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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  September 21, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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right now at 7:00, metro trains are running at full service after yet another smoke incident this morning. thank you for joining us. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm jan jeffcoat. a transformer fire near the stadium armory station caused big backups on the orange, silver, and blue lines. russ ptacek talked with frustrated commuters and tracked down how metro reacted today. >> this is one of the first trains we've seen since metro restored service at about 5:00 this evening. out since early this morning creating metro chaos during the rush hour, passengers complaining about poor community. >> they say shuttle buses are waiting for us and we don't know where to go. >> more trains are passing now, the fire department addressing
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this fire telling us it was quite difficult. >> the atmosphere is black, dark. you can't see. >> reporter: we're seeing regular service now but earlier today passengers were furious. the fire department had good words about metro saying this time they responded quickly and cut the emergency power off quickly, allowing firefighters to get this situation under control. russ ptacek, wusa 9. >> the fire department still trying to figure out exactly what caused that fire. new information on that suspicious package that was at northwest dc. police have checked it out and say it contained nothing harmful but did send off on odor that made a handful of people pretty queasy. the passenger had been delivered on the 1800 block of m street. as a precaution police did close traffic in that immediate area but those streets are now open once again. by this time tomorrow pope francis will be resting in dc at the vatican embassy where he'll stay.
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there are fences and barriers and even flood lights at both the front and the back of the property. the pontiff's historic visit to america has been designated as a national special security event and that title is reserved for anything considered a potential target for terrorism or even criminal activity. other popes have visited the u.s. but none proving as challenging to the secret service. pope francis is wildly popular and as you know he has a tendency to wade in to the crowds of admirers. the minutes are ticking away till the pope arrives. >> it's been months of planning. tomorrow is finally the day that has got people racing to wrap up last minute preparations. >> i'm bruce leshan at the basilica. the weather is holding some things up, but organizers still think they'll have everything ready in plenty of time for pope francis. >> i'm not nervous. >> reporter: this is the second time father mark has helped set the stage for a papal mass. it is a massive job. >> we have one pope, 12
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cardinals, 275 bishops, 954 priests. >> reporter: as well as 26,000 guests. >> this is something really incredible. this is the cross that the first english colonist here in maryland used at the first catholic service in english colonies in 1634. >> reporter: it was lost for centuries and found almost by accident in the a storage room of georgetown university. this symbol of religious liberty will stand with honor. the pope plans to saint an 18th century spanish evangelist who set up the missions in california, and he wants to encourage had his block to reach out in the same way. at the basilica, bruce leshan, wusa 9. >> coming up in about 10 minutes we'll have a live report
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from cuba where today thousands of people greeted pope francis for an outdoor mass. everyone is wondering what will the weather be like for the outdoor mass here? >> chief meteorologist topper shutt is here with the latest on our papal forecast. hopefully this rain will be long gone. >> it will be long gone though it's kind of nice to have it right now. we've not seen rain in about seven weeks. let's talk about wednesday. it's going to be fantastic. in fact almost perfect. 66 at 9:00. 77 at wun -- 66 at 9:00. 77 at 1:00. and 79 by tonight. not too hot , not too cool with lots and lots of sunshine. we'll come back and talk about when the rain and showers roll out, if that may extend in to your morning commute tomorrow and look ahead for the rest of the week. another republican presidential candidate is dropping out of the race. scott walker made that announcement moments ago and he's encouraging other candidates to step aside as well. the wisconsin governor said his gop rivals should clear the field to help defeat donald
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trump. walker says the campaign has turned in to personal attacks and there should be an alternative to the current frontrunner. he's the second candidate to quit, rick perry was the first. jury selection got underway for a former falls church democratic party leader who faces a new round of sex abuse charges. michael gardner is charged with abusing a niece at 12 years old. she came forward with the allegations after gardner was released from prison in the case of a separate sex abuse case. he was accused but the conviction was reversed. he's set to be retried on those charges in november. investigators have released surveillance pictures of two men in disguise, wanted for robbing a jewelry store at gunpoint. last tuesday they stole about $100,000 worth of merchandise from the van jewelry store in rockville. one man wore a
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burka. the other man wore a middle eastern style cap and fake beard. police do not believe either man is muslim. the fbi and montgomery county police are offering a reward for information that leads to an arrest. a black eye for one of the world's biggest carmakers. how volkswagon is accused of cheating on car tests. that's after the break. >> next, a lawyer's request draws sneers in court.
