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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  September 7, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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bombarded with messages. i'm thinking an american ledgeen is dead, rest in hell, harley davidson. some criticized the dealership owners. harley responded on facebook. harley davidson of washington, d.c. has informed us that they will no longer serve as a meeting point for the ride for justice. we also want you to know, we are not, and have never been a sponsor of this event. ironically, two years ago the dealership served as a rallying point for many of the same people who are criticizing it now. >> we've had it up to here. >> reporter: and the dealership has plenty of defenders. >> every major event they have in the city, this is a rallying point. >> i think what the harley does, they don't want to get involved in any controversy, pro or con.
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>> a spokesman for the dealership says that the workers here usually just say yes to anybody who comes by and asks if their group can rally outside. he says it was only after they started getting hammered on social media that they realized this one was particularly controversial and pulled out. live in fort washington, bruce leshan, wusa 9. >> bruce had reached out to allies and the official spokesman for the nation of islam and is still waiting to hear back. we learned late today that a mother killed while crossing fredericks road in gaithersburg this morning used a cane and that her disability may have impacted her ability to get across the street quickly enough. that's just one factor in the investigation that's unfolding in the wake of this tragedy. scott broom is at an intersection of frederick road and south westland to tell us more. >> it's very much in question as this investigation unfolds.
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the victim, a 50-year-old immigrant from ethiopia who was crossing the street at 6:00 this morning with her adult daughter. that daughter was just a step ahead of her. >> reporter: holiday morning tragedy on frederick road at 6 a.m. the damage to the 2002 toyota camry indicating the catastrophic fatal strike of a pedestrian. the driver struggling with emotion. >> it's very sad. >> reporter: and today the friends of 50-year-old victim muivembet gelaw are in shock, unsure how to notify an adult son in ethiopia. >> whenever i call her, she's the only person she talks about. >> reporter: police believe gelaw was headed to the bus stop with her daughter when was just a step ahead when it hit. the pedestrian light here allows for just 25 seconds to get across six lanes. but the victim had a disability and friends fear she couldn't make it in time.
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>> she had a walking problem. probably she was walking slow. >> did she use a cane? >> yes . >> reporter: captain paul sparks speaks for montgomery county police. >> this intersection is also controlled by traffic signal and a pedestrian indicator. those things will also be looked at to determine what signal may have been facing the driver and did the pedestrian [ inaudible ]
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a look out at the bay bridge where thousands of people are inching their way back in to town as the labor day weekend comes to a close. that's the mess right there. at last check, westbound traffic was backed up for more than 10 miles. >> you just feel for them. >> and tomorrow is a day we also call terrible traffic tuesday, the day after labor day. known for being especially rough on the roads. if you live in fairfax county, there's an added twist. thousands of kids are going back to school on a later schedule. hank is at one of the many schools affected by this change. >> things look pretty quiet here right now but tomorrow there will be thousands of kids coming back here, thousands of kids coming back all over fairfax county and many of them will be coming in a little bit later. here it will be 8:10 in the morning. that combined with
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what they call terrible traffic tuesday could mean a big change in traffic patterns for commuters. >> i know when they're out, and i'll know when they're out now. >> reporter: that concern from lots of folks here in fairfax county as they wrap up summer fun at a local park. tomorrow your average 20-minute commute this summer turns in to 27 minutes. >> terrible traffic tuesday is a little bit like an impending storm. you know it's coming but there's not a whole lot you can do but ride it out. >> reporter: aaa says the impact on the way to start times will be in the morning and afternoon. >> we're encouraging drivers to be extra careful given the extra traffic and change in school start times. >> reporter: in general, folks seem to be ready for all this, even backups in the neighborhood. >> the line is going to be a little bit longer. getting there past the two schools i have to drive past is going to take a little bit longer, absolutely. >> reporter: his wife is a teacher. >> i'm a high school teacher so
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i get an extra hour's worth of sleep. we start at 8:10. >> that's good news for you? >> it's good and bad. i'll sit in more traffic but i'm hoping the students will be awake and live. >> reporter: school start times have been moved up 10 to 30 minutes depending on the grade level, which means kids on the corner or on the school bus or on the road a bit late. >> i think it's always a transition. even when you go back to school, it always takes a while for people to get used to it and it's probably going to be even worse because of the changing of the time as well. >> reporter: though traffic moved very smoothly on this holiday, traffic in the washington region in general has been listed as the most congested in the country. >> now of course there are 1.4 million commuters in this region. about 83% of them drive to work. >> the washington region has 1.4 million daily commuters. 83% of them drive to work.
