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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  September 3, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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right now on 9news, six separate trials. a baltimore judge refuses to dismiss charges against six police officers charged in connection with the death of freddie gray. more controversy coming from the redskins organization. the spouse of a key member of the front office sends out some controversial tweets. and students take over twitter to voice their opinions about the current state of howard university. welcome into the rush hour edition of 9news. i'm nick giovanni. i'm debra alfarone in for andrea roane. beverly farmer is here with your timesaver traffic but we begin with the lady in red. first alert meteorologist allyson rae with today's forecast. allyson, red might be appropriate because it's going to be kind of hot. >> it is. we also have the shades of red going on here. pretty nice. it is getting to be a hot one today. back to the mid-90s but if you're sick of the heat, today is the last day to deal with this very uncomfortable weather. but we do have 90s back in the
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seven day. 75 degrees. it's hot, humid. a little bit of patchy fog also for areas off to the west. most places are doing okay. it's warrenton, culpeper, laurie, your advice -- luray, your visibilities dropping a bit. all the showers and storms are going to stay well off to the west. if you're heading to the nats game tonight or the skins game tonight, it's going to be pretty dry. we'll get to the details of the rain coming up. let's head over to beverly farmer. good morning. we have a pretty good start on the roadways so far. the challenge was for folks heading northbound on i-95 out of fredricksburg. the late clearing road work in stafford county, finally done with the paving operation for the night. now the morning. now the traffic is streaming up toward quantico. that's our heaviest volume. building volume just past prince william parkway across the okay qawj. outer loop of the beltway out of colesville, building volume there but that is with all lanes open. back to you. six individual trials, potentially six individual juries for the six baltimore
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pliferls charged in connection to freddie gray -- police officers charged in connection with freddie gray's death. the decisions came during a day of protests on the streets of baltimore. in another ruling, the judge refused to remove prosecutor marilyn mosby from the case, a ruling that activists are hailing. >> by now all of a sudden, every steps she takes, every move she makes, it's not fair, it's not right. >> next week the key question is whether to move the trials out of baltimore. family, friends and dignitaries will say a formal goodbye to maryland governor marvin man de. his funeral takes place at 11:00 home in pikesville. the service is open to the public. the 95-year-old governor died sunday. anne arundel county police caution drivers in the area that mandel's motorcade will impact traffic early this afternoon when his body is
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moved to davidson for burial. happening today here at metro headquarters, a meeting. why should you care about a meeting? because the results of this meeting could mean big changes for metro riders. metro officials will be here to discuss what happened when a train went off the tracks last month and caused major problems near smithsonian station and all across the boards. a little back-- board. a little background now. august 6 a train went off the tracks. only the operator was on board and they were not hurt but there were still major problems as a result. delays that lasted more than 24 hour and frustrations that lasted even longer, especially after metro admitted they knew about that problem that caused the train to derail. it was a defective fastener that failed to hold the rails together. now that defect was discovered before the information about it was deleted from the inspection report. so it was never even fixed. the man who deleted that information has resigned as well as his superior but as you can imagine, this is not
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helping riders' confidence. the report released answers some questions. some of the questions like how do we keep this from happening again and it's all here in this report. in this report metro officials say that they are instituting morrow bust track walkers, some even bigger questions on the report, i'll go over those coming up in our next half- hour. that meeting starts today. at 10:00 we'll be there and let you know what happens. live outside metro headquarters, i'm nikki burdine, wusa9. 19,247 packets of synthetic drugs are off d.c. streets this morning. d.c. police are calling it a record setting haul. they say they seized 255 pounds of synthetic drugs during a drug bust this week. two men are now under arrest. >> this is a huge, significant seizure and it will have a positive impact. >> one admitted drug user tells us he's now sworn off synthetic drugs for good because he says
