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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  September 7, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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right now at 7:00, it is slow going for dc area residents trying to get back from the beach this labor day. >> here's a look at the long line of drivers making their way west. maryland transportation authority tweeted traffic is backed up 10 miles. it's still better than the 23-mile bumper to bumper jam a couple hours ago. that's a mess there. thanks for joining us. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> just thinking about it makes us feel for them. i'm lesli foster. tomorrow shouldn't be that bad but it's still called terrible traffic tuesday. hank explains why it could be even worse this year in fairfax county. >> reporter: it's really quiet here now, but when you think about it, everybody is back to school tomorrow. everybody is back to work. with the school opening just a little bit later than usually, it's going to
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change traffic patterns across fairfax county. >> i know when they're out and i'll know when they're out now. >> that concern from lots of folks here at fairfax county as they wrap up summer fun at a local park. tomorrow your average 20-minute commute this summer turns in to more minutes. >> it's like an impending storm. you know it's coming but there's not a whole lot you can do but ride it out. >> reporter: aaa says the impact and the way to start times will be in the morning and afternoon. in general folks seem to be ready for all this. >> the line is going to be a little bit better. getting there past the two schools i have to drive past is going to take a little bit longer, absolutely. >> reporter: his wife is a teacher. >> i'm a high school teacher so i get an extra hour's worth of sleep. i start at 8:10. >> reporter: school start times have been moved up 10 to 20 minutes depending on the grade level. so that means kids are on the road a bit late. >> i think it's always a
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transition. even when you go back to school, it always takes a while for people to get used to it and it's probably even worse probably because of the changing of the time as well. >> metro area has 1 and a half million daily commuters and 83% of them travel by car. your drive to and from vacation or work can be a whole lot less stressful with the wusa 9 app. it has live traffic updates. just because labor day is winding down doesn't mean the heat is going away. >> first alert meteorologist howard bernstein is tracking hot temps and storms unfortunately. >> fortunately, because we need the rain, i think our dry spell may get broken here by midweek. very warm today for this time of year. we were in the low 90s in a lot of areas. i think tomorrow could be a little hotter and a little more humid. let me show you what i'm talking about. still 88 in frederick. mid 80s in the
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shenandoah valley. some of the coolest spots are right on the bay. bay temps in the low 80s. that breeze coming off the bay certainly is a welcome one. tonight won't be nearly as cool as last night when we had 50s. low to mid 60s to low 70s in town and again, along the bay, but tomorrow as we start off with the heat and humidity, are they going to look like this tomorrow as well? a lot of sunshine. it's going to get hot quickly. we'll start 60s and 70s. 88 by lunchtime. 93 for the high. tomorrow should be the hottest most humid day of the week and again, as i said earlier, i think that dry spell will be broken by wednesday. more on that coming up and i'm always looking ahead to the weekend. family and friends have released a photo of the woman who was hit and killed while trying to cross the street in gaithersburg. it happened early this morning. 50-year-old muivembet gelaw was an immigrant from ethiopia. one of her daughters was a step ahead of
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gelaw when she was hit. the driver stopped immediately. now they're trying to figure out who was at fault. >> this intersection is also controlled by traffic signal and a pedestrian indicator. those things will also be looked at to determine what signal may have been facing the driver, and did the pedestrian have a walk or don't walk sign. >> gelaw's family said she was disabled and walked slowly with a cane. the pedestrian light at the intersection gives 25 seconds to cross six lanes. we now know the name of a man killed in prince george's county. 26-year-old taurean beard's killers are still out there. he was found shot to death in temple hills just before midnight. one other man was shot and another was stabbed. they both survived. police believe this was a targeted attack. there is a $25,000 reward for anyone who can help police solve this murder. supporters are leaping to the defense tonight of harley
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davidson of washington, d.c. for years the dealership has served as a rallying point for riders headed to events from across the political spectrum. anti-islamic riders on 9/11 and the million man march riders 20 years ago. when conservative activists learned the dealership would serve as a meeting spot for the justice or else rally organized by louis farrakhan, the dealership pulled out. >> every major event they have in the city, this is a rallying point. >> i think what harley does is they don't want to get involved in any controversy. pro or con. >> the critics point to farrakhan's speeches in which they say he calls on his followers to kill white people. farrakhan says they are misinterpreting him. one year ago today is when police say 2-year-old jacob hoggle disappeared. >> as long as i brought them my body i'm going to keep searching.
