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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  September 18, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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beginning repudiated that kind of rhetoric. >> if someone brought that up in a town hall meeting of mine, i said now, listen, before we answer let's clear some things up and i think you have an obligation as a leader to do that. >> reporter: the white house responded. >> is anybody really surprised? >> reporter: the trump capital says the media is waging war on christians and that trump didn't hear the question. >> i'm not buying it because i think donald trump hears what he wants to and says what he wants to therefore. >> reporter: gop strategist craig hardin called it revealing. >> i think what it reveals is he does not have the ability to speak credible on another issue, on matters of national security and foreign policy. >> reporter: donald trump canceled a friday campaign appearance in south carolina citing a significant business transaction. >> and trump helped to fuel the birther movement in 2011 when he demanded president obama provide a birth certificate to prove that he was, in fact, born in the united states. the house today blocked a gop bill blocking federal
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funding of planned parenthood for one year. that vote was sparked by republican outrage over abortion and secretly recorded videos discussing how planned parenthood obtained fetal tissue for medical research, but the bill has little chance of passing the senate and president obama has promised to veto it. the impasse over planned parenthood and the budgets could end up shutting down the federal government. now to a story you first saw on 9, charges may soon be filed against a teen driver in that terrible cash crash involving under-- car crash involving underage drinking in north potomac along with the father of the teenager who hosted the party. the june 25th crash on dufief mill roadkilled 18-year-old alex murk, calvin li and injured two others. our andrea mccarren is here with information about the other others. >> documents we obtained revealed some shocking information about that crash. we now know in order to get
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reluctant community members to provide any information about this case the police actually had to subpoena more than a dozen teenagers to testify before a grand jury. sources say as many as 3/4 of them lawyered up. they agreed to provide interviews on the promise of immunity. the north potomac crash devastated the community, but neither the teenagers at the party, nor their parents were willing to come forward to police with critical information. >> we had nobody that wanted to come up and give us information and we had to use grand jury subpoenas to get the information. >> reporter: police also issued 12 subpoenas to social media companies including snapchat and twitter. those companies complied and provided snaps and tweets related to the party, even those that were later taken down. >> we know he was going at least 65 miles an hour and probably much, much more. he was on the wrong side of the
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road trying to go around the speed camera. >> reporter: the documents reveal that sam ellis was driving at a minimum speed of 65 miles per hour in a 35 mile- per-hour zone. in an interview with investigators front seat passenger cameron siasi said he saw the speedometer at 105 miles per hour. sam's eyes widened he told them. calvin let out a faint scream. >> and when parents are hosting parties and kids are going to drink, they're going to drink more and bad things occur. >> reporter: sources confirm the party was held at the home of a teenage girl's father kenneth salzman. documents reveal one partygoer brought in two 30-packs of beer. the teen told investigators that salzman jokingly asked if one of them was for him. sam ellis has still not been interviewed by police because his lawyer has not allowed it. he is expected to face two felony charges of manslaughter
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by vehicle, one charge for the death of alex murk and one for the death of calvin li. now kenneth salzman is expected to be charged with adult responsibility that he knew or should have known that underage drinking was taking place in his home. he could face up to 25 separate charges, bruce. >> you nailed it down -- have you nailed it down where the alcohol came from? >> interesting question. all of it came from a liquor store in rockville. some was purchased by a teenage boy with what sources describe as a very good fake id. the rest of the alcohol was bought by a 21-year-old sibling of both of those partygoers. >> both that sibling and the store can be held responsible, right? >> they do not have receipts proving it was purchased at this store. they have it from interviews. >> okay. andrea, thanks. ellis also tested positive for marijuana and a drug known as benzo found in medications like xanax. both sam ellis and kenneth
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salzman's charges are likely to be filed against them in october. it was another day in court for the mother of two missing children from montgomery county, but the family is no closer to finding sarah and jacob hoggle. catherine hoggle told the judge today that she is mentally fit to stand trial, but the court and even her own lawyers say she's still incompetent. 2-year-old jacob and 4-year-old sarah went missing last september from gaithersburg. the children were last seen with their mother and the family has always believed that catherine hoggle knows what happened to those children. >> i think it's a shame that she has more rights in there than my kids have to be found or the truth be told about them. i don't get it. >> she certainly has the ability to talk. her thought process that's in issue here. the child known as baby doe has been identified as bella bond. a woman walking found the child's body wrapped any