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the effects are so horrible. president obama can thank senator barbara mikulski for sealing his iran nuclear deal. the maryland democrat has announced she will vote for the agreement. that makes 34 senators backing the plan, all of them democrats. 34 is the magic number for the white house. it means that the president has enough votes to sustain a veto if senate republicans shoot down the deal. >> we are telling iran that it can't have a nuclear weapon, period. >> the deadline to vote on that deal comes mid-month. >> reporter: a developing story this morning is one that is trending on twitter under the hashtag takebackhu. students here at howard university picking up their cell phones and tweeting out their frustrations about poor conditions, they say, and lackluster administration here at the historically black
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university. students are complaining about broken air conditioning, mold in dorms, bureaucratic run around, high tuition, rats and hassles with financial aid. here's a sample of some of the top tweets we put together for you. a student tweets, housing, wi- fi, administration, financial aid, it's time for change. and james ferguson tweets out 10,000 students and only two booths open at financial aid? one-hour phone wait? where are the staff. where does my tuition go? finally an alum chimes in and says i graduated hu11 years ago. current students shouldn't have the same complaint i had when i was there. so what are the problems and what's behind all these complaints that the students have? i'm let you know coming up in the next half-hour. we're live outside hu, delia goncalves, wusa9. quarterback controversies, concussions. now it's a twitter scandal at
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redskins park. good morning. i'm mike hydeck. the regular season hasn't started yet. the latest drama surrounds jessica mccloughan, the wife of the new redskins skot mccloughan. she's issuing a public apology to diana russini. jessica tweeted, russini must have given out sexual favors to have gotten this inside information. they even said the information must be coming from her husband, the redskins g.m. scot mccloughan. she called russini her husband's new side -- [indiscernible] her twitter account is blank. she did apologize to russini not using her name, though. it reads in part, part of jessica mccloughan's statement says i deeply apologize. the comment was unfounded and inappropriate. i have the utmost respect for both the reporter and espn. now, you can find the full
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apology on our new and improved wusa9 app. i can't wait for week one. police are searching for a shooter who is taking aim at cars along a major interstate. >> also coming up, perhaps, nick, the first rule of fight club ought to be not to run a fight club at a day care center. you don't want to miss that. >> what? >> uh-huh. >> so there's that. >> there is that. okay. we are headed back to the mid- 90s today and we are going to see a hot one, a muggy one. patchy fog off to the south and west. if you're headed to the nats game tonight or the skins game, same forecast obviously. near 90 by 6:00. we'll be into the #s on for much of both games. most of those showers and storms just stay well off to the west. we will be right back with a look ahead to some
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welcome back. i'm meteorologist allyson rae. it's 11 minutes after 6:00. it's muggy out there but things are going to improve over the weekend. we have to get through another hot and humid day today. take a look how we're starting off on your michael & son camera. we are at 75 degrees. winds out of the north. we also have some patchy fog for the shenandoah valley and highs today back to the 90s. showers and storms stay off to the west. we'll have more details of those 80s coming up in just a little bit. beverly, over you to. a pretty good start around the capital beltway. building volume into silver spring. no surprises, allison. building volume in cheverly to get to d.c. 295, kenilworth
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avenue. that's building avenue -- building volume. as you travel 66 east, slowing as you make your way through manassas. no surprises there. continued slow to most of 28 centreville. briefly slow in fair oaks after that. back to you. >> thank you, beverly. today we could learn whether a kentucky court clerk will head to jail for refusing to issue the same-sex marriage licenses. that's coming up. >> plus, tears from the widow of the slain illinois police officer. the hunt for hi sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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6:15. it's a school day, game day for redskins and nationals. it's not going to be too much of a rainy day. >> most of the rain and thunderstorms are going to be off to the west so it's going to be a hot day as well. we have a lot going on tonight in d.c. and this weekend is the first weekend of college football and things are looking a little bit more september like by saturday and into sunday. let's take a look how we are starting off temperature wise. it's warm. it's humid, but we are going to see a little bit of patchy fog. visibility still okay through the shenandoah valley and places like culpeper, orange, manassas.
