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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  WUSA  September 9, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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right now at 6:00, police search for answers after a deadly shooting in seat pleasant. today the g.o.p. front runner in the race for the white house will make a campaign stop on the capital lawn. it's a new era in late night television. the late show with stephen colbert is in the books but it is still the talk of the tone, at least on twitter. they're dancing this morning. home boy jon batiste leading the music. good morning. i'm andrea roane. it's the 9th of the month. early detection saves lives. i'm nick giovanni. our first order of business, traffic. >> and the ride in should be a dry one according to erica and allyson. going to start out hot. >> it is. it's already muggy out there. we have an okay start to the day. here is the crescent moon. and if there aren't any clouds in our area because there are some through the metro spots, you might be able to spot venus. you can see that today and tomorrow. 76 degrees.
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more clouds tomorrow. it's humid out theres that owe for sure. 72 for white oak and andrews. we're headed to the lower 90s. showers and thunderstorms will pop up later on this evening, especially areas off to the west. we'll have the futurecast coming up. here's larry miller with traffic. thank you. time right now 6:01. you'll see some delays on the orange, silver and blue lines as a result of some earlier single tracking. these' been resolved. of course the delays continue right now. no major issues around the beltway. connecticut avenue between knowles avenue and baltimore avenue still closed because of wires down. bw parkway northbound and southbound as well as 95 all in good shape. want to give you a live look right now and show you how things are shaping up along 50 at 301 inbound. all lanes are open as you approach the capital beltway. your next traffic update is in ten minutes. we'll send it over to you. >> reporter: breaking overnight three people shot, one of them dead in a neighborhood in capitol heights. we have been here all morning and so have police. take a look at the scene. you can see it happened in this
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parking lot outside of this group of town homes. police are focusing on that vehicle right there. it's not clear what relationship that vehicle has to the rest of this crime scene but police have been here since about 12:30 this morning right after the shooting happened. and they say when they got here, they found three people suffering from gunshot wounds. two men and one woman. one of those men was pronounced dead here at the scene. the man and the woman were taken to the hospital in critical condition. now, police have not said who the shooter was or the motive behind this shooting and they also haven't said who these people are if they live in this neighborhood or if they were visiting people. police also haven't released the names of those victims. however, i've been talking to some neighbors in the past few minutes and they tell me they do have a problem with some squatters that have been living in one of those town houses right there in front of that crime scene. it's not clear if these people are -- have any relation to
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those squatters. people are definitely worried about this because they haven't seen something like this happen here in several years. police have been focusing on the evidence markers. there are more than two dozen of those. as soon as we get more information about what happened here, we'll pass that along you to. live in capitol heights action i'm nikki burdine, wusa9. right now baltimore mayor stephy rawlings blake is stressing the $6.4 million settlement reached for the family of freddie gray will not affect the criminal cases. she does say what it will do is avoid a drawn out civil case against the city or police. dray's system -- gray's system says the agreement is, -- family says the agreement is the right step to take. authorities say gray suffer add severe spinal cord injury while in police custody. six officers are charged in that case. meanwhile police in frederick county, maryland need your help finding a missing woman this morning. 76-year-old suzanne anderson was last seen on south market street yesterday afternoon. she was wearing a pink top, blue jeans and was carrying a
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black purse. call the frederick police department if you have any information on her whereabouts. the race for the white house will take center stage today here in washington on the lawn of the u.s. capitol. >> g.o.p. front runner donald trump will be joined by other g.o.p. candidates as they speak out against the iran nuclear deal. delia goncalves joins us live from the capitol with a preview. good morning, delia. >> reporter: all eyes on capitol hill indeed. donald trump, ted cruz and marco rubio taking their tough talk to the capitol in what they say will be a huge rally against the president's iran deal and in fact don followed trump just had -- donald trump just had an opinion piece in the "u.s.a. today" and calls the deals and negotiations around it, quote, amateur hour. while the bill has gained enough democratic support to pass the senate, it faces an uphill battle in the g.o.p. house. the deal aims to limit iran's nuclear power while opening up