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it's going to be a steamy start to the work and the school week. first alert meteorologist howard bernstein joins us now from the weather terrace. it sounds like tomorrow is going to be even hotter than today. >> exactly. tomorrow is going to be the worst day of the week as far as heat and humidity are concerned. we need some rain and those rain chances are going to be going up later wednesday in to thursday. look at our visible satellite imagery. very little on it. all this sunshine we had had. even though it's a much lower sun angle, able to heat us up quite a bit. temps on the hour 90 in leesburg, gaithersburg. want to cool down, head to the mountains, in the 70s. even cumberland, that's one of the warm spots at 91. one of the things we measure for the amount of moisture in the atmosphere, not just humidity but dew points. we see them getting above 60, it gets sticky. above 70, that's like florida in the summertime. we're starting to see 60s and
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70-degree dew points creeping up from the south. much warmer tonight. if you've got plans this evening, that looks pretty good. 6:00, 87. 8:00, 82. by 10:00 we'll be in the upper 70s. in town we're staying in the 70s tonight. i'm coming back in a few minutes. we'll talk about increasing rain chances for the weekend. i know it's monday but i got my eyes on saturday and sunday already. to prince george's county now where police have identified the victim in last night's homicide in temple hills. he's 26-year-old teraeen beardtaurean beard -- taurean beard of temple hills. police believe all the violence stemmed from an attempted robbery and there may have been several witnesses to the attack. a violent summer continues in dc. right now detectives are trying to figure out who shot and killed a man and then set his remains on fire inside a car. investigators found that burned out vehicle saturday on
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zenia street southeast near 4th street. police learned the man died of a gunshot wound yesterday. this is dc's 108th homicide of the year. the kentucky clerk who refuses to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples is spending her fifth day behind bars. her attorneys have filed an emergency motion they hope will get kim davis out of jail. it compels her not to hand out licenses to gay couples. >> getting her out of jail is a priority for us because she doesn't belong there. she's a prisoner of conscious. >> over the weekend hundreds gathered in sweltering heat to show their support for davis and her husband joe who says his wife is comfortable and doing just fine. presidential candidate mike huckabee plans to visit her tomorrow. neighborhoods across the region celebrated the contributions today of the american workforce. >> lots of us at work today. musicians, marchers, and politicians marked the day in
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kensington, maryland. this parade was just the beginning of the celebration in the historic town. the holiday festivities continued with the food trucks, ethnic menus, and activities and games for kids of all ages. a similar scene today in gaithersburg. it included antique cars, fire trucks, and all kinds of community activists along with the music and marchers. this is the 77th year for the labor day parade in old town gaithersburg. we are just getting started on wusa 9 news at 5:00. it's been one year since anyone has seen a 2-year-old boy from montgomery county. stephanie ramirez brings us the latest on jacob hoggle and his sister coming up at 5:30. >> migrants from war-torn parts of the world continue to flow in to europe. where most of them are heading. that's coming up. >> howard is back with more on our steamy start to the week and when we could see some storms. >> picnics and politics on this
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labor day. a campaign update after the break.
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plus get $350 back. hurry, offer ends september 19th. get out of the past. get fios. apparently nothing says labor day like pulled pork barbecue and sweat stained politicians. and this day was no different. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders shared a holiday meal with cio members in new hampshire. he's building his lead in the state. the latest poll shows sanders at 39% and hillary clinton at 38%. >> it's not just our poll numbers. i think the energy, the enthusiasm our campaign is gaining is important too. >> hillary remains the frontrunner in iowa but her lead
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has been cut in half. vice president joe biden certainly looked like a candidate, meeting today with steel workers in pittsburgh. mr. biden says he will announce by the summer's end whether he's running for president. in northern illinois, the rain fell and so did the tears at the funeral for police lieutenant joe gliniewicz. fellow officers from across the country joined the thousands of people who attended services. gliniewicz was found shot after his patrol car calling for backup. he had been chasing three men he called suspicious. investigators are looking for those men. germany is taking in refugees who have made a long and often dangerous trek to reach europe. in munich thousands more are expected to arrive today. >> reporter: this is where a new life begins for thousands of refugees who escaped from syria and other war-torn countries.