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but 95 is looking okay. 66 is looking okay and the beltway looking okay as well. by the time we head into the afternoon, we're headed to the 90s once again but this is the last day we're going to be into the 90s before the holiday weekend. we'll be back in the 80s as early as tomorrow. still humid today. a couple of showers and thunderstorms will develop. a lot of them are going to be off to the west. as the kids head out to recess, it's going to be humid out there. a little sweaty. as we go through this afternoon, it will be warm. look how dry it is along 95. this is 5:00. getting ready for your drive home or maybe you're getting out of town early for the labor day weekend. it's going to be a pretty dry commute along the way but near frederick, hagerstown, martinsburg, winchester, might see a couple of showers or thunderstorms for your area. friday we'll see a change in the forecast. we have a better chance for rain but still a lot of these showers are off to the west. we'll stay dry. we're talking 80s with an easterly wind for friday. and temperatures continue to go down for saturday. terps game looks to be dry. maybe a stray shower for southern maryland or south of
6:17 am
the district. i think over areas east, it will be fine. 88 for today. 84 as you head to saturday. staying really nice for sunday and labor day. let's get your check on traffic with beverly. good morning. good morning friday eve ride. we've had a few complications. 95 corridor late to clear out getting out of fredricksburg through stafford. they were late to pick up the work zone at the centreport parkway. it's out of the way and the volume remains. volume is building as you make your way through woodbridge 95. getting through newington not bad into silver spring but a vehicle stopped on 395 north of duke street. they're blocking the left side of the roadway and trying to drag it over to the right shoulder right now so there's congestion building right there. 66 has been the volume building east through manassas to get into centreville. lanes open there. then briefly slow fair oaks getting into falls church. beltway on the outer loop leaving college park into silver spring, that's just building volume west of new hampshire avenue around to georgia avenue. all lanes are open there.
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nick, debra, back to you. in the news right now, the search continues for the three men involved in the murder of an illinois police lieutenant. >> last night the community of fox lake came together to honor the man aaffection natalie known as g.i. joe. >> we love you, joe. >> reporter: the grieving community is trying to make sense of tuesday's killing of police lieutenant charles joseph gliniewicz. >> it truly -- he truly is just a local hero. about the only word that could really state it. >> reporter: the decorated officer's widow and sons attended the vigil. >> my world got a little bit smaller with his passing. he will truly be missed by all of us. >> reporter: g.i. joe as he was known was chasing three suspicious men on foot when he was shot to death. >> he did everything by the book. and i don't know how anyone could have done this to him. >> reporter: this quiet family community, 60 miles north of chicago is on edge. schools here were closed on
6:19 am
wednesday as the search for the officer's killer intensifies. at least 100 investigators are on the ground searching homes, railroad tracks and swampy woods but they're hampered by the limited description gliniewicz provided of the suspects. federal, state and local police say they won't rest till they find his killer. >> the community, the men and women in blue, we're going to find them. >> reporter: lieutenant gliniewicz was set to retire at month's end. >> the mayor says there's been an outpouring of support for the police department that he was so devoted to with residents dropping off supply and food. the memorial for him grows outside the police department. the search is on for a gunman who fired at a police cruiser outside of boston. this morning schools in the town of millis are shut down as a precaution. a police car crashed and caught fire. the officer was not seriously hurt. police say a nearby middle school received two threatening
6:20 am
phone calls earlier in the day. those calls are now believed to be related to the shooting. bullets have hit four vehicles in a span of just 4 hours n. one case a bullet went through the front wind shield as a driver was heading east on i-10. in another case a passenger bus driven by robert mcdonald was hit. >> i wanted to pass out, literally faint. oh, my god, somebody actually took the time, aimed their weapon and fired this gun. >> wow. so this morning arizona troopers are tracking down any surveillance video they can find that may have caught the shootings. so far highway cameras have not found anything. >> take a good look at the man we are going to show you in this picture. if you see him you should call metro transit police at once. he's wanted for shooting at a metro bus. lamont brown shot and wounded a passenger on august 21 as the bus traveled along elvans road in southeast.
6:21 am
brown should be considered armed and dangerous. a woman trying to kidnap a toddler on a net toe extra -- metro train is now in custody. it happened as the train left the rosslyn station. she tried to snatch the child out of a stroller. the good news is another passenger stopped her and held that woman until the train stopped. after a call to 911, metro transit police arrested her at foggy bottom and passengers say she was acting strangely, walking up and down the aisle and muttering to herself. a county clerk in kentucky could be sent to jail today for defying orders to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. kim davis is set to appear in federal court. davis stopped issuing all marriage licenses because she opposes same-sex marriage on religious grounds. now she could be held in contempt of court. educators are trying to figure out today why s.a.t. scores have dropped. according to the college board, scores have sunk to the lowest level since the admission test was overhauled in 2005.
