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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  September 9, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. it is wednesday, september 9th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." terrifying moments when a plane's engine burst into flames on a las vegas runway. moren thaa dozen are hurt. bombshell accusations against the patriots team that the ticheang scandals run deeper than first thought. and stephen colbert's season debut. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> it seemed to be twice the height of the aircraft. >> a british airways jet catches
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fi in las vegas. >> 159 passengers and 13 crew members used emergency chutes to fly to safety. >> heavy rain triggered deadly floods in southern california. >> in orange county fires came within yards of homes. >> you are a strong pe!eopl >> kim davis is out of jail after a judge held her in contempt. >> your pastor, head of a christian school, who else is going to go to jail. >> hillary clinton on her e-mail scandal plaguing her presidential campaign. >> i'm sorry and i'm trying to be as transparent as i can possibly be. >> like theto hisry channel. i am not replacing david letterman. we're occasiona gllyoing to make the network very mad at us. a report from espn says the so-called spygateca sndal is actually worse than first
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believed. >> record previously held by queen victoria. >> all that -- >> oh, my god. are you kidding me? >> in washington state one kayaker got the thrill of a lifetime. >> serena williams powers past her sister. >> toughest play of my life. >> -- and all that matters -- >> he got a surprise onmy jim kimmel. >> this camaro is for you. this way you never have to get on a train again in your life. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> i cannot think of anyone better to be watching every night than stephen colbert. welcome, stephen. >> we've been working so hard to get you ready. i have to say, as long as i have nine months to make one hour of tv, i could do this forever. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places.
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captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie rose is on assignment, so "face the nation" moderator john dickerson is with us. good show last night, huh? >> really good show. he's off to a great stauf s.t.a.r.t. >> off to a great start. investigators are trying to find the cause of dramatic airplane fire that put lives in jeopardy at las vegas's airport. it aborted its takeoff tuesday because of what was described as catastrophic engine failure. >> everybody on board had to use the emergency exits to get out. >> good morning. >> reporter: good morning. within 60 seconds crews were on the tarmac. but there were 14 people injured when they had to fly to safety. it was moments before takeoff
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when flames and smoke ripples from the boeing's 777. >> mayday, mayday. >> speedbyrd flight 276, emergency crews are on the way. >> speedbyrd 2276 heavy we're evacuating on the runway. we have a fire. we're evacuating. we repeat. we have a fire. we're evacuating. >> reporter: within minutes the 157 passengers and 13 crew evacuated the plane using the aircraft's inflatable emergency chute. >> i was one of the first people off the plane to jump on the slide and i looked up and the flames seemed to be about twice the flight of the aircraft. >> it was a long flight. we know it's a fully tanked airplane. >> reporter: dominic worthington was a passenger on the flight.
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he shot this video as he walked across the tarmac with dozens of others. >> just grateful for what the captain did, how quickly he responded and his crews, everybody. that was a serious fire. >> reporter: it does not look like the fire reached the airplane cabin, and this morning all of the runways here in las vegas have been reopened. at this point they are towing the airplane off to the side so investigators can get a better look and figure out what happened. norah? >> all right. mireya, thank you so much. one was swept away by a flash flood. powerful storms swamped cars and roads in victorville. the area is also dealing with triple-digit heat. in other areas, people can return to their homes.
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evacuation orders are now lifted. for the first time hillary clinton says she's sorry about using a private e-mail sever while she was secretary of state. a new poll this morning shows 42% of democrats support her run for president compared to 52% one month ago. nancy cordes is at the brookings institute in washington where clenton will speak shortly about the nuclear deal with iran. nancy? >> good morning. before she does that, she's trying to lay to rest some of the persistent questions about her e-mail use, for the first time being contrite about the mistake she made. those comments were an abrupt about-face where 24 hours earlier she refused to apologize, telling the a.p. it was allowed by the state department. before now she has said she was sorry only for any confusion her actions may have caused.
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but late last night she posed this note to her supporters. i should have used two e-mail addresses. not doing so was a mistake. i'm sorry about it and i take full responsibility. looking to turn the page, she taped with ellen. "the tonight show" will be her next stop. but david axelrod who helped run president obama's campaign in 2008 said her aides shouldn't be telegraphing that strategy quite so loudly. >> she does have problems and one of the issues is the spontaneity and the way not to deal with it is to say my plan is to become more spontaneous and authentic. >> former governor jeb bush showed his lighter side last night promoting his platform and brand on the "late show" with steven gilbert. >> i've been using jeb since 1994. it connotes excitement.
