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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  September 3, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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ah you know when we realized how great the furniture could be, we knew we wanted more space. how much more space? we went from a hundred square feet to... three thousand! (whispers) three thousand! we still have the original structure. she uses it as a yoga studio. it's more like a tool shed. refresh your space with an extra one-hundred dollars off every thousand at havertys. plus enjoy thirty-six month, no-interest financing. havertys. discover something you. breaking news. one person is dead. two hurt after a shooting at sacramento city college in california. they campus is on lockdown as a search for the killer. this happened at a baseball field at a college campus. the only description of the gunmen, is he had no shirt on and cargo shorts. all three of the victims were men. we will bring you more on this breaking story as we get any more details. we begin tonight with a disturbing story in southeast dc
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where a child is dead under serious circumstances. >> firefighters were forced to transport a young boy to the medical center. there was no ambulance available nearby. the boy died at the hospital. now the even is under investigation. we're live at engine company number 30 with the rest of this story. >> reporter: when the call came out for a critical medical emergency involving a small child today, it was firefighters from the station who are the first to respond. a dc fire and spokesperson said the closest ambulance was 7 miles away at the time. when firefighters get to the scene, this was on hillside road, within four minutes of receiving the dispatch call. the boy was no older than two, having some kind of severe medical emergency. they began advanced life- support treatment. meanwhile, dispatchers sent the ambulance from 7 miles away. and prince george's county was called for assistance. we were told there were no invalid told they were knowing
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glances there either. within 15 minutes or so of the call, a second aim events was able to make the firefighters in route to the hospital and take the boy the rest of the way. the boy arrives at the medical center in critical condition where he later died. we're told dc police are investigating the case. and dc fire and ems are trying to figure out why no ambulance was available any closer. we will get more information on this tomorrow. >> obviously, this story is still developing. we will stay on top of it. and investigation is a move forward. tracking metro tonight. we're continuing to follow a major shakeup hours after a heated meeting over last week's train derailment. metro announced that the chief safety officer james dougherty is stepping down from his position effective immediately. we have more on this story tonight. >> reporter: this is the first senior official to resign and stepped down since the august 6 derailment. the meeting which lasted over two hours today was incredibly
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tents at times. >> you have next to no information about what goes on. you don't even look at the sop's. >> this man is james dougherty, the former chief safety officer. >> news of his resignation was unexpected. but metro workers we spoke to were not surprised. >> it does not surprise me one bit. he is not doing his job obviously. >> each one has to look out for the other. >> he joined metro back in april of 2010, roughly two months after two trains collided. nine people diedt thaday. it was the deadliest crash and the agency's history. james dougherty was a pro -- reportedly the agency's top choice. under his leadership, metro had another fatal accident this year. this time because of an electrical meltdown. killing one person and send over 80 people to the hospital.
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then last month, a train derailed is before it made it to the platform at the smithsonian stop. it was not carrying any passengers but disrupted service for days. >> this is a disaster. >> that led to this meeting where the board was told the mistakes could have been avoidable. >> i have no confidence in the state department. none whatsoever. >> this is actually the third resignation related to that derailment. two lower-level employees that were responsible for inspecting the track resigned last week. the investigation into this the realm -- derailment probably won't be done until sometime next month. reporting live, allison barber, wusa9. >> the metro board may have disagreed today. but they did agree to hire a specialist overhaul management and workplace. that is coming to us from the editorial partners at the washington post. so whether you use metro to commute or drive, download the
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new wusa9 app. we will have the traffic map and traffic cameras to help you get to work in the morning. check it out. we could face a few more storms tomorrow. but it is probably the holiday weekend you are thinking about now. >> yes. let's have the latest on what is on the way. >> we had a couple of thunderstorms tonight. this along quiet guy. pretty far south moving into the northern neck across the river, south of leonardtown and showers south of culpepper. that will be pretty much gone. those areas have seen some showers. st. charles county and st. mary's county will have some fog tomorrow morning. not widespread. you that in mind. by 6:00 a.m., back in the low 70s in the suburbs. maybe 69 in damascus. by nine neglect the most almost -- by 9:00, almost 80 downtown. by noon, you will not need an umbrella. eighty-seven by lunch time.
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eighty-six in leesburg. and we will come back and talk about when the front goes through. and if it will go for -- far enough south. and we will have the 3-degree guarantee. a serious moment an iv for the redskins took on the watto at fedex field. fans and players alike took a moment to remember the reporter and photographer killed on the air in roanoke, virginia. they were shot to death one week ago yesterday. a third woman is still recovering in the hospital. after the tribute, everybody joined for the singing of the national anthem. a lot of people trying to get to the game might have been stuck in this nasty mess. a trip -- a serious crash that shut out the outer lid. dire -- drivers were warned to stay out of the area on i-495. prince george's county officials say one person was killed in the accident. out of prince george's county, he -- out of prince george's county, two men with robberies over six days.
