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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  September 15, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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. hello and thank you for
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joining us. i'm andrea roane. we begin this prince george's county where neighbors are on edge in one neighborhood. it follows the discovery of a man who was found shot to death in new carrollton. nikki burdine has been there all morning. she has the latest on the investigation. police state initial call came out for a man lying in the grass, but when police got here, they say the man was suffering from an obvious gunshot wound to the upper body. he was pronounced dead shortly after. >> reporter: it happened just after 2:45 this morning in the 5400 block of 85th avenue in new carrollton just off of annapolis road. detectives and police closed off the street for several hours during the investigation focusing a lot of attention on a bus stop where the glass had been shattered. this is a very populated area with several apartment complexes and bus stops, including this school bus stop where ike and his children wait every morning. >> it makes me feel real unsafe because if this kind of thing
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can happen around here, i doubt really we are safe. >> reporter: police cleared the scene just after daybreak. the only visible sign of a crime, the broken glass. still, neighbors are shaken to know this happened so close to home. >> this is shocking. it's really shocking. i haven't had any type of feeling like this before. >> reporter: one man told me just last night they attend add homeowners association meeting. in fact, a representative of the new carrollton police department showed up talking about how low crime is in this area. the man told me his only complaint recently had been some loiterers in the area. obviously now they have a much more serious issue to discuss. in new carrollton, i'm nikki burdine, wusa9. >> police have not provided us with any suspect information or the victim's name. district police are also searching for a suspect who shot a man in northeast. the victim was wounded in the stomach just before 6:00 a.m. it happened on var numb street not -- varnum street not far
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from catholic university. the victim is expected to survive and listed in stable condition. no word yet on a motive for the attack. one student was killed and at least four people injured in a bus crash this morning in texas. a school spokesperson says the driver of another car drifted into the bus' lane. the driver overexpen at a timed -- overcompensated and the vehicle crashed into a guard rail and on to the street below. >> my heart goes out to the the families that probably don't even know what's going on right now and whoever is passed, my heart goes out to their family. >> a school spokesperson in houston says a female student died in the crash. three other students and the school bus driver are being treated in the hospital. the public receives a chan to speak out today about plans to dramatically reduce service at laurel regional hospital. the prince george's county council is holding a briefing on the issue. 38 workers, mostly labor and delivery nurses will be laid off when the hospital's
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maternal and child health unit closes. that's expected to happen october 10. many workers say they're worried about their financial security. dimensions health care system which controls the hospital says it's working to find them new jobs. hungary has declared a state of emergency and is cracking down on immigrants entering its country. new laws now make it a criminal offense to cross into the country or damage a blockade at the border with syria. charlie d'agata is -- with serbia, rather. charlie d'agata is on the scene with more. >> reporter: what was a flood of migrants pouring into hungary has been reduced to a trickle. they run into a brick wall in the form of a razor wire fence. for migrants likethis man from syria, it's hard to understand why they've been locked out. >> won't ask any questions. nobody care. nobody answering. >> reporter: hung glare condition police are -- hungarian police are letting five people in at a time and
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not very often. yesterday more than 9,000 crossed into hungary. that's before the hungarian government slammed the doors shot rolling in a train with bristle wire along the same tracks where tens of thousands of migrants made the long walk before. migrants who arrived just moments too late were simply cut off. those already inside were bustled on to buses and trains bound for the austrian border. that's where we found mohammad from syria. >> it's a message -- mercy from god maybe. >> reporter: do you feel like you got lucky? >> i am very lucky. i am very lucky. >> reporter: and unlucky for the first men arrested this morning in hungary's crackdown. now anyone caught trying to enter the country illegally faces the prospect of five years in prison. charlie d'agata, cbs news, hungary. investigators now say a love triangle might be the motive for a murder that stunned a mississippi college