6:22 am
the average score for the class of 2015 was 1490 out of a maximum 2400. that's down 7 points from the previous year. there's a military hiring expo today at nats park. the nationals are teaming up with u.s. chamber foundation to host more than 75 employers. they all have job openings for veterans and military spouses. it runs from 10:00 this morning till 1:00 this afternoon. everyone who registers walks away with tickets to the military appreciation game against the atlanta braves. coming up, lifeguards wearing the small go pro cameras, they are capturing video of just dramatic rescues. >> wait till you see this. >> plus, this morning's new developments in europe's migrant crisis. that's straight ahead. >> and metro officials will be meeting today to discuss what went wrong and how they can keep it from happening again last month when a train went off the tracks. i'll have a preview coming up. >> reporter: you'll want to check twitter this morning. a trending topic hashtag
6:23 am
takebackhu. students airing the school's dirty laundry. find out why coming up. >> the heat wave continues for another day but it's a short lived heat wave. we're going to see 80s return tomorrow. take a look at your forecast for today. 90 to 95. a couple of showers and thunderstorms but again mainly off to the west. we'll detail out exactly the every cup has a story. dunkin' k-cup packs in my life were a good fit. a single serving for myself, it's pretty special. it is like having a dunkin' store in my home which is what i've always dreamed of. bring home delicious dunkin' k-cup packs today. your coffee, your dunkin'.
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6:27 am
russia is holding up an effort to assign blame for chemical attacks in syria's civil war. the u.n. ambassador says he has questions about the proposal to create a new group and give them the freedom to go anywhere in -- [indiscernible] strong currents and big waves in huntington beach last weekend led to hundreds of swimmers needing to be rescued. >> many were caught on go pro cameras worn by lifeguards. we learn what swimmers should do to stay safe in the water. >> reporter: you're looking at a water rescue at huntington state beach daughter on a lifeguard's go pro. you can see him paddling furiously toward a drowning woman screaming for help. [ screaming ] >> are you okay?
6:28 am
relax. relax. okay? you're fine. just relax. >> reporter: the lifeguard gives the woman a buoy and pulls her to shore. she was one of 500 rescues in huntington beach just last weekend. >> people were getting swept out. our boat ended up picking up people, pulling them on board. >> reporter: most of the rescues swimmers in waist high water. >> water moving around. next thing you know they're in deep water, not good swimmers and the panic button goes off. >> reporter: this holiday weekend lifeguards are gearing up for big crowds and big waves up to 6 feet. if you descri to swim -- decide to swim, ask a lifeguard where it's safe and make sure you do so near a tower. in huntington beach, stacy butler. d.c.'s police chief explain as connection between synthetic drugs and a growing rate of violence in the city. can donald trump be controlled? today republican leaders may
6:29 am
ask him for a promise he's not ready to make. good morning. welcome to wusa9. i'm debra alfarone in for andrea roane. i'm nick giovanni. thanks for waking up with us. before you head out the door, let's take a look outside for you. beverly farmer has timesaver traffic. >> allyson rae is tracking the temps heading back into the 90s. >> another day in the 90s, third day in a row. back to the mid-90s even. it will be very uncomfortable during the peak heating hours of the day. at least we're starting off nice and tomorrow we'll be in the 80s. something to look forward to. a beautiful start on our michael & son camera. we're at 75 degrees. the humidity is there. it's noticeable and it's going to stick around for tomorrow as well. rain, thunderstorms, showers, not a lot of people are going to see them unless you're through the 81 corridor. martinsburg, hagerstown, frederick, the 81 corridor and through the mountains. everybody else count on a scorcher of a day. # 9 degrees by -- 89 degrees by noon. we'll get hot fast.