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at munich train station, 20,000 refugees arrived over the weekend to cheers of germans. locals brought them clothes, food, and toys to make them feel at home. chancellor angela merkel says germans should be proud of their country which will welcome as many as 800,000 migrants by year's end. when refugees arrive here in munich, they're brought to this medical tent where they're provided treatment if needed. they're then loaded to a bus that takes them to a nearest shelter for registration. they have two options. they can stay here in munich or continue on to other cities throughout the country. it appears not everyone is so welcoming. this shelter went up in flames overnight and authorities suspect arson. there have been more than 200 attacks on asylum seekers in germany this year along with anti-immigration protests across the country. but that has not stopped thousands more refugees in hungry and austria from rushing to get to germany.
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>> the german government says it's going to spend $6.5 billion to support the hundreds of thousands of migrants coming to germany. families across dc kept cool this labor day at many spray parks. we checked in on the action at the palisades, harrison, and westminster spray parks. they were slated to shut down for the season at 7:00 tonight, but with another few days of hot and humid temperatures expected, mayor muriel bowser announced the hours will be extended through sunday night. which, howard, that's a good idea, huh? >> at least the next couple of days you're going to be toasty. >> for a list of all those parks and their hours of operations, check out our brand new wusa 9 app. your home base for local news and information. >> my little girl loves those parks, by the way. >> they're fun. >> you need water on a hot day like this. >> something to cool you off. i just feel for those kids. i hope all the ac units are working in the classrooms. the
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kids going now and going back tomorrow, it's going to be some kind of hot for september. although on this day in 1881 we hit 104. it could always be worse. we need rain though, really in the middle of a very dry stretch in washington. today marks day 14 without measurable rain. we had a trace but that's not measurable. going back almost four weeks, had over half an inch of rain in the last 27 days. lawns are getting crunchy. we're going to get rain here toward the middle of the week. a beautiful evening. look at our michael and son weather camera. nice and sunny. blue to the sky. not as blue as yesterday because there's a little bit more humidity around. you canee the dew points up to 67. getting a little sticky out there. that 89 feels like 92. and the winds coming from the south helping out the heat and humidity. low 90s for westminster and frederick. cumberland at 91.
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weather headlines, looks like it's going to be hotter and more humid tomorrow. rain chances wednesday afternoon and thursday and we need some rain. they're going to be in the form of scattered showers and thunderstorms. we'll clear it out for friday. last night if you were with me, the weekend looked good. i'm getting a little concerned for sunday being unsettled. and a football game at fedex this sunday. miami is coming to town. we don't want that nasty weather. speaking of nasty weather, look at the storms earlier in missouri. they fizzled. but another line of storms in michigan. the head of a cold front going to be getting closer to us. it's this front right here that's going to give us that better chance for rain than we've seen in a while. that hot south and southwesterly wind going to kick in. futurecast, want to give you a little time table on this. no problems on tuesday. going to be hot, back in the low 90s. going to feel like it's in the mid to upper 90s. might see a passing shower
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east of town overnight tuesday night in to wednesday morning. wednesday should be okay in the morning, but by lunchtime, a couple showers. [ inaudible ] 3-degree guarantee for tuesday. stray storm can't be ruled out but most of us are going to stay dry. wednesday and thursday, yellow weather alert days. 86 thursday. friday looks better. temperature on friday only 85 and then there's that threat with cooler temperatures for showers and storms unfortunately on sunday. we've got some advice tonight on whether it's the right time to get your child a
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smart phone, and one automaker shells out big bucks to kick people out of the driver's seat. >> right after the break, a new effort to rename reagan national airport.