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this one was at a gas station in brandywine. police say this man and an accomplice still a blue ford and went to the gas station on mckendry road. the next day, two people armed and wearing masks went into a convenient store and robbed them. less than 24 hours after that, they had another store. this is down the street. the other robberies happened most recently in district heights. police believe each robbery was carried out by the same people. searching for two armed robbers who got out at a dc convenient store. we want to show you surveillance video of this. the one suspect is armed with a gun. leaning out the cash register. the other suspect is armed with a knife and holds customers that day. nobody was hurt. if you recognize these men are have any information, call police. montgomery police say a masked gunman held up a pharmacy this morning. but he was not in the market for money. he ran off with the drugs.
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cops conducted an all-out search for the suspect but could not find him. employees not taking inventory to find out how much prescription medicine the armed robbery took away. continuing coverage in the case of impeding the investigation into the 1975 murders now have legal representation. lesly angleton was charged with perjury. and the other with obstruction of justice. the planned court appearances were postponed. all three defendants are related to welsh who has been named as it person of interest. in alexandria, police say a large construction truck with a vehicle that slammed into a woman this morning -- reports are at killed her instantly. this was at 9:20 a.m. at product and commonwealth avenue. the driver did not stop to help. police to track them down.
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prosecutors are thinking about charges. no names are released. new evidence could help the case with him on murder. bonnie bleck was stabbed to death at her home in april. police say her estranged husband david black has been a person of interest. and was never arrested. today police carried out a search warrant to collect evidence from his home including paperwork, and a bicycle and this is all in hopes that this evidence will help solve the case. we're hearing from the road says the relatives of a woman accused of trying to abduct a child are on the metro subway car. police say monique mcknight tried to pull the 2-year-old out of her stroller on a train yesterday between roslyn and foggy bottom stations. other passengers were able to grab her and stopper. today in court, the suspect sister says she does not believe midnight meant any harm. >> i don't think she was kidnapping anybody. i think maybe she was looking at the baby and maybe wanted to hold it. she is not volatile at all. she is not a violent person. i think she just wanted to
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maybe hold the baby or touch the baby or whatever. >> a judge ordered mckay to undergo a mental evaluation. campaign 2016 coverage. donald trump has now rolled out the prospect of a third-party white house bid. today trump signed a pledge that said he will support whoever wins the party nomination. you might remember that is the opposite of what he said at the gop debate. the announcement was made at trump tower after a visit with the party chairman. >> i will be totally pledging my allegiance to the republican party and the conservative possible for which it stands. >> keep in mind, the pledge is not legally binding. hundreds of people, families and friends, and a lot of maryland political elites were at a funeral home to pay final respects to the former governor. among the mourners, current governor larry hogan who said no other executive in our history
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has ever had the lasting impact on all as mandel did. widely credited with modernizing the state of maryland, mandel served as governor from 1969 until 1979. the kentucky clergy was refusing to grant marriage licenses to gay couples is behind bars tonight. so what is next for her. a black lives matter activist under arrest accused of threatening to kill all the white people in town. new details on that investigation. and chubby chick filet? we will tell you of the controversial
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it was another day in football. we broke down the controversial tweet by the wife. what could be a break in the manhunt for three suspects wanted for killing a cop in northern illinois. video has surfaced. authorities believe it could help identify the suspect. it is on a hard drive. it has been handed to federal
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investigators. they will have special technology to recover the images. a defined county clerk has been sent to jail after she refused to stay out of the way. now the deputy clerk's are supposed to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. >> growing county clerk kim davis is in jail. federal judge found her in contempt of court for defying multiple court orders to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. the deputy clerk said they would begin improving marriage licenses starting friday. the judge gave kim davis the chance to comply. she had to agree not to interfere in their work. davis refused. april miller and her partner karen robert -- karen roberts had been denied three times. >> we're going to the courthouse tomorrow to get our marriage license. we are very excited about that. >> my grandfather,
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grandmother, dad and mom, would all turn over in their graves if they knew what was happening. >> if you're wondering why kim davis was put in jail as opposed to getting fired to refuse -- for refusing to issue marriage licenses, it is because she is an elected official and can only be removed for impeachment. that would take charges from the kentucky house of representatives and then a trial by the senate. the white man accused of killing
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they have received two complaints of this actually happening to people. the recall involves one, three and 4-pound packages with a use by date of december 15 and every
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16th. i choking on some cheese here. you are supposed to check their website for more details. >> thank you. are you somebody who loves chipotle? i am. check out this controversial new ad campaign. taking aim at the idea that each chipotle is causing people to gain weight. this includes a website chipotle seems to be taking it all in stride. the company says there are legitimate ways to challenge them. but a smear campaign is not one of them. the spokesperson called infantile. if you're going to the beach over this labor day holiday weekend, the next story is a good reminder of just how
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important the lifeguards can be. take a look at this video of a water rescue at a beach in california. you can see the lifeguards -- see a drowning woman who was screaming for help. the lifeguard pulls her to shore. as you can see, she is doing just fine. she is kind of scared. we are told most rescues are of the swimmers in waist high water. be careful out there. i guess if you get in trouble, just stand up. waist high water, stand up. >> and let the lifeguard rescue. that can cause bigger problems. the 3-degree guarantee. i was worried about this today. but we did okay. we went up to 93. the high was -- 96.
