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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  September 4, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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the courthouse since a judge jailed clerk kim davis for refusing to comply with the order. >> i thought there would be two other couples before us. it's hard for us right now. >> davis is a born again christian and says god's moral law prevents her from issuing licenses to same sex couples, but her deputy clerks have agreed to issue those licenses. >> i don't think people should have to go through all this. i think there has to be another way to work this out. >> davis is an elected official and she's hoping the legislature will chan kentucky laws so she can follow her conscious. >> she won't give up. there's no give up in her. >> davis' lawyer says he's appealing the judge's contempt order and his client has no intentions of resigning. >> it is our position and the position of the clerk of rowan county, kim davis that, those licenses are void. they are not being issued under the authority of rowan county clerk's office. >> a large crowd of same sex marriage supporters and opponents gathered outside the
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courthouse to watch the day's events unfold. and at least three same sex couples got their marriage licenses at the courthouse today. the only other clerk in the office that is refusing to issue licenses to same sex couples happens to be davis' son. we're following a developing story in loudoun county where a search is underway for two to three suspects who shot and killed a 17-year-old boy at a school bus stop this morning. it happened in sterling along east cornell drive at around 8:30. the victim was a sophomore at parkview high. the loudoun county sheriff says the shooting was not random and that those suspects knew their victims. >> it actually happened right at the corner here just to the left up there. it was outside about 8:26 in the morning just before i believe the bus was coming to pick kids up for school. >> my first concern was my son's safety. >> reporter: what are you going to do the rest of the day? >> panic until i hear from the school. >> the victim's name has not
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been released yet because the sheriff's department said it had difficulty notifying his parents who apparently live outside the country. weather looking good for the holiday weekend, but a few storms and showers around. we have to get through those first. >> that's right. meteorologist howard bernstein is tracking it all on first alert doppler. >> yeah, lesli and derek. it hasn't looked more threatening than a few hours ago, a few storms in the west, had some trees down, some isolated reports of. this not much going on close to the metro -- reports of this. not much going on close to the metro now. we could still see a stray shower. evening games to go to, probably okay. the severe thunderstorm warning north of romney has expired, should be in keyser 6:42. near new market a heavy cell there and more back toward kirby, a few showers and storms, but good news for the coming weekend, see you in a
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few minutes with that. >> thank you, howard. now the latest on that migrant crisis in europe, tonight hungary says it will start offering buses to take the migrants to the austrian border, but not before several hundred syrian refugees started walking there after they were blocked for days from boarding the westbound trains in budapest rail stations. >> charlie daggett is live where police are locked in a standoff with thousands of migrants. >> reporter: shouting germany and freedom the migrant turned protesters showed little willingness this morning to give up and hand themselves over to police who seemed just as determined to wait this 1 out. the drama began when desperate migrants packed onto the first train they could at the budapest station. they thought or hoped it would be bound for germany or that direction, but 45 minutes outside the capitol the train came to a stop. riot police were waiting. it was a trap. when police started pulling
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migrants off, others realized what was happening and refused to go. we got on board the next train out and although this traveled almost two hours close to the austrian border, it ended the same. there to meet us were dozens of hungarian police and lines of buses to herd the migrants to refugee camps. for youssef and his family from aleppo, syria, it felt like the end of the line. >> they are treating us like animals. >> they have them. if they stay there in syria, they will die. >> reporter: hungarian police would like to send the migrants off to refugee camps, but we've learned several hundred migrants have broken out of a refugee camp in the south. >> authorities now say one of the migrants involved in that standoff at the hungarian train station has died. police say he collapsed trying to get off a train where he'd
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been stuck for two days. the international organization for migration says more than 364,000 people have arrived in europe so far this year. 2,800 of them have died along the way. the father of the drowned syrian toddler who made front page headlines around the world laid his wife and his sons to rest today. 3-year-old island kurdy drowned with his brother and mother as the family tried for the first time to cross the mediterranean sea. the smugglers the family paid to make this dangerous voyage in an inflatable boat now face charges in turkey including involuntary manslaughter. a silver spring woman now charged with abusing her 4-year- old step dow, montgomery county police say -- stepdaughter, montgomery county police say the woman admitted slapping the victim, hit her with the belt and shoe, pushed the little girl into walls and an elliptical machine. that poor girl was rushed to the hospital in critical condition august 26th after
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becoming unresponse sieve at home. she -- unresponsive at home. she had a lacerated liver, several fractures, lugo-fuentes now held on $150,000 bond. investigation of a 5-month- old southeast boy died yesterday and according to the police report the father called 911 and said his infant son was choking having trouble breathing. engine 30 responded from a mile away, but the station's ambulance was out on another call. a paramedic on the fire truck rendered aid in four minutes and the fire truck met the ambulance and transported the child to the hospital. it is unclear if having a closer ambulance would have made any difference. >> one of the reasons i called for the former head of the fire department to step down is because there was not enough attention to resources, repairs and replacements and now with the new administration there is that attention, but it will take some time to bring us back up to where we need. >> 16 new ambulances are all
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set to arrive in october. tonight the texas officer allegedly shot and killed by a deranged gunman is in his final resting place. this was the scene earlier today at a houston church where thousands gathered for the funeral of harris county sheriff's deputy darren goforth. he was gunned down a week ago while filling up his cruiser at a suburb an houston gas station. 31-year-old shannon miles is charged in the shooting. authorities say miles has a history of mental illness. a $50,000 reward in the slaying of a chalk area police officer. fox lake, illinois lieutenant charles gliniewicz was shot and killed tuesday and police are searching for three machine and now reviewing som sur -- men and now reviewing some surveillance video to get a better viewing of the suspects. investigators confirmed they recovered the officer's weapon but did not say whether it was used to kill him. a judge ruled that an illegal immigrant charged with killing a san francisco woman will go on trial for killing a