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it's been one of the most read stories on facebook today and had a colossal amount of comments. a company named rename ronald reagan airport. in 1998 it was boehner and other republicans who renamed washington national after president ronald reagan. the petition started by the mobile company credo has reached about 65% of its goal. he spent more than a month lying low but now 55-year-old walter palmer says he will return to his practice in bloomington tomorrow. he was vilified for killing cecil the lion in zimbabwe in july. officials in africa are calling for palmer's extradition but
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he's not been charged with a crime and he says no one has contacted him. he told two reporters yesterday the hunt was legal and he and others in his party had no clue the lion was so revered. this year many children headed back to school with computers and ipads but some parents are trying to dide whether their young ones are ready to carry a smart phone too. experts say before you hand them one, sit down and set some limits and make sure your child is mature enough to handle a mobile device. >> think about the situation your child is in and why it is you want to get them the phone. do you want to get them the phone for safety? do you want to get them the phone so they can communicate with friends? make sure they're ready to handle the responsibility you're giving them. >> the pediatrician also says if parents do green light a phone for younger children, you've got to do your research and you have to set up safety controls. there are many apps out there that can help. the federal reserve will meet next week to talk about whether or not they should raise the interest rates for the first
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time in about a decade. the august jobs report could be one of the deciding factors. the labor department says employers added 173,000 jobs and sent that unemployment rate to a seven-year low of 5.1%. no driver needed. toyota will partner with stanford university and m.i.t. to try to phase out human drivers over the next five years. the automaker says it will invest $50 million to have robotics experts develop artificial intelligence to allow future cars to navigate the roads on their own. maya's quilt of life and other arts from the civil rights writer and leader maya angelou will hit the auction block this month. 50 pieces of art will be up for bid. that sale is expected to bring up to $640,000. still ahead, how some teens are using e-cigs to get high.
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dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. in montgomery county today marks one year since 2-year-old jacob hoggle was last seen. both jacob and his 4-year-old sister sarah were removed from their home by their mother, sparking a desperate year long search for the children by family and police. >> today stephanie ramirez spoke to the children's family on this one-year mark. she's live outside district court. >> if you ask family and police, they'll tell you the most frustrating part of this case has been trying to get information from the one person believed to have seen the children last. their mother has
5:30 pm
a known history of mental illness. she's due back in court next week. today the family opened up about what this past year has been like. >> reporter: jacob and sarah hoggle's aunt tells me she doesn't like the downtime. >> gives me too much time to think. gives me too much time to picture the kids a lot more. and i've had a little bit of downtime and it's not good for me. so i keep busy. >> reporter: busy continuing to search for her 4-year-old niece and nephew even today on the one-year mark of the disappearance. the children's father troy turner met with us in between making phone calls and following up on tips they're still getting especially from facebook. turner tells us he can't afford to break down. >> it's a sign of weakness for me because i don't know if i can put myself back together again if i do it. >> reporter: he and his sister continue to support each other after many of the frustrations. for turner, the case going to a homicide investigation early on
5:31 pm
was a monumental shift, and then the children's mother who was the last known person with sarah and jacob hoggle was found incompetent to stand trial. >> right now we're looking at a system where you have two missing children and the police aren't allowed to question the person who took them. >> ms. hoggle is the subject of a homicide investigation. that's why she's in the court system. >> reporter: police are working on a homicide investigation. captain paul sarcs tells us they are still checking on any and all lead. we asked him if he's obligated to tell police if there's any indication jacob and sarah are still alive. >> we've spent a great deal of time dealing with those ethical issues. >> we don't know anything. we don't know if they're deceased. we don't know if they're alive. we don't know anything so how can we stop searching? >> the family has been posting planned searches on their facebook page. if you'd like to volunteer, download the wusa 9 app and we'll have the links so we can connect you all there. in montgomery county, stephanie
5:32 pm
ramirez, wusa 9news. >> september 18th is when catherine hoggle is due back in court where among other things the judge and lawyers will review whether she's competent to stand trial. she's being treated at the clifton t. perkins hospital. good news for the thousands of federal contractors in our area. president obama has signed an executive order requiring that their employers give them seven paid days a year. the president made the announcement during a labor day speech in boston. the order will affect 300,000 workers across the country. a las vegas police officer is recovering tonight after a gunman walked up and started firing in to a marked suv. that shooter armed with a semiautomatic handgun fired multiple rounds in to the vehicle. remarkably, only one of the two officers inside the truck was hit in the hand. the other officer chased down and arrested the gunman. loudoun county board of supervisors may soon appoint a replacement after the sudden resignation of one of its
5:33 pm