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trade but republicans warn that lifting sanctions without punishment allows iran to continue its 36-year history of sponsoring terrorism. president obama countered that by saying this deal is not built on trust. it's built on verification. inspectors will have 24/7 access to iran's key nuclear facility. today's protest on the west lawn starts at 1:00. there is one v.i.p. member of the republican party who won't be here. find out who and why coming up at 6:30. back to you in the studio. on the other side of the political divide, hillary clinton, the largest name among the democratic presidential candidates is still dealing with questions about her ongoing e-mail scandal. >> but yesterday she changed course a bit and apologized for using a private e-mail server to conduct state department business. mike hydeck joins us now with more on the story and this seems to be clinton's hardest
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sell at apologizing for what won't stop. >> reporter: again, as a candidate running for president, you can see it's a conditional apology. you'll hear it in just a second. again the controversy surrounding hillary clinton's private e-mail server is taking a different tone. after months of saying she did nothing wrong by using a serve near her home while she was secretary of state instead of government e-mail server she's now sort of apologizing for t. she told absence news everything she did was above board and her colleagues in the government knew about the server. she says, though, she should have done a better job explaining the situation. >> even though it was allowed, i should have used two accounts, one for personal, one for work related e-mails. that was a mistake. i'm sorry about that. i take responsibility. >> reporter: now, her republican critics say she's only sorry she got caught trying to skirt the rules. a poll has hillary clinton slipping ten points among likely voters with vermont
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senator bernie sanders closing the gap. >> mike, thank you. in sports, serena williams is one step closer to becoming the first player in 27 years to complete a career grand slam winning all four major titles. >> we're very tough competitors on the court. once the match is over, the second it's done, we -- we're sisters, we're roommates. >> she has the ability to come up with a great shot when she needs it. >> serena will face italian row bert toe in the semifinals tomorrow. investigators reveal new information in the case of the thailand terror bombing. >> we got a look the scary moments on a london-bound flight from las vegas. >> i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. the heat wave continues today but then it's over. once we get past today, we're in good shape as fares a the temperatures are concerned but
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we'll have to deal with more rain and thunderstorms as we head into tomorrow. today just an isolated storm with high temperatures in the low 90s for most of the metro area. area. stay ♪ know you can deposit checks right from your phone transfer money to someone quickly and easily speak to a financial professional when it's convenient and pay for things with the tap of your finger know that with pnc's convenient solutions, at least your finances will be easy to control.
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what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal? to start with, $100 billion. they keep their nuclear facilities and ballistic missiles. there won't be surprise anytime-anywhere inspections. and after ten years, restrictions are lifted and iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. congress should reject a bad deal. we need a better deal. hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! ♪
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. it's 6:10. warm and muggy again to start. it sure doesn't feel like fall but we are going to deal with the summer like temperatures at least through the rest of today. right now it's 75 degrees in hagerstown. 76 in downtown washington. 72 at andrews and it's 57 degrees in winchester -- 75 degrees in winchester. there's the view of venus that allyson was talking about. it's the dot at the bottom. sunshine staying with us till