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woman. the shooting triggered a national debate over immigration after it was revealed that suspect had been released despite a federal request to detain him for possible deportation. lopez sanchez was previously deported five times and made his way back to this country every time. coming up two former daycare workers appear in court accused of staging their own version of fight club. >> also ahead firefighters stage a full scale response to a high scoff after a student somehow locks himself -- school after a student somehow locks himself inside a safe. himself inside a safe. >> but up next
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maryland senator ben cardin has come out against the nuclear deal with iran. cardin is jewish and the top democrat on the foreign relations committee. he says this agreement will end up leading iran closer to nuclear ability. his announcement will make it harder to block a senate vote on a republican resolution disapproving the deal. yemeni demonstrators are protesting the arrival of the king of saudi arabia. president obama welcomed the saudi king to the oval office today where they discussed the deal with iran and the importance of nuclear stability in the southeast. saudi arabia declared the importance of the deal but is also worried about the international community's ability to enforce it. two former daycare workers
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charged with running their own fight club pleaded not guilty in court today. prosecutors say the women encouraged 4 and 6-year-olds to fight each other on the playground at the light bridge academy in cranford, new jersey, and that one of the workers would use social media to send clips of those fight to friends. the judge released both women on their own recognizance. san antonio firefighters freed an rotc student who spent three hours stuck inside a safe. the teenage boy somehow got in the safe and got locked inside. firefighters drilled holes in the safe to make sure the kid could breathe. a school spokesman said it was an old sturdy combination safe that was not used 15 to 20 years. >> how did he get in the safe, though? that's my question. >> it's weird. >> who just goes and gets into safes? good news for unemployed white collar workers hoping to find a new job in the new year. >> but up next
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on september 23rd pope francis will deliver his very first mass here in these united states. >> and it will happen right here in d.c. at the shrine and tonight debra alfarone goes
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behind the scenes with one of the people involved in the planning. >> for a priest to have the holy father come to the church at which he's assigned is a magnificent experience and it's a great honor. >> reporter: mon seen yore walter rossi is -- monsignor walter rossi is playing host for the second time to the pope. >> it was pope benedict, evening prayer in the church, a much smaller scale. this is a grander scale. it's a mass with 25,000 people. >> reporter: and an outdoor mass at that. a worship space must be created on the east portico. before the mass the pope will enter the great upper church, the domes artistic masterpieces glistening with 2.5 million
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pieces of venetian glass and this mosaic of jesus christ, one of the largest in the world with 4,000 pieces of color. >> arms outstretched to embrace the entire world and if you look very closely at his face, you will notice that one eyebrow is relaxed and one eyebrow is stern which is a symbol of his judgment as well as his compassion. >> reporter: over pope francis' left shoulder will be this mosaic. the pontiff will declare the 18th century franciscan a saint during the two hour mass. >> i hope that when pope francis leaves the national shrine, he leave with a sense of not only the great devotion american catholics have to the blessed mother, but he leaves with a sense of a shrine that rivals all the other shrines in the world. >> reporter: debra alfarone, wusa9. >> and 27,000 people are expected to attend the mass which got us wondering how do
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you do commune for that many people? >> good question. >> well, archdiocese of washington says there will be 200 decan onlies on land and it -- deacons on hand and it should take only 15 minutes. we'll see. we've got an entire section dedicated to the pope francis visit on our wusa9 news app and that is where you'll find everything from the schedule to how you can be part of the events while he's in washington. mixed news on the job front today. the labor department says 173,000 jobs were added in the month of august, fewer than expected. however, the unemployment rate dropped to a seven year low, 5.1% and there is some good news in that for white collar workers. starting salaries are expected to increase off 4% next year. tech jobs are expected to see the biggest jump at 5.3%. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> all right. so we got a 3-degree guarantee
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and perhaps more storms to the way? >> forecast high 89. we're sweating it out. the humidity was high today. so was the ragweed and mold spores if you suffer from that. they were high. yeah, it's been a long, long summer. >> you forecast 89 and what's the temperature right now? >> right now in the mid-80s. so we'll let you know. here's first alert doppler, all the activity now really generally west of us except for this one lone thunderstorm riding just north of the pennsylvania border there in northern baltimore county. i'm going to take you in. if you've got any plans the next couple hours, maybe high school football, right now you should be okay unless something pops up. out west in western maryland and west virginia we've got a little bit of showers. this has now passed the romney area and heavy downpours and lightning and severe storms with gusts over 60 that knocked down a few trees around nokesville and areas in
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fauquier county and culpeper had isolated tree damage. this storm went through mount jackson and out west and pulling away. let's hope we keep doppler quiet in case you're going out to nats park or anything. right now muggy, 86. where it's rained in the 70s, mid-80s in the shenandoah valley. hagerstown is our warm spot at 88 degrees now. what we're watching for the weekend, this pushes some cooler air coming down with a cold front. this will move in, so saturday and sunday look cooler and then we get back the heat starting monday for much of next week. the shore looks great this weekend, upper 70s saturday, 80s sunday, blow 80s monday and these water temps -- low 80s monday and these water temps upper 70s to around 80. for us tonight can't rule out a passing shower or storm, mostly cloudy, lows in the mid-60s to low 70s. so it's not really going to get a lot less humid tonight. i think we get a little drop in humidity tomorrow and sunday.
