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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  September 15, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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right now at 7:00 senior citizens sent from their homes as fire breaks out at a maryland apartment building. >> plus maryland is going to the gators, how animal control is finding more and more of the intimidating reptiles swimming in area waterways. >> and foot loose in the front room as a virginia man pays thousands for kenny loggins to rock out in his living room. >> good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> and i'm lesli foster. we start with some pretty serious breaking news, jesse matthew has been indicted in the murder of morgan harrington. matthew is the man charged in the murder of uva student hannah graham. harrington, a virginia tech student, disappeared following a concert in charlottesville. tomorrow matthew will be
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arraigned on murder and abduction charges. tonight senior citizens forced to leave their homes tonight. the blaze broke out at leisure world apartments around 4:00 this afternoon. one firefighter was treated for smoke inhalation, but none of the residents were injured. developing right now a new jersey teen has been arrested for an isis inspired threat against the pope during his upcoming u.s. trip. secret service arrested the 15- year-old last month for planning the attack on the pontiff next week. the teen was allegedly communitying with someone from isis online and was urged to research how to build an explosive. intellig there are no known credible threats currently against the pope. a community in shock tonight. >> this all comes after the death of a popular high school athlete from boyds, maryland. 16-year-old john deregi jr. was lit by an amtrak train near -- hit by an amtrak train near his
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home yesterday around 5:00. the clarkbsurg high school student was walking along the track with two friends and today many students at clarkbsurg wore the school colors powder blue to honor him. >> kids aren't supposed to leave us at 16 years old and so the finality of it is really, really humbling. >> deregi was a popular track athlete and students are considering honoring him at friday night's football game at clarkbsurg. investigators still don't know why he stepped onto the tracks. police in prince george's county say a man found dead near a bus shelter in new carrollton was shot and they want your help finding the killer. the man was found on 85th avenue and died a short while later no, word on his name or why he was killed. in d.c. police are looking for a suspect in an early morning shooting in northeast, a man shot in the stomach before 6 a.m. on varnam street not too far from catholic university. the victim is expected to
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survive. police say the mississippi college shooter left a note saying i am so sorry for killing my girl friend. 45-year-old shannon lamb shot himself after shooting and killing a colleague and his girl friend in what's been called a love triangle. lamb turned the gun on himself after being cornered by police. lamb killed dr. ethan schmidt and amy prentiss on monday. the sidwell friends association will be purchasing the washington home. the home will help the residents find other care before it closes next year. >> we will work on a transition plan with each one of them and their families. we realize this is very traumatic. >> forcing that on these residents by a nonprofit is unconscionable.
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a maryland man has died from west nile virus. health officials say the elderly man lived in baltimore county. there are currently 29 confirmed cases of west nile virus in maryland. last year at this time there were just six. a gator found in a montgomery county koi pond last week is now safe and sound in a maryland zoo. >> we were wondering how it got there. our stephanie ramirez learned today it's not the only one. >> reporter: i'm stephanie ramirez at the wildlife zoo and reserve in maryland. this is like a refugee camp for these illegal gators found all throughout the state of maryland. the zoo owner's son tells me this is the only zoo in the state accepting them. >> they're so awesome. >> reporter: today the zoo owner's son callan hunt let kid get close with their newest member, the gator caught in a montgomery county backyard last week. >> he's got good teeth. it looks like he was well taken care of. >> reporter: they don't know this one's story, but they have eight more just like it. he says there's a problem with people in maryland keeping
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gators as pets and in a lot of cases. >> in an attempt to keep themselves from getting in trouble they release them into whatever local body of water they can find. >> reporter: alligators, crocodiles and kaymans have been beened nearly a decade now in maryland, but a natural resources spokesperson says there have been at least nine found since january. it's a $1,000 fine if you're caught with a gator, but if you have one, you can surrender it here at the zoo without facing a penalty. in thurmont stephanie ramirez, wusa9 news. >> next for the zoo is learning the gator's sex and giving it a name. 1 gator is named swat because it took 14 s.w.a.t. officers just to catch it. a parent's worst nightmare in houston this morning as a school bus plunged off an overpass and two students were killed, three more plus the bus driver taken to the hospital. police say the bus was sideswiped by a vehicle. the driver then lost control and the bus went over the overpass.
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>> it was just siren after siren after siren and i live next to the freeway, so i'm used to hearing sirens, but this was different. >> it's just sad because kids think they're just going to school and you don't even know. >> the national transportation safety board is investigating that accident. the death toll from flash floods along the utah learn arizona border has now risen -- utah /arizona border has now risen to 12 after a van was september away by that flooding. one person -- swept away by that flooding. one person is still missing. 60,000 acres and still counting continue to burn as the deadly wildfires in california rage on. the fire did claim the life of an elderly woman monday. so far 600 homes have been destroyed with 9,000 more in danger. authorities say some residents still remain missing and unaccounted for, but they say they could be staying with relatives or perhaps just be out of town. still to come, fantasy football isn't just for the
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guys anymore. we'll introduce you to a league for the ladies. >> reporter: the u.s./mexico border has become a symbol of the immigration debate as many republican presidential candidates push for tougher policies. i'm chris martinez in calexico, california. we ride with border patrol to see the challenges they really face coming up. >> another cool night, not quite as chilly as last night but certainly comfortable. here are the forecast lows. if you're out tonight, i would bring a sweater, 54 in gaithersburg, 55 in leesburg, 53 in manassas and 53 downtown.