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the mother of a little girl dubbed baby doe is behind bars tonight. rachel bond is charged as an accessory after the fact. today in court her lawyer adds a $250 cash bond. the judge said no. she's held without bail. the 2-year-old was only known as baby doe for months after her body was found along the boston harbor this summer. investigators are trying to figure out what caused this home to explode in dallas. debris blew out across the neighborhood, damaging nine other homes. the explosion hurt four people. police and fire officials are looking in to
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whether a gas leak is to blame. a consumer alert for you tonight about the drug called de -- the drug called derapris was raised to $750. a 5,000% price increase. the company release -- recently bought the rights to the drug that can used to treat common parasite infections that can attack people. volkswagon and its audi subsidiary are hitting the brakes on many diesel models. the says vw cheated emissions testing by using a device that could detect when certain cars were undergoing the test, and then switch them to a more efficient mode when the car would pass. you can't do that. the audi, v w 3, beatle, passat. the allegations cover about half
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a million cars in the u.s. swvolkagon has apologized and asked dealers to stop selling those cars. the redskins got that coveted first win out of the way but there's not much time to celebrate. how washington is preparing for their first divisional showdown of the season. >> and rain and showers across much of the area. the nats game has been delayed, not postponed just yet. light activity indicated in green. heavier activity along banning and pleasant. we'll come back and track more rain and showers for you, talk about wednesday again, a look ahead to the rest of the week. >> next, a live report from cuba. we'll show you how pope francis spent his final full day in the country.
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next stop, america. just about two hours ago pope francis landed at his final destination in cuba. he is in santiago right now meeting with bishops. it's been a busy day for the pontiff highlighted with an outdoor mass. chris martinez joins us from havana where the pope left this morning. has the pope energized catholics in cuba? >> the pope has seemed to
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energize and excite cubans of all faiths, cubans from all walks of life. they've been so happy to see him, so many of them turning out to hear what he has to say. he's on the eastern side of the country and once again welcomed there by cheers of thousands of cubans. >> reporter: huge crowds turned out in the heat to cheer pope francis as he rode through the streets. musicians played and the pope stopped to kiss a young child. it's the first time a pope has visited the city, the birthplace of fidel and raul castro. francis celebrated the feast of st. matthew. he used the opportunity to acknowledge the difficulty still facing the catholic church in cuba following decades of suppression under the castro regime. >> i know the efforts and the sacrifices being made by the church in cuba to bring christ's word and presence to all.
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>> reporter: the pope also called on cubans to believe in the possibility of change. in the afternoon the pope gave a blessing to the city in front of the famous cross from loma de la cruz before departing from santiago, cuba's second largest city. residents there are excited for the pope's visit. this woman says the pope brings a message of compassion the world really needs. >> the pope will visit the shrine of cuba's patron saint, a very well known shrine in that area. tomorrow morning, one more mass for the cuban people before he heads off to his first ever trip to the united states. chris martinez, back to you. >> thanks so much, chris. and pope francis will spend part of his congressional speech on climate change. the leader of the catholic church says it is real and it is getting worse.
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francis says the entire world needs to cut greenhouse gases and live simpler lives. he wrote a document blending scripture with science to build the case for protecting the environment. there's some backlash, saying it's ridiculous to promote what he calls questionable science as catholic church. congressional leaders know many lawmakers will be excited to hear the speech. leaders are asking lawmakers to avoid anything that could put him behind like hand shakes and conversations with fellow dignitaries. as long as he's on time, pope francis will speak to lawmakers at 10 a.m. you can watch the speech plus all the events live. we'll stream the coverage on our website. the silver spring transit center officially opened this week which means there's still a
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lot of people trying to figure out how to get through this system. it's got three levels and you can enter through each one. each level has access to different modes of transportation. some riders are skeptical the center will run smoothly. others say it was worth the wait. >> i'm glad this day has arrived. everything now is very convenient. you don't have to walk all over the place trying to look for a bus. >> many people go through different neighborhoods, different offices. this is a critical point for the traffic. it's fantastic how they make it. >> and there are online virgs -- versions of the map. you can find them on our new and improved wusa 9 app. >> got a little cooler today. >> it was refreshing. apparently some rain
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on doppler. haven't seen green blobs on doppler in seven weeks. we are looking at leftover rain and showers. i tweeted this earlier. nats game is in delay. not postponed yet but in delay. 63. winds out of the north northeast at 13. pretty cool almost chilly evening for us. pressure continues to fall a little bit. here's the first alert doppler over the last hour. you notice a couple things, everything moving from southwest to northeast. also you notice an increase if you will of the yellows and almost some oranges, heavier activity mixing in, especially on either side of 270, frederick county, headed off to the north and east as well. we'll zoom in a little bit. heaviest activity up to frederick, out in to loudoun county, route 7 and 50 as well. just talking rain, no storms or severe weather but they'll slow you down a little bit.