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>> while donald trump showed some serious side. >> we should have doubled up the sanctions, negotiating for strength. we don't get anything. we're getting nothing from this deal. >> trump will be here in d.c. today with senator ted cruz and others protesting the iran deal that clinton is praising. he also released a very trump-like op-ed in "usa today" saying that we -- when he is president, he will renegotiate the deal with i rehab, adding, in fact, if i'm elected, i'm sure u.s. prisoners will be released before then. that's confident, norah. >> confidence. thank you very much. ing. >> jeff smisek departed. it follows after the
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investigation of a corruption probe with the third major airline. jeff pegues has more. good morning. >> good morning. the federal investigation prompted the high-profile change and leadership's issue. an official who was at the center of the lane closure scandal known as bridge gait which continues to complicate new jersey governor's chris chris christie's presidential run. >> jeff's departure is in connection with the company's previously disclosed internal investigation related to the federal investigation associated with the port authority of new york and new jersey. >> uniteded aed a money ed a ea
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united added a flight. he joked that adding such a flight would help travel to his wife's south carolina home. at the time united was seeking millions for improvements to new york where it is the biggest carrier. >> coincidence, probably not. >> reporter: cbs news travel editor peter greenberg say this is the way airlines have been doing business for years. >> the question is how much was offered, how much was delivered, and is it serving the public interest. >> reporter: the flights were served from 2012 to 2014. they stopped after newly appointed governor chris christie was asisigned amid the so-called bridge gait scandal. there was an org station of lane
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closures as political recalation against the local mayor. on a call with investors, united executives calls it a blip on the radar. the airline said it's cooperating fully with the federal investigation. united named oscar munoz as its ceo, the former giant of the rail giant cxs. >> thank you. this morning the kentucky county clerk who was jailed is a free woman. the judge released davis from jail five days after putting her there, but her legal troubles may not be over yet. jericka duncan is outside the rowan county courthouse. jericka, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. attorneys for davis say the county clerk could come back here to work by the end of the week. now, her conscience hasn't changed, which means that legal fight is far from over. >> would you please help me welcome to the stage kim davis.
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>> reporter: kim davis emerged from isolation tuesday into a crowd of more than 3,000 cheering supporters. >> just want to give god the glory. his people have rallied, and you are a strong people. >> reporter: in a two-page order the federal judge who put her behind bars said he was satisfied davis's office was fulfilling its obligation to issue marriage licenses to all legally eligible couples, but he warned the clerk not to interfere in any way directly or indirectly as such action could be considered a violation. >> kim, was it worth it for you? was it worth it, yes or no. >> davis spent five days in jail for refusing to issue the licenses. her release was partly
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homecoming and partly a rally. >> you have to put someone in jail. i volunteer to go. let me go. >> pastor charles turned out to marriage equality. >> what are you hoping? >> i'm happy about her lease. we never celebrate when someone's incarcerated. we hope she will do her job as a public official. >> she could return to work on friday but her lawyers say she has no plans to violate her conscience. >> if i come in there as a same-sex couple and i want to get my marriage license signed, what will kim do? >> i think we're back to square one. nothing's resolved. >> so she could end up back here? >> she could end up back here. >> davis's lawyers continue to question the marriage licenses that were issued in davis's absence. meanwhile both the governor and attorney general of kentucky says they are valid. yesterday ted cruz attempted to
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join the press conference with davis and huckabee bus wut apparently blocked by one of the jail employees. john? >> thank you. secretary of state john kerry plans to meet with secretary of congress about the refugee crisis. they will believe them on how many the united states can take in. many are flooding into germany in syria and other war-torn countries. holly williams is in assos turkeys with how some are being sabotaged. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we have evidence that some are being sabotaged in refugee boats apparently to stop them from reached europe. on a stretch yesterday morning we saw nine rubber ding guys, all of them packed with migrants, all of them trying to reach greece. on board one of the in
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flightable rafts filmed these images of the dangerous journey. more than 2,000 people have drowned crossing this year. so far they've had good luck. the water is fairly calm today, but the boat is overcrowded and the greek coastline is still around five miles in that direction. but just after that. an unmarked speedboat arrived from greek waters. the syrianu4 refugees told us there were five men dressed in black who pointed guns at them. the syrian photographer keeps his camera and told us the men then cut the fuel supply to their motor. we saw them disable the motors of six boating leaves terrified men, women, and children adrift in the open sea. eventually the turkish coast guard came to their rescue and we helped toe one of tf
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tow one of the rubber dingies to safety. we've been told of several similar incident in which the greek coast guard allegedly endavered the lives of refugees. gayle? >> that's quite a revelation. stephen colbert's premiere is getting strong reviews this morning. good strong reviews. they covered a lot of ground last night when he took the stage. one said he offers weird creative zing. vladimir duthiers is there in good old new york city. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. for the first time since 1993 the lights inside the ed sullivan theater fired up on a new version of the cbs late-night flagship and its new
7:17 am