members. shawn williams stepped down over the weekend after an alcohol fueled fight with his neighbor. we don't know what led up to the confrontation. williams is charged with two misdemeanors. the chairman of the board of supervisors has 40 days to appoint a replacement. alexandria's mayor is not ready to give up his job. bill yule lost to allison silverburg in june. yesterday he announced he would run for re-election on a write-in campaign. he has been mayor of alexandria since 2003. a lot of texans are pretty upset right now after a man allegedly vandalized the alamo. investigators say 22-year-old julio perez used a key to carve his name inside the burial room. the 1 inch by 3 inch desecration caused about $250,000 worth of damage. perez faces charges in connection with those alleged actions. another incident involving a drone at a major sporting
5:34 pm
event. some fans in the university of kentucky commonwealth stadium spotted the drone in the air just moments before it crashed. the university said a student was flying the drone when it went down on the suite level of the stadium saturday night. nobody was hurt. last week a drone crashed at the match of the u.s. open in new york city. it's not just stadiums. the number of drone sightings by pilots continues to increase. the faa hopes a smart phone app will help to tackle the problem. rick ritter from our baltimore affiliate wjz reports. >> reporter: it's arguably the hottest gadget around. [ no audio ]
5:35 pm
cbs news correspondent chris van cleave is one of them. >> the concern though is that some of the larger drones in particular, those drones are big enough that they could do significant damage to a jet engine. >> the app comes after a sharp rise in close calls between drones and planes, a dramatic increase in just one year. >> a record of at least 650 drone sightings have been reported by pils this year. nearly tripled all of 2014. captain jeff long with sky eye chopper 13 sheds light on issues in the air. >> as a pilot i can talk to other pilots and other helicopters. i can't talk to a drone operator. >> reporter: no communication means the element of surprise which could be a disaster. >> in my opinion it's only a matter of time before you have that catastrophic accident. >> and the faa believes the
5:36 pm
majority of people flying drones are new to aviation and may not even know about the rules. the free app is expected to be released to the public in about three months. we're excited about stephen colbert's tuesday night debut of the late show. coming up, my one-on-one interview with the funny man. >> new information on the two high school football players who leveled a referee during a game. howie. >> it's a really warm evening out here. temps still in the 90s in a few spots. and not just the heat today was up, but so was the ragweed. once again the weeds were high along with the grass. mold spore is moderate. i'm coming back with a hot tuesday forecast.
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trending now, two high school football players suspended tonight possibly facing criminal charges after hitting a referee during a game. video shows one player leveling an official near san antonio, texas, then the other player, i can't believe this, just dives on top of him. >> what was the point of all of that? >> i do not know. two players from the team were ejected before that team was hit. school officials are not really saying whether that's the reason for the attack. pretty intentional though, come on.
5:40 pm
>> that wasn't an accident. >> no doubt. the team's coach did apologize to the ref for the hit and the players could be facing charges. >> they probably should. >> they really should. an autograph and a grammar lesson at a one direction concert. >> at a recent show in philadelphia, singer harry stiles spotted the sign that said hi, harry, and he added an apostrophe and e to the sign. i can relate to harry. one of my more annoying qualities for some -- >> no, it's your best. >> is the whole spelling thing. maybe i'm just a frustrated spelling bee nonchampionship. >> you're letting them know. >> they're probably rolling their eyes right now. it's a pet peeve, i know. sorry. >> you make us better, lesli.
5:41 pm
[ laughter ] we're just a day away from stephen colbert's much anticipated debut as the new host of "the late show" here on cbs and wusa 9. >> i had a chance to sit down with colbert when he stopped by the station. i looked at his twitter account and he follows very few people. one of the few people he follows is bill clinton but he does not follow hillary so i asked him why. >> she hasn't come on my show for an interview yet. i had pres billy jeff. i got him on twitter. madam first lady secretary, please, let me sign you up for twitter. >> david letterman was known for a few things on his show. the top 10 was one of them. what do you think your show will be known for? >> well, let me get my crystal ball. catering probably. excellent
5:42 pm
catering. we're going to have absolutely the freshest snacks back stage for all our guests. >> i hear it's more variety. have you been taking tap dancing? >> please tell me. i'm desperate to hear what my show is going to be. we've done a comedy show for 10 years. everybody is working on the old show is going to be working on the new show. the old show, i mean, i danced to daft punk, i sang with my guests. we did political commentary. i'd interview people. it's going to be all of that but basically in a new venue and high note twice as long. and i'm not a pundit. but other than that, you've seen what i do. i hope you like it because i'll be doing more of it. >> and we do like it. and by the way i did ask him if he was going to run for president, who would be his running mate? he said, interestingly, what celebrity he would choose, he said donald trump. >> get out. did he say that?
5:43 pm
the donald and the stephen. could you imagine ? that would be an interesting ticket. >> don't forget, you can watch the late show with stephen colbert starting tomorrow night after wusa 9 news at 11:00. he did a dub smash with me. if you don't know what that is, i'll show that to you. >> a dub smash? >> a dub smash. yes. he bounced around the nfl for the past couple of years but now he's trying to make a name for himself in dc. meet one of the newest members of the burgundy and gold after the break. >> also right after the break, why area vineyards are not wining about this late season drought.