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we get to the mid afternoon hours. then we have the threat for some thunderstorms to the west of town. high temperatures in the 90s today but we're back to the #s on tomorrow. al -- 80s tomorrow. allyson will talk more about that in the forecast but right now time for timesaver traffic. larry, take it away. thank you so much. no issues on 210, route 5, 301 issue and problem free. enjoy the issue free commute. want to give you a live look at i-395 between seminary road and king street. no issues to slow you down. all lanes are open as you travel northbound. inbound east of compton road, no issues as you approach fairfax making your way into rosslyn. talking about itself key bridge as you approach georgetown, all lanes are open. traffic still fairly light for the most part. your drive times around the metro coming up aft seven-day forecast. we'll send it over you to. the ceo of a top u.s. company resigns amid allegations of corruption. >> and mixed news from a major department store closing some stores while inopeng a nationwide bargain chain. we'll talk about that when we
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allyson rae back with us now. there once was a time when we weren't -- we were actually talking about a a surplus of
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rainfall. >> there was once upon a time we were talking about a surplus. a long time ago. june and july, we were so wet out there. but august very dry and much of september. we haven't seen rain over two weeks. >> two full weeks. incredible. >> we'll start to see some showers today but more so tomorrow. so good news and even better news. today is the last day in the next seven that we're in the 90s. so there's something to look forward to. taking a look at our michael & son camera. we just had the best shot of mars -- excuse me, venus and the moon. there you are. you can see it still. if you have a telescope or binoculars about a half-hour ago, you would have been able to see mars. if you didn't get a view of it, i have a really good picture of it on our twitter page and another chance tomorrow but more clouds tomorrow. it's warm, humid. staying with winds out of the south. as we head through the afternoon, back to the lower 90s. it's hot and humid as the kids head out for respect says
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today. staying dry -- recess today. staying dry for the recess hours. showers and thunderstorms develop and a lot of them stay to the west. as we go through the day still through lunch time we're dry. the southwesterly winds continue staying into the lower 90s. this is just another uncomfortable afternoon. this is 10:00 tonight. rain showers and thunderstorms will begin to develop especially for areas off to the west. more scattered for that 81 corridor. for our area through the metro spots, it's going to be very isolated. can't say the same for thursday. thursday will be the best chance for showers and storms and heavy rainfall w. how dry it's been lately, we could see flash flooding for thursday evening. we'll start off even through lunch time scattered showers and thunderstorms developing. look at 4:00 to 6:00. it's just coming right through 95. so take it easy out there for tomorrow evening on the way home. here's your forecast. 93 today. a big jump tomorrow, down # 3. staying pretty -- down 83. staying pretty nice. over the weekend just some stray showers and 70s return on monday. larry miller, over to you. allyson rae, thank you.
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want to let you know traveling southbound on i-270 from buckeystown pike to the capital beltway now a 46-minute commute. we're still issue and problem free . /-66 from sudley road to north glebe road a 31-minute commute. we have volume primarily in centreville. again typical but starting just a tad bit early again because we have the kids back in school. traveling northbound on i-95 from richmond highway up to 395, a 9-minute commute. southbound on the bw parkway from laurel bowie road down to east capitol street northeast, a 16-minute commute. want to give you a live look and show you how things are shaping up at south capitol street, the suitland parkway. no issues there this morning. certainly some good news there. for those of you traveling in areas in maryland especially along the capital beltway here, no issues on either the inner or outer loop along the 63-mile stretch. watch out for some volume starting to creep up in areas of college park and even parts of bethesda. no accidents or incidents to slow you down. we'll send it over to you.
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6:17. in the news right now, leaders of the european union are calling on countries to help with the latest wave of migrants. the eu says its 22 member states should be forced to accept another 120,000 people in need of international protection hundreds of thousands of migrants are crossing the boarder from syria into countries like germany and hungary. meanwhile thai police are learning more about the bangkok shrine bombing. a key suspect told them he met with a bomber outside a train station. he said he handed the bomber a heavy backpack just before the blast. last month's attack killed 20 people. the suspect still hasn't been formally charged. a team from the national transportation safety board will arrive at mccavern airport in las vegas -- mccarren airport in las vegas this morning. >> they're on their way to investigate what caused a british airways jumbo jet to catch fire on the tarmac yesterday. patrick walker reports.