host did not disa poinppoint a different face dolted your tv screen late tuesday night on cbs. but in a comfortably familiar spot and with a few minor renovations. >> well, folks, if i knew you were going to do that, i would have come out here months ago. >> mr. george clooney. >> on display was colbert's biting sarcasm. a characteristic they have enjoyed for years. >> what is it like to be the arm candy in a very serious relationship. she's a very serious person. >> yes. >> we're going to meet extremely intelligent people. these are not show folk, please, don't talk. donald trump is swearing off of oreos. he claims that mexico is taking our kmm and they're ripping it in two. >> reporter: the come denizen
7:18 am
montreal transplant to played on comedy central channeled some of that. >> he's the only candidate brave enough to support the keebler elves. >> he kept up that pace while talking with republican presidential candidate jeb bush. >> your mom said maybe we shouldn't have another bush or clinton. >> she was just joking. >> did you call her up and say, mom, you're embarrassing me, drop me off a block away. >> he is a poishled showman and he gave us a small taste of what he's capable of. backed by band leader 28-year-old jon batiste. ♪ >> that musical number you just saw was a massive collaboration that featured buddy guy, mava
7:19 am
staples and others. it was a party, gayle, surely a si of things to come. >> it was so good. thank you, vlad. tonight's late-show guests continue with jscarlett johans n johansson, elon musk, and keylon jamar. >> he was so funny. paid tribute to david letterman right off the top saying dave set the bar high and he'll try to continue. >> so much joy. he's having so much fun. >> he's just investigated started. the fallout from isis
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by "the martian," october 2nd, only in theater. a startling new report
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claims that tom brady's deflategate suspension was a makeup call. ahead, why espn says he cheated for years and the nfl fumbled its investigation. >> the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by etrade. opportunity is everywhere. that's what a type e* does. with e*trade's investing insights center, you can spot trends before they become trendy. your loving touch stimulates his senses and nurtures his mind. the johnson's scent, lather, and bubbles help enhance the experience.
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would you please help me welcome to the stage kim davis. ♪ >> you've got to be [ bleep ] kidding me. that's right. this county clerk came out of jail to a crowd full of supporters waving crosses to the theme from "rocky." and not the original "rocky," but "rocky 3." >> that's the kind of support you get. >> you know that's from "eye of the tiger." they say they do not approve. coming up in this half hour,
7:31 am
an investigation shows new england patriots may have spied on opponents. there are suggestions that spygate and deflategate scandals could be related. >> gayle, stop picking on my team. plus, isis is making millions from antiquities it hasn't destroyed. clarissa ward goes under cover to see who's selling it. "the wall street journal" reports on apple's new product announcements later today. the tech giant will likely unveil an updated iphone. it's expected to feature an improved camera and processor. they're likely to announce a new apple tv that will have its own tv and it may reveal a larger screen.
7:32 am
it's seen as a pushback against u.s. threats to hit chinese companies with sanctions over cyber attacks. the meeting is set to take place september 23rd in seattle. among the top tech companies invited alibaba, facebook, google, ibm. microsoft will host this event. >> macy's will shut 35 to 40 stores. they'll announce it at a later date. >> they're looking for links to nine apparent shooting incidents on a major interstate. two more shootings were reported tuesday. in one of them, a police sergeant was driving to work win when his car window schatzered. the incidents began more than a week ago. one person has been hurt. >> and cbs chicago reports on a recovery after being hit by a home run ball at a white sox
7:33 am
game during the fourth inning. 2 1/2-year-old rowan sicinders s hit in the hit. it still hit his son who suffered multiple skull fractures. doctors say despite that bruiser of a black eye he'll be oklahoma and will not need surgery. >> you hear a lot of mlb players want more protection because they're worried about these types of accidents. >> you can see why. the nfl kicks off a new season facing allegations by the new england patriots. espn claims the so-called spy gate scandal was far more extensive than originally reported and it directly affect affected how balls were deliberately deflated. good morning. >> good morning.
7:34 am
the bombshell report alleges deflategate and spygate were linked and roger goodell were in the middle. the stiff punishment was, quote, a makeup call. nfl commissioner roger goodell denies the imposed harsh penalties as retribution for the spy investigation in 2007. speaking for the first time since the judge threw out tom brady's deflategate penalty last week, goodell called in to the "mike & mike show." >> i'm not aware of any connection between spygate and the procedures we went through here. >> in the investigation they spied on at least 40 games from 2000 to 2007 videotaping the signals of opposing coaches to gain an on-field advantage. that's far more widespread than the league's findings which indicated that the league had been spying on two games in the
7:35 am
2007 season only. in a statement they fired back calling espn's report unfounded, unwarranted, and, quite frankly, unbelievable allegations. >> there's been a lot of suspicion for a long time and that hasn't gone away despite the kasim in time between when spygate was mitigating and handled and when these deflategate allegation first appeared. >> reporter: under the clothive bargaining agreement he oversees the appeals. including one he handed down for ray rice, peterson, hardy and now tom brady. he expressed his frustration. >> i'm very open to changing my role in that. it's become extremely time-consuming. i have to be focused many other issues. >> there ooh's strong sentiment within the league that there
7:36 am
needs to be more of an outside appeals process and less of roger goodell being so intimately involved with the details of these cases. >> the season kicks off thursday night when the steelers take on the patriots. goodell who's appealing that brady decision said he has decided he will not attend the game because he doesn't want to be, quote, a distraction. >> thank you, don. there are new developments surrounding the texas high school football play players wh ree.fere they say an assistant coach may have inspired this plan. two students claim that the coach told them that the ref needed to, quote, pay for actions earlier in the game. >> during the game they perceived lots of frus straks by what they perceived to be missed or wrong calls be i the refs.