5:44 pm
what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal? to start with, $100 billion. they keep their nuclear facilities and ballistic missiles. there won't be surprise anytime-anywhere inspections. and after ten years, restrictions are lifted and iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. congress should reject a bad deal. we need a better deal.
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for those people who farm for a living, a late summer drought can mean a poor harvest. there's one local crop that may have had its best season ever because of the lack of rain. photojournalist virginia takes us to wine country. >> we're looking at a french american hybrid grape. >> reporter: cheryl won't be complaining about the lack of rain this summer. >> it's been a wonderful year. we have the early spring rains that got the grapes off to a
5:47 pm
great start. >> then more importantly, the rain stopped, which is key for wine grapes. these fruit may look small, but they're big where it counts. >> reporter: that means the sugars are going to be concentrated, the flavors are going to be concentrated. that's because we had a nice dry hot summer. >> all that concentrated sugar and flavor means there are already many barrels of the season's grapes firmamenting. >> basically the yeast is converting the sugars to alcohol and the byproduct is carbon dioxide. >> the next few weekends, probably it's a sure bet on a saturday or sunday you can actually see harvesting pressing the processing going on and we invite people back to the crush pad to watch all that. we let people taste the grape juice pressed out of the fruit. >> reporter: james hash, wusa 9. >> and gray ghost expects to
5:48 pm
produce around 4,000 cases, nearly 50,000 bottles of wine this season. the 2015 vintages will become available starting early next spring. in tonight's health alert, a new study shows teenagers are using e-cigarettes to vape marijuana. 27% of high school students who have used pot and e-cigs report they've combined the two. it's easier to conceal since the marijuana loses some of its telltale smell. the study was posted in the journal of pediatrics. a hot start to the week and it will be an even hotter start to the work and school week. right now we're still at 89 degrees. the average high is 83 for this time of year and one of the reasons we're so hot, winds have turned to the south and one of the reasons it's not as nice over the weekend, dew points have risen in to the 60s now. it's feeling more like 92 when you factor in that humidity.
5:49 pm
cool spots in the mountains, they're in the 70s but cumberland 91 degrees. a lot of 80s and low 90s still on the board. a very warm evening across the region. what's going to help us by midweek? two things. there's moisture down in the carolinas and the atlantic. the next thing we're watching, there's a front back toward wisconsin and iowa. as this front moves east, the moisture is going to increase. for us, we need rain badly. it's been really dry for the last four, five weeks. things are drying out. fields are getting country. i had a guy telling me the soccer fields are looking like arizona out there. he's out toward hagerstown. tomorrow morning, pretty quiet. stray shower, probably not. but we'll watch a couple clouds. could be showers down in southeastern, southern virginia. here we are midafternoon, no problems. tuesday night in to weekends morning, a chance we'll see a little shower over toward the bay but the sign is the moisture is increasing.
5:50 pm
as the front gets closer. on wednesday by lunchtime, a couple showers here and there. looks like we'll have a better chance for some showers from mid to late afternoon across the region. wednesday is going to be a yellow weather alert day. thursday rain chances go up even higher as the front gets closer. that's also going to be a yellow weather alert today. not nearly as cool tonight. mid 60s to near 70s. if you had the windows open last night, you'll probably need the ac tonight. sunny and humid and quickly warming. a hot humid day tomorrow. 94 is the hot spot. 93 in washington but the cool spot still 89, stray storm. looking at the three-day forecast, wednesday, scattered afternoon storms for the most part. 86 on thursday with the best chance for rain this week. by friday, drier, 85. we're looking at temps on saturday, 84. but sunday could be a little unsettled with highs only in the low 80s. ladies, over to
5:51 pm
you. this weekend many nfl players waited patiently to find out the fate of their pro career. whittled down to the final 53-man roster. some still looking for a job. of our first edition of inside the red zone, frank hanrahan takes a look at one player very happy to dawn the burgundy and gold. >> reporter: one of the great stories in the preseason for the redskins was wide receiver rashad ross. a long shot to make the team, but then he just kept making plays in the preseason and now he's on the 53-man roster. >> just being on the practice squad for two years, bouncing around, finally getting a chance like a real shot, all my hard work paying off. now i'm actually on the roster instead of on the practice squad and trying to get on the roster, it just feels great. >> reporter: ross was
5:52 pm
absolutely fantastic in the preseason, making plays. he had four touchdown grabs, 25 catches for 266 yards. there was no way the redskins were going to cut this guy. >> taking advantage of your opportunities, making plays, and we're going to do what's right by him. the right thing was to keep him. great story. talk about a long shot making a team. >> reporter: ross had been let go by four teams in the nfl, but this time he got the call that he made the team. so who was the first person that ross called? >> i called my grandma first because my grandma kind of raised me and she was the one who was really stressing out of everybody. she had called me every day, leave me all type of voice messages. you better call me back. i know you busy. so i made sure i called her first. >> reporter: for more on rashad's journey to the washington redskins, including what teammate he worked out in the offseason to make the final 53, check out our wusa 9 app. inside the red zone at redskins
5:53 pm
park, frank hanrahan, wusa 9 sports. >> you love those stories, bounce around, then found a home here. ross finished the preseason as the nfl's leading receiver with 25 passes, 266 yards and four touchdowns. so had a great preseason and really showed the work he's put in. >> any time you can do a good story about the burgundy and gold, we like that. [ laughter ] also today being labor day, it was a matinee for the nationals. after a big weekend sweep, could they get that much needed w from the mets? we've got a look at today's showdown coming up a little later in sports. >> and coming up new at 6:00, presidential candidates hot on the trail this holiday. plus new numbers show hillary clinton behind in the polls. >> a final farewell to veterans who no one claimed as family but they're far from being forgotten. i'm weijia jiang at arlington national cemetery with that story coming up.
5:54 pm
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5:57 pm
every year thousands of remains go unclaimed, and many of them belong to american veterans. >> weijia jiang shows us how a nonprofit group is working to give them a final resting place at arlington national cemetery. >> reporter: roger spends most of his free time leading funeral processions for strangers. >> a veteran may pass away with no next of kin, but he certainly has family. you're looking at it right here. >> reporter: graves is part of the missing in america project. volunteers locate, identify, and bury the cremated remains of u.s. veterans who are unclaimed. >> when you look at each one of these, what do you see? >> i see valor. heroes. >> we go in to funeral homes, crematoriums and corners. >> reporter: a vietnam vet
5:58 pm
started the mission in 2006. >> i ball -- i bawl at every one of these things. even now i'm getting emotional. >> reporter: this is the second time they've come to arlington. >> there's nothing else we can do to elevate and show more honor and dignity and respect than to inture a veteran at arlington national cemetery. >> reporter: on this day a police escort led dozens of mourners at the cemetery to bury six veterans including one who served in world war i. each veteran was given a service with full military honors. >> these people have nobody. but now they have us. >> reporter: now they rest among other heroes. weijia jiang, cbs news arlington, virginia. >> the group's next stop is in kent, washington on september 12th. they're going to lay 28 veterans to rest at the tahoma
5:59 pm
national cemetery. labor day picnics, packed full of politics. thanks for joining us. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> and i'm lesli foster. presidential hopefuls are walking in parades as the race for the white house gets hotter on the traditional end of summer holiday. hillary clinton is now trailing bernie sanders in a key early voting state and losing ground to sanders in another. craig boswell reports. >> reporter: bernie sanders began his labor day having breakfast with afl cio members in new hampshire and he's building his lead in the granite state. the latest poll shows sanders at 49% and hillary clinton at 38%. >> it's not just our poll numbers. i think the energy, the enthusiasm our campaign is generating is growing. >> reporter: the senator is gaining ground in iowa where
6:00 pm
clinton is working hard on this holiday also working with union members. she remains the frontrunner in iowa but her lead has been cut in half. during a stop in pittsburgh, vice president joe biden was asked if he's getting in the race. >> you've got to talk to my wife about that. [ laughter ] i've got to talk to my wife about that. >> reporter: he started off the day with union leaders and fired up steel workers. >> when the middle class does well, the wealthy do very well, and the poor have a way up. so organize, organize, organize. god loves you. >> reporter: if biden runs, he'll need to raise money quickly, and labor unions have traditionally opened up wallets for democrats, giving $61 million to the party in 2012. biden says he'll make a decision by the end of the summer. craig boswell, cbs news washington. >> the aflcio president who marched with biden said he didn't know if bidenld


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