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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  September 17, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> carly fiorina outpaced everyone else in the debate winning hands down. >> reporter: john fiery says that she was the brightest when she took on donald trump. >> she gave the sharpest answers, on point, and she was tough. especially tough with donald trump in a way that no other candidate could do. >> reporter: fiorina's biggest hit came when she was asked to respond to trump's jab about looks. >> women all over the country heard very cheerily what mr. trump said. >> fiorina wasn't alone taking shots at trump. >> the lack of understanding on how the world works is really dangerous. >>i was involved with virtually every question. so it was really a little bit wild. >> reporter: that trump should have expected the attacks. >> he was number one and everyone wanted to go after number one. and he just did not prepare. he did not show up. >> reporter: the next gop debate on october 28 in colorado. the first democratic presidential debate would take place on october 13.
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another attempt to disapprove the iran nuclear deal as they would block the final deal on the measure aimed at maintaining sanctions against iran and unless it is recognized as israel and releases the american hostages. the senate minority leader harry reid would call the vote a waste of time asthma jr.ty leader mitch mcconnell says that they would strengthen thand congress should reject it. the roll call vote was susan colin's 6,000th vote of her career. colleagues would praise her for not missing the single vote over her 18 years. agencies are in charge of keeping you safe. we've got a rare glimpse inside that command center where
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various agencies will be monitoring the huge crowds, the movements too while they are here in washington. they will be able to share that in real time. and the emergency agencies, >> they would expect the people to attend their ceremony for pope francis on the white house lawn. >> 25,000 people expected when he is in dc. before that could happen as they would have more from the campus of their university.
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perhaps the most important thing, the alter. he spent countless hours, the mass is a job with a lot of pressure. he also built the alter that they used back in 2008. >> i don't think that there is a third time for me. but that is beyond words, i would think. >> reporter: it was designed by the three students. he's one of them. >> we had to ease the life skills we had learned in the past few years to implement them in a faster pace environment. >> reporter: thousands of people will gather right here and they will look towards the alter. and it will replace this one. >> it is still designed to fit in with it, surrounding their environment, not to call any attention to it. >> reporter: designed to fit
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the ideals of pope francis. >> clear enough that you could tell their understanding of the simplicity and that they would appreciate. >> when he came out with it, we knew that he had to do something that he would be proud of. >> reporter: most of them would sit in and that it will be recycled. >> the fabric that we used, turned out to be the bridal gown fabric, the brightest. i think that it is very fitting. in northeast i'm ellison barber, wusa9. for a complete look, check out the special section. you'll find the schedule and a list of all the things that you cannot bring if you're planning
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to attend that event. now detouring through croatia trying to cross in to hungary. guarding the fence. but it is not proving to be too successful. it is just across the border from croatia now reaching the country since shutting them down. their country will not hold those that would wish to move on. appearing on charges that he would try to support and join isis. as they would say that the 22- year-old posted a message, saying he was ready to die for isis and that he would try to fly to syria multiple times. >> and the judge set bail for each of the five men that were
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arraigned today in that hazing debt of the fraternity pledge. 32 other members, nearly two years ago. they tried to cover it up, forced to run that blindfolded. and during that fight that would follow. and today they would not raise interest rates. the rate hike is likely this year, but they delayed it to october or december. general motors reached a $900 million settlement with the federal prosecutors over their handling of their ignition switches, linked to
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over 100 deaths. they did not disclose it to the public until last year. still ahead the case of the man charged with three murders. when that school bus ends up in to a pond. here you go falling in to the 70s. dave owens mentioned that earlier if you believe in a comeback and you believe in that tooth fairy. we'll take you through the weekend in a minute. coming up next,
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and that one shot would contain their protection against the flu virus, just like last year when it was not included in the vaccine. considering plans to scale back the abortion clinic
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regulations. that would require them to follow their strict hospital construction standards. and if passed, they would reverse that decision made by the board under then the republican. their kids would rise under their right side this afternoon and that it happened outside, where neither were injured. at this point, no information on how that bus would have ended up in the pond. their twins and siblings remain hospitalized, following a school bus crash as they went off the ramp after striking it during rush hour. two female students died. one of the twins are speaking, making jokes. and the sister is commune kateing by squeezing hands and moving their heads as they were treated, released from their
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hospital. coming up, coming to the rescue of hundreds of kindergarteners when their school goes up in flames. but up next that gut- wrenching day for one of the families
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peggy fox reports that the judge made big decisions today for the upcoming trial. >> reporter: the elderlyparticipants of charles severance -- parents of charles severance arrived in the back door as their son smiled from them. much of the hearing would deal with his mental illness. a psychiatrist testified that even though he refused to meet with them, he diagnosed him with personality disorder, with schizophrenia features. while not schizophrenia, the psychiatrist said that severance could be prone to psychotic breaks, coming up with the diagnosis from severance's violent writings that seem to rationalize murder. today's hearing was especially painful for the family of dunning. the judge allowed the defense to use evidence that dunning might have been killed by her husband. the former sheriff of
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alexandria, jim dunning who has since died. he was never charged for killing his wife because he didn't do it. calling the defense's motion gut wrenching for the dunning family. she kept shaking her head no during the hearing, as the judge told her to stop. he was never charged with a crime and that prosecutors said today that the defense's motion was just a way to slander a dead man to save their client. in fairfax peggy fox, wusa9. >> and that trial is scheduled to begin in fairfax on october 5. a baltimore city police officer is charged with assault. accused of choking a prisoner who was already in restraints. and police officer's half was taking custody of the prisoner. they reported it to internal affairs. the officer is currently off
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the job. four people were inside that church when the fire started it took firefighters two hours to put out the flames. damage is estimated at $600,000. and now to a dramatic scene today in china. a fire inside a paper flower shop that quick hi spread to a kindergarten on the second floor. all 300 children were rescued. some had to be dropped out of the window. did you see that? 94 children and 12 adults were taken to the hospital. all of them, amazingly expected to be okay. five body haves been recovered in the charred areas of northern california. the remains of two people were found in their burned out homes near middletown today. a third was discovered sunday. two other bodies were found at homes burned by a separate fire in the sierra-nevada foothills. a tsunami warning remains
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in effect along parts of the california coast after last night's earthquake in chili. chile. small tsunami waves flooded several towns along the chilean coast. hundreds of homes destroyed. i'm putting a lot of water on the lawn. >> i know and you'll probably have to continue to do so. what i do, i don't water it, then we don't have to cut it as it is a great story. >> you have brown grass basically? >> yes. a baseball field that is charred up. you don't have a lawn anymore. exactly, right, right. let's talk about how dry it has been because really for the month in the last part of august. remember the beautiful weekends
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in august? we are kind of paying the piper here. a quarter of an inch so far for the month. but we still have almost five inches in the bank to speak. you take it back further, only .85 inches of rain in the last 35 days. the grass and soil, they are getting dry. a live look outside at the weather cam, 83 right now. still good hair days with the dew point below 60 that you're okay. that is just a real treat for us. a bit warm on friday, but still nice. a little humid, but still pretty nice. weak cold front on saturday night.