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>> reporter: the pilot of this british airways boeing 777 aborted takeoff as he radioed his emergency to the tower at las vegas's international airport tuesday afternoon. the jetliner sat on the tarmac as thick black smoke billowed and flames engulfed its flames. >> we are evacuating. we have a fire. i repeat, we are evacuating. >> reporter: 157 passengers and 13 crew strap balanced down emergency -- scram bammed down emergency slides to evacuate. >> i was one of the first people off the plane. i jumped on the slide and i looked up and the flames seemed to be twice the height of the aircraft. >> reporter: so far the cause of the fire is unknown. patrick walker for cbs news, las vegas. people are returning to their homes in southern california following a temporary evacuation. about 40 homes had to be evacuated yesterday while firefighters battled a nearby blaze. it took about four hours to
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quell the fire after it first broke out. >> people were calling us and texting us saying there's a fire in our backyard. a neighbor came and knocked and he told us so we all ran to the backyard. my daughter got out with the dog. we started packing our stuff and moved the trucks right away. that's about it. >> according to the national interagency fire center, more than eight million acres have burned in the u.s. wildfires this year. in seattle school is out before the semester has even begun. teachers plan to walk picket lines after last-minute negotiations over wages and other issues failed. today was supposed to be the first day of classes for public schools there. seattle is the largest school district in the state. meanwhile the ceo of united airlines has resigned along with two other top executives. this comes amid a federal corruption investigation. a grand jury is now looking into whether they tried to win favor with the ex-chairman of new york area airports by adding a direct flight between
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newark, new jersey and columbia, south carolina. that's where the chairman had a vacation home. at the time united was seeking approval for millions of dollars worth of improvements at newark international. we have mixed news to report from macy's. the giant retailer is opening a line of discount stores called macy's backstage. the first will open next week in queens, new york. it's no frills -- its no frills carts are stacked at the entrance and there's a large fitting room. they plan to carry brands like reebok and other -- offering discounts of 20% to 80%. nays write's also announced it -- macy's also announced it was planning to close up to 300 stores next year. it expects the locations will have about $300 million in combined revenue. employees at those stores are expected to be relocated to neighboring stores or offering severance packages. macy's operates more than 700
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stores nationwide. it's a new day, new era, whatever you want to call it for the late show. it is just here. stephen colbert made his big premier as host of the late show right here on wusa9 last night. it's been a top trending topic on twitter ever since. his first guest was actor george clooney. he then turned his attention to the campaign trail with a q & a with jeb bush. >> we loved the colbert show but that's not his real character. it's amazing to see him and how smart and funny he is. >> tonight colbert welcomes scarlett johansson seen and a musical performance from kendrick lamar. 's know taylor swift or one direction but he's a big name all the same. >> his upcoming event sold out 10,000 tickets in just two minutes. we have the answer ahead. >> reporter: i'm delia goncalves out on capitol hill. donald trump takes his tough talk to the hilda in a rally
6:23 am
against the -- to the hill today in a rally against the iran deal. i'll tell you who will be here and who won't. >> reporter: i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. it's another muggy and warm start. a cold front is on the way. we're still dry through noon. you can see that here on 9 futurecast but thunderstorms start to develop to the west of the metro area as we head into the afternoon hours. we'll talk more about the storm threat coming up in the first alert seven-day forecast. ♪
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anticipation is mounting for the pope's first visit to the united states. new york, philadelphia, and disk are all preparing. -- d.c. are all preparing. >> preparing and distributing in philly. yesterday 10,000 tickets were
6:27 am
