under god's authority. >> did god tell you to do this? >> i'd ask you all to leave. you are interrupting my business. >> reporter: chief legal correspondent jan crawford is at the supreme court with what's next. good morning, jan. >> reporter: good morning. what's next is that court hearing. she's going to go before a judge for facing contempt of court charges. she's arguing she's good a constitutional right to religion and speech. so far the lower court refuses to give her a reprieve. the supreme court has refused to step in. she's off to court where she's facing jail time. i think the most likely thing at this point is a feign.
8:04 am
>> why has. she been fired yet. >> >> remember she's an elected official. she can't be fired. the only ting they can do is impeach her. >> jan, what about the first amendment right to religious freedom? >> i mean that's her argument. but i don't think she's got a great case at this point. remember, kentucky law requires a clerk to issue these licenses and the supreme court has riled they that are eligible to get marriage licenses. they said just because she's issues a license doesn't mean she approves it. s she's just stating that they're eligible. remember, public employees cannot refuse service to people. you couldn't deny services to jewish people or
8:05 am
african-americans. >> many find it ironic this is coming from a woman who's been married four times. do you think the court faces backlash when it comes to same six marriage. >> i think that raises the question. it's out of 3,000 counties in the united states so we're not seeing the kind of massive resistance. most are following the law. this is nothing we saw in the '50s or '60s where there was widespread defiance. i mean federal troops had to be called in. this is one clerk and one county? >> how lock can she duh t do this. >> it will just escalate until perhaps at the end of the dae she mainland up being impeached. thisern mog jeb bush is
8:06 am
embracing his feud with donald tru trump. he hid back tuesday bush says trump attacks him every day with barbarities. he even used video of his rival barat bush. the bush campaign during that tay table using trump's own words shoo i think hillary would do a good job. i'm a little biased. i've known her fehr years. i live in new york. she lives in new york. i've nobody them for years and like them both a lot. >> his cam pape is releasing a new campaign. would you rather support a candidate who opposed the ryan deal and would you rare support a kaeblts who sthad were
8:07 am
pro-choice? at the end, one of the two pops up. trump pomming up. you have clear democratic tendencies. nearly 4 in 10 say they'd vote for vice president biden if polling were to lose to a republican. biden who has not joined the rae beats out bernie sanders. >> clear democrat is tendencies schl that a disease or something? >> in some circles it is, the kansas city royals took the field shorthanded last night because of a chicken outbreak. alex rios and calvin herrera are both infact. it has other players and coaches calling mom to see if they every hat them.
8:08 am
>> it's niece no matter what the age organization ku always call your mom. >> i rehn when i had then. i was ten. it was very dramatic. unite mott be as young at harlt as you then.
8:09 am
she's a pro football coach who's tackled skeptics. >> the regular nfl season hat nos even begun. we'll show you how she's kektsing with her players and how they have no problems taking orders from a woman. that stooirs coming up next on "cbs this morning."
8:10 am
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what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal? to start with, $100 billion. they keep their nuclear facilities and ballistic missiles. there won't be surprise anytime-anywhere inspections. and after ten years, restrictions are lifted and iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. congress should reject a bad deal. we need a better deal. in our "morning rounds," calculating your heart's real age.
