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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  September 16, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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$18 trillion economy. bruce leshan. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of federal workers in our area pawns in a strange chess game over which they have no control. >> it's horrible. >> reporter: you could sense the dark shadow of concern in federal workers voices on an otherwise sunny lunch hour near the southwest federal center. >> it's really upsetting. it like, you know, they don't take into iderconsion people's livelihood. it took us months to catch up from the shutdown. >> it concerns me quite a bit. >> reporter: that notorious edited undercover video of a planned parenthood official discussing the sale of fetal tissue has only made a compromise even more difficult. 31 republican members of congress say they will not vote for any budget that includes money for planned parenthood. >> the goal here is not to shut down the government. the goal is to stop these
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horrific practices of organizations selling baby parts. >> reporter: would you vote for a spending bill that included money for planned parenthood? >> look, it depends what it looks like. >> reporter: maryland republican andy harris says he just wants to negotiate. >> do we have something for one or two days? i don't know. maybe that's what we need to do to show the president he needs to be dealing with congress. >> radio silence. >> reporter: the ranking democrat on the budget commit says the republicans are holding up a deal. >> don't try to accomplish your goal by bringing the whole economy down and hurting people's jobs. >> not again, please. >> reporter: the speaker is in a tough spot. include money for planned parenthood and a rank and file revolt could cost him his job. take the money out and the budget is likely to stall in the senate leading to a government shutdown that both the speaker and the senate majority leader
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have promised to avoid. on capitol hill bruce leshan, wusa9. >> and president barack obama urged the business roundtable today to turn up the pressure on congress to keep the government running. he also jabbed donald trump's campaign slogan. trump says make america great again. the president said america is great right now. the leading republican presidential debates now gearing up for the second prime time debate. donald trump takes center stage at the ronald reagan presidental library. he will be flanked by ten rivals, including dr. ben carson who is quickly cutting into trump's lead. >> if trump ends up overplaying his hand and is too aggressive and too combative, that could hurt him. >> who needs to do the best against trump? >> probably jeb bush. >> it's scheduled for two hours. the four candidates in the bottom of the polls are squaring off right now. doctors say two people were
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seriously injured when hungarian police fired stare gas and water canons on migrants. serbia's prime minister is condemning the brutal treatment of migrants. charlie daggett is in serbia. >> reporter: crowds of mission at the border demanding authorities let them through. some made it past a razor wire fence. but authorities are quickly arresting anyone who does. >> just go through this. >> reporter: families with young children are forced to spend a cold night on the highway. there is nothing to eat and nobody to guide them to another way. that means after having traveled from turkey to greece through macedonia and serbia, they now have to go around hungary to croatia and slovenia and cut
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across austria in order to reach germy. migrants have arrived by the lus load in croatia through the night and into this morning. the only legal way through hungary is to apply for asylum where they are letting in handless of people at a time. monday nine how people crossed the border. officials say they allowed 70 in to apply for asylum. 40 are being detained while the process is underway. the rest deported. cbs news, serbia. >> and serbia's prime minister is warning hungary not to fire tear gas on to the territory again. hungarian authorities have arrested more than 500 migrants who have tried to cross the border since tough new laws went into effect yesterday. only four or five of the syrian fighters trained bit united states remain in the fight against isis. general lloyd often told the
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senate armed services committee 60 were trained but many were killed or left the fight. senator john mccain called the strategy a debacle. president obama will meet with benjamin netanyahu at the white house an november 9. the white house says the two will discuss the implementation of the rannazzisi nuclear deal, the isis threat and other middle eastern issues. it will be benjamin netanyahu's first visit to washington since march. egypt has issued a gag order on the investigation into a deadly attack in which egyptian forces by mistake killed eight mexican tourists on a desert a safari. the foreign minister is in cairo to visit with six tourists injured in that attack. egypt called the killings a regrettable incident. the man charged with
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killing hannah graham today answered charges in yet another murder that happened six years ago. >> jesse matthews made his first court appearance for the murder of virginia tech student morgan harrington. she disappeared in october of 2009. she was last seen alive on a bridge where her parents refreshed her memorial today. they have been present at matthews hearing in the graham case and his trial in fairfax. today they were here for justice in their own daughter's case. >> we are grateful. we are pleased. we're sad. and in way it makes more real the fact that morgan is dead and was murdered. >> he starred at us. he knows that we are here. >> reporter: matthew was assigned the same capital defense team representing him in the than a graham case. a plan pled guilty to rioting charges in baltimore.
