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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  September 3, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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we begin tonight with breaking news out on the belt way where someone died in the crash right near the road of temple hill as it happened on the outer loop as prince george's county fire official tells us that this was a fatal collision. now this time we do not know what caused that crash or how many vehicles were involved. >> reporter: you can see only one lane is getting by, causing major backups, especially as redskins fans would head to fedex field for tonight's game to keep an eye on this throughout the night with traffic and story updates on our new wusa9 app. fans at tonight's redskins game might be steaming from the latest fumble. >> this one coming from a vulgar sexist tweet. peggy fox reports on the fan fallout. >> reporter: this latest
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redskins fumble has fans angry as they say that the gm's wife tweet is a distraction that is taking the focus off football. >> reporter: just when you would think that you have seen enough bad news from the once mighty redskins that the team would keep stumbling. first clearing, then benching robert griffin iii and then sending mixed messages about their future. but now in comes a pass that nobody saw. >> i think that it is a shame that the redskins organization has got such a history and they are kind of getting to this. >> reporter: the wife of the redskins general manager scot mccloughan is now apologizing for disparaging and vulgar comments that she posted about diana rosini over a story she broke. >> you don't put it out there like that. >> the tweet said please tell us how many blanks you had to give to get this story and did they laugh at you before or after?
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>> reporter: that her comment was unfounded, inappropriate with the upmost respect for both the reporter and espn. but still the damage is done. >> i have given up on the redskins. they think that they are a laughing stock that in reality no one cares. >> reporter: out of the people we spoke to here only one claims to still be a fan. >> i'm holding on. sports team need to stay away from social media. in reston peggy fox wusa9. >> i'm holding on too. by the way the other tweets have gotten them in to trouble. you can see why it might be the biggest nightmare at least right now. in the meantime tonight they are hoping to put all this stuff aside and play football. >> it is their fourth and final pre-season game at fedex field with more on what to expect. in tonight's match up, plus
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some good redskins news. i'm dave owens, counting down the kickoff for the final pre-season game here at fedex field. the skins taking on the jaguars, a combination off the field for the burgundy in gold, focusing on the field. tonight he'll start at quarterback playing the entire game because kurt cousins is slated to start the regular season. the team obviously doesn't want him to get hurt. robert griffin is still going through concussion protocols, so it will be cult mccoy going the entire way who had been the forgotten man for most of the camp, but not tonight. >> i love to compete, so i will go out there and play with the guys out there. hopefully throw the ball up and down the field and finish the preseason on the high note. >> all right good news for a team that could use it. cleared of any wrong doing.
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all surfaced on the instagram and twitter accounts with the allegations that it was caused by them finding nothing on those claims. the fourth pre-season game, and a full wrap up tonight at 11:00, back to you. >> the redskins open up the regular season in the first ten days when they host the miami dolphins. redskins will hold a moment of silence in memory of the tv crew shot and killed last week in roanoke. adam ward was an avid redskins fans as they tweeted out their condolences to both ward and alison parker's family on the day of the tragedy. there are a few storms out there today, but the redskins game should be all clear. our chief meteorologist topper shutt is tracking what's coming our way tomorrow on first alert dopplertop? >> it will be a close call tonight as they are tracking one more storm to the north of fedex field. let's start with the forecast as it will be toasty. kickoff at 7:30. temperatures in the 80s. in fact i don't think that they
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would drop below 80 as we would play the fourth quarter. good news is the showers have cooled some of us off as it will be warm and muggy inside. let's talk about the radar over the last hour that this is first alert doppler as you can see a couple of storms back to the west with some storms very close to the beltway that they have just popped up. they are not going away right now running down the westside of 270. you already got hit once here today and that these storms, they are picking up the steam here too and on the border of prince george's county, everything is moving south, southeast. so it looks like this storm, they will move off the south through the corner, kind of clipping that district with the heavier rain, we don't see any severe, but it will be moving off the south. maybe over the bridge at 7:16, falls church at 7:39. this is the storm that will be very close to fedex right there, moving off to the south, where i think that it will stay just to the east of fedex field
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headed towards woodmore at 7:27 as they should pass the stadium just in time for the beginning of the game. we'll come back and talk about that cold front tomorrow and more thunderstorm activity as that cold front is going to behave itself and lead us to a great weekend or a cloudy weekend. >> thank you, topper. arlington county police detectives are collecting new evidence from the investigation of the mother stabbed to death as she was brutally murdered in her home in april. the estrange husband has been a person of interest, but they never arrested him. today police would carry out a search warrant to collect new items from their homes including paperwork, bicycles, and trash all to help answer their questions. >> that they would be sent down to the state lab for analysis n which, you know, they could assist us in determining if david black is responsible for >>e murder. reporter: bonnie and david black had two young kids together. they claimed it was all just a big joke, but a 20-year-