8:14 am
a new cdc report reveals that 70% of americans live with hearts that are getting older faster than they are, so that raises the risk of heart attack or stroke. our dr. tara narula is a cardiologist at lenox in new york. let's talk about heart age. what sit and how does it work? >> heart age is a sense that your heart and blood vessels may be ages faster than you are. this concept was really developed to help people have a simple way to understand their risk of heart attack and stroke and hopefully to motivate them to make lifestyle changes to reduce that risk. typically if you come to the cardiologist, we sit down and explain your risk but we do it in a way that may not be so easy to understand. we tell you yore risk over ten years. so i might say to you, gayle, you have a 5% risk or 20%. that's very ambiguous and a lot
8:15 am
of people can't wrap their head around that. that's not personal. that they have a calculator. >> absolutely. hay put in your age, blood pressure, total cholesterol, hdl. for example if we had a 45-year-old woman who was overweight and not day pettic or hyperten sieve but she smoked her heart age would be about 61 years old. if you took away the fact that she was a nonsmoker haur heart age would be. >> is this a gimmick or a predictor? >> it ooh's great question. it's nice to have a sill president tool but if it's useless. that as a gene good question. one group got tra daegsal counselling, the second got the parnl and the third got the
8:16 am
heart age. the others dropped their heart age by 1 1/2 years aopposed to those who drop it it or stayed with it. >> so if you're old at heart you actually can get younger. >> yes. fair tales can get true, young at heart, anthony. that's really the point of this is to find a way to motivate you and say control your blood pressure, stop smoking, get your weight in check, control your sugar. 200,000 death as year the cdc estimates. >> i took the test. i'm 60. i was told it was 59. i'm very disappointed. i was hoping it was younger. >> you should be happy smite said i'm overwalkt and should do something about it. i think of the twitter from the guy who said, gayle, you look
8:17 am
like a big hot air balloon. i almost gave out his name. i was about to type him back. yours was younger. 33. >> all the young people at the table. >> got some work to do. i like that. if you, too, want to calculate your heart age to see how you're doing, we made it easy go. to john blackstone finds out why some dane dieners are lining up to try a new kind of self-serve restaurant. >> it's terrific for those who are anti-social. you don't have to talk to a person. you swipe your -- where do you swipe your card? >> we'll look at a bigger question of whether it's an example of another company trying to cut back on humans. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: "cbs this morning"
8:18 am
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tech this morning in the shadow of silicon valley. it's a futuristic eatery with a virtual cashier putting change on the menu. john blackstone shows us what's cooking. >> reporter: at the new san francisco restaurant, don't look for servers or cashiers. they've been replaced by touchscreens. you order and pay on a tablet.
8:22 am
it's terrific for those of us who are anti-social. just swipe your -- where yo 'do you swieb your card? for those who are not tech-challenged it works easily. your food miraculously appears with your name on it. >> i don't know what goes on there. it's like a black magic room. >> reporter: nick young knows what's going on about it. he created it. >> it's about making their jobs more efficient. >> reporter: it's totally vegetarian. they serve plenty of quinoa. vegetarian? you're trying to get people to eat seeds. >> it is a lot more than seeds. quite frankly i think our food standing on its own. it comes together to create a really, really flavorful
8:23 am
profile. >> my friends are carnivores. they'll never set foot in the place. but they're the ones with the heart problems too. >> reporter: for some it looks vagary familiar. >> it reminds me of the auto mat. >> reporter: you can can still see humans on the other side of the door. >> do you know you're the first face that smiled at me today? >> it makes sense. i can see the similarities but their food was not made to order or fresh. that food was prepackaged food and that's the fundamental difference. >> eatsa is not alone. mcdonald's and panera are among others bringing more automation to their stores but it could affect millions of fast food workers. >> it's going to put people out of work. >> it's not going to put anybody
8:24 am
out of work. it's making their jobs more efficient and enjoyable. >> there could be a shift in the types of jobs associated with the restaurant industry at a december advantage of those who work in these restaurants. >> the early crowds are promising, but eatsa's motdle will test whether fast food consumers have an appetite for change. "cbs this morning," john blackstone, san francisco. >> i could see where people would like this. i still like being able to talk to somebody. how do i tell the eatsa people we want more avocado. >> you mean after you -- >> yeah, yeah. >> i like the technology. that is a problem. >> isn't there something about the interaction of humans worth saving? >> some people aren't as friendly as us, norah. some are anti-social. >> that's right, gayle.
8:25 am
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> . welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, pioneering nfl coach jen -- not john, oops -- jen welter -- soirk jen. >> it tees jen that makes her a pioneer. if she was a john, she would. be. >> i'm sorry. for her history-making roll at summer camp. you'll learn how she built trust and respect with guys who depended on her leadership. plus, see how modern dads are putting their parenting skills to the test by learning to do their daughter's hair. that's ahead. right now it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. they report on lo logo.
8:31 am
tokyo being scrapped. that's after allegations of plagiarism. the japanese designer denied copying. construction for the main stadium is a year behind schedule. >> there are claims on what appear to be the worst cars of 2015. according to consumer report magazine it's the chrysler 200 for its raspy four-cylinder handling. and the 300 t and h for their jostling ride and kia sedona for the squeaks and rattles. tried to do that as draw mat ekly as i could. >> nicely done. the mayor confirmed pope francis will include a procession through the park when he visits the city this month. tens of thousands of tickets will be made available to new york residents.