6:30 am
we'll detail much better weather over the holiday weekend coming up but first over to beverly with timesaver traffic. things heating up not just in the weather but on the roads as well. beltway, silver spring, outer loop bogging down to get past colesville road. now a crash before you get to georgia avenue. initially vehicles on the very narrow left shoulder. the response will block the left side of the roadway so heading west of college park around to colesville road to georgia avenue, this is the tieup you're looking at with the left lane closure. check out the ride for folks northbound on 395. we did have a vehicle broken down northbound, north of duke street. moved it out of the rebut i guess there was still debris in the roadway. vdot has been blocking the right lane that's why you end up near edsall road, 395. and 234 dumfries road being impacted. fire and rescue have been on the scene. it's rather slow heading north 234 past the seej. back to you. -- past the scene. back to you. >> reporter: happening today metro fishes will hold a
6:31 am
special meeting, a meeting that wasn't supposed to happen until later this month. but it's been moved up and not a day too soon according to metro riders because they say they want and they deserve answers. today the safety committee will review a report released last month to discuss what happened when a train derailed on august 6 near the smithsonian station. you may remember no one was on board except the operator and they weren't hurt. there was still a huge fallout from the derailment. stations were shut down. passengers were forced to wait in ridiculous lines to take buses instead and then we learned that metro knew about the problem that caused it all. a fastener failed to hold the rails together. what's frustrating metro admitted the problem was detected before it happened meaning it all could have been avoided but why was this issue put on the back burner in the fairs place? turns out an employee accidentally deleted the information from the inspection report. that man and his supervisor have since resigned. metro says there could be even
6:32 am
more disciplinary action taken and even more policy changes taken throughout metro. today we expect a heated debate either way and it will all start at 10:00 at metro headquarters. we'll be there, of course, and let you know what happens. i'm nikki burdine, wusa9. at this hour police are searching for a missing teenager and her 7 moaldz baby. 15 -- 7-month-old baby. 15-year-old ashley lopez and baby adrian lopez were last seen over the weekend. if you see them, you're asked to call montgomery county police. >> reporter: good morning. 6:33. i'm mike hydeck live in the newsroom. as the violence continues in d.c. this summer, police chief cathy lanier believes there are two major contributors among many, illegal guns and synthetic drugs. she had a meeting last night in district 5 to get their input. not everybody was happy to the police response. the chief says she understands
6:33 am
their frustration and yesterday's huge synthetic drug bust proves they are working hard on the problems that plague d.c. >> we with are committed to going after these synthetics wherever they're coming from and getting at the source. i think today's bust send as tremendous message that we're not going to give up. >> stopping illegal guns is a huge problem as well. she says they are flooding the streets. there have been more than a hundred homicides in d.c. this year. donald trump will meet with the chairman of the rnc in new york today to discuss signing a pledge to support the eventual g.o.p. presidential nominee. republican front runner hasn't ruled out a third-party bid, something that could hurt republican chances of winning back the white house. meanwhile vice president joe biden played coy at an event wednesday when asked if he will soon launch his own presidential campaign. >> also making some national headlines this morning, the six baltimore police officers charged in fredz di gray's death -- agreed di gray's death
6:34 am
will -- freddie gray's death will face six individual trials. the judge refused to dismiss the charges against the officers or recuse state's attorney marilyn mosby for alleged misconduct. gray died from spinal cord injuries suffered while in police custody back in april. >> reporter: a developing story this morning, a story that is trending on twitter and it's a story that a lot of folks are talking about. twiewnts pick up your cell phones -- you'll want to pick up your cell phones this morning. students are very frustrated. they are complaining of mold, rats, broken acs and limited staff. university leaders admit they are feeling the effects of its money problems. staff have been laid off. the university's credit rating downgraded because howard university hospital had a $37 million profit loss last year. students still heading to twitter to air out their
6:35 am
frustrations. one student tweeting, quote, my problem is that i'm paying $47,000 plus for deteriorating conditions, negative attitudes and the run around. we're tired. another student, i love my hbcu. i love howard. that's why i need the administration to show the same love and do better. but listen to this. the president wayne frederick, an alum himself, he responded saying, my team and i are working diligently towards a comprehensive communication and resolve for your concerns. your voices are heard and appreciated. howard university certainly a long history here in the city of d.c. approaching its 150th anniversary in just a couple of years and a very credited university of course, the leading producer of doctoral degrees for black scholars. we're live outside of howard university, delia goncalves, wusa9. he's a russian music
6:36 am
producer and dj who made it big with hits like clarity. zedd is coming to the district. >> we're so excited that we can't hide it. he's going to be at the d.c. armory on october 3. for a chance to win two tickets that you know nick and i want, text the key word zedd to 2554 3w. >> we're look -- 25543. >> we're looking at an okay day. very hot. most areas stay dry. by 10:00 we're at 83 degrees. 90 degrees, feeling warmer than that by 1:00. showers and thunderstorms will be there but they'll be hard to find along the metro spots. best chance will be west of 95, specifically along 81 or farther west than that. we'll get to those details and your weekend forecast, the holiday weekend forecast coming up a little bit later.