7:37 am
the players also allege racial shires were directed at them by the umpire. >> his attorney told "cbs this morning" he did not use a racial slur and the allegations with without any substance. he said watts sustained a number of injuries in the hit and is, quote, considering the entire range of legal options in this scenario. ahead, clarissa ward goes under cover to see the black market and antiquities that's fueling crimes against culture. if you're heading out the door for your first day of school, set your dvr for "cbs this morning." we'll be right back.
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the unesco world site in palmyra is only the latest casual casualty. law enforcement sources and
7:42 am
archaeologists tell cbs news as what isn't being destroyed is sold on the black market. clarissa ward and her team went under cover to see for themselves. she's in london. good morning. >> good morning. in tal ban syria and iraq don't have narcotics. what they do have are antiquit antiquities and we delved into how this precious cultural heritage is being exploited. from syria to iraq, isis has demolished precious artifacts and archaeological sites but out of site and off camera what isn't being destroyed is quiet by being sold in a black market that reaches europe and even the u.s. to get a firsthand look at this underground world our producer posed as a buyer and made contact with omar, a syrian living in turkey who offers
7:43 am
looted artifacts to buyers. he sent us images of coins and stat us, jewelry and books. he claimed to have mosaics freshly ripped out of the ground in syria. we met in istanbul and recorded our meeting on hidden cameras. we asked archaeologist to come help us authenticate the mosaic. two nervous syrians took us to a run down apartment on the edge of town and there it was. a beautiful roman mosaic nearly 2,000 years old and as we learned later potentially worth $100,000. >> clearly ripped out from the ground. so this was originally in the ground. >> undiscovered. >> undiscovered, yes. >> reporter: the smugglers told us it was one of several they dug up in the ancient city, one
7:44 am
of the most archaeological sites now pot marked with the robber holes of looters. we moved to our van where we were offered roman glass stolen from a tomb. the negotiating began. $2 huh thoun for the mosaic but that quickly dropped $60,000. they were eager to get the illegal part off their hands. >> this is part of the tragedy of the war in syria. there is no more work in syria, he said. people have to sell artifacts or join an armed group. they're obliged to either fight or steal. isis is the primary beneficiary,
7:45 am
making tens of millions through the illegal trade. the group issues licenses to looters to dig in their territory. if you find an artifact, you take 80% and isis takes 20%, he said, or if the equipment belongs to isis, they take approximately 40% to 50% instead. >> the illegal trafficking and taking of antiquities is buying the bombs and bullets that are killing so many. prosecutes ant cases as an assistant attorney. >> in a surprisingly small number of steps you can go from the looter in isis-controlled territory to the smuggler who gets it out of the country to a gallery owner who begins preparing forged documentation,
7:46 am
and then ultimately getting a buyer. >> do you believe that artifacts that are being looted by isis or under the authority of isis are ending up in london, here in new york? >> yes. we have seen evidence of that. we've seen antiquities from isis controlled countries in the market. >> there's an ongoing investigation of artifacts that have reached the u.s. but the cases are very difficult to prove because it's just so easy to forge documentation about the prove dance and authenticity of that. >> clarissa ward. that was quite a drop to get rid of it. >> remarkable reporting on her part. the former news host will be
7:47 am
in studio 57 for his first tv interview since his public ouster from nbc. plus, a double dog dare goes very, very wrong. ahead, what happened when a 6-year-old girl got a little too involved in >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by
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7:52 am
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it's wednesday, september 9th, 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there's more real news ahead including david gregory's first tv period. he said being forced out was a challenge to his faith. but first at 8:00 here's a look at your "eye opener." crews were actually on the tarmac. but there were 14 people that were inju red. >> she's trying to lay to rest some of these persistent questions about her use. >> they're looking at whether they attempted to curry a favor. >> the county clerk could come back to work by the end of the
8:01 am
week. >> thank you all so much. >> we have evidence that arm ed men coming from greek waters are sabotaging refugees' boats. >> in the course of a six-month cbs investigation, we delved into how this precious cultural heritage is being exploited. es> the bachshell report by pn's yt outside the lines" alleges deplate ga plaplat plape deplate gait and spy kbagate we connected. look at that incredible dome up there. look at that. >> i want to have michaelangelo painted but it turns out ninja turtles aren't real. i'm gayle king with norah
8:02 am
o'donnell and john dickerson of "face the nation." charlie rose is on assignment. they're treeing to find out why a british airway's jet engine caught fire. we're getting a look at the damaged boeing 777. it's being called a catastrophic engine failure. >> the aircraft wassen to take off for london when the left engine burst into flames. well, the good thing is firefighters responded in about 60 seconds. passengers quickly evacuated down the emergency slides. more than a dozen were taken to the local hospital. there was a tweet. the pilot looked pretty shook uup up. he has been flying for years and never saw anything like it. >> i'm a little shook up watching it. the new poll shows that democratic hillary clinton's lead has shrunk. her support has dropped 10 points in the last month to 42%.