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raymond carter was caught on video setting fire in a cvs store at the corner of pennsylvania and north avenues following the death of freddie gray last april. the fire caused over $1 million in damages. the terms of his plea agreement require carter to pay restitution. the amount will be determined at his sentenceing in november. a woman driving with six children got caught up in the middle of a rolling gun battle between two other cars in kansas city, missouri. the woman crashed and was killed when thrown from her car. the six children are in the opt in critical condition. police say a person in one of the cars involved in the gun battle is also hospitalized. investigators are trying to piece together what touched off that shooting. meantime a phoenix police officer has his bullet proof vest to thank for saving his life. he was approaching a vehicle he pulled over this morning when the driver shot him in the arm and chest. the officer is hospitalized with serious injuries. his shooter is still on the run. the vehicle has been recovered
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though. coming up local catholic school students prepare to welcome the pope. also d.c. leaders announce plans for a new home court for the washington mystics. another great night to rest the ac. here are the forecast lows. we are talking 50s again in the suburbs. low 60s downtown. low 50s in frederick. think leesburg 5. 57 in fredericksburg. we will come back and talk about how long this nice stretch weather is going to last, if it will take us through the weekend. up next, a famous face comes to washington to fight for 9/11 fi
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jon stewart brought a serious eye to washington today. he was joined by 9/11 first responders on capitol hill. many of them suffering from illnesses they received at ground zero. those nypd and firefighters rely on fedal programs to help them pay their medical bills. that assistance starts running out next month. stewart called on members of congress not to let that happen. >> these guys are sick. the last thing they need is to come down and have to beg for what they're owed. >> we need it now. we shouldn't have to be here begging for it. >> 72,000 emergency responders have enrolled in the 9/11 health and compensation act. it's named for an nypd officer who died as a result of a
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respiratory disease. the comedian who says his brush with death on 9/11 led him to comedy. ron says he was working for merrill lynch when the plane struck on 9/11. he admitted that he was actually working in a building in midtown manhattan. he went on twitter and facebook this morning to try to apologize, calling the story inexcusable. he currently appears on the fxx series the league. d.c. is not the only city cracking down on synthetic drug sales. indictments against ten people with a massive k2 distribution ring. six have been arrested. four are still at large. prosecutors say synthetic marijuana is causing deaths and sending thousands of people to emergency rooms across the country. pot smokers lined up early to take advantage of today's marijuana tax holiday in colorado. a glitch forced the state to
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suspend the 25% recreation pot tax for one day only. many marijuana shops offered doorbuster style deals to attract customers. today coming up we are talking to students at sacred heart catholic school that get to meet pope francis next week. >> a once
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some 12-year-olds might as well hit the lottery. they have been selected to greet pope francis when he arrives next week. >> but stephanie ramirez says there has already been a pope sighting at that very school. >> reporter: the pope is actually inside the shrine of the sacred heart catholic church. >> he is a cutout for being. but soon some of these students will get to meet the real thing. >> they told me last night. so last night was like one of like the best nights i ever had. >> reporter: sacred heart seventh grader jocelyn is the only student from the school select today welcome pope francis at andrews air force base. >> it's a big deal. >> reporter: others will be part of the embassy welcoming or participate in masses. >> it's amazing. i am told now. it's like i can't explain it.
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>> reporter: it's actually a very emotional opportunity for 12-year-old jennifer sanchez who is now hoping the pope will pray for her father who passed away. he is their role model and in more ways than one at this bilingual catholic school. >> for latino america, this is very proud. >> thank you. very neat he was able to pick a name that no one chose before. >> any race, any background. >> the students are most excited about the pact that there is a world leader who can spread a positive message of love. i think our youth don't often get that. >> reporter: what would this 12-year-old ask him? >> how dez he feel being the pope? >> reporter: she is practicing now. when she first got the news. >> i had no words to say. i was shocked. i was so happy. i started crying, too. >> reporter: stephanie ramirez, wusa9 news. carrying the pope cut-out around and reciting the prayers is how the school is preparing
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for the pope's visit. for a complete look at where the pope will be and when check out the special section of our wusa9 app. you will find the schedules, closings, parade routes and a list of banned items if you are planning on attending these events. $55 million sports and entertainment complex is headed to southeast washington to be built on the grounds of st. elizabeth hospital. dignitaries shared plans for a 5,000 seat state-of-the-art sports arena. it will be the home of the washington mystics. as well as a training facility for the washington wizards. it's projected to produce $90 million in tax revenue over 20 years. >> we are going to have almost 400,000 people come here every single year. and that's a good thing. we will attract the best regional and national artists and events for the enjoyment of
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ward 8 residents. >> the mayor says the facility will create some 600 construction jobs, 300 permanent positions for d.c. residents. construction expected to begin in 2016 to be complete bid the fall of 2018. searchers recovered the bodies of two hikers killed by two -- by flooding in utah. a person replains missing. the search continues for a missing boy who was among 16 women and children caught in flash flooding near the utah-arizona border. 12 of them died. three children did survive. and that wildfire that destroyed more than 500 homes in northern california may have claimed a second life. the the family of a 59-year-old man says his burned out car was found on the route he would have used to escape. the man's daughter says his wife repeatedly called him to tell him to leave but he did not think the fire was coming
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towards him. dry there. also dry her. >> it is. we don't have the water table problem. we have five inches in the bank. in terms of soil, it's pretty dry. we will talk about that. and i don't see any measurable showers or rain in the forecast really. in fact, for september only about a quarter of an inch has fallen which is almost an 23467 and a half below average to date. we have future inches in the bank for 2015. in the last seven weeks less than an inch of rain. .85-inch of rain in the last 36 days. that includes today. live look outside it's 84. humidity comfortable at 35%. so it's been a good stretch for a good hair weather day. no doubt about that. open the windows tonight. not as chilly as it's been. dulles did not make it into the 40s last night. they were 50 this morning. bus stop temperatures 55 to about 75. so certainly comfortable.