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that's just what we're doing. because we don't know anything. we don't know if they're deceased. we don't know if they're alive. we don't know anything. so how can we stop searchin >> the clarksburg toddler and his 4-year-old sister sarah hoggle are still missing. police have led dozens of searches without finding any clues. family member say they continue to receive tips on the whereabouts and the children's aunt says today's one-year mark only fuels the push to find the children. today in northern illinois police officers from across the country join the thousands of people who attended a funeral for a cop known affectionately as gi joe. lieutenant gliniewicz was shot last week in the line of duty. he was found near his patrol car. he had been chasing three men he called suspicious and investigators are still looking for the killers. today kim davis asked the governor of kentucky to free her from jail but the governor made it clear he does not want any part of this. davis is the
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county clerk jailed for contempt of court for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. she says it goes against her religion. the governor's office says this is a matter between davis and the court. davis' attorneys propose keeping her name off all marriage licenses and letting her deputies or even a judge issue them. a referee leveled at a high school football game. up next, we'll tell you about the hits those students are taking because of the tackle. >> plus, taking a sick day and still getting paid for it. the president's plan for hundreds of thousands of federal workers. details on how it works and when it starts. >> as we head in to break, a look at the kensington labor day parade. flags were twirling and waving all up and down connecticut avenue for the 48th annual event. very festive. very cute. you're watching wusa 9. this is your only local news at 7:00. ♪
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what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal? to start with, $100 billion. they keep their nuclear facilities and ballistic missiles. there won't be surprise anytime-anywhere inspections. and after ten years, restrictions are lifted and iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. congress should reject a bad deal. we need a better deal.
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two football players in texas are off the field and out of school because of what they did in this video. one player tackles the referee from behind and the other dives on top of him. the students are now suspended from school in definitely. the ref said he's considering filing charges. president obama took a quick trip to boston earlier today. what he announced there has a lot of people here celebrating. >> as we were flying over here, i signed a new competitive order requiring federal contractors to allow employees who work on our contracts to earn up to seven paid sick days a year. [ applause ] >> the white house says this will benefit 300,000 workers. they'll soon be able to stay home sick or care for a sick loved one and still get paid. here's how it works.
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employees will earn one hour of leave for every 30 hours worked. for a maximum of seven days a year. but the new order won't go in to effect until president obama leaves office in early 2017. even though it's labor day the race for the white house does not take today off. several presidential hopefuls were out on the campaign trail today walking in parades and chowing down on barbecue. started with breakfast in new hampshire where he's building on his lead on hillary clinton. vice president joe biden is not in the race but he seemed to have a crowd of supporters in pittsburgh this morning. run joe run is what the crowd chanted. he said he could make a decision by the end of summer which could be any day now. predicting the next 25 years of hurricanes. a couple researchers say it is possible, and they have a couple centuries' worth of data to prove it. >> really hot day for september. things are cooling
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off a little bit right now. but still really warm for this time of evening. temps are in the 80n0js now with a couple slippg in to the upper 70s. we've got another hot day then our rain chances go up. your full 7-day forecast coming up in a couple moments. >> after weather, stephen colbert talks about the conversation he had with david letterman before taking over the late show desk.
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the parade got underway today in new york city even though the party right before it turned deadly. one man was stabbed to death. several others were hit by gunfire including a staffer for governor andrew cuomo. a stray bullet hit the aide in his head. he's listed in grave condition. as many as 2 million people were expected to watch the parade which celebrates caribbean culture. now developments on the migrant crisis in europe. today thousands of migrants staged a protest. they demanded to be transferred to athens and moved elsewhere. britain and france pledge to take tens of thousands of people seeking asylum. taking a live look at
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reagan national tonight where there's a petition to change the airport's name. the website credo action started the campaign to turn it back to the original name, washington national. the petition calls on house speaker john boehner to change the name so the dc airport honors a local president, much like president obama did when changing mt. mckinley to represent alaskan culture. the latest tropical storm in the atlantic is losing steam. grace is spinning between africa and south america. the storm's maximum sustained winds hit about 50 miles per hour today and they're not expected to get any stronger. a new and controversial study about hurricanes claims we could see fewer of them in the atlantic over the next couple of decades. two hurricane researchers say the atlantic looks like it's entering a quieter cycle of storm activity because the water is getting cooler and the salt levels are lower. they believe the cycles last about 25 years and they say they can back up their hurricane theory with data back to the 18 hundreds.