8:32 am
more than 17,000 people signed two online petitions to stop state officials from euthanizing a bear who had a brief encounter on friday. the bear displayed bold and aggressive behavior because it approached the woman and opened its mouth near her leg. and the london "telegraph" spoke. anthony horwitz who wrote "trig more was" is sorry for calling him too street. . this morning one of the most popular article on "the wall street journal's" website is called to stop procrastinating start by understanding the emotions involved. the story looks at recent research that found, quote,
8:33 am
chronic procrastination is an emotional strategy for dealing with stress and it can lead to significant issues with their job. heidi gran halvorson is a social psychologist and director at columbia business school. heidi, good morning. >> good morning. it's not about being lazy. >> it's really not. we all procrastinate sometimes. for most, it's about the simple desire to want to do something pleasurable over wanting to do something difficult or maybe it gives you anxiety because you ear not sure if you're going to be able to pull it off. this was really about chronic procrastinators. they've procrastinated to the point where their lives are falling apart. their work relationship surfers and health suffers. they don't do things like go to the doctor and get checkups. what the study found is that for these people, large part of the
8:34 am
problem is that they tend to be more impulsive by nature, so they're more ruled by their emotions and they have a little bit less self-control. it's hard for them to wrestle themselves into doing what they should. >> you say you don't believe people work better under pressure. >> i know. they feel like that's true. i think for most of us if we gave ourselves a little time we'd work even better when we weren't under pressure. >> there are also different kinds of procrastination. you say they're all bad for people. what's moral compensation? >> it's a nice way we justify our procrastination. so one way to get around it is to sa instead of doing what i should be, i'll do something
8:35 am
noble and worthwhile. instead of cleaning out my garage, i'll go to the gym or instead of work on the project i'm doing i'll do other work and work is good. for a little while it gives you relief from the stress procrastination gives and in the end it always comes back. >> does age play a factor? >> to some extent younger people have more. they tend to procrastinate more as anyone who went to college. >> how do you break the psych snl. >> there are some effect tifb strategies you can use. one of them -- the main reason we procrastinate is because the thing we're trying to avoid doing seem taos big and too unbless anlts and so breaking it down into more manageable task is more important. don't say i'm going to clean the garage or do my taxes. say today i'm going to download all the forms i need and tomorrow dial the receipts. so break breaking it up into
8:36 am
chunks. the other thing is to be very specific about when you going to take an action. instead of saying i'm going call my mother later, say i'm going to call her after dinner around 7:00. that simple act of saying exactly when and where you're going to do something. >> making it definite. >> makes it three or more likely you're going to do it and reduces the willpower. you're not saying, should i. you made an appointment. >> working out. put it on the calendar. >> exactly. >> or plan to work out with someone. >> i know. heidi, good to see you as always. >> good to see you. >> thank you. i'm glad we didn't put off this segment. >> me too. >> ba da bump. when the arizona cardinals take on the denver broncos in their final preseason game, thiel take. remember when we reported on jen welter becoming the first female
8:37 am
coach? ben tracy shows us how that played out on the field. >> reporter: this looks like most nfl practices until you see why it's not. jen welter is helping coach the linebackers for the arizona cardinals, and although it's just a temporary intern position, it does make her if t first female coach in the history of the nfl. that first day you walked in, were there a couple of folks looking at you like what is this all about? >> you know, if they did, they didn't really show it to me. nobody was outwardly bad but it probably took them a bit to say let's see if she know as what she's doing. then when they figured out, they would open up even more. >> the 37-year-old joined the team in july and quickly bonled with the players. they call her dr. j. because welter has a ph.d. in psychology. >> a lot of people wondered whether or not these nfl players
8:38 am
would listen to a woman. >> absolutely. >> what has been your experience? >> they listen. they want to get better. they're competitors. they want to win. it's not -- it's not about whether it's coming from a male or a female. it's like you do have something that can help me. and if you do, i'm going to listen and be receptive. >> you actually wrote personal notes to all of the linebackers before the first game. >> mm-hmm. it's something i would have wanted as a player, and it -- it honestly didn't occur to me that it was something that they'd never had. >> she wrote one of those letters to cardinal linebacker kevin minter. >> she asked me what do you do outside of football. she wants to get to know you. when you get someone who gets so involve, trying to figure them out, you know, it's a breath of fresh air. >> welter may know how to connect with players because she was one. she played pro football for 14
8:39 am
years and as a running back on the formerly all male texas revolution she took some serious hits. now she's broken the coaching barrier in the nfl. how do you balance the symbolism of embracing this moment but also what i assume is your desire to be known for your ability and not the fact that you're a woman? >> i'm okay for being known for being a woman who has ability. i don't want to discount the fact that i'm a woman because it's opened so many doors for women and opportunities. so i embrace that. >> her hiring came at a good file for the nfl which has struggled with a so-called women problem after some say was a lax punishment for ray rice. the league got a p.r. boost by hiring its first female referee earlier this year but cardinals coach bruce aryan is throwing a
8:40 am
hail mary for the nfl. >> is any of this a p.r. stunt to show a woman in something like this? >> no, because nfl had nothing do with it. it was just she and i. >> why did you hire her? >> i was very impressed with her resume, and then when i met her, her enthusiasm and passion for the game. >> i know they'll miss me. i know i made an impact on them. >> welter was only hired for the preseason and the team does not have a full-time spot for her, but she's been here long enough to become a role mod. >> there are women, girls out there who see what you've done and say i can do that. >> right. >> what does that mean to you? >> ma mean as lot for me. for little girls to see what i did and know that they can truly do anything, what's betts never this life than that? i mean that to me is just -- it ooh tess greatest gift i could give them. >> for "cbs this morning," ben tracy, glendale, arizona. >> that's awesome. >> love her.