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>> yay. >> we made it. we're going to go 89 tomorrow. we will go 89 for the official high. a live look outside. it is still 80 downtown. we talked about the redskins game being played in the 80s. the wind is dead calm. the headlines go like this. busstop temperatures, 70 up to 80. a slight chance of an isolated shower. showers will develop quickly tomorrow around lunch time. still hot with more thunderstorms friday. not quite as hot as it has been. the holiday weekend looks okay. i think you can make your plans. i am a little concerned about some clouds look -- lingering south and west. maybe along the i-81 corridor and into the mountains. i think it will be all right. especially the further north you go. 6:00 in the morning, upper 60s, low 70s. partly cloudy skies. patchy fog early.
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nothing crazy. eighty by 9:00. and by 1:00, we have showers and storms already. even yellow and orange showing up. some could be heavy. a few could be severe. temperatures, despite the showers, 88. eighty-nine at leesburg. eighty-seven in manassas. by 5:30, heading up north, i-270, temperatures in the mid-80s. still some left over showers. a few thunderstorms. by 10:00, 9:00, i think all the showers are gone. if you residual clouds. if you have big rollout -- grill out, a few chances. maybe -- mainly in the 70s. notice the showers and clouds lingering on i-81 and points off. that may be a trend on saturday too. eighty by 9:00. eighty-five by 11:00. maybe a shower or thunderstorm by 1:00. saturday, and sunday, nice. less humid. cooler. mid-80s. a few clouds lingering south to west.
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next seven days. labor day, a fitting leiby to summer. a high near 90. kind of nice. low 90s tuesday. maybe a shower or thunderstorm thursday. >> a little bit of a reprieve this weekend. a little cool down. then back up. the redskins played a tough one today. >> they did. they fell a little short. >> think in this because when they go public in the preseason, doesn't work out. >> we have highlights. >> the nationals explode on offense. and bryce harper does something no player has done in over a hundred years. tech -- check out the new wusa9 app. check out the interactive weight -- radar. planer commute using the live
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over 20 players did not dress for tonight's preseason
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finale. deangelo hall did play a little bit. wanted more work out there. other than that, it was all about the bubble players. those fighting to make the final 53 man roster. colt mccoy making the start in the preseason finale. played the whole game. this was the were shot ross -- ross show. look at him punch that in. ending up 7-0. and late in the 3rd quarter, colt mccoy with a deep ball for ross. check out this great over the shoulder catch. he had a touchdown. that was in every preseason game. still, a great night. ross, 10 catches and 193 yards. jay gruden would praise him after the game. >> talking about taking advantage of opportunities, he is one of these guys that has opened our eyes. he will make it really tough come tomorrow. you have to do the math. we havea good group of
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wideouts. we feel really good. he made it very interesting. >> you can get all of the latest redskins news and updates on the cuts as a whittle it down on the news wusa9 app. ravens wrapping up the preseason as scheduled down in atlanta. ravens down seven. one minutes ago. just blocking a punt. catching the touchdown pass. the ravens would fail on the two point had -- conversion. head coach josh harbaugh turning his attention to the regular-season. >> i feel like we built a foundation with the football team. i feel like the guys are working extremely hard. i don't feel like we are particularly fresh. we have been working through this. every game has been a training camp game. it is time to get ready for the regular-season. >> to some baseball. the washington nationals had a chance to take advantage of a soft schedule. in order to gain ground or hold ground in the divisional race.
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what we did not was -- expect was this offenses power showdown that we got tonight against atlanta. bryce harper back in the lineup. making a little history tonight. check it out. bases-loaded. bryce harper gets locked. that brings in jordan zimmermann. putting the nationals up 4-1. and the fifth, bryce harper on base. ryan zimmerman doubles to left. harper hustles from first. his stat line, zero, for zero. with four walks, four runs and an rbi. nationals also rolled the largest margin of victory in nationals history. and always entertaining on the tennis court. notches for skills that dance moves. check out the celebration party day. after the win at the u.s. open. i don't know what is going on
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there. that is one of his vorite fans down there on the court. letting it loose for the fans at the u.s. open. >> more and more coming out of his cell --
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that is our broadcast for tonight. thanks for being here.
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what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal? to start with, $100 billion. they keep their nuclear facilities and ballistic missiles. there won't be surprise anytime-anywhere inspections. and after ten years, restrictions are lifted and iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. congress should reject a bad deal. we need a better deal.
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