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70s in the morning, stray shower and isolated drizzle, in the afternoon more sunshine, beautiful, 80 to 85. sunday looks nice with highs in the mid-80s, monday around 90. heat returns labor day and around much of the coming week, 91 tuesday, a couple more storms second half of the week with highs 93 wednesday down to 88 by friday. that will be pleasant. when we're talking football, the turk as they call him is on the way. coach wants to see you and bring your playbook. >> not a good thing if you're a ballplayer, business of the nfl hitting home for several players including one from the local area on an nfl team, robert griffin's future a little cloudy what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal?
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to start with, $100 billion. they keep their nuclear facilities and ballistic missiles. there won't be surprise anytime-anywhere inspections. and after ten years, restrictions are lifted and iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. congress should reject a bad deal. we need a better deal.
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part by your local toyota dealers. now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> tomorrow by 4:00 all nfl teams have to be down to 53 players from 75. so 20 or so players about to have a bad labor day weekend. the pink slip parade i call it beginning already, a few reserves let go like safety akeem davis gets released, many more to come over the weekend. now this guy on the bubble. listen, if you watched last night's game, you probably heard this guy's name in your sleep, rashad ross, rashad ross. he made a strong case to make the team catching 10 balls, but it's a numbers game for him, lot of receivers. jay gruden said it's going to be difficult to make the team. let's hear from these guys after last night's game. >> a guy in my position, that's what you have to do.
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i've been cut three, four times and in the past i wasn't doing that, so this year i was like enough is enough. i got to stay. i got to actually prepare for this. >> wish that guy a lot of luck. he was fighting for his life last night. we're still awaiting word on the medical status of robert griffin due to see the neurologist specialist today. it was a week ago that griffin was uncleared after being cleared, some speculating griffin will be moved before the saturday roster deadline. we shall see. local player given his walking papers as well, a little surprising. darnell dockett was released from the 49ers today. docket went to paint branch and was a dominant force with the arizona cardinals where he made his name before tearing his acl. we'll be canvassing the dmv tomorrow as the college football season gets underway, randy edsall probably walking around on pins and needles thinking to himself man, did i get this quarterback situation right? we'll see in a matter of hours. that's been a story all summer
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and fall camp. terps roll out a new qb against the spiders of richmond tomorrow at noon. maryland surprised a lot of people last year, a lot of changes this season. randy edsall has been grooming his players all summer long and say now it's time to improve. >> i think they understand the expectations. now it's just a matter of you can practice all you want and now it's a matter for them to go out and do it in the ballgame, focusing and doing the things they've pad -- practiced for the last three weeks. colorado/hawaii last night, 17 seconds to go, colorado with the ball, no timeouts. they don't get the timeout, don't get the ball out of bounds. then they drop the ball, kick it around, down get it downed and colorado loses the game. hawaii gets the win. >> that's bad. >> that cost them five seconds at least.
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do we have time to say good- bye to derek? this is derek's last 6 p.m. show. we're going to miss him terribly, the jokes, the love, the fun, the seriousness, all of that. we can't imagine what the next chapter is going to be like for you, but we hope it's great. >> i'll talk about it more at 11:00, but i'll miss
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>> pelley: unemployment falls to a seven-year low, but there's a gusher of pink slips in the oil patch. also tonight, ominous signs that russia may be getting into syria's civil war. when you're the front-runner, the questions get harder. you're asking me names that, you know, i think is somewhat ridiculous. >> pelley: we'll take you inside a wildfire to learn why they're bigger than ever. and steve hartman with the keys to a joyful life, 88 of them. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: at long last, the economy has clawed its way back to the days before the financial


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