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their study is published in the journal nature geoscience. it's the unofficial end of summer but the heat isn't going away just yet. we're expecting hot stuff this week. dc is keeping the fun in the sun spray parks till sunday. you can check out the full list of locations and see the latest forecast by downloading the newly updated wusa 9 app. or you can keep it here and hear it from howard. >> one more really hot day. tomorrow is going to be a rough one. steamy. and we expect it. >> you were saying earlier maybe recess inside. >> even by lunchtime tomorrow we could be in the upper 80s in washington. so with the humidity, the heat index values over 90. i know it's back to school but we may have to wait another couple of days if we're back to the playground as well. got to be more comfortable for the kids. you don't want to put them out there, have something bad happen. 3-degree guarantee. yesterday made the forecast. forecast on a high of 90
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degrees. join me at 11:00. i'll let you know how we did. we have a streak on the line. we've been perfect for the month of september and 25 of the last 26. we'll tell you how we did at 11:00. right now 86. feeling like 91. dew point at 70. it was so nice for the weekend. tonight going to be a warm muggy night. temps down to 80 in southern maryland. that breeze off the bay feeling good. waldorf at 86. low to mid 80s shenandoah valley. 88 in leesburg. it's a warm, warm night. it's been very dry lately. really dry stretch. today marks day 14 without measurable rain in washington and over the past four weeks pretty much just over half an inch of rain. some folks from westminster to hagerstown, they're complaining everything is really dry. we really need some rain. hope for that, wednesday and thursday going up. moisture to the south. and a front to the west. they're going to come together. you can already see storms ahead of that
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front tonight pushing toward detroit. this front gets here later thursday. so tomorrow just heat and humidity as the high pressure pulls away. as we get in to wednesday conditions will improve. we've seen nothing really going on here tomorrow except hot, sunny, humid, and with the temperatures in the low 90s, looks like the heat index going to be in the mid to upper 90s. forecast for tonight, 66 to 72. not nearly as cool as last night. south winds light, 5 miles per hour. we heat up 86ly -- we heat up quickly tomorrow. temperatures in the afternoon topping out about 93 in town. partly to mostly sunny. just a slight chance we'll see a shower or thunderstorm. as we look at the 3-day forecast, on wednesday scattered afternoon storms. it won't be as hot but still way above average for this time of year at 90. yellow weather alert day. i think an even higher chance for showers and storms on thursday. that's also a yellow weather alert day. more clouds and showers and storms. temperatures back to about 86.
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we're going to dry out for friday. temperature then in the mid 80s. saturday there's a chance of an afternoon storm but midday, kicks off about lunchtime. should be pretty good. sunday, yesterday was looking dry. that system has lifted up from the carolinas closer to us. i have to say sunday is looking unsettled. i know we've got the dolphins visiting at fedex field. there's a chance of showers and storms, 81. monday an early shower but i think a pretty good start to next week with a high of 80. we are looking live in new york city tonight where the marquee is bright and ready outside the ed sullivan theater for the premier of the new lake show with stephen colbert. the comedian takes over the reins for david letterman tomorrow night. >> how he prepared for the debut. >> reporter: stephen colbert said he asked his former boss jon stewart for some pointers as he prepared to take over cbs's "the late show."
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>> have you already talked to jon about how you're going to do the show? >> yes. >> can you share a tidbit? >> he said you'll have fun. >> reporter: the pressure is on colbert for tomorrow night's big premier. >> the first couple of weeks you've had all this time to prepare and put things in the can. it really is an opportunity to put your best foot forward. >> reporter: colbert is taking over the slot that david letterman held for 22 years. just before letterman's final show in may, colbert asked the late night legend for advice. >> i said, do you mind me asking you these questions? he said no, no one has ever asked me these questions before. i said really? they seem like basic questions to me. he said, who would know to ask them? how many people would understand the answers you'd give them? we're two guys who have a very unusual job and that was a nice way of him handing me the keys. >> one of the keys fits the door to the late show's historic home on broadway. this is where the audience will file in
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tomorrow and get their first look at the renovations. >> we've restored it back to the 1927 theater. it's beautiful. the stained glass, gothic architecture. it is just a beautiful and happy spot to be on that stage. >> reporter: and it's almost showtime. suzanne marquez, cbs news new york. >> the show debuts at 11:35 tomorrow night. and a head's up if you're planning on recording it. the show is expected to run about 6 minutes long. make sure to extend your dvr recording. i did have a chance to sit down with colbert myself when he visited wusa 9 last month. you can watch that interview on the new wusa 9 app and tonight at 11:00. we're back after this.
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you've probably heard us mention it several times in this newscast. the wusa 9 app is new and improved. >> first alert chief meteorolo topper shutt explains the big changes. >> this is big. what is it? it's the new wusa 9 app.
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in the news section all the top stories in bulletins. weather, you can track the thunderstorms along with us and get the latest warning information. traffic, plan your commute with live traffic maps. and you can watch live all the newscasts streamed live as well as breaking news. redskins fans, we've got you covered with the scores and the latest from the locker room. this is free for android and apple. told you it was big. >> and you can head over to thep -- to the apple or google store to download it for the latest information. weather is going to be a big one on there. >> you can check the radar here as well. i check it here a lot. haven't had to check it much lately but i think by wednesday afternoon our rain chances go up and thursday even more so. >> those poor people stuck trying to get back home from the labor day weekend would be helped by the realtime traffic updates they get on there as well. >> 16-mile backups or something crazy like that. >> just don't leave home without it. probably the best thing to do.
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we leave you tonight with some of the sights and the sounds from area labor day parades. we'll see you back here at 11:00. have a great night, everybody. happy labor day.
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>> ben and jen, miranda and blake. >> the summer of big splits is come toast a close and we're talking all of them. >> nine musicians, three actors. >> within hours of hearing the news they split, we heard that blake and miranda finalized the divorce proceedings. >> we're behind the scenes of "dream queens." >> jamie lee curtis versus leah michelle. >> and credits from the set of "empire." >> they can love each other one minute and hate each other the next. >> i married -- thas t wathe


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