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blanket stuffed -- wrapped in a blanket and stuffed in a trash bag in june. the mother and her boy friend were arrested. authorities executed a search warrant after a tip came in that someone said bella's mother made a comment about her death that. child would have turned 3 last month. a hampton, virginia native already behind bars for killing one woman is now charged with the serial murders of six others. 45-year-old william devin howell faces multiple counts of felony murder. police found the bodies of six women and one man behind a shopping mall in new britain, connecticut, all seven victims had disappeared in 2003. howell is currently serving a 15 year sentence for manslaughter. the friend of the accused charleston church shooter appeared in church today. joey meek pleaded not guilty to charges of lying to authorities and concealing information about the crime. bond was sent at $100,000. meek is accused of knowing what dylann roof was planning to do and failing to tell anybody about it and lying about it
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during questioning. nine black parishioners were killed in that shooting. parts of d.c.'s controversial gun laws have been found unconstitutional. the u.s. court of appeals says d.c. cannot require gun owners to reregister a gun every three years. they cannot make a gun available for inspection or pass a test about firearm laws. the ban on registering more than one pistol a month was also knocked down. the judicial review including requiring gun owners to be fingerprinted and photographed did survive. jesse jackson jr.'s two year sentence for misusing campaign fund is officially over. the 50-year-old former congressman has been confined to the family's home in washington since leaving a halfway house in june. jackson must complete 500 hours of community service and his wife sandy now has 30 days to report to prison to serve a one year sentence for her part in the case. coming up pope francis has a message for pilgrims as he prepares for his ming trip
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to cuba and the u.s. >> also ahead alex ovechkin and the caps hope to build on last season's success as the team begins training camp. >> a great night for anything, but we're going to talk about high school football. now the featured game you'll see highlights tonight on wusa9 news at 11:00 is magruder and sherwood, 6:30 start. we'll come back, talk about a cold front that rolls through over the weekend, what that means for your plans and look ahead to wednesday for the pope's visit. >> but up next europe's migrant crisis gets
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thousands of migrants are facing a new roadblock on their journey to europe. croatia is now closing its doors after receiving 14,000 migrants in two days. buses were taking migraine rans back across the country. from -- migrants back across the country. families who managed to stay together are suddenly being split apart. the u.s. and russia are talking about moscow's military buildup in syria. the u.s. wants to make sure russia's military buildup on
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behalf of the government of assad does not conflict on the campaign against isis. up next as pope francis prepares to depart on his trip to cuba and the u.s., we go into one
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we, four days away -- we are four days away from pope francis setting foot on american soil for the very first time and today the pope asked pilgrims in st. peter's square to pray for him during his upcoming trip to cuba and the u.s. he called it a mission filled with great hope and it will be a historic one. pope francis will become the first pope to ever address a joint session of congress. >> this is a rock star pope coming to a country that is immensely important for the catholic church. >> i cannot think of another pope that would cause the excitement that this one is. >> pope francis will deliver only four of his 18 speeches in the u.s. in english. one will be to congress, another at the white house, the rest will be in spanish. republican lawmakers plan to boycott the pope's speech to congress, at least one of the
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plans to. representative paul gosar of arizona says he's upset the pope plans to devote much of his speech to fighting climate change. congressman gosar happens to also be roman catholic. when the pope comes to d.c., he'll visit one of the city's most famous places of worship, st. matthews cathedral in downtown washington. peggy fox goes behind the screens are preparations are being made for the pontiff. >> the real purpose of coming to st. matthews is to share his message with the bishops of the united states. >> reporter: monsignor ronald jamison is director of st. matthews. he will welcome the holy father to the mother church of the archdiocese of washington. >> it will be a limited time that i'll have and st. matthews with what's inside the cathedral with its emphasis on st. francis and also st. matthew, so i'm sure that will be the topic of our conversation. >> reporter: the cathedral is designed in the form of a latin
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cross. as you enter to the right is the chapel of st. francis of simple with murals depicting scenes of the life of st. francis. everywhere else are walls with shimmering mosaics. the interior dome rises 190 feet. the cathedral seats 1,000 people. it is here pope francis will hold midday prayer. this is the second time st. matthews has posted a pope. pope john paul, ii celebrated mass here in 1979 greeted by rock star size crowds on rhode island avenue. >> that day was very different. this year there will be no one other than the media and 50 other people on rhode island avenue. the security today is far different than it was in 1979. this is the challis that was used by john paul, ii. >> reporter: a secret vault inside st. matthews protects the challis and processional
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cross used by john paul at the outdoor mass on the national mall. they will not be used by pope francis on this trip but no doubt in a matter of hours history will be made again at st. matthews cathedral, peggy fox, wusa9. >> st. math news is celebrating its 1 -- matthews is celebrating its 175th year. it's best known for the site of the funeral of president john f. kennedy and on the first monday in october the cathedral hosts the annual red mass which is attended by supreme court justices. the clergy who celebrate that mass traditionally wear red. you heard monsignor jamison talk about tight security. make sure you download our new mobile app where you will find all of the information at your fingertips about road closures and items you cannot bring with you to any of the venues where the pope will be attending. if you don't have plans tomorrow, the world famous