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welcome back. it's going to be pretty dry. we need some rain today. areas to the west, that's where you'll have some of the showers and thunderstorms but hard to find for the rest of us. it's warm and humid. we're headed back to the mid- 90s once again. 90 to 95 degrees. you see the orange colors off to the west. if you head to the skins game tonight or even the nats game, same forecast of course. 80s, warm and muggy and mainly dry. those showers will stay off to the west. we'll get to the details of your holiday forecast coming up. let's go to beverly farmer with traffic. good morning. good morning. had kind after rough start on 395 with a vehicle broken down. first a crash and then a vehicle broken down northbound between duke and seminary on 395. the good news is just moved that vehicle out of the way. now lanes are open coming up from the beltway quite slow through landmark and seminary road. check out the road in maryland where we've had a crash on the outer loop of the beltway in
6:41 am
silver spring west of colesville before you get to georgia avenue. response initially blocked the left half of the roadway. that's why it's jammed at new hampshire avenue heading out of college park and west to silver spring. back to you. the drought out west affecting around malls as well as people. >> they're all in the same boat and one case in the same house. see a close encounter of the reptile kind.
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
don't leave your front door open. >> good advice, nick. that's exactly what happened to a california family. as peter doubt found out, firefighters said it was the evggest rattle snake they've er seen. >> we just walked into the house and there's a huge snake? the house.
6:45 am
>> reporter: a call to 911 for an uninvited guest stretching more than 4 feet. ventura county firefighters say it's bun ever the biggest rattle snakes they ever encountered, especially inside a home. >> i was shaking, sweating. i was scared. >> reporter: debbie screamed to her hu band immediately -- husband immediately after seeing the snake lying next to the window in their living room. they think it slithered in after they left the door open while unloading their cars. >> his little head -- he was all the way down here and then he raised his head and his tongue came out. >> reporter: firefighters soon arrived at the oak park home. that's when you can hear the snake rattling its tail before it was quickly removed. >> the size of this snake was very surprising to us that it actually was able to get inside. >> reporter: firefighters in oak park are so used to dealing with snakes, it's part of their emblem. but they say the drought has made this snake season one of the busiest ever. >> this year we're up at about
6:46 am
a hundred calls for snakes just in the summertime alone. >> reporter: debbie says she's lived in her home for 24 years and never encountered any snake let alone one that made its way inside. but now she's scared to open the front door. >> i may never go out the front door. >> wow. >> i cannot imagine walking around and hearing that sound inside the house. >> i'm never opening my front door again. time now to see what our partners over at cbs this morning are covering. >> norah o'donnell live in new york hopefully staying away from snake stories in new york with a preview. good morning, norah. >> good morning to you. we're in hungary following a mu crisis overnight as thousands of migrants try to escape to western europe. plus, john dickerson on the republican party's push to have donald trump sign a pledge that he won't run as an independent.
6:47 am
and outlash after a couch held a public baptism of the team. and the man being called the cajun john wayne. >> i'm curious to see what comes out of that trump meeting. we'll be standing by for that. thank you. the countdown to labor day weekend is on. and we have to get through a little bit of rain the next to days and good to go. >> a lot of people aren't even going to see it. it will just be hot today, hot and humid. you're lucky, though, if you see one of those thunderstorms. it's been so dry all of august. i know we're only two days in but we had a couple of showers yesterday. let's take a look at how we are starting off with our fog tracker. we are looking at some dense visibility or low advice visibility i should say. dense fog, low visibility as we head through the shenandoah valley. 81 is seeing some of the fog and low visibility. 73 for leesburg. 64 for win chester and 67 for waldorf. if you're getting the kids ready for the bus stop, you can
6:48 am
really hold off on the umbrellas unless you're through the shenandoah valley. that's where you'll see the afternoon showers and thunderstorms. 74 degrees by 7:00 and this afternoon we'll top out at 94, but by 3:00 we'll be into the 90s for sure. feeling warmer than that and feeling a hundred degrees this afternoon with the humidity factored in. it's labor day weekend and if you're headed to the beach, not a bad forecast at all. looking at 80s and 70s. that will feel pretty nice. not going to be too bad here through the district either. mid-80s for saturday and sunday. a couple of showers for you this afternoon. this is 5:00 through leesburg, frederick, hagerstown, frederick, even farther south through the shenandoah valley. everybody else is dry and hot. as we head through friday, a better rain chance but once again a lot of those storms are going to be off to the west. 88, though, for tomorrow, improving temperatures. 84, back to average temperatures for this time of year. by saturday a lot of clouds hanging around on saturday. lower humidity. we will be dry for the terps game. showers lingering. they will head off to the 