8:41 am
what she said, she's olk with being a woman that has ability and she's surprised no one has written the players' individual notes? >> that's such an interesting strategy. >> i think it's such a female thing to do. i like it. >> that's right. go dr. j. ahead elaine quijano takes us to a salon where dads are learning the ropes on braiding. >> what do you think this is going to do? >> in morning this may cut down on the complaining and may get us out the door without the crying and the tears which
8:42 am
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styling hair can be especially daunting, at least for dads. you see all kinds of inventive ways to get the june done. some are learning how to fix their daughters' hair with confidence. >> getting kids off to school is no longer just a mom's responsibility. parents are expected to share thee tasks. we met with a class of dads who went somewhere they thought they'd never be. hair salon. >> who here dreads mornings? we're going to turn that ought
8:46 am
around. >> reporter: in a new york city city salon dads are getting their first lesson in the art of the ponytail. >> you start from the bottom. >> reporter: and learning the patience needed to work with their wary models. some dads come here to help learn how to help during the morning rush, to braid over breakfast. >> do you like when daddy does your hair? >> he never did it. >> reporter: for others like stay-at-home dad trevor mccarthy. it's daily dilemma. after he lost his job he swapped job duties with his wife. >> you're the one getting her out the door. how has that been? >> it's kind of fun. when it comes to the hair, that's where the most frustration is. >> cozy freeman created the real
8:47 am
men can braid class in july. >> how has attendance been? >> it's been great. we've had to turn people away and we've been booked ever since. >> reporter: free man hopes to give each dad the tools and the confidence to face some of their biggest fears. >> we ripped it, combed it, gripped it -- >> reporter: many dads say aas they share more duties with their spouses hairstyling was the final frontier. once the dad's mastered the ponytail -- >> you want to take the right section and cross it over the middle section r they graduated to hair braiding and buns.
8:48 am
freeman thought she'd most guy li get wives signing up their husbands for class but she's been surprised by the e-mails and phone calls from dads. >> i think everyone is so much more in tune to the needs of children through the family, of being together. >> i like to share, you know, responsibilities. i don't feel like my wife should have to do a certain task because society says that's what women have always done. >> it's not just a mom thing. >> no, no. it's a parent thing. >> reporter: when we met up with travis after the class -- >> not looking too bad. >> he told us he's feeling more confident heading into the start of a new year. does it feel oklahoma? it's not go pull out. i think it looks cute. >> cozy freeman has taught in minneapolis and new york city and will be teaching in denver
8:49 am
and chicago. a few of the dads we spoke to sent pictures of some of the styles they created at home to show off their new skills. you know what's so great about it? the daughters walked in absolutely nervous and unsure, terrified because they cried. they would be in these awful, awful fits of their dads pulling their hair. then they walked out. they were so proud, so happy. >> i the tell you because i've never braided my daughter's hair but i helped. it was an inherent trust. >> she's in college now, you're not braiding her hair. >> no. >> i refused to have my dad
8:50 am
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>> i saw her covered in blood. there were too many wounds to count. >> stabbed by her ex 22 times! >> we saw the stab wounds to the left ventrical. she had no vitals. >> announcer: how she's doing now. plus it was a typical day at the show for dr. travis. until the unthinkable happened. >> i have never had this happen before. >> announcer: why we had to make an emergency call for a doctor to come to the set. >> everything i had was to keep this together right now! >> that's the sound of an instant. [ snaps ] it's all the time it takes for tragedy to strike. one moment your world is filled with hopes and dreams for the future and then your whole life is turned upside down. >> i


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