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hostility. no way in, hungary has instituted tough new border controls. the move is to slow the imflux of syrian migrant -- influx of syrian migrants. the hungarian government says the measures are temporary. the crackdown comes after some confusion about the european union's response to the migrant crisis. they landed on south beach florida this afternoon, 12 illegal immigrants in a makeshift boat. workers from a nearby hotel rushed to their aid bringing food and water. tonight they're in custody as border patrol officers work to determine their nationality. illegal immigration is certainly a hot button issue for republican presidential candidates with many calling for tougher policies. >> of course, at the center of this debate is the u.s./mexico border. chris martinez toured the area with border patrol agents to find out what they are seeing firsthand. >> reporter: along california's border with mexico u.s. border patrol agents are on the move. in one hour agents picked up
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seven people entering the u.s. illegally as we rode along. two men still wearing life jackets were found after passing through a deep canal. then this group was spotted on foot. >> they're sitting down listening to all our commands which is good. nobody gets hurt that way, us or them. >> reporter: some are so bold we spotted what agents say are scouts in mexico in broad daylight looking for a clear path to cross. still experts say the border is more secure now than ever before. >> apprehensions at the mexico border are at an all time low. >> reporter: most of the republican presidential candidates support putting up a wall along the entire u.s./mexico border. immigration policy expert professor manuel passtor says as many people are returning to mexico today as there are crossing into the u.s. >> the wall has become a symbol of taking a tough stance against undocumented immigration, but a wall would actually be very ineffective.
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>> people always ask how do they get over that 15, 20-foot wall. here's an example. >> reporter: agents say cameras and sensors are among their more effective tools, but manpower is key. >> if you but a fence in the middle of nowhere, no one is there to respond to the threat. it will get knocked down, go under it, over it, through it. >> reporter: agents say they are successfully stopping illegal immigrants here, but the problem extends far beyond the border. chris martinez, cbs news, calexico, california. >> experts say nearly 40% of undocumented immigrants are visa overstayers. those are people who come into the country with legal visas and then stay after they reexpi >>l stilto come using your sense of humor to celebrate the pope's visit to the u.s., how a joke could help raise spirits and money for charity. >> plus find out why stevie wonder had the late late show host james corden in tears.
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the president is getting an opportunity today to tell decisionmakers how changes at an area hospital will affect them. >> we're talking about the laurel regional hospital. the prince george's county council today received a briefing on plans to reduce service at the healthcare facility. dimensions healthcare system, which is in charge of the hospitals planning to transform it from a full service facility into an ambulatory care center,
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well, it gave residents a chance to tell the council how this change would affect them. another meeting will be held tomorrow night at 7:00 at the beltsville academy on wicomico avenue. maryland governor larry hogan announced he plans to cut and even eliminate hundreds of fees. he plans to cut 100 fees across state government ranging from vehicle emissions tests to identification cards for homeless people. the department of agriculture is making cuts to 115 feels with the previously announced elimination of e-z pass maintenance fees. hogan says the cuts will save marylanders $51 million in five years. >> by allowing marylanders to keep more of their hard earned money rather than sending it to bureaucrats in annapolis, they will have a chance to put those dollars back into our state's economy. these fee reductions will not impact the operations of any agency or department. >> hogan also says his administration is just getting started and would like to cut
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other fees. ♪ i just called to say james loves you ♪ [ laughter ] how cool, that is musical legend stevie worn hitting the freeway with the cbs late late show host james corden for carpool karaoke. stevie called corden's wife to sing his hit i just called to say i love you. i bet he got a whole lot of browny points now after this and you can watch the late late show here on wusa9 after the late show with stephen colbert. >> i think james liked it more maybe than his wife. >> his voice is amazing even in the car just driving. >> he still sounds the same. $30,000, that's roughly how much it's going to cost you to have kenny loggins perhaps play some of his hits in your living room. >> not exactly the same. 1 local man spent a year working to get kenny loggins to virginia and sunday it finally
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happened. eric sanchez started a kickstarter campaign in august of 2014 and before he knew it took off. sanchez was on skype with loggins and planning for a concert in his parents' virginia home and sunday night close to 50 people piled into that living room and listened to loggins. for one brother and sister it was a night they will never forget and a night worth traveling nearly 500 miles. >> he was in a wedding saturday night. sunday morning like 6 a.m. flight out of cincinnati, got in here, checked into a hotel, no sleep. neither of us slept. he was wearing his tuxedo on the plane. >> 705 minutes, the blue -- 75 minutes, the blue sky riders, they were amazing. >> the band played everything from danger zone to foot loose. cincinnati, ohio, wasn't even the longest commute for this concert. one man came all the way from london. he wanted to be there in that small intimate setting to hear