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campus. an instructor at delta state university is suspected of can iing his live-in girlfriend and a colleague. the instructor later shot himself to death. investigators say the professor who was killed ethan ethan schmidt was killed as he sat in an office. [indiscernible] >> a candlelight vigil is planned in his memory this evening. a search is under way for at least five people who are missing after flash flooding in utah. another eight people were killed when they were caught off guard by a rushing wall of water. dj bullerjack has the latest. >> reporter: workers used heavy equipment to clear mud and debris from the scene of last night's flash floods. the hood of the car is barely visible as rescuers search for five people who were swept away. at least eight people died. with rushing water all around them, several women and children were pulled from this stalled car monday night. >> yeah, they're getting
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everybody out. >> reporter: witnesses captured this dramatic scramble to safety as the water roared down a mountain and through the surrounding canyon. >> one of the ones that were rescued was about half a mile downstream. >> reporter: the city of nearly 3,000 is prone to flooding but not like this. >> they have stopped outside of that flood area. we're standing there watching the flood and a flash flood came down the canyon. basically the vehicles were swept into the creek and down. >> we have 16 people involved between the two vehicles. one was a fairly good size van full of people. >> reporter: volunteers, including women in long dresses, helped seven for the missing throughout the night. the community of hilldale is part of the headquarters of the fdzist church -- fundamentalist church of the jesus christ of latter-day saints. crews will continue their work clearing debris and searching for survivors, but they're also keeping an eye to the sky. forecast calls for more rain
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and thunderstorms. cbs news, hilltale, out glut a town resident-- >> hilldale, utah. a town resident said -- [ no audio ] [ stands by for captions ] this collection made friday night went to the christian life center in riverdale. >> it's a great feeling, especially going to the shelter and actually seeing the people themselves. they're always very appreciative and humble for receiving the food. >> so far food recovery network has collected nearly 900,000 po undsof excess food since 2011. coming up on wusa9, the presidential campaign. donald trump maintains his lead but it's shrinking. details on that ahead. >> plus, he was supposed to be
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showing off new bmws at an auto show but the ceo collapsed right there on stage. it happened today. we'll have more on that and other
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in campaign 2016, the stage is set for the second republican primary debate. and bernie sanders appears to be gaining more ground on hillary clinton in some of the latest polls. nick giovanni has an update on campaign 2016. >> reporter: donald trump says he's not going anywhere. in fact, he told a crowd of 18,000 in dallas last night, quote, now it's time to really start. this as we're just a day away from the g.o.p.'s second primary debate. trump also brought up immigration once again. he said the u.s. is becoming a, quote, dumping ground for the rest of the world. >> it's a massive problem. we have to stop illegal immigration. we have to do it. we have to do it.
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>> reporter: but trump's got company atop some of the latest polls heading into the second debate. the latest cbs news poll in fact shows a portion of republican voters favoring ben carson has risen 17 points to 23% compared to 27% in favor of trump. on the other side, northern virginia took center stage last night because the latest stop on the campaign trail for bernie sanders occurred last night. he received a warm welcome at the fairgrounds in prince william county. he touched on several issues but strongly hit on economic inequality. >> the only way we win is when tens of millions of americans stand up and say loudly and clearly enough is enough. >> the latest polls show sanders closing in on hillary clinton nationally with clinton losing support among democratic women. that according to a new "washington post"-abc news poll. they found only 42% of those polled say they support clinton. that's a drop of 29 points in the last two points. so her lead over senator sanders and vice president joe