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by morning some 50s again. the upper 60s are not quite as cold this morning. bowie about 57 and 56 in frederick. by 9:00 everybody is pretty much near 70 once again. humidity still in check and maybe 84 to 85 by 6:00. 83 in leesburg. 83 in frederick. still very nice. keep your plans tomorrow night, which is about perfect in terms of staying outside, not getting chilly, but still being comfortable. by 8:30 we're in the low 70s in gaithersburg and manassas and mid-70s downtown. for tonight clear skies, cool again. open the windows. 56 to about 66 downtown with the light winds. on the day planner, 70 by 9:00 and the upper 70s by 11:00 and then 83 with sunshine by one. and now we are still okay on saturday. 86. a little drop. i would do a drop again as they
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would go through saturday when you're sleeping, no worries. drop them down by sunday, warm for the terps, cooler in fedex with the highs in the 80s. we have a drop on monday, tuesday, wednesday, not a huge deal if you have plans here to keep them. i think that they would be okay on wednesday for the pope's visit. better chance for showers and thunderstorms on thursday. and the highs are around 80. >> all right, i know that we've got a shot. but realistically. >> do you know that? [ laughter ] >> and don't we always have a shot? >> i guess if you show up, you have a shot. >> i'm looking for some hope here, tell me something. >> something. [ laughter ] a wonderful game. far wonderful game. are these or aren't these winnable games? and the quarterback says heck yeah, it's winnable. kirk cousins is about to give them a reason to believe and him and the of
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tonight is the debut of thursday night football. the coverage starts tonight at 7:30 right here on channel 9. well, they say that the nfl team makes their biggest jump in improvement from week one to week two. a scary thought. but the rams, they look pretty sharp last week. now, washington looks like a team still finding their legs. maybe they would navigate the waters a little bit better this week as we shall see as they will be much more lethal on fence to give themselves a chance against the rams.
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only two teams would score last week. speaking of points, they kept their score board operator busy last week as they know that they need to be sharp and certainly not lacking their confidence. but listen to the captain. >> i do feel different now in this role feeling more stable. and a little more, caters to their ability as quarterback and a great opportunity as i have said and that i want to take full advantage of it and keep building day after day. >> he says all the right things just like that right there. he has an injury. and if that is it, you are probably also surprised that he would have in-- assaulted them to retweet their quad, limited in practice. he was their cousin's target last week. throwing at them 11 times for 67 yards. tough times if you are in the apparel business, floating around the internet today. for the starting quarterback,
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now 50% off. some as low as $10. man, the bobble head is going for more than that and apparently that their ntinveory is not flying off their shelves, don't forget the kickoff against st. louis, the live report in studio analysis. so the nats, they look like a corpse, but turns out that there is some life in that body as they essentially nailed it in themselves. exactly what they got. 24-9 in that sweep, the combined score. we talked about harper earlier and the other bomb bat jayson werth with four home runs in that series. a high level on that scale and that earthquake going on in philadelphia. meanwhile that he became the
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7th player, doing everything for this team. >> we just need to keep winning ball games because if we don't win, then it does not matter. >> i know it's a stretch, but if they get it before that last series, it could happen. and it is out there, right? >> yes right there, is hope. >> all right, we are looking at another warm day tomorrow and a nice warm weekend. >> that's it for us as the cbs evening news is next. >> we'll see you back here
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>> pelley: the newcomer takes on the front-runner. >> i think women all over this country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. ( applause ). >> pelley: fiorina grabs the spotlight in her prime-time debut. also tonight, g.m. settles a criminal investigation with cash. >> someone should have gone to jail. many people probable should have gone to jail. >> pelley: 'tis the season for flu shots. how effective will they be? and women give in to their husbands' greatest fantasy. >> we felt if you can't beat them, join them. >> pelley: we're talking football, folks. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: donald trump is the man to beat and beat on him they did at the second republican debate. they took on the front-runner one after aer


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