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kenny loggins. even if you don't see pope francis in person during his visit to washington d.c., you can still be engaged by using your sense of humor. >> is where st can sit in a nnfuy joke or ory. >> reporter: jokewiththe.epopisorg re whe yocan go to test out your humor and submit a funny joke or story. after clicking you can choose one of three charities to support in argentina, ethiopia and kenya. the joke with the pope campaign was the brainchild of father andrew small. >> you could make a donation. we're always asking for money. why don't you donate a joke, donate a piece of humor to the holy father's charity and it's a bit more offbeat way getting into what the church is doing around the world. >> reporter: cardinal timothy dolan even submitted a story about when he was archbishop in milwaukee and met with pope john paul, ii. >> i said holy father, the archdiocese is growing and getting bigger and big --
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bigger and he said so is the archbishop. he laughed, i didn't. >> reporter: the deadline for submission of your joke is october 2nd. a panel led by comedian bill murray will help choose the winner. >> that was just divine. >> he is never at a loss of jokes and words. >> if you want to and want more information on pope joke and all of our papal visit coverage, download the new wusa9 app. >> you got jokes? >> i'm thinking but nothing offhand. >> you stick to what you do. >> to get the app go to the app store and search for wusa9 and you'll find it and it's free. a beautiful day and really a nice stretch of weather that will continue for the remainder of the week. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, our 3-degree
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guarantee temp today was 83. it's still 80. that's a good sign. winds light out of the southwest at 8 and humidity still very comfortable, 38%. tonight open the windows, rest the ac. bus stop temperatures 52 to about 70. you night want to take a sweatshirt or sweater walking the kids to the bus stop tomorrow. a wonderful wednesday and very nice thursday, perhaps a little warmer on thursday but still the key, it will not be humid. in fact, humidity stays at bay right through the week. so 10:00 tonight want to do a little walk after dinner before you watch us later on, 65 in gaithersburg, 61 in frederick, 10:00, temps not falling precipitously like last night, but it will be plenty cool in the morning, no doubt about that. by 5:30 a.m. temps in the 50s. i think low 50s in frederick, damascus, gaithersburg, leesburg, percyville and manassas and low 60s downtown.
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by 9:00 mid- to upper 60s and by lunchtime just fabulous, low 80s across the board, 83 downtown, frederick, even cumberland and romney warming up nicely to the low 80s. you don't see any clouds around. futurecast just tracking temps right now. by 6 p.m. 80s across the board and maybe 79 or 80 in bowie. tomorrow night at 11:30 cool and comfortable but not as cool as tonight. mid-60s now gaithersburg, leesburg and low 60s in frederick and right around 69 or 70 downtown. for tonight clear and still rather cool, 52 to 64. open the windows, light winds. we have a perfect combination for a cool night with clear skies, low humidity and calm winds. that will get us down to 53 in laytonsville, sterling, maybe 52 in leesburg and manassas. so on the day planner temps respond to the sunshine pretty quickly, 78 by 11:00 and low 80s by 1 p.m.
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still beautiful on thursday, 86 and still great on friday, 85. next seven days essentially great for the next seven days, a couple light showers possible saturday nightlight. i think most of the activity stays north of it. it's not going to change your plans. hotter for the terps game, cooler for the game at fedex and beautiful next monday and tuesday, nats come in town thursday for a big long homestand. >> thank you, top. up next if you've got a
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only at your local ford dealer. some 75 million americans are expected to play fantasy football this season. >> and a growing number of them are women. in fact, this season 1/3 of women are fantasy football players, a significant increase over last year when women accounted for just 20% of players. erica rosenberger and her friend kim shire organized a fantasy football league in new york. >> erica and i both are married and at the time were dating men who were obsessed with football and played fantasy themselves. so for us sundays and mondays became a color because they
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wanted to watch every sing -- chore because they wanted to watch every single game on television. so we felt you can't beat them, join them. >> so there's only one man invited to their draft and he's not even allowed to play, only i'm taking a red eye.
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>> an ex-atlanta housewife po dancing meltdown and kardashian's backlash over the new app. it's what's coming up right now on "e.t.." >> no breast implants. >> where was kylee kardashian? >> i'm upset you're charging for the app. >> then our nice of dancing. why kim broke down on air and blew up at the a >> also, are you ready for this whole campaign thing? >> i'm in new york with chelsea clinton. we're talking about her new book, her mom's presidential run, and her good friend who just happens to be a trump. >> i support her. >> as arnold takes over "the apprentice." >> and christie brinkley romancing john mel encamp?z >> and we celebrate 35 years on


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