made available to the pontiff's speech at independence hall september 26. they were all gone in two minutes. >> reporter: janet had her hands full literally. >> okay. good morning. >> reporter: answering questions from parishioners at st. monica's catholic church in south philly. >> we'll give you a call when the tickets get here. >> reporter: dozens of people wanting to reserve papal passes for sunday's mass. >> the phones are ringing off the hook. are the ticket there is yet? can we come and get them? should we call back? >> reporter: as she dealt with those calls the clock i ticked closer to noon when the diocese was issuing 10,000 tickets. >> it's been awesome. people are so excited. >> reporter: the excitement obviously shown through the interest in those saturday tickets. [ bell rings ] >> reporter: when the clock struck 12:00, thousands of people logged to the world meeting of families website to try their luck at reserving the free passes. the archdiocese says they were
6:28 am
gone in 120 seconds, just two minutes and nearly 400,000 people logged on to the site to try to get them. >>it's an excitement for the city of philadelphia. >> reporter: father joseph kelly says that excitement only proves one thing. >> this pope is absolutely beloved. >> pope francis arrives at joint base andrews in maryland tuesday, september 22. he'll then be here in the district for the next two days making stops at the white house, capitol hill and various other locations around the city. of course the big mass on the campus of catholic university. visit our new wusa9 app and that's where you'll find everything from the pope's complete schedule to how you can be a part of the event while he's here in washington. next on 9news at 6:00, prince george's county police search for answers after a
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deadly shooting. the race for the g.o.p. presidential nomination make as stop on the capitol lawn. and we're just a few minutes away from sunrise. thanks for waking up with us. i'm nick giovanni. i'm andrea roane. let's see how the day is shaping up outside. larry miller will have our timesaver traffic. erica grow and allyson rae are standing by with today's forecast. it is going to be a hot one today for the last day of our heat wave before we see much more comfortable weather for the upcoming weekend. we have to get through some showers and thunderstorms but we need the rain so all good things in the forecast. a beautiful sky. we're looking at some clouds out there, 75 degrees. the clouds will continue to increase throughout the day ahead of the cold front, ahead of the showers and storms. 72 for frederick. 72 down through waldorf. showers and thunderstorms will begin off to the west around dinner time and then slowly move on over. so much of the day is pretty dry. we'll have the futurecast to get a better idea of how to plan your afternoon. highs today into the lower 90s.
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larry miller, over to you. >> thanks. your time right now is 6:29. a little bit of trouble on the gw parkway. both on the northbound and southbound side where we have an accident. two separate accidents one again on the southbound side, one on the northbound side between turkey run park and c.i.a. delays on both the northbound and southbound side. add a few extra minutes to your commute this morning. no issues along route 50, 301 or the w park -- or the bw parkway. 95 free of any problems as women. you will see volume as you make your way into town. typical but no accidents that will slow you down this morning. i want to take you down into virginia traveling northbound on i-95 on the virginia side from dale city to the capital beltway. no major issues. again mainly the bulk of the volume happening in newington as you approach the capital beltway in springfield. want to give you a live look and show you how things are shaping up on i-# 6 this morning. this -- i-66 this morning. this is eastbound. you can see all the volume there this morning again causing a little bit after slowdown for commuters this
6:31 am
morning but again no major issues in terms of accidents take are going to be a problem for you -- that are going to be a problem for you. we'll have your first look at metro coming up in about ten minutes. we'll send it over to you. police in hyattsville, maryland are investigating that city's latest murder. around 5:15 this morning, officers responded to a report of an assault at annapolis road and copper lane. they arrived to find a man suffering from wounds to his body. he died right there at the scene. officers are searching for suspects and trying to determine a motive in this case. also one person is dead, two more are injured after an overnight shooting in the capitol heights section of prince george's county. this happened just after 12:30 this morning on jade court. police arrived to find one woman and two men suffering from gunshot wounds. one of those men died at the scene. the two other victims were taken to the hospital in critical condition. prosecutors plan to ask for
6:32 am