8:03 am
that's because a rising number of democrats are backing vice president joe biden who isn't even in the race. clinton is reworking the message to return the falling numbers around. for the first time tuesday she apologized for using a private e-mail server. she told supporters, i should have used two e-mail addresses. not doing so is a mistake and i'm sorry sorry about it. i take full responsibility. >> she also tape an appearance on ellen. jeb bush appeared on last night's first episode cbs's "late show" with stephen colbert. >> i love my brother even though we politically differ without any any way diminishing your love for your brother. in what ways do you politically differ from your brother george? >> i'm obviously younger, much better looking. >> uh-huh. >> i think my brother probably didn't control the republican congress spejding. i think he should have brought
8:04 am
the hammer down on the republicans. our brand is limited government. he didn't veto things. look, they call me veto corleone in florida because i vetoed several line items. >> you know, he's an anti-hero in that movie. >> veto kcorleone. he use thad line before. >> he won't use that line as president. >> do you think his brother is going, thanks, brother, exclamation point. >> that's supposed to denote enthusia enthusiasm. >> excitement. >> i'm surprised we haven't seen a tweet from mr. trump. in a wall street post on he calls out for a plan. three income tax rates instead of seven hefrmt would eliminate
8:05 am
what he calls lobbyist loopholes and cut the corporate tax rate from 35% to 25%. this morning serena williams is one match closer to solidifying her spot in history. she beat her older sister in three sets last night. she is advancing to is semifinals for the seventh consecutive time. serena williams iss now just two wins away from her first calendar grand slam. no tennis player, no tennis player has won for major titles in one year since 1988. michelle miller is at the national tennis center in queens, new york. this is so fun to watch. >> reporter: i know. this would be really nice to see this happen. a lot of people rooting for it. serena williams, now, 26 matches in a row she's won this year, making her the number one tennis player in the world.
8:06 am
last night, a hard fought victory over big sister venus rank number 23. it was an emotional win that didn't come easily. with her 12th ace of the night she defeated her older sister and moved on to the next round of the u.s. open. >> serena williams powers past her big sister within four sets of her greatest achievem ent. >> the match took just an hour and a half and the play seesawed back and forth. serena won the first set. venus came on top in the second. but in the third and final set it was serena's serve that secured the win. >> see certainly got over that second set quickly. >> has the ability to come up with great shots when she needs it. that's just been the hallmark of
8:07 am
her game. >> that's an interesting duo there. johnny mac and donald trump. >> presidential hope pfuls, celebrities, and familiar faces came out to watch the sisters battlet it out under the lights of the arthur ashe stadium. they faced off against each other 27 times. serena has beaten her 16 of them. serena is now two matches away from winning a calendar grand slam. the last player to do it was steffi graf in 1988. her next obstacle is italy. but she said venus is still her greatest competition. >> she's the toughest player i've ever played in my life and the best person i know. >> and serena's nej challenge girot berta vinci is ranked 43rd in the world. they play thursday on the court and serena has handily beaten
8:08 am
every one of them. >> i think you got the yellow memo. >> nice dress, michelle. >> it's so interesting because the two of them didn't talk, of course, during the match at all, but the hug at the end was so nice and so genuine and here you have venus saying my sister is the greatest of all time. >> did you have fun against all of the little people over there? >> i have fun wherever i go. >> was it hotsome. >> i had fun. it was very hot. very hot. i'm going back saturday too. >> to watch her serve in person, 120 miles an hour. >> to watch her serve, to watch her body, she's magnificent. michelle, we thank you again. now just days away, the ladies of "the talk," they're getting ready to kick off-season six. they're feeling good too. ahead,
8:09 am
8:10 am
are you talking to your kids about money? more than a third of the piernlts don't. jill schlesinger on how to tackle big spending, credit cards and big debt spending. i just tell the kids, no, you can't have it, no, i have some tips. >> mean mom. did you know that good nutrition
8:11 am
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what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal? to start with, $100 billion. they keep their nuclear facilities and ballistic missiles. there won't be surprise anytime-anywhere inspections. and after ten years, restrictions are lifted and iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. congress should reject a bad deal. we need a better deal.