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biden has been cut by two- thirds. andrea? while the republicans face off in their second debate tomorrow night, the first democratic primary debate is set for october 13 in las vegas. in illinois, lottery winners are hardly feeling like winners. the prize money is ready to go but lawmakers can't get a budget passed. and that's preventing a big payout to some jackpot winners. so state lottery winners say they are feeling a lot like losers. >> i feel like my balloon is kind of deflated if you want to put it that way. >> we don't know if there will be a bucket, when there will abbucket and why should the lottery winners have to suffer. they're entitled to the money and they're entitled to it now. >> a big lottery winner not satisfied with an iou are suing the state of illinois. failure to reach a program is affects other programs like student grants. lottery winners less than $25,000 are receiving their
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checks. some frightening moments for the ceo of bmw. howard krueger was holding a news conference at the frankfurt auto show today when he suddenly collapsed. staff rushed in to help get him back on his feet as he rubbed the back of his head. a bmw spokesman says the 49- year-old ceo had been recently traveling a lot and was not feeling well ahead of the presentation but decided to go on with it anyhow. his doctors told him to take the rest of date off. good advice. coming up on wusa9, the odd couple. hear what sir elton john had to say about his surprise phone call from russian president vladimir putin. >> erica? >> it's another gorgeous day here in the metro hear. starting to feel -- metro area. starting to feel a little like summer. summer-like temperatures don't return till this weekend. that's kind of funny, right? we are going to see temperatures soaring to near 90 degrees. i'll tell you when in the first
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even veteran firefighters are calling it a painful sight. nearly 600 homes have been consumed in the california wildfire and thousands more are threatened. danielle nottingham has more from middletown, california. >> reporter: on the front lines, firefighters working to contain the valley fire are facing strong winds and drought dry tinder. the first time since the fires started saturday, clear skies allowed air support to drop water from above. but if many returning home, the damage is already done. >> i'm a pretty tough individual, but i had some tears. >> reporter: roger beaver's
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returned to find his home still standing but his neighbors like hundreds of others lost everything. >> once they come back in here, it's going to be very overwhelming. >> reporter: the fire moved so quickly saturday night that emergency responders were flooded with calls. >> she's like no i'm fine. everything is going to be fine. she didn't understand the magnitude of it. >> reporter: jennifer was 72- year-old barbara mcwilliams' caretaker. mcwilliams was killed in the fire when she was unable to evacuate. deputies say when they reached her neighborhood, it was engulfed in flames. >> i knew she was in the house. i knew she was going to be stuck and i knew she would have no way of getting out. >> reporter: cooler temperatures and higher humidity are on the way which had helped firefighters increase containment. danielle nottingham, cbs news, middletown, california. >> more than a thousand people who fled the fire spent the night in a shelter. many of them lost everything they owned. the american red cross has been
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running the emergency evacuation facility for the last 72 hours. the fire forced the evacuation -- the evacuees to leave quickly. those who could brought their pets with them. >> we've been able to get them housed appropriately, get them fed, watered, calmed down. >> we haven't even hit i think the most devastating part going back to the property and seeing what we don't have. i'm just missing my animals the most. i'm sorry. >> nearly a thousand evacuees are living on the property of the napa county fair grounds. some of them are living in tents. others in their cars. 12:19. it's so difficult to see these stories because i'm not sure, is fire worse than water or they're equally as bad when everything is just lost like that? >> when everything is a total loss, then i guess it's equally as devastating. there's something about being it consumed. that would be tough to handle.
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>> and in our area we have beautiful weather. >> yeah. >> it's crazy. we can't just share the good wealth. >> i wish we could share the wealth. we're getting a nice distribution where we had soaking rainfall on saturday. i know you had water in your basement but we're getting a long period to dry out. that's welcome relief. let's take a look outside. we'll start off with the allergy report because we still have high amounts of ragweed, pollen and believe it or not mold spores. the mold spe count is still high. that will go down as we head through the next couple of days. with the weather cam, we have a gorgeous shot here of the national mall and our day planner nothing but sunshine for the rest of the day. 83 at 3:00. we'll reach a high of 48 between 3:00 and 4:00 -- 84 between 3:00 and 4:00 p.m. clear skies tonight. 72 degrees by 9:00. right now 79. a few high clouds being reported at reagan national. the dew point is 50. so that dew point remains nice and comfortable. the relative humidity only 36%. so we're going to stay sunny. nice and warm today.