6:49 am
south. 86 for labor day. warmer but dry. let's go to beverly with traffic. the issue we had, the crash that was right between colesville and georgia avenue, for a time blocked the left half of the roadway. moved everything out of the roadway. they dragged everything to the right shoulder where there's a whole lot more room but the lineups begin near ikea, college park on the outer loop headed west from i-95, 95 southbound coming out of beltsville, that's been your trouble spot. they went to look near university for another one. d.c. 295, kenilworth avenue, with the delays out of cheverly especially on 50 in from 410 and 202 to head south past eastern avenue, most of wait to pennsylvania avenue and on to the freeway. virginia 95 into springfield, 395 heading up past edsall road, we're trying to cover two separate crashes and incidents we had between duke and seminary. out of the roadway. the accident we lad in dumfries, dumfries road northbound 234 cleared out of the roadway now. back to you. maryland governor larry
6:50 am
hogan posted an update about his battle with lymphoma. >> norah just mentioned it. could a meeting today change the tone of the fight for the republican presidential nomination. that's coming up. the season is slipping away from the washington nationals. after monday's loss to the cardinals, matt williams said that was a tough one. after tuesday's late inning collapse in st. louis brings harper said oh, man, that's one that hurts but what is hurting the most is the nationals' playoff hopes. their chances are at just 8%. only two teams since 1969 have overcome a deficit of at least six and a half games on september 1. can the senates become the third -- can the nats become the third? the odds
6:51 am
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6:54 am
train derailed near the smithsonian station but what happens next and what can they do to keep it from happening again. we'll be in the briefing and we'll let you know what happens. >> reporter: there is a trending topic on twitter hashtag takebackhu. we've been on it all morning long. students here at howard university set up airing their dirty laundry on twitter. they're talking about roaches, about rats, about poor conditions, and a lackluster administration. the president has responded saying that he is going to respond and have a plan of action. we'll stay on top of the story and let you know how it all pans out. back to you. >> reporter: donald trump will meet with the chair of the rnc today to discuss signing the pledge to support the eventual g.o.p. nominee. the republican front runner has not ruled out a third-party
6:55 am
bid, something that could hurt republican chances of winning back the white house. vice president joe biden played coy at an event on wednesday when asked if he would soon launch his own presidential campaign. later this morning a funeral will be held for former governor marvin mandel. the funeral in pikesville is open to the public. the 95-year-old died on sunday. he served as governor of maryland from 1969 to 1979. anne arundel county police are saying be careful because the motorcade is going to impact traffic this afternoon when his body is moved to davidson for burial. a late night update on the health of maryland governor larry hogan. he posted on his facebook page that he's happy to be leaving the hospital in baltimore and now headed back to annapolis. in june the governor announced he had been diagnosed with non- hodgkins limp foam madam president he's two third -- lymphoma. he's two-thirds of the way through his treatment. his scans show 95% of his cancer is gone. a pretty good start but a
6:56 am
hot end to the day. humid as well. showers and thunderstorms will mainly be off to the west so a good chunk of us will be nice and dry. hot and dry i should say. better weather over the weekend or cooler weather. mid-80s return for saturday and sunday. labor day not looking too bad either. we're slow going northbound 395 trying to recover from two earlier incidents near landmark. they're out of the way but northbound 395 delays back in springfield coming up off the beltway. back to you guys. cbs this morning is next with a growing debate as 13 government employees refuse to issue marriage licenses to same- sex couples. >> a public relations problem for one pop superstar. >> i'll be back in 25 minutes with some weather updates. >> get news, weather and traffic 24 hours a day with what? the brand new app. we'll see you later. it's where it's at. it's new and improved. >> thanks so much for starting
6:57 am
your day with us what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal? to start with, $100 billion. they keep their nuclear facilities and ballistic missiles. there won't be surprise anytime-anywhere inspections. and after ten years, restrictions are lifted and iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. congress should reject a bad deal. we need a better deal.
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good morning. it is thursday, september 3rd, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." heartbreaking images of europe's refugee crisis sends shock waves around the world. we're at the budapest train station where desperate families hope there may be a way out. also, video obtained by cbs news shows tsa agents groping male passengers. >> and a mass baptism of his team. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds.


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