8:14 am
in our "eye on money" series we talk about kids and money. more than one-third of parents admit they don't talk money with their kids, but 84% of teens say they look to parents for guidance on managing their cash. jill schlesinger shows us how moms and dads can start the conversation. good morning. >> good morning. >> this is interestinging. parents say they don't want to talk to kids about money because they want kids to be kids. how soon should they start? >> cognitive experts who really understand how kids' brains work
8:15 am
say you can talk to them starting at age 3. you can talk about coins and the difference between coins, the value of money versus money that's free. spending time with your friends, that's free. buy an ice cream cone, that costs money. and you want to introduce this concept of work. hey, mom's going to work today because things cost money and as a result she's goc gott to work to pay for those things. >> that conversation comes up in my house. >> i was raised in a house because you don't talk about money because it's impolite. i always didn't get an allowance. you say kids should get an allowance? >> i think they should get an allowance because it helps kids understand the value of spending money and what that means. >> should they have to do something for the allowance? >> that's been a split controversy. some say for chores, s, but generally speaking there's a certain amount of stuff kids do in a home they don't get paid for. what we suggest is allowance is used to replace money parents are spending on extras some of
8:16 am
you want a brand-new scooter, you're going to have to save part of your allowance for that scooter. i'm not going to buy it for you. and we start to look at paying an allowance as early as age 6. you know what's also cool about the allowance, you can introduce the concept of savings. say, we're going to open an can't. 10% goes into the bank the rest you can spend for yourself. >> what about when they're older? >> we start with debt. credit card debt, budget, and college kids bring up the concept of credit scores. this is hugely important. we want kids to understand these basic financial concepts. >> like an s.a.t. for your money. >> exactly. >> what about in college, same conversation? >> yeah. you want to talk about they're getting paid usually to work. the dins between gross pay and net pay. you want to talk about starting to save for retirement. you want to talk about their contribution to their own
8:17 am
savings. this is so important. stress it. good behavior starts young right through their teens. >> all right. jill schlesinger. mark phillips says britains are celebrating the only queen they know. >> coming up on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this morning's "eye on money" sponsored by voya financi financial. changing the way you think of retirement.
8:18 am
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listen to the bells. they're ringing in london and the ship sailed down the thames river, celebrating another historic day for queen elizabeth. in a few short hours sheel become the longest serving monarch in british history breaking the report of queen victoria more than a century ago. mark phillips is in britain where the crowd turned out to see a big scene. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the crowds are gone but the plaque is left. the last left a short while ago. she interrupted her vacation to mark this auspicious day. she opened a new rail line. but this day wasn't about a train. it was about a queen who just keeps chucki s chugging along. in 63 years, 216 days on the
8:22 am
job, you learn a thing or two about how to do it. and if you're a small person whose purpose is to be seen, wear bright colors, a big hat, and smile a lot. and if you're a queen who's supposed to be above politics, say almost nothing. the queen doesn't only understand the job, they say she defined it. >> the queen is there to be, not to do. >> reporter: and she has been just about everywhere and met just about everyone. 11 of the past 12 u.s. presidents somehow missing out on lbj. the united states may have shed this monarchy 2 1/2 centuries ago but u.s. as the state has learned they'd better again get things right when she's around. >> she gave me a look only a mother can give a child. >> reporter: she was not destined to be queen. she would have been just a minor
8:23 am
peripheral royal had her father not abdicated in favor of her father and she was a tender 25-year-old when she was crowned queen the following year and holding true to the promise she made as princess. >> i stand before you all my whole life, whether it's been long or short shall be devoted to your service. >> reporter: it turned out to be long and active. and while the train used to inaugurate the new line was a rolling an akron uchl, she somehow at age 89 years old has not. she's modernized the monarchy for the times says the royal writer. >> this is the first monarch who opened her account to be scrutinized, the first monarch to pay income tax, the first monarch to go with the times and introduce facebook and twitter. >> reporter: but elizabeth know it's not the dik tall or virtual queen that matters.
8:24 am
it's the real thing to. be the queen of the people, kblouft be seen among them. sometimes it's small crowds and suburban train stations. sometimes it's being things. >> she's had to do a lot of horrible things. go to places she doesn't want to go, do things she doesn't want to do. she's always done it. >> reporter: and with that smile through it all. >> she has had a very turbulent reign when you think about it. huge issues and problems within her family, her children have been divorced, the death of diana who's rocked the monarchy. she's come through it though. she's been a very dignified monarch. >> there's a job about the queen. she's going today. they're going to need a lot more paint. norah? >> i get it. mark phillips, thanks so much. ahead, david gregory and his
8:25 am
abrupt departure from
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
tonight i'm happy to say the ceo of cbs les mun vez is b bs the front row to cheer me on. >> the show is going great. i'm sure i'll have no need to use this thing. move on. tonight's cast -- it just makes me uncomfortable that you've got your hand on the switch -- >> the big cheese at cbs has got
8:31 am