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still nice tomorrow. not humid. pretty warm. we are not talking about temperatures four to eight degrees above average. and a warm finish to the week, too. still nice. but a warm finish. so 10:00 tonight 772 downtown. most everybody else in the 60s. nice night. then in the morning hours we are in the 50s in the suburbs, mid 60s downtown, 57 in leesburg, maybe 58 in fredericksburg. by 9:00 back in the 60s. by lunchtime what a great day, i mean, low 80s once again by 1:00. 83 frederick. 82 in gaithersburg. 81 gaithersburg. 82 buie. 83 leesburg. by 5:30-6:00 mid 80s with lots and lots of sunshine. a great, great day. on the day planner 70 by 9:00. 8 approximate with full sun by 1:00. still nice on friday. warm but nice. 86. warm but nice on saturday. 87. the toasty for the terps but dry kickoff at noon. then cooler for the game at fedex. 80. then we are looking at a nice
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stretch of weather temperature-wise in the 70s monday, tuesday, wednesday. showers possible tuesday and wednesday of next week. >> a lot of questions. is this a must win? i know it's early. the difference between 1-1 and 0-2. there is a big difference to start the season that way. they know it. it's been their focus. this is a must win for them. and it's another challenge for them as well. washington looking to avoid going 0-2. what is the game plan moving forward
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset. heading into the 2015 season the burgundy and gold made it
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clear the focus is to develop a strong rushing attack. with a work house like alfred morris they put that on display against miami. washington ran 161-yard with morris accounting for 127 of those. the offensive line line pro effected him. he looks like he was in mid-season form and it really helped set the foundation of the offense. however, because of problems, they could only put up 10 points. coach says it's a work in progress. it's a plan with the rams coming to town. >> this is not a team that's going to lay back and say, okay, you can run ball. there is some groupings that we like to get in that st. louis will so no can do. we have to throw the balls sometimes. they load up the box and bring a strong safety and do different things to slow the running game down. >> the loss of desean jackson, they lose their speedy deep threat receiver. not that one that can be replaced. the young protege is helping to
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fill the void. rashad ross finally makes the 53 man roster. this sunday he will take the field. he is really trying not to think about the enormity of it and focus on his work. he knows he can't replace jackson buhet is ready to show he is dangerous, too. >> beside that, he was a pro bowler. i am not. i am new to this. like i said, i just am going to practice hard. whatever row they put me in, i will do it best i could. >> young. he being around in practice, learn how to practice like a pro. >> last night at the park we had a glimpse of what could have been. stephen strasburg gave us one if not the best performance of his career in philadelphia. looking like the almighty righty many expected him to be. he threw 14 strikeouts tying the career high from the major league debut and drawing praise from his teammates. >> it's lights out. there is nothing more that you can say. he is unbelievable. that's a guy you want out there every five days.
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he is one of our horses. to do what he did not was pretty special. >> and bryce harper had a little fun before the game. he pulled a prank on the phillie phanatic. he took the keys out of the four-wheeler and te started playing hot potato with it. trying desperately to find it. gave it to matt thornton. he figured it out. gave harper a little piece of his mind. come on, man. don't mess with me. they are having a little fun. at least they still, you know, have somewhat of a sense of humor. what did harper do? he belted two home runs and four rbis. >> any doubt this is bryce arp he's teen? >> his town. >> okay. all right. that's it for our news at six. "cbs evening news" is next. >> we will
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>> pelley: show and tell takes a twist and turn after handcuffs from the police-- >> made me feel like a criminal and terrorist. >> pelley: a pat on the back from the president. also tonight, round two for the g.o.p.'s sweet 16. how many will be standing after this debate? at least six hikers are killed by flash floods and the search goes on for victims of the wildfires. and below the sidewalks of new york, the wait for a train nearly 100 years late. >> we are about 84%, 85% done. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: an alarm clock that went off in irving, texas, got the attention of the entire nation today. because the proud young


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