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warmer than yesterday. just perfect because we've cleared out that breeze that we had yesterday. overnight tonight it's not growing to get quite as cool as it did last night but it will still be cool enough to open up the windows and let in the fresh air. the gorgeous weather we have today is going to stick around for the entire rest of the workweek. i have nothing but sunshine to talk about. it's pretty amazing. it's not until sunday that we'll see the slightest chance for rain. current temperature is 77 degrees in leesburg, frederick, manassas. it's 75 in winchester and in culpeper as well. and it's 78 degrees at andrews. on our wide view of satellite and radar, you can see just how big the sprawling area of high pressure is. it's centered right near nashville. and that is giving us a south and southwesterly flow as we head through the next couple of days. much needed rain for these areas that have had the fire weather danger for weeks and weeks on end. unfortunately, though, it's too much at once in some spots and here along the east coast, we are completely high and dry. that's the way it's going to stay for the next couple of
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days. so our forecast, we're looking at the beautiful dry weather that we have today sticking around for the next several days. this high of # 1 in win chest -- 81 in winchester is pretty much what you're going to expect the next couple of days. 84 in downtown washington and 82 in frederick. overnight tonight as i mentioned before, you can open up the windows, let in that fresh air. 55 in leesburg and gaithersburg. 58 in pax river. 55 in fredricksburg. 63 in downtown washington. green weather alerts for the next three days. that's no big surprise. lots of sunshine staying with us. the humidity stays in check till at least thursday. highs of 86 degrees both tomorrow and on thursday. in the first alert seven-day forecast, just a few clouds entering the picture by saturday. also going to get a little bit more humid with a high near 90 degrees on saturday. a sprinkle or a shower as this cold front approaches on sunday. and then it lingers on monday knocking high temperatures back down into the
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sir elton john says he would like to meet president vladimir putin so discuss russia's treatment of homosexuals but the rocket man may have to settle for a surprise phone call he received from the leader yesterday. he took to instagram where he thanked putin for the call and said he looked forward to a face-to-face meeting. >> putin loves celebrities. it's not surprising that he would reach out to him and try to either cash in on this kind of -- this kind of exposure or to show he's not so mean to gays as the west thinks he is. >> the phone call came just days after sir elton told the bbc he would like to sit down with putin for a face-to-face meeting. the kremlin issued a statement saying that is not going to
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happen. pieces of history are going to the highest bidder. ringo starr is auctioning off instruments used in the band's big hit days. they include a gar tar from 1968 -- guitar from 1968 and a drum kit used in the early hits like "can't buy me love" and a mercedes coup. it should fetch as much as a half million dollars when the auction happens in december. arnold schwarzenegger, he's back in the terminating business. the actor and former california governor is the new host of the celebrity apprentice. schwarzenegger replaces donald trump who said he had to quit because he's running for president. well, it's almost time for us to say goodbye to you but it is time to say goodbye to erica. she has been a stellar prognosticator, meteorologist, forecaster predictor for three years here and her talents have been recognized by the people in new york city, and that's where she'd -- she's heading. we wish you the best of luck.
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we're going to wish you so much for your heart, your skill and your beautiful smile. >> thank you so much, andrea. i'm going to miss you as you know and the wusa9 family and d.c. i'm going to miss d.c. very much. >> we'll get to see her on
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>> abby: hello. come in. come in. grab a glass. this bottle is on me. >> mariah: all right. >> kevin: and we're toasting to...? >> noah: uh, we're -- we're not sure. >> marisa: i think we're toasting abby. >> abby: um, i totally heard that, and, yes, i am not ashamed to say it. we are toasting me and my latest business triumph. yes. we are toasting. to newman enterprises and their continued world domination. >> noah: okay, so, to my aunt being brainwashed, then. >> mariah: yeah. it is against my religion to, uh, toast to newmans. no, seriously. i mean, you can take the girl out of the cult, but you can't take the cult out of the girl. >> abby: well, congratulations. you two are the world's biggest party poopers. >> mariah: but i'm sure that kevin here will toast you. he is a huge fan of the local moguls, and as we speak is right smack dab in the middle of the titans and reveling in the power.


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