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thunderbirds are the stars of the annual airshow at joint base andrews. today was family day where military members and their families get to enjoy a preview. the event is free. we've got all the information on our brand-new updated wusa9 app. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> i just want to restate what i thought i felt out there. i thought it was great. >> you weren't too hot? >> no. >> go back in time to an hour ago. >> he really wants to go back in time. let's say you're a sports junky tomorrow. at noon you watch the terps game. 4:05 the nats game and tomorrow night at rfk you can see the last game. let's talk about our 3-degree guarantee. we thought we went high enough
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today. we've gone 86 three days in a row and today as well. we'll let you know how we did tonight at 11:00, only missed two days so far in september. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, it's down to 83, that's good. dew points are still relatively comfortable at 61, so relative humidity 47%. that's okay. winds south at 11. so a very nice night, feature game magruder at sherwood starting at 6:30. have that for you tonight at 11:00. weekend will be dry, outdoor plans are safe even with the cold front rolling through tonight. it rolls through dry. showers are possible monday and looks okay now wednesday for the pope. we took showers out of the forecast. that's a od thing. on the futurecast 10:00 tonight want to walk the dog before you watch us tonight, upper 60s across the board, maybe 70 downtown. by morning at 7:00 there could be a sprinkling of 50s but primarily 60 is the bottom number here, leesburg, gaithersburg 65 downtown, 61 as far south as la plata and by 10
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a.m. we're back in the low to mid- 70s with sunshine and by 1:00 maybe 83 downtown, leesburg. i think these numbers are a little low. i think we'll be right around 86, 87 tomorrow before the front goes through. by 6 p.m. we're still in the low 80s, 84 downtown, just a few clouds. not to worry. it's going through dry. by 8:30 comfortable, temperatures still in the 70s, upper 70s downtown, low to mid- 70s in the burbs. anything going on tomorrow night looks good. 70 at 9:00 on the day planner saturday, 83 by 1 p.m. saturday afternoon. we're in good shape sunday. it will be cooler if you're going to the game at fedex with the burgundy and gold. mid-70s on monday a few showers. next seven days, tuesday and wednesday dry, highs in the 70s, back near 80 wednesday, perhaps a shower late, couple showers possible on friday, temperatures near 80.
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can we win this game? can we pull this out? you're the one with the sources. >> now is your faith? >> pope is coming next week. >> he might have to bless fedex field. they may need it. it was probably the lowest point of the season for the skins and that's saying something. jay gruden reporters recounting last season, a little backhand slap from the rams during the
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wusa9 news is sponsored in part by your local toyota dealers. >> now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> so alex ovechkin turned 30
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the other day, guys, and got a sheep for his birthday. how about that? a sheep. >> just one? >> just one. that's what they do in moscow apparently, not a bottle of russian vodka, a sheep. the way he told it to reporters today, they thought he said ship, not sheep, ship. boy, all that to say caps training camp began today in arlington, caught me by surprise, too hockey already? 20 practice sessions scheduled. regular season starts in october, all the familiar faces there including braden holtby who just got a nice payday. you remember last season ending in anguish game seven loss to the rangers in eastern semis. time to turn the page on that. >> long summer and i think a lot of us are just ready to keep going, especially after last year. it's nice to be back. >> always high expectations on our team and it's going to be always a challenge for us. remember when the rams used to be everybody's trap game
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because they were bad? >> yeah. >> now the skins are everybody's trap game. they're also the butt of everyone's jokes. you remember last year the rams sent out all the players acquired in the rg3 trade for the pregame coin toss, a little dig there, remember that? it was a subtle dig from head coach jeff fischer who was good friends with mike shanahan at the time who by then was long gone. jay gruden was asked whether he remembered that incident and he said nope. >> i don't know how he motivates his organization. it didn't affect us one iota. they played better than us. i'm more interested how we play when the whistles are blown and between the whistles i don't care who they send out for pregame warm-up. we're going to have to strap it up and play our best game sunday. >> speaking of sunday, game on live pregame, live reports from fedex field, studio analysis beginning at 11:30,me ga on live each sunday morning at
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11:30. finally we are moments away from the at&t classic at rfk stadium tonight or as i like to say, the battle for the real hu, lesli foster. howard hosting hampton, but a rough start for the bison, but the head coach quick to remind me they've won four straight against hampton. >> there's not a rivalry until you go back and forth. we look forward to that game. if i had to make any guarantee, i think the best team will win. >> reporter: right here we breaking news, coach? is that what you're ying? howard is going to win this thing? >> i say the best team will win. >> in case you have any questions about who is the real hu, it's right here. it's a definitive word. >> care to make a prick -- prediction about the game? >> no.
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>> pelley: another country slams the door to freedom. >> reporter: it line goes back as far as you can see. what the refugees can't see is a future. >> pelley: also tonight, that anti-obama comment. >> it's called muslims. >> pelley: the trump campaigns explains the candidate's controversial reaction. as pope francis prepares his first visit to the u.s., we'll ask him about his plans. what is your goal for america? and steve hartman with a cop's best friend. >> you can just see it on the officers' faces. they would light up.


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