a 20-year sentence with ten years suspended in the case of a baltimore episcopal bishop. heather cook has pleaded guilty to charges in a hit and run case. prosecutors say she was behind the wheel of a car that struck and killed a bicyclist last december. she was charged with driving under the influence and leaving the scene. it was a tragic accident. that's the ruling of the case of a mentally ill woman who died in the fairfax county jail. a video could be released today in the case of natasha mckenna. the commonwealth's attorney ray morrow says sheriff's deputies did not break the law when they taseed mcken take. >> i want to be -- mckenna. >> i want to be clear. the taser did not causes her death. >> sheriff's deputies hit mckenna with a stun gun four times during the struggle. >> reporter: campaign 2016 takes us to capital million hilda where marco rubio, ted
6:33 am
cruz and donald trump will take their tough talk to the capital and they will take on the iran deal in what they're describing as a huge rally that will take place on the west lawn this afternoon. the deal has gained 42 democratic supporters in the senate so far. members who just returned from break yesterday will continue the debate today inside the capitol. the deal lifts international sanctions against iran in exchange of more u.s. control and monitoring of iran's nuclear program. donald trump called it a bad deal that will only enable iran but new and surprising supporters including republican colin powell says the deal, quote, stops this highway race they were going down and more campaign 2016 news. hillary clinton on the democratic side will also make news today and talk about the
6:34 am
iran deal throwing her support behind the president's initiative. the antirally starts today at 1:00 this afternoon. back you to in the studio. secretary of state john kerry plans to address the migrant crisis today. good morning. i'm mike hydeck live in the newsroom. he'll do that in a meeting with key lawmakers on the hill today. the key question just how many syrian refugees will the united states take in. the u.s. has accepted only about 1500 syrians throughout the country's four and a half- year civil war. that's a tiny percentage of the 11.5 million people who have fled the country. australia rans to launch air strike -- plans to launch air strikes against isis in syria. that's the word from the prime minister. he also says the country will resettle an additional 12,000 refugees from syria. in addition he says his government will pay about $31 million to keep 240,000 syrians and iraqis in refugee camps in jordan, lebanon and turkey. the city of alexandria has
6:35 am
voted to ban the flying of confederate flags on city property on two occasions. robert e. lee's birthday and confederate memorial day. in the past the city has put up the flags to mark those events but the city council has voted to stop that practice. the council has also voted to appoint a citizens group to review alexandria's flag policies. the numbers are in about drunk driving arrests over labor day weekend. maryland state police say they made 126 drunk driving arrests and more than 8,000 traffic stops over the holiday. 75 people were also arrested on outstanding criminal warrants. apple's ceo tim cook takes the stage in san francisco in just a few hours now. all signs point to him unveiling a new and improved apple tv and a fast iphone. the rumored new features for iphone 6s include force touch plus an improved camera. cook's announcement is set for 7:00 this morning. meanwhile the new late show is off and running officially
6:36 am
with stephen colbert behind the desk. tonight he welcomes scarlett johansson seen, spacex and tesla motors ceo and a music performance from lamar. last night's show featured an interview with jeb bush. they shared some laughs. colbert also paid tribute to the man he is replacing david letterman and his floor manager biff anderson and got to mention the orioles too. >> a shoutout to his competition on the other network. >> jimmy fallon popping up on the screen. >> very good to see that. as the saying goes half time is game time. >> tommy mc fly has new information about who may be performing during the super bowl half time show coming up in february. >> i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. one more day of the heat wave. if you get through today, you will feel the relief starting tomorrow. but high temperatures still getting into the low 89s on.
6:37 am
we'll -- low 90s. we'll see an increase in cloud cover later today with showers and thunderstorms likely by dinner type in the metro area. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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[ stand by for captions ] cooler weather and more rain arrives tomorrow. allyson will talk about that in the first alert seven day. right now time for timesaver traffic and larry miller. thank you. traveling northbound on route 5 out in brandywine, you'll see some volume, but it looks like it eases up as you get closer towards the capital beltway but nothing to worry about. just make sure you're aware of it. around the capital beltway here at route 5, no issues. traffic still fairly light both on the inner and outer loop this morning. if you're traveling inbound on eastern avenue at kenilworth avenue, all lanes are open.