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germantown, gaithersburg, clarksburg, everybody has a little bit of rain. some of it is moderate. we'll go a little further north. now we're looking at clarksburg, frederick. if you're going way up 270, you can have rain for the entire trip home. it will be a slow trip home. for tonight, rain and showers for the commuters. bus stop temperatures, 56 to about 68. i think we're going to see dry conditions tomorrow morning. slight chance of an isolated shower early. we'll have new information tonight. we'll talk about that tonight at 11:00. mostly cloudy tuesday. the bulk of the day will be okay. then looks pleasant for the pope. temperatures with sunshine around 80. here's the futurecast. 10:00 tonight, still rain and showers. not going to let up that much at nats park unfortunately. look at the temps, 59 in gaithersburg. 60 in manassas and buoy. 64 downtown. kind of cool. by 6:00 in the morning, futurecast showing some light.
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upper 50s, a lot of clouds, low 60s downtown. by midmorning, nothing crazy heavy. just cloud cover. even by 1:00 we're inching our way to 72 downtown and 69 in gaithersburg. even showers off to the west and perhaps a couple breaks in the clouds as we get in to the 5:00 or 6:00 hour tomorrow with temperatures in the low to mid 70s. day planner, solid clouds through 1:00. 72 by 1:00. we're in good shape for the pope. 80 degrees. sunshine and still nice on thursday in the upper 70s. next seven days, a bit unsettled. friday, saturday, sunday, monday. temperatures in the 70s through sunday, back to around 80 on monday and the nats in town, last home stand through monday. the burgundy and gold had
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less than 24 hours to celebrate their first victory of the season. now their focus must quickly shift to their next opponent. a hungry division rival looking for its first win of the season thursday night. frank hanrahan has more from redskins park. >> the defensive line has given themselves a nickname. capital punishment. so far that's what the redskins defense has done to the opposition, allowing 10 points in the victory over the st. louis rams and pretty much 10 points in the victory over miami. now the 1-1 redskins focus their attention on stopping the new york giants. >> they have a couple guys that are really, really good obviously. odell is in a class by himself dang near in our division. he had such a great year. but handling taivon was a good start for us. the challenge week in and week out, there's going to be somebody on the team that's going to change your approach. this week obviously it's odell and eli. >> we continue to work on getting takeaways, continue to
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eliminate the big plays. we definitely shouldn't have let that touchdown happen. we were in good coverage but it happened so we've got to find a way next week and for the rest of the season. >> redskins ranked number 1 against the run in the nfl. it's the pass they excel at with eli manning and odell beckham. yet again the redskins defense has their work cut out for themselves. we'll see if the punishment can be brought against the giants. frank hand hand -- hanrahan, wusa 9 sports. >> i read the redskins are favored by four in new york. >> that's crazy. that's good though. >> it's good. >> you never know but the giants so hungry they haven't gotten that win. they've had a lot of those late losses. so we'll see how they come out. >> and short turnaround for both. they're in the same
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that's all for our news at 7:00. >> quick look at the 7-day. it's going to be so nice on wednesday. sunshine around 80, comfortably cool. comfortably warm. just about perfect. upper 70s thursday
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. then unsettled friday, saturday, and sunday with some showers. >> that's okay. when the pope is gone. got to keep it good while he's here. that's it for us at 7:00. we'll see you back here at 11:00. have a good one.
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>> one, two, t >> "e.t.." >> "e.t.." >> at the emmys. >> i'm psyched. ♪ beautiful >> dancing, singing. some drinking, partying, and some spanking. >> was that as good as a madonna spank? >> our night backstage with the winners. >> my son ian -- >> jennifer sent me a really sweet text. >> those ladies making history. >> you have tied candace bergen and mary tyler moore. >> the newly attached, the newly single. >> jen, thank you. >> life is long, hopefully and different things it throws at you are measured by how you respond to them. >> also -- >> no spanks from momma. >> hot gowns. >> this dress off the runway. >> just days ago. >> and even hotter stars.


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