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old waldorf man is now charged of mass violence after a tweet he sent spread fear throughout the neighboring town of la plata. carlos hollins is being held on a $250,000 bail after sending the tweet calling for kaling spree targeting white people in la plata using the #blacklivesmatter. neighbors we talked to are unnerved. >> you've got to take everything that people say seriously, i feel threatened. i live right next door. i've got two kids in here, you know, if something were to happen like this, i would never think that it would be next door to me. >> reporter: some would stay in last night. but it never happened, suspending their account as he had nearly 900 followers. well we now know who they said would try to snatch that toddler from the stroller on the orange line metro train today. today they would order monique mcknight to get a mental evaluation to come back to court tomorrow as the 48-year- olis charged with attempted abduction as witnesses said that she would try to grab that
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2-year-old out of her stroller right in front of the child's mom as they would grab her, holding her down until they would get there today and that they told us that she does not believe that they meant any harm. police now know the identity of the woman killed in the hit-and-run crash and the person behind the wheel as it happened this morning in a residential neighborhood. police are not releasing their name at this time or whether that suspect is in custody. and new information out of charleston that the prosecutor would seek the death penalty for dylann roof the white man charged for killing nine black church goers. she listed several reasons, including more than two people that were killed and what they would call the apparent lack of remorse for those killings. witnesses say that roof participated in bible study at historic emanuel ame church before opening fire. the lawyer for the gay couples who could not get their marriage licenses from the county clerk in kentucky says that she would hold the keys to her own jail cell and so far tonight that it does not look like they are going to use them that today they ordered kim
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davis be sent to jail offering her a compromise to let her deputies give out the licenses as you would caulk free, but she turned down that deal. five of her six deputies say that they will give out the licenses. the only holdout? her son. as you can see kim davis is here, drawing up a boisterous crowd outside the courthouse as supporters carried the bibles, while those against davis'actions, they chanted for an end to hate and equal rights for all. >> and for now tom brady has the all clear to play in their season opener one week from tonight as the new york judge ruled in favor of the quarterback overturning their four-game suspension for deflategate. the nfl overstepped their authority and they did not tell brady about the punishment that he would face and would not let them get a hold oven vest gaytive files. they filed their appeal a few hours ago. roger goodell released a statement saying that it is his responsibility to secure the the competitive fairness of the
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game. goodell did not put a hold on the judge's ruling meaning brady will play in the patriot's first game. the republican party wants their top presidential candidates to make a promise if you do lose the nomination, support the winner and don't veer off to run as a third party candidate. that is something front runner donald trump had threatened to do, but apparently he had a change of heart. >> the best way for the republicans to win is if i win the nomination and go directly against whoever they happen to put up. and for that reason i have signed the pledge. >> all of the leading candidates will sign the pledge as well. a new poll out today shows that trump is leading with 30% of the republican vote. the neurosurgeon ben carson with the biggest increase now in second place among republicans, pushing jeb bush to third with ted cruz. hundreds turned out today to pay their final respects to the former maryland governor marvin mandell. family and friends piled in to
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the funeral home this morning. larry hogan called mandell the architect of maryland. dying on the age of 95 serving as governor from 1969 to 1979. metro's top leaders came under fire after the recent derailment. now one of them is out. we'll take you inside today's heated meeting later. some lawmakers are hoping the pope will touch on a few topics. what's on their wish list just after the break on wusa9 and your only local news
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tonight they show the dangers they would face while trying to flea countries wrecked by war. on the front page of dozens of their newspapers, the relatives would say they have been working to get that boy and their family to safety, that once they would reach them that
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they were held in camps where they might be forced to y appl for the asylum. >> that is what we're feeling as they are recognizing the particular strain or not. >> the hungarian authorities would stop them full of refugees this morning, on the railroad tracks screaming. when they would stop by, the lawmakers are hoping to include a few topics in their historic speech as they would write a letter, asking them to address the minimum wage as they believe that it could send a message to hope to all lawmakers, which could then spark their policy debates. the visits are underway at the university where they will hold that outdoor mass at the basilica as you don't have to go too far around here to find them getting all pumped up, but apparently that he would get that warm welcome about everywhere in that country. they show that two-thirds of americans have at least a