jokes. >> that was well done. welcome to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, form former host david gregory. >> hello. look. i've got my book. >> we've got a book too. and david gregory is here in studio 57 with what led him to start asking questions this time about his own faith. plus, the ladies of the talk are back for a new season, julie chen and sharon osborne stopped by studio 57 as they stopped by to share more secrets and their past. the surprising news that sharon's going to share. that's ahead. right now it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines. an indiana teenager convicted of having sex with an underage girl. the judge has vacated it. he was required to register as a sex offender for having sex with
8:32 am
a 14-year-old who lied about her age. a new report finds about half of all americans have either diabetes or prediabetes but there is hope after two decades of growth. the percentage of people diagnosed remains steady from 2008 to 2012. and pop star bruno mars being offered the super bowl 50 halftime show. they're asking mars to return as a headliner forthe super bowl in santa clara, california. that will be right here on cbs. can't wait for that. he previously started in 2014 with the red-hot chilly peppers and they asked him to come back. >> i like bruno mars. >> i do too. host david gregory is breaking his silence about his public departure last august. it included serve as chief white
8:33 am
house correspondent with some motley characters. he said it was publicly humiliating and his quest for a more meaningful and spiritual center of his n"how's your faith?" published by simon & schuster, a division of cbs. >> what's this eye over my shoulder. >> we're reunited. >> with some motley crue. with you and you and gayle's just, you know, an innocent bystander. >> there you go. >> i saw you when you started the journey, which which was a long time ago but tell us about when you first, as you say, got on the bus about your faith. >> this is really the story about the larger journey of my life, who am i and what do i believe, and i this that's a spiritual longing that started a
8:34 am
long time ago, for me at a time when i felt grateful for my wonderful life, my wonderful wife beth and my healthy children and a career i had going when i was covering the white house and the sense there was something more. i felt as i was leading our family as a jewish family, what the meaning and purpose was in my faith. >> part of it ramped given what happened at nbc. when i said abrupt departure. >> thanks a lot, norah. you mean i left? >> it was abrupt. you talked about the bloodletting that went on. >> yeah. it was unpleasant. things happen in television news. we know that. it's a tough business. the only think i'd say, i don't want to go back and revisit it, it was handled in way that was
8:35 am
unnecessary. nbc made a decision you can agree with or disagree with and it didn't need to be handled in that way. the process was difficult. and rather than get into the nastiness of it, i would hope people would have rooted for me. >> you talked about you were a hot head, people saw use as arrogant, you were an opportunist. you said maybe if i had given more i would have received more in the end. you said in tend it was as upsetting atz it was there was peace for you. >> there was peace in that in as much as i miss the work and the stories you're all talking about and doing a great job on the show every morning i don't miss nbc, i don't miss being there. wit us the wrong atmosphere for me. . and again, gayle, what i was
8:36 am
getting at -- i worked with gayle for a long time. >> you missed me though. >> i did. >> she was frankly a bigger diva than i was. but we had a good relationship to. be serious, i do think that, you know, i started in television when i was 25. i was on the air when i was 18. and i think i was so consumed and self-absorbed as this business can make you they didn't think enough about communicating to people, hey, if i'm doing well, you're doing well, we're doing this together. so some people were not unhappy to see me get some come upance. so i had to deal with anger in the book which i share. >> you talk about there were the leaks going on saying david may be out of "meet the press" and then you had the president of nbc saying, no, we stand behind him. and then you find out -- you tell the story -- it's a page
8:37 am
turner. the book is beautifully written. you talk about how you're on your way to take your son to camp and all of a sudden in a tweet you learn -- >> we were picking up our three kids from a camp in new hampshire. this was building up. they were concerned if they let me have a last show to thank the audience i would go after them. they called it the ann curry moment of the "today" show and they wanted to avoid that. that was never going to happen. they leaked the fact that they had made a decision for me to o go. you have this here. so that's a reference to the ann curry moment. so, you know, that was obviously upsetting to see that they had handled it that way. but mostly this goes to the point of d ooh book which is in a moment like that, it was not that. it was who do i want to be in this moment, for my kids, what
8:38 am
does god expect of me in this moment and who do i want to ultimately be. that's where i decided to stay above the fray. >> i love your kids saying, are we going have to move out of our house and the other kid saying were you fire and in the end they were bickering and you knew they'd be all right. >> this has come up. the truth was i was not going to be fired then but i was going to be. it was complicated. i told nbc, if you don't shore me up -- this is blood in washington. -- because leaks are hurtful of me, it's getting in the way of the show. it's going to affect the show. then i felt it was time to go. >> can i talk about your wife beth. she's a badass. you said meeting beth she wore a skirt that's long enough to cover essentials but short enough to be interesting and everyone has an instigator to lead to faith. you say she sacrificed iffer
8:39 am
you. >> so i mean beth is a beautiful woman. >> we know that. >> a fantastic lawyer as you know. but beyond that, her influence on me is really why i've gone down this path. she said if i got emotional she would whip me. >> she's also tough on you. >> no, no. but the think is that beth, you know, early on made an incredible sacrifice to become a jewish family and said to me, look, i know who you are jewishly. you're culturally and ethically jewish. >> she was not jewish. >> she grew up as a protestant. i would be selfish if i didn't recognize that she gave up her traditions for our kids. >> sounds like you've learned a lot of lessons. >> trying, trying. >> you're doing great.