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just volume as you make your way into town. over the 14th street bridge all lanes are open as well as you make your way into d.c. we'll have your drive times around the metro cag up after -- coming up after the forecast. over to you. you probably heard us mention it several times within the last o hours. the wusa app is new and improved. >> still where it's at. first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt runs through some of the big changes. this is big. what is it? the new wusa9 app. in the news section, all the top stories and bulletins, weather. you can track the thunderstorms right along with it and get the latest warning information. traffic, plan your commute with live traffic maps. and you can watch live all the newscasts are streamed live as well as sports news. this is free for android and apple. told you it was big. >> check it out at the apple or google store and download it today for the latest local
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information. we are just one day away from the start of the 2015 n.f.l. season and we are ready. -- we are already talking about super bowl 50 that you can see right here on cbs. >> never too soon. >> never too soon. >> the wheels are in motion and some news has been leaked. find out who may be the half time performer again. time performer again. we're back after n. it's 6:-- what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal? to start with, $100 billion. they keep their nuclear facilities and ballistic missiles. there won't be surprise anytime-anywhere inspections. and after ten years, restrictions are lifted and iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. congress should reject a bad deal. we need a better deal. dunkin' k-cup packs in my life -- we're a good fit.
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dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. hello, nation. well, folks, if i knew you were going to do that i would have come out months ago. this show, i begin the search for the real stephen colbert. i just hope i don't find him on ashley madison. there's no way i would be here right now if not for the man
6:46 am
who graced this stage for 22 years. aim talking of course about -- i'm talking of course about biff henderson. get that going right there. hey, stephen. i'm trying to do my show here. what's ?up. >> sorry, jimmy. who you got tonight? >> we have richard gear, jessica simpson and keith irving. >> who do you have? >> it's a new show. we have george clooney and jeb bush. >> nice. >> have a great show. >> you too, man. >> see you in the locker room. >> yeah, see threw. >> that was the best part. >> colbert. you working that dvr? i dvr 'ed. >> it was really a good moment. it went a little beyond 12:35. >> well worth it. took time for a little bit of neferg that show. time to -- everything in that show. time to see what our partners over at cbs this morning are covering. >> gayle king is live with a preview. i thought i boo see you at the -- i would see you at the u.s.
6:47 am
open over the weekend but there you were in the stands last night. >> i know. i wanted to see serena vs. venus. good to see you guys. ahead we're at las vegas airport hearing from passengers on the british airways plane that caught fire. plus, isis making millions off the antic questions it hasn't -- antiquities it hasn't destroyed. this was a six-month investigation and we'll have the story you were just talking about, all the big moments from last night's premier of the late show with stephen colbert. the good thing about this is there were a lot of big moments. it wasn't just a one-note number. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00 on the dot. andrea, i heard you say when i was getting up you were watching the stephen colbert show. he did such a great job. he's off to a really great start. >> one reviewer said cbs, mission accomplished with this show. >> oh, that's nice.
6:48 am
>> you had actors, politics. all very good. much appreciated. >> mission accomplished. thank you very much. see you guys. >> allyson rae back with us now. at least for one more day the kids won't need to bring an umbrella to the bus stop. >> we might see some showers on the way home but i think the kids will be home from school before they start to river, especially through the metro spots. it's after dinner time and thereafter they'll start to develop. areas off to the west you'll see the bulk of it. through the metro spots it will be a little more isolated. hold on. our rain chances are sticking around for tomorrow and tomorrow it's going to be pretty wet for more folks. we need some showers and thunderstorms. we need some rain. it's been way too dry as of late. we have the chance and along with it comes cooler temperatures. wait till you see the seven day. it's something to see. 75 degrees. it's very humid. another hot day feeling like summer. much of the day is dry. clouds will continue to increase throughout the day ahead of our rain chances and a cold front. as we head to this evening, here are showers and thunderstorms mainly off to the
6:49 am