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favorable opinion of pope francis. >> i think that he is actually inspiring people to come back to church. because at the end of the day the message of love and forgiveness that it is just more palatable than fire and brimstone. >> most americans and catholics believe that they will be headed in the right direction as we have a whole section app dedicated to their visit in dc as you can find out how to get tickets to see them. all the events here, just download them. all right, pretty muggy in the northwest. one in particular that they are tracking is first alert doppler off to the north of the field. headed towards the park right now as we think that they would track over 50 just to the east of the field as we will come back and track a couple other storms to look ahead for your
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a top metro manager is out tonight after the tough questions from the board members about the responses to last night's commute. >> and what we have now learned. but some board members think that the top managers need to face discipline in the latest confidence crushing incident on the rails. >> and i have absolutely no
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confidence in the safety department as i have no confidence whatsoever. >> reporter: the furious board members would handle the man in charge of the metro safety department. >> reporter: now say you fly on the high level as you don't look at them. rank and file employees, they are disciplined. yet the management, they would get that pass. >> reporter: luckily no one was on the train that would derail on august 6, but they left thousands of metro riders, scrambling to get to work. >> and it would turn out that the testing machine, they had detected their problems with the track a month earlier. but that the worker, they had mistakingly deleted that data.  >> will you be a good manager? the key is accountable as you would take accountability. >> reporter: yes, absolutely. within hours that the safety
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officer, jim doughtery had resigned. >> now metro may have a tough time dealing with anymore firings or resignations that they have been looking for a new permanent general manager for a year now and that they were having a hard time finding qualified candidates who even want to apply for the job. and now check out this incredible video of the dust storm making their way in to downtown phoenix as they would ground their flights at the sky harbor airport. pretty common there as they would live there to attest for that and just last month they would knock power out to thousands of residence as it is nasty when it is over too and a mess everywhere. >> you've got to sweep up. >> yup. okay temps in the low to mid-90s, this one figured out a way to cool off with the fountains. they may not hit 90s, but it will be uncomfortable in terms of humidity. the live look outside at nats
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park as you'll be okay here tonight. at 83 right now, relative humidity is way up there at 62%, uncomfortable with them to the southeast. here is doppler. look carefully in the last hour that this storm did not exist an hour ago. but look to the north, they would form in to portions of montgomery county, around potomac and bethesda as they are falling apart, but pretty heavy in to parts of the valley area as you get out to i-81. we will zoom out just a little bit. these are heavy rains, not severe, but pretty heavy as you would go past bradley and falls road as you can see the red there, well over an inch per hour. they are tough to track. with bradley boulevard all the way out to the village to just look at that, pretty healthy at
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this moment to move off the southeast. across the bridge pretty quickly another couple of minutes. falls church at 7:43 and at 8:04 if they would hold together, showing signs that they will. good news, they are showing signs that they would not hold together. remember all the red? now just mainly green, a little bit of the yellow, weakening, staying to the east of fedex field with a little light rain around bowie. the early thunderstorms and patchy fog late here tonight. those areas that would receive their storms. both games would look dry, but very warm, uncomfortably warm. they will be uncomfortably warm, the bus stop temps, the slight chance and the best chance for the thunderstorms tomorrow in the afternoon. that is good as they did not buy all the leftover showers, you can walk the dog.
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by 6:00 in the morning we are still looking at the lower 70s to 76 downtown. then by 1:00, boom here comes the thunderstorms from manassas up and down i-75, much more widespread activity for you tomorrow with a lot of folks and a dry august as they did not get any showers here tonight or tomorrow and another chance tomorrow. 80 at 9:00. 88 at 1:00 p.m. and storms are possible then. saturday and sunday will look okay. some showers are possible with a few clouds, you can make your plans for the next seven days. monday is hot for labor day. 91 on tuesday and wednesday and nats are in town through wednesday. the slight chance for a
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what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal? to start with, $100 billion. they keep their nuclear facilities and ballistic missiles. there won't be surprise anytime-anywhere inspections. and after ten years, restrictions are lifted and iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. congress should reject a bad deal. we need a better deal.
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why eat a regular tortilla shell when you could have made -- have them made of chicken? >> this is a new look at the menu item called the naked crispy taco. that right now you can get it in their california locations, still deciding if all of us would deserve to give it a try.
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you know what, they might take me back in to that taco bell. >> me too. all right, thank you for that sir. >> no. our time has run out. we'll be
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dance moms terror. a man arrested for allegedly sending a preteen obscene material. >> hear what was inside the creepy package. >> harassing, stalking. >> what one young girl's mom is telling us and the other alleged celebrity target. >> he had a picture of lindsey lohan with blood dripping down her. and then "19 kids and counting" josh duggar. i talk to the adult film star who said he paid to sleep with her. how much did he offer for sex? >> $1500. >> shocking abuse allegations. >> i did push him back and say, that's too rough. it was terrifying. >> plus, where was ben affleck smiling and speaking out?


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