8:40 am
>> we all are. can i mention my website? >> no, you may not. >> david -- i
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
the ladies of "the talk" are
8:44 am
getting ready to talk again. host julie chen, sara gilbert, sharon osborne, isha tyler and julie chen. welcome back shoo thank you. >> does it feel like the first % day of school where you get a new dress, it's season number six? >> it feel as little nerve-racking. >> it does to me. >> more nerve-racking? why? >> because i'm ready to reveal more secrets this season. >> i do feel like it's going back to school. you ask what they did for the summer, what were they doing, you catch up with friends. >> you get a hair cut. >> what's nice is you're going back with all of your same friends who you've been with for six years. >> none of us is the new kid in school. >> very nice, norah, very nice. >> did you miss during the summer not having the convertion? >> well w the donald trump headlines, you know, there were
8:45 am
some topics, oh, we wish we were at work, then we were like, hmm, past that long island city. >> julie, like what you're saying about secrets. clearly the secrets are working with you, do you worry about revealing too much? >> i think others in our personal life are the ones that are worried. you know what? if you're honest and you're open, no one has power over you and no one can attack you. if you speak the truth, good, bad, ugly, wrong, but you own it, you're okay. sharon, you took a leave of absence from the show to work out health issues. how are you? what do you want to share about that? >> i'm ready to talk about i. you know, i was away six weeks and the girls were absolutely amazing to me. and -- >> sharon's going to launch season six. we're open books and everyone has been asking even though that
8:46 am
was months ago that you took your leave and sharon has made the bold decision that she's going to answer everyone's questions why was she gone. >> about colorectal cancer and a double mastectomy, things that most people talk about. >> but it's beyond that. i think that's the story people knew but is there's more to her story. >> and sharon's like i'm not telling you all. >> explain the decision behind sharing what you're going to share. it's to help other people? it's helping other people. and you would be amazed the outpour of emotion from the viewers saying, i went through that. now i'm not afraid to tell my family or, you know, my school or my husband, my community. you were so bold, you have given me the courage to face x, y, and z. >> and for those of you on the
8:47 am
receiving end, those of you able to handle something. >> it's a safe place, you know. we know we're not going to be judged by each other for sure and we also know we're not going to be judged by our audience. and that has been enormous. >> so we'll go back to the school because we each bronlt brout in our first day of school pictures. did you bring some, julie? >> i brought ones from the third graitd premy eye plastic surgery. that was before you shower and do your hair first before going to school. >> great. sharon osborne? >> i brought in my girls'. mine are at home in england so i brought in amy and kelly. >> is that your reher real colo. i thought it was lavender. gayle?
8:48 am
>> it was black and white. i was living in turkey. we were ought waiting for the bus. it was washington, d.c., exactly. my dress was yellow. wonder if that's why it's my favorite color. i so remember vividly getting your hair braiding. >> john? >> there are no pictures of me from when i was a schield. >> come on. >> we were part of the surge. it's like the soviets. got rid of all the old pictures. >> john, were you not loved as a child? >> no. i'm barely loved now. >> you've got lots of love at the table. >> i know that. >> are you asian? we're so at the table. >> i e-mailed my dad over the weekend. he sent back a whole bunch of school pictures. my dad used to put my hair in the pigtails. >> there's me. socks and sandals together.
8:49 am
that's a new trend. it's coming back. >> we wish you luck, of course. we wish you continued success as we go to season number six. i look forward to sharon and seeing what you have to say. >> i'm going to be listening to both. >> doan get back to me on twitter. don't be mean. >> julie chen and sharon osborne, we're cheering them on. you can too. you can watch "the talk" season premiere monday at 1:00 eastern, noon pacific. where? >> cbs, the chen broadcasting system. >> that is awesome. all right. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back.
8:50 am
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what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal? to start with, $100 billion. they keep their nuclear facilities and ballistic missiles. there won't be surprise anytime-anywhere inspections.
8:52 am
and after ten years, restrictions are lifted and iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. congress should reject a bad deal. we need a better deal. that does it for us. be sure to tune in to the "cbs
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texts. >> reporter: jay says many of his friends have smartphones but he's okay with his ipad for now. >> the only person i'm really texting is my best friend about minecraft. >> reporter: they hope that can put off getting jack a smartphone for a few more years. brian webb, cbs news. it's bd heat and dangerous wildfire. this fire season is on record pace for the number of acres burned. carter evans shows us how some new technology is helping firefighters get the upper hand. >> reporter: the day seems relatively calm when smoke and flames first appear from a wildfire raging in california's see air na national forest, but
8:57 am
one minute is all it takes for conditions to deteriorate. this rare view is captured by flame-resistant equipment inside.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
here is today's 3 degree guarantee. . family speaking of families we have an indiana jones coming up fun for the entire family. >> thursday september 9th this is great day washington . always a day ahead, i know it is wednesday, i say it is thursday because we're one step ahead of you, i'm kidding i made a mistake. welcome to great day washington. i guess it is a short week, chris. did you stay up to watch stephen colbert? i did. >> brilliant. very funny. i really enjoyed it. i should have taken a


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