west a. few will move on through the metro spots but the heavier stuff, the more active stuff comes tomorrow. as early as 8:30 in the morning for areas off to the northwest. this is lunch time for thursday. scattered are a the district and off to the north. by 6:00 to 7:00 on your drive home for thursday, that will be a rough commute sorry to say. 93 today. 83 for tomorrow. both yellow weather alerts. by friday 84. cooler weather for the weekend, a stray shower and monday upper 70s. larry miller, over to you. 78 degrees. that's magical. allyson, thank you. i want to let metro riders know everything is running on schedule. we had some earlier issues on the orange, silver and blue lines. they've all been resolved. everything is back on track right now, buses running on schedule as well. traveling southbound on 270 to the capital beltway, dootion really well -- doing really well. no major issues to slow you
6:50 am
down. on east i-66 volume. sully road to north lee highway a 29-minute commute. it from furnace road a 9-minute -- 395 a 9-minute commute from powder mill road to howard road southeast, a 22- minute commute. let's show you how things are shaping up outside from our trafficland cam here. this si-66 west of nutley -- this is i-66 west of nutley street. this is the eastbound side so you see the volume. again no accidents or incidents, just volume delays for the most part. we'll send it over you to. seems hard to believe but we're already talking about the 2016 super bowl. some interesting information has leaked about a repeat half time performance. >> there's a potential of a curtain call. let's find out from tommy mcfly. >> good morning. if it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? can you believe just one year after he already did the super bowl, they're breaking back
6:51 am
bruno mars. [ ringtone ] >> he's not the only repeat performer as far as half time shows go. justin timberlake, gloron es stefan and -- gloria estefan have been doing the big show more than once. congratulations to bruno mars. i'm tommy mcfly, wusa9. >> he better keep it clean or we'll have to bleep him out like that. >> that was not a bleep. tommy didn't say anything offensive we know that. tommy, have a great morning. police search for answers in an overnight shooting in hyattsville. >> we're expecting a big announcement from the world of
6:52 am
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flrelieve nasal congestion andly otc itchy, watery eyes.d to most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance, flonase controls six. see the world in a whole new light. flonase, this changes everything. a violent morning in prince george's county. we are at the scene of a second homicide just today. the scene is so fresh that the body is still here so we can't show you the entire scene here but i do want to show you the part that you can see. police are still here investigating trietion to -- trying to figure out whammed. what we can tell you is -- what happened. what we can tell you this happened at annapolis and cooper lane. police arrived to find a man
6:55 am
with a gunshot wound to the upper body. we've been talking to neighbors who say they heard several gunshots. they don't know who this man is but this is still a very active scene. in fact, i want to show you something else. we've been out in front of this apartment complex and there are several school buses coming around here. in fact, a mother and her son just started to walk up there. police had to tell them they needed to go the other way because they couldn't cross here in front of this crime scene. this is the second homicide this morning. we were at another one earlier this morning about 10 minutes away from here in capitol heights. a triple shooting. police are still investigating that where one man is dead and two other people are in the hospital. not clear if these are related. as soon as we get more information about this violent morning in prince george's county, we'll let you know. live in prince george's county, i'm nikki burdine, wusa9. >> reporter: happening today apple is expected to unveil its 6 and 6 -- 6s and 6s-plus models at an event. the phones are expected to have
6:56 am
even better photography and flashes. we're also expected to learn about a new vision of apple tv which has siri. 93 degrees today. hot, humid, showers and thunderstorms will start to pop up for areas off to the west. later on tonight we could see some of those as well. >> two separate accidents on the gw parkway one on the southbound side and one on the northbound side causing delays for commuters. if you can get out of the house early. >> cbs this morning is next. kentucky clerk kim davis, will she follow a judge's order? we'll find out. >> it's great day washington at 9:00. they're taking a behind-the- scenes tour at the indiana jones exhibit. >> we'll be back in 25 minutes with your traffic and weather updates. >> if you haven't done so already, be sure to download the new and improved wusa9 app because the app is where it's at. >> and it's bigger. >> bigger and better. >> faster camera. >> the 9th of the month, call your buddy today. it could be a life saver. >> thanks so much for waking up
6:57 am
with us.
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7:00 am
good morning. it is wednesday, september 9th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." terrifying moments when a plane's engine burst into flames on a las vegas runway. moren thaa dozen are hurt. bombshell accusations against the patriots team that the ticheang scandals run deeper than first thought. and stephen colbert's season debut. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> it seemed to be twice the height